(Bob, Jim & Gerald)

Jim and Gerald with others.

I had 3 brothers-in-law, and that's no abstract,
But one was called away, and that's a documented fact.
He was the eldest B.I.L., and his name was Bob,
He loved to eat, but he certainly was no slob.

He loved his church, his family, their life,
He loved his grand kids, he loved his wife.
He was a double Brother-in-Law to me,
Because his sister was my first wife...
and his first wife was my sister ~ you see!

Bob was a dedicated man of God,
He served as pastor of several churches...
As along the spiritual pathway he trod.
In his earlier years, he served as a teacher,
Sunday School Superintendent and substitute preacher.

Next in line we have Gerald Willey,
He is quite the serious type, nothing about him being willey-nilley!.
Though he loves a good laugh, he is a successful business man,
He operates a thriving knife business, along with...
his wife Sylvia, and daughter Geri Lyn.

One reason for Gerald's success is always including God in his life,
As a partner in his business, and as a succour to his wife,
He never fails to give God all the credit for his blessings,
No matter who he talks to, or he happens to be addressing.

Then we come to the last, although not the least for sure,
His name is James, but we all know him as Jim, entrepreneur.
Jim is Joy's fine husband, for that we are very grateful,
Because If Joy hadn't chosen Jim, we wouldn't know him...
and that would have been terribly dreadful.

Jim, like Gerald, is also a successful business person,
He does employ a few people so that the economy doesn't worsen.
Jim, too, is an individual who puts God first in all his affairs,
Whatever he does or wherever he goes, he will not be caught unawares.

One thing I can state, without any hesitation at all,
I had 6 brothers, and 3 brothers-in-law,
But truthfully, I can say God gave 9 brothers to me,
Because my Brothers-in-Law were more like...
blood Brothers ~ all three!


Now, may God richly bless Bob and Pauline's children, including: Robin and Smita,
Alan and Linda, Melody and Bob, and all their families; bless Gerald and Sylvia,
Jim and Joy and all their families; bless and prosper their businesses,
keep them in health, bless them in their personal lives, in their spititual
lives, and may they draw nigh to you so that you may draw nigh
to them. Amen!

Your Loving Brother and Sister-in-Law
David & Elaine
September 15, 2011
*Jim & Gerald standing, Bob absent!


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Judy Pike - Sep 19, 2011. David, that was beautiful, very heart felt and thoughtful of you. I do not know Bob or Gerald but your words paint a wonderful picture of them. I do know Jim and you could not ask for a better brother-in-law / brother. To me he is my wonderful first cousin & I could not ask for better cousins than Jim & Joy. They are truly a blessing to this world and all they meet. Again, thank you for sharing. Judy

Jim Nicholson - Sep 19, 2011. Thank you Judy! Joy and I feel that way about you. We love you.

David Shupe - Sep 24, 2011. Thanks, too, Judy for your thoughtful words. I could say the same to you that I did to Shirley (see below). Your cousin has been special to us all these years he and Joy have been married.

Shirley Poynter - Sep 22, 2011. This is so sweet and I can`t fine enough words to tell you how it made me feel just reading it . My brother Jim is very blessed to have found Joy and a wounderful family too . I am so proud to have Jim as a brother I don`t know Bob or Gerald but I have heard nothing but good things about them and you . God sure held your hand in writing this but most of all he knew what was in your heart to put into words. Thanks so much for sharing.

David Shupe - Sep 24, 2011. Thanks so much, Shirley, for your kind words. We are blessed to have Jim as part of our family, too. In regards to writing the poems, I would say that it is 10% me and 90% Lord, but that would sound like God does more for me than He does for anyone else, which isn't the case at all. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever; He doesn't change and He loves us all, and blesses us everyone. Thanks for loaning us your brother!

POEM: HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY GERALD ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Gerald and Sylvia while in the Navy

(March 24, 2013)

Happy 70th birthday
to our "brother" by marriage.
God has been good,
no need to disparage.

Snow on the rooftop, but
there's still fire in the furnace.
Knife business is thriving,
and still working in earnest.

It's not a time to throw in
the towel, give up or quit.
However, it could be a time to
reconsider, slow down a bit.

Let the younger generation coming
after, carry some of the load.
Work smarter, not harder, wise words
to follow, changing our mode.

You have a capable daughter and son
who are helping to assume the work.
As well as other paid employees,
which the job, they will not shirk.

Gerald, you've accomplished much
in your 70 years of living.
God has prospered your way,
and you've done a lot of giving.

Along with wife Sylvia, you have
a love for God and His people.
You point others to Christ as the church
points upward with it's steeple.

You've raised a fabulous daughter & son,
being there for their kids & spouses.
You'd give the shirt off your back, or
anything else for them or their houses.

In your younger years, you served your
country in the United States Navy.
Even serving in Viet Nam waters under
enemy fire, certainly not all gravy.

You served your country 4 years without a glitch,
Stationed aboard 3 ships during your hitch.
Including 11 months in Viet Nam on a double tour,
Before coming home to wife, civilian job and more.

A little known fact, Gerald served with a ship mate,
Who is the infamous John Kerry, now Secy. of State.
So thank you, Gerald, from the bottom of our heart,
For your service to God and country, never to depart!

Finishing your enlistment, you then worked
in the Department of Defense.
After retirement, entering full time in the
knife business, which made sense.

A business you've been engaged in for over
45 years if my estimate is accurate.
And one that supports multiple families,
so to customers you must relate.

So, may God continue to bless and prosper
your efforts to Him and the business.
And as you start your 2nd 70 years, may your
efforts always be ones of preparedness.

We Love You
David & Elaine
March 22, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


Niece Norma!


I have a lovely niece,
Whose name is Norma Lee.
She's a lady who loves Jesus,
As nearly everyone can see.

She includes Him in her life,
Each and every single day.
She's quick to proclaim His love,
And the blessed salvation way.

She also loves her family,
And is a grandmother you know.
They are the apple of her eyes,
And loves watching them grow.

She has two married children,
Whose names are Michelle & Frankie.
They also have lots of respect for her,
As she doesn't believe in hanky-panky.

Norma is a lady quite prim and proper,
With every hair meticulously in place.
She always has a pleasant word for others,
And a friendly smile upon her face.

When she, her sisters or friends,
Get together for visits or friendly chats,
She sports a contagious laugh, usually
Causing all to erupt like a rat-a-tat-tat.

On occasions when we used to get together,
There was excitement in sharing events.
There was laughter and there were tears,
After hearing some of the proffered contents.

While Norma exhibits a serious side,
She manifests a bit of humor for spice.
This makes for a well-rounded personality,
Which, you know is kinda nice.

Norma is a person whom God has equipped
With loving compassion for people in trevail,
She has nurtured and also been at the bedside
Of many loved ones who have not prevailed.

She is patient, understanding and ready to be
Of any service that she can render.
She loves her God, is serious about her faith,
She is truly no false pretender.

So Norma Lee, what more can we do,
What more can we say?
We've shared some good times ,
And we've shared bad times along the way.

We've watched as you grew in God,
And stature over the intervening years.
We remember many happy times,
As well as shedding a few tears.

To end on an upbeat note, we would like
To pronounce a blessing upon you and yours.
Because there is nothing more important
Than the Word of God, which always endures.

May He bless you wherever you are, whatever you do;
Shower you with happiness and peace.
That He would bless you and hubby, John
With good health as you rely on Jesus our Priest.

So, Norma, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,
on this your special day of the year.
Even though, you, like us are getting older,
That's no reason to shed a tear.

So we wish you all the very best,
For the next year and even more, too.
We would like to say, along with your many friends,
that .....WE LOVE YOU!

David & Elaine Shupe
October 18, 2012

Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!


Norma Littleton Forbush posted to David S Shupe:
4 hours ago near Salisbury, MD ~ Oct. 13, 2011

Uncle David,.......I got my beautiful poem and card today. It was so touching......couldn't help but tear up. I do LOVE the LORD. Thank you so much for all those wonderful things you said....YES, we have had some very GOOD LAUGHS and also shared some sad times....I'll never forget how good you and Aunt Jean were to me and my children when we would fly home from Florida. I still miss her and think of her often. I loved her so much......we were as close as sisters.....George also thought so much of you both too.....He use to say FINE PEOPLE!!!!! FINE PEOPLE!!! Thanks, again......I love you!!!


Photo of Norma Forbush.



We come to you today in behalf of Norma, our Niece,
That You will shower down on her, Your blessed peace.
She has learned she has another bout of skin cancer.
Although we may feel helpless, You have the answer.

We know You have all power to heal, as well as save,
That You came to earth to set us free, instead of enslave.
Our trust is in You, and with You all things are possible,
And in You and by You, all things distasteful, are reversible.

We stand in the gap for Norma, and make up the hedge,
Coming against this malady with an indestructible wedge.
Realizing our lives are firmly in Your divine hands these days;
"God, in whose hand our breath is, and whose are all our ways."

We know Norma stands on the promises in Your Holy Word,
From a child, believing the message of salvation she has heard.
She believes in that Name, which is above every Name,
Jesus, today, yesterday and forever, always the same.

Not only that, she's Your child by choice of spiritual re-birth,
Walking with you daily, while residing on this earth.
So give her peace and strength she needs for this ordeal,
Although things she's experiencing may seem quite surreal.

What You've done for others, You can do for Norma,
We seek Your will for her, as You don't follow any pro forma.
For the just shall live by faith, is written in your Creed.
For we know You're there to meet her every need.

We believe in Your power to heal and make her whole,
If she must endure more surgery, don't leave her out in the cold.
Be there to hold her hand and ensure everything goes smooth,
So the doctor and technicians work together like a tongue in groove.

Once surgery is over, and the recovery process is underway,
Speed up the healing process so it doesn't drag on for many a day.
Give her peace, strength and assurance of Your divine presence,
That You're with her always, keeping her aware of Your essence.

Your Holy Word says that the Just shall live by faith,
And no man is able to pluck us out of Your hand, so Norma is safe.
She places full reliance in her Savior, the Rock of Gilbratar,
Confident that You'll hold her up, never allowing her to falter.

So thank you Lord, for hearing our prayer and our supplication,
Having faith that You will, for Norma, make the proper application.
And be with her always, never leaving or forsaking her for one moment,
Because You gave the supreme sacrifice and provided for her atonement.


Photo of Elaine and David.

David & Elaine Shupe
June 4, 2013


Norma Forbush via email on 6/13/13 To: David Shupe: Uncle David, Thank you for my beautiful poem. It meant so very much to John and I. I Love it!!!!!You have such Talent.......It's not fair you have so many.....and you use them well. Again , Thank you....I'll write more next time. I just wanted to Thank You for now. Love, Norma


(October 18, 2013)

Happy birthday Norma, it's here once again,
But it's where you're going ~ not where you've been.

That's important in this uncertain world of sin,
Because you know the ONE Who takes us in.

The Lord has blessed you over the intervening years,
Giving you victory over situations creating fears.

He's been there for you through the sorrow and the tears,
He's merciful and faithful proving that he really cares.

So keep the faith, that's my sincere and honest plea,
And the Lord will always look out for John and thee.

Don't let anything come between yourself and Him,
This way, your chances of failure are mighty slim.

We trust next year will be the best you've ever had,
And all that happens during the year makes you glad.

May the Lord bless you richly on this your special day,
May He multiply every good thing that comes your way.


David, Elaine and Scooby.

David & Elaine
October 11, 2013


NORMA LITTLETON FORBUSH on Oct. 19, 2013: Thanks for my beautiful card and my poem. U have such talent. Talk to you later and will let you know that I am BETTER..... much better at that.....Because I know the HEALER!!!!!


(Bebe Jo, Pat, Donna, Joanna, Emma Jean, Dortha & Ruth)

I had 12 Sisters-in-law over my lifespan, and that's the gospel truth,
But five have flown the nest, so that leaves only seven, including Dortha, Emma Jean and Ruth,
However, these three of the seven are considered X's, but we consider them O's,
So this little poem will cover all seven, as they each deserve a ruby red rose.

Bebe Jo is the first on the list, and she is married to brother John,
Bebe happens to be the only original SIL of all my six siblings~~bar none.
And we are in a quandry as to whether to commend her or offer our consolations,
For putting up with the very same guy for 52 long years in varying situations.

SIL Pat is next on the list as she bit the bullet and agreed to marry Posey Junior,
Unaware she was being inducted into a family of 154 members, not a few of them her senior.
In February, Pat accompanied hubby to St. Croix to help with some house repair there,
She does play a wicked round of dominoes, so be on notice and beware.

In third place, we have Joanna, who married brother Milton in the year of 2002.
While initially living in Texas they moved further West, and now reside in New Mexico in lieu.
I've never met Joanna, but I've seen her appear on and the Facebook page quite clearly,
Her photos and comments lead us to believe she is a lovely lady and loves her family and dog sincerely.

Fourth on the list is SIL, Donna, married to brother Samson, both the youngest and elder sibling,
She's a whiz on the computer and on the piano, and loves to perform on both of them~so who's quibbling.
Donna is to be commended for helping to raise Jared and Deanna from their extremely early days,
Helping Jared become an Army careerist, and Deanna to marry and have two great kids to raise.

The remaining three SIL's, though labeled X's, are in our opinion just as sisterly-in-law now as before,
And being severed from a spouse doesn't mean severed from the family evermore.
"X" means you're out, and "O" means you're stil in, so Dortha, Emma Jean and Ruth, you're all BIG "O's" to us,
We love you, and are delighted that you entered our family to never leave again ~ and to us that's a BIG plus.

Dortha happens to be the proud Mother of three children; Connie, Ronnie and Eric,
And that's not all, would you believe, she also has eight wonderful grand kids~none of them hysteric.
And to show her great love, she has prepared innumerable free meals for them over the years just like volunteers,
If it could be tabulated, I suppose her meals could have served patrons in 10 restaurants who are profiteers.

Emma Jean lives with her husband, David Wilson in Western Sussex County in Greenwood, Delaware, nearby,
She is the proud Mother of a daughter, Shelley, and a granddaughter, Tayler, the apple of her eye.
Since Tayler was old enough and big enough to walk, EJ's delight was to take her to the Harrington State Fair each day,
To share rides, view exhibits, stroll by the animals, attend special concerts and feast at food stands alway.

Ruth has the distinction of being the only Sister-in-law with great grandchildren in tow,
Since her children and grand children are scattered from New York to Florida, it keeps her busy traveling, you know.
I could say much more about each of my 7 Sisters-in-law that would highlight even more of their talents and traits,
But neither time nor space would permit the elucidation of their numerous contributions to date.

Among which are Bebe Jo's finesse on the ivorys and faithfulness to God and church, serving the Lord,
in a manner benefitting a daughter of a beloved pioneer and State Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy wielding the sword.
And Pat, who fastidiously prepares the church bulletin every week and performs other church duties free of charge,
Which she used to get paid for, but now works as a volunteer performing duties so important for the congregation at large.

For Joanna, who I'm quite sure has many more favorable characteristics than I am aware,
Likewise, Donna who has been such an asset and supporter of her own church ever since attending there.
Dortha is a dedicated Mother and Grandmother who faithfully supports and loves her offspring through all tribulation,
And Emma Jean who has lived through the tragedy of losing a precious baby, an extemely painful and stressful situation .
Last, we have Ruth who, along with Dortha, honored us with a visit in St. Croix one year while she was on vacation.

So dear Sisters-in-law, what more can we say, what more can we do?
Even though we don't often show it or say it clearly to you,
All of you mean a great deal to us no matter how it appears,
Thank you for allowing us to share your life over the years.


David & Elaine Shupe
September 27, 2011

POEM: PAT OAKLEY SHUPE, Sister-in-Law ~ by David S. Shupe!

Photo of pat.


Happy birthday to our sister-in-law, Pat,
Come in, say howdy, we'll have a little chat.

We won't tell, but three score and six is her age,
Wouldn't say a word, but it was on her Facebook page.

Pat has her serious side, but likes a little funny,
Nothing rowdy you understand, just keep it sunny.

About 5% of those years, she has been wed to brother Junior,
Actually, Pat is his junior, and he is her senior.

We could have used "paperwork" to rhyme with his name,
As the rhyming internet site listed it to rhyme, way off our game.

Pat has lots of grandchildren whom she fastidiously adores,
When around, there's no way that any of them she ignores.

Probably like most grandmothers, they are the apple of her eye,
When she prepares dessert, I'm sure they love her apple pie.

Pat volunteers at church and works part time at Pizza King,
Keeping her from sitting around not doing a solitary thing.

Last year, Pat and Junior made trips to Florida and to Maine,
Enjoying hot and cold, willing to repeat both trips once again.

She also made a trip to Texas to visit her daughter there,
I'm sure they welcomed her with open arms and loving care.

We are indebted to you both for looking after Scooby dog,
Your loving care on two occasions left us all three agog.

You put out mind at ease during Pam's and Dave's operations,
So thank you both for being there and your helpful cooperation.

Scooby would like to bark a very big thanks to each of you,
You saved me from the dreaded kennelboarding, that is very true.

So, Pat, enjoy your birthday month, deep in the heart of winter,
Good time to stay inside working on computer and printer.

God bless you, Pat and keep you warm, healthy and safe,
May He answer all your prayers, acting on your Biblical faith.

HAPPY 66th!
We Love You
David & Elaine (Scooby too)
January 3, 2013

Photo of Elaine and David.