This is the very first poem that the good Lord inspired me to write, which I composed on August 24, 2011. My search of the internet helped get me started. After this first poem, though, I was on my own with God as my helper. Then I composed one for my brothers, and that turned out fairly well, so I kept going composing poems about other family members, including my wife, Elaine, son Dave, daughter Pam, husband Scot and children Sam and Heather Hope. We also began writing poems about special people in our life, then branched out to write poems about Biblical characters and events, then riddle poems about people and events in the Bible. Our purpose: To get the gospel message out to reach as many people as possible before the Lord returns for us all. Even so come, Lord Jesus!

Photo of my three sisters.

(Pauline, Sylvia, Joy)

I had three sisters
Three sisters had I
I love each of you,
Regrettably, one of you died.

Her name was Mabel Pauline,
And she was faithful to God.
So God took her home,
To share His abode.

My second sister is named Sylvia,
A prayerful warrior is she.
She takes others burdens to heart,
So that they can be set free.

My third sister is Patricia Joy Darlene,
And indeed a JOY she is to me.
Her concern, compassion, her Biblical foundation,
Are there for everyone to see!

We were not always together,
Life sometimes kept us apart.
But we're never separated
'Cause we’re in each other's heart.

Now I know we've all had our share of troubles,
But with God's help, we always got thru.
The important message is ~ you love me,
And I also love you.

We have had many good times,
That we'll never ever forget.
Sometimes we worry needlessly,
And sometimes we fret.

But if God ever gave me
Something special you see,
It was simply this ~ the blessing of,
Three sisters to me.

The Lord above has given me lots
Of happiness and glee
But one very special thing he did was
Give me you sisters ~ all three.


The Lord bless you and keep you both,
Sylvia and Joy, plus Pauline's family.
The Lord make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance on you,
And give you peace. Selah!
(Numbers 6:24-26 NASB)

Your Loving Brother, David
August 24, 2011


Read what others had to say: (Shupe Family Website)

Melody Popo - Sep 2, 2011. That was beautiful, David, so beautiful. If I was one of the sisters, it would bring a tear to my eye. I know it touched my heart reading it. I do agree that God blessed you with three precious sisters. God also blessed Pauline, Sylvia, and Joy with some pretty special brothers.

David Shupe - Sep 2, 2011. Thank you, Melody. The good Lord inspired me, so I did it. My sisters are all special and they deserve even more.

Joy Nicholson - Sep 3, 2011. Oh my! Thank you so much, my dear brother David! How precious that was! It did indeed bring tears to my eyes, Melody, and I agree with you that us sisters do have very special brothers!

God has blessed you with a special gift to put thoughts into words with His inspiration, David! Your writings have blessed me many times but, of course, this one was extra special to me, and will be to Sylvia, too, I know! Dad also had a talent or gift to write poetry, songs, etc. Looks like it has been passed down to another generation, and I'm sure the 3rd & 4th generations also!

Thank you so very much for sharing that with us and for blessing us in so many ways! Only God knows the extent of your love and sharing! I love you and Elaine more than I can say!

Your Grateful Sis,

David Shupe - Sep 3, 2011.

You are certainly welcome, sister Joy~
That's what you deserve, for not being a boy.
However, not to slight my sibling brothers,
I did write a poem about them, 'Cause I have no others!
So some day, maybe I will post that here too,
In that way, they will also be able to read it through!

Joy Nicholson - Sep 4, 2011. Yes, you should post the brothers poem also. We want to read it! :-).

Joy Nicholson - Sep 5, 2011. Oh, thank you for the blessing for Sylvia and me and our families! When I read the "Brothers" poem, I thought, "Oh, he didn't give us a blessing!" so I was pleasantly surprised when I read our blessings also, and I know that includes Pauline's family also!

Thanks again!!!! You're okay - you know it!!!???

David Shupe - Sep 5, 2011. Actually, the blessing was an inspiration from "The Family Blessing" book that you presented to me as a gift last year when Elaine and I visited with you and Jim in Indiana. Thank you very much as I appreciate it.

Joy Nicholson - Sep 5, 2011. Oh, glad the book was a "blessing" to you! :-) I really liked it, too, and believe in the power of the blessing on our families since God is the one who placed it in His Word to do it. I enjoy the Biblical passages about the blessings that were bestowed on people. His Word is Truth! :-)

David Shupe - Sep 6, 2011. True indeed, and not only is His Word "The Truth," but It is "LIFE unto those who find IT and HEALTH to all their flesh." (Prov. 4:20-21)

Joy Nicholson- Sep 6, 2011. A BIG AMEN to that, brother David!!! :-.


Read what others had to say: (Nicholson Family Website)

Jim Nicholson - Sep 18, 2011. Another poem by Joy's brother David.

Doris Unser - Sep 19, 2011. So sweet, a brothers love.

Judy Pike - Sep 19, 2011. Again David, this is a beautiful way to show your love for your sisters. You could not have said it better. May God Bless you ALWAYS. Judy

David Shupe - Sep 24, 2011. Thanks, Jim, for sharing our poems. Didn't expect you to do that! And thank you, Doris and Judy, for your responses. You guys are too kind.

Shirley Poynter - Oct 1, 2011. I just finished reading your poem, it is beautiful as was your other. I know your sisters are so thankful to have a brother like you. May God bless you always.

David Shupe - Oct 2, 2011. Thanks, Shirley, for your observations; and thanks, too, for your blessings. I can always use those ~ they mean a lot!

Joy Nicholson - Oct 3, 2011. Yes, Shirley, we are so thankful for our brother, David, who is very special to us - very caring and loving!

POEM: IT's YOUR 50th SYLVIA & GERALD! ~ by David S. Shupe

Happy 50th Golden Anniversary!


A GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY is a special time of life,
Especially between a faithful husband and a dutiful wife.

Looking back and reminiscing on life's accomplishments,
You both have achieved so much, all within the Lord's intent.

You have built your life on the solid foundation ~ Jesus Christ,
The very reason you have prospered ~ so very nice.

He that is mighty hath done to you great things,
Looking back over the years, makes one's heart sing.

For God has been faithful, and to Him you owe so much,
He doesn't require things, but a life lived for Him as such.

You both have trusted God, and your lives are in Him,
Because you put Him foremost, your hope will never grow dim.

God has been with you both, and prospered your ways,
He changes not, you can depend on Him the rest of your days.

You've been through a lot, but God has blessed you abundantly,
One thing for sure, He's always there for you constantly.

You've achieved a lot in your 50 years of marriage, we surmise,
Both in raising a great family, as well as business-wise.

You married young, after graduating from high school,
Then Gerald pulled his stint in the Navy, so very patriotic & cool.

Subsequently, the whole family worked at your knife business to energize,
Which over the years has become a respectable business enterprise.

You both have much to be proud of, and to be thankful to God for,
He just keeps on blessing and gives you both more and more.

Thank you, Lord for blessing Gerald & Sylvia thru their Golden Years,
For keeping their heads above the water, and not being in arrears.

We ask your continued blessings on them and all their family,
As with You all things are possible, and You do things so handily.

The Golden One ~ Big #50
We Love You,
David & Elaine
April 5, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


Gerald and Sylvia's 50 anniversary!

(April 5, 1963 ~ April 5, 2013)

Congratulations on 50 fabulous years to you both,
It seems like only yesterday you plighted your troth.
You two epitomize what traditional marriage is all about.
Raising great kids, being true to each other without a doubt.

You always worked together like two peas in a pod,
Upholding and supporting one another, trusting in our God.
You not only care for yourselves, you also care for others,
You take them to the Lord in prayer, fulfilling their druthers.

You raised two special kids, and they are Matt and GeriLyn,
Who became two special adults, making us proud to be their kin.
In early years, they both were a big help to their mom and dad,
Around the house, and assisting in the knife business you had.

GeriLyn met and married a young man named Bryan,
May not have heard bells ringing, but did hear songs of zion.
Geri majored in Business Management, working awhile at a secular job,
Realizing this was not her calling, the knife business was her heart throb.

Geri functions as the Operations Manager of Willey Knives,
Promoting and doing all in her power ensuring that business thrives.
She does ordering to replenish stock and have ample inventory on hand,
Necessary to please and satisfy customer's and to meet their demand.

Geri and Bryan have two precious girls, Grace Mae and Faith Renae,
Beautiful blue-eyed blondes, quiet, polite yet they will have their say.
Children are an heritage of the Lord, and make the family unit complete,
There's something so soothing about the pitter patter of a little child's feet.

Matt, a nicer young man you would never hope to find,
He assists the youth leader of his church, and he's one of a kind.
He fell in love with a lady named Stefanie, and they did marry,
Dating for several months, they no longer wanted to tarry.

Matt is blessed with a young son named Bryce, ready for school,
A youngster who is really serious about his Lord, so very cool.
Stephanie brings to the marriage, Howie, Rachel and Megan,
We welcome them all into our midst, no need to be begging.

Sylvia and Gerald are a very special sister and brother-in-law,
A more dedicated couple to God, family, and friends you never saw.
They'd give you the shirt off their back, carrying your need to God in prayer,
Taking upon themselves your concerns, and will your burdens share.

Sylvia has her own special caring ministry to aid others in need,
She not only takes their problems to heart, she's quick to sow the seed.
She will relate scripture, verses of song and pray for God to intervene,
Not just once or thrice, but tarries until God comes on the scene.

Gerald has been in the knife business for well over 40 years,
Hasn't always been a bed or roses, he and Sylvia have shed a few tears.
Today business is flourishing, and they have a successful business enterprise,
Since they included God as their co-pilot, to me their success is no surprise.

Sylvia and Gerald have always been faithful to God, church and to each other's need,
The old adage, "to be faithful is better than being famous" has stood them in good steed.
So while they have cared about and helped others cope with cares of this life,
God has also blessed them and kept them from undue heartache and strife.

Thus, we ask God's CONTINUED BLESSINGS on them, their family, and their business end,
Grant to them strength, health and perpetual peace as upon God they do depend.
Bless their caring ministry as well, that souls may be healed as well as saved,
For this is what it's all about, and that souls will no longer be enslaved.

So, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 50th, this is our sincere desire,
We give praise and thanks to the Almighty God, who is our ultimate supplier.

David & Elaine Shupe
July 1, 2012

Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!



GERI ELLIOTT ~ Apr. 10, 2013 via email: I don't know how you do all the poems. Uncle David & Aunt Elaine, thank you so much for the money you sent to go towards Mom & Dad's party. It was not expected, but it is greatly appreciated. You both are very special people. I hope it is a very enjoyable night for Mom and Dad, and also for the Shupe family. Have a great night! Geri

SYLVIA WILLEY ~ May 20, 2013 via Thank You note: Dear David & Elaine, We want to thank you both for the beautiful poem, which we will treasure for many years, and also the gift of money and the money you gave Geri toward the 50th Anniversary Celebration. You both are so giving of yourselves and your time to help others. If not on this earth, we believe your rewards will be great in heaven. David, thank God you are using your gift of writing to bless others. You both have a ministry of helps. We love you both very much and are blessed to be in the same family. Love, Gerald & Sylvia.


Photo of Sylvia.


Our Dear Precious Savior:

We lift up to you our dear sister, Sylvia,
You know her needs are anything but trivia.

You hear every prayer that we pray,
So we ask your divine blessings on her today.

We stand in the gap and make up the hedge,
Believing that your Holy Word is the wedge,

That will sever any illness from the body,
and deliver our sister from feeling so shoddy.

She, like Dorcas, has been full of good works,
Praying for, helping others with all their many quirks.

Although she's our sister, she's also your child,
Take away this sickness that's hampering her smile.

We know there's nothing too great for you to handle,
So, re-kindle your love and re-light her candle.

Sylvia's always been faithful to God, church and others,
Putting aside her own desires, fulfilling others' druthers.

She's there for family, the grand kids and the business,
An indispensable aid to everyone, so relieve her of this illness.

We know that you're with us both in sickness and in health,
The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, which is wealth.

Wealth not just in material things, spiritual gems as well,
And one of those gems is this sickness that you can quell.

So we ask for her healing according to your divine will,
We rebuke this weakness in your Holy Name, peace be still.

Thank you for all the times you've helped through your Holy Name,
You've been there through thick and thin, always the same.

You've never let us down, not one little bit,
You save, heal, maintain our lot ~ and you won't quit.

Our faith, hope and confidence is squarely in You,
For we know whatever comes our way, You will see us through.


We Love you Sylvia
David & Elaine Shupe
March 25, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


Sylvia's wedding photo.

(May 4, 2013)

To a Sister who means a lot.
After all, we've known you
Since you were a little tot.

Couldn't let your special day go by,
Without giving you a shout out.
If we failed to recognize your day,
You might sit around and pout.

You've been a devoted Wife for 50 years,
And a Mother for almost forty.
A faithful Christian even longer still,
All this by the help of the good Lordy.

May 4th is your special day,
If my calendar is on time.
You have lots to be thankful for,
Thank God you're a young sixty-nine.

So enjoy your special day,
For you deserve to be pampered.
We desire for you the very best,
In no way should you be hampered.

If the sixties were a challenge,
Then the best is yet to come.
Greater opportunities will exist,
For you to shine, and then some.

You're a Sister who's been faithful,
To your family and your Lord.
You've spent innumerable hours
Helping others to be in one accord.

You've spent your life helping
The sick, afflicted and the unsaved.
Interceding for them through prayer
And encouraging words for the enslaved.

Ever since you were a very little girl,
The Bible has been your source of strength.
Providing you with answers about life,
Allowing you to expand your spiritual length.

God has always been your Co-pilot,
Throughout all your life on earth.
He's always been there for you,
His many blessings are of much worth.

You have always been faithful to God,
Working hard at achieving your spiritual goals.
So thank you, God, for blessing Sylvia,
And blessing her ministry to other souls.

So we hope you enjoy your special day,
For you deserve the very best.
You've faithful to family and friends alike,
Your marriage and family, God has blessed.


We Love You
David & Elaine
April 26, 2013

Photo of Elaine and David.

POEM: HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY SYLVIA ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of  Sylvia.

(May 4, 2014)

When I was nearly ten,
You entered my life.
One thing I can say,
You added a bit of spice.

You were such a lovely child,
Blond hair and green eyes.
A considerate obedient child,
To me no big surprise.

You've not only been a sister,
You've also been a good friend.
You were there when tragedy struck,
You're there to the very end.

You always considered others,
In things that you've done.
Never voicing a negative thought,
Just lifting up God's only Son.

You've certainly been there for us,
Over these many great years.
You've given us spiritual encouragement,
Midst all the heartache and tears.

In your life's work and ministry,
You've been a blessing to many.
Only the good Lord knows,
The number blessed is uncanny.

You've been faithful to our God,
Giving out scripture as well as song.
You've literally helped innumerable souls,
Encouraging them to remain strong.

Those you've blessed along the way,
Will never forget your encouragement.
You've helped them thru turmoil & trials,
Delivering them from discouragement.

You've raised a lovely Christian family,
For which you can be very proud.
You're a blessing to family & friends,
And you stand out in the crowd.

The years have swiftly flown by,
Can't believe you're 3 score years & ten.
It's more important where you're going,
Then where you've already been.

You may not get many kudos down here;
God surely has a special place for you.
When you get to heaven's portals,
All you've done for Christ will stand true.

May God mightily bless you dear sister,
As you continue on life's journey.
And may He continue to strengthen you,
As you engage in His spiritual tourney.


Photo of  Elaine and me.

David & Elaine
April 20, 2014

Sylvia Shupe Willey: Had to call and tell you thanks for such a beautiful birthday poem for my 70th birthday. Somebody told me that if they received it, it would bring tears to their eyes. It's so good. Thank you so much ~ May 3, 2014.


Photo of Geri Lyn.


Happy birthday to a wonderful niece, Geri Lyn,
So proud to have her as one of our kin.

An added plus is we share the same day of birth,
August 11 fits us both, though we're not the same girth.

Geri has a degree in behavioral sciences, but not her profession,
Her true love is working for Willey Knives, that's her confession.

Geri has always been a big supporter of younger brother Matt,
Never have heard any rumors of them ever having a spatt.

Geri is the proud Mom of two young and beautiful girls,
At their uncle's wedding, we observed their dancing twirls.

The oldest, Grace Mae, starts to school this coming year,
If history is any judge, a sensitive Mom is going to shed a tear.

The youngest, Faith Renae, is just full of vim and vigor,
She may be small, but what she does, she does with rigor.

Niece Geri wedded a handsome fellow named Bryan Elliott,
It's closely approaching 12 years ago that they tied the knot.

Husband Bryan is an entrepreneur in his own right,
He, along with Mom, Donna, run the business to their delight.

Geri's Mom and Dad are always there to offer steady support,
To Geri, Bryan and the two lovely grandchildren they do exhort.

Thank God, Geri and Bryan are a dedicated Christian family,
Faithful to God, church and family, which is certainly no anomaly

Geri and Bryan have their act together, and are to be commended,
So glad family, business and God have come together and blended.

So we ask God to bless Geri, Bryan, Grace and Faith in every way,
With health, happiness and finances to meet challenges of each day.


We Love You
David & Elaine Shupe
August 11, 2012

Photo of Elaine and David.


FROM FACEBOOK Aug. 11, 2012:

Geri Lyn Elliott: Thank you so much Uncle David & Aunt Elane. I don't know how you make up so many lovely poems. God has truly given you a gift. I am so happy that I get to share my Birthday with someone as special as you! Happy Birthday Uncle David!

Geri Elliott: (in response to John's comment) Too Funny! Uncle David does the poems and you do the jokes. What a talented family!


Joy Nicholson - Aug 11, 2012: Well, thought we would wish you a very Happy Birthday, brother David! I had already posted a birthday wish for Geri under the beautiful poem you wrote for her, but couldn't resist using this picture to wish you a glorious birthday. Thought you might enjoy reading the previous wishes also. I did! :-).

We pray God for a blessed year in every way for you, David!!! You are such a blessing to us all in so many ways and now blessing us with your poems also! Wish I could write one for you, but I'm afraid God has not blessed me with that gift as He has you! We can encourage you to keep writing. You never know how many people it will help, encourage and even just cause them to smile, to shed some tears, to vow to live better, to trust God more...You get the message! :-).

Enjoy your day...enjoy the journey of life!!! How precious it is to share it with family and friends - which you do very well!!! Love you so very much!!! Jim & Joy

Joy Nicholson - Aug 11, 2012: What a beautiful picture of Geri - always smiling her beautiful, friendly smile!!! God bless you daily, Geri, with God's purposes being fulfilled in your life and His light shining through you to bless others, and may His angels watch over you and your family protecting, guiding, and sheltering from all evil!!! Enjoy your special day! We love you! Uncle Jim & Aunt Joy



David S Shupe posted to Geri Elliott March 6, 2013

Happy birthday to little Faith Renae,
We hope you have a very pleasant day.
Eat plenty of cake and ice cream,
When you sleep, have a sweet dream.
When you play, have a great day!

Love you,
Your grand uncle and aunt,
David & Elaine!

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Geri Elliott: Thank you so much for that cute little poem post. It put a smile on Faiths face. Sorry for not commenting sooner. I guess you heard I had a bad migraine Wednesday and ended up in the hospital that night. I am doing much better now. Friday at 4:34pm via mobile.

David S Shupe: Yes, so glad you're doing better now. So sorry you had to go thru that. I found out in talking with Joy, then I called your Dad while you and your Mom were at the hospital. Although we were not there, we had you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, David & Elaine. Yesterday at 12:52am.

POEM: HAPPY 40th GERI LYN! ~ by David S. Shupe

Niece Geri Lyn, Gracie Mae  and Faith Renae.

(August 11, 2013)

Congratulations Niece Geri Lyn,
You have reached another milestone.
You're in the boat with a million others,
So have no fear of being alone.

Didn't intend to poem you 2 years in a row,
So this has to be a real shorty.
But you deserve to be recognized,
For reaching the magical age of forty.

To me, the forties were a time of life,
Which I consider to be quite prime.
A period of enrichment for job and family,
Striving to give God equal time.

A time when the kids are growing up,
And work challenges are easily overcome.
A time when spiritual things seem more real,
And to things of the world, we refuse to succumb.

Your many attributes are exemplary,
Your work ethic is above reproach.
You're faithful in all that you do,
On no one's territory do you encroach.

You are to be commended,
For being an ardent achiever.
At home, work, and in the Lord,
Especially for being a faithful believer.

Thank you for sharing
Your special birthday with me.
So glad we're both August 11'ers,
As youth rubs off on me, you see.

Have to end it here,
As we don't want to overdo it.
You're not the type to put things off,
So, you will never have to rue it.

May the good Lord bless you,
In all that you say and do.
Give you health, peace and happiness,
And rely on God to always see you through.


Elaine , David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
August 8, 2013


Geri L. Willey 8/10/13 To: David Shupe: Uncle David, you are too much! I wish God gave me a piece of the talent that He has given to you, so I could bless you the same way you bless me. I have written a small poem for you in honor of your Birthday. I wish it was better, but just remember it is the thought that counts. I am also going to put it on your Facebook page.

My Uncle David is a special man
He reads his Bible
And follows God's plan

He is a man with a heart full of love
He has a sweet spirit
A gift from God above

He writes many poems...I think one a day!
They make his readers smile
And they don't know what to say

Today is his Birthday, and I want everyone to know.
Have a Happy Birthday Uncle David!
You deserve it...that I know.

By Geri L. Elliott

Love You!

Sent from my iPhone

David Shupe: On Aug 10, 2013, at 9:38 PM, David Shupe wrote:


Not usually my MO to give a poem 2 years in a row, but since this a special milestone birthday, just had to favor you with another poem; also since we share the same birthday. I sent you a laminated copy to your home, but since you're in Jeffersonville, thought I'd better send it via email too, to make sure you got it. Enjoy! Love You, David

p.s. Sending copies to Jim & Joy in case you're not on your computer. So Jim, please alert Geri if she doesn't get it. Thanks!


Photo of niece Geri and Bryan.

(November 5, 2013)

It seems only a few days,
That you two tied the knot.
But it's actually been 13 years,
And we certainly haven't forgot.

The wedding party was lovely,
The bride was debonair.
The guests in attendance,
Showed they did care.

Many things have transpired,
Since that eventful day.
There've been heartwarming successes,
Also a few tears along the way.

God blessed you with two daughters,
The first of which was Gracie Mae.
Then along came the second angel,
Who you named Faith Renae.

There's nothing that makes a house,
Seem more like a cozy home.
Than to have young vibrant children,
Around the house, to play and roam.

Bryan has become a business man,
Through hard work in his own right.
While fastidious Geri strives to keep
Willey Knives in the lime light.

You both are conscientious,
Hard-working entrepreneurs.
Going the extra mile,
To ensure your successful careers.

God has richly blessed you both,
So it's Him, we give our praise.
Praying He will keep and guide you,
All the rest of your earthly days.

May you continue to put Him first,
In all your walkway of life.
So that He will keep you safe,
From all harm and undue strife.

You both are sincere and dedicated,
Children of our heavenly God.
Living, working and walking,
Like saints before you have trod.

You are to be sincerely commended,
For your accomplishments here on earth.
But more so for your spiritual walk,
Which is a measure of your true worth.

To a special niece and nephew we love.
Knowing that when life on earth is over,
We'll all be together in heaven above.


David, Elaine and Scooby.

David & Elaine Shupe
September 14, 2013


Subject: Thank You!
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 20:37:32 -0400

Gerilyn Willey Elliott, Nov. 1, 2013: Uncle David and Aunt Elaine ~ Thank you so much for the poem. I just got it in the mail today, and I love it. I just read it to Gracie, and now she wants to write you another poem right now. I told her my creative juices are too tired tonight. Gracie is in a poetry contest at school right now. She was one of three picked from her class to recite her poem in front of the school next Wednesday, where they will be judged. If you can remember, say a prayer for her. She is reciting The Violet by Jane Taylor. Bryan also wanted me to invite you to Thanksgiving dinner, if you don't have any other plans. If you have somewhere else to go or just want to stay home, we understand. We just want you to know we would love to have you come. Have a great night! Geri. Sent from my iPhone.

POEM: HAPPY 41st BIRTHDAY GERI ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Geri Lyn.

(#41 ~ August 11, 2014)

That time of year has rolled by once again,
So happy birthday to our lovely niece, Geri Lyn.

How the time flies by when a person stays busy,
In fact, so fast that it almost makes one dizzy.

Know you stay busy keeping Willey Knives up and booming,
You do it so professionally, and also so unassuming.

You don't rush in, or go off on something half-cocked,
Having all your ducks in a row, & are not one to be mocked.

You and hubby Bryan often work as a cohesive team,
Especially during Willey Knives events at the job scene.

Other family members are involved in doing their part,
Lovely Gracie Mae already has her entrepreneurial start.

You would never guess that she's a family honcho,
Not willingly to sit idly by under a protective poncho.

So Geri Lyn, you're certainly one unique person,
Don't need to do a lot of practicing or rehearsing.

You know what to do and do it without spinning wheels,
You research the products and consummate the business deals.

May God give you wisdom to take Willey Knives to new heights,
So mouths can be fed to family members great delights.

So, Geri, God bless you and keep you healthy and quite near,
On your special day, and every day throughout the year.

Give you strength, happiness and an abundance of peace,
And may your fervent love of God never, never cease.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
July 22, 2014


David S Shupe: To ‎Geri Elliott August 10, 2014 at 11:53pm. Happy birthday in 15 minutes Niece Geri! Really loved my poem and I will treasure it always. Gracie's too. You guys are too much. Real artists in the family, but you gave me too much credit. It was so cute when Gracie said to me, "I can't believe you are 80." I didn't say it, but I was thinking, "I can't believe it either." Enjoy your special day! Love you!

Geri Elliott: Thank you Uncle David! We had such a wonderful evening at your house Saturday night. The girls loved playing with Heather. I loved the poem that you wrote for my birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday today! August 11 at 9:27am.

POEM: WAY TO GO GRACIE MAE! ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Gracie Mae.


Congratulations to Grace Mae,
On an EXCELLENT poem rendition.
This entitles you
to have some funtime addition.

At your grandparents house,
We heard you recite.
You did it swell,
And you did it right.

Although you were on the hot seat,
What you did was quite cool.
And you didn't bottom out,
But were tops at your school.

Ask your Mom & Dad,
What this really means.
It's not like it sounds,
Nor yet what it seems.

They should take you out
For a fun time somewhere.
Why ~ because you did good,
And you're such a sweet dear.

This will reward you
For your hard work.
For your school duty,
You did not shirk.

Your great Uncle and Aunt
David & Elaine
April 3, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David Shupe: Geri ~ Sitting here in Va. Beach waiting for Dave to come home from work so I can take him out for his birthday dinner, and decided to compose a little poem for Gracie Mae for her good rendition of her school poem. Just making constructive use of my time. Hope she likes it ~ April 3, 2013.

Geri Willey: Hi Uncle David, I don't know how you do it. Gracie happened to be in the office with me, and she has written a poem for you ~ April 3, 2013.

Thank you for the poems you make
You are great...very great.
You have a good gift of writing poems.
Don't ever stop, we love to know them.

God gave a good gift to you!

Love Gracie

Maybe God will give Gracie the same gift He gave you!


David Shupe: Aw Geri, that was so sweet of Gracie. She and Granddaughter Heather are the only ones to ever write a poem for me. I will include her poem as a response to mine on the website. So here is my message for her ~ April 4, 2013.

Thank you Gracie for your poem,
and the way you are going.

Keep up the good work,
and no one will ever smirk.

For your poem was very good,
Rhyming words like you should.

God bless you with poetic talent,
And you will be among the gallant.

Love you,
Your GreatUncle David

GERI WILLEY: Gracie loved the second poem you sent her. Now she wants to make another one up for you. I think we are going to have a competition going here. Also, tell Aunt Elaine Happy Birthday from all of us! Love You! Geri. Sent from my iPhone Apr. 5, 2013.


Gracie, Joy and Jim..


The Violet is a worthy poem to recite,
So Gracie was chosen to do it right.

We know she'll make her parents proud,
And also be entertaining to the crowd.

She did such a marvelous job last year,
That we all wanted to stand up and cheer.

So God, be there to bless our Gracie Mae,
As her poem, she will recite on Wednesday.

Help her young voice to be strong and clear,
So that everyone in range can easily hear.

Help her to memorize and remember every word,
As she has studied hard, because she cared.

So thank You, God for being there to help Gracie out,
She relies on You, that's what it's all about.


All Our Love!,
Your Great Uncle & Aunt
David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
November 3, 2013

Elaine and David photos.


On Nov 3, 2013, at 4:15 PM, David Shupe wrote: Geri/Gracie: Here is a prayer poem for Gracie and her recitation of The Violet poem this coming week. Know she'll do just swell, as she did last year. If you want me to send her a hard copy, I can do that too.

Geri Elliott: Uncle David, Gracie said to tell you, Thank you very much for the poem! We love you very much! It almost made me cry. I am so glad that your family is coming to visit you for Thanksgiving. Maybe you can come visit us on Thanksgiving another year. Your scissors have been ordered and should be in this week. Love you! Geri. Sent from my iPhone on Nov. 3, 2013.


Photo of Gracie Mae at school.

(September 19, 2014)

Eight years ago today,
A special event took place.
A little blue-eyed baby arrived,
Parents named her GRACE.

She very quickly became
The apple of their eyes.
That she still holds this position
Is certainly no surprise.

Our dear grand niece,
Who we call Gracie Mae.
She's not one to waste her time
On frivolous things all day.

She does some art work,
She does some prose.
She's full of surprises,
Her talent grows & grows.

She's quite sensitive
For a very young lass.
Respecting her elders,
As she has lots of class.

She does good in school,
She's good at home.
She does good wherever
She chances to roam.

As a young business person,
Gracie tends to excel.
Has her own sales operation,
Which she handles quite well.

She is serious about her faith,
And really truly loves her Lord.
She's not bashful about her stance,
With Christ, she's in one accord.

Doting on her little sister,
Faith Renae by name.
Who is also a gift from above.
And is loved all the same.

So a special happy 8th birthday
To a SPECIAL grand niece.
May God bless you always,
With much happiness & peace.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

Your Great Aunt & Uncle
Elaine & David Shupe
(Scooby too)
September 12, 2014



David S Shupe‎ to Geri Elliott September 19, 2014: Happy 8th Birthday to a lovely young lass, Gracie Mae. Hope you have just a fabulous day on this your SPECIAL day of the year!

Jim Nicholson and Geri Elliott like this ~ Sept. 19, 2014.

Geri Elliott Thank you guys! Uncle David, Gracie left a message for you and Aunt Elaine last night. I hope you got it. She loved the poem! September 19, 2014 at 9:23am.

David S Shupe Geri, we didn't see the message. What did she leave it on? Have checked email and facebook, but haven't located it yet! September 19, 2014 at 5:34pm.

Geri Elliott Uncle David, I am sorry, I meant she left a message on your cell phone ~ September 19, 2014 at 10:13pm.

Geri Lyn: Gracie like the poem and the gift very much.

Sept. 18, 2014: Hi Uncle David, it's Geri. Gracie has a message she wants you to hear. "Hi Uncle David, I love the money and the poem. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. And Aunt Elaine too. I love you Uncle David."


Photo of Scooby, Gracie & Faith

(March 7, 2015)

Happy birthday Faith Renae,
Hope you have a very HAPPY day.

You have now reached age five,
What an age to be alive.

Lots of years in front of you,
Know the good Lord will see you thru.

He is there through thick and thin,
He is there to help you win.

You're quite a special young lass,
With lots of manners and also class.

On this day, please have fun,
With good wishes from everyone.

Eat some ice cream & some cake,
Don't overeat for goodness sake.

We want you feeling good & well,
So everything for you will simply jell.

If you party, enjoy all your friends,
Life of the party on you depends.

You're the princess for the day,
You're privileged to have your say.

Know you idolize your big Sis,
Keep following her & you can't miss.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

Uncle David & Aunt Elaine
(Scooby Too)
March 7, 2015



Geri Lyn called Wednesday night, March 11, 2015 and told me Faith wanted to talk to me. She came on the line and thanked me for the poem and monetary gift; said she had a good birthday and she liked the poem. Thanked me again before giving the phone back to her mother. Geri thanked me and said Faith was so excited to get some mail with her name on it and she loved the poem, also the one I had sent to her and Bryan. Then she inquired about Pam's status and said she had been praying for her. I thanked her for calling and for her concern for Pam, that we appreciated it as well as her prayers for Pam.


Photo of Faith Renae playing soccer.


Her moniker is Faith Renae
Who's facing a brand new day.
Also a brand new year,
For her birthday is now here.

Last year she was five,
The good Lord helped her thrive.
Now she is a BIG number SIX
In soccer, she gets her kicks.

With her eye on the ball,
She gives it her all-in-all.
She's relentless in her pursuit,
Her zeal, you cannot refute.

Not only good at ball control,
Faith is good at scoring a goal.
During the year, she scored several,
Does the unusual, not the general.

In the classroom too, she's a whiz,
Her zeal does not fizzle & fizz.
She does her parents proud,
Even if she's not so very loud.

We know that whatever you endeavor,
God will forsake you never.
Happy Birthday to Grandniece Faith,
We pray God will always keep you safe.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

WE LOVE YOU! Your Great Uncle & Aunt
David & Elaine
(Scooby loves you too)
March 7, 2016



Emailed this poem to Faith Renae on her birthday, March 7, 2016. Her response: She called me 2 days later and thanked me, said she loved the poem. So nice of her to do that.

POEM: HAPPY 29th MATT! ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo bust of Matt Willey.

(October 14, 2013)

Happy 29th birthday to our nephew Matt,
You're one of a kind and no copycat.

You're the only son of your Mom and Dad,
When born, you made their hearts glad.

You're the sole brother of your beloved sister,
Always looking out for you, it's hard to resist her.

God has blessed you in your teens until now,
You've enjoyed life and living, so wow!!!

You're active in your church, that's a plus,
God rewards faithfulness, that you can trust.

You love God, and He certainly loves you,
As He'll always be there to see you through.

You're married to a wonderful lady, Stefanie,
Saving you from the single life of monotony.

Two are better than one, that's in the Bible,
Making plans together is good, as both are liable.

Glad you're back on board assisting Willey Knives,
Your work there will positively affect many lives.

May you and Stefanie keep God first in your life,
By so doing, you'll certainly eliminate much strife.

May God bless you and Stefanie as you journey together,
Give you strength, health and happiness & leave you never.


David, Elaine and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
October 8, 2013

POEM: JOY & JIM: MANY THANKS! ~ by David S. Shupe

Playing Mexican Train on the glass table top.


Thank you so much for making our visit to Indiana so pleasant,
Your little personal touches made it seem like one continuous present.

Just to let you know, we really enjoyed our little times of recreation games,
Sequence and Mexican Train are not only fun but can be therapeutic~as some claim.

We so enjoyed spending quality time with Jason, Shannon and their lovely family,
And also catching a part of Noah's band competition~relishing musical harmony.

Thank you too for chauffering us around, and adherring to our personal whims,
And for sacrificing your work time, Joy, and most times even Jim's.

We so enjoyed talking, riding around, and just going places with both of you;
Dining out, attending the dinner theatre, church, shopping ~ not to overdo.

While it's not our intent to display any sign of flagrant reciprocity
We just want to assure you that we appreciate your generous hospitality.

If we we can ever return the favor, let us know and don't hesitate,
Because, while we don't just do tit-for-tat, we'd sure like to retaliate.

Now in closing, may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always by all means.
Bless you both abundantly for all that you do for others; thank God, we have the same genes.

Love You Both,
David & Elaine Shupe
October 21, 2011

POEM: JOY & JIM: IT'S YOUR DAY! ~ by David S. Shupe


Jim and Joy Nicholson on the Ingham May 1968.

Happy 44th Anniversary to a "special" couple who means a lot to us,
You've added so much to our family and you do it with so little fuss.

44 years and counting, and that's what I call commendable,
44 years and counting, and on each other you're still dependable.

The years have come along, the years have gone away ever so swiftly,
But no matter the swift passage, you don't waste the time unthriftly.

Joy, you first met Jim when he was pulling his stint in the U. S. Coast Guard,
He took time out from his military duties to hook up to you, his marriage pard.

I can say this to you both without any equivocation, or going out on a limb,
To Jim you've been a real "joy;" to Joy you've been anything but a passing whim,

Your marriage started out in Salisbury with Jim working for Home Beneficial.
And we can unequivocally state that nothing about either of you is superficial.

Jim, you have your own insurance business now and are quite the entrepreneur,
Which goes a long way in this life toward making your future here a little more secure.

But your priorities are not in this life, but are quite firmly fixed on that heavenly shore,
Looking for that city that John saw coming down, who could ask for anything more.

You both worked as a team in pastoring two churches for four wonderful and fulfilling years,
A big responsibility for a couple starting a family of their own, so you're worthy of our cheers.

Joy, you were the one to follow in Dad's footsteps so we're thankful that you are our sibling,
I know he was very proud of what you did for the Lord and Church, and we're not just quibbling.

Over twenty seven years ago, you picked up stakes and moved way out to Jeffersonville, Indiana,
Where you not only lived as husband and wife, but enjoyed being a grandpaw and a nanna.

You two did sire two wonderful children, a daughter named Jamie and a son named Jason,
It took you less than 2 years to get started, even though there was really no need to hasten.

Then these two, along with their spouses, had an additional five delightful kids to cherish,
And no more intelligent, loving or artistically inclined children could anyone really wish.

Jamie outdid herself when she found and married her man, Jethro,
They go together like two peas in a pod, and this adage is quite apropos.

Jason, likewise, landed the cream of the crop in his selective choice of Shannon,
Her motherly concern for her offspring goes straight to the mark like the proverbial cannon.

As faithful members of your church, acting as treasurer and filling in when pastor is away from you all,
It's better to be faithful than famous in God's sight, and this is what will count over the long haul.

You both are to be commended for your efforts in setting up family websites better than the norm,
Shupe and Nicholson families owe you a great deal for your tiresome efforts in keeping us informed.

So Joy and Jim, it is with a lot of happy memories that we offer to you one last comforting thought,
That God would richly bless you and keep you through another 44 years as we think He ought.

With All Our Love,
David & Elaine Shupe
March 23, 2012

(Shupe Family Website)

Melody Popo - Mar 23, 2012: Amen to all David said in his poem ... you both are such special people. Happy Anniversary Joy & Jim !!! May God bless you both extra-special this year.

Joy Nicholson - Mar 25, 2012: Thank you, David, Elaine, and Melody for the Anniversary wishes! Thank you, brother David, for our very own anniversary poem! It brought a smile to my face as I know it will to Jim also when he reads it! :-) That is very special and we appreciate it!

(March 23, 2013)

Don't plan to compose a poem this year
as we did for your 44th anniversary, so near.

So, we'll just say God bless your 45th Anniversary from above,

Looking forward to your trip coming east,
When we can get together and have a feast.

Don't forget to set aside time for a country breakfast,
And a dinner at Big Fish as one meal will hardly last.

In other words, spend the day with ladies against the men,
We'll see who's tops in sequence, and who loses with a grin.

David & Elaine
March 12, 2013


Joy Nicholson via email Mar. 24, 2013:

Hi David/Elaine:

Loved Jayce’s poem! Jim read it to me when you posted it. Thank you both so much for the beautiful anniversary card & poem (which you weren’t going to write but apparently couldn’t resist doing so in your card!!!) We enjoyed it! Will try to call when I get a chance. It’s been a busy weekend for sure but very enjoyable. Thankful for a safe trip for Jamie & Jayce. They made it back home this afternoon! Love you guys and can’t wait to see you in April!!!

Love, Sis Joy


Happy Birthday banner


(July 5, 2013)

Time to raise the annual Birthday Banner,
For sister Joy and "brother" Jim.
Time to celebrate the combined birthdays,
For both serious Her and fun-loving Him.

Time to go one step further,
And fire the extra boom-sized rocket.
Which makes us feel all tingly inside,
Like sticking your finger in a socket.

Time to get serious a brief moment,
As this almost brings one to tears.
You have accumulated combined birthdays,
Totaling an astronomical 135 years.

This is certainly nothing to shout about,
As Obamacare doesn't reach that high.
There'll be no spare money for your old age,
And you'll be left hanging out to dry.

You both are to be commended,
For making my task so fun and easy,
Being born on the same day,
Prohibits one from becoming too queasy.

We only have to compose one poem,
Instead of the usual two.
So by the time your birthdays get here,
I should be able to get it off to you.

We wish you all the very best,
On your very special day.
And lift you up to the throne of grace,
So His blessings for you, He will relay.

Seek ye the Lord and you will find,
He's there for you, and loves you both.
When you're in trouble and need His help,
He will faithfully come to your aid & never loaf.

God has blessed you with 66 and 69 years,
He is faithful to us until the very end.
We have so much to be thankful for,
He even loved us while we were yet in sin.

We're incapable of paying Him back,
For all He's done for us.
But we can take the cup of salvation,
And call on a Name that we can trust.

So a special happy birthday to you both,
That is our sincere heart's desire.
For we think the world of you two,
For by your lives, you truly inspire.


David & Elaine
May 21, 2013

Photo of Elaine and David.


July 2, 2013: Jim called in the evening and we talked to both him and Joy. They thanked us for the birthday cards, the birthday expressions and the shared birthday poem. They were very appreciative of everything we said about them, and we told them it was all true and they deserved it.


Photo of Joy and Jim Nicholson.


(July 5, 2014)

Happy double birthday to you, Joy and Jim,
Forgetting your birthdays this year is mighty slim.
The reason is that Jim has reached a milestone,
Seventy years, so forgetting, we could not condone.

You're the proud parents of 3 wonderful offspring,
Grandparents of 7 grandkids touching your heartstrings.
Much to be thankful for, such a marvelous caring clan,
Intentional or not, it became a commendable plan.

You've accomplished much in your working lives,
Living a God-centered life ~ way a Christian family thrives.
You've raised a family, built a successful business,
Always seeing the best in others ~ quite the optimists.

Joy is a dedicated employee in all that she does undertake.
An asset to her employer as her work, she will not forsake.
Also you're both guilty of a much higher characteristic,
You're dedicated to God, which will help in the futuristic.

You're both faithful supporters and workers in the church,
Never leaving anything to chance, or anyone in the lurch.
You consider other's feelings in all that you do and say,
And never anyone's confidence, would you betray.

May God bless you both abundantly in every endeavor,
Personal, family, business, spiritual now and forever.
May He always be there for you when you need, and call,
And any adverse circumstance coming your way, forestall.

So kick up your heels and let the good times flow,
You've acquired much knowledge & are in the know.
Go out and celebrate while the celebrating's good,
Let your hair down a bit, and it'll be understood.


Photo of Elaine and David Shupe.

Your Loving Brother & Sister-in-Law,
David & Elaine
June 26, 2014



Photo of Jamie Nicholson Klink and her favorite pooch.

(June 23, 2014)

It's your 44th birthday Jamie Nicholson Klink,
Hope you stay healthy and always in the pink.

In marriage, you've become the happy mother of two,
Adam and Jayce are offspring that you did accrue.

Niece Jamie resides in the great state of Ohio,
A more desirable place to live than down on the bayou.

Jamie works for the Better Management Corporation,
Quite instrumental in the company's successful operation.

To say she's a Washington Redskins fan is putting it mildly,
During each game, she's there to cheer them on quite wildly.

Elaine and I wish you all the best as life continues to evolve,
Problems encountered along the way, God help you resolve.

So happy birthday to Jamie, a special niece,
May God bless you and yours with happiness, also peace.

May He be with you at home, at work and at play,
Give you strength, wisdom and knowledge to face each day.

Let her know You're always there for her if she so needs,
As she listens, understands and follows where God leads.

Wishing a special day to a lady who knows how to cope,
May you always act on your knowledge of that eternal hope.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
June 19, 2014



David S Shupe posted to‎ Jamie Nicholson Klink June 22: Let us be the first to wish you a Happy 44th Birthday Jamie!. Trust it will be a good one for you, all day and all year long! Didn't have time to send this snail mail, but if you like I can mail you a laminated copy. Love, David & Elaine.

Cheryl Shupe Baker, Susan Geisler, Jaycie Deemer, Melody Lane Popo, Jim Nicholson, Jenifer heston-Lewes, Shirley Poynter, Alicia Lowe Keen and Stacie Danus like this.

Jim Nicholson: Another great poem David! June 22 at 9:40pm.

Cheryl Shupe Baker: That was awesome! June 22 at 9:53pm.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: Thank you uncle David S Shupe. I love it and you 3! The poem means a lot to me. I will get it printed out. June 22 at 9:57pm.

Ruth Owens: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! June 23 at 1:25pm .


Photo of Jamie and Jethro Klink.

(July 2, 2014)

Okay, Jamie & Jethro, it's your turn,
Your special day is what I now discern.

So a very happy anniversary to you both,
Sixteen years since you plighted your troth.

Enjoyable years since entering bonds of matrimony,
Great start for a life of marital bliss without acrimony.

Lot of things have happened since that eventful day,
You've handled it all in your own impeccable way.

Raising a family, parenting, jobs a lot on your plate,
An all around family, I'm sure you can relate.

You're a dedicated couple in all that you do,
Keeping everything orderly and not all askew.

Adam and Jayce are an important part of the nest,
They do what they would, and you do the rest.

Jamie, kudos for being a devoted wife, mother & daughter,
Doing those things that stand out without having to barter.

Kudos to Jethro as a devoted husband, father & son,
When you set your mind to it, you get the job done.

Elaine and I still remember your visit to St. Croix,
A trip filled with sun, fun, sightseeing sprinkled with joy.

Outdoor camping is also one of your exciting diversions,
When participating in away from home excursions.

Again, happy anniversary to a special niece and nephew,
So glad that 16 years ago, you both made your debut.

May God bless Jamie and Jethro as life continues its trek,
Let them bask in your good graces and face no neglect.

We all do well to consider the Lord in our activities,
Giving Him a high priority, no matter the festivities.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
June 17, 2014


Jamie Nicholson Klink: July 18, 2014: Good morning uncle. Things have been very crazy around my household! Well, last night jethro gave me a piece of mail that came several days ago. We were a little behind on going thru mail. Long story short.... thank you so much for the laminated poems and the beautiful card. They meant a lot to both of us. Thank you for always making us feel special. Love and miss you!

POEM: JAYCE RAE LINK, Grandniece ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Jaycie Klink.


Happy Birthday to our GrandNiece, Jayce,
Fourteen, going on twenty-nine you see.

Now in her 2nd year of that coveted teen set,
One of the neatest little gals you've ever met.

Early on, Jayce became quite adept in art of gymnastics,
Winning several medals, which we think is quite fastastic.

In addition to gymnastics, cheerleading is her thing,
Seeing her perform on video tugs at one's heartstring.

Doing well in school, with all her hard work,
As her school responsibilities, she doesn't shirk.

As the years fly by, and they most certainly will,
Always the young think they have more time to kill.

If I could offer two words of advice, I'd say "FOLLOW TRUTH."
No matter where you go, this will keep you from the uncouth.

As you advance in high school, let truth be your guide,
Cherish family and friends and they will always abide.

They'll be there when you need them, come what may,
In every life, there comes a downpour on a very rainy day.

A nicer, young family you'd not find anywhere,
As to other's, they show that they do care.

Jayce has a big brother who she does idolize,
Who goes out of his way to help, she does realize.

Also, a devoted and indispensable Mom and Dad,
Having a loving daughter, making them very glad.

So enjoy your very special 14th birthday, Jayce Rae,
Whatever you plan or do, hope it is a super cool day.

In conclusion, we ask God to bless you in every endeavor,
Guide you, prosper you and keep you safe forever.

Always give Him first place along your life's journey,
And He'll help you win first place in your own tourney.


Your GreatAunt & GreatUncle
Elaine & David
(GreatScooby too)
March 12, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


Joy Nicholson via email Mar. 24, 2013:

Hi David/Elaine:

Loved Jayce’s poem! Jim read it to me when you posted it. Thank you both so much for the beautiful anniversary card & poem (which you weren’t going to write but apparently couldn’t resist doing so in your card!!!) We enjoyed it! Will try to call when I get a chance. It’s been a busy weekend for sure but very enjoyable. Thankful for a safe trip for Jamie & Jayce. They made it back home this afternoon! Love you guys and can’t wait to see you in April!!!

Love, Sis Joy


Photo of the Klink German Shepherd.


Yes, a dog is certainly man's best friend,
And Sixx proved it to the very end.
He was always faithful beyond compare,
When pitted against other animals anywhere.

We couldn't have asked for a better pet,
The hurt is there, you better bet.
Oh, how we will miss our faithful Sixx,
Loved the way he chased balls & sticks.

Sixx Klink was a member of our clan,
It hurt when his time came to an end.
A handsome dog with a great big heart,
So sorry his time came to depart.

Miss the way he tried to hog my bed,
And the way he loved us to pat his head.
Miss the way he followed us around,
Like we were walking on hallowed ground.

Miss how he became our watchdog protector,
For starters, he was our dedicated interceptor.
Miss his devotion to us, one and all,
Miss way he responded when we did call.

No unwelcome foe could access our home,
Which was well guarded as he did roam.
He taught us a lot while we lived together,
Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

Miss his companionship when we walk,
Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.
So rest in peace our beloved Sixx,
From you, we received many happy "kicks."

We know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.
Thank you God for giving us such a faithful pet,
The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


Photo of the Klinks.

Your Loving Family: Jethro, Jamie,
Adam & Jaycie

Composed by: David S. Shupe
In memory of Sixx!
September 28, 2015



Posted this poem on Jamie's Facebook message page on Sept. 29, 2015, and also emailed it to her.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: Thank you uncle David. Very good tribute to our buddy. Sept. 29, 2015.

David S. Shupe: Thanks Jamie! Hope the tribute helps a little. Since I had not met Sixx, we had to "wing" it a bit with some of the lines, but hope I got most of them right. Love you!

Jamie Nicholson Klink on Oct. 2, 2015: You did perfect. It means a lot to us. We sure miss him. So does my poor toby. Thankfully grandma's care givers have been taking care of him too during the day so he isn't lonely. Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot and they sure help. I love you too!

Emailed this poem to Joy and Jim Nicholson on Sept. 29, 2015. Joy's response: David, That was so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it with them and us!!! Jim printed it out for me and I put it in my Prayer Request Book under the “Readings & Poems” Section with a prayer for God to comfort their hearts and bless the one (David) who blessed them with the comforting poem!!! You are such a blessing, not only to all our family, but to all who know you!!! Thank you for letting God use you to bless others!!! May those blessings be turned back to you in blessings for you and all your family in whatever way is needed – for healing, provision, protection…God knows your daily needs!!! Deuteronomy 28:1-4 for all of your family!!! Psalms 91 also!!! Love you so very much!!! Jim & Joy!


Photo of the Jason Nicholson Family.

(August 5, 2013)

Happy 18th Anniversary to a special nephew and niece,
May you both always enjoy much happiness and peace.
Eighteen years is a great start toward a lot of togetherness,
A marriage which thrives on reasonableness and faithfulness.

Jason and Shannon are dedicated Christians to be admired,
Both are ordained ministers, helping us all to feel inspired.
Jason is the Worship Pastor at the Evangel North Church,
He does all he can to promote Christ, and His Name never besmirch.

My impression of Jason when he was young and close to the ground,
Was that he was quiet, respectful, and fun to be around.
Shannon is the proprietor of Architectural Kitchens, she enveloped,
An entrepreneur in her own right, as kitchen designs she has developed.

We've only known Shannon since she's been married to Jason, no other,
But if I were her child, I'd consider her an ideal Mother.
God has richly blessed your marriage with 3 wonderful offspring,
Constituting a beautiful family of 5, enough to make one's heart sing.

Noah, soon turning a handsome 16, every teenager's dream,
And a young fella's thoughts impact his bloodstream.
His fancy turns to something he loves . . . getting his driving permit,
So then he'll be able to score with the girls, making a hit.

Then we have young Luke, reaching the prime age of eight,
Too young to drive a car, and too young to even date.
Luke was born with heart disease, and is even now a miracle child,
Who battled the odds and has been victorious all the while.

He survived due to good parents, good doctors and the good Lord,
And all because they cared, and were all together in one accord.
He has endured 6 heart surgeries and is doing just great,
Musically inclined like his Dad, his drum playing sure does rate.

Seems both Noah and Luke are blessed to be musically inclined,
Taking after their Dad who is blessed to be like minded.
Luke on the drums, and Noah on the African Marimbo,
With Dad as Director of Music, doing the Spanish Fandango.

Lydia Joy is the youngest, and the only female of the litter,
She also is the joy of her grandparents, making their hearts all a glitter.
Lydia is the smartest and the cutest little gal you'd ever want to see,
Know she'll just be successful in whatever she wants to be.

Lydia Joy's aptitude is still forming and has yet to be decided,
Whatever she elects to do, I'm sure she won't be derided.
She'll do well to take after her Mom's innovative pursuits,
Who is adroit at developing kitchen designs that are so neat.

So, God bless Jason, Shannon, Noah, Luke and Lydia Joy
With health, safety and happiness and everything good they employ.
May you bless them at home, work, school and wherever they venture,
And may you prosper them and make their life one glorious adventure.

HAPPY 18th!!!

Photo of Elaine and David.

David & Elaine
June 6, 2013


RE: Jason & Shannon's Anniversary Poem‏

Jim & Joy Nicholson 9:12 PM July 3, 2013: Dear Brother David: Another outstanding poem! Joy and I had both smiles and tears. We loved it. The only factual change is Luke has undergone 6 heart surgeries. A minor correction would be that Jason’s title is Worship Pastor. He and Shannon both are ordained ministers. We are so proud of both of them. Thank you again David. This will not only be a treasure for Jason and Shannon but for Joy and me as well. Joy and Jim

David Shupe: Thanks so much Joy and Jim for your input. You have every right to be proud of them. So are we. I have made the changes to the poem, and also adjusted the 2nd stanza to reflect that both Jason and Shannon are ordained ministers which is a significant addition. Due to your response, I will send you two a laminated final copy when I send out their copy later this month. Thanks again. Love, David

Jim Nicholson on July 4th, 2013: David the addition looks great! We look forward to receiving our copy and would love to reimburse you for the cost of laminating and mailing. (the poem is priceless). We love and miss you guys, Joy and Jim.

David Shupe on July 4th 2013: Jim & Joy...The cost for laminating and mailing is miniscule compared to the message we hope to convey. We've done several over the past few months, so I consider this my contribution to bless and encourage others. Most have told me how much they appreciate the poems, and like you two, are brought to tears by the compositions. I can't claim credit for this as it's the Lord that lays the poems on my heart, and gives me the words needed to effect such responses. They bless me as much as the recipients. I thank God for His gift that he allows me to use, hopefully for His honor and glory. Thanks for your very kind comments.

Miss you guys too. We don't have the opportunity to see one another as often as we like, but some day. . . . .!

Jason Nicholson: August 2013: Jason called and thanked us for the poem and said he really appreciated us for composing it.


Photo of Max.


Does it hurt to lose a family pet,
The hurt is there, you bet. . .

Max was an essential member of the clan,
Hurts when his time came to an end.

A little dog with a great big heart,
So sorry his time came to depart.

Miss his frolic and his fun,
Miss his presence when day is done.

Miss his faithfulness to us all,
With him around, we had a ball.

Miss the way he looked up at us.
He fit right in without a big fuss.

When we called, he came running,
When we were serious, or when funning.

. Miss the way he would romp and play,
Miss his funny antics night and day.

Miss his companionship when alone,
Miss his joy over tackling a bone.

The excitement he showed riding in our car,
Almost like he was a movie star.

. Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
Max topped the list, none to be compared.

He taught us a lot while we lived together,
Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

We know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.

Thank you God for giving us such a faithful pet,
The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


Your loving Family,
Jason, Luke, Noah, Lydia, Shannon

Photo of Jason Nicholson Family.

Composed by: David S. Shupe
September 15, 2015


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Shannon Vanover Nicholson: Thank you Uncle David! Beautiful! Reply · 2 · September 15 at 6:39am.

Jason D Nicholson: Thank you Uncle David S Shupe... Awesome. smile emoticon. Reply · 2 · September 15 at 7:33am.

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Photo of Melody Lane Popo!


Melody ~ you are to be commended for what you've done and for what you've achieved,
And you have every right to feel proud, exhilarated and now to sit back and feel relieved.

While a mother and a grandmother, you have worked hard and accomplished quite a feat,
For earning and receiving the coveted status of an "RN," which we proclaim is so neat.

Being an RN makes you a part of an honorable profession, for which you are so deserving,
And the best part of all, it will be us and others in need, that you will be preserving.

You worked hard for years, overcame many difficulties to complete the course and win the prize,
With husband, Bob, encouraging, supporting and helping defray expenses, who could do otherwise?

Your beloved Mom and Dad would have loved to see this day, and would be so proud of what you've done,
You battled a lot of odds, but with all your hard work and indispensable help from God, you have won.

You set your sights high, then proceeded to pursue these goals according to your plan,
You accomplished the unthinkable with determination, perseverance and with God's helping hand.

Elaine and I, and all your family as well I'm sure, are indeed happy and proud you achieved this goal,
Because we all realize that it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, as well as a lot of self-control.

Since you are now a licensed RN, you are well prepared and poised to pursue a nursing career,
Now you can work for well-deserved "mucho dinero," and no longer as an unpaid volunteer.

So we pronounce God's blessings upon you, and Bob, your helpmeet, as you begin your nursing journey,
May he bless your every effort, those you will work with, patients, even those who come to you on a gurney.

May you always make the right decision, the correct diagnoses, and follow the doctors' orders,
That you will prosper in all that you do, especially when you're working to cure other's disorders.


David & Elaine
May 20, 2012

Photo of Elaine and David!

(Shupe Family Website)

Melody Popo - May 21, 2012: Thank you, David, for the beautiful poem. I feel honored to be a recipient of one of your poems. I have secretly been wanting one. I like the poem very much. Thank you, Hugs.

David Shupe - May 21, 2012: You're quite welcome, Melody. So glad you liked it, You deserved one with all your hard work and perseverance over the years. Daughter Peni and her helpers did a fabulous job with putting all the good foodstuff together. It was delicious. Got a few good pictures of the gathering and you in your cap and gown. Wish I had taken one of the chocolate cake incident, with the cake trying to swallow a camera. That was funny. I'll try to list all of the attendees, so if I miss some, you can help me out: You, the guest of honor, Bob, Peni, Glen, Jean (Glen's mother), Noah, Mollie, Mark, Christine, Gabriela, Junior, Pat, Alan, Linda, Tiney Williams, Debbie Hales Johnson, Elaine and me. A good time was had by all. Again, Congratulations!

Melody Popo - May 22, 2012s: You remembered everyone. I appreciate everyone who came. I wanted to share my success with family. Everyone there helped make it a very nice graduation party. Thank you. I wasn't able to take pictures at the actual graduation so we took pictures of me in my gown with family at the graduation party. I will try to post some pictures soon.

Samson Shupe - May 23, 2012: I want to share a big congratulations to Melody from myself and Donna. We are both proud of you and happy for you. We are sorry we had to miss the big party where we could have told you in person as well as seen everyone. It was truly our loss not to be there. We did have a wonderful time in Mississippi though. I preached on Thursday evening and Donna preached on Sunday morning before we started home.

David Shupe - May 23, 2012: Heard you were in Mississippi at the sister church to preach; didn't know about donna though. Glad you guys made it back home ok. How were your sermons received by the Mississippians?

Melody Popo - May 24, 2012: Thank you, Sam and Donna. You were missed, but I know you and Donna were a blessing to your sister church in Mississippi. We are proud of you both and all you are accomplishing for Christ and the gospel.

Joy Nicholson - May 27, 2012: This was all so precious! It brought smiles to my face and tears to my eyes! Your poem was beautiful and so appropriate, David! Jim and I would have liked to have been at the graduation party also, Melody, to honor you and love you in person for who you are as well as what you have accomplished! You have always been caring and giving to others, so no surprise that you wanted to minister for the Lord to others in this occupation! We love you very much!

Melody Popo - May 27, 2012: Thank you, Joy & Jim. I wish you could have been at the party too. I love you both very much.

David Shupe - May 28, 2012: Thanks, Joy. We missed you and Jim at the gathering to honor Melody. When I made the decision to compose a poem for Melody, we only had 3 hours left before we had to leave for the festivities. It took me 2 hours to compose the poem, and then another hour to print it, as I had computer problems. But we finally did it and arrived only about 10 minutes late, as they were getting in line to eat when we drove up. It was a good gathering and Melody and Bob seemed to enjoy everyone being there for her. That was the main point.

Joy Nicholson - May 28, 2012: Wow, David! That was one of those FAST inspiration jobs. If only the computer could have been that fast, huh!!! :-).