*Didn't have a photo of just 7 brothers, so posted the whole family.

The last 100% attended Shupe reunion in 1988!

(Jim, Jehu, John, Junior, Milton, Sam)

I had six brothers, and that's no lie,
But one has passed on, to that home in the sky.
He was my eldest brother, and his name was Jim;
He was so full of life, and vinegar and vim.
He loved his work, his family, his life,
He loved his grand kids, he loved his wife.
He loved playing games, he loved playing ball,
He will be sorely missed, by one and by all.
The remaining five are still living, and that's a plus,
And with me included, that still makes six of us.
My name is David, and I am the second eldest son,
My age is 77, and I still do my morning jogging run.
The next brother in line is Jehu, and he is number three,
The Biblical meaning of Jehu is, "Jehovah is He."
He was famous for his fast chariot driving, and his enthusiasm and zeal,
For ridding Israel of those evil ones, whose names were Ahab and Jezebel.
Next we have brother John, and he is number four,
He is the financial genius in the family, and that's no folklore.
He resides with his good wife, Bebe Jo, in a great state far West,
Doing what he always does, and doing what he does best (whatever that is?).
Getting near the end, we have brother Junior, who is number five,
He doesn't know yet what his real name is, but he is still able to survive.
Whether he is a junior, or whether he is just Posey Junior in name,
But, regardless of his uncertain moniker, he is sure to illude any fame.
Next to last, we have Milton, who happens to be number six,
He was born in Elkton, MD, unlike David, who was born in the "sticks."
Milton was only the second son, that didn't have a Bible name,
He was named after the church's General Overseer, Milton Ambrose Tomlinson
~~ just the same!
Last but not least, we have Samson, who is the tallest of the seven,
While his feet are planted on earth, his head is closer to heaven.
Remember the story, in the Bible, about Samson and Delilah, how romantic,
on again, off again, up again, down again ~ how un - pedantic!
This ends our little poem really about Seven Brothers, aren't you glad?
At least it's a little humorous, and not one to make you sad!
With Much Love, David
August 25, 2011
P.S. Blessing from God's Word for my Brothers:
Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed
Who fears the Lord,
The Lord bless you,
And may you see prosperity all the days of your life.
Indeed, may you see your children's children!
Peace be upon God's people!
(Psalm 128 NASB)


Read what others had to say: (Shupe Family Website)

Joy Nicholson - Sep 5, 2011. That one definitely brought smiles and laughter, brother David! That was good and humorous! :-) I liked the blessing at the end also, since the patriarchs of the family always blessed their family. You are the oldest living brother now, so you have the honor of being the patriarch of the family, and we thank you for all the prayers you pray for all of us, your blessings upon our families, your care for those who need it, and for updating the Shupe Directory, which is quite a task!

Thanks again for all you and Elaine do! We love you both! Jim & Joy

Melody Popo - Sep 5, 2011. I enjoyed your light-hearted poem about your brothers. You are so talented in writing such things. Thank you for sharing it with us. God has truly blessed the Shupe family.

David Shupe - Sep 5, 2011. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Melody and Joy. If there is any good at all there, it's only because of inspiration from the good Lord.

Actually, I have written seven poems in the past 10 days or so, mostly about family members, but one was not. Guess I was on a "roll," one about Dave, Pam, Elaine, GrandSon Sam, My 3 Sisters, My 6 Brothers, and our young friend in St. Croix, Arelia. On the drawing board are ones for Heather Hope and Scot. Really, I just started on Heather's today, and I'm thinking about composing one for my brothers and sisters-in-law, too, good Lord willing.

Yesterday, I created a new website just to include the poems to date, so I would have them all in one place. However, they are only on my hard drive at the moment.

Melody Popo - Sep 5, 2011. We look forward to reading your poems once you have them on your website.

Pam Finley - Sep 5, 2011. Has Hallmark contacted you yet? ; )

David Shupe - Sep 6, 2011. No Pam. Afraid I'd have to improve considerably to enter that sacred realm!

Joy Nicholson - Sep 5, 2011. Ditto to what Melody and Pam said! :-).


Photo of Jim Shupe as a teenager.

(June 17, 1932 ~ May 7, 2005)

I had a big brother,
Whom I quite admired.
While he wasn't the first born,
He was the first male Dad sired.

Jim went to be with the good Lord,
Ten years ago on this date.
But his memory continues to live on,
Never to be forgotten I'd like to relate.

When I was in the first grade of school,
I was somewhat below average size.
A school bully constantly pestered me,
But he was in for quite a surprise.

Once, bro Jim caught him harassing me,
He reached out and pulled him up short.
Advising him if he wanted to keep on living,
His bullying days he'd have to abort.

The bully gave me no more trouble after that,
Making sure that he stayed clear of me.
What a difference in my first year of school,
Recess and lunch time improved, you see.

When I was 10, in the fourth grade,
Jim & Jehu saved me from drowning.
Jehu alerted Jim & two friends of my plight,
Jehu could've thought I was clowning.

He yelled & pointed out my distress,
They came rushing over, pulling me out.
On to shore, beating water out of my lungs,
Never been so close to death, never doubt.

I'll always owe a lot to brother Jim,
A debt I could never really pay.
Like the debt Christ paid for each of us,
Which we thank God for each day.

Jim was the older brother,
That I often tried to emulate.
In our younger teenage years,
In so many ways, we did relate.

In our formative teenage years,
Guess I looked up to Jim.
Moving up the employment ladder,
Seems like I just followed him.

He worked at two grocery stores,
After leaving, they hired me.
Then a drug store he did employ,
For he was a hard worker you see.

When he left for greener pastures,
They then hired yours truly.
Based on his conscientious work ethic,
They figured I would not be unruly.

He graduated high school & soon after,
He joined up with the merchant marines.
Worked for a time, then joined the military,
Once again, I followed him it seems.

Joined the merchant marines with Sun Oil,
Later, I enlisted in the military service.
We were both patriots & loyal to our country,
And nothing about it tended to make us nervous.

Jim eventually married and settled down,
As a lovely lass named Ginny caught his eye.
To him it was worth it to leave the single ranks,
And start a family which he would supply.

As events progressed and took place,
He ended up having a wonderful brood of four.
A proud papa and mama they were to them,
Two boys and two girls, no less no more.

I know that children and grandchildren,
Were the apples of his eye.
If anything happened to his loved ones,
He would stand up and loudly decry.

May God bless each of Jim/Ginny's offspring,
Prosper, keep them healthy and safe.
May his memories give them hope & courage,
And for the future, increase their faith.


Photo of David Shupe.

Your Grateful Brother,
May 7, 2015


In Honor of Jim Shupe. . .Today marks 10 years that my older brother Jim departed this life and started his new life with our Lord in heaven. It causes me to reminisce about the times when we were kids all together back in the 40's and 50's in Brunswick, Elkton and Salisbury, Maryland where we basically had our "growing up" years. The good times we all had, the fun times and yes, even sad times. The games we played (all outside of course). the friends we made, etc. There are 14 People Who Like This: Cheryl Shupe Baker, Joanna Gunnnells Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Mike Shupe, Shirley Poynter, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Shari Allen, Willie Radford Sr, Rick Hensley, Trisha Nicole Polidore, Brian K. Minnix, Norma Fontana, Judy Kidd and Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland.

Cheryl Shupe Baker: Uncle David, that was beautiful! I had to read it twice since I couldn't stop crying. I love you so much!! May 7 at 10:55pm.

Norm Fontana: Thanks for sharing David. I hope we cross paths again one day my friend. May 7 at 11:02pm.

David S Shupe: Hi Norm ~ Thanks for liking and for commenting. Been a long time. Still have fond memories of the good times at Norview that we shared together. May 7 at 11:17pm.

Jerry Miller: That was an awesome poem David. July 21, 2015.

Michelle Shupe Wheatley: Thank you for sharing such a lovely tribute to my Daddy. I'm struggling tonight... So much so I couldn't sleep... I got out of bed and came out to the living room and opened my Facebook to your post. He was very special... I'm glad to know these events in his life. You have supplied us with such wonderful remembrances of our daddy. I am very grateful. May 7 at 11:46pm.

David S Shupe: Thanks Michelle, for your comments too, and also for sharing Jim's poem. Just hoping that the little I've shared will indeed help to ease some of the pain of separation from your Dad. The memories we all have of Jim will sustain us during our times of reminiscing of good times in the past. May 8 at 11:25am.

Trisha Nicole Polidore: Oh my! No words. Love you and thank you. Missing doodle more than ever after reading this. Would have loved to know him as a child. May 8 at 8:01am.

David S Shupe: Yes, thank you Trish. I'm sure you would have enjoyed Jim in his teen and pre-teen years while he was growing up. We have so many great memories of that era when we were kids together. May 8 at 11:23am.

Love you and thank you. Missing doodle more than ever after reading this. Would have loved to know him as a child Unlike · Reply · 2 · May 8 at 8:01am David S Shupe Yes, thank you Trish. I'm sure you would have enjoyed Jim in his teen and pre-teen years while he was growing up. We have so many great memories of that era when we were kids together.

Three people shared this poem: Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Shirley Poynter and Joy Nicholson Shupe.

Michelle Shupe Wheatley shared on May 7 at 11:47pm:

You, Pamela Shupe Finley, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Melody Lane Popo and 16 others like this: Donna Shupe, Stephen Wheatley, Ruth Owens, Pat Oakley Shupe, Jack Penner, Brenda Simms Zonko, Chris Martin, Gale Daugherty, Martin Sanchez Sr, Tamey White, Karen A Lemon, Daren Massey, Penny Martin and FAith Hastings Daye.

Penny Martin: What a great picture, we love him and miss him. May 8 at 7:51am.

Stephen Wheatley: That was perfect uncle David. May 8 at 2:27pm.

Shirley Poynter shared on July 21, 2015.

Joy Shupe Nicholson shared on July 20, 2015: Eighteen people liked it: You, Jim Nicholson, Shannon Vanover Nicholson, Pat Oakley Shupe, Shirley Poynter, Rick Hensley, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Joanna Gunnells Shupe, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Cheryl Shupe Baker, John Shupe, Judy Kidd, Brian K. Minnix, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Willie Radford, Samson Shupe, Trisha Nicole Polidore, Mike Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Shari Allen and Norm Fontana this.

Tina Michelle Kidwell: Jason looks a lot like him. July 21 at 5:57am

Linda Wells Jackson: GOD BLESS. Heart emoticon. July 21 at 8:57pm.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Good looking man....


Photo of Cheryl and Rick Baker.

(May 18, 1979 ~ May 18, 2014)

Happy 35th anniversary
to Cheryl and Rick.
Of all available bachelors,
he was Cheryl's pick.

Rick made out
quite handsomely himself.
Not like Cheryl was pinning
away somewhere on a shelf.

Cheryl is one of four siblings,
All products of Ginny and Jim.
One older and two younger,
Just to provide a brief glim.

A lady that loves God
and family is evidence,
She relies on her faith
and God's providence.

They are blessed with
three lovely offspring.
Such vivacious daughters,
making one's heart sing.

Now they have bushels of
grandkids that they adore.
If like most grandparents,
they'll still wish for more.

Cheryl and Rick hail from
Maryland, on the Eastern Shore.
Where they first met,
and did, each other adore.

As job dictated, they picked up
stakes, moving Southwest,
To Houston, Texas which
they considered best.

Cheryl and Rick, a wonderful
couple, that's a given.
While on earth, they're enjoying
a little bit of heaven.

So we ask God's continued
blessings on them both.
As you've been with them,
since they plighted their troth.

Shower them with peace,
happiness, health as well.
And a little bit of prosperity
would sure be swell.


Photo of David & Elaine.

David & Elaine Shupe
October 18, 2013

Cheryl Shupe Baker Uncle David, I want to thank you so much for the card and the amazing poem you wrote for our 35th anniversary!! It was so kind of you to take the time to write such an amazing poem just for us. We are so touched and so grateful. All of our love to you and Aunt Elaine!! Rick and Cheryl ~ 8:35 pm May 15, 2015.

David Shupe: You are quite welcome Cheryl! You and Rick deserved something a little extra for a milestone anniversary! So glad to be able to do it, with the help of the good Lord! Enjoy your special anniversary on the 18th ~ May 15, 2014.

Cheryl Shupe Baker: Thanks so much!! Love you!!

David Shupe: Love you too! May 15, 2014.


Photo of Bentley and Rick Baker.


It's a sad time in our household today,
The best boy ever just passed away.
That's why our hearts are now broken,
As Ben Ben was more than just a token.

Bentley was his given name,
We called him Ben Ben just the same.
He was our faithfully devoted pet,
The hurt is there, and you can't forget.

Ben lately developed a medical condition;
Couldn't keep food down in an horizontal position.
His condition was known as mega esophagus,
Not too many things to it is analogous.

Cheryl and Rick are to be commended,
For to his needs they immediately attended.
They found a way to ease his feeding.
For it was a special item Ben was needing.

It happened to be called a Bailey chair,
Allowing him to sit up and eat~~how debonair!
This dog high chair facilitated the eating process,
Thus allowing the food to properly digest.

This extended his life for a longer period,
Improving his quality of life, though not a myriad.
He couldn't have found a better place,
To live his life, so full of love and grace.

Ben Ben Baker was a member of our family clan,
So unbearable as his time came to an end.
A handsome doggie with a great big heart,
So very sorry his time came to depart.

Miss the way he lay his head on my lap,
Or the way he dreamed while he did nap.
Miss the way he put his paw on my leg,
Loved me unconditionally, didn't have to beg.

Miss his carefree frolic and his fun,
Miss his presence when the day is done.
Miss his welcome coming through the door,
"I missed you today," his eyes did implore.

Miss his companionship when I walk,
Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.
Ben Ben was such a sweet, gentle soul,
He loved us both, if the truth were told.

Miss the way he nuzzled up to me,
His faithful devotion was something to see.
You stole our hearts as a devoted pet,
We will miss you terribly, you bet.

Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
Ben Ben topped the list, none to be compared.
He taught us a lot while we lived together,
Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

We know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
Thinking about him, we'll shed another tear.
Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


Photo of Bentley.

Rick & Cheryl Baker, Loving Parents

Composed by: David S. Shupe
October 5, 2015

POEM: HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY JAY! ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Jay Shupe.


Just an iddy biddy ditty,
To celebrate in Charles Town city.

So, come help us celebrate,
Jay is now forty-eight.

How great that is to be,
With friends & Stephanie.

Hopefully with Jacob & Joshua too,
And rest of family on cue.

Relax & enjoy your special day,
Time for you to have your say.

So we wish you all the best,
Cake and ice cream & all the rest.

Could we ask for much more,
Best wishes sent galore.

May God bless & keep you safe,
In His mercy, we have faith.

Wishing you 48 more, to the day!


Photo of David Shupe.

Love You,
David & Elaine Shupe
March 20, 2015


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Jamie Nicholson Klink shared this on Mar. 20, 2015. Stephen Wheatley likes this.

Jay Shupe: Thanks Uncle David S Shupe, that's awesome!


Photo of John and Bebe Jo!


Congratulations on 53 years of sharing a life together,
Through ups and downs and in all kinds of weather.
You both have been successful in so many endeavors,
You have forged a bond that neither man nor beast severs.

John and Bebe, born in Virginia just a few miles apart,
Were destined to meet and marry, capturing each other's heart.
20 years from birth to marriage, they tied the knot in Tennessee,
On that memorable September day in 1959, way love should be.

Both were products of minister pioneer fathers in the church,
Great men of God who spent their lives in spiritual research.
Laying the groundwork, paving the way for those coming after,
Countless saved souls will one day rejoice, overflowing with laughter.

God blessed you with two wonderful kids in Dee and Lee,
An asset to the family as anyone can readily see.
Children who very early in life made their parents proud,
Two wonderful adults who really stand out in a crowd.

Dee, the red headed first born, such a lovely lass,
An intelligent, caring lady with lots of special class.
Lee, following in his grandfathers' footsteps for sure,
A dedicated man, refusing to accede to the world's lure.

You were also blessed with 5 grandkids, 2 girls and 3 boys,
Always the apple of grandparents eyes, bringing boundless joys.
A well rounded group of 11, including two in-laws,
Constitute your wonderful family, so worthy of applause.

John, through years of advanced schooling, while working full time,
He eventually retired from the John Wayne Airport near Anaheim.
Prior to his airport job, he arose to VP status with a world renown airline,
Which illlustrates his capability, dedication and firm design.

Bebe Jo, a lady of multiple talents, is an accomplished pianist, too,
Playing many years for the church choir and congregation, so true.
She also directs church plays and performs a number of activities,
Whatever she does, she accomplishes with a great deal of proclivity.

John and Bebe both, are dedicated Christians in God's service,
They will always serve on the front lines, never as a reservist.
So thank you both for what you mean to the Shupe and Davidson clans,
For making us proud that you are willing to be Christ's helpng hands.

In closing, HAPPY 53rd ANNIVERSARY to you both once again,
Over half a century, and yet it seems like a few days since it all began.
May God bless you spiritually, financially, your coming in and going out,
And give you another 53 years if God wills, we from the housetops will shout.


We Love You,
David & Elaine Shupe
June 30, 2012

Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!




Bebe Shupe: Sept. 5, 2012: Thank you, thank you, thank you, David and Elaine, for the wonderful poem commemorating our 53rd anniversary. God has been kind, gracious, good, wonderful (and all those other great words that describe Him) to us in our years of marriage, an I see no reason why it will not continue. He is good and He IS faithful! Thank you again. Have a great day!

Love you both,
Bebe and John

John Shupe: Thanks David. I love it!

David S Shupe: You're welcome, and t'was our pleasure. You guys deserved it. You are so far away that a little poem brings us closer together.

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Joy Nicholson - Sep 9, 2012: Beautiful!!! We add our congratulations to both of you! May God continue to bless you and your lovely families abundantly!!! We love you! Jim & Joy.

POEM: HAPPY 73rd JOHN! ~ by David S. Shupe

John visiting the place of his birth, Saltville, VA.

HAPPY "73rd" JOHN!

I can't believe I have a younger brother who is 73.
I guess that means I'm even older than thee.

Why, I can still remember when your were still pre-teen,
One of the most mischievous little boys I had ever seen.

But as you grew older, you turned out to be quite a lad,
You were always fun to be around, you were never very bad.

I also remember you were born in the Virginia city of Saltville,
John recently visited his birthplace and found it to be quite ideal.

As you can see by the posted sign, it's not an overly large city,
The entire history is contained on a 2 by 3 sign ~ kinda itty-bitty.

When we moved from place to place, you came along too,
Must have been an old family tradition, not to say adieu.

On Priscilla Street you were quite a hand at electronics,
Wiring lights, fan and radio to your bed, even some telectronics.

You didn't stay a teenager long, only a brief year or two it seems,
I guess it was the time I was away pursuing my own dreams.

You grew up before I even realized you were no longer a child,
Graduated from high school, soon married Bebe Jo in just a little while.

You moved to Falls Church where you worked for what is now U.S. Air,
Setting up flight and maintenance programs, so we could fly without a care.

A couple of very important things took place early in your married life,
Bebe presented you with two wonderful kids as your partner and wife.

And years later, when they grew up, married and had children of their own,
Now you have grandkids up the bucket, and soon they'll all be fully grown.

You and Bebe moved out west to California many moons ago,
Loving the climate and the scenery, you decided the east coast to forego.

Now, along with me, you're retired and we both have come full circle,
Enjoying life, family and friends, with Christ as the center of the encircle.

John is noted for being the financial genius among his many siblings,
Jehu, Junior, Sylvia, Milton, Joy and Sam, don't get upset, we'll have no quiblings.

I admire brother John for many things, mostly for being a faithful child of God,
He is to be commended for his stalwart Christian walk as Saints of old have trod.

So, John, we wish you all the best as you begin a glorious new year,
May God bless you abundantly with peace and happiness as you persevere.


David & Elaine
July 28, 2012
(To be published August 10, 2012)

(Facebook Postings Aug. 9, 2012)

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Shirley Hayes Carroll: So very, very nice..I remember the little guy with so much energy when I was about in pre-teen years..tire mazes, poison stick, kool aid and blankets, hide and seek in the coal bins..etc. green apples and grape vines in the woods behind us..softball games..

Shirley Hayes Carroll: BTW David..enjoyed your poetic talents!

John Shupe: Thanks David, that's the most beautiful poem I every read. I could be biased.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Happy Birthday to you and wishing you many more HAPPY and HEALTHY ones, I didn't know your birthday was just one day ahead of Uncle David's. 36 minutes ago near Salisbury, MD.

John Shupe: Thanks Norma, yea we like to celebrate together.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Now, I understand Uncle David is a LOT older than you...............and me too........

David S Shupe: Older and bolder, but a LOT I'm not! When everyone is in their 70's, then we're all in the same boat ~ right? You must have me mixed up with another relative, Niece Norma...

David S Shupe: Thanks, Shirley ~ glad you enjoyed John's poem. Yah, and I remember dodge ball, ring-around-the-roses, drop the handkerchief and many more. And, John, glad you liked it too! Yes, you have to be biased.

Norma Littleton Forbush: But, I can't know that. I know a couple that are barely in their 70"s......John's younger not to far down the road........mine is two days after his..........

David S Shupe: I do know yours is exactly 2 months and 1 week after that makes us pretty close.....

Melody Lane Popo Love the birthday poem. Excellent as always, Uncle David.

Shirley Hayes Carroll: Johnny...loved the poem David wrote about you..prolific! So, nice to know you are also my brother in Christ..and, as you know, your family had a significant role in my salvation as I observed your godly family as a young person. Jay took me to my first church service at about eleven yrs old. Keep on keeping on and be happy.

John Shupe: Thanks Shirley I still reflect on those wonderful days of our childhood. Elkton holds a lot of special meaning to me and it is wonderful what God can and is doing.


Photo of John Shupe.


(August 10, 2014)

Since it is a milestone, a special poem is in order,
You've been blessed as you've crossed the border.

So happy 75th birthday to our dear brother John,
A respected sibling for which we're quite fond.

For all those years, we've celebrated an adjoining date,
A senior citizen no less, but you haven't lost your gait.

May have slowed down a bit, but you're still on the go,
We'll both keep trucking until forced to call the tow.

Glad you and Bebe have enjoyed many retirement years,
Enjoying family, traveling, happiness, even a few tears.

Wonderful to have Dee, Lee & grandchildren in your corner,
In senior mode, we need all the memories we can garner.

With Dee as your better half, you can probably coast a bit,
In fact, don't feel like doing anything, you can just quit.

Having the best of all worlds, proceeding at your own pace,
Important thing is, it's the Lord keeping us in the race.

One thing for sure, from His hands we are unpluckable,
What He did for us, all our sins are deductible.

Thank God for a good life that He's given to all of us,
Helping us to realize that serving Him is a bona fide must.

So God bless John and Bebe, kids and grandkids too,
With peace, health and happiness to always see them through.


Photo of David & Elaine.

David & Elaine Shupe
July 15, 2014


John Shupe posted to‎ David S Shupe August 11, 2014. Thanks for the laminated poem. i will cherish it forever and thank you for the card. Oh by the way a Happy Birthday too and thanks for paving the way into the 80s. Truly a bigger milestone than you think. May you continue to be the inspiration you have demonstrated over the past years. Love you guys.

You and Cheryl Shupe Baker like this.

David S Shupe: Thanks John for your kind comments. So happy that the good Lord gives me the strength to do what I do. One day at a time please Jesus, that's all I want from You! Without His help I could do nothing! August 11 at 9:18pm .


John and Bebe Shupe


Happy double nickel
To a SPECIAL pair.

You've journeyed thru life
With quite a flair.

Fifty five glorious years
That's quite a lot.

But compared to eternity
It's just a mere dot.

You've traveled the land over,
The good old US of A.

Soon back to California
But you don't have to stay.

You're free to come & go
As you very well please.

Or just to sit and rock
And enjoy a life of ease.

That's the choices you make
When in full retirement.

Answering to no earthly employer
Meeting no job requirement.

You & Bebe have set the record
As one of seven Shupe brothers.

The last original Shupe couple
Having no need of any others.

So congratulations to you both
For your enduring stickability.

Showing us it can be done
With true love fostering livability.


Elaine and David Shupe

David & Elaine Shupe
September 5, 2014



David S Shupe‎ Sept. 5, 2014: Happy anniversary John & Bebe wherever you are; traveling over the road, eating or in the car. Believe I heard you were at Joy and Jim's in Jeffersonville, Indiana though. Hope you've had a great day.

John Shupe: Sept. 5, 2014: Thank you David! Oh words does not do it justice. we truly love the poem. Thank you ~ thank you!

Cheryl Shupe Baker, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Geri Elliott, Kylene Shupe, Stephen Wheatley, Joanna Gunnells Shupe, John Cathy Payne, Pat Oakley Shupe, Shannon Vanover Nicholson, Jim Nicholson, Kathy Hedrick Dalton, Wanda Mabry, Kathy Kirlin, Val Baugh, Alma Hanscom, Michelle Bechtold Durant, Tracey Lackey, Karen Swensen Lambert, Martha Cassidy, Bonnie Ball Riddle, Hely Picazo, Bryan Durant, Jami Thomas, Roxanna Albright Cleary Crowson, Glenda Hartley Aldridge, Garnett Craig and Debbie Sheets.

POEM: HAPPY 72nd BIRTHDAY JUNIOR: ~~ by David S. Shupe

Photo bust of Junior Shupe.

(October 16, 2013)

Happy birthday to Junior, my dear brother,
A double brother for sure, like no other.

God has blessed you for 3 score years and twelve,
And in His Holy Word, you did dig and delve.

Using the knowledge gained to equip you to teach,
So that other souls you could encourage and reach.

You're to be commended for your faithful walk with God
Leaving the world behind, way other Saints have trod.

You and Pat have been busy this whole year through,
At work, home and church, applying your skills, it's true.

Painting houses, repair work, and cutting down trees,
All in a days work to accomplish such tasks, if you please.

Yet, you took time out to care for other people's pets,
The next best thing to having your own, good as it gets.

You take such good care of Scooby, he does get spoiled,
Making it seem like child's play, way you both have toiled.

We thank you Lord, for helping Junior each day to cope,
And encouraging others to hang on, at end of their rope.

Bless Junior as he celebrates another year's achievements,
Give him health and strength for next year's accomplishments.

(Scooby says, "Happy Wufday To You)


David, Elaine and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
October 11, 2013


Junior Shupe: via text message on Oct. 16, 2013: Thank you both & Scooby for the card and beautiful poem. The words touched my heart. Love you lots. Junior


Pat and Junior Shupe at Pizza King's breakfast!


Three short years ago,
You two were married in wedded bliss.
Your perpetual covenant was sealed,
With a heartfelt kiss.

You first met when match-making Sam,
introduced you to each other.
So for better or worse, you have no one
to thank, except our younger brother.

Before getting married you dated a few times,
Your love continued to blossom.
Famiy and friends acquainted with you
know that as a couple, you're just awesome.

For Pat, after being single for so many years,
This was a major change in her life.
For Junior, not single so very long,
He was ecstatic having Pat for his new wife.

They soon began planning, not only for a new life,
But for a new home in which to say grace.
Finding that, and along with Daisy,
They shifted all belongings to the new place.

Most importantly, Junior and Pat are dedicated
Christians, and faithful to their church.
They give praise, honor and glory to God for His
goodness, and the devil they do besmirch.

Pat made two mission trips to Haiti in the past 16 months,
Working in the vineyard of the Lord.
Helping others cope in life and know the Lord,
is what Christianity is about as we continue in one accord.

Junior and Pat spent a month with us in St. Croix last year,
Helping us to perform maintenance on our house
Working long hours sometimes in hot tropical sun,
Can take its toll on both husband and spouse.

However, we all came through with flying colors,
and no worse for wear for our strenuous ordeal.
Elaine and I owe them a debt of gratitude
for sticking it out like the troopers they are for real.

Both were endowed by their Creator with children,
and grandchildren, who they fastidiously adore.
Now they can sit back, relax and watch the grandchildren
grow and mature, and provide offspring galore.

Junior with his outgoing personality, and Pat with her
friendly and infectious smile, make a good match.
If asked, I'm sure they would both agree,
That they're glad they wedded and did attach.

Brother Junior plays hard and works equally hard,
Never shirking work he's hired to do,
He makes a great competitor, and he gives you ample
measure for your dollar, it's true.

His wife, Pat, is faithful to God and to her church,
Willingly donating unlimited hours in God's vineyard.
Keeping her eyes on the prize at the end of the way,
She faithfully forges ahead, undeterred.

So Elaine and I want to wish you both a Happy Anniversary
and many prosperous years following.
May God richly bless you with health, peace and happiness,
and in His love and care, you will be wallowing.


We Love you,
David & Elaine Shupe
June 20, 2012

Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!


(From Pat Oakley Shupe's Facebook)

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Pat Oakley Shupe: Wow! This is an awesome way to start our 3rd anniversary. Thank you so much David and Elaine. Junior is going to call you about breakfast...we love you! 3 hours ago via mobile · June 20, 2012.

Deanna Travis: That was excellent Uncle David! That is the best kind of anniversary gift. Love you Uncle Jr and Aunt Pat ...have a wonderful day! 3 hours ago via mobile · June 20, 2012.

Pat Oakley Shupe: We love you too Deanna and thank you. 3 hours ago via mobile · June 20, 2012.

Matt Willey: Only a Shupe could come up with something that amazing! 2 hours ago via mobile · June 20, 2012.

David S Shupe: Thanks, Pat, Deanna and Matt for your kind expressions. We also composed a special poem to honor Dad for Father's day, his birthday and date he departed this life and went to heaven. If you would like to see it, go to our new website at "," and click on the "Mom-Dad" page, then scroll down to the poem. Thanks again! June 20, 2012.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: very talented uncle!!! 4 minutes ago · June 20, 2012.

David S Shupe: Thanks, Jamie, but it's the good Lord that gives me the idea, thoughts and words to do it, so He deserves my thanks too. So glad you had a great vacation with relatives and got to spend some time away from work. 2 seconds ago · June 20, 2012.

Joy Nicholson - Jun 30, 2012: That was a great anniversary poem for a deserving couple! I enjoyed reading it. Happy belated anniversary Junior and Pat with God's blessings on you and your combined families in abundance!!! We look forward to seeing you both at the Church Assembly in July in Louisville. :-).

David Shupe - Jul 1, 2012: Yes, I thought they deserved a "special" poem too. The Lord has really blessed and inspired me to compose the poems, and I'm grateful for that. Sorry we can't be out in Indiana/Kentucky with you guys enjoying yourselves! Have a great time!

Joy Nicholson - Jul 7, 2012: We are sorry you can't be here, too, but come when you can!!! :-).


David S Shupe posted to Pat Oakley Shupe June 20, 2013: Happy 4th Anniversary "sister" Pat and brother Junior. No poem this year, but last year's poem still holds true. Hope you guys have a great day, today and every day for that matter. Love you, David & Elaine.

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Pat Oakley Shupe Thank you so much, David and Elaine and yes, last year's poem still holds true! You are such a blessing. Love you both ... Junior and Pat on June 20, 2013 via mobile.

POEM: THANKS PAT & JUNIOR ~~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Pat and Junior.


Caring for other's pets, you take it seriously,
Providing loving care so tenderly & luxuriously.

Elaine and I thank you Junior and Pat,
For taking such good care of Scooby just like that.

Assuring he gets an appropriate amount of attention.
Thus precluding him from inordinate apprehension.

You spoiled him good and plenty for all of 27 days,
So he'll probably need to change his nefarious ways.

We know Scooby is a fairly easy dog to have around,
Demanding nothing except attention when housebound.

He wants to be loved, and he likes to be stroked & petted,
Sounds like what we all want, & he doesn't have to be vetted.

When he wants to be stroked, he lays his paw on your arm,
Looks at you with those big eyes, turning on all his charm.

Follows you around like a little child, from room to room,
Easy to handle, & like the pet handler says, so easy to groom.

Go out to relieve himself, he quickly responds & heads back in,
Enduring his heavy winter coat, he's always huffin & a puffin.

Scooby says, "Thank you Pat and Junior
For taking such good care of me.
My only other alternative,
Was to go to the kennel you see.

The last time I remembered being there,
I couldn't wait to be up and gone.
They treated all the pets like cattle,
You loved and treated me like a son."


Photo of Elaine, David & Scooby.

David, Elaine and Scooby,
April 15, 2014



Pat Oakley Shupe: April 15, 2014: You are very welcome David, Elaine and Scooby Doo. We love you too. Scooby was a good boy as usual! We miss him for sure.


Photo of Junior and Pat Shupe.

(June 20, 2014)

Congratulations on reaching
another fabulous milestone.
Five years since you wed
& stopped being alone.

Five years since you went
from being single to double.
Two are better than one,
to keep you out of trouble.

So much better
when making decisions.
To have two heads thinking
in order to prevent recisions.

When one stumbles & falls,
the other can pick them up.
Instead of dining alone,
with each other, you can sup.

When one is sick,
the other can pray.
When one is speechless,
the other can have their say.

While one is right,
the other may be wrong.
When one is weak,
the other can be strong.

One is limited,
it takes two to tango.
What can one do
if you want to do the fadango.

See where I'm going with this,
two are truly better than one.
It's better watching the sunset,
when the day is done.

Two are better than one,
don't you agree.
When two are in agreement,
It's a sight to see.

Two are so much better
than going it alone.
One has it's limitations
but two can atone.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
(Scooby too)
June 20, 2014


Photo of Milton Shupe.

(June 14, 2014)

Happy 68th birthday to Milton, our younger brother,
He's not the youngest sibling, there is one other.

Only three of our seven siblings are still under seventy,
Guess we're all of an age when we need take out a warranty.

Second thought, that's the purpose of our insurance policy,
To repair our body parts and maintain a sense of quality.

In growing up I remember Milton had a quiet temperament,
Never raising his voice, never one to be impertinent.

I also recollect that Milton was a serious contemplater,
If one thing didn't work, he would become an extrapolater.

Not one to get upset easy, conducive to calming situations,
Which is beneficial in most all job and family applications.

He drove his first car in 1948 at the ripe old age of two,
By pressing on the Studebaker's floor starter to run, it's true.

He went about one whole block with his eyes on the starter,
Fortunately, no cars were in front of him as he pressed harder.

For the past 18 years, Milton has lived in Texas & New Mexico,
Married to his present wife, Joanna, who he feels lucky to know.

We enjoyed seeing Milton and Joanna, recently visiting Delaware,
A lovely gathering with great food making it worthwhile to be there.

Before retiring, Milton was involved in developing flight simulations,
Building a good reputation, thus requiring astute innovations.

So, may God bless Milton and Joanna in every earthly endeavor,
Give them health, peace and happiness now and forever.


Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

David & Elaine
June 12, 2014



Sam, Donnie and Winnie!

Sam and Donna*, 33 years of bliss and harmony ~ WOW!
It's been a long haul, it's been a short haul, whichever ~ up to now.

The long and the short of it, does appear to be quite a dichotomy,
However, with life's shortcomings, it's much better than a lobotomy.

Does it really seem like it's been that long, really, so many years,
Guess both could vouch that life's been a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

All in all it's been quite a ride, wouldn't you agree,
At times, you'd like to run and hide, but that's not to be.

As in the old adage, discretion is the better part of valor,
You kept on keeping on, riding the tempest like the proverbial sailor.

At times the ocean may be choppy, other times smooth,
The going is always better, when you're both in the groove.

Marriage can be quite interesting with a few ups and downs
We have our somber times, we can even have our clowns.

We raise and train the kids so they can make themselves a life,
Either alone, or even betrothed to a husband or a wife.

We even do our part helping out with the grandkids you see,
There's always someone or something that needs fixing by thee.

Sam, like Jacob's Benjamin, you're the youngest in our den,
Even though we had 10 instead of 12, you still bring up the end.

At 4 years of age, Mom & Dad brought you to my Army band
At Ft. Jackson, South Carolina while at boot training on military land.

Such an innocent, likable little tow headed boy, full of wonder,
At the world and what God in heaven had in store for us down under.

Sam and Donna, the years have passed by, oh so gracefully,
Sometimes you trod the pathway with turmoil, other times so peacefully.

You both encountered many roadblocks and obstacles on your journey,
Never wavering in your Christian walk, having Christ as your spiritual attorney.

Donna, you and Sam together battled one of life's most dreaded diseases,
God promised to never leave you nor forsake you, and His love never ceases.

He brought you through that dilemma with a few scars to show for it,
Because He is always faithful and true to His Holy Word, we submit.

You both are good and faithful warriors in the service of the Lord,
Using your talents so that others can come to know the message of the Sword.

So Sam and Donna, HAPPY 33RD ANNIVERSARY to you both,
We congratulate you for all the years since plighting your troth.

David & Elaine Shupe
March 9, 2012

*I started this poem 3 times, on the spur of the moment, intending to take a different
tact each time, but did not delete it, then just left it intact without starting over, then put
it together as is, and this is the way it turned out, so you can see it's a bit disjointed.!




Melody Popo - Mar 8, 2012: Happy Anniversary Sam and Donna !!! ... a wonderful couple who is such a blessing to friends and family. May you have an awesome celebration and a blessed year. Love you both. Hugs.

Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: We were so blessed to celebrate your anniversary with you both this year - a privilege we don't have too often with family members! Loved the poem, Brother David! Very good! :-).


Subject: Re: Sam&Donna
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 08:48:42 -0500

David - Thanks for the warm wishes and lovely poem. That's quite a gift you have! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Love to both you and Elaine,

On Mar 9, 2012, at 6:47 AM, David Shupe wrote:


Happy Anniversary! Sort of threw this together in the spur of the moment, so it's a little disjointed. Anyway, enjoy and we're thinking about you guys on your SPECIAL day. Hi to Joy and Jim also! Have a great day. God Bless! Love, David & Elaine

POEM: SAMSON SHUPE: HAPPY 65th SAM ~ by David S. Shupe

David Shupe: I added a couple of pre-verses below and sent this poem to Sam for his birthday on June 2, 2014.

Photo of Samson Shupe.


Happy birthday Sam,
Achieving another milestone.
Long as you have Jesus,
You'll never walk alone.

Another fantastic day for Sam,
It's his 65th you know.
Time to kick up his heels,
And let the good times flow.

Can't believe our youngest sibling,
Has reached social security age.
So I've reserved for him this poem,
As it's his time on stage.



The golden years are a time of life,
We become more dependent on a wife.

Or the wife becomes dependent on her spouse,
With more together time spent in the house.

It's no secret, our minds tend to be forgetful,
Causing us seniors to be quite fretful.

Our back goes out more than we do,
Get a few bumps, we're black and blue.

We sink our teeth into a nice juicy steak,
And they stay there, for goodness sake.

Our knees wobble when we walk,
Our voice quivers when we talk.

Our memory plays tricks on our mind,
Trying to hurry, we get behind.

We sit down soft, get up slow,
We have less desire to get up and go.

A nap or two a day is the mode,
One of these may be on the commode.

We watch TV and quickly fall asleep,
We pray the Lord, our soul to keep.

We go to get something from another room,
When we get there, we forgot what ~ what gloom.

Driving down the road one bright day,
I wondered, was I going or was I coming this way?

Arriving home, we lay our keys down,
Next time we leave, they're nowhere to be found.

We lay our glasses on the kitchen table,
Trying to locate them later, we are not able.

We leave the room to perform one chore,
End up doing another; the first we ignore.

Trying to think of a name we use every day,
It's no use, the darn thing just drifted away.

Going up the steps we stop and turn around,
Wondering ~ was I going up or was I going down?

I would write more, but my mind's a blank,
And enough is enough, and I'll be frank.


David S. Shupe
June 1, 2013


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POEM: KYLENE SHUPE: Happy 24th Birthday Kylene ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of Koleson and Kylene.

(May 21, 2014)

Happy birthday to our grand niece Kylene,
Quite a young lady, oh so keen.

A few years ago while still in high school,
She accomplished what was quite cool.

Not only did she maintain excellent grades,
But participated in pyramiding cascades.

An outstanding cheerleader for many years,
Rising to be captain, eliciting rousing cheers.

Leading cheerleading events to spur the team on,
I'm sure the reason that most times they won.

After graduating, Kylene did not abandon ship;
She helped coach team to a National championship.

Kylene also bagged a deer when still in her teens,
A feat most gals can accomplish only in their dreams.

After high school she attended Wor-Wic college,
Then Salisbury University adding to her knowledge.

Paying her way thru school working at Famous Daves,
Enabling her to have some things her heart craves.

She met a young man and the love bug bit,
She became his fiancee & they became a hit.

They had a handsome child they named Koleson,
He's not only the apple of their eye, but also lots of fun.

Koleson is now well along in the golden age of two,
He tears at your heartstrings, that's so true.

We ask God's blessings on Kylene, Koleson & Kyle,
Give them peace/health/happiness all the while.

Helping them to realize what's important in this life,
A dedicated husband, a family and a loving wife.

Once again, happy birthday to a special lass,
A young lady who's always had lots of class.


Photo of  Elaine and me.

Aunt Elaine & Uncle David
May 18, 2014


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Ruth Owens: Happy birthday ~ Mayi 21, 2014.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: Beautiful poem by the talented uncle! Happy birthday sweetie! Love you ~ Yesterday at 9:06am May 21, 2014.

Kylene Shupe: Aww how pretty!!! Thank you uncle David! I can't wait to see the original!! Love you all ~ Yesterday at 5:32pm May 21, 2014.

POEM: VETERAN'S DAY ~ by David S. Shupe

Happy Veteran's Day!

VETERANS DAY 11/11/11!

This is a very special Veteran's Day, since it falls on eleven, eleven, eleven,
We owe a debt of gratitude to those alive and those in heaven, heaven, heaven.
To show our appreciation, we want to thank the Shupe Family for their service,
With duty in faraway places like Iraq, Viet Nam and Japan, even some reservists.

Sister Pauline wasn't the military type, but future husband, Bob, did his jig,
He served two years in the Navy, but joked that most of it was served in the brig.
The only person I ever met assigned to several ships and not one day spent at sea underway,
As he was assigned to the mothball fleet; such ships no longer their anchors did weigh.

Brother Jim served his country in the Navy way back in the early fifties,
He served on both destroyers and attack submarines, which was quite nifty.
If you were privileged to spy him in his uniform, you'd say he looked "spiffy,"
Navy ships he sailed on were very fast, and could go here and there in a jiffy.

Jim also served in the Merchant Marines signing on as a general deck hand,
He attained a Quartermaster job, piloting the ship on water instead of on land.
Mostly he sailed to Texas, transporting crude oil to Marcus Hook, PA for refining,
Then headed home to Salisbury for 18 hours of relaxation off ship less confining.

Brother David, that's me, also served both in the military and the Merchant Marines,
While I served in the Army and not the Navy, I later audited the Navy's submarines.
My final year of military service was spent in the faraway land of the Japanese,
This was a most refreshing assignment, and the highlight of my Army tour overseas.

Brother Jehu, 3 years my junior, was lucky not to be drafted from Uncle Sam's military bank,
But he served four years in the Merchant Marines, achieving the petty officer rank.
Jehu worked in the ship's engine room as an oiler, where it reached over 130 degrees,
Encountering many violent storms such as hurricanes, but weathered such storms with ease.

Brother John, the fourth brother to be a Merchant Mariner, sailed two years on deck
He didn't want to make the Merchant Marines a career, instead, he got married by heck.
Sailing the blue ocean waters was a temporary respite, and not his permanent love,
He was snared by another heavenly object, like Cupid shooting his arrows from above.

Brother Junior ended the Merchant trend of family members going to sea on an oil tanker,
Not certain, but guess he figured it was just about time to hang it up and drop anchor.
Then he went and done a patriotic thing; he joined up with the Army National Guard,
After basic training, they sent him to a foreign land, way down in Texas~with his record.

Sylvia, like Pauline, never entertained a thought about a military career, but hubby Gerald did,
Following an urge to serve his country, a four year enlistment in the Navy was his bid.
He served aboard three ships and made two extensive cruises to Viet Nam as his claim to fame,
His ships sat off the coast and fired rounds 24/7, 10 days on end which was anything but tame.

Brother Milton is the next rung on the Shupe ladder, and he served in the Army overseas,
From photos Milton sent, it wasn't the best place on the globe for service by inductees.
Ill treatment of returning Viet Nam Veterans became a blight on America's unblemished history,
Why Americans would ridicule and dishonor our courageous fighting men remains a sordid mystery.

Sister Joy, in the same boat with Pauline and Sylvia, wasn't the type to seek some military reward,
But future husband, Jim, was the adventureous type, serving his stint in the U.S. Coast Guard.
Serving aboard two ships, Jim, like Gerald, made an extended tour to the Viet Nam theater,
He took time out of his patriotic service to snare a future bride, a task so much sweeter.

Brother Samson is a person who never served a day in the military or the Merchant Marine,
However, what he did do and did it well, was to be a faithful soldier in God's Army scene.
Not only that, but his son, Jared, is a career Army man who is still on the firing line,
He has had two tours in Iraq, served over 20 years active duty, more than all of us combined.

So, thanks Shupe brothers and sister's spouses, for your service on land, sea and in the air,
Your dedicated and sacrificial service to protect our freedom shows that you truly care.
We will always remember and never forget your commitment to these United States,
And keep you forever in our hearts and prayers, as you are all among our family greats.

We Love You
David and Elaine
November 11, 2011 (11/11/11)

(Shupe Famiy Website)

Joy Nicholson: - Nov 16, 2011: That was all just wonderful, David! I loved reading it and also the tribute at the beginning and ending of the poem! Thanks so much for sharing your poems and thoughts with us! We can only say a big "AMEN" to all of that!!! Love you. Sis. Joy :-).

Joy Nicholson: - Nov 16, 2011: I went to your military website for a few minutes and really enjoyed it again. I'll have to do that again soon. I enjoyed your army pics with Mom, Dad, and Sam. Looks like Mom and Dad were in their early 40's. All of them were good pics! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the task of posting our history for us and our families to enjoy and treasure!!! :-).

David Shupe: - Nov 17, 2011: Thanks so much, Joy. Taking the time to express your own thoughts are appreciated. Today, it seems most of us get so caught up in this fast pace of life that we don't slow down enough to see what goes on around us.

I love those old photos of Mom, Dad and the family. They always bring back so many great memories of when all the family and friends were around. They certainly refresh our memories of days gone by. Yes, they were in their early to mid-forties, because the ones with Sam were about November, 1954, so Mother would have been 43 and Dad 44.

Some of the information may be outdated, so if you, or anyone else, notices anything on the family military website that needs correction or updated, please let me know so I can change it. Thanks!


(Nicholson Famiy Website)

Read what others had to say ~ VETERAN'S DAY (Nicholson Family Website):

Jim Nicholson - Nov 11, 2011: Thank you David for honoring our family members with this wonderful poem and thank you for your service to our country.

David Shupe - Nov 12, 2011: Thanks, Jim. We are only giving honor to those to whom it is due, and to some, overdue. America owes so much to the protectors of our freedom.