Dave washing his car prior to heading out to Va. Beach.

Dave was born in St. Josephs Hospital in Tampa, FLorida in 1959 while his dad was pursuing his studies in law, finance and accounting at Tampa College. Dave moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 1962 when his dad went to work for the U.S. General Accounting Office there.

Dave was 4 1/2 years old when President John F. Kennedy was assasinated, and I remember he would sit for hours on a red, round hassock watching the news events unfold on TV after the tragedy.

Dave started to school in the first grade while we were living in Chesapeake, Virignia. He attended grades 2-6 at Poplar Halls elementary school, grades 7-8 at Lake Taylor junior high school, grade 9 at Kempsville Jr. High, and grades 10-12 at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach where he graduated cum laude in 1977. As a young child and then a teenager, Dave was always an obedient son, never getting into any type of trouble the way a lot of kids do today, regrettably.

After high school, he attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia working part time at Systems Management American Corporation as a data entry operator while attending ODU full time, where he earned his Business Administration (B.A.) Degree in 1981.

Dave was always well-behaved, loved going to church and loved to play with his young sister even though there was a 10 year age difference. Don't remember the name, but when Dave was a teenager he had a great part in a church play, where he did a superb job at both acting and singing solo.

Dave was very good in all math subjects and I remember him telling me that his high school math teacher taught him more than what he learned in college. In Dave's own words, after graduating ODU and then taking helpful programming courses at Tidewater Community College, my first major job was at Computer Dynamics, Inc. in November 1983, where I worked for 8 1/2 years. Then I worked for another government contracting company, Eastern Computers Inc., for another 3 1/2 years. I was laid off for 6 months before landing a programmer/analyst position for a managed health care company, ValueOptions Inc. Fortunately, I just lived 1.5 miles from work and continued to work there for 8 years. Since ValueOptions decided to move their IT operations to northern VA, I was out of work for a year before accepting an applications development analyst position for the City of Chesapeake in mid-July 2005, where I am currently employed and hope to retire by 2025.

The Bible
Read it to be WISE
Believe it to be SAFE
Practice it to be HOLY!
--Rev. Posey A. Shupe

Dave is an avid Bible student and attends the First Baptist Church of Norfolk, Virginia. His hobbies are ballroom dancing, and sports, as he loves going to ODU football and basketball games and is an ardent supporter of their teams. He also enjoys watching TV sports and going to the local Norfolk Tides baseball games, which is a farm club for the Baltimore Orioles.

Dave is still a bachelor, but he loves going out with several female church friends to events, restaurants, dances, and doing weekly walks with friends at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach. He has his own condo in Virginia Beach and is quite content with his life there.



I have to write a little poem, about my son, Dave,
Although a little fella, at a young age, the good Lord did him save.
Dave was never any trouble, while he was growing up,
Not even when he was a little baby, just learning how to sup.

I remember well that eventful day in St. Joseph's Hospital April 4, 1959,
As his mother labored hours to have Dave arrive in a style so fine.
It was nearly midnight when infant Dave finally heralded his arrival,
Though no family were nearby, a proud Dad had his own personal revival.

When Dave decided to enter the big world, we were actually in process of moving away,
We were packing and hauling our belongings to a new home purchased in Oldsmar on the bay.
So when Dave was born, the new baby came to a brand new home still undergoing building process,
He was the first baby born for the new development and also with a new address.

While we moved to Oldsmar, FL Dave was actually born in Tampa,
Though we left there when he was very young as we had to "decampa."
His dad secured a job with the Federal Government that called us elsewhere,
So he lived and grew up in the Tidewater area of Virginia we do declare.

Before this, we also moved from Oldsmar to Temple Terrace, north of Tampa city,
It happened to be next door to the future site of Busch Gardens, what a pity.
After his Dad graduated from college, we moved to Virginia when Dave was almost three.
Norfolk first, then Chesapeake, back to Norfolk then finally to Virginia Beach we did flee.

Then when he was only six, and started out to school,
Taking his first steps out in the big world, to start learning by man's rule.
Dave had no tears in his eyes, though not so for his mom,
But it was only for a few hours, and back home he did come.

When Dave was nine and was in the fourth grade, he had a little sister,
After his teacher and classmates sent a card, he thought she was a cute little "pistol."
He loved to sit and read Dr. Zeus' books to baby Pam, such as the well-read "Sneetches."
And as probably all parents know, this is all about "the best sneetches on the beaches."

Dave attended Kempsville High School, and there he did graduate,
And from there to Old Dominion University, where he did situate.
Majoring in Management Information Systems, he became a computer programmer,
Which, for all practical purposes, was well-paying with just a bit of glamour.

Dave was always active in church, participating in young people's meetings and activities,
He also taught a Sunday School class and enjoyed acting in church plays and other nativities.
One play he was in at church as a teenager, he performed superbly in both an acting and singing part,
He was a big hit with the audience as his acting was good and singing was light with a merry heart.

Life was good, good job, a home, no worries, until Dave was thirty-one years of age,
Then his life drastically changed requiring that he re-think his goals and turn over a new page.
His beloved mom contacted and subsequently died of a debilitating disease,
And his former life of contentment ended and it was no longer a life of ease.

His dad sold his house, packed up his things, and moved to Delaware state,
Dave bought a condo, stayed in Virginia Beach, and to a solo life he could now relate.
As the years passed, he settled down to work, church, sports, nightly TV programs and ballroom dancing.
He attended church, sporting events, concerts, had dinner dates with church friends with some romancing.

After several years, Dave left one employment job for another with the Chesapeake city,
So Dave's been out on his own now since 1994, 17 years and that's no pity.
Dave attends the Norfolk Baptist Church, and has for quite a while,
He is serious about his faith, his church, and the Bible which he fastidiously reads all the while.

Dave's hobbies are spectator sports, ballroom dancing and supporting ODU sporting events,
Procuring season tickets for basketball and football games he attends if nothing prevents.
So Dave has been a good son, never indulging in smoking, drugs or alcoholic drinks,
He has always been a good solid Christian from his youth, and from his faith he does not slink.

I ask God's richest blessings upon you now, that He would prosper you and keep you in good health,
Always follow God's Holy Word, to the best of your knowledge and ability, and you will enjoy God's wealth!
So Dave, always remember that I love you very much, and thanks for being a good Christian,
Keep fighting the good fight of faith, for God is faithful, and continue being a bastian.

All my Love, Dad
August 27, 2011

POEM: A PRAYER FOR DAVE ~ by David S. Shupe!

Lovely photo of Jesus Christ!


Dear ever caring, and ever loving heavenly Father,
We bring our petition to You, trusting it's no bother.

We lift up to you in fervent prayer, our son, Dave,
Because it's your favor that we earnestly crave.

He very recently was beset with a medical problem,
That could easily slide him into a doldrum.

But relying on You always provides a peace so calm,
Like a cool, gentle ointment, such a soothing balm.

You gave us your Son, Jesus for our salvation and healing,
While doctors can do wonders, it's to you we are appealing.

We ask that you be at his side throughout this ordeal,
With faith and prayer, all things are possible, is our spiel.

All of our life, we've heard that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS,
This is true and always works, whether we're paupers or kings.

The stipulation is we must be a born again child of the King,
Son Dave fits that category, as to God he does always cling.

Never in his lifetime has cigarettes or acohol passed his lip.
Having no desire to smoke, or drink not even one little sip.

Dave loves sports and is a dedicated employee of Chesapeake City,
He is used to the daily grind which sometimes becomes nitty-gritty.

He is faithful to his church, and is an avid Bible student,
Performing his daily private devotions, doing what is prudent.

Our lives are in Your hands, You are always in full control,
While others do help, You are the perfect One our spirit to console.

If God be for us, then who can be againist us ~ what a consolation,
With Him at our side to help us, we have no fear or trepidation.

So we look up to You, placing our trust totally in Your loving hands,
Praying for peace to saturate his very being, as Your love never ends.

We seek Your presence Lord, and call upon You while You're near,
Bless Dave with Your healing touch, diminishing every fear.

So thank you Lord, for hearing our prayer and our heartfelt pleas,
We have knocked on heaven's door, thank God, you have the keys.

Dad & Elaine
September 7, 2012

Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!

POEM: HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY DAVE ~ by David S. Shupe!

Aerial View of Oldsmar, Florida

Aerial view of Oldsmar, Florida.

(April 4, 2013)

Five score years and four, that's the ticket,
The lamp is burning, turn up the wicket.

There's bridges to cross, and places to see,
Get in your car and drive, where you'd like to be.

Time waits for no man, it swiftly passes on,
The sun rises, the sun sets, the day is done.

Do those things that you've always dreamed to do,
There's no better time than today to see them through.

If you wait until the time is right, it may be too late,
Lay out a plan, follow it through, set a date.

Besides church, sports and dancing are your things,
We know a place where you can really have some great flings.

A place called Oldsmar, where you lived after being born,
Where there's activity galore, and you'll never be forlorn.

Though there are many changes now, it started about 1913,
One of the quaintest little towns no one could have forseen.

Ten square miles initially purchased by R.E. Olds of Oldsmobile fame,
If he could see it today, he probably would stand up and proclaim.

Now, you can even view Oldsmar highlights on
With Terry Bradshaw, of football fame doing the honors, then some.

Twelve miles away in Tampa, two sports stadiums side by side,
A baseball and a football stadium, with this you can abide.

On this 12-mile stretch, business opportunities exist galore,
Nearby Tampa and sister cities hiring programmers & more.

If you can't find a good job in this setting, better throw in the towel,
A nice house on the Old Tampa Bay would erase every scowl.

If you're fearful of severing ties, thinking you'll be be on the outs,
Take a trip down, look around and you'll erase any doubts.

Best way is to fly in to the Tampa International Airport, rent a car,
Then drive leisurely to check things out, searching for that star.

God bless you, keep you, give you wisdom to make the right decision,
With His help, you won't have to worry about errors or any imprecision.

February 17, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

*Composed in Naples, Florida

POEM: HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY DAVE ~ by David S. Shupe!

Photo of Dave on HaPenny beach.

(April 4, 2014)

Happy double nickel to you Dave, our son.
That's 55 years to those in Rio Linda, bar none.

Trust your day will be one of peace & tranquility,
And not be disturbed by anyone's soliloquy.

May you find comfort, solace and peace of mind,
As you respect others, may they reciprocate in kind.

You are a dedicated employee of City of Chesapeake,
Ferreting out bugs in city programs, you do seek.

No way those glitches will escape your trained eye,
You're on their trail like Columbo, until them you do espy.

Whether they be major or minor, they've met their match,
You'll expose and crush them, before they can hatch.

You're a faithful supporter of all ODU sporting events,
You supported ODU in the 80's, and ever since.

In fact, you obtain seasonal tickets for some of the sports,
Also enjoying some of the games with your cohorts.

You're a dedicated member of Norfolk First Baptist Church,
Always careful our Lord's Name, never to besmirch.

You are also a long-time student of God's Holy Word,
The Bible is your roadmap, and no truer words are heard.

You've never smoked a cigarette or touched a dram of alcohol,
As one who's obstained from harmful substances, you stand tall.

So God bless you Dave with health, happiness and prosperity,
May he enlarge your borders and keep you from all austerity.


Elaine and David Shupe.

David & Elaine Shupe
February 23, 2014