Elaine at Columbus Cove

Elaine was born in Huntington, New York on Long Island in 1939. She graduated from Mepham High School in 1957; attended airline stewardship training in Hartford, Connicut, Long Island University and University of Virginia. She worked a while at the Olin Mathieson Chemical company, but left New York in her mid-twenties and married Howard Dewey, who was employed by the Federal Government in Washington, D.C. and also a retired officer from the Navy.

In Washington, D.C. Elaine supervised the Conference Planning and Travel Department for a Government contractor for VISTA volunteers throughout the United States. Later she became a Project Director for a summer Head Start contract under the War and Poverty Program in the sixties. Elaine and Howard moved from the D.C. area to St. Croix, V.I. in 1969 and returned to the states when her mother, Bertha, was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 1972.

She spent her early years going between her houses in St. Croix, V.I. and the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach, DE area which she and her husband both loved. She owned a consignment shop in the Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach areas, and did volunteer work for the Beebe Hospital in Lewes, DE, serving as the Auxillary President for several years. She was also employed in the Sussex County Family Court as a Domestic Violence Counselor.

When Elaine was about 50 years old, she decided to embark on a new career, so she enrolled in Wilmington College and pursued a degree in social work, graduating 4 years later after a lot of hard and tedious work and a lot of studying, not counting all the tests.

Upon graduation, she went to work for Delaware Hospice where she met David since his Dad happened to be her patient and was on his death bed in June 1992. Elaine and David were married in 1996 and she retired in 1997 and is now enjoying her houses on Herring Creek and in the Virgin Islands. Both Elaine and David still serve as volunteers for Delaware Hospice.

Whosoever findeth a wife
findeth a good thing and obtaineth the favor of the LORD ~ Proverbs 18:22!

Elaine had quite a shock when she was 61 years old; she found out kind of inadvertently that she was the product of adoption after she was born. Her biological mother gave her up for adoption to her brother, so her uncle became her adopted father. While learning about this has been unsettling to her, she is coping quite well now with it. One of the down sides, she found that her biological parents and all of her brothers and sisters were already dead when she found out about them. Too, her adopted parents are both dead. Her adopted brother and sister are living, though now they have become her cousins once again.

Elaine loves interior decorating and this avocation should probably have been her calling since she is good at arranging and re-arranging the decor of a house. She practices constantly on her two houses, and was instrumental in David getting a "cream puff" designation when he put his house up for sale in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is also an avid seamstress.

Elaine is a dog lover and has had two dogs, Pooker, a schnauzzer and Hannah, a black lab until they died, then she settled for a couple of cats (Miss Emily and Foxie) until they too expired.

POEM: MY WIFE ~ Elaine


I have a loving wife, whose name is Elaine,
She looks after my health and welfare, to me that is gain.
I assist her, in and around the house,
Together we are a team, fulfilling our duty as a spouse.

My father and my sister, both said to Elaine,
You have to meet my son and brother, David, when he comes by again.
Several weeks went by, and we had yet to meet,
Then on Dad's dual day of birth and death~June 17, we were destined to greet.

So, we first met on the very day that my Father died,
And when Elaine came walking into Junior's house, it was her I spied
She had been driving a big red Ford Explorer SUV
It was so much more glorious than the ones I had seen on TV
(especially with Elaine behind the wheel)

Actually it was a work visit with Delaware Hospice when she came,
'Cause Dad was her patient, but she did remember my name.
We sat and talked about two hours or more,
She soon left and Dad passed away shortly after she went out the door.

At Dad's funeral, which Elaine also attended, you see,
She hugged Mom and other members, so I asked if she had any hugs left for me.
Actually she did have one left over, and proceeded to oblige,
This helped ease the pain since Dad's death was no mirage.

This was on a Saturday, so the following Tuesday came around,
Elaine called to check on the family, and I happened to be outside on the ground.
So we made a date for the following week, as this seemed the appropriate thing to do.
Since it had been a great many years since I had dated a lady, I was in quite a stew.

The day arrived for our first date, and we went to the Angler's Restaurant in Lewes to eat,
The food was delicious, the weather was balmy and the company was just great.
After eating, we toured Lewes viewing the Overfalls ship and the cannonball in the wall,
Then we toured Rehoboth Beach~~all in all we had a ball.

I guess the first date went fairly well as we mutually opted for a second rondeaveau.
This time though, we engaged in a little more serious venue.
It was to attend a "viewing" of one of Elaine's patients ~ no less, no more,
Elaine wondered what the family would think when they saw a total stranger registering at the door.

As the months passed our relationship deepened, and we eventually married and ended our quest,
With Joseph Dulaney officiating, and Barbara, the Swansons and Joe's wife as guests.
Thus ended our brief bachelor stint, and I moved in with Elaine and Hannah, her black lab,
And whether Hannah liked the new arrangement or not, I don't know as she couldn't talk and wouldn't blab.

Elaine retired from working with Delaware Hospice several months after we tied the knot,
Then we both became hospice volunteers, and she did for free what before she was doing in a paid slot.
We could probably write a book about some of the things we encountered as a hospice volunteer,
Some were serious, some were humorous and some were just downright queer.

Now Pam's optometry practice was in Roanoke, and Dave lived in Virginia Beach,
And Elaine and I lived in Lewes, DE but none of us was out of reach.
So for special holidays, birthdays and anniversaries we manage to stay in touch,
We get together for some of those special times, even reunions and such.

Now when Elaine reached the age of sixty-one, she encountered quite a shock,
She learned quite surprisingly that her past life had basically been a "crock."
What she found out was that her "supposed" family was not her family as she was adopted,
And because of this situation she found herself in, her real family had been co-opted.

Her adopted father turned out to be her uncle, and her adopted mother became her aunt,
And needless to say, her adopted brother and sister became her cousins ~ what a slant!
To her sorrow, she subsequently learned that her real parents and all siblings had since passed away,
But to her credit and her ability to weather negative happenings, she chose to put this behind her and start a new day.

Elaine and husband, David, while residing mostly in Lewes, also make annual visits to their home in St. Croix,
This is quite the place to go, get plenty of sun, have some fun, honeymoon, go to the beach, beautiful scenery ~ oh boy!
So, Elaine and David, thoroughly enjoying both St. Croix and Lewes, have been married now going on 16 years,
So, what more could you ask for, what more would you want, but to be at one place or the other and enjoy our retirement careers.

In closing, there are three little words, which to our chagrin, are used not so often, but very rarely,
And these words, to be honest and forthright and above aboard, are "I was wrong," ~ barely!
No, I'm just kidding around, pulling your leg so to speak, because here is the message I want to convey,
Those words are, down through the ages, very special ones to me and they are "I LOVE YOU!" ~ there, I said it, hooray!

So, dear God, wherever we go, whatever we do, we certainly don't want to leave you out,
Likewise, we don't want you to leave Elaine out, but we desire your blessings poured out over her just like a rain downspout.
Bless her going out, and her coming in, her family, loved ones, friends, and don't forget that she also loves you,
Because your Holy Word says, "I love them that love me, and they that seek me early shall find me" ~~ how true!

Your Loving Husband, David
August 31, 2011


Photo of Elaine and David.


73, did someone say 73, I believe I did hear 73 ~ wow~zee!
I can't believe I'm married to someone that's 73 ~ oh golly me.

Where have the years gone, they come and go like the wind that whistles in the air,
As a teenager, reaching 70 seemed as far away as earth is to Mars, way up there.

But now that we finally reached those golden years, it doesn't seem so very long ago,
That we were enjoying ourselves with teenage friends we soon had to leave and forego.

Finishing school, getting married, pursuing a business career, and much more has been done,
Now you can sit back, relax, give thanks for the Almighty's blessings for the race you have run.

It hasn't always been an easy road, putting up with the two men who entered your life,
They had their own quirks you dealt with each day, but you remained a faithful wife.

You even operated your own business for a few years and helped bring in the elusive dough,
Giving credence to the thoughts that two are better than one, and it takes two to row.

You are to be commended for obtaining your bachelor's degree while past the child-bearing age,
All of this and more like being President of Beebe Hospital's Auxiliary, just to turn the page.

So I commend you for your many accomplishments and your zany zest for life and living,
As you are a person that doesn't just do things for oneself, but to others you be giving.

So I wish for you a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, need I say #73 once more,
Wishing for you first of all health, then peace, joy and happiness galore.

Love You,
Your Hubby, David
April 5, 2012

David at a pig roast in St. Croix, VI!




Melody Popo - Apr 5, 2012: Awww ... that is so sweet, and what a wonderful tribute to Elaine. You are blessed to be married to such a special lady.

Joy Nicholson - Apr 5, 2012: That was sweet and cute, and indeed a good tribute. Elaine is a "giver" and is always doing something for others and interested in others, as you are also, David! We love you both and appreciate you very much! :-).

Elaine Shupe - Apr 7, 2012: Thank you all for the kind words and especially to hubby for the touching poem that I will cherish the remaining years of my life that the good Lord gives me on earth. Love, Elaine.


Jamie Nicholson Klink, Driver Manager/Dispatcher at Better management corp of Ohio; Pat Oakley Shupe, Salisbury, Maryland; Joe Rutecki, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Shirley Hayes Carroll, Sec/Steno at Fed Govt; Ruth Owens, Wicomico Senior High; Jean Davis; Jim Nicholson, Owner at Nicholson Insurance agency; Geri Elliott, Wilmington DE; Typhany Batson Bennett, Seaford Senior High School; Mark Travis, Parkside High; Mike A White, Parkside High; Kylene Shupe, Works at Famous Dave's; Jeffery Miller, Liberty University; Pamela Shupe Finley, Southern College of Optometry.


Jim Nicholson: Happy Anniversary David and Elaine!Hope you have a great day celebrating 16 years of wedding bliss! Joy said she will be calling you tomorrow. We love you guys, Joy and Jim. August 6 at 10:45pm ·
Jamie Nicholson Klink: Happy anniversary! We love you guys! August 6 at 11:18pm via mobile ·
Kylene Shupe : Yahh :) happy anniversary. I miss you all so very much. August 7 at 12:01am via mobile ·
Melody Lane Popo: Happy Anniversary David & Elaine !!! We love you. August 7 at 1:35am ·
Jean Davis: Aww! You are truly blessed David. Have a wonderful day with your great lady! Happy Anniversary!! Love, Jean & Mike. August 7 at 6:42am ·
Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy Happy Anniversary David and Elaine! We love you ... need to get together soon. August 7 at 6:47am via mobile ·
Shirley Hayes Carroll: I pray God will continue to bless you abundantly..wishing you both all happiness and many years of bliss. August 7 at 7:47am ·
Cheryl Shupe Baker: Happy Anniversary!! August 7 at 8:24am ·
Norm Fontana: Happy Anniversary. August 7 at 9:51am ·
David S Shupe: Thanks so much Jeff, Jamie, Kylene, Melody, Jean, Jim, Pat, Shirley, Geri, Cheryl, Norm, Pam and Arelia for your kind expressions of well wishes for our anniversary. August 8 at 6:32pm ·
Geri Elliott: Happy Anniversary Uncle David and Aunt Elaine! I hope you guys had a wonderful day together. August 7 at 10:21pm ·
Norma Littleton Forbush: I see now your anniversay is very close to your birthday...i guess it's the7th, is that right. I really never knew. I know Elaine was a big help to you when you needed it..........that was wonderful. August 11 at 12:04am ·
David S Shupe : The 7th is correct, Norma. August 11 at 10:56pm ·
Norma Littleton Forbush: Elaine, you got the BESt when you got my UNCLE DAVID.......!!!!Happy 16th to both of you.....August 12 at 5:34pm ·

POEM: A PRAYER FOR ELAINE ~ by David S. Shupe!

Woman with issue of blood touching Christ!



Not only are you our Savior,
You are our healer, too.
You are there thru thick and thin,
Only You can forgive our sin.

I lift up to You in prayer, wife Elaine,
Knowing our request, you will not disdain.
She has a medical need You can dissolve,
As any problem, You can resolve.

In You, oh Lord, do we put our trust,
Believing on Your Name, is an absolute must.
We seek Your Face, while You may be found,
You answer from heaven, to us on the ground.

In faith, we humbly drop to our knees,
To send up to you our fervent pleas.
That You will give Elaine a heavenly touch,
As the doctors haven't done so very much.

They haven't identified the cause of her dilemma,
Or been able to cure whatever is the impedimenta.
But Lord, You know the cause and the cure,
You're the Master Physician, of that we are sure.

We thank You for the times You've been there for us,
Knowing that Your actions are always just.
Our faith and our hope is solidly in Your camp,
And Elaine's medical dysfuntion, You can revamp.

We continuously rely on Your healing hand,
Acknowledging that You give us strength to stand.
So many times You've been there to fill our need,
As we reach the end of our rope, its to You we plead.

God delivers us from quandries, so we don't end up in a stew,
Whatsoever we ask in His Name, He will certainly do.
No matter how dire the situation, God will see you thru,
As your faith, so be it unto you.

Cast your burdens on the Lord, for He cares for you too,
Let not your heart be troubled, as to you He will be true.
Jesus, You're a friend that sticks closer than a brother,
With Him by our side, we have no need of another.

Look unto Him and by faith, you can be healed,
Then, whatever our malfunction, it can be repealed.
No matter our problem, by faith it can be resolved,
Prayer changes things, the impossible can be solved.

We thank you, Lord, for your love and mighy power,
Grateful You're with Elaine every moment, every hour.
We look up to You with heart and eyes full of hope,
Realizing with Your help, Elaine can always cope.


Hubby David
September 15, 2012

Photo of David!

POEM: CHRISTMAS 2012 ~ by David S. Shupe

David, Elaine and Scooby!


The Spirit of Christmas is in the air,
All these years, we still make a cozy pair.

The years come and the years go,
We keep on keeping on here below.

Each new day is a new beginning,
With God's help, we're still winning.

Day in and day out, we pace along,
Walking with God, singing a song.

Charting our course, steady as she goes,
Not willing to go each way the wind blows.

Testing the waters, is it the Bible way?
If not, we'll put it off for another day.

At our age, we can't afford many wrong turns,
As one usually receives what one earns.

Another Christmas, we're still in the game,
Every year is different, not always the same.

Thank you God, for blessings in our marriage,
With Your help, there's no need to disparage.

So Merry Christmas to this Shupe couple,
At heart, we're still quite young and supple.

May God's blessing continue for us each day,
Give us health and strength, come what may!


Hubby David
December 14, 2012


Photo of Elaine!

(April 5, 2013)

Happy Birthday Elaine,
Seven score years and four,
Through sickness and in health,
God has been there to restore.

Another year has swiftly passed,
Where the time goes, no one knows.
Time waits for no man, or woman,
The older we get, the swifter it goes.

The important thing is, you know the Lord,
With Him in control and on your side,
Anything upsetting that comes your way,
You can deal with and quietly abide.

"God, in whose hands our breath is,
And whose are all our ways."
Our times are in His capable hands,
He's right there helping us all our days.

We've been through a lot together,
In our almost 17 years of marriage.
And I guess we do go together
Like the proverbial horse and carriage.

Enjoy your special day in a special way,
We're committed to care for a hospice patient.
Part of the day will be used to help someone else,
In whatever state, we're told to be content.

We will finish our volunteer work in late afternoon,
After that we can dine at a special place,
That you select for the big #74 occasion,
Enjoying a quiet evening and dinner at our pace.

Then, after getting a good meal under our belt,
We may be inclined to take in a good movie.
With pop corn and a soda to help pass the time,
Whatever we decide, I'm sure it will be groovie.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him,
This is one key for a successful life.
Although there are many others in the Book,
Which will greatly benefit both husband and wife.

Bless Elaine through this current medical challenge,
So she'll experience your heavenly touch,
And know you're by her side to help her withstand
Every malady, test and diagnosis as such.

So thank you, Lord, for your goodness to us,
And for another year for wife, Elaine.
You've blessed her and helped her through it all,
And in spite of it all, it's been a year of gain.

Hubby David
March 29, 2013

Photo of David!

POEM: NIGHT OUT! ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of outdoor concert!

(Composed during the concert)

My minds a blank,
Nothing is coming across.
I need to reconnoiter,
To activate my sauce.

Attending the outdoor concert,
Where music is open air.
The weather is beautiful,
The crowd is semi-debonair.

We're celebrating our anniversary,
Sixteen years to the day.
We may not be sweet sixteen,
But we can still make hay.

There's a time to be serious,
And a time to relax.
A time for surprises,
A time for cracker jacks.

The music has now started,
And is a little loud.
They call it rockabilly,
No rain, here comes a cloud.

Maybe we'll be rained out,
Cut the concert short.
Elaine doesn't like the noise,
Maybe we'll have to abort.

We haven't yet had dinner,
We may bug out and do plan "B."
Then our stomachs would be filled,
A couple more songs ~ we'll see.

Normally after the concert,
We hit the ice cream store.
That won't do it tonight,
Our stomach's yelling for more.

Elaine was expecting something else,
A Navy band to enjoy.
Instead we have rockabilly,
We would usually not employ.

Some soft, soothing music
Is needed to celebrate
A 16 year anniversary for two.
Change the channel~don't hesitate.

The mostly older crowd
Enjoys this group of five.
Believe Elaine is getting into it now,
clapping her hands, coming alive.

They seem to get better
The more they play and sing.
More of the fifty's music
To which I can still cling.

Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis,
And many, many more to come.
Vocals added to the music,
Along with keyboard, guitars & drum.

The concert ended better than it started,
The rain never materialized.
Both the concert and the weather
Turned out better than we realized.

All in all a pleasant evening out,
Though a little hard on the ears.
But thankfully, soft on the seat,
We'll give the group a round of cheers!


David S. Shupe
August 7, 2012



Lord, what are we doing,
Our country is going to ruin.
Lots of babies, no wedding bands,
An indictment for these once great lands.

Over half of all American babies,
Are now illegitimate, don't mean maybe.
Less for whites, more for blacks,
Look it up, these are true facts.

People have no respect for God,
or our once great Country.
Seems any more as if
They don't even try.

USA is in a sad state,
So low we don't even rate.
The door opens, the door closes,
People in, people out, it discloses.

Elaine is in for a biopsy,
Scooby's waiting patiently in the car.
Hope she's not a bit tipsy,
He's wondering where we are.

Dear God. . .Forgive Us:

For calling good evil,
And evil good.
For not standing up
Like we should.

For calling abnormal, normal,
And normal, abnormal.
For giving in to political correctness,
Treating it as the proper formal.

For treating weird behavior,
As acceptable life style.
For not being a shining beacon,
To uphold Christ all the while.

For calling gay lifestyle heroic,
And the straight lifestyle bigoted.
For deriding moral things that are positive,
Upholding immoral things that are negative.

Lord, where do we go from here,
Is there any room for cheer?
The only hope that I can see,
Is to look to You to set us free.


David S. Shupe
July 1, 2013


Photo of Elaine and me standing with the Lincoln.

°°°(August 7, 1996 ~ August 7, 2014)°°°

For years we lived apart,
Then we touched each others heart.

So we became a wedded pair,
For each other, we did care.

So the marital deed was done,
We two, soon became one.

Where before we were alone,
Our singleness we did atone.

In retirement, we enjoy life,
Free from oneness, little strife.

Now with Scooby, we make three,
To our lives, he adds much glee.

Now we live in wedded bliss,
Doesn't get much better than this.

Spiritually speaking, we trust in God,
Its a faith walk that we trod.

We've committed our lives to Christ,
Knowing His plan for us will suffice.

Whatever we are, we owe to the Trinity,
We'll praise their Names throughout eternity.


Photo of Scooby and me on the couch.

Love You,
Hubby David
Scooby too!
December 20, 2013


Merry Christmas banner.


Merry Christmas
to my wife and spouse.
Christmas is evident,
Throughout the house.

Presents are wrapped,
under the tree.
They are earmarked
for you, for me.

A white Christmas
would be really nice.
A foot or so of snow,
would surely suffice.

Son Dave is coming
to visit on Christmas Day.
While Pam and family
travel the Tennessee way.

Home for the holidays,
is Son Dave's goal.
Determined to arrive
in spite of winter cold.

Scooby is close by,
Near the Christmas Tree.
Keeping his eyes
on you, and on me.

We'll take in a movie,
on Thursday afternoon.
Back in time for dinner,
and that right soon.

Stay warm, stay safe,
that's our intention.
Enjoy the Christmas holidays,
Avoid undue dissension.

But what's important,
is God's gift to man.
He made it possible,
for us to eternally stand.

The night is clear,
Bright lights shining.
Christ was born,
That's a silver lining.

We owe Him our life,
That's a true fact.
For the redeemed,
He'll soon be coming back.


Photo of David.

Hubby David,
December 21, 2013

POEM: HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY ELAINE ~ by David S. Shupe

Photo of wife, Elaine.

(April 5, 2014)

Happy 75th to the love of my life,
Of course, that's Elaine, my wife.

Seems like only yesterday we did meet.
You came to check on Dad & we did greet.

My impression of your visit after you departed,
That you were empathetic and kindhearted.

We're now in St. Croix to celebrate,
We finally made it, though I did hesitate.

You have 26 days to really live it up,
Enjoying the sun and surf while we sup.

For breakfast, it's Paradise Cafe or Golden Rail,
Though outside dining should always prevail.

For dinner, Cheeseburger in Paradise is the place,
Always a good backup, just in case.

Or we could dine at the downtown Bombay Club,
Though it's better known as a young people's hub.

In fact, our neighbor Tom happens to be a co-owner,
So we'd be in good company and not a loner.

On your birthday, guess we should hit HaPenny Beach,
To enjoy the sun and sand which is within reach.

'Tis a good time to relax in sunny St. Croix,
Get away from wintery Delaware and enjoy.

From the living room, dining room, on the deck,
The view is spectacular, if you check.

Lovely views looking out over the Caribbean Sea,
No place on the island that we'd rather be.

Upstairs on the veranda, you can see for miles,
Sights from there will crease your face into smiles.

Thousands of stars at night are visably unencumbered,
A sight worth seeing if you're awake & unslumbered.

So God bless you Elaine on your birthday by the sea,
And every day throughout the year is my sincere plea.


Photo of David Shupe.

Love, Hubby David
March 10, 2014


Thank you banner.


To all my friends on Facebook,
Thanks for giving me a look.

I appreciate all the well wishes,
Sentiments expressed were delicious.

You took time out to make my day,
Your nice comments were on display.

You didn't mind stopping by,
Said your piece, but didn't pry.

Your birthday greetings I will cherish,
Before other postings make them perish.

So thank you one, and thank you all
The love you've shown, I'll often recall.

If there's anything I should add,
It's go with God, and you'll be glad.


Photo of David Shupe.

David S. Shupe
August 12, 2015


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Shirley Hayes Carroll: Happy Birthday David. From your childhood friend. August 12, 2015 at 2:20am.

David S Shupe: Thanks Shirley! It may have been almost 70 years ago, but memories of our childhood are quite vivid still! Those were the days for sure. So cherish the memories of the Hayes', the Meekin's, the Hamm's, the Brock's and the Shupe's back then of course, and the great outdoor activities we shared together. August 12, 2015.

POEM: SCOOBY'S OWN POEM ~ by David S. Shupe

Nice closeup photo of Scooby.


Scooby is his name,
Man's best friend is his game.
He draws the line at 4-footed beasts,
Of all creatures, he likes them the least.

A special blend of golden retriever and poodle,
In the dog world, he's known as a goldendoodle.
He likes to run while I bike,
He looks behind to see if I like.

When we nap, he naps too,
Doesn't bother us until we're through.
Loves to go riding in the car,
Seeing sights near and far.

When we're in the boat, on the creek or bay,
Loves to bark greetings to boaters along the way.
He loves to chase animals among the trees,
Foxes, squirrels, deer and racoon, if you please.

Loves the water and getting all wet,
Shaking it all off, then it's soaked we do get.
He's known to give out a bark or two,
To say hello, or to bid adieu.

Scooby loves a lot of attention,
With him there's no pretention.
He loves to be stroked and petted,
He's genuine, doesn't need to be vetted.

When we play sequence, he may disrupt,
Refusing to be ignored, he's quite abrupt.
Sneaking head under your arm, he gives it a toss,
To cure him of this infraction, we're at a loss.

In thunder and lightning storms, he gets upset,
Won't budge from our side, until there's no threat.
He'll get on the couch with Elaine, even on the bed,
He keeps this up until there's nothing more to dread.

Scooby loves for all 3 of us to be together,
This is true in all kinds of weather.
If I'm in one end of the house, and Elaine the other,
He splits his time between the two of us, no bother.

When we go riding, Scooby always likes to go,
If he can't, he looks up as if to say, "say it ain't so, Joe."
Many times we leave and go away,
Scooby doesn't move or follow if we tell'um, "STAY!"

If he could, he would, but Scooby's not eligible to vote,
Based on dog support prices, he helps keep economy afloat.
Scooby is more than just a dog ordinaire,
He is faithful like a friend extraordinaire.

When we call, he comes on the run,
Less like a dog, and more like a son.
When he wanders off out of our sight,
We give a whistle and he comes all right.

He doesn't pester us while we eat,
He's quite a dog and one so neat.
So thank you Sapienza Family, for giving up Scooby,
Scooby seems happy, and so are we!


David S. Shupe
August 19, 2012


Melody Popo - Aug 26, 2012: awwww ... that is touching and adorable. We all need a "Scooby" in our life. Cheryl used to include in her emails this comment: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras. How true.

David Shupe - Aug 28, 2012: Thanks, Melody. Nice quote from Cheryl too. I think dogs understand quite a bit sometimes. When I ride the bike, Scooby keeps looking over his shoulder to see if I'm coming, then takes off running again. Injured my back a few days ago, so can't ride the bike yet, and have to slow walk with him. He won't run unless I'm on the bike, just sticks right near my side like he understands I can't go any faster. If he gets a little ahead he stops and waits until I catch up.

Joy Nicholson - Sep 1, 2012: How sweet! Loved the poem and comments - smiling as I read! Sounds like God knew you three needed each other! :-) My dental hygenist has a picture of her goldendoodle in at the office. Looks like Scooby. I told her about your dog. Thanks for sharing! Loved it! Some day we will have to meet Scooby - maybe next year! :-).

David Shupe - Sep 3, 2012: Thanks, Joy. So glad you enjoyed the poem. I've seen a few other goldendoodles since getting Scooby, and they're all beautiful dogs. Everybody should have one.

Samson Shupe - Sep 2, 2012: I have met Scooby. He is very loving and smart and has a great personality. I know he is great company for both of you.

David Shupe - Sep 2, 2012: Thanks, Sam. Yes he is all those things. The way a dog should be. He is a good companion, no doubt about that.

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Pat Oakley Shupe: He's a good boy! Jan. 11, 2014.

Jean Davis: Awww, love his expression, and your poem...you have a talent with words David! Jan. 11, 2014.

Shirley Poynter: That is great David, it sounds like he is a great friend as well as a good dog. Thanks for sharing. Jan. 11, 2014

Shirley Hayes Carroll: Love your poem. Sounds like a keeper tho I know others could have been cheaper. But, sounds like he is worth the price. Cause all in all he's very nice. He's in a great home and quite well fed. His pedigree denotes he's very well bred. Jan. 11, 2014. 13 hours ago via mobile.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: Talent runs in the family Shirley. That was cute. 13 hours ago via mobile ~ Jan. 11, 2014.

David S Shupe: Thanks Jean, Shirley P, Shirley HC and Jamie for your "neat" observations. And Shirley Hayes Carroll, love your rhymes. You can be our back-up when we're at a loss for another poem. Jan. 11, 2014.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Uncle David..you are just to much....Sounds like a wonderful dog though.....They are just like family.......They say they are like their master.,....IS that so? If so what a good dog...!!! Jan. 11, 2014.

David S Shupe: He was a good dog before he came into the family, Norma. He was well trained. He's a rescue dog. He was going to be put to sleep the day after we rescued him. However, you give me too much credit Norma. Jan. 11, 2014.

Norma Littleton Forbush: No. I don't give you to much credit...but why was he going to be put down....Why did the people who had him not want him anymore. Seems like they have lost a good dog....or family member. Right!! Jan. 11, 2014.

David S Shupe: The family that had Scooby also had 3 small kids and lived on Long Island. Scooby had a reputation for not liking other dogs. They could only let him him outside when on a lease. A neighbor's dog came up to him when he was on a leash & Scooby attacked him & the dog required surgery, so the neighbors wouldn't let the family keep Scooby any more. So he was in a kennel 3 weeks & they were going to put him down the next day after we rescued him on line. We met the family halfway up the Jersey Turnpike & picked him up. We have no major problems here with other dogs, though there's been a couple of confrontations. Actually, Scooby will chase anything on 4 legs. He has a soft temperament though, and I think he's changed a great deal since he's been with us. We could've never found a better dog for us! Jan. 11, 2014.

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Jamie Nicholson Klink He's so fluffy! I wanna snuggle with him. Jan. 10, 2014.

Karie Button: Perfect! 23 hours ago via mobile · Jan. 10, 2014.

Shirley Hayes Carroll: So adorable! I love it that you also trim around the eyes. Always did that with our dogs. No longer have a fenced in yard in this condo so can't be walking in dark and ice at my age. Had many thru the yrs. what breed is it. Looks like my granddaughters. She's a golden doodle I think. 23 hours ago via mobile · Jan. 10, 2014.

Pat Oakley Shupe: Handsome boy! Jan. 10, 2014.

David S Shupe: Yah Jamie, Scooby is very snuggable as well as huggable, and he is a goldendoodle Shirley. And thanks Dr. Karie, he misses seeing you and Pat too, along with Junior, more often. Jan. 10, 2014.

Peni White Adams: Beautiful dog! Jan. 10, 2014.

Pat Oakley Shupe: We need to get together again soon. Time flies so quickly. (Actually my cousin, who is a couple of years older than I am, tells me that time does not fly--time is not the problem -- the problem is that we are moving slower!) Who knew? Jan. 10, 2014.

Pamela Shupe Finley: Watching "Too Cute" on Animal Planet....showing Goldendoodle puppies! Jan. 11, 2014.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Now, Goldendoodle dogs.....never heard of them. I know he must be a good dog though.... He's looks good without those extra hairs...I know he must love seeing. Jan. 11, 2014.

David S Shupe: They just started breeding goldendoodles a few years ago, so it hasn't been too long since we've had them. Jan. 11, 2014.



Scooby eating ice cream from Elaine.

(April 21, 2013)

Scooby ~ Happy birthday to a very special canine,
We've been together a year now, which is quite fine.

We rescued you, keeping your life from being snuffed out,
Being kind to the helpless is what life is all about.

After a day or two of adjustment, you fit in like Flynn,
No better family member could we have selected as kin.

You tackle each day as if there is no tomorrow,
With exuberance and excitement, no time for sorrow.

When we ride in the car, you love to bark a greeting,
To everyone we see, although we're not actually meeting.

You're a people's dog, and you love to meet and greet,
Running up to welcome them, which is so neat.

You love to chase the wild animals out among the trees,
Foxes, deer, racoons and squirrels are your priorities.

With me on the bike, you like to run a few paces ahead,
No need to yell as you understand things left unsaid.

You peek over your shoulder to see which way I'm heading,
You then head in that same direction, no need to be dreading.

As long as there are no animals around for you to chase,
You're available for stroking and a loving embrace.

When we call or give a whistle, you come on the run,
You're always around to romp and play, adding to the fun.

You get excited when we go in the car, on the bike, on the boat,
It's like, "Look at me now," like you begin to gloat.

You prance around, jump up and down, and start to bark,
Grabbing my arm in your mouth, edging me forward, happy as a lark.

When Elaine and I are apart, you spend your time between us,
Running back and forth as being with both of us is a must.

At night you spend your time between your bed and ours,
Not willing to be left alone, as our bed over yours, towers.

For his birthday, we bought Scooby Dooby a Hunky Munky,
While it is a soft, plush dog toy, it is a bit chunky.

He grabbed it out of Elaine's hands before she had the tags removed,
He knew it was his present and our selection, he approved.

He also loved the ice cream Elaine gave him in the photo above,
And his ride out to church, two restaurants as he showed us his love.

Scooby, we hope you've enjoyed this past year as much as we have,
Your calm, gentle ways have provided a soothing salve.

So thank you, God, for giving us Scooby and the blessing that he is,
May you bless him for his love, obedience; and his strength never fizz.

David & Elaine
April 21, 2013


Photo oF Scooby after grooming.

(April 21, 2014)

Happy 9th birthday to the Scooby,
The past 2 years have been so groovy.

Things have changed since he came aboard,
He demands attention & won't be ignored.

He's added a dimension that wasn't there before,
One thing you can be assured of, he's no bore.

He'll stand all day while you stroke,
Loves people not animals, this is no joke,

Our Scooby is an 80 pound hunk,
Full of vim, vigor and has lots of spunk.

Scooby doesn't ever need to be vetted,
He craves human touch & just loves to be petted.

Stands quietly by, while talking to friends,
Raring to go, when the conversation ends.

Then when I say to Scooby, "let's go,"
He takes off running, all systems aglow.

If I say to Scooby while out jogging, "this way,"
He willingly changes direction to obey.

He tries to anticipate your next command,
Looks over his shoulder so he'll understand.

Loves to bark greetings to friends and passersby,
If he's ignored, he seems to heave a heavy sigh.

With Scooby, our lives will never ever be the same,
Thank you for being so obedient, so glad you came.

Happy birthday Scooby to you, all the day through,
Acknowledging that as a Goldendoodle, you're true blue.

Thank you Lord God, for giving us a dog so faithful,
And one that is so patient, calm and graceful.


Elaine and David Shupe.

Your Adopted Parents,
David & Elaine
January 23, 2014


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Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy Birthday Scooby.. Feel better soon ... that's an order! We will be praying for you Scooby Doo. Please keep us posted ~ April 21, 2014.

David S Shupe: Thanks Pat ~ we will!

Eleanor Ziegler: Happy Birthday, Scooby, and prayers are sent your way to feel better. Please let us know ~ April 21, 2014.

Jamie Nicholson Klink: happy birthday Scooby! prayers our furry friend ~ April 21, 2014.

Norma Littleton Forbush: Happy Birthday to my uncle's Doggie he is sick and needs our prayers.....please pray for him as that is his baby. God answers these kind of requests.....one time my grandmother's dog was very sick .... She believed in prayer for everything. She prayed for him ....God heard her prayers .....he was up in no time. Praying for SCOOBY!!!!!!..........April 21, 2014.

David S Shupe: Thanks guys, the prayers did help. Scooby was feeling better today, more like his old self. We took him to the vet this afternoon and the vet thinks he has a re-occurrence of an infectious tick disease that attack white blood cells, called Ehrlichiosis. He had it last year and the vet said he was a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 and that if he had not caught it in time then, and prescribed antibiotics, it would have been fatal. This disease is only prevalent in Texas, Southern New Jersey, and Long Island, NY where we obtained Scooby 2 years ago. So, looks like every year we'll have to have him checked for a re-occurrence and take prescribed precautions. Thanks again for your effective prayers guys! David & Elaine ~ April 21, 2014.

Pat Oakley Shupe: So glad he is better. God is faithful!


Photo of Scooby in the kitchen.


Scooby is man's best friend,
He is careful not to offend.

He quickly comes when we call,
Is there to help when we fall.

Does his best to please us,
He is not one to tease us.

Say "come," he comes on the double,
Quite obedient, he's no trouble.

Our Scooby is a very faithful dog,
He and I do a daily run and jog.

Then we take a ride on the bike,
He runs while I ride as I like.

Sometimes chases a deer or raccoon,
I give a whistle, he comes quite soon.

Once while jogging, I tripped over a vine,
Fell flat on my face in due time.

With nose bleeding, I sat holding my head,
Scooby came up to relieve my dread.

He butted his head up to mine as if to say,
I'm here to help if it takes all day.

When in pain, lying on the couch,
Came over to me to relieve my ouch.

Took his paw, laid it gently on my arm,
As if to stifle any undue alarm.

Letting me know he was there for me,
He would stick by my side on land and sea.

Loves it when we're all 3 together,
Not willing to be away from us ever.

When Elaine and I are in 2 places,
Spends his time going between our 2 faces.

How could anyone find a friend so dutiful,
Only Jesus Christ himself, could be so faithful!


Photo of David & Elaine.

David S. Shupe,
February 2, 2014


Elaine posing in the flowers.


Thank you Mom Elaine,
For being so good to me.
For the past 3 years or so,
I've been as happy as I can be.

I could never have found,
Anyone more caring than you.
The way you attend my welfare,
Makes me appreciate you too.

Thank you for being there,
For the best years of my life.
Keeping me in good health,
Sheltering me from pain & strife.

So Happy Mother's day,
To the best Mother I could find.
You've shown me real love,
And given me peace of mind.

Photo of Scooby.

Your Scooby boy.
May 10, 2015