CAPT. HEATHER HOPE FINLEY, Boat Pilot ~ 7 Years Old!
(Piloting Pontoon Boat Down Herring Creek from Leisure Point)

Photo of Heather piloting pontoon boat on Herring Creek!

Heather Hope was born in Roanoke, Virginia when the new millenium started, the year 2000, so it will be easy to remember her age each year. (To illustrate how easy, I had put her down as 10 years old, until Pam brought it to my attention that she was actually 11).

Heather is the only person I know that is excited (exited as Heather tells it) about going back to school after summer vacation. She will be in the 6th grade when school starts, and will be attending the Read Mountain Middle School.

She is also an avid piano student as well as a good soccer ball and basketball player, though she will have to grow several more inches to be a star basketball performer. Her team, too, won the championship this past year.

Heather is the independent type, wants to do everything herself with no help.

A granddaughter is a gift from above ... one to cherish and to love!

Loves to go exploring on her own, and when she was 4 years old, she went exploring in their spacious church buildings, acting as a tour guide for another younger child who she took with her. Everyone was able to breathe a great sigh of relief when they finally tracked them down, after considerable concern and searching for their whereabouts, before finally tracking them down.

Heather was able to skillfully pilot our pontoon boat in the bay and the creek when she was seven years old. (see photo). Heather is an avid swimmer, like her mother, and it helps to have their own pool. And speaking of pools, Heather had the unique experience of being baptised in her church baptismal by her minister Father last year. This was quite an experience, not only for Heather, but for her family as well.

by her Grandfather, David S. Shupe

Heather Hope

Heather was a wee little girl, and a wee little girl was she,
She was such a bundle of joy, and Heather was so "special" to me.
We lived quite a ways apart, so we did not visit as we oughter,
We would have loved to visit more often as she is our only granddaughter.

Born Heather Hope to Pam and Scot, not only cute but smart as a whip,
An average kid she certainly is not; she learned right quick your heart to grip.
We think this baby was one of a kind, but doesn't everyone think that about theirs?
Although no definite maybe, she is headed for fame if she properly prepares.

At this stage it's too early to tell; she is only eleven you know,
What we can do though is to wish her well, as she still has "lots" of room to grow.
Always an active child she loved to scoot, run and climb, always with much vim and vigor,
What we feared could cause injury, she considered it fun and did it with lots of rigor.

Born April fourth instead of April fifth, Elaine surmised she was born a day too early,
Though it was on Dave's birthday instead of hers; regardless of this, she is so "girly."
Can't you tell I'm just a proud grandfather, with nothing up my sleeve but my arm,
Who can be easily manipulated when looking into those baby blue eyes, with all her charm.

Growing up, Heather fit the mold of a female Dennis the Menace ~ this was my impression,
She loves to joke around, act naughty, trick Sam, and make changes to her facial expressions.
While certainly not anything unique, granddaughter Heather is her own person and very independent,
Seeking to do things on her own, with little interference from resplendent~NO!

When Heather was about 4 years of age, she went on a little tour of her enormous church facility,
Actually she acted as a tour guide for another little 4 year old who also had some culpability.
After harried parents and members had about exhausted all efforts, the missing duo finally appeared,
Wondering what all the fuss was about, why everyone was hugging them ~ another crisis was cleared.

On a beach in St. Croix, she came up with the idea of burying brother Sam in the sand up to his neck,
Sam agreed to her desire, laid down in the sand and Heather proceeded to cover him up ~ by heck.
After she finished doing her sandiest, there was Sam with only his bare head exposed,
Mischievous Heather, with a glint in her eye proceeded to trickle sand on his breathing hole~his nose.

Again, with the shoe on the other foot at another time, Sam happened to be pestering his young sibling,
When she reached around behind his back, she endeavored to practice a new art of nibling.
This didn't set too well with Sam, as he wasn't immune to pain, so he let out an ear-piercing bellow,
To upstage Sam when parents came home, Heather yelled out, "I bit Sam" in a voice that was quite mellow.

On one visit to Pam and Scots in Roanoke, we were in a hurry to attend some function we wanted to see,
Pam and Scot had asked Heather to put on her shoes so we could go; Heather continued to sit and look at TV.
Attempting to help the situation out, Elaine reminded Heather about her shoes and that we had to go,
Little Heather looked up at Elaine, and in an innocent voice said, "Grandma, did you take your meds today"~oh no?

In contrast to the above, Heather phoned us a few weeks ago, and after some of the amenities were done,
Out of the blue she asked quite seriously, "And how is your week going, Grandpa. Are you having a good one?"
I might have expected this from a 16 year old friend in St. Croix, also named Heather, but not a recent 11 year old.
Our Heather is not disposed to be timid, nor reticent, but instead, she is more prone to be forthright and bold.

It is my understanding that, prior to these happenings, Pam and Scot had planned on adding to their family,
So tell me if I'm off track about all this, and I'll be happy to issue a correction to my little homily.
But Heather Hope was much better than five kids to them, so technically this gave them a family size of eight,
Remember the TV show, "Eight is Enough;" well thankfully, they picked up on this idea; their heads were on straight.

Since Heather was born in the year 2000 it should be very easy to remember her age, right?.....Not so fast!
After preparing a brief history of Heather's life to put on the website, I sent it to Pam to see if it would pass.
Once of the corrections I had to make when Pam looked it over was Heather's age; I listed her as ten, she was eleven,
So you see, nothing is easy anymore with the advent of the computer, you would think life would be more like "heaven!"

Speaking of heaven, something special occurred in Heather's life a couple of years ago; a very important milestone,
When she was 9, her Minister Father had the honor of baptising her at the local church; a new life~and never alone.
She had given her heart to the Lord, the most important decision of her young life and indeed, a very memorable day,
Heather's sins had been all washed away, and she had decided to follow Jesus, come what may.
Afterwards, I watched as she very courteously greeted each congregant with a big happy smile,
Then, I congratulated her for her gracious stand, and commended her for making a decision so worthwhile.

When Heather was small, she thoroughly enjoyed someone reading to her from one of her many children's books,
I think she knew most of the stories word for word, even better than those who wrote about all the cranies and nooks.
To test my theory, I would deliberately mispronounce a word, name or even add some content not in the original text,
Heather would look up at me and say "NO, IT DOESN'T SAY THAT," and with a look that told me she was more than a little vexed!

After awhile, this became a game and she would want me to wrongfully read the passages indicating I was not so bright.
Whenever I deviated from the text, put in a wrong word, she'd get excited, laugh and say "do it again," but don't do it right!
When Heather and Sam, along with their parents would visit us in Delaware,
She loved to play in the sand on our mini beach making structures and sand castles with care.

Too, at 7 years of age we let her steer the boat down Herring Creek and on Rehoboth Bay,
Heather didn't like doing the ordinary, so she would swerve and turn, but was a good pilot anyway.
Heather is unique, being the only person I know who looks forward to a new school year starting,
I think she just loves being with people, her friends, her teachers and enjoys here and there darting.

She is in the 7th grade now at the Blue Ridge Middle School, a change from her middle school of last year,
Five years to go before completing high school; then on to college to prepare for a career.
Perhaps she will have the foresight to follow in her father's or mother's footsteps as a minister or optometrist
Either way she'll be ministering for God and for people, and I know God will guide her as I'm an optimist.

Heather has been on local, church and school teams giving her a variety of helpful playing experience~yippee!
Her father has coached some of the local and church teams, which serves as a mutual benefit, you see!
Last year her school team won the championship, so she is getting some great exposure in competitive sports early,
she has shown excellent basketball and soccer prowness already in her young life which should help her~verely.

This year, she has already been selected for two soccer teams, a local Roanoke traveling team and her school.
As soon as they begin selecting the players, I suppose she will also join the basketball team ~ real cool!.
She and her school team just completed a series of games in Lynchburg, Virginia and she handled herself quite well,
So Heather could be destined for bigger and better things; sports wise or academically--both would be swell.

A thing that impressed me so much about Heather, was included on the facebook page she had,
For seven people that influenced her the most, she listed God, Jesus, and her Mom and Dad.
For her favorite books she listed number 1 ~ the Bible, then Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew,
So, Heather keep up with your good spiritual base, and you'll certainly make it through.

OK Heather, this is your blessing, 'cause that's one thing I don't want you to be missing!
The good Lord bless you and keep you wherever you go and in whatever you do.
At home, in school, on the athletic field, in church; may God richly bless you in every way,
May He grant you good health, peace and prosperity, not only occasionally, but every day.

Let the Bible be your guide, look to God for His leading and you can't go wrong,
He will be there for you when you need HIm the most and He'll be with you all the day long.
His Holy Word gives assurance that He will bless you and keep you until the end of the world,
And this will hold true when you are an adult, or even now while you are still a young girl.

Elaine and I Love You very much
Grandma and Grandpa Shupe

September 12, 2011


Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 23:04:17 +0000
Subject: Re: Copy of your poem!


Thank you SO much for my poem, it's very thoughtful of you! Im so blessed to have you to call Grandpa.
The poem means so much to me, now everytime I want to ask my parents about when I was kid i just check my poem.
Thanks again, I love you SO much, Bless You And Grandma.

P.s. I Thought Of A Poem For You

You Gave Me A Poem That I Love,
Saying I Acted Like An Angel From Above,
Even Though My Poem Isn't That Good,
I Will Always Remember Yours Like I Should,

Thank You, Bless You,
And I Love You Too.

~Heather Hope



David Shupe: November 26, 2011:

To Heather Hope Finley
Heather Hope:

Just read your email and poem this morning. It came through on Elaine's email so I didn't see it until today. It was quite a surprise. Thank you so much for all the kind words, and the poem was so beautiful. You did very good with it. I promptly posted it on your personal page on my Shupe Family Website on my computer. It goes very well with the poem I wrote about your life. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and refer to it occasionally. It makes all the time we spent composing it so worthwhile!

I'm sending you a copy of a riddle I composed a few days ago, and it's also in poem form. Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Welcome home from DC. Hope you had a great time. I Love you, Grandpa Shupe

POEM: HEATHER HOPE ~ REMEMBERING! by Her Grandfather Shupe


Heather, you're always in my heart, today you're on my mind,
When I think of you, I think of someone very kind.

I remember you at a very young age, when you sat on my lap,
We would read and play, you would become tired and then need a nap.

As a young child, you were so cute and had such an adorable trait,
Eyelids became droopy, you tried to stay awake but sleep wouldn't wait.

You'd stick one thumb in your mouth, and with the other hand reach for my ear lobe,
Then you would drift off to sleep with thumb in mouth, having no need to robe.

So Heather, Elaine and I love you, you're such an adorable young lass,
It's so great having you for a loving granddaughter who has lots of class.

Enjoy your time spent at school and church with all of your many friends,
As time flits by so fast when we look back, we wonder where it all ends.
God Bless You Very Much!

Grandpa and Grandma Shupe
January 19, 2012

(Shupe Family Website)

Joy Nicholson - Apr 3, 2012: Sweet poem for your sweet granddaughter, David & Elaine! I want to add our birthday wishes, also, to Heather Hope! God's best blessings to you throughout your life!!! Enjoy your youth! We love you, Uncle Jim & Aunt Joy.

Melody Popo - Apr 4, 2012: Happy Birthday, Heather !!! Hope you have an awesome day celebrating. Hugs.

POEM: TO HEATHER FROM BUDDY ~ by Her Grandfather Shupe

Buddy and Xavier having a tug of war.


I remember you when you were a small girl of three,
You threw your pudgy arms around my neck, so cuddly.

You tried to climb upon my back, but kept sliding off,
Guess God didn't construct my back for anyone to stay aloft.

Remember all the good times we had, try not to cry,
I have such fond memories of you and Sam, that I can rely.

You and Sam will always be a part of me, Heather,
If I had my say in the scheme of things, we'd still be together.

So, don't fret over me, I'm ok and now reside in a good place,
It's as hard on me as you, and I'll sorely miss your smiling face.

Remember the fun times we had playing and romping in the grass,
And you diving in the pool which was as smooth as glass.

I remember the first day you and Sam left me and went to school,
Standing, waiting on the bus, you nonchalantly appeared so cool.

I was lonely all the day long, just waiting for your return,
As the time dragged on, I was beginning to have some concern.

Then when the old yellow bus, came whipping around the corner,
I was as excited as hearing the story about Little Jack Horner.

Who stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum,
And said, what a naughty boy I've become.

When you and Sam exited the bus, I came abounding,
Around and around I went, you both I was surrounding.

I was so excited when you both stepped off the bus,
Now we could spend time romping and playing, just the 3 of us.

It was so nice after a long day to hear the pitter patter of your feet,
When my two siblings arrived, it was nothing but neat.

Thank you and Sam for a great 10 years,
We shared a lot of good times, keeping me from undue fears.

You both, along with your parents, kept me fat and happy,
You didn't disturb me at all when I wanted to take a little nappy.

Remember, a dog is man's best friend, and that includes you too,
Good memories will always be with each other ~ I construe.

You will always be close to my heart, as I will be close to your heart,
While we may be separated, we will never be far apart.

Yes, Heather, I was YOUR BUDDY for 10 years ~ that's true...
But remember, YOU were MY BUDDY all those years too!


Photo of Elaine and David.

David & Elaine Shupe
January 13, 2-13

POEM: HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY HEATHER ~ by Her Grandfather Shupe

Lovely photo of Heather Hope.

(April 4, 2013)

Can you really believe that Heather is now thirteen?
Achieving the plateau of teen is certainly keen.

I well remember the days of puberty and kiddie things,
As a little girl, you reached out and touched our heartstrings.

Congratulations on entering the sacred realm of a teenager,
Where minor events become a little more major.

Where the pace of life seems to pick up quite a bit,
And the things you accomplish take a little more grit.

The first 12 years of your life have seemed to fly by,
You've accomplished much, reaching for the sky.

You've excelled academically and in sports activity,
You have exhibited talent through a great deal of proclivity.

Most importantly, you accepted Christ as your personal Savior,
An aroma floating up to God as right and essential behavior.

The next 12 years, many changes will take place,
Requiring wise choices for things you want to embrace.

Always remember to put God first, and you'll go far,
No matter what happens, keep reaching for that star.

Always treat your friends with love and respect,
And you'll be a friend they'll never reject.

Always be honest in what you do and what you say,
God will bless all your activities each and every day.

Be consistent when you pray to God alway,
So He won't ask, "Have you said your prayers today?"

Enjoy life, friends and tackle daily activities with a vengeance,
Do every task with all your heart, showing due diligence.

You, like your mom, value good friends throughout your life,
A commendable trait to season your journey, minimize strife.

It's nice having you as a granddaughter who's so special,
A gal who knows her way around and how to be social.

So keep on keeping on and keep on trucking,
If you don't see what you want, just keep on looking.

So, a big HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY to you, Heather Hope,
There's a world before you, nothing outside of your scope.

May the good Lord bless you, give you peace, most of all health,
Obtaining God's wisdom and knowledge is the key to enjoying wealth.

Grandma and Grandpa Shupe
February 16, 2013

Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.



Heather Hope Finley: Dear Granpa & Grandma ~ Thank you SO much for my poem and my birthday money. I had a great time in D.C. I got to see Fools theater on my birthday. I'll most likely buy some new clothes. Again, thank you lots! I love you. Heather Hope.

*Composed in Naples, Florida

POEM: HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY HEATHER ~ by Her Grandfather Shupe

Photo of Heather Hope Finley.

(April 4, 2014)

To our Granddaughter Heather Hope.
She's an intelligent & athletic young lass,
And she's certainly nobody's dope.

In playing her favorite game of soccer,
She plays hard, but she plays straight.
When she shows up for practice,
She'll never lag behind or be late.

Up and down and across the field,
Either protecting or aiming for that goal.
Or maybe giving a team mate an assist.
Getting better & better at ball control.

She knows her human limitations,
So please give her a little credit.
She will not go beyond her means,
She's practical and not theoretic.

We must add she's also good in academia,
As getting good marks, she's no slouch.
Heather maintains a positive attitude,
And can't be accused of being a grouch.

Could Heather Hope be the life of the party,
That could very well be the case.
For she likes to do the extraordinary,
As the mundane is just too common place.

One thing that thrills both our hearts,
When Heather committed her life to Christ.
No greater decision in life can anyone make,
A decision that will eternally suffice.

When the Spirit called, you were willing to listen,
God bless you for following the Lord's leading.
He'll be with you throughout your career and life,
And He is the reason why you will be succeeding.


Elaine and David Shupe.

Grandpa & Grandma Shupe
St. Croix, USVI
March 29, 2014


Photo of Heather Hope Finley.


When in school, you academically excel,
We congratulate you for doing so well.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When you're missing Sam, on his Army mission,
And he's not here to give you recognition.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When you're missing your Mom at the game,
And hearing her yelling your Name.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When your Dad is there rooting for you,
Knowing that you will always come through.
. ..We're Thinking of You!

When you're in a soccer match,
And your team has scored from scratch.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When you score a quick soccer goal,
And time seems put on hold.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When the score is out of sight,
And the other team has lost their fight.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When you win the championship,
Because the team has great gamemanship.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

When you win 17 games & lose only one,
How commendable for a season well won.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

Because you're now a bonafide Junior,
One year away from being a Senior.
. . .We're Thinking of You!

So, God bless you Heather in all you do,
Just look to Him to see you through.
. . .We're Thinking of You!



Photo of Elaine and David.

We Love You,
Grandma & Grandpa Shupe
June 6, 2016



Heather Hope Finley: Emailed to Heather, along with $50 for being promoted to a Junior, and for excelling at soccer, winning 17 games and tying one.