This website was developed to marshall all the poems I've written since August 24, 2011 into one place. The poems are in four basic categories: (1) Biblically-based poems about Bible characters or events that have inspired me as I read about them; (2) "Family" poems, listed under separate menu pages above; (3) poems about "Special" people in my life that have had a significant influence in my spiritual walk, and (4) Biblical riddles. In addition, we have included brief histories of my immediate family members we wanted to record for posterity's sake. We hope you enjoy the poems and the website. Please feel free to email me at "Dayvd@msn.com," if you have any comments. Thank you, David S. Shupe, website creator and poem composer, primarily in conjunction with the inspiration of God's Holy Spirit.


I read recently where a retiree was asked, "What do you do now, that you are retired?" The retiree replied, "Nothing, and I don't start that until about noontime," a very humorous response. Can't say that this is really true of my own retirement. Elaine and I have been quite active in the Stephens Ministry, and subsequently the Caring Ministry at the Lewes Presbyterian Church (LPC) for the past several years. Additionally, we both have been quite actively involved in volunteer work with Delaware Hospice since the mid-nineties, as we are both Certified Hospice Volunteers. Elaine and I have spent several hundred hours at the bedsides of terminal ill LPC and Delaware Hospice patients, and with their families.

At 75 years of age, I decided I wanted to learn how to construct web sites, so I started a self-help course over the internet. Guess in all, I ran through about seven or eight training courses, but finally became reasonably adept at building web sites by the time I reached 76, hence this one you're looking at now. This is the eighth one I've constructed, and I'm still going strong. Ready to start another one now.

At 77 years of age, I tried something different. Thirteen days after my 77th birthday, the good Lord inspired me to write a poem about my sisters. This one sounded pretty good, so he inspired me to write another one, this time about my brothers. This one went so well that I kept going and wrote another five; this amounted to seven poems in 10 days. So I thought, "Wow," as long as the good Lord gives me the thoughts, the words and the inspiration I'll keep going; so 4 years and 4 months later from August 24, 2011 to December 12, 2015 the Lord and I have written over 600 poems and riddles, and I've been averaging about 150 a year. I tell people that it's 90% Lord, and 10% me and it's so true because I've never in the past been able to hardly put two words together that rhymed properly ~ no way.

The primary purpose of the poems now is to capture our longtime Bible stories in poetry form, and get the message of the gospel out in a little different format. In the process, we have written poems about our family members and very special friends, as well as Biblical characters and events. As you read through some of the poems, we trust that God will touch your heart in some way and bless you tremendously as you go along life's journey, that He would prosper you, keep you in health, be with you in trouble, deliver you out of trouble and uphold you with His hand, for "The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms" ~ Selah!

The contents of this page includes an opening introduction, a brief history of the website creator and a listing of the poems completed to date. Family poems are all included under individual family member's names, but grouped on the contents page under the heading "FAMILY POEMS." Poems about special people and Biblically based poems are all grouped under two categories, "SPECIAL" and "BIBLICAL!" If you are not a relative, or a member of my immediate family I would recommend that you start on the "BIBLICAL" page. The section, along with the "Riddle" page contains the bulk of all the poems.

David S. Shupe, Website Creator

David at a pig roast in St. Croix, VI!

I was born in a log cabin in Swords Creek, Va; attended secondary schools in Va & Md; attended high schools in Elkton and Salisbury, Maryland; spent 3 years in U.S. Army (the last year in Japan); 2 1/2 years in merchant marines, 4 years in college at Tampa, Fla; 29 years employed as auditor for Federal Government; married Mabeljean Lane in April 1958; had 2 children, David Gene, born in 1959 & Pamela Lane, born in 1969; with Pam having two children, Sam, born in September 1995, & Heather Hope born in April 2000; first wife Jean passed away in 1991; married Elaine Dewey in August 1996.

Overall, I lived in 22 different places over the years, excluding the Army & merchant marines, traveled to 45 of these United States & 12 foreign countries. I am now retired and spending most winters in the Virgin Islands.

By the time I was 27 years old, I had completed 2 1/2 years in the merchant marines (after high school), 3 years in the Army, 4 years of college, married and had 1 child.

I am an avid reader, reading over 100 books per year. I have read the Book of Books, the Bible several times over the years; love Westerns (have about all of Louis L'Amour's collection of 125 books that he wrote), then detective and lawyer stories, suspense and mysteries.

I developed a yen for learning how to build websites in 2010, so started researching about everything I could find on the internet. I took 7 or 8 training courses on the internet on how to construct websites, studying html, css, html5, javascript, etc, the languages you need to understand and use to build websites.

The Bible stands..... though the hills
.....may tumble,
It will firmly stand
.....when the earth shall crumble;
I will plant my feet
.....on its firm foundation,
For the Bible stands! — Lillenas.

That's why I am now doing this site. I have completed 8 websites to date. Three of the websites have been published to the internet, the Shupe Family Military and Merchant Marine website and "Memories-of-Aaron.com." The first depicts how all 10 of the Shupe children are involved in some way with the military and merchant marine services, and the latter was done as a gift to friends in St. Croix who lost a 16 year old son through drowning last September. The third one is the one you're visiting now.

I began working in Elkton, Maryland while in the 6th Grade at 12 years of age. My first job was an evening paper route for which I was paid an exorbitant sum of $4.00 a week for delivering about 125 newspapers a day on a delivery bike. During the second year, I took on a morning route as well, adding $4.25 a week to my earned income. Mother and Dad always encouraged me to pay 10% of my income to the Lord, or tithe, so I religiously gave 85 cents as those tithes. This started something that has continued with me all of my life, resulting in spiritual, financial and physical blessings from the Lord over the years. The old adage "you can't outgive God" is certainly true.

Subsequent jobs while in high school included: working in a gas station when gas was 15 cents a gallon, a grocery store with a soda fountain (which don't exist anymore) when cigarettes were 75 cents a carton, and two drug stores with soda fountains in the late 1940's and early 1950's).


JUST A NOTE TO FAMILY, FRIENDS & RELATIVES: David Shupe - Mar 7, 2012: (Shupe Family Website)

We developed a new website which contains the poems and riddle-poems that I've been working on since August 24, 2011. To date, we have completed over 600 poems and riddles, and still going strong. Since many of you have expressed an interest in reading the poems and riddles if I ever posted them to the internet, the site has now been completed. Just go to "PoemsFromMyHeart.info," not ".com" for the suffix. The majority of the poems are included under the caption "Spiritual," which includes the Bible based poems and riddles. Others are included under "Special," while the rest are family poems on individual pages. Hope you have time to browse through some of them, and ENJOY!



Samson Shupe - Sep 24, 2011: Brother David ... I thank God for how you are letting Him use you mightily in these last and evil days. I have always been a firm believer that as satan turns up the heat in these end times (and we can see it everywhere) that God's Spirit and Power would be made manifest all the more! Each of your poems have been inspirational, anointed, and heart-felt on your part. Please continue to share these blessings with us as the Lord moves on you. You are a tremendous blessing to the family. The younger, the elder ... Sam

David Shupe - Sep 24, 2011: Thanks so much, Sam, for your kind words. Up to recent times I was unable to hardly put two words together that rhymed, so if anything good comes out of the poems, it certainly isn't just me, but the good Lord has helped me tremendously. In fact, I would say it's 90% Lord and 10% me. My underlying desire is to use God's Holy Word, which is TRUTH, as the basic ingredient of the poems. Thanks again. Love, David.

Joy Nicholson - Sep 24, 2011: So very inspirational and such a blessing! So many things to be thankful to God for! I can only say "ditto" to Sam! Please continue to share with us what God through His Spirit is whispering to your spirit! Love you. Sis Joy :-).


Samson Shupe - Mar 8, 2012: (via Shupe Family Website). I have already spent some time there and all I can say is WOW!!! Fantastic job, brother David.

David Shupe - Mar 8, 2012: Thanks, Sam, for your good comments and for browsing the new website. Sure hope it will be a blessing to everyone. For sure, God is due all the glory!

Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: Thanks, David. I look forward to going on there this afternoon and browsing through it!


Samson Shupe - Jul 19, 2012: I just spent a little time this morning revisiting David's "PoemsFromMyHeart.info" website. What a wonderful time of reminiscing. It is a site worth revisiting frequently. I also used it to link to the family military site and enjoyed spending quality time there again. These sites are a Shupe family treasure!!! Thanks again, David, for sharing your gift and talent with us. You are a blessing.

David Shupe - Jul 19, 2012 : Thanks much, Sam, for your generous plug for the websites. Glad you enjoyed reminiscing and trust all who frequent the sites will leave with something positive, as the good Lord has been my inspiration for all the input. I owe Him for enabling me to accomplish anything worthwhile! I appreciate your kind comments.

Heidi Wright: 1:09 a.m. Mar 10, 2012 (via email)

To elanaway@msn.com
Thank you my darlings I am going to take a look. I LOVED the poem you wrote for me. So I can see you are both well and I am so pleased about this. I am fine too. Just got my visa renewed so am happy about that. Much love Heidi.


Heather & LeighAnn Reedy: Mar 10, 2012 (via email)
To dayvd@msn.com

Dear David & Elaine,

I think everyone should have a poetry website! That is great to be able to keep learning new things and keeping up with the modern world. I will read more of your writings as time goes by. To me, poetry needs time between to process. I get too emotional with picking up a book of poetry and devouring it like a kid in a candy shop with a pocket full of money.

I thank you for knowing Heather and writing so others will know another wonderful kid does reside amongst us. I wish I could learn to do a jillion things on the computer - mostly photos, videos and old memories type stuff. You both will be my role model ! Best of everything - and are you HERE? I wanted to sit with you both and talk a while...happy thoughts.

Stay in touch, Leigh

Larry and Olia Peacock (via email)
To elanaway@msn.com
Subject: Re: Our newly created poem website!@
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 13:33:37 -0400

Hi David and Elaine,

Hope this finds you doing well and happy! Thanks so much for sharing your website with us. It is very uplifting and inspirational. With both of us coming from large families, it is very interesting to read your poems and see how you have integrated your large family into them. You have now joined Lynn Johnson in publishing some of your writings. Congratulations! We are also glad to see that Dave and Pam and her family are healthy and doing well. David, your character and faith have always inspired me since we first met at GAO, and I treasure your friendship. Please let us know if you plan to be in Virginia Beach. God bless you and your family. Warm regards,

Larry and Olia

Mar 16, 2012

Larry & Olio: Thanks so much for your response to our email and our new poem and family website. We appreciated your kind comments about the site, and especially about our friendship. All the years we were together at GAO, I considered you one of my closest friends, and was grateful for the many lunches we spent sharing with each other, as well as being cubicle mates. Giving some thought to writing a poem about some of our GAO experiences, but we'll see. Yes, Dave, Pam and family are doing well. Hope your family is all well likewise. I do remember Alicia going to Virginia Tech many years ago. What is she doing these days? I do come to Virginia Beach infrequently, but usually only for over night. Used to come down at least twice a year, but since my dentist retired, it's much less often. Dave usually comes up to Delaware to visit, so kind of negates us going there. I'll give you a call next time I do come down though. You and Olio take care. I'll look forward to meeting her sometime. Have a good week. God bless! David & Elaine


From: David Shupe [mailto:dayvd@msn.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 1:18 PM
To: Joy Nicholson
Subject: Response to Mary Anne's Poem


Thanks so much for your comments regarding the poem the good Lord and I wrote for Mary Anne. It's always a pleasure to do something for someone who appreciates it like she expressed in her reply.

I'm getting to the point now where I'm about ready to publish the poems to the internet. I'm still refining them somewhat, trying to delete all personal information like telephone numbers, email addresses and home addresses, etc. before I put it on the internet. This is especially true of the family member poems, even though they are a bit personal, still don't want any identifying addresses and telephone numbers there for just any one to see.

By the way, would you have any little stories or traits you would like for me to insert in Dad's poem; something that really stands out for you especially when we were all at home, or even after you left home. Don't want to miss out on something that should be in it from another family member's perspective. If you'll just give me the idea, I'll incorporate it into the poem. I wasn't going to publish it until his birthday, which is a ways off, but if you like, I could send you an advance copy, so you could decide what you'd like to add

I just completed a poem about our pastor's wife as she is going thru a bit of trauma as the primary caregiver for her mother who has dementia and perhaps alzsheimers, so she is under a lot of stress right now. Anyway, I composed the poem, but had to email her to obtain a little more family information to complete it. She said you made me "smile during a very stressful situation." After I sent her the poem, she didn't answer for a few days; and she just did yesterday and said she had just put it aside for when she had a little spare time, took it out to read, and it really helped her during her current stressful situation. She was very appreciative. So, I can add to Dad's poem if you have something to incorporate.
Love, David


Joy Nicholson
To David Shupe
Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hi David,

Thanks for replying. I’ve actually checked my email two days in a row – a record for awhile! :-) I just happened to remember that you might answer back! We had the kids yesterday then went to a Valentine party at church last night.

I read your email with interest which acknowledged what I felt – that God is indeed using your poems (also riddles, etc) as a blessing to others. You have always been an encourager and a blessing, so God has just increased your talents (as it says in the Bible about using them and multiplying them, I guess!). Perhaps The Holy Spirit will inspire you to write a poem regarding God’s Hand on your life and giving you the “tongue of the learned” as in Isaiah 50:4 for His glory. :-)

I am glad you are about ready to publish your poems. There won’t be a chance that someone can steal them and take them as their own, is there? The fact is God will use them to bless so many and to share them with others who need to hear them!

The poem about Dad sounds like a good idea. Being a poet himself, it will be an honor bestowed upon him – albeit posthumously. Dad had so very many sayings that he used (other people’s) that I recall during everyday conversations. I don’t always know who the author of the sayings were, but he repeated some of them often enough that they stuck in my mind. :-)

One was brought to mind yesterday that I remembered and Jim put it on FB in response to what someone said (Jason’s pastor’s wife, I think). It was: “There’s so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it doesn’t behoove any of us, to talk about the rest of us!”

Another one Dad quoted a lot was by John Wesley: “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can!” which goes along with Ecclesiastes 9:10 :-)

Other than that, I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but if you would like to send me a copy of the poem, I would love to read it and see if it brings anything else to mind. :-)

Thanks again and pray you both have a “blessed beyond measure” week!

Love you both! Joy

Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: (Shupe Family Website) Thanks, David. I look forward to going on there this afternoon and browsing through it!



Joy Nicholson - Jul 15, 2012: The substance in all your poems is amazing! There is so much in them. I read them and think, "Oh, yes, that's true!", I know these things when I read them but yet could never conjure them up in my own mind - unless, of course, the Spirit of God brings them to mind! :-). You let the Spirit of God prompt (inspire, anoint) you and then masterfully use all the research tools at your disposal - allowing the Lord to use the gifts/talents that He has given you and you didn't even realize existed in you!!! Amazing!!! It is certainly blessing me and others who read I am sure!!!

Love you much!
Your (not so little any more) Sis Joy :-).

David Shupe - Jul 15, 2012: WOW, Joy, what a glowing tribute. However, I would like to transfer the attribution to God for all His help. You're right on when you say that it's God's Spirit that inspires and anoints, because I don't have it in me to do it, but I'm just available as a vessel only. Without God, we're nothing, and without the Spirit we're helpless. He does it all and we just let it flow and type it on the computer.

BTW, you'll always be my "little" sister. Love, brother David.



Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 09:34:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Daughter Pam's Operation!
From: annickhughes@gmail.com
To: elanaway@msn.com
Hi David,

Thanks for the update. Please let me know what photos you particularly like and maybe i can tweek them to make you look the best...

You make me chuckle with your poems!

Blessings, Annick

David Shupe: Wrote a short poem to my main nurse, Jennifer Gray, who took care of me for several days while I was in Beebe Hospital from August 11, 2011, my birthday, to August 19th before discharging me after gall bladder surgery. Only a short 5 paragraph poem as we only had an hour to do it. On rough paper with me half lying down, so it isn't one of my better poems.

Jennifer Gray, RN:Aug. 19, 2013. That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I love it. Oh thank you, as she gave us a big hug!


Norma Littleton Forbush via mail Christmas 2013: We've enjoyed the emails and beautiful poems throughout the year 2013. Hope they will continue through the New Year 2014. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas ~ Love, Norma & John.

Melanie Bradley: Sunday, April 27, 2014: As I was coming down the steps from the 2nd floor, Melanie was coming in the entrance door. Seeing me, she came up and gave me a hug saying, "Thanks for all the poems and encouragement over the past couple of years. My Mother and I have been here at this church for 12 years and I've never seen such love and concern for anyone. Really encourages me.

Ellie Ziegler Sunday April 27, 2014: Met Ellie in the vestibule on the way out of church and she said, "You're really doing a lot of poems on the internet. I do enjoy them a lot." Told her as long as the good Lord gives me the words and thoughts, I'd keep writing them and publishing them.

Pam Shupe Finley via birthday card on Aug. 11, 2014: DAD ~ It isn't the kind of thing that just comes up in everyday conversation, but it's important, it's true, and today's a good day to say it . . . You mean a lot to me --and you always will. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. "What a monumental day! So glad I get to celebrate with you this year. Thanks for your prayers & encouragement; poems over the last couple of years -- they really mean a lot! And thanks for being the best dad (to me) for 45+ years! I couldn't have asked for anyone better! Love you, Pam."

David Shupe: Wrote a short poem to my main nurse, Jennifer Gray, who took care of me for several days while I was in Beebe Hospital from August 11, 2011, my birthday, to August 19th before discharging me after gall bladder surgery. Only a short 5 paragraph poem as we only had an hour to do it. On rough paper with me half lying down, so it isn't one of my better poems.

Jennifer Gray, RN:Aug. 19, 2013. That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I love it. Oh thank you, as she gave us a big hug!

Bette Mayer: May 21, 2014: Dear Elaine and David, Thanks so much for including me as a "pre-publisher reader."!! Your poems are always heart-healing!! They are put into my loose leaf notebook with other ones of yours, David, along with some writings of a dear sister-in-law. What a collection I will have! Thanks so much for including me in. Yours in Christ, Bette.

Norm Fontana‎ to David S Shupe on August 11, 2015: Happy Birthday David. May your day be greatly blessed. I enjoy your poetry posts so much.

Shirley Poynter: to ‎David S Shupe on August 11, 2015: Happy Birthday David. I hope you have a great day and many more to come . I love your poems, God bless .

CeCe Edmonds Offidani to ‎David S Shupe on August 11, 2015: Happy birthday David ! One day I am going to write YOU a poem...have a beautiful day !!!

Adrienne Scott‎ to David S Shupe on August 11, 2015: Happy Birthday to a great guy and poet! May your day be filled with many blessings!

Jamie Nicholson Klink to ‎David S Shupe on August 11, 2015: Happy birthday uncle. I wish I was skilled with the talent you have of your poems, I'd sure write a good one... all I can say is enjoy, love you and have a blessed day!

CeCe Edmonds Offidani in October 2015: David, Your truly gifted poems are an inspiration to everyone that reads them. CeCe.

Lorrie Button via Christmas card December 13, 2015: Dear David & Elaine, I just re-read your letter and poem from last summer. "You are always there for me!!" Also another one ~ "Stand by Me." Thank you so much for keeping me in touch with you both. I'm sure the Christmas season is sad for you both this year since your daughter Pam has gone to be with the Lord. My heart goes out to you both. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lorrie.



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