This webpage is about Mother and Dad, a summary of their life and includes a tribute to Mother prepared and narrated by Son, Junior, at the Delmar Church of God of Prophecy given on Mother's Day in 1997 to celebrate her life when she was in her mid-eighties. We added to and embellished the tribute in a few places to allow for continuity and also to supplement the narration based on personal knowledge of the events.

The web page includes information, photos and poems about Mother and Dad, and a tribute to Mother in commemoration of her 100th birthday if she had remained on this earth. Our poem about Dad was composed in anticipation his upcoming 102nd birthday on June 17, 2012, if he were still with us on earth. The poems and the narrative are our tributes to both parents and provides a brief insight into their lives while they were with us. We treasure all the memories we have of Dad and Mother while we had them with us. (We have completed Dad's poem, but are not uploading it at this time. It will be published June 17 on his birthday).

God is good, and we were indeed fortunate to have had them as our parents and we thank God for the spiritual hertitage they gave to each of us.

Parents: Posey Arnold and Bertha Lenora Shupe

JUNE 17, 1910...June 17, 1992

SEPT. 18, 1911...AUG. 15, 2005


Mother and Dad in the earlier years!


Dad was born at Fries, Virginia on June 17, 1910. He and Mother were married on May 8, 1928, sometime after being introduced to each other by Dad's sister, Nellie. Dad lived for 82 years exactly, dying on his birthday in Laurel, Delaware at Junior and Alice's house on June 17, 1992, with his loving family gathered at his side.

Dad, in his late teen and early twenties, worked in the coal mines of mid-western Virginia until he broke his leg which ended his mining career. Dad became an ardent Christian early in his life and he was serious about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, taking seriously the admonition of Christ to "take the gospel to the whole world."

Dad was one of the early pioneers in the Church of God, changed years later in the fifties to the Church of God of Prophecy, and he helped to establish and pastor churches in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. He also served as the State Overseer of all these territories with the exception of Virginia.

Dad loved people, loved having his family and relatives around, and never met a stranger. People were comfortable in his presence. When he met people, or anyone visited in his home, he would sit for hours talking about Jesus Christ and his favorite book, The Bible, and offering advice on both the personal and spiritual levels. Dad knew the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and he could quote scripture after scripture.

The best fathers not only give us life— they teach us how to live.

Dad was a wonderful story teller. However, all of his stories were based on real life. He had a great memory (both he and Mother), and he would tell us kids, and anyone else around, stories of 40 or 50 years ago of places he had been, things he had done, and some of them were quite funny. Just wish I could remember some of them.

However, I do remember one story he told from the pulpit in a black church in Western Maryland one time, when I was in the fourth grade of school.

As he was preaching to the black congregation that was under his jurisdiction, he told about a little "nigger" boy sitting on the steps eating a giant slice of watermelon. Along came a man who spied the little boy eating the big watermelon, and he asked the boy, "what's the matter son, too much watermelon?" "No sir," said the little boy, "just not enough nigga."

Now, of course this would not only be considered politically incorrect today, but also racist, however back in the late forties, nothing was thought about it, even though I was the only other white person in the church besides Dad, and even I sort of "slunk" down in my seat to make myself as inconspicious as possible, though that was a little difficult since my white face was quite a contrast to all the black faces around me.

But those kind and caring Christian black people loved Dad and always called him "Bishop Shupe." They laughed at his story and put on the best food feast afterward that I'd experienced at that time.

This little homily by the baseball player, Harmon Killebrew reminds me of something Dad would say, but it's not something that Mother would have said to Dad: "My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, 'You're tearing up the grass.' 'We're not raising grass,' 'Dad would reply. 'We're raising boys.'" ~Harmon Killebrew!


Dad loved quotations and sayings he read by others, and I remembered a couple of them, as follows: (1) “There’s so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it doesn’t behoove any of us, to talk about the rest of us!” (Author unknown). (2) “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can!” ~ John Wesley, which goes along with Ecclesiastes 9:10: Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thy goest.

(Rev. Posey A. Shupe)

Dad at his typewriter working on church business!

The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I called him Dad,
He not only taught me how to cope in life, but how to rejoice and be glad.
This is true, not only for me, but for all my brothers and sisters as well,
If asked, I'm sure they would confirm their upbringing was nothing but swell.

Our Dad not only gave us life, but he also taught us how to live,
He taught us how to love and respect God, and also how to give.
Not that we were always able to follow all his teachings to the letter,
They were and are lofty goals to strive for, in setting our sights on doing better.

Many times in life we failed miserably in honoring God and giving as we should,
Even though throughout life, we have fastidiously tithed our income as he would.
Dad was quite strict on us in our early years, while we were still pre-teen,
This was all a part of essential training that we later realized was so keen.

Especially when we had kids of our own, and shared the same feeling,
The unimaginable things we do for our offspring are enough to send us reeling.
God and church were the most important part of our lives growing up learning the golden rule,
We spent more time in church than we did in any other activity except attending school.

Dad had the distinction of being a pioneer in promoting and establishing God's church,
In fact he was appointed Overseer of several states, a duty he took great care not to besmirch.
With 10 children, Dad had his own home grown church, and us he did love and kindly cherish,
Although at times, with prayer and Bible reading morning and night, we did not always relish.

Especially when outside running, playing with friends and he called us in for devotions,
I'm sure given a choice to pray, read the Bible, or play we might've entertained other notions.
In our younger years, Dad traveled a great deal, as he had ministerial duties he had to complete,
Sometimes accompanied by Mother and kids as she too had church obligations to meet.

Other times, Dad had to travel alone, leaving Mother at home to keep the home fires burning,
That she did such a magnificent job of doing and caring for oodles of kids is doubly stunning.
Mother was a self-taught lady with an uncanny memory, quite remarkable,
Balancing raising 10 kids with attendant duties and church activities as hardly doable.

Considering child care, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing on and on with no end,
24/7, round the clock, meals to fix, hurts to heal, clothes to wash and socks to mend.
Mother was highly motivated and she taught herself how to read and how to cook,
When time permitted, she would read and study the Bible, her favorite Book.

I remember when EVERYTHING had to be ironed, and she washed clothes on a washboard,
We kept a 25 or 50 pound block of ice in an ice box to keep everything cool she could hoard.
Though we were poor, I never remember a day when we went hungry; God always provided,
Sometimes groceries mysteriously appeared on doorsteps, empty shelves subsided.

How she handled raising a large family with church activities is beyond my comprehension,
I do know without a doubt, she deserved everything God's Word promised after her ascension.
Dad and Mother were a cohesive team, as they had to be with 10 energetic kids to raise,
As in every family, there were squabbles and we all experienced our share of good and bad days.

Dad, with his kind, gentle nature and spiritual base was super glue that kind of held it all together,
He manifested a more positive attitude I've ever witnessed in anyone through all kinds of weather.
Dad loved poetry and prose, and desired to be able to accomplish more along these lines,
If he had access to technology of today, he could have turned out hundreds of beautiful rhymes.

Dad was a great story teller, and we would sit and listen to some of his real life stories for hours,
Sure wish I could remember more tales he related to us in later years as knowledge empowers.
Stories of happenings during travels and visits to members, churches and Assembly in Tennessee,
Some were sad, some funny, some unbelievable, some a bit bizarre as we listened with jubilee.

There were times before owning a car that he traveled on foot hitchhiking to church functions,
At times he rode a bus to reach a certain city, unable to go direct ending up in nearby junctions.
Dad enjoyed being with people and discussing life, the Bible and the Good News with others,
He would spend hours counseling, encouraging anyone with needs or having personal druthers.

Dad was an avid student of the Bible and his first love was God and His Holy Word of Truth,
Like Abe, he was honest as the day was long, and took pains to forsake wrong and the uncouth.
Dad, like Noah and Job, was a man that feared God, loved people but hated evil in the world,
To everyone he could, the good news of the gospel and love of Christ, he faithfully unfurled.

Health reasons forced Dad to retire, but didn't stop his praying, encouraging, & discussing Bible,
With anyone with a need to listen, as he thought God had more for him to do as he felt liable.
Dad and Mom enjoyed their country home for over 25 years, and there was room for everyone,
Dad loved going animal hunting, and 70 acres gave him this opportunity for exercise and fun.

He loved riding his lawn tractor, cutting grass, working a garden, enjoying the big outdoors,
Anyone visiting received canned goods they spent hours preparing for other's cupboards.
One big thrill was having all children and grandchildren visit, with dinner on the grounds.
In 1988, Dad prepared a giant sign, "Welcome Home Children," eliciting lots of happy sounds.

This was the last time that almost 100% of the family had a chance to meet at one place,
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all family members would accept Christ and be saved by HIS GRACE?
So thank you, Dad, for your great love to us, your spiritual guidance and every helpful endeavor,
Because Dad, while we miss you, your guiding hand on our shoulders will remain with us forever.

Dad's life illustrates a person who put God first, others second and himself in last place,
When Dad's work on earth was over, I can just hear our Savior saying,
" Welcome Home My Good & Faithful Servant,"
....."YOU have fought a good fight, YOU have finished the race."


(20th Birthday in Heaven)

In Loving Memory
Your Devoted Family

Composed February 20, 2012
Published June 17, 2012
by David S. Shupe, #2 Son

The last 100% attended Shupe reunion in 1988!


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From: David Shupe []
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 10:38 AM
To: Joy Nicholson; Jim Nicholson

Subject: Draft of Dad's Poem Tribute!


This is just a draft of Dad's poem for his 102nd birthday, so if you see any errors, or anything that needs correction, please let me know. Read it over and if you have anything you'd like to add, just let me know your thoughts or ideas and I'll incorporate them into the body of the poem wherever they will fit. The enclosed photo will be used at the beginning of the poem. Thank you.

Love, David

RE: Draft of Dad's Poem Tribute! reply from Joy‏

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Joy Nicholson

To, David Shupe

It’s beautiful, David! We really can’t think of anything else to add. It seems as though you have covered everything. It is a wonderful tribute to Dad and will be much appreciated, I’m sure, and also bring some tears in reading it! :-) We look forward to your posting it!

Love you very much!



Joy Nicholson - Jun 17, 2012: Thank you so very much, David, for posting this on this very special occasion for us siblings - to honor our Dad - our earthly father! No matter how old we are, it's too young to lose our Dad...We never stop missing them! Heaven is going to be sweet in so many ways!

Your posting is a blessing and we thank you for sharing your thoughts...your heart...with us! I had read your poem about Dad when you emailed it to me, and took it with me on vacation to read again. I read it and cried and smiled during my quiet time one day. When I close this, I am going to the website to read it again and thank God once again for our precious Dad and thank God for you for writing the poem and blessing us again! Hope it's been a wonderful Father's Day for you! We look forward to seeing and hearing your grandson, Sam, perform in our area this week.

David Shupe - Jun 19, 2012: Yah, thanks, Joy. We did have a quiet and peaceful father's day culminated by a meal in a non-crowded restaurant we know about. Everyone we saw was bursting at the seams, except this particular one that no one knows about, and believe we were the only ones there at first, then it became crowded by the time we finished and left. Glad you liked Dad's poem. Just wish I could recall more of the stories he used to tell, and I could have incorporated those in the poem. Do hope you get to hear Sam and the Bonsack Baptist Youth Choir. Haven't heard them myself, yet, but look forward to doing so.


(June 17, 1910 ~ June 17, 1992)

Photo of my father, Posey A. Shupe.

What I am
I owe to my Dad.
Reason I refrained
From going bad.

He always taught me
From Christian precepts.
Training I sorely needed
And did finally accept.

He was always gentle
Yet quite firm.
He taught me
God's will to discern.

He explained to me
God's Holy Plan.
Only way to salvation
Ever known to man.

His life guided my life,
Kept me from eternal loss.
Put me on the right track,
Pointing me to the cross.

Dad always loved God
And he hated all evil.
Just like Noah and Job
And he was always civil.

By his living example
He taught the Golden Rule.
Thus, it wasn't necessary
To learn this at school.

When I failed to do right
He rightly would chastise.
He did this through love
Showing his spiritual size.

What he did for me
He also did for others.
Sharing the holy gospel
Meeting their druthers.

He would sit for hours
Explaining the Bible way.
He was such a blessing
In all he had to say.

He lived his life
Sharing the Good News.
And listening to others
Sharing their own views.

Dad was quite unique
Rarely rasing his voice.
Always controlling his spirit
That was his choice.

When bad things happened
He didn't get upset.
He would just offer praise
And never would he fret.

One time I remember
His car fell off the jack.
He exclaimed, "Praise the Lord,"
And quietly turned his back.

Dad was perfect and upright
In his own generation.
He was true to his God
Giving Him utmost veneration.

So, thank you Lord God
For giving us a godly Dad.
He taught us how to live
For that we are truly glad.


Photo of David Shupe.

Remembering you on your birthday
Your #2 Son, David Samuel
March 10, 2014


Mother was born on September 18, 1911 in Swords Creek, Virginia and lived to be almost 94 years old when she died in Georgetown, Delaware on August 15, 2005 with her loving family gathered around her.

Mother, like us, grew up in a family of 10 children, lived on a farm in mid-western Virginia, actually in Swords Creek, VA where she was born. She didn't have the opportunity to attend school like we did as she was needed to work on the farm and help tend to her brothers and sisters. Thus, she was only able to attend the first year of school. However, Mother was self-taught. She had a mind and a memory like the proverbial elephant, and she taught herself how to read and write.

She raised 10 kids (Pauline, James, David, Jehu, Johnny, Junior, Sylvia, Milton, Joy and Sammy), sometimes by herself as Dad traveled quite a bit in his ministry over the mid-eastern states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee and also the District of Columbia.

Sometimes when he took her and the family at that time on a trip to Cleveland, TN or elsewhere, it was Mother that planned the route to take. Also, Dad had a tendency to fall asleep while driving (as do most of the Shupes), and Mother would just let him sleep and she would reach over, take the wheel and drive for him while he dozed. She would do this for miles at a time, and it occurred numerous times throughout his active career.The good Lord had to have his protective hand on him and the family to keep us from accident.

Mother and Dad in front of Homeacres Farm!

They spent most of their golden years, about 25, at Home Acres Farm as shown in the photo above. The children, spouses, all grandchildren, other relatives and friends spent many happy times at Homeacres and enjoyed innumerable delicious meals cooked by Mother and Dad at this home place. Truly many wonderful memories were made there.

The Shupe Family is a very patrotic family as all 7 of the sons and the 3 husbands of the daughters were involved in some way with either military and/or merchant marine service. For Further details regarding this service, click on "The Shupe Family Military and Merchant Marine Web Site."

Even though there were 12 of us in the family, over the years we had lots of company, many of which would stay overnite, or we even had evangelists stay with us for up to two weeks while holding a revival at the local church. Some way, Mother always found room for another person. They never turned anyone away. People didn't stay in motels back then, they stayed with someone else.

The greatest gifts I ever had Came from God; I called them Mom and Dad!

I can remember when we lived in Elkton, MD in the late 1940's, where the last 3 siblings were born (Milton, Joy and Sam), and we only had 3 bedrooms. It was around the time that Pauline and Bob were married, so they initially took up one of the bedrooms. Mother and Dad shared their bedroom with the two youngest children who each had a crib. That left 7 kids for the remaining bedroom, and I just can't remember how Mother and Dad worked that out. I only remember that we had 3 kids in one double bed, and 2 kids in a single bed. I do remember sleeping on a couch in the living room many nights, as sometimes I would read all night long and I didn't have to keep the light on in the bedroom and disturb anyone else. Even here, we had company stay over sometimes, but for the life of me, I don't remember where they slept.

The last time that Dad and Mother had all the chilren together, including spouses and offspring, was in 1988. There was almost a 100 percent turnout as I recall, with only one or two people that couldn't make it. In addition, Arnold Bond, a longtime family friend from Coeburn, VA was also there. Also, Debbie Hale, who was married to Joy and Jim's adopted son's brother, Larry Johnson, was in attendance. And, if my memory serves me correctly, Dad had arranged for John and Bebe's son, Lee, to give a short message during the get together. It was a great gathering of all family members, and one that we'll always remember.

Along these lines, we did develop some statistics showing that from the 10 Shupe siblings and their 17 spouses, there resulted 126 children, children's spouses, grand children, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, and in the case of Jehu, 3 great grandchildren, for a grand total of 154 PA Shupe family members (if my count is accurate), including Mother and Dad who started the whole thing.


(NOTE: Although this is a special tribute to Mother, so much of it overlaps into Dad's life, too. So, in essence, it encompasses both of their lives as they lived, raised a large family and gloriously served the Lord side-by-side for 64 years, so in essence, this is a tribute to both MOM and DAD. While Junior went to a great deal of trouble to prepare the outline for this tribute, I did take the liberty of embellishing various statements to maintain its clarity and continuity, without sacrificing the authenticity of such statements. Also, since it was prepared over 14 years ago, I updated various parts of the tribute to maintain its currency).

This is a Tribute to Mom
at the Delmar Church of God of Prophecy, Delmar, DE
Sunday, May 11, 1997
by Son#5, Posey Junior Shupe

Bertha Lenora Miller Shupe was born to her parents, Marshall and Katherine Miller in Swords Creek, VA on September 18, 1911. She also had 7 brothers, with Rufus Miller being the only one living to date, and 3 sisters, all who have died with one dying as an infant. An interesting side note: All of Mother's brothers and sisters, plus her parents, subsequently followed her and Dad from Swords Creek, VA to Salisbury, MD after they moved there in the mid '40s and early '50's.

Mother grew up on a farm in Swords Creek, not having the usual amenities that we know today; no washers, dryers, refrigerators, TV's, cell phones, computers, indoor plumbing or even electricity. However, they were blessed with a two-seater outhouse, out in back of the house.

A man who finds a godly wife Is blest beyond compare; She is his greatest prize in life— A treasure rich and rare. —D. De Haan!

Mother's Uncle, John, taught her the ABC's, while her father taught her to read and for starters, memorize the 14th chapter of John. Mother was saved at the young age of 13, joined the local Methodist Church, and soon became the song leader there. Dad bought her an organ to practice on and use. Her two favorite books were the Bible and a Songbook,and these she has cherished and used religiously throughout her life.

At the young age of 14, Dad's sister, Nellie Shupe, who lived nearby, began telling Bertha about her brother, Posey, age 15, who lived in Fries, VA about 100 miles away; evidently playing Cupid and trying to ignite a little spark there. After seeing pictures of this red-headed, freckle-faced youngster, she began writing him and this continued for about 2 years, before meeting and marrying him at the youthful age of 16 in 1928.

Shortly thereafter, Dad began a career in preaching, going from door-to-door and having services in homes, while Mother embarked on a lifetime career of having, and then raising babies, while at the same time helping Dad in his ministry. While Dad was evangelizing throughout the state of Virginia, Mother had 3 children; Pauline, James and David. Those were some tough times, with little or no money coming in, and food not always plentiful. Mother and Dad once walked 20 miles with a baby in their arms (cars were not too plentiful back in the 1930's), to conduct revival services and tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ. As a result of these valiant efforts, a new church was established.

While pastoring for 6 years in Virginia, guess what, 3 more babies came along; Jehu, John and Posey Junior. More tough times were experienced with little money and food, but the Lord always provided just in time. As one of the 6 children, I (David) don't remember a time that any of us ever went to bed hungry.

In 1942, Dad was appointed by Bishop A.J. Tomlinson to be the State Overseer of the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia for the Church of God. During the ensuing 7 years, Mother and Dad were blessed with 4 more children; Sylvia, Milton, Joy and Sammy, the last of the litter. Dad continued as Overseer of Maryland for the next 10 years, but Mom decided enough was enough, retired from having babies and devoted full-time to raising her 10 kids, while at the same time assisting Dad in State work. She was the State Women's Missionary Leader for 12 years.

(I can certainly vouch for the fact that Mother was an excellent Mom, a strong Mom, a great cook, loving us with every fiber in her body, and always admonishing us in the ways of the Lord. How many women today could stand up to raising 10 kids; preparing 3 meals a day for them, washing their clothes, ironing {not done much today}, cleaning the house {though we helped somewhat grudgingly}, and helping out with church work? In the earlier years, she even washed clothes using an old fashioned wash board, and in later years, a wringer washer, used an ice box that we had to stock with 25 and 50# blocks of ice to keep the butter and milk cool, not cold. On top of this, oftimes some of the children had friends over, to play or even to eat, and at other times we had evangelists staying with us. I have no idea where they slept now! Yet, she also had time to prepare sermons and sing hundreds of songs. How did you do it, Mom? Not many people could do all this even with today's modern conveniences--right?)

Godly mothers not only bring you up, they bring you to God!

After 17 years of serving as Overseer of Maryland and the District of Columbia, and moving around the state at least 5 times, Dad was appointed Overseer of Delaware and New Jersey, and served in this position for 5 years, moved his wife and the 5 kids still living at home, two more times, to Greenwood, DE and Bridgeton, NJ. He served in this capacity until he stepped down to resume pastoring. Also, since he was aging gracefully, travelling and night driving were becoming more of a problem, so he decided to settle down to pastoring, if pastoring could be considered as "settling."

So, for the next 20 years, Dad would move Mom 4 more times while pastoring; to Coeburn, VA, Salisbury, MD, Whaleysville, MD. and Delmar, MD which was his final pastorate.

The last move was to the house on Johnson Road, in the country, about 8 miles out of Salisbury, was a godsend. Dad would drive by the house and visualize living there and God answered his prayers. It was an ideal home, a spacious 70 acres, room for gardens, big yard, good hunting grounds, room to raise and train rabbit dogs, and a large house to receive numerous family members and friends. Dad finally retired in 1983 from full time ministry at age 73 so this was his retirement home and he loved it and the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors, gardening, hunting and just doing yard work. Sometimes Dad would plant 2 or 3 gardens during the year, raised numerous vegetables which they loved to give away to anyone that visited. I clearly remember all the bread and butter pickles, beets, string beans, tomatoes and strawberry jam they spent hundreds of hours preparing and canning just so they could give them away. On the down side, it was a big house for Mother to clean and maintain.

Of all the earthly things God gives,
There’s one above
all others:
It is the precious,
priceless gift
Of a loving Christian mother—Anon!

After raising 10 children, and spending over 50 years as a pioneer spreading the gospel of Christ, you would think Dad and Mom could relax and just take it easy. Right? Wrong! There was a steady stream of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren coming and going, with Mother spending hour upon hour cleaning the house, baking speciality cakes for the children and preparing scrumptious breakfasts and dinners for everyone who visited. She loved to do it for her family. In addition, Dad now had the time and the place for it, so he had pastor friends and acquaintenances come down from Baltimore and other places to go hunting with him--even started a hunting club on the property.

In January, 1992 due to health reasons, Junior had Dad and Mom move in with him in Laurel, DE so Dad had to vacate his beloved home in the country. Both of them lived with Junior for only 5 months when Dad went to be with the Lord on his 82nd birthday. In son Junior's own words, "Dad and Mom were a tremendous blessing the whole time they lived with us, and their godly wisdom and guidance have been missed so much as he had felt the convicting power of the Holy Spirit dealing with him the whole time they lived with him." Of course, Mother continued to live there for another 9 years after Dad passed away.

Junior credits his Mother and the leading of the Holy Spirit as the reason he became a Christian by repenting and giving his heart to the Lord, Sunday, June 19, 1992, two days after Dad died. With many of the family still at his house, the Holy Spirt moved Mother to sit at the piano and begin playing some favorite hymns, with family members joining in singing. There followed a joyous time of hymn singing, special singing, and family members testifying of the goodness of the Lord. At which time, Brother John recognized the moving of the Spirit and suggested that we all pray. As the family joined hands in a prayer circle and began praying, the power of God filled the room with such a sweet and humbling spirit that It overcame Junior and he immediately fell on his knees, crying and begging the Lord for forgiveness of all his sins, and he experienced the soul-cleansing blood of Christ washing over his soul. In his own words, "the burden of sin and guilt was lifted and I was a free man; what peace and joy filled my soul, the happiest day of my life."

And Junior thanked God for giving Mother the supernatural strength needed after just losing her devoted husband of 64 years; and he thanked Mother for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and letting Him use her that wonderful night! Junior went on to thank Mom for the countless thousands of hours she and Dad had spent praying for him and the family over the years. He added, "had it not been for Mother and Dad's prayers and a merciful, loving, prayer-answering God, I know I would not have lived to be born again at age 50 that glorious night. In all my sin-filled years, many times tragedy or death a whisker away, prayer changes things. Amen!"

P.S. Like to add a postcript to Junior's tribute above, and I believe I can speak for all the Shupe Siblings. We are eternally grateful for all the prayers that you and Mom prayed for us all those years, for your Biblical guidance, and the Spiritual legacy you left us children, our spouses, grandchildren, other relatives and friends down through the years. We have all benefitted and are better off through Your lives. As our little teenage friend, Arelia Homes from St. Croix, VI, posted on her facebook in August, 2011, "we cannot erase the fingerprints of the lives that have crossed our paths during our lifetime." This is certainly true of you both, Mother and Dad.

I can remember when Junior was the baby and I was in the fourth grade of school living in Western Maryland (during WWII), that Mother would always fix these big breakfast feasts before sending us off to school each morning. After all the bacon and eggs and biscuits and country gravy, and whatever else was on the table, Dad would haul out the Bible, read a chapter, then pray for us and everyone else before we could eat. This usually took 15 or 20 minutes, because Dad was not one to hurry and our mouth was watering for those good breakfast treats just sitting there patiently waiting on the table, and we were in a rush to meet our bus. Remarkably, the food never got cold during this time of family devotion and prayer. I never remember having a cold breakfast, and this was always my main meal of the day.

Your guiding hands
on our shoulders
will remain with us

I also remember another instance when we lived on Maryland Avenue, in Salisbury (also during WWII, and Sylvia was a baby at this time), when we children would be out playing with the neighborhood kids down the block. Then Dad would call us in for family devotions before bedtime and sometimes our friends would come in with us, sit and listen to Dad's reading of the Bible, then us boys would look around kind of sheepishly, a little embarrassed in front of our friends as Dad, Mom and then the rest of us would kneel for family prayers. Our friends would look around a little uncertainly, not quite knowing what to do, then they, too, would kneel in prayer. Dad, we thank you, for being such a solid Christian and promoting Christian beliefs to the world, as the Word of God admonishes. I often wondered what our friends thought about our prayer and Bible reading, but, you know, they never, ever mentioned it to us.

Just want to say, posthumously, DAD and MOM, WE THANK YOU, WE HONOR YOU, and WE LOVE YOU for all that you both did for us, our spouses, and the grandchildren to the fifth generation (about 154 souls in all, and counting), as well as all the rest of the relatives and friends galore. You certainly paved the way for us and helped make life a little easier and heaven a whole lot sweeter.


Lovely picture of Mother having a good laugh!


Joy Nicholson - Sep 18, 2011: Happy 100th Birthday to dear Mother today, that is, earthly birthday if she would have lived here on this earth, but time does not matter in heaven. I liked the part in the book, "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo, where Colton tells his dad that in heaven no one is old and no one wears glasses. He was talking about seeing his great grandfather in heaven but he didn't look like the picture his dad had of him.

I thought about putting a younger picture on but I just love this picture of Mother smiling! Heaven is going to be so precious to us! I think we never stop missing our loved ones! We couldn't have asked for a better Mother - loving, caring, hardworking, godly, and so much more to us! I'm so thankful Dad and Mom had so many children because I sure love all my brothers and sisters and their families! :-).

David Shupe - Sep 18, 2011: 'Tis indeed a lovely and becoming picture of Mother. I remember her laughing so much like that in earlier years. Didn't think about it being 100 years if she had lived, until this morning. May have tried a poem for her if I had thought about it earlier. If the good Lord gives me the inspiration, maybe I can still do it...we'll see!


Since Mother would be 100 today, you could say she is one in a hundred,
But this would be wrong; she is actually one in a million~we blundered.
Thinking about you Mother as time passes on, down through the years,
All the good times the family has had, the laughter and, yes, the tears.

They are all a big part of aging and of growing up over time,
So many good meals and cakes enjoyed with family members, quite sublime.
Although we were your children, and at times we would disobey and fuss,
Always a dedicated, attentive and loving Mother, you never gave up on us.

The cherished family memories we have of so many places,
Like: 341 Hollingsworth Manor, Elkton, MD;
519 Priscilla Street, Salisbury, MD;
and the house in the country, outside of Salisbury,
Where we all grew up and our heart still embraces.

Mother was such a special lady who had lots of talents,
Who knew how to balance raising 10 kids with church events.
While Dad traveled a lot to fulfill his ministerial tours,
Often leaving Mother to solely care for homefront chores.

Since the family was quite large, God gave Mother a special gift,
From which, based on our observation, most mothers are bereft.
She had the knack of loving each of her 10 children in such a way,
Giving the feeling they, only, mattered to her, come what may.

While Mother has joined Dad in their heavenly home,
As well as Pauline and Jim, no more on earth to roam.
I'm sure knowing Mother, she would be much more content,
If we all joined them in their heavenly ascent!

We want to thank you for being such a loving, godly Mother to us all,
For stroking our feveresh brow, and for healing our hurts from playing ball.
But most of all for setting a godly example with your life and your teaching,
That God should be foremost in our life, and the Bible our rule~which is far reaching.

We love you so much, Mother Dear, although six years have passed,
Since you departed this earth and went to a better place ~ quite a contrast.
We, your family, will never forget all the love you showered upon each one of us,
And your 90 years or more of labor, and all the prayers you prayed~a very big plus!

So happy 100th birthday to you today, Mother Dear,
We will never forget you, although you're not here.
You are our beloved Mother, we are your remaining eight,
We are still here laboring and that currently is our fate.

Your devoted Family
We Love You

by Son #2, David Samuel
September 18, 2011



Read what others had to say: (Shupe Family Website)

Joy Nicholson - Sep 18, 2011. That was so precious, touching and true - Sylvia's words and mine! We couldn't have said it better! God truly gave you an inspiration for that poem in a short period of time at that! Thank you, dear brother David, for putting into words what we feel in our hearts! We love you! Jim, Joy & Sylvia

David Shupe ~ Sep 18, 2011. Mother and Dad were blessed with 10 children, 17 spouse in-laws, and 127 grandchildren to the fifth generation. They took great pride in each and every one of their children, their spouses, grand children on down, and they loved them all dearly. As King David wrote in one of his Psalms, "Children are an heritage from the Lord, and blessed is the man that hath his quiver full of them." I would think that Dad is indeed overjoyed and estatic about having such an overflowing quiver on his back.

David Shupe - May 13, 2012 : Since it is Mother's Day, thought it would be good to post this again. Not her birthday, but the sentiments are the same. We all miss you Mother Dear!

Joy Nicholson - May 13, 2012: Yes, we sure do miss her! I have the picture in my mind of her rejoicing in heaven with our other loved ones and that comforts me. The tears still flow but that's okay. There's a smile on my face!!! Thanks for reposting the picture! Hope Elaine had a happy mother's day today! Will call you both soon.

David Shupe - May 13, 2012: Indeed we do, and yes if we allow ourself to dwell on it too long, it can be overwhelming. Elaine is warm anyway, since it was 90 today in St. Croix, where she went yesterday. But I did talk to her by phone after church this morning and again tonight. She's ok, but a little overwhelmed herself trying to get things in order in a week's time. An impossible task knowing how it was in 2011 when we had 120 maintenance/repair items to correct. I opted to dog sit Scooby and not go this time around.

Joy Nicholson - May 20, 2012: Glad Elaine made it back okay! I think she could write a book on all her adventures! LOL! Thankfully, God took care of her and brought her safely back home!!!

David Shupe - May 20, 2012 : Yah! Scooby and I picked her up at the PHL airport about 6 p.m. Friday night. She had a safe trip and so did we. She got a lot done, but not everything she wanted to.

David Shupe - Sep 18, 2012: Since today would have been Mother's 101st Birthday if she was still with us, thought I would re-post the poem we composed for her last year as it's still appropriate. I don't think she would trade what she has now, nor where she is now for all this world has to offer. Though I'm sure she would like to come back for a visit just to see all the family still here, however, that may be questionable knowing that she will see us anyway sometime in the future. We still miss her motherly ways the way she used to be. She's in good hands now, thank God.

Joy Nicholson - Sep 19, 2012: Thanks for re-posting the picture and poem, David! Thought a lot about Mother on her birthday! Precious thoughts - precious memories - how they linger - as the old song says! So hard to wait for our reunion in Heaven!!! :-).

POEM #2: A TRIBUTE TO MOTHER ~~ by Son, David


Elaine and I visited the Harrison House yesterday afternoon, the very place where Mother passed away exactly 7 years ago in 2005. We were there on duty as Delaware Hospice volunteers to stay with a patient for 3 hours until the next volunteer arrived. We learned that the patient had been taken to the hospital and had not yet returned, so we waited. While waiting, I got the idea to write a poem about Mother as the memories came flooding back. We also talked to some of Mother's aides, like Typhany and Heather. Anyway, I fooled around with a number of lines, but nothing stuck except the first stanza. Later at home, about 11:00 p.m. I sat down and tried again. Then, out of nowhere came the words that you will read below. Actually, not out of nowhere, for the Holy Spirit let them flow to my mind, and I just transferred the words to the computer. Enjoy!

Lovely picture of Mother!

(Who died exactly 7 years ago, today)

Mother ~ It's been seven years as of today,
Since you left us and went away.

Though you really left us before that day,
Your body was with us, your mind went astray.

While this has all changed in your heavenly place,
We still sorely miss your smiling face.

While God has helped us all to cope,
You were always there, at end of our rope.

You and Dad got us started on the right track,
But it's been up to us never to turn back.

We'd never made it without all your prayers,
Your love, compassion your support upstairs.

Mother, Dear ~ you're no longer here,
But we can still feel your presence near.

While we can't feel your human touch,
You still reside in our hearts so much.

If we didn't tell you enough while on earth,
We'll tell you now, for what it's worth.

We love you from the very bottom of our heart,
While better off there, still hate you had to depart.

Thank you and Dad for all your support,
Very best parents in the world, we'd like to report.


Your #2 Son, David
and the Entire Family
August 15, 2012



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Shirley Hayes Carroll: A tribute well deserved..and they still live in the hearts of loved well as rejoicing in Heaven..and in the great cloud of witnesses..

David S Shupe : Thanks, Shirley. One day we'll all be rejoicing together in that city foursquare!

Pat Oakley Shupe: Beautiful tribute David.

Pat Oakley Shupe: (Junior) Beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to express my sentiments so beautifully. Love, Son #5 -- Junior.

David S Shupe: Thanks Pat & Junior, Son #5.

Deanna Travis: That was beautiful Uncle David. Could not have said it any better. She was on my mind a lot yesterday. I miss everything about her and poppop. So blessed to have had their love and influence and prayers. ....hope I find a dime today :).

David S Shupe: Thanks, Deanna. I'll always remember how much Mother and Dad prayed for the whole family on a daily basis.

Cheryl Shupe Baker: Wow! What a wonderful and moving tribute! I miss MomMom and PopPop so much! Thanks, Uncle David!

Melody Lane Popo: That was beautifully expressed, Uncle David. Mom-Mom was a wonderful woman - so caring and loving. I love her and miss her.

David S Shupe: Yah! Thanks Cheryl and Melody. Of course, none of our parents can ever be replaced, but thank God, Jesus is there for us to help meet our needs and heal the broken-hearted.


Joy Nicholson - Aug 15, 2012: We can definitely proclaim, "AMEN" to all that, Brother David!!! Heaven's sounding sweeter all the time...I was listening to a song on the way home from work entitled, "Home" by the Gaither Vocal Band, and it made me long for HOME!!!

It concludes with: "And when my journey's ended, I am going HOME!" We never quit missing Mother and Dad (and our other loved ones, of course!). I found myself praying this morning, "Lord, would you tell Mother I miss her and love her?" but couldn't stop there and had to add Dad, Pauline, Jim....Thank God it's just a temporary separation! Thanks for the poem. The Lord gave you what was in our hearts, too, but just didn't have the words to say it! :-) .

David Shupe - Aug 15, 2012: Yah, Joy! "There will be a meeting in the air, in the sweet, sweet by and by...". I'll have to go back and re-look at an earlier poem, "Looking For A City," as your observation is on target, that "heaven is sounding sweeter all the time." A great place to spend eternity. Don't think I had ever made the correlation before, but this morning I was reading Isaiah 60 and realized the writer was talking about Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem to be exact, and there are many parallels between this Old Testament chapter and Revelation 21 and 22, in talking about the heavenly Jerusalem. So heartwarming.

Joy Nicholson - Aug 19, 2012: I just re-read the 4 chapters you mentioned. You are right! :-).

POEM: MY MOTHER'S HANDS ~~ by Her #2 Son, David

Photo Mother and the girls.


My Mother's hands caressed my feveresh brow,
By her example, she taught me how.
My Mother's hands soothed my aching head,
She met our needs whether well or sick in bed.

My Mother's hands bandaged our every bruise,
With her there, we felt we could never lose.
My Mother's hands guided me & 9 siblings thru life,
With her gentle touch, we endured a lot of strife.

My Mother's hands combed my hair, washed my face,
She was always there for us, just in case.
My Mother's hands were tools to serve her family,
Everything she did, she did so handily.

My Mother's hands were deft at making the bed,
Cooking the meals each day, putting on quite a spread.
My Mother's hands were used to hug her grandkids too,
She thought as much of them as she did me and you.

My Mother's hands served her well through the years,
She used those hands to soothe a great many tears.
My Mother's hands braced and caught my fall,
When as a toddler, I wasn't so very tall.

My Mother's hands folded in prayer every day,
For the salvation of her family, come what may.
My Mother's hands also clasped in prayer unceasingly,
For children, spouses, & grandchildren increasingly.

My Mother's hands held my hands in younger years,
To guide me safely along a path full of ruts and briars.
My Mother's hands held our newborn daughters & sons,
With her reassuring words, we felt we had won.

My Mother's hands showed life's marks and toils,
Showing concern for others as the devil's plan she foils.
My Mother's hands caressed, reassured me when I failed,
These same hands congratulated me when everything jelled.

My Mother's hands grew old and wrinkled with age,
With alzheimers preventing her from continuing her voyage.
My Mother's hands are now with her in heaven's hall of fame,
Where she's waiting for her loved ones to join her just the same.

My Mother's hands were like no other hands I've seen,
For they were really in lieu of God's hands unseen.
My Mother's hands are now in God's hands for sure,
We too will be there to clasp her hands & God's if we endure.

Thank you, God, for giving us a Mother with such helping hands
Always there for us with her gentle touch helping us to withstand.
We will always remember her unique and special ways
That she cared for each child all of her capable days.


David & Entire Family
February 2, 2013


Joy Nicholson ~ Feb. 2, 2012: Dear David, Thank you so very much for sharing that with me!!! I still have tears in my eyes – It is so beautiful – so fitting for Mother!!! I just sent that to you this afternoon. It is amazing how the Lord through His Spirit gave you the inspiration for it so fast! The words must have just flowed as you wrote!!!

I pray the Holy Ghost will give me that same prompt inspiration as I finish preparing my message on The Secret of Christian Contentment, which I am supposed to preach at Jason’s church in the near future. I have the thoughts and scriptures but need to have it all come together! I would appreciate your and Elaine’s prayers for that to happen! :-).

Thanks again! I had you on my mind when I sent that to quite a few people and the thought did cross my mind that there just might be a forthcoming poem on that – perhaps desired there would be anyway!!! I am definitely not disappointed!!! Will you share that on FB or family website also? Thanks again! Love and miss you both so much! Look forward to seeing you all in April.

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Cheryl Shupe Baker: Love my MomMom Shupe!!!! May 10 at 11:20pm.

Shirley Hayes Carroll: David how beautiful. I plan to read this at our family gathering. She was a treasure and so are all of you. May 11 at 12:00am.

Patti Scattergood Campbell: That's beautiful! May 11 at 6:59am.

Kylene Shupe: You are so talented uncle David. Pretty! May 11 at 9:08am.

David S Shupe: Thanks Cheryl, Shirley, Patti and Kylene. You guys are too much! How nice of you Shirley to read the poem at your family gathering. May 13 at 11:43pm.

Jim Nicholson shared this poem May 10 at 10:10pm: Beautiful poem written by Joy's brother to honor their mother!

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Bonnie Mcfall: Awesome!!!! May 11 at 5:15am.

David S Shupe: Thanks again Jim for sharing the poem. I think the poems get more traction when you share them than when I post them. May 13 at 11:44pm.

Jim Nicholson: You are welcome David! They are too good not to share and my family really enjoys them! May 14 at 11:00pm.

POEM: MY FAMILY ~ by David S. Shupe!

The last 100% attended Shupe reunion in 1988!


I was blessed to be 1 of 10 offspring,
All originals, no second string.
7 brothers, 3 sisters, 10 of us in all,
All together we had quite a ball.

Mother, a stay-at-home Mom, wonder why,
House full of kids, a reason for staying close by.
We all pitched in some, doing chores,
Washing dishes my forte, girls did the floors.

Mother always did a bang-up job raising us kids,
If anyone gave odds on us, I wouldn't take bids.
She did her job well, coming thru like a trooper,
Though the odds were long, her training was super.

Dad's state overseer work took him away quite a lot,
For his training and gentle ways, we put him at the top.
We'll always be indebted to both for spiritual guidance,
Teaching us to accept Christ thru repentance.

A house with 12 people and only 1 bathroom,
Lining up outside the door, we had to go soon.
As I recall, baths were only one day a week,
Otherwise we used the bathroom to take a leak.

Remember sleeping 3 to a bed on a few occasions,
Didn't have bedrooms for equitable allocations.
Rather uncomfortable on hot summer nights,
With sweating, frayed tempers, but no fights.

Some too small to be of any help,
Older ones played hand they were dealt.
The price we paid for being born first,
Maybe not the best, nor yet the worst.

Always things to do with siblings around,
In the house, or out on the ground.
Housework to do to keep things clean,
Did bare minimum, as could be seen.

A big advantage when it came to playing,
Always fun games to do, is what I'm saying.
It could be soft ball, or just hide and seek,
Didn't matter, long as we didn't peek.

We had good neighbors wherever we moved
Didn't get to select them, but we approved.
Some friendships remained thru the years,
Some were older, others our peers.

One older and two younger sisterlings,
As boys, we loved to tease the youngerlings.
Pauline, the oldest, wasn't so receptive to teasing,
To her, our little jokes were more like displeasing.

Sylvia, the serious type, did like a good laugh,
Especially if the joke was on us due to a gaff.
Patricia Joy Darlene, the youngest of the three,
Was usually a prime teasing target you see.

Jim, the oldest boy slyly got out of his work part,
Doing housework for which he didn't have heart.
He'd rather be out playing ball or doing teen things,
Or driving around exploring other diggings.

David, that's me, was the runt of the pack,
Never started growing 'til 11th grade, by heck.
Jehu, developed a flair for wooing opposite sex,
Flirting with this one, that one, who's next.

John had both a financial and a electronic mind,
Spending time developing one or the other in kind.
Junior, who loved excitement & living on the edge,
His innocence from police, he did allege.

Milton, the quiet, methodical type was quite loveable,
Driving a car at 2 years of age, quite improbable.
And last, Samson, youngest of the crew of ten,
Had to take leftovers from all of us, what a sin.

Neither time nor space permits going into detail,
About parents, sisters and brothers to regale.
The time we lived together went by so fast,
Glad we shared our lives, though it couldn't last.

Better parents, brothers and sisters no one could want,
I'll always remember our childhood, so eloquent.
If I could choose another family with which to share,
I'd choose the same members, no comparison anywhere.

God blessed me with parents I do love,
Who now reside in heaven with Jesus above.
He blessed me with 9 wonderful siblings,
That I enjoyed growing up with, no quibblings.


My Parents' Son & Siblings' Brother,
David S. Shupe
January 3, 2013

Photo of David!

POEM: VETERAN'S DAY ~ by David S. Shupe

Happy Veteran's Day!

VETERANS DAY 11/11/11!

This is a very special Veteran's Day, since it falls on eleven, eleven, eleven,
We owe a debt of gratitude to those alive and those in heaven, heaven, heaven.
To show our appreciation, we want to thank the Shupe Family for their service,
With duty in faraway places like Iraq, Viet Nam and Japan, even some reservists.

Sister Pauline wasn't the military type, but future husband, Bob, did his jig,
He served two years in the Navy, but joked that most of it was served in the brig.
The only person I ever met assigned to several ships and not one day spent at sea underway,
As he was assigned to the mothball fleet; such ships no longer their anchors did weigh.

Brother Jim served his country in the Navy way back in the early fifties,
He served on both destroyers and attack submarines, which was quite nifty.
If you were privileged to spy him in his uniform, you'd say he looked "spiffy,"
Navy ships he sailed on were very fast, and could go here and there in a jiffy.

Jim also served in the Merchant Marines signing on as a general deck hand,
He attained a Quartermaster job, piloting the ship on water instead of on land.
Mostly he sailed to Texas, transporting crude oil to Marcus Hook, PA for refining,
Then headed home to Salisbury for 18 hours of relaxation off ship less confining.

Brother David, that's me, also served both in the military and the Merchant Marines,
While I served in the Army and not the Navy, I later audited the Navy's submarines.
My final year of military service was spent in the faraway land of the Japanese,
This was a most refreshing assignment, and the highlight of my Army tour overseas.

Brother Jehu, 3 years my junior, was lucky not to be drafted from Uncle Sam's military bank,
But he served four years in the Merchant Marines, achieving the petty officer rank.
Jehu worked in the ship's engine room as an oiler, where it reached over 130 degrees,
Encountering many violent storms such as hurricanes, but weathered such storms with ease.

Brother John, the fourth brother to be a Merchant Mariner, sailed two years on deck
He didn't want to make the Merchant Marines a career, instead, he got married by heck.
Sailing the blue ocean waters was a temporary respite, and not his permanent love,
He was snared by another heavenly object, like Cupid shooting his arrows from above.

Brother Junior ended the Merchant trend of family members going to sea on an oil tanker,
Not certain, but guess he figured it was just about time to hang it up and drop anchor.
Then he went and done a patriotic thing; he joined up with the Army National Guard,
After basic training, they sent him to a foreign land, way down in Texas~with his record.

Sylvia, like Pauline, never entertained a thought about a military career, but hubby Gerald did,
Following an urge to serve his country, a four year enlistment in the Navy was his bid.
He served aboard three ships and made two extensive cruises to Viet Nam as his claim to fame,
His ships sat off the coast and fired rounds 24/7, 10 days on end which was anything but tame.

Brother Milton is the next rung on the Shupe ladder, and he served in the Army overseas,
From photos Milton sent, it wasn't the best place on the globe for service by inductees.
Ill treatment of returning Viet Nam Veterans became a blight on America's unblemished history,
Why Americans would ridicule and dishonor our courageous fighting men remains a sordid mystery.

Sister Joy, in the same boat with Pauline and Sylvia, wasn't the type to seek some military reward,
But future husband, Jim, was the adventureous type, serving his stint in the U.S. Coast Guard.
Serving aboard two ships, Jim, like Gerald, made an extended tour to the Viet Nam theater,
He took time out of his patriotic service to snare a future bride, a task so much sweeter.

Brother Samson is a person who never served a day in the military or the Merchant Marine,
However, what he did do and did it well, was to be a faithful soldier in God's Army scene.
Not only that, but his son, Jared, is a career Army man who is still on the firing line,
He has had two tours in Iraq, served over 20 years active duty, more than all of us combined.

So, thanks Shupe brothers and sister's spouses, for your service on land, sea and in the air,
Your dedicated and sacrificial service to protect our freedom shows that you truly care.
We will always remember and never forget your commitment to these United States,
And keep you forever in our hearts and prayers, as you are all among our family greats.

We Love You
David and Elaine
November 11, 2011 (11/11/11)

(Shupe Famiy Website)

Joy Nicholson: - Nov 16, 2011: That was all just wonderful, David! I loved reading it and also the tribute at the beginning and ending of the poem! Thanks so much for sharing your poems and thoughts with us! We can only say a big "AMEN" to all of that!!! Love you. Sis. Joy :-).

Joy Nicholson: - Nov 16, 2011: I went to your military website for a few minutes and really enjoyed it again. I'll have to do that again soon. I enjoyed your army pics with Mom, Dad, and Sam. Looks like Mom and Dad were in their early 40's. All of them were good pics! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the task of posting our history for us and our families to enjoy and treasure!!! :-).

David Shupe: - Nov 17, 2011: Thanks so much, Joy. Taking the time to express your own thoughts are appreciated. Today, it seems most of us get so caught up in this fast pace of life that we don't slow down enough to see what goes on around us.

I love those old photos of Mom, Dad and the family. They always bring back so many great memories of when all the family and friends were around. They certainly refresh our memories of days gone by. Yes, they were in their early to mid-forties, because the ones with Sam were about November, 1954, so Mother would have been 43 and Dad 44.

Some of the information may be outdated, so if you, or anyone else, notices anything on the family military website that needs correction or updated, please let me know so I can change it. Thanks!


(Nicholson Family Website)

Read what others had to say ~ VETERAN'S DAY (Nicholson Family Website):

Jim Nicholson - Nov 11, 2011: Thank you David for honoring our family members with this wonderful poem and thank you for your service to our country.

David Shupe - Nov 12, 2011: Thanks, Jim. We are only giving honor to those to whom it is due, and to some, overdue. America owes so much to the protectors of our freedom.


Mother and the four youngest.


(August 15, 2013)

If I could hear
My Mother pray again.
If I could hear,
Her tender voice back then.

Mother, it's been 8 years,
But time has flown swiftly past.
Our life on earth is temporary,
Life in heaven will forever last.

If I could feel,
Your gentle hands caress my brow.
To soothe away my aches,
And give me peace right now.

If I could lay
My head in your lap as before.
When you wiped away my fears,
Then up, my spirit would soar.

If I could hear,
The prayers you prayed for me.
Praying me out of trouble,
As oblivious as I could be.

Hearing your prayers,
In the wee hours of night.
As we all lay in bed,
To assure things turned out alright.

If I could hear,
As you called out our name.
The prayers of a loving Mother,
We'll never, ever be the same.

You called each name: Pauline,
James, David, Jehu, John.
Junior, never leaving anyone out,
Sylvia, Milton, Joy, Sammy~the last one.

Then when we were all married,
You included the spouses, grandkids too.
That God would watch over us all,
And daily protect and see us through.

I owe my journey through life,
To a faithful praying Mother.
I know the Lord honors such prayers,
Like He honors no other.

Even when we deviated,
From the path of the Lord.
Your fervent prayers held us up,
And shielded us by His Sword.

If I could hear my Mother,
Pray for me just one more time.
My heart would rejoice,
Making me feel better than prime.

We would like to let you know,
Your prayers were not in vain.
We have committed our life to God,
And we'll never be the same.

Thank you God,
For giving us a praying Mother,
A job she took seriously,
Which for us, was a protective cover.

So, thank you dear Mother,
For all your many prayers.
They enabled us to make it thus far,
As you took on yourself, our cares.

Mother, we owe you our gratitude,
From where we stand today.
It was through your faithful prayers,
That we lived above the fray.

I'm sure my brothers and sisters,
Would all say the same.
There's nothing like a praying Mother,
To keep you in the game.


The 10 Shupe Siblings.

Your #2 Son ~ David,
& All The Children
July 31, 2013
*Note: I didn't plan to write a poem about Mother on this 8th year of her demise,
since I wrote one last year, but resting one recent afternoon, the good Lord
once again inspired me with the words, so I just had to put them down.
So, here it is for what it's worth. It blessed me while I was composing it,
and I hope it blesses you too. Love, Your Sibling Brother, David



John Shupe 11:02 AM Aug. 27, 2013 To: David Shupe. Thank you David it did bless my soul. Sent from my iPad.

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Cheryl Shupe Baker ~ Sept. 18: Beautiful!!

David S Shupe: Mother & the 4 youngest siblings in Elkton, MD about 1950!

Typhany Batson MovingForward ~ Sept. 18, 2013: She look like she was tall in her younger days i miss her.

Typhany Batson MovingForward ~ Sept. 18, 2013: I remember when i use to lay her hands on me for her to pray and she did just that. I know she was a praying woman, R.I.P Mrs Shupe.

Kylene Shupe ~ Sept. 18, 2013: Amazing... Love you Uncle David. I also remember her hands to be so gentle..her pretty long hair.

Norma Littleton Forbush ~ Sept. 18, 2013: Such a wonderful women of GOD.....We also loved her very much...I loved going out to the big house. You could just feel the love from both your Mom and Dad.

Shirley Hayes Carroll: I loved your beautiful tribute to your mother. You know how she and your family affected my life. . I hope you are doing alright after your hospital surgery also. 3 hours ago via mobile · Sept. 19, 2013.

Joy Nicholson at 7:28 AM on Nov. 16, 2016 To: 'David Shupe': Good morning, dear Brother David,

I actually checked my email this morning and came across this. There are so many times that I think of that very line, “If I could hear my Mother pray again!” Her prayers (and Dad’s also, of course) have certainly made a difference in all of our lives!! I am so thankful that she knew the value of prayer and took the time in her busy schedule to pray for her children (and later their families) knowing that it was time well spent and needed to ensure that her children would know God and live for Him. She definitely had a vision of Heaven and what it would mean in our lives! I remember the last time she stayed at our house. Before going to bed, we would pray together in her bedroom. Well, she would pray and I would agree in prayer! She did as you said in the poem and prayed for us individually and each of our families!!!

As you said, I can remember as a child laying my head in her lap at church when I was tired and her gentle hands caressing my brow. Precious memories indeed!!! I thank God for all those memories that your poem brought forth, as well as the tears in remembrance – tears of thankfulness and joy for having such a Mother!!! We are most richly blessed!!! Thank you for sharing your poems – your heart in those poems – that the Holy Spirit inspires you to write – truly a gift from God that encourages and blesses others!!!

I love you, dear brother, and pray for you and your family daily and all of our siblings and their families as Mother and Dad would have wanted us to! And how can we not pray when we love our families so much and want to see them again in Heaven when this life is over – a Glorious Reunion in Heaven!!! I guess I need to attach the picture of Dad and Mother holding the sign, “Welcome Home, Children!!!” as they will indeed do some day when we join them in Heaven!!! As the old song say, “What a day that will be……!!!”

Your loving sister, Joyful (as you call me occasionally!)


Photo of Mother and Dad.


Memories of my early childhood,
Are a great deal spiritual.
Dad and Mom lived and breathed religion.
God, to them, was everything effectual.

No matter where they happened to be,
They espoused God, Jesus and the Bible.
They saw a great need for souls to be saved.
And to the Trinity, they felt liable.

They both were sticklers, studying the Bible,
And fastidiously observing family devotions.
Reading and prayer, morning and night,
The Holy Spirit, tugging at our emotions.

Dad faithfully led us in prayer and Bible,
Each morning, before heading out to school.
At the time, it seemed more of a drawback,
But looking back now, it was so cool.

Mother already had the breakfast on the table,
But Dad had to finish the morning meditations.
Remarkably, the food never cooled down,
Though Dad took 15 minutes for his cogitations.

The evening ritual was another matter,
Calling us in for prayer, before going to bed.
Reading another chapter in the Bible first,
Curtailing our playtime for spiritual bread.

Perhaps we resented our playing being cut short,
Not realizing impact of scriptures on our minds.
Until years later when the full value kicked in,
As our spiritual training kept us out of real binds.

We believe the prayers Mother and Dad prayed,
For me and my siblings, have kept us in the game.
We firmly believe we'd never made it this far,
Without their prayers, training, invoking Jesus' Name.

Since Dad and Mother were dedicated church servants,
Our lives naturally revolved around church activities.
We attended church a minimum of three times a week,
And sometimes even more to attend special festivities .

Not only that, usually had to go early and stay late,
Sunday school and church, just like clockwork.
Sometimes we felt like we lived and slept church,
Our parents were faithful, their duties they did not shirk.

Due to Dad's ministry, we moved around a great deal,
And, at one time early on, we did live in a church,
Or rather, the church sanctuary was part of our house,
Living here, God's Name we were careful not to besmirch.

We lived in about a dozen places while still in school.
Didn't get to know the teachers or students as well as we should.
This was true for the older siblings more so than the younger,
As Dad and Mom had settled down some, doing what they could.

There was never a dull moment around the Shupe household,
As living with 6 brothers and 3 sisters was a big childhood thrill
Watching younger ones grow, play, and learn was educational,
Having them close around was a comfort to see their lives fulfil.

I have such pleasant memories of my three sisters,
Who added such a wonderful dimension to my entire life.
The things they've done and said over all the years,
Helped me to better cope when I married and had a wife.

The six brothers were there for games and support.
Helping to trim and hone my required social skills,
To get along with others, and at times a need to compromise.
Living with 6 brothers, you had to be prepared for a few spills.

Moving so much, Dad and Mom never owned but one home,
No need to buy a home when you'll soon leave again.
Now, Mother and Dad will be enjoying a mansion all their own,
Although life on earth for them did end, eternity did begin.

So thank you Mother and Dad for sticking to your spiritual guns,
For faithfully training us in God's ways, even when we resisted.
We may have balked a few times, but the training rubbed off,
And we're committed to living for God, just as you both insisted.


Photo of me, David.

Your Grateful Son, David
October 27, 2013

Joy Nicholson ( at 5:21 PM on Nov. 16, 2013: To: 'David Shupe', Cc: Jim Nicholson (LT): Well, Brother David, thank you for that poem also. Brought a steady flow of tears in reminiscing with you! Like you, I sometimes resented being “pulled away” from childhood wanderings to have Bible reading and prayer morning and night. I just wanted to keep on doing what I was doing or get to school so I wouldn’t be late! (I do not remember ever being late to school. Funny thing!) Looking back, I am so thankful that they took the time to do that with us, which showed us the value they placed on things of God, of reading His Word and talking to Him in prayer on a daily basis! Surely that is what gave us our love of the Word and reading good books and going to God in prayer on a daily basis because He loves us to spend time with Him and talk to Him about every need and our families!!

Thank God! Thank God for Dad and Mother giving us the legacy of the assurance of our salvation and a Home in Heaven for eternity!!! Children do not understand the importance of these things growing up, but we understand when we are older and have families of our own and we realize how brief our life on earth is! (2 Corinthians 4:16-18 & 2 Corinthians 5:1-8).Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!!! We love you both!!! Jim & Joy

P.S. I have been very much blessed lately to read two books which have made me long for Heaven immensely!!! They are: “Visions of Heaven” by Roberts Liardon and “Within Heaven’s Gates”, by Rebecca Springer. “Visions of Heaven” can be gotten from Amazon Used Books and “Within Heaven’s Gates” can probably be gotten from if not at Amazon.