This web page was constructed to include a number of riddle poems about Bible characters such as Jezebel, Bathsheba, Goliath, and Bible traits such as "a smile," or "wisdom" and many others. stories such as Daniel in the Lion's Den, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, etc. People know true faith stories when they hear them. All the riddle poems on this page are Bible based. We hope you enjoy reading the riddle poems and attempting to guess who or what they represent.


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  • BIBLICAL RIDDLES ~ by David S. Shupe

    Question mark!
    I have a little riddle that I'd like to put to you,
    It's not a very hard riddle, it's one you can easily do.

    It's something that resides with you, me and everyone of us
    It often causes a lot of heartache, unnecessary pain and fuss.

    It stays hidden mostly, but strikes out unprovoked as a snake in the dark?
    And goes blindly full speed ahead in DRIVE when it should be in PARK,

    It's often placed in GEAR when the wayward mind is still in IDLE,
    Not fully realizing that such a haphazard course is blatantly suicidal.

    It is really so small that it could fit inside a little child's shoes?
    And it comes in only one color, but usually in different shapes and hues.

    It's such a small member, but wrecks unparalled havoc on the worldish?
    And gets people all in an uproar acting undisciplined and quite churlish.

    If we could control and channel it properly, we would be called perfect?
    As it gets us in so much trouble that we later don't like to recollect.

    It is full of deadly poison, but lives with us each and every day?
    Oblivious of the harm and danger it poses as we go along our way.

    If it is used properly, it is much better than prescribed medicine?
    But if not tightly controlled, it is like a rocket ready to jettison.

    It accomplishes so many things that are not always done in good taste?
    While it does a lot of good, it also leaves a path of debris and waste.

    If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll give you a further clue,
    It's something you use every day and it sticks to you like glue.

    It is what no man (or woman) on God's green earth can tame?
    And it's a dichotomy as such, since it can both heal and make lame.

    It can be used to build up, tear down, encourage or turn ones stomach to jelly.
    As words of a talebearer are like wounds in the innermost part of the belly,

    If all the above clues still leave you clueless and in the dark,
    Just go the the Book of James, Chapter 3 and you'll hit the mark.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    November 21, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Pam Finley - Dec 3, 2011: My Bible is upstairs but I'm going to guess the "tongue."

    Melody Popo - Dec 3, 2011: I second that guess ... the tongue.

    David Shupe - Dec 3, 2011: Pam & Melody~~Without revealing the answer to everybody, I'd say you're right at the tip of it!

    Joy Nicholson - Dec 11, 2011: I had to read quite a few verses before I realized what it is - the scripture came to mind as I read the verse. I agree with Melody and Pam. Very good, Brother David! I liked that! :-).

    David Shupe - Dec 12, 2011: Thanks, everyone! I have another riddle-poem for all of you Bible scholars if you're interested, but first, I'll post a poem we composed a few days ago about "zachaeus, the Tax Collector."

    (2 Kings 6:1-7)
    An axehead flying into the water!
    I have a head, but cannot see, hear or smell,
    Sounds a bit odd, but it's true, pray tell.
    I have no feet, but attached to my head is a handle,
    To view me in the dark, you would need to light a candle.
    I was borrowed to help some prophets build a dwelling place,
    As where they were dwelling was too confining a space.
    It was at the Jordan where they began to do their work
    Each busily engaged at tasks they did not shirk.
    As one was felling a beam, I fell into the water,
    My heavier weight prevented me from swimming as I oughter.
    As I was heavy I was unable to either fly or swim,
    Neither did I have arms or legs or any other limbs.
    But suddenly, I flew through the air with the greatest of ease,
    And landed in a watery grave, the handler not at all pleased.
    The prophet Elisha had the answer to my disaster,
    He simply cut and threw a stick near to where I had been castered,
    I immediately swam to the surface in order to be rescued,
    The prophet was happy for my return and not too stewed.
    If the answer still eludes you, go to 2 Kings, Chapter Six,
    Then you'll be enlightened, and then it will all click.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    December 5, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Dec 25, 2011: Aha! I know what it is...I will wait.

    Melody Popo - Dec 26, 2011: Aha! I know what it is too ... lol. I love your riddles, Uncle David.

    David Shupe - Dec 26, 2011: Glad you guys got it, Joy and Melody, and I'm sure others will too as most Bible scholars would pick it up. I have another one I composed several days ago, so keep watching. I will post it shortly.

    Question mark!
    When I was attached to a living thing, I was used to masticate my food,
    As anyone knows, swallowing your food without chewing is quite rude.

    But when I became detached from my being, I was cast away supposedly of no use,
    Little did anyone realize I would be in the Bible, though suffering a bit of abuse.

    In the heat of battle, one man vs. a multitude, I was chosen as a weapon from the ground,
    I was not a cannon or a gun, or any ammunition that would be able to fire a round.

    With my help though, my strong and courageous partner slew a thousand enemy Philistines,
    This is quite remarkable that me as a lethal weapon, noone could have forseen.

    After the battle, it is assumed that I was just cast away to lie in the dust,
    Not a fitting end to something that had done so much with so little fuss.

    If you still don't know the answer to this riddle, and need a few more nudges,
    Just open your Bible, and turn to chapter 15, verse 15 in the O.T. Book of Judges.

    What Am I?

    David S. Shupe
    December 7, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Dec 29, 2011: a jaw bone. love your riddle poems. :-)).

    David Shupe - Jan 2, 2012: Good Melody. You have the correct answer alright. (I'll remove your answer temporarily to give others a chance to guess so we don't make it too easy for them.)

    Melody Popo - Jan 3, 2012: That's a good idea to remove the answer so others who may not see the riddle as early can still answer too.

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 3, 2012: I know it, too. You can remove my answer if you want. I haven't looked it up yet, but I say it is the jawbone of an ass and Samson used it, I think!!! :-).

    (Taken from the internet--not composed by me)
    Question mark!

    When asked this riddle below, 80% of kindergarten students got the answer,
    compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors. Kinda neat!

    What is greater than God
    More evil than the devil
    The poor have it
    The rich need it
    And if you eat it, you'll die?

    WHAT AM I?

    Posted November 28, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Jim Nicholson - Nov 29, 2011: I didn't know the answer but Joy did. Nothing seems to stump her!

    David Shupe - Nov 29, 2011: Love your veiled response, Jim! Look for the next riddle, which I did compose. The short one above I had read before.

    Samson Shupe - Nov 30, 2011:

    NOTHING is greater than God
    NOTHING is more evil than the devil
    The poor have NOTHING
    The rich need NOTHING
    If you eat NOTHING, you will die

    David Shupe - Nov 30, 2011: Way to go, Sam. After Joy, you come first! Are you ready for the next one?

    Samson Shupe - Dec 1, 2011: Yeah but second place isn't all that bad. After all, I have a smart sister. Hit us again!!

    David Shupe - Dec 2, 2011: How true! There are "lots" of times I would like to be in second place, no doubt about it, rather that 4th or last. Okay, here goes, and this riddle should be an easy one for the avid Bible scholar.

    RIDDLE #4a: WHAT AM I?
    (My Version of the Above Riddle)


    The rich don't have it, not one little bit,
    The poor don't want it, that they'll freely admit.
    Some people start out with it, but end up without it ~ to wit,
    Others start with it, and end up with more of it ~ how fit!
    God knows all about it as He framed the worlds from it ~ every whit.
    The devil knows it, that's why he is so unfit.
    If you eat it you'll die, so we'll just say bye-bye,

    WHAT AM I?

    (Taken from the internet--not composed by me)
    Question mark!

    This riddle was written by a lady in California in response to an offer from a gentleman in Philadelphia, that he would pay anyone $1,000 who could write a puzzle he could not solve. He failed to solve it and paid the money. It is a very interesting riddle, and some of you may have seen it before; if you have please respond in the affirmative and give someone else the chance to reveal it. The answer is one word and appears only four times in the Bible. Have fun!

    Adam, God made out of dust,
    ...But thought it best to make me first,
    So I was made before now,
    ...To answer God's most holy plan,
    A living being I became,
    ...And Adam gave to me my name,
    I from his presence then withdrew,
    ...And more of Adam I never knew.
    I did my Maker's law obey,
    ...Nor never went from it astray,
    Thousands of miles I go in fear,
    ...But seldom on earth appear,
    For purpose wise which God did see,
    ...He put a living soul in me,
    A soul from me God did claim,
    ...And took from me the soul had fled,
    I was the same as when first made,
    ...And without hands or feet or soul,
    I travel on from pale to pale,
    ...I labor hard by day, by night,
    To fallen man I give great light,
    ...Thousands of people, young and old,
    Will by my death great light behold,
    ...No right or wrong can I conceive,
    The Scripture I cannot believe
    ...Although my name therein is found,
    They are to me an empty sound,
    ...No fear of death doth trouble me,
    Real happiness I'll never see,
    ...To Heaven I shall never go, or to Hell below.
    Now when these lines you slowly read.
    ...Go search your Bible with all speed,
    For that my name is written there,
    ...I do honestly to you declare,
    "The answer is one word."

    WHAT AM I?

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - May 24, 2012: If you want to XXX out my answer so others can think on and answer the riddle, that would be alright. (Melody had the right answer, but I removed it ~ David).

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 9, 2012: I never did figure this one out. What is the answer? :-).

    David Shupe - Jun 9, 2012: The big mammal normally thought to have swallowed Jonah ~ a WHALE.

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 12, 2012: Ohhhhh! It still took me a couple reads to understand why - with the soul thing! tee hee!!!

    A big queston mark?
    Like the Cross of Calvary, I too, was hewn out of a tree,
    I have no arms or legs, neither have I eyes to see.

    But I was mightily used of God to show His power and set men free,
    Early on, I was used to help herd sheep, and worked for no fee,

    Though I had no mouth, God used me to swallow a bunch of serpents,
    Which demonstrated God's power and carry out His sentence.

    I was also used of God to turn the river of Egypt into blood,
    If old Pharoah wasn't careful the river would be nothing but mud.

    In another instance I was used to overrun the land with a plague of frogs,
    And if stubborn Pharaoh didn't heed this, Egypt was just going to the dogs.

    I was used to instigate many other plagues in Egypt throughout the land,
    In fact, things became so bad in Egypt, it wasn't fit for beast or man,

    One of my biggest accomplishments, was to cause the parting of the Red Sea,
    So that the children of Israel could pass through on dry land~what jubilee.

    Because the children of Israel complained bitterly they had no water to drink.
    I was used by God to cause water to flow out of a rock, though not in a sink.

    Another time, by the prophet lifting me up in his hand during a battle with Amalek
    God granted a mighty victory to the children of Israel, leaving the enemy a wreck.

    God uses whatever you have in your hand, for better or worse, so please don't blow it,
    Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it!

    What Am I?

    David S. Shupe
    December 27, 2011

    RIDDLE #7: WHO AM I?
    A double question mark?
    I have three names, three names have I,
    If you wear my name, you will never die.

    By that I mean, I will live always and eternal,
    I have been victorious and escaped the infernal.

    The Tree of Life stands in the midst of God's Paradise,
    Because of what I did, I can eat of that Tree ~ how nice.

    Also, I was allowed to eat of the hidden manna,
    Which doesn't help much today, but will manana.

    Because I did this, I will sit down with Jesus in His throne,
    And I am able to do this because for all my sins He did atone.

    I will also receive a white stone with a new name written,
    No man knows the name except the one for whom it is fitten.

    To eat from the Tree of Life and have a new name written in white stone,
    You, too, must do what I did as I definitely don't want to be all alone.

    If you're still undecided about who I am, and want to see it through,
    Just Go to the Book of Revelation and read Chapter 2.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    Composed January 2, 2012


    Revelation 3:21: To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with Me on My throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with My Father on His throne.

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jan 17, 2012: For the first time, I am going to have to look it up ... but first I am going to guess. I am thinking it has to do with ... the blood-washed saints, the redeemed, those victorious through tribulation.

    Okay, looking it up now. You mentioned there were 3 names. Overcomers is one. Is redeemed and victorious the other two names? "Scratching my head" ... even looking it up, I am still stumped. lol.

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 22, 2012: Him that overcometh or he that overcometh. (That's what I got from reading it.) ???

    David Shupe - Jan 22, 2012: Melody--Overcomers, redeemed and victorious all describe the attributes of the person in the poem. Joy is correct in pinpointing the specific names we had in mind when we composed the riddle. In Revelation, "Him" and "He" are synonymous and used interchangeably in several verses, so the specific names we intended are "HIM THAT OVERCOMETH," as this phrase is used over and over as to what benefits will accrue to such a person, some of which are stipulated in the riddle.

    Thanks for your input, Melody and Joy!

    Melody Popo - Jan 22, 2012: Thank you for the riddle, Uncle David. You really stretched my brain on that one. Once you read the answer it all sounds so simple. lol Good job, Joy.

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 28, 2012: Interesting and fun! :-).

    RIDDLE #8: WHO AM I?
    A pair of monkey question marks.

    My father was much older than most fathers I knew, but he was a real man of God,
    God told him to leave his family and place of birth, so up and on did he trod.

    I was a product of mother's and father's old age; they both laughed when they heard the news,
    That I was going to be born to a woman way past child-bearing age, a reason for their amuse.

    Years later, excitement existed around our household, as my father and I were going on a trip,
    Our servants had packed our belongings, saddled our animals, everything needed to equip.

    Even wood for the fire, which we would need for the cold nights in the mountains,
    For father said we're going on a 3 day journey ~ where there were no fountains.

    Upon reaching the mountains of Moriah, my father bade the servants to tarry and wait,
    While he and I would go yonder and worship, then we would come again and resume our gait.

    As we had no knapsack or carryall, father had me carry wood for the burnt offering on my back,
    Father was a stickler for following God's directions to the letter, cutting himself no slack.

    When we reached the offering site, I was curious as we had the wood and fire, but no offering,
    So I said, my father, here is the wood and fire, but where is the animal we should be proffering.

    Father said, "Son, God will provide Himself a lamb for a burnt offering," this was all he had to say,
    With this he bound me hand and foot, laid me on top of the wood and drew his knife up and away.

    Father, what is this; what are you doing; I thought God was going to provide a sacrificial lamb,
    I'm just a young kid, but I realized right quickly that this was no joke and I was in a real jamb.

    Father raised the knife above his head to plunge downward; an angel spoke from heaven's radiance,
    Don't lay hands on your son or do anything to him; realizing this was a test of fathers obedience.

    My father looked about, lo and behold there was a ram caught in a thicket, sent from God Himself,
    So father took the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering for God instead of his son, myself.

    My father called the name of that place Jehovahjireh, a name quite fitting, meaning "God will provide,"
    Thank God, He was only testing my father which he met with flying colors, so my fears did subside.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 8, 2012

    RIDDLE #9: WHO AM I?
    One pregnant lady having a ? baby!
    I am a twin, and when I was born, I came out first,
    My twin grabbed my heel, trying to put me in reverse,

    He was unsuccessful as he was unable to supplant me then,
    But give him a little time and he was destined to win.

    My father favored me as I was the rugged outdoor type you see,
    My mother cottoned to my twin who was the homebody type was he.

    When we were both very young, I went out hunting game one day,
    I was hot and sweaty and had no food or water, so was in disarray.

    In fact, I felt so rotten, if feelings were real, I just knew I was dying,
    If anyone told me I was making all this up, they would be lying.

    My brother WAS cooking a tantalizing meal of pottage, a delightful surprise.
    Had to have some of that mouth watering food to prevent my imminent demise.

    I said I'm famished, that delicious food is necessary to prevent me from dying
    HE: Sell me your birthright, it's yours; ME: you've got a deal, I'm not lying.

    What good is a no good, non-tasty and non-edible birthright if I'm dead and buried,
    Give me that scrumptious pottage, the worthless birthright is yours if you're worried.

    When my father was old, blind and did not know the time of his departing,
    He instructed me to fix him fresh deer meat that one can't buy from Kmart-ing.

    I learned while I was out hunting for the kill, my mother made another conscession,
    Which included my brother once again stealing from me, this time my blessing.

    He fixed father his cherished "venison," and masqueraded as me, pulling it off undetected,
    My, father was fooled by this imposter, and my rightful blessing was misdirected.

    My brother was so appropriately named, as his name means "supplanter."
    He took away my birthright, and now he took away my blessing ~ such an enchanter.

    If you're still struggling with the answer, my name rhymes with hehaw and seesaw,
    If the light still doesn't click, read Genesis, chapter 2 and you'll see it all.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 11, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Feb 15, 2012: Esau!

    David Shupe - Feb 17, 2012: Melody ~ It's difficult to get one past you, but I do have one or two others that may give you a bit of trouble. Congratulations!

    Melody Popo - Feb 18, 2012: I have always enjoyed reading, and growing up I used to read the many stories in the Bible. So, when you describe a Bible character in your creative poem puzzles, it seems easy to solve ... plus I love puzzles and games. The one puzzle you had "he who overcomes" threw me for a loop and I pondered and pondered. Hmm, I am wondering what you have up your sleeve to try and stump us. :-))!

    David Shupe - Feb 18, 2012: Know what you mean about the Bible stories. They have always been a source of inspiration to me, now for about 75 years. I can remember when Mother was pregnant with Jehu (which would have made me about 2 1/2 years old), I would sit on Mother's bed with her Bible in my lap looking at the pictures of Bible heroes. Course I couldn't read, but I could look. Then hearing the stories in church and from parents over the years, they just become a part of our lives.

    A few of the riddle poems I composed from memory without looking back at the story, but most of the time I wanted to check to make sure I wasn't off base in what I was putting down; also that I wasn't leaving out something pertinent to the story. The good Lord has brought things to my memory a few times too.

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: I, of course, enjoyed the riddle (and the picture is so appropriate!) :-). I also enjoyed your comments, David & Melody! I, too, enjoyed the Bible stories growing up and enjoy them even more today! They are certainly builders of our faith also realizing that we serve the same God and He loves us as he loved them even though we are imperfect creatures! :-).

    RIDDLE #10: WHAT AM I?
    Photo question mark.

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil,
    This describes my nature and is of my father, the devil.

    I despise wisdom and think it is sporting to practice mischief,
    In fact, things that I do cause my parents and others much grief.

    As I rob people of their values, character or possessions, some would call me a thief,
    Some things I say and do, others say are incomprehensible and way beyond belief.

    I admit that I am corrupt and have done much abominable work,
    Such as raging against the "so-called" righteous and blaspheming God's name--gone berserk.

    According to some, I walk in darkness, and I revel in frivolous talk and chatter
    Which is a cause for other's concern, but to me it really doesn't matter.

    I ridicule just about everything that people consider good, and make a mockery of sin,
    Not realizing that my end is foretold in the Bible, and heaven I can't enter in.

    All are instructed to flee from my presence as I don't posses the lips of knowledge,
    And as I stated before, I hate wisdom and things I say are enough to set ones teeth on edge.

    One final word from these lips I would like to convey from my heart, "There is no God."
    If this last statement finally rings a bell for you, you're not a clueless clod.

    If you're still a bit uncertain, hazzy or fuzzy and the answer still evades you,
    The solution to the whole riddle is found in Psalms 14, verse one that's true.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 15, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Feb 27, 2012: A fool. I wasn't sure of the answer until I read ... "convey from my heart, 'there is no God'." Good puzzle.

    David Shupe - Feb 29, 2012: I thought Psalms 14, verse 1 would do it for you, Melody. Way to go!

    Samson Shupe - Mar 1, 2012: Another good one, big brother David!!!

    David Shupe - Mar 1, 2012: Thanks Brother Sam, the Elder, for your response. I give all the credit to the good Lord for giving me the ideas and words. Hope you enjoy them!

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: It took a few minutes, but the "there is no God" certainly clinched it! :-).

    RIDDLE #11: WHO AM I?
    Photo of question mark.

    I am the father of seven daughters and we live in the land of Midian,
    I'm partial, but they are as beautiful as the gem stone, obsedian.

    Outnumbered by and living with so many women in my house deserves a big handclap,
    I did give one of my daughters to a man fleeing his people for a murder rap.

    If you think this is strange, keep reading and let me tell you the rest,
    My son-in-law, eventually became that nation's leader--for a people oppressed.

    He lived with us 40 years before returning home, and it was time for him to disengage,
    He was directed by God to go back and free his people from distressful bondage.

    Traveling to his homeland, my daughter scolded him for being a bloody husband to her,
    She was referring to the tradition of circumcision her sons were forced to incur.

    As the God-chosen leader of his people, my son-in-law dealt with problems of every kind,
    Lines of people waiting hours for his judgments were enough to put them all in a bind.

    I offered advice on how to deal with such a tedious procedure for people to unload,
    He accepted my advice to use other qualified leaders and completely changed his mode.

    I rejoiced with my son-in-law how God delivered Israel and all things He had done,
    How God had used my daughter's husband so mightily, who was to me more like a son.

    If you're serious about who I am and you still want to know,
    Flip open your Bible to Exodus, chapter 18 and your face will be all aglow.

    WHO AM I?

    God Bless!

    David S. Shupe
    January 17, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)
    Melody Popo - Mar 14, 2012: Moses' father-in-law Jethro. Another great riddle.

    Samson Shupe - Mar 15, 2012: So Melody, did you know outright or did you look it up?

    David Shupe - Mar 15, 2012: Right you are, Melody! And thanks!

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: I read the 3rd verse before I realized who it was. :-).

    Melody Popo - Mar 18, 2012: I knew outright. I had an inkling of Moses' father-in-law in the first verse with "in the land of Midian," but the 2nd and 3rd verse clinched it. Even though I knew it was Moses' father-in-law, it took me a moment to remember his name. I did look up the scripture to make sure Jethro was indeed his name. I enjoy your puzzles; keep them coming. :-)).

    RIDDLE #12: WHO AM I?

    Jesus in a discourse with woman at the well

    One day I walked to Jacob's well to draw some water that we needed for bathing and cooking,
    A young Jewish man sat on the well resting, and I must say, He wasn't bad looking.

    The first words He uttered to me without any salutation or greeting was, "give me to drink,"
    However, He had a very kind face and voice, and His friendly attitude gave me cause to think.

    He told me that if I had asked Him for a drink, he would have given me of that Living Water~so pure,
    And that if I drank of that Water, I would never thirst again, and He sounded so very sure.

    He continued and said, whoever drinks of the water I give, not only shall never thirst again,
    But that water shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life~what a bargain.

    So I said, Sir, the well is deep, and you have nothing to draw with, so how can that be,
    Daughter, I'm talking a spiritual dimension and one that is eternal, don't you see?

    He peaked my interest, so I said, "Sir, give me this water that I thirst not, nor come here to draw,
    That's when He did something that really got me thinking, laid my life open and even raw.

    He told me I didn't know what to worship, but all true worshippers know how to worship, forsooth.
    He proceeded to explain to me that God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth,

    He instructed me to go call my husband and come back, so I told Him that I had no such thing-er,
    He nullified the validity of my statement by telling me I'd had 5 husbands ~ what a zinger!

    Then He proceeded to exacerbate my plight by saying that my current shackee was not my mate,
    I mean, how bad can things get when this man hangs my dirty laundry out for everyone to debate.

    Who would know all about my entire life, but some spiritual being having a divine disposition,
    I was forced to reevaluate my entire belief system and my former religious supposition.

    Although I became very well known, my name is not mentioned once in God's Holy Word,
    This is quite odd since I had the longest conversation with Christ than anyone on record.

    There is a further oddity, as the Jews and Samaritans have no dealings with each other,
    In spite of this, this man politely responded to all my questions as if they were no bother.

    I told him I knew Messiah, called the Christ, was coming and He would tell us every thing,
    I was surprised when He quietly replied to me, "I that speak unto thee am he," ~ Jesus our King?

    I was so excited that I left my water pot and ran into town to tell others of my find,
    That I found someone who told me everything I'd ever done, is not this the Master Divine?

    Many people I talked to believed on this man because of what I told them and others searched Him out,
    When they heard His word, they told me they believed what they heard and believed Him without doubt.

    So in essence some believed in Jesus without seeing Him, others believed after hearing Him speak,
    They say seeing is believing, but blessed also are all they who believe without seeing as they seek.

    If you'd like to cut to the chase, and stop wondering what's on the other side of the door,
    Just go to the New Testament Book of John and read the entire chapter, that is chapter four.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 21, 2012

    RIDDLE #13: WHO AM I?
    David kills Goliath
    I am a champion Philistine warrior from Gath,
    I challenged the Israelites to a fight.
    Whoever lost the battle would be servants,
    To the victors and to their delight.

    Standing over 8 feet tall with armor weighing over 150 pounds helps my image of invincibility,
    No sane man would dare stand up to me in a drag out fight lest he take leave of his sensibility.

    The mighty army of the Philistines has been facing the Israeli army for forty days and nights,
    I have been challenging the enemy two times every day we have been here at the battle sites.

    Even though I have issued over 80 challenges to fight, I have yet to get a taker ~ how kinky,
    At this rate, I'll be able to retire with a good pension without ever lifting a pinkie.

    One day this all changed as I looked up and saw coming toward me a young stripling of a lad,
    Doesn't this kid have any sense at all, or know that's he's facing the badest of the bad.

    This kid marched bravely up to within several feet of me, and stood, seemingly without any fears,
    I mean I really had to admire the mitigated gall of such a person, still wet behind the ears.

    So I just had to protest, "What am I, a dog that you come out to me with nothing but a stave,"
    I didn't want to have to kill this young lad, so by my loud ranting I thought I'd get him to cave.

    The kid merely said, you come to me in full battle attire, a suit of armor, a shield and a sword,
    As you can see, I have nothing but this little sling, and come to you in the Name of God, our Lord.

    "This day will the Lord deliver you unto my hand; I will smite you and take your head from you,"
    Meaningless words to me, even though he sounded so confident and talked as if he really knew.

    The kid then reached down and selected a small object from the pouch hanging around his young neck,
    He proceeded to wind up his arm like an aircraft propeller and let fly that small object, by heck.

    This was so totally unexpected that I just stood there unmoving, taken completely by surprise,
    That one so frail and young would be so bold and strong to stand up to me, a one-man enterprise.

    Next thing I knew, I experienced a pain in the middle of my forehead, as I was literally stoned.
    Last I remember was my sword lifted up, coming down toward my head with no chance to be atoned.

    If you're not well versed in the Bible; you're still unfamiliar with the giant of a man who hit the ground,
    Just open that dusty Bible on the shelf, turn to I Samuel, chapter 17, and my name there will be found.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 28, 2012

    POEM RESPONSE: Riddle #13
    (Shupe Family Website)

    David Shupe - Mar 25, 2012: If you would like to see all 24 riddles we have composed, go to our new website, "," and click on the "Spiritual" page, then scroll down the list to "Riddles." When you do, though, please be sure you email me your answers to "" Thanks!

    Melody Popo - Mar 25, 2012: Goliath. Another good riddle to enjoy. Thank you.

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: I like the easy ones, too! :-) One of my favorite stories!

    David Shupe - Mar 31, 2012: Mine too, for about 75 years now!

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: The Word and it's stories never grow old and are timeless!!! :-).

    RIDDLE #14: WHO AM I?
    abigail bows before David, pleading for life of her household.

    I am the wife of a wealthy man who has the reputation of being evil and churlish,
    My marriage was arranged by my parents to this man who is also boorish.

    One day a servant brought to my attention a matter requiring immediate attention,
    My husband made a foolish decision which caused my servants not a little dissension.

    The matter involved a refusal to give a young warrior and his 600 supporters needed food,
    To sustain and help them survive in the wilderness where they were being pursued.

    The young warrior and his soldiers had provided a needed service for us and our flocks,
    By protecting my servants and herd from marauding bands of Philistines hiding in the rocks.

    My servants reported my husband had treated the warrior's request with disdain, being defiant,
    Not realizing that he had raised the ire of a man who had become famous for slaying a giant.

    Time of the essence, I quickly gathered together bread, wine, meat and raisins and other foodstuff,
    Knowing that if I wasn't in time that for me, my servants and husband, things were going to be rough.

    I later learned that this handsome young warrior had fully intended to kill every male on site,
    And it was so fortunate that I acted when I did, or we all would have been in a very sorry plight.

    I met this young warrior and 400 of his soldiers on their way here to perform their dastardly deed,
    I fell prostrate at his feet and pleaded with him to overlook the rashness of my husband's misdeed.

    Fortunately for me and servants, this gracious warrior accepted my gift agreeing not to pursue his mission,
    Of killing my husband, along with every male of my household; we rejoiced that he reversed his position.

    My husband, unaware of the imminent danger he was in, was home reveling in a drunken feast,
    Seemingly without a care in the world, not giving a single thought to God or others, to say the least.

    When I arrived home, he was merry and drunk, so I told him nothing that evening, good or bad,
    Next morning when he was sober, I told him all and his heart from fear turned to stone, and that was sad.

    My husband died 10 days later, due to his greed and foolishness and his wealth benefitted him not at all,
    What shall a man profit by gaining the whole world and losing his own soul, failing to heed the Savior's call?

    When the young warrior heard that my husband was dead, he sent and proposed to me and I became his wife,
    In addition to endowing me with an understanding heart, God gave me this bonus which enriched my life.

    If you're still interested in finding out who I am, and desire that my name you wish to arrive,
    Just flip open your Bible to the book of I Samuel, and began to read chapter twenty-five.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    January 31, 2012

    POEM RESPONSE: Riddle #14
    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: Aha! I guessed it by reading the first paragraph, and the rest just confirmed it. I will put her name and you can delete it until others guess, too. :-). Abigail!

    David Shupe - Mar 31, 2012: Right you are, Joyful! Can't get anything by you and Melody, as you're so well-versed in the Bible. Thought you would at least have to read half of it before the light dawned.

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: Actually, I thought it was her when I looked at the picture before the Warrior you mentioned. :-).

    David Shupe - Mar 31, 2012: I know, some of my pictures are dead giveaways, like the one of David and Goliath!

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: That's okay. I like to see the pictures! :-).

    Melody Popo - Apr 1, 2012: It was the same for me as with Joy: I knew it on the first paragraph and the rest of the poem confirmed it ......... Abigail. Another great riddle, Uncle David.

    David Shupe - Apr 1, 2012: Thanks, Melody. Glad you liked it! Like I said before, just can't get anything pass you and Joy, but I'll keep trying, if the good Lord permits.

    RIDDLE #15: WHO AM I?
    Judas, betraying Jesus with a kiss!

    I was a member of a very select group that Christ, Himself, commands,
    Actually, I was the treasurer as I handled all the money demands.

    This was right down my alley, as I always had been a back door thief,
    I covered my clandestine activities by pretending to give others relief.

    I took advantage of opportunities to use the funds for my own benefit,
    As these 11 men were all very honest and trusting, it was easy to outwit.

    You may think it strange a thief would be chosen as one of a select few,
    But I was a member of that royal nation, God's chosen people, a Jew.

    Just because I didn't believe all the gobbly-gook this man, Jesus, spouted,
    I believed a merciful and gracious God gives everyone a chance to be outed.

    One day I derided a woman for washing the feet of Jesus with expensive annointing,
    How much money that ointment would've added to benefit my treasurer's appointing.

    Another time when all 12 disciples were together, Jesus called me a devil,
    "I have chosen all 12 of you, and one of you is a devil" ~ how evil?

    I really didn't understand how this man who said he was God, could heal anyone,
    I saw the so-called miracles but thought it was magic and he was just having fun.

    One day I saw a chance to add 30 pieces of silver to my treasury money stash,
    With a betrayal kiss I pointed Him out to the authorities; they gave me the cash.

    However, as my life came to a violet ending, I became aware of things I never knew,
    I had failed to believe in Christ which showed my thinking was all askew,

    Further, I had betrayed the innocent blood and caused Jesus to be falsely arrested,
    All of this because of my greed and inability to measure up when I was tested.

    I attempted to give the money back to the authorities, but they refused it all,
    Too late, I was so remorseful, that I went and hanged myself if you can recall.

    This is the end of my life and my story, and if you still want to know my name,
    Just go to the N. T. book of Matthew, chapters 26 and 27, and you'll be on to my game.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 1, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Apr 8, 2012: The picture gave it away before I read the riddle ... Judas. Hats off to you, Uncle David, for another good riddle, As they would say on 'Hee Haw' ... Salute !!

    David Shupe - Apr 8, 2012: I know. Probably shouldn't use the pictures as it makes it so much easier to guess. May have to go back to the question marks. Very good, Melody. Thanks!

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 8, 2012: Well, this time I didn't look at the pic first, but did know who is was from the first paragraph. Always fun to read it through though! Thanks! :-).

    David Shupe - Apr 8, 2012: Very good! The next one probably won't stump you either, but I think you will find it quite interesting!

    RIDDLE #16: WHO AM I?
    Samson killing a lion with his bare hands.

    I have this, like, very strong boyfriend, like, he's a real hunk,
    If two legged animals were edible, I'd, you know, chew off a big chunk.

    This guy, I mean, he's so macho, and, like, he's a hottie and a big swooner,
    What he does to me is so cool, and rather than him see me later, I'd make it sooner.

    There's nothing about him that I would try to keep hidden, as he's such a cool dude,
    I'd be his mouthpiece to shout from housetops, if ya'll wouldn't think it was so rude.

    Let me tell you some of the things he's done, so you can see how he's so groovey,
    It's not that he shouts from the housetops how he's the badest; he's just a real smoothie.

    On way to town, a lion attacked my hunk; with bare hands he ended the lion's duration,
    I mean, this is no mean feat for a guy having no formal training in lion extermination.

    Another time, his first wife was given to another man, to his immense anger he did yield,
    He tied firebrands to 300 foxes' tails, then set them free to burn down Philistine corn fields.

    When delivered to Philistines, he broke the cords; with an ass's jawbone he slew 1000 men,
    Visiting Gaza, he evaded capture by ripping gates and posts from the ground going free again.

    The Philistines offered me large sums of money to determine reasons why my guy was so strong,
    Me and my Hercules beau, or loads of money to keep me for a rainy day; how could I go wrong?

    We were an item, so I'd just have to use my charms to learn the secret of his great strength at last,
    He kept fooling me, the Philistines failed to detain him until I withheld my favors, then he was aghast.

    He told me all on his heart, his strength was in his long hair which he had not cut from his youth,
    He laid his weary head on my lap and slept, I sheared off his hair and many would say I was uncouth.

    I said the Philistines be upon you, Samson; he arose as before but this time he was as weak as a kitten,
    So the Philistines escorted him off to jail, then put out both his eyes and his freedom he was not a gettin'.

    Later, I felt depressed about the dastardly deed I had done, but most of all I missed my big strong lover,
    However, any feelings of remorse I had faded quickly, as my small fortune enabled me to be in the clover.

    Subsequently, Lords of the Philistines called for Samson so he could provide them entertainment
    The Lord strengthened him to pull the building down, killing more at death than before arraignment.

    I learned this later from a door guard at the colisium where it all happened, and shed a brief tear,
    It was a good fling while it lasted; now instead of living from day to day, I can live from year to year.

    If you're still unsure of who I am, and are seriously ready for my name to be seen,
    Just turn to the Old Testament Book of Judges, and peruse chapter sixteen.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 3, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson Feb 4, 2012: I believe I know this one, I said with glee. Her name was coupled with Samson and starts with a "D". :-).

    Melody Popo - Feb 4, 2012: That was cute, Joy ... good job :-)). hmm, could it be Daphne, Deborah, Denise, or Diane, but I'll say "Delilah" was the one coupled with Sam. lol.

    David Shupe - Feb 4, 2012: You guys are too much ~ just can't get anything past either of you. Going to have to put you on my "Riddle Poem Writing Staff."

    David Shupe - Feb 5, 2012 : Actually, Donna is the one coupled with Sam!!!!!

    Joy Nicholson - Feb 7, 2012: Well, I did say, "D". I could have meant Donna! LOL! Maybe not. :-) .

    David Shupe - Feb 7, 2012: You're right, you could go either way - a real politician - LOL!

    RIDDLE #17: WHO AM I?
    The gaudy and aristicratic Jezebel.
    I'm a lady who loves nice expensive trinkets and very gaudy things,
    Since I'm a lady of power and prestige, I can afford extravagant flings.

    I also believe in exercising power and running over pittling opposition,
    This is one of the perks of the monarchy and coincides with my disposition.

    My husband is the king of Israel, with a reputation of being the badest of the bad,
    As he condones evil proceedings and decries good, some say he borders on being mad.

    One time my husband coveted the vineyard and gardens of Naboth, a nearby lowly subject,
    He lamented that they were not his to own and enjoy; I said getting them is no mean object.

    I simply had my servants terminate the owner's existence and claimed the land for the king,
    This was no big task, as all I had to do was to issue an order under seal of his royal ring.

    Another time, my 450 prophets of Baal challenged prophet Elijah to a contest to test our gods,
    Regrettably, Elijah's underhanded methods dampened our chances to win and made us look like clods.

    Our prophets tried everything for hours to have our gods consume the sacrifice, but alas, to no avail,
    They jumped up and down, shouted and cut themselves with knives, but nothing seemed to prevail.

    The scoundrel poured 12 barrels of water over his sacrifice expecting fire from heaven to consume it,
    To our absolute consternation, fire did come down from heaven and consume it, I was mad enough to spit.

    Then, to add insult to injury, Elijah had his followers assassinate all of Baal's prophets, totally out of hand,
    I swore to my gods that I would punish him for what he had done, and rid his carcass out of the land.,

    After hearing this, he turned tail and vamoosed, like the coward he was, to escape my fierce wrath,
    I later learned that he had escaped our capture, and had holed up in a cave which was off the beaten path.

    I have to admit my life is not a role model for other women to imitate and pattern their lives after,
    Because the way I lived and then met my fate were not good examples to be assured of a glorious hereafter.

    A warrior, Jehu, ordered me thrown from an upstairs balcony and I was dead after contact with the ground, no worry,
    I wasn't aware of it, but my body was trampled under warriors' horses' feet until little remained to bury.

    If you're still a mite confused and a bit uncertain about who I really am,
    Just turn to chapter 21 of First Kings, and you're sure to pass the exam.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 6, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Apr 11, 2012: lol ... I couldn't tell by the picture this time; I had to read the poem. The answer ... the wicked Jezabel.

    David Shupe- Apr 13, 2012: Right, so right. If you know the life and story of Jezebel, it's quite easy, but if it is foreign to you, then it's difficult, and would have to look it up. The next one will not be so very difficult either for the Biblically proficient, but will be a little evasive for the novice.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 15, 2012: I didn't guess it right at first, but it became clear as I read on. :-).

    David Shupe - Apr 15, 2012: Glad you guessed it before reading Melody's answer. Try the next one on Wednesday.


    Pharaoh's daughter discovers Moses in bulrushes!

    I was instrumental in saving a baby boy infant from a horrible death,
    The king issued an edict that all male jewish babies, would from their mothers, be bereft.

    The king of Egypt was concerned about the rapid growth of Israelis within his borders,
    He was fearful that in a war, the Israelis would side with the enemy against his orders.

    As a result he instructed midwives delivering babies to destroy all male infants upon birth,
    Sort of like a post natal abortion, as this would serve to diminish the Jewish population on earth.

    This newborn baby infant was subject to this edict, but his mother had other ideas for his survival,
    She made an ark daubed with slime and pitch, and floated him in the water to hide him from her rival.

    I stood a long ways off to see what would be done to this little infant, and to go tell his mother,
    Pharoah's daughter spied him in coming to wash in the river, having compassion on another.

    Then I said to her, "Shall I go and find a Hebrew nurse that she may nurse the child for you?"
    Pharaoh's daughter said "go," so me and her maid went and called his mother to see what she could do.

    The daughter said, "Take this child and nurse it for me, and I will give you wages," for your hire,
    The mother was paid for raising her own son, resulting in a situation some might consider dire.

    Coming of age, his mother turned the young boy over to the princess, she raised him as her son,
    She called his name, Moses, which means "drawn out" as she had taken him out of the river run.

    Many years later, this man became the leader of our people, and I became his assistant,
    If my name is still elusive, look me up in Exodus, chapt. 2 for the answer if you're persistent.


    David S. Shupe
    February 12, 2012


    POEM RESPONSE (Riddle #18)
    Melody Popo- Apr 18, 2012 : Moses' sister Miriam.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 22, 2012: That one was easy, but still compelled to read it all - interesting! The old, old stories are still new and relevant today!

    David Shupe - Apr 22, 2012: Yes, easy for you, Melody and Sam. Not so easy for someone not so well versed in the Bible. It all depends on one's background and training. I have to warn you now that next week's riddle (#19) will be quite a bit more difficult than this one was. Somebody will have to look it up, I'm pretty sure.

    Samson Shupe - Apr 23, 2012: Ut oh, he just threw down the glove! We have been challenged Joy and Melody. Problem is, we know David is capable of serving up a riddle that will strain the grain. We may have to look up for the answer!

    David Shupe - Apr 23, 2012:

    No doubt about it, you'll just have to run the proverbial gauntlet,
    Just read it and weep when it's posted, & don't be upset.

    If you're still stuck in the mud & still don't know the answer,
    You'll be just like the race horse, an all around prancer.

    Going around in circles, going nowhere, neither north nor south,
    And you all will probably make a fool out of me & my big mouth.

    But if you do guess it without looking it up in the Good Book,
    Then you'll win a delicious country breakfast on me & Elaine,
    If you're ever over in this neck of the woods taking a look!

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 28, 2012: LOL! I did guess # 19. However, I could not think of his name - my brain was in a fog, and, to my shame, I had to read what Melody did log! That was a pitiful poem from me! We better stick to yours! :-). (I'll still take the breakfast though! Sounds too good to pass up! Could use it right now.) ;-).

    David Shupe - Apr 28, 2012: Looks like Melody wins the "country breakfast," Joy wins the consolation prize (that's the country breakfast without the country gravy, and Sam, are you competing this time? If you are and guessed the answer without looking it up, then we owe all 3 couples a "special" country breakfast of eggs, sausage, scrapple, bacon, pancakes, country gravy, fresh orange juice, delicious coffee and maple syrup. Come and get it before we throw it out, or let Elaine and I know when you'll be available. We usually have it on Wednesday and Saturdays.

    Melody Popo - Apr 29, 2012: Sounds wonderful, David and Elaine. I love country breakfasts. Now that I have my RN license, I will be applying for jobs in Salisbury. When I know I will be in Salisbury over a Wednesday or Saturday, I will give you a call. That is so thoughtful and generous of you both. I am looking forward to it.

    David Shupe - Apr 30, 2012 : We pray that you will soon land a job so that we can have you over for the "country breakfast." We'll also look forward to it, Melody.

    Joy Nicholson - May 1, 2012: Country breakfasts are hard to pass up!!! :-) Praying you'll find just the right job in Salisbury area, Melody! God knows just where you need to be.

    RIDDLE #19: WHO AM I?

    Uriah in midst of battle after his warriors retired!

    My name you'll have to derive from the following clues and narration,
    I am a loyal career soldier in the king's army, and in it for the duration.

    My fellow soldiers & I were sent on a mission to capture & place a city under slavery,
    We were led by Joab, a great and renown general, a man known for his bravery.

    One day, Commander Joab sent me on an important errand to report to the king,
    I was to convey the status of our military efforts to date, this was no mundane thing.

    I reported to my King all was well and provided him details of our military excursion,
    He generously gave me leave to go home, relax, spend quality time with my wife for diversion.

    Quickly and respectively I informed my king in no way could I take advantage of such amenity,
    My commander and fellow soldiers were fighting and sleeping on the battle field with no serenity.

    I could in no wise, with a clear conscience, enjoy the pleasures and comforts of home with this in mind,
    And if the king would humbly pardon me, I would take a rain check, but thank you for being so kind.

    I actually spent the night, along with his body guards, sleeping outside his door guarding his life,
    At least I felt I was justified, rather than selfishly going home to enjoy being with my lovely wife.

    The next day the king invited me to a feast where we had plenty of good food and wine served inside,
    In fact I think I over did it, as I was more than a little tipsy as the king had encouraged me to imbide.

    Again the king strongly urged me to go home, relax, enjoy the time off and even "lie with my wife,"
    Being the loyal subject that I was, I could not enjoy my own comforts with my unit living with strife.

    Again, I slept with the guards outside the king's door, and I have to tell you, my conscience was quite clear,
    The next morning, the king sent me back to my unit with a sealed message for Commander Joab's ear.

    In the midst of a battle the next day, something odd seemed to occur; all of a sudden I was all alone,
    It seemed that my fellow soldiers had retreated quite suddenly without making their movements known.

    Normally, our good Commander, Joab would give us a command or signal when to advance or retreat.
    I looked up and the last thing I remember were hundreds of arrows coming straight at me sealing my defeat.

    If you're still undecided about who I am, and whether or not your best guess will unlock windows of heaven,
    Open your Bible to the old testament book of 2nd Samuel, and take a gander at chapter Eleven.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 14, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Apr 26, 2012: Bathsheba's husband Uriah.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 28, 2012: I suspected who it was during the 4th paragraph and it was confirmed as I read on. Good job! :-).

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 28, 2012: LOL! I did guess # 19. However, I could not think of his name - my brain was in a fog, and, to my shame, I had to read what Melody did log! That was a pitiful poem from me! We better stick to yours! :-). (I'll still take the breakfast though! Sounds too good to pass up! Could use it right now.) ;-).

    David Shupe - Apr 28, 2012: Your stanza poem was great. I'll include in on the poem website under poem response. Looks like Melody wins the "country breakfast," Joy wins the consolation prize (that's the country breakfast without the country gravy, and Sam, are you competing this time? If you are and guessed the answer without looking it up, then we owe all 3 couples a "special" country breakfast of eggs, sausage, scrapple, bacon, pancakes, country gravy, fresh orange juice, delicious coffee and maple syrup. Come and get it before we throw it out, or let Elaine and I know when you'll be available. We usually have it on Wednesday and Saturdays, but we're flexible on other days.

    David Shupe - Apr 30, 2012: We pray that you will soon land a job so that we can have you over for the "country breakfast." We'll also look forward to it, Melody.

    RIDDLE #20: WHO AM I?

    Lot's wife looking back at a burning Sodom!

    This riddle will probably not be too long, but be short and sweet,
    Because my life was cut short, and what happened to me was not so neat.

    I was married with two daughters, and lived in the Biblical city of Sodom,
    It was a city with people known for immoral activities thriving in the kingdom.

    One day two men, some say angels, came by and husband invited them to spend the night,
    Men of the city came by and tried to entice them outside to party and perform things not right.

    My husband told the rowdy men these two were guests, but he had two daughters they could use,
    Which to me seemed mighty queer, as they were our only daughters not meant for any abuse.

    Thankfully, they refused his offer and stormed the door, so the angels smote them all with blindness,
    Then ordered us all to vacate the city, which we prepared to do, taking advantage of their kindness.

    The angels told us they were going to destroy the city because of all the evil the people had done,
    Their lifestyle and actions were found wanting, so they would pay for the immoral web they had spun.

    They had given us instructions to leave hurriedly, not to tarry, look back or even come to a halt.
    My curiosity got the better of me, and I turned and looked back, and I suddenly became a pillar of salt.

    Actually, the subject of our story still had an affinity to those things the Lord considered to be distasteful,
    Rather than curiosity, she yearned for her friends and partying left behind in a manner so ungraceful.

    So, this is a lesson to us, one and all, if you cling to this life with all its pleasures, you will lose it,
    But if you close the door on your life in this sinful world, you will find new life in Christ, if you submit.

    If you're still a bit befuddled, and want to be sure we're not playing tricks,
    Look up Genesis, chapter 19, and read verses 24 through 26.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 20, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - May 1, 2012: Lot's wife. I don't think the Bible gives her name. Another great riddle. ( :-)).

    David Shupe - May 2, 2012: You're so right, Melody. The Bible doesn't name her, except to refer to her as "Lot's wife," so that's correct.

    Joy Nicholson - May 5, 2012: Turned to a pillar of salt, but unfortunately, not the salt of the earth, as Jesus told us to be!!! :-) .

    RIDDLE #21: WHO AM I?

    Picture of Rahab!

    I live in the Biblical city of Jericho, and I am known as a woman of ill repute,
    That I have not lived a moral and upstanding life is not in dispute.

    One day, two men, Israelites, came to our city to search out the land on the sly,
    I suppose, from the perspective of my people, their actions were better known as spy.

    So their presence would not be made known, I hid them on the roof under stalks of flax,
    This was a spur of the moment thing, and I really don't know why I performed these acts.

    Soldiers came by searching for the men, I told them I didn't know from whence they came,
    The two men were in such a hurry and things happened so fast, I didn't even get their name.

    I led the soldiers on a wild goose chase, telling them the men were escaping, they had better hurry,
    Then I informed the two spies the soldiers had departed, and they had no need to worry.

    I told the spies my people were faint hearted hearing the things the Lord for you had employed,
    In drying up the Red Sea for them to cross, and the Amorite kings you utterly destroyed.

    Soon as we heard these things, our hearts did melt, and all of our courage dried up and fled,
    For we realized that your God is God in heaven as well as on earth and we could all wind up dead.

    Now for the kindness that I have rendered in keeping your presence under wraps so to speak,
    I have kept you both from being discovered, as you my fellow countrymen did diligently seek.

    So swear to me by the Lord, you will show kindness to my father's house, and give me a true token,
    That you will save alive my father, mother, sisters and brothers for sure ~ there, I have spoken!

    So the two men agreed that if she hung a scarlet cord from her window when they attacked the city,
    Her life and her family would be spared, so they thanked me for my kindness and on them taking pity.

    Since my apartment was on the city wall, I let them down to escape to the forest by the scarlet cord,
    Aware of the stories about the Israelites, I began to feel that what I was doing was the will of the Lord.

    My eyes were opened, my sins came before me, I felt good helping although at odds with my past fling ,
    I felt sorry for the life I had lived in the past, and I was now convinced that God was the true King.

    When they attacked a few days later, the scarlet cord was hanging out the window as they prescribed,
    True to their word, my family and I were kept alive, and to the Jewish captors, we subscribed.

    A great honor was bestowed on me, as I was enabled to be included in the lineage and birth of Christ,
    The enormous benefit to me and family for my help, and this great honor, was beyond setting a price.

    Make no mistake about it, God can use anyone, anytime, anywhere if you are just willing,
    All He needs is an available pliable vessel, and He paves the way for His task to be fulfilling.

    To make sure we're all on the same wave length, and you want it all to be true,
    Go to the Living Word of God, His Word of Truth, the Book of Joshua, Chapter Two.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 27, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - May 9, 2012: Rahab ... a woman who showed wisdom in helping the two Israelites.

    Joy Nicholson - May 12, 2012: I was reading that story in the Bible just a few days ago! Like your rendition of it! :-).

    David Shupe - May 12, 2012: You are absolutely right once again, Melody. And yes, Joy, to me Rahab is a very interesting study. A woman of ill repute, definitely frowned on by society, yet God not only uses her to save Israel, but also elevated her to a very high level in order for her to be included in the lineage of David, and therefore in the lineage of Christ, Himself. What a merciful and forgiving God we have!

    Joy Nicholson - May 13, 2012: AMEN to that!!!

    RIDDLE #22: WHAT AM I?

    A shark with an aquafresh smile.

    What is it that you freely give away and get it right back again?
    It doesn't matter whether the recipients are strangers or kin.

    Actually, you really can't give this away, like a boomarang, it comes back to you,
    The harder you try to lay it on another person, the more they give back it's true.

    When you pass someone on the street, or even in the grocery store,
    It doesn't matter whether you like them, or hope to see them any more.

    Always be aware of people around you, and be fully apprised.
    Just give them one of these, and you will be pleasantly surprised,

    One thing it can do is to make your eyes light up and sparkle I do express,
    While it doesn't cost you anything, it's value to a recipient may be priceless.

    So if you are having one of those blue Mondays yourself and feel a little down,
    Just try giving away one of these, and you're certain to lose that frown.

    Freely we have received, freely should we give, especially if it will benefit another,
    A desire to give this away and receive it back again, we would not want to smother.

    The more you continue to give, the more you'll surely get in return,
    If you're not used to giving this away, it's a good lesson to learn.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    February 29, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - May 17, 2012: A Smile.

    When I saw the picture, I thought maybe you wrote a poem about Jonah. The huge smile in the picture wasn't lost on me either. I just thought you found a cute smilely picture for Jonah. However, once I started reading the poem riddle, I knew the picture of the huge smile was on purpose. Good job as always, David.

    David Shupe - May 17, 2012: Yes, the Aquafresh smile! Something we could always do a little bit more of; just turn our frown upside down, then maybe we'll help turn someone's life around!!! Thanks for your input, Melody!

    Joy Nicholson - May 20, 2012: I liked that, David! Like Melody, I thought of Jonah when I saw the pic, but then remembered that Jim had read part of it to me and guessed a smile also. I think we could indeed underestimate the worth of a smile.

    In the words of Emily Dickinson on "A Smile":
    They might not need me, but they might.
    I'll let my head be just in sight;
    A smile as small as mine might be
    Precisely their necessity!

    David Shupe - May 20, 2012: Thanks, Joy. If it wasn't for giving the riddle away, I would use Ms. Emily's poem at the end of the riddle poem to close it out. It's a good ending. As it is, I'll just leave it in your comments.


    Daughters appealing to Moses.

    We are five sisters, five sisters are we,
    We are the daughters of one man, and happy to be.

    We are the twice removed granddaughters of a person quite renown,
    In fact, he rose from slavery and prison to wear in Egypt a crown.

    Everyone knows ancester Joseph and how he dealt with the seven year drought,
    Keeping our people and others from starving; this was what it was all about.

    Now that we've given you a brief background to keep you on the right track,
    I'll supply you with a little more information as part of our tack.

    When Joshua was divying up the land to the tribes, we were going to be excluded,
    As land was only allocated to male members, our righteous indignation exuded.

    Our family and tribe members would have no part in the land dispersal,
    We would be totally dependent on others to live and there would be no reversal.

    So my sisters and I petitioned Joshua and our leaders to correct this disfunction,
    They took the matter directly to God, and God Himself agreed with our injunction.

    We five daughters were given land portions as father had no sons to carry on his name,
    With one stipulation, we could marry who we wanted, only in our own tribe they did proclaim.

    Actually, we did eventually end up marrying sons of all our uncles which worked out well,
    This way, the land and property stayed within our tribe and no need existed to sell.

    I'm here to let you know that God is a righteous God, and his judgments are just,
    He is with us in trouble, and He delivers us out of trouble, and to follow Him is a must.

    Now, we need to know two things, one; who is our father, and number two,
    What are the names the five sisters, if that's not so difficult as to make you all askew?

    If you're still undecided, and you still want to know who we're talking about,
    Read the portion in the O. T. Book of Joshua, Chapter 17, verse 3, and you'll find it out.


    David S. Shupe
    March 4, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 9, 2012: When I read this, I was thinking of the story of Caleb's daughter in Joshua, chapter 15. I don't remember this story. It was good! :-).

    David Shupe- Jun 9, 2012: Thanks, Joyful. Finally composed one that stumped you guys. Hurray! Actually it's very difficult to remember names like the Dad, Zelophehad, and his five daughters, Mahlah, Hoglah, Milcah, Tirzah, and Noah. The last one is easy, but a daughter named Noah? Maybe she helped build the ark.

    Melody Popo - Jun 10, 2012: I must have overlooked Riddle 23. I didn't read it until today. But alas, i did not know the answer anyway. I do remember the story where the daughters had to appeal for their father's land, but I did not remember the names of the father and the 5 daughters. Once again, you have stumped us. Good job again. :-)).

    David Shupe - Jun 10, 2012: Sorry you missed it, Melody. I knew the story would probably be familiar to the average Bible scholar, but it's difficult to remember six names, especially ones like Zelophehad, and five daughters with uncommon names like Milcah, Hoglah, Tirzah, Noah and Mahlah. I mean, after all they're not good American names that we're familiar with. I can usually remember only about three of them myself.

    RIDDLE #24: WHO AM I?

    Achan burying the accursed thing!

    After the walls came tumbling down,
    We entered the city of Jericho.
    And proceeded to carry out orders
    to annihilate the people, our foe.

    The battle was indeed fierce,
    but we were able to subdue every inhabitant.
    Seeing the wealth they left behind,
    I can vouch, it was nothing but extravagant.

    We burned the entire city to the ground,
    but saved the silver and the gold.
    This was all supposed to go into the treasury
    for the Lord's work we were told.

    I could readily see that there was more
    than enough for everyone involved.
    A little of these priceless minerals would go
    a long ways for my problems to be solved.

    Forget about what our leader had said,
    because I sure coveted some of this stash.
    There were like, you know, all these free
    garments and just loads of gllittering cash.

    Surely noone would mind if I just "borrowed"
    a garment or two and some gold and silver.
    I would just keep it awhile to see how it feels
    to have something; I won't keep it forever.

    As nobody was paying attention to me,
    I just took a few items and slipped them in my tunic.
    When I arrived back at my tent, I dug a
    good-sized hole with my shovel and my pick.

    Then I carefully placed my wrapped treasure
    in the hole and covered it up with dirt.
    Knowing it was safe from prying eyes,
    if noone was curious enough or happened to be alert.

    I was feeling quite pleased with myself,
    for my newfound wealth and unexpected treasure.
    I was overwhelmed with joy,
    My mouth was simply watering with anticipatory pleasure.

    After defeating Jericho, our leader, Joshua,
    led us in an attack on the city of Ai.
    As we had God on our side to help fight
    our battles, we had no need of an ally.

    However, this time things were different,
    and the battle didn't go as it had before.
    We were soundly routed and beaten back
    by the fierce Ai warriors we could not ignore.

    Unknown to me, our leader Joshua, went before
    the Lord to find out why we were beaten.
    The grapevine had it that God told him
    we lost because the accursed thing had been taken.

    So a diligent search began for the person or persons
    responsible for this egregious infraction.
    I began to be a little worried, hoping against hope
    their search would fail to achieve any traction.

    Suddenly two Israeli guards appeared out of nowhere,
    and I was escorted to see our leader at his suggestion.
    He told me that I should immediately confess my sins,
    and ask God's mercy for my transgression.

    My eyes were opened and I began to see that my days
    were numbered, and I began to fear for my life.
    Not only that, but how far reaching would this be,
    and how would it affect my children and my wife.

    Maybe if I came clean and told Joshua the truth,
    and showed them the items I had pilfered.
    They would have mercy on me, especially my family,
    that they would not be the ones who suffered.

    So I took them to my tent and showed them the silver,
    gold, and garments I had taken from the city.
    They roughly grabbed both me and my family,
    taking us to the edge of camp for stoning~~what a pity!

    My last thought as darkness closed in around me,
    was that I had destroyed our lives for these useless riches.
    When I should have obeyed God's commandments,
    resisting temptation for these worldly glitches.

    After reading these lines,
    and you still don't have the answer straight,
    Just flip to the Old Testament Book of Joshua,
    chapters seven and eight.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    March 12, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jun 8, 2012: Although the story was familiar, I didn't remember the man's name who took the treasures; I had to look it up. You got me on this one. Good job, Uncle David.

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 9, 2012: I wasn't sure of his name either. Achan came to mind finally, but I did have to look it up. :-).

    David Shupe - Jun 9, 2012: This is getting good. Two for two and had you guys almost stumped! Achan and the accursed thing!

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 12, 2012: We can see you are sharpening your wits on these poems to try to stump us! :-).

    David Shupe - Jun 12, 2012: And that's tough to do, believe me! You guys are too good for me.

    RIDDLE #25: WHO AM I?

    The widow offering bread and water to Elijah.

    I was outside gathering sticks for a fire one day,
    When a bearded man suddenly called out to me, oh say.

    Without a by your leave, hello, or any such thing~he uttered a no-brainer
    He ordered me to bring him some water to drink in a container.

    Pray tell, how else could I carry water, in my bare hands?
    He sounded like a real male chauvenist to me, my lands.

    Being a non-violent person, I quietly went to do his bidding,
    Before many steps, he spoke to me again; I thought he was kidding.

    This time he ordered me to also bring him something to eat, bread, it's true,
    I've seen nervy guys before, but this guy takes the cake & wants to eat it too.

    Just had to tell him that I had only a handful of meal & a little oil in a cruse,
    I was planning to fix a final meal for me & my son to eat & die, that's my news.

    He told me not to fear, but just prepare him a little cake first and give to him,
    Then prepare one for myself & son as there would be plenty; supplies would not dim.

    He assured me the barrel of meal would not waste, or the cruse of oil fail,
    Until the day that the Lord would again send rain upon the earth, pray tell.

    So I obediently followed his orders and my son and I ate for many days on end,
    My barrel of meal did not deplete nor the cruse of oil fail, what a godsend!

    After these things happened, my son became so sick that he was absent of all breath,
    I thought this might have occurred because of my sins and this caused his death.

    So I blamed my sins and this so-called man of God for this terrible ordeal,
    He took my son from me, carried him to a loft, put him on his bed & began his appeal.

    He stretched himself upon my son three times and prayed that God would restore his soul,
    The Lord heard the voice of this prophet, and the soul of my son revived & he was made whole.

    He brought me my son and delivered him back to me whole, well and alive~my son, my youth,
    And now I was convinced that this was indeed a real man of God and he spoke the truth.

    If you haven't guessed who I am by now, read the Old Testament Book of I Kings, Chapter 17,
    Then you will be enlightened, the victory bells will ring and the answer will come clean.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    April 6, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson
    - Jun 30, 2012: Well, I got that one at about the 2nd verse and clinched it when he also asked for bread! Thanks for the easy one! LOL!!!

    David Shupe - Jul 1, 2012: Very good. However, to some this would not have been an easy one. Most would have to look it up to refresh the setting and get the woman's title.

    Melody Popo - Jul 1, 2012: Unfortunately I had to look it up. I had two or three Bible stories going through my mind ... so I had to go check it out. Another fantastic poem riddle !!

    David Shupe - Jul 1, 2012: Quite ok. I had to look it up to compose the riddle, mostly to make sure I had it right in accordance with the scriptures. Don't like to be way off base. Some of them I could do without looking them up first. But I usually do check them out afterwards, for authenticity. Try #26 next time, which may or may not be easier.

    RIDDLE #26: WHO AM I?

    A repentant man on his face and knees!

    Who is it that when slapped on one cheek, he turns the other,
    When you overstay your welcome, he considers it no bother.

    If one asks of him a cloak, he also offers his coat,
    If compelled to go a mile, he will go two, but he's no doat.

    If things happen to upset his applecart, he just gives a big smile,
    And goes along his merry way, inwardly whistling all the while.

    When his friends are hungary, he feeds them and his enemies too,
    He's not just a fly-by-nighter, but a dedicated person to you.

    He doesn't gossip, spread false rumors or major on minor matters,
    He's concerned about helping the poor and needy who may be in tatters.

    He lifts up instead of tearing down, encourages instead of discouraging,
    He's there to help his neighbor and brother, and not for disparaging.

    He has Christ as his savior, and the Bible as his rule of faith and guide,
    He lets his heart do his talking, for in Jesus he does abide.

    He has given his heart to God, and he has become a new creature,
    He may enroll in theology school and elect to become a preacher.

    When he became that new creature, he completely changed his behavior.
    He places his faith in God, and he implicitly trusts Christ as his Savior.

    If you want to be sure that your best guess involves no conflicts,
    Then just turn to the N. T. Book of Acts, Chapter 11, verse 26.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    April 6, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jul 5, 2012: I am a "Christian." Providing that I am right ... I will answer with a song: ""

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 7, 2012: Liked the poem, brother David. Melody, thanks for posting the song by the Greenes. I really enjoyed it, plus a few more! I always liked the Greenes, anyway, and was really blessed by all the singing, plus Kim Greene Hopper's testimony about being in the hospital with Lexi. God uses us to bless others! Thanks to both of you for sharing! I did have the answer in the first paragraph. Thanks for the easy one! :-).

    David Shupe - Jul 7, 2012: Thanks, Melody and Joy, for your responses to the riddle poem. And Melody, the song by the Greenes was so appropriate and the correct answer, of course. That was good. I will include the link to the song at the end of the poem so anyone else can hear it if they so desire. Thanks again. And Joy, the riddle probably would not be so easy to everybody, especially those not so Biblically based.


    Naama dipping 7 times in the Jordan River.

    I am the commander over all the military units of the king of Syria,
    Unfortunately, I was stricken with dreaded leprosy, worse even than malaria.

    Notwithstanding, I had the respect not only of my men, but also of my king,
    By me, the Lord had given great victories to Syria and that's no small thing.

    One one military excursion, we had taken a number of Israeli people captive,
    Among these was a young girl who became my wife's slave & she had to be adaptive.

    Hearing of my plight, she told my wife an Israeli prophet could recover me of my disease,
    Reaching the king's ears, he arranged for me to check out the story of the girl we did seize.

    He sent me with gold, silver and a letter to be presented to the king of Israel for healing action,
    King Joram of Israel viewed this as a way to start a fight; this notion received some traction.

    So the king was so mad he ranted, raved and rent his clothes displaying a lot of anger,
    Subsequently, the king had me escorted to see Elisha the prophet and we did not linger.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Elisha as he sent his messenger with a message just for me,
    Which was, "go and wash in the Jordan River and you will be cleansed from your malady."

    Like the king, I became enraged, as we had much cleaner rivers in Syria I could bath in,
    Quite unaware that a great many years later, God's Son would be baptised here for others' sin.

    So I balked at following these instructions, until my servant displayed a cooler head,
    Reminding me if he asked me to do some great & noble thing, I would do it without fear or dread.

    Recognizing the veracity of this assertion, I consented and went down dipping 7 times in the river,
    Immediately my flesh became clean like the flesh of a little child, and my spirit was all a quiver.

    To show appreciation for my cleansing, I returned to the man of God to show my gratitude,
    Acknowledging there was no God in all the earth but in Israel;completely changing my attitude.

    I urged him to take the gifts I brought, he refused saying this was no time to accept a gratuity,
    I had a complete change of heart, telling him from now on I would sacrifice to his God only~for congruity.

    I implored the prophet to intercede to God and pardon me when I bowed down to my king's god,
    For I will worship and serve no other God but Israel's God, this is the future path I choose to trod.

    Though highly skeptical on arriving, my fears had been absolved, and I was quite elated,
    I now knew that the Lord He is God, there is no other, and He cannot be overrated.

    If my name still eludes you, and you are still interested in finding me out,
    Just read II Kings, chapter 5, and you will learn what I'm all about.


    David S. Shupe
    April 7, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jul 11, 2012: Naaman. Another excellent riddle poem.

    David Shupe - Jul 14, 2012 : You're right on, Melody. I believe the next one may be a trifle bit harder though. We'll see.

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 14, 2012: That one was easy since I have read that story to the kids many times! :-) It had not occurred to me while reading it all those times that our Lord Jesus was also baptized in the Jordan River. Just had not connected it. Thanks! :-).

    David Shupe- Jul 14, 2012: It had not occurred to me either until I was checking out the authenticity of the poem, to make sure I was not off base in what we were relating. Then I ran across the statement in the narrative.

    RIDDLE #28: WHO AM I?

    Gehazi and Elisha having a conservation.

    I am a servant of a prophet of God, and that is my role,
    I have served the prophet for a great many years, if the truth were told.

    One day a Syrian warrior came to see my master, and I was present,
    He gave me a message to take out to the warrior, to which I did consent.

    I was surprised to see the man's face up close as I gave him the message,
    It was pock marked and covered with blotches, as well as I could gauge.

    The unusual message instructed the man to go dip 7 times in the Jordan River,
    I was unprepared at the rage of the man after hearing the message I did deliver.

    He decried the edict to bathe in muddy Jordan as Syria had cleaner waters in which to bathe,
    As his attendants attempted to soothe him, he continued to rant and to rave.

    He soon left and I went back inside and told the prophet of his reaction,
    The prophet of God quietly accepted my narration and showed no dissatisfaction.

    A few hours later, he returned to the house and what a difference in the man's appearance,
    His skin was clear as a bell, and as smooth as a new born baby, a miraculous disappearance.

    The leprosy was indeed all gone, and the man had been completely healed of a loathsome disease,
    His dimeanor had drastically changed, he was cheerful and he seemed so much more at ease.

    His attitude was one of joy, happiness, contrition and he was overflowing with humility,
    He said the God of Israel was the only true God, and he would serve Him with respectability.

    He offered gifts to the prophet which the prophet refused saying it was not a time to accept gifts,
    I just could not imagine the prophet turning this down, causing between us some rifts.

    He left, but I was unable to understand how my master could refuse monetary gifts needed so badly,
    Thinking about this, I knew by talking with the warrior, he would give us the rewards and do so gladly.

    So I hastened to catch up with him, and approached him about our needs and desires,
    By lying and saying my master sent me and there were two arriving prophets needing wares.

    Being extremely thankful and a generous man to boot, he actually gave me twice as much as I asked for,
    After leaving the entourage, I felt I was remiss and had been much too lenient in not asking for more.

    I hid the money and goods in a safe place, then returned to report to my master,
    He asked me where I had been, and I told him nowhere, but this ended in disaster.

    Then he related to me where I had gone and what I had done to the nth degree, exactly as it happened,
    And worse, he conveyed on me the leprosy of the Syrian both to me and my family forever, how misshapened.

    Too late, I realized that it would not profit me if I gained the whole world and lost my own soul,
    That I should have sought the Lord and His righteousness first and He would have made me whole.

    If you don't yet know the answer, but would like to, all you have to do is take a look,
    At verses twenty through twenty seven, in chapter five of II Kings, an O.T. Book.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    April 8, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 15, 2012: Gehazi. I was wondering if you would do him also. It's too good of a story not to tell - certainly a warning from the Good Book! :-).

    David Shupe - Jul 15, 2012: You're right so right, Joy. Figured after the Naaman riddle, this one would be a push over, but it was sort of a sequel to Elisha and Naaman. There is a third one which hasn't been posted yet; just finished it yesterday as a matter of fact, so we'll post it sometime in the future.

    Melody Popo - Jul 16, 2012: I had the same answer. Joy read the riddle and answered it before me this time. As you both have said, Gehazi's story is one to learn from.

    RIDDLE #29: WHO AM I?
    (Mark 5:25-34)

    Woman with issue of blood touching Jesus' garment!

    I am an Israeli woman from Galilee though mentioned only briefly in God's Holy Book,
    We'll tell you where at the end of this riddle, so be free to take a good look.
    For many years, I have had a serious and a painful undiagnosed medical condition,
    Although I spent every cent I had, the physicians were unable to improve my situation.

    Even though I had spent everything, I was constantly in pain and steadily grew worse,
    If things didn't drastically improve very soon, I was going to be in line for a 24/7 nurse.
    One cloudy day, we were privileged to have a spiritual icon enter our Galilee town,
    I had never heard anything but good about this Man, even before He came around.

    That He always went about doing good to others, and that was certainly His creed,
    The word preceding Him was He was compassionate and ready to help anyone in need.
    Hearing a noise in the street, I hurried outside to see what all the commotion was about,
    There was a large crowd of people following Someone, and thought I heard a voice shout.

    There were so many people gathered around that Someone, that I wasn't able to get close,
    As I closed in, I heard a voice shout "JESUS" so I stopped being despondent and morose.
    Knowing what I did about this Man, if I could get close to Him, I had faith to be healed,
    There were so many wonderful stories going around, seems nothing had been concealed.

    I renewed my efforts to push through the crowd, and reach JESUS' side, being quite bold,
    Because I felt in my heart, that if I could but touch the hem of His garment I would be made whole.
    Closer and closer I drew to the Lord's side, finally I reached out and touched his garment,
    Instantly a glorious feeling of warmth coursed through my entire body, I was no longer in torment.

    JESUS turned asking, "Who Touched Me?" seemingly an odd question, as people were everywhere,
    His disciples,too, echoed this thought as the crowd was brushing against Him here and there.
    Even so, I fell prostrate on my knees before Him, and frankly admitted just what I had done,
    Looking at me with eyes full of compassion, He said "daughter, your faith has saved you" ~ I had won!

    I left the Lord's presence a different person, a spring in my step and with a happy heart,
    Lifting my voice I proclaimed thanks to God's Son who made my despondency and disease depart.
    So my advice to all who read this is, if you are in an untenable situation and can find no relief,
    Just persevere, hold on to the Lord by faith, and you'll find victory, & experience joy instead of grief.

    Although my name is not available in the Bible, my title you can derive,
    Just turn to the gospel of Mark, verses 25 through 34 of chapter five.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    April 18,2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jul 20, 2012: The woman with an issue of blood.

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 21, 2012: I love that story - one of my favorites in the gospels!

    David Shupe - Jul 21, 2012: Right on, Melody, as usual. Yes, one of mine too, Joy. Such great faith as demonstrated by this woman who had suffered so much and spent all she had for 12 years. How many needy people are in the same boat today. Just reach out and touch the hem of the Master Physician who sees and knows our concerns before we even take them to Him. But He does want us to ask, as He says, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!

    RIDDLE #30: WHO AM I?
    (Mark 5:25-34)

    Head photo of the apostle Peter!

    I am just an humble fisherman, that is my vocation,
    Then along came Jesus, and He changed my entire situation.
    I was known for having an impetuous nature which often landed me into trouble,
    To offset this, there were many times that my efforts for reform I had to redouble.

    The Lord looked beyond my faults and saw my potential in His kingdom, to delve,
    I guess that's why He chose me as one of His select group of twelve.
    My brother, Andrew and I were both fishermen by trade,
    We were preparing our boat to go out fishing, so in we did wade.

    Along came Jesus purposely walking along the sea of Galilee, as one can,
    Approaching He simply said, "Follow me, & I will make you fishers of men."
    We immediately left our nets and followed Him away from the sea,
    Not fully realizing what a profound difference our lives would surely be.

    Another day while out fishing all day and we had caught nothing,
    Jesus came walking by and He could see an absence of something.
    Seeing fisherman with no fish, He said "cast your net on the right side,
    We did so and caught so many we couldn't pull them in as we complied.

    Falling down on my knees before Him, I said, Lord, I am a sinful man,
    He said, "fear not, henceforth you shall catch man," as He gave me His hand.
    One day my wife's mother was in bed very sick with a burning fever,
    Jesus came visiting, touched her hand and she was healed ~ what a reliever.

    We still had to make a living, so returned to fishing to buy things we could afford,
    One day while out, we saw a figure walking on the water clearly resembling the Lord.
    So I boldly asked Jesus to bid me to come to Him and He simply said, "Come."
    Unaware that to do this would take all the faith that I had, and then some.

    My exhilaration in performing this feat was dampened by a sudden boisterous wind,
    Taking my eyes off Christ, seeing heavy seas, I was frightened as I began to descend.
    So I cried out, "Lord, save me," and He reached out His hand and kept me from sinking,
    In following years, He kept me afloat many times when I did or said things unthinking.

    Jesus just looked at me reprovingly, saying "O, you of little faith, why did you doubt?
    Thus began a 3 year walk with this man, Jesus, and learning what faith is all about.
    In Cesarea, Jesus asked his disciples, "Whom do men say that I, the Son of Man, am,"
    After others, I said, "Thou art the Christ, Son of the Living God," ~ the Sacrificial Lamb!

    Jesus: "Blessed art thou, ????? ???????: for flesh & blood hath not revealed it unto thee,
    But My Father which is in heaven," He has enabled you to know the truth and let you see.
    "And I say also unto thee, That thou art ?????, and upon this rock I will build My church;
    And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," ~ no need to do further research.

    This was one of the rare times in my dicipleship, that I said something commendable,
    Most of the time I was guilty of having "foot in mouth" disease, so undependable.
    Another time I approached the Lord, saying "Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me,
    & I forgive him? seven times? He replied, "not seven times but seventy times seven," you see.

    One day Jesus took James, John and myself with Him to the Mount of Transfiguration,
    We witnessed Moses and Elijah appearing and communing with Jesus & deserved an ovation.
    Opening my mouth without thinking, "Let us make 3 tabernacles, one for you, Elijah and Moses,
    The Lord simply ignored my senseless remark as He wisely did with most of my proposes.

    Probably the very worst thing I ever did was deny I knew Christ even after He thus depicted,
    By saying, "Before the cock crows, you will deny me thrice which happened exactly as He predicted.
    At this time Jesus had been arrested and I took homage to His arrest and cut off the high priest's ear,
    True to His divine character, Jesus rectified my impromptu action, restoring that which had been seared.

    After Jesus' resurrection & ascension, my whole character and disposition underwent a change,
    The Holy Spirit came to dwell in us, we became so bold for Christ that some thought it was strange.
    Once as I was preaching about the Lord, 3,000 souls were converted and gave their hearts to God,
    Behold, they became new creatures and we became envigorated in Christ for the way He had trod.

    My entire outlook on His kingdom took on a fresh approach & I became a pillar in Christ's church,
    With 3 years walk with the Lord, and a fresh outlook, I would let no one His name besmirch.
    Me and fellow disciples devoted our lives to preaching the Word & spreading the gospel of the Lord
    Remembering numerous illustrations He taught us, we taught others how to wield the mighty sword.

    If after all the above, and you are still spiritually dense, just read Matthew, Mark, Luke or John,
    And you're sure to be enlightened, and the battle for learning my name will be surely won.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    April 28, 2012


    Melody Popo - Jul 26, 2012: Peter. He was certainly someone who stood out in a crowd. Another great riddle.

    David Shupe - Jul 28, 2012: Yes, one of the pillars of the early church. Where would we be now without the likes of Peter, Paul, James, John and others of their caliber. Great men of God who changed the world through their ministry.

    By the way ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELODY. Hope you have a great one today and a blessed year coming up! Don't forget a special breakfast awaits if you are in the area. Just let us know a day ahead and we can change the day to any day of the week except Sunday.

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 30, 2012: "His impetuous nature" gave it away in the first paragraph - Simon Barjona - Peter. :-). Good one! :-).

    David Shupe - Jul 30, 2012: Thanks! Jesus Christ gave Peter a new nature and made a new creature out of him, the same that he does for us! It changes our nature, personality and our actions for good rather than solely fulfilling carnal desires.

    RIDDLE #31: WHO AM I?

    Haman petitioned Queen Esther for clemancy!

    I am a man who rose to power
    through much coniving and dirty tricks.
    I became the second in command to a king,
    and his advisors, he handpicks.

    He honored me for my service to his realm,
    not realizing it was done on the sly.
    In fact, he gave orders that everyone bow,
    and give obeisance as I rode by.

    One day as I rode down the street in my chariot,
    everyone was bowing except one man.
    It was so noticeable as only one man
    was standing tall; I couldn't understand,

    Why anyone was bold enough to flaunt the king's
    orders and subject themselves to his wrath.
    If he thought he was getting away with this lack
    of respect, he just didn't know his math.

    I delved into his background and learned
    that he was of that hated Jewish elect.
    I approached the king and obtained permission
    to exterminate him and his sect.

    So I sent out letters, sealed with the kings ring,
    in all 127 provinces in the king's realm.
    With orders to kill all Jews on a certain day,
    just to let them know who was at the helm.

    This deed underway, I received another surprise;
    the Queen invited me to dine with her and the king.
    What an honor, and no one could stand in my way now,
    my arch enemy Mordecai, Jews or anything.

    I just had to do a little bragging, so I went home,
    told my wife and all my friends of my sudden fame.
    That I and no one else had been invited to dine with the king
    and Queen, just me, one and the same.

    To celebrate, I immediately ordered a gallows built
    to hang my enemy Mordecai on until he was dead.
    Couldn't wait to see his face when he learned he was to be
    the recipient of the noose, something to dread?

    The day arrived that I fulfilled the honor of dining
    with King Ahasuerus and Esther the Queen.
    The feast was a delicious but private affair, just too bad
    my presence with such nobility had to go virtually unseen.

    Queen Esther enjoyed my company so very much,
    that she invited me back next day for a second feast.
    I became so exuberant and ecstatic that it was hard
    for me to control my feelings to say the least.

    I went to the courtyard to petition the king,
    and the king granted me an audience right away.
    Wow, I really do have some authority here, as normally
    one has to wait to see the king at least half a day.

    Before I could petition him though, he said,
    "What shall be done to the person the king desires to reward?"
    I knew there was no one in the kingdom more deserving
    than me the king would like to show high regard.

    I quickly replied, "Put on him the king's royal robe,
    sit him on his royal steed, and lead him down the street.
    Saying, "This is what is done to the man who the king
    delights to honor," until the task is complete.

    Agreeing with my suggestion, but to my chagrin, the king
    ordered me to round up Mordecai and do as I said do.
    I indeed was crestfallen, but had no choice but to comply
    with the king's order ~ did I ever misconstrue!

    Day after completing my distasteful chore,
    Mordecai once again failed to bow as I journeyed past.
    Well, this was going to change, his day was coming
    and that day just couldn't come too fast.

    At home, my wife said, if this is the people that God helps,
    you just better be ready to throw in the towel.
    Great encouragement from my better half, no matter what,
    I was in the driver's seat and wasn't going to cowl.

    Once again, the banquet spread by Queen Esther was divine,
    just out of this world to catch a phrase.
    To stay on her good side, I ooooood and aaaaaaad
    and was not a little bit reticent in offering her my praise.

    After dessert, the king asked Queen Esther,
    "What is thy petition and I will give it to the half of my kingdom."
    I was shocked as the Queen unloaded on me and accused me
    of setting her and her people up for murderdom.

    When the king realized what I had done,
    to say he was boiling mad is putting it quite mildly.
    In fact he left the room to cool off and figure out
    just what he was going to do, making me act wildly.

    I was devastated anticipating the king's wrath, so I
    frantically petitioned Esther reclining on the lounge, for clemency.
    The king returned, saw me leaning over the Queen and thought
    I was attempting to perform an act of intimacy.

    The king immediatelly ordered the guards to arrest me,
    his servants pointed out the gallows I had built for Mordecai,
    He gave a second order to his guards to hang me on those
    same gallows, and needless to say I was mortified.

    The last sounds I heard were the screeching of the lever
    releasing the trap door, and the words, "Down he goes."
    My last thought as my sordid past flashed before me
    was "Why did I not recognize that one reaps what one sows."

    You can't do wrong and get by, as your sins will find you out,
    and the unrepentant heart will have to pay the piper.
    These are not direct words from the Bible, but if you play
    with filth and soil your clothes, you'll have to wear the diaper.

    If you are still befuddled and want to know the name
    of the enemy of the Jews, Mordecai and Queen Esther.
    Open your Bible, read about anywhere in Book of Esther
    and the door will be unlocked, you will no longer be in sequester.

    WHO AM I?

    God Bless!
    David S. Shupe
    May 14, 2012

    POEM RESPONSE ~ Riddle #31
    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Aug 5, 2012: Very entertaining! I just read the book of Esther a couple or three weeks ago! I always enjoy it. Thanks! :-).

    Melody Popo - Aug 1, 2012: Haman. Thank you for another good riddle.

    RIDDLE #32: WHO AM I?

    Handwriting on the wall!

    To begin with, I became the King of Babylon
    when my father died, as I was of royal stock,
    He was known for his pride and arrogance,
    and I suppose I was a chip off the old block.

    You may remember he went insane and lived with
    and ate grass with animals for 7 years, all alone,
    Then, after the 7 years were up, for some reason
    his mind was restored and he resumed his throne.

    I held a great feast and invited 1000 of my lords,
    their wives and concubines to the feast, quite simple,
    My father had invaded Jerusalem and captured the people,
    as well as priceless vessels from their temple.

    To highlight our drinking and revelry, I ordered
    these gold and silver drinking vessels to be used by all,
    We really lived it up, praising the gods of gold, silver,
    bronze, wood and stone, everyone just having a ball.

    I would say we really lost ourselves in the good food,
    wine, dancing, and praising our gods as well as our idol,
    This was a banquet to end all banquets, oblivious
    to the fact that all of our blasphemy could be suicidal.

    While lost in our partying, drinking and reveling,
    something occurred that completed changed our festive mood,
    A giant hand came out of nowhere, began to write on the wall,
    and this was enough to cause us all to brood.

    To say I was alarmed is mild, as blood rushed from my face,
    I began trembling and my knees knocked together,
    Looking around I could see we were all in the same boat,
    with terror on our faces, as we were birds of a feather.

    Neither me, nor my kingdom citizens were known for being
    pro-religious, as we did what was right in our own eyes,
    We had no use for those weak people spouting God stuff,
    and touting an holier than thou lifestyle for the unwise.

    Anyway, I immediately called for my magicians,
    astrologers and wise men to interpret the writing for me,
    To my chagrin, these notables were not able to interpret it
    and I was fit to be tied, don't you see.
    The Queen, hearing about the incident, and learning
    of my dilemma, advised me of a possible solution.
    A Jewish captive named Daniel, who aided my father,
    filled with wisdom, he could cause problem dissolution.

    I sent for this Daniel and offered him rewards, and to be
    the third ruler in my kingdom if he interpreted the writing,
    He politely refused my offers, but said he would explain
    the handwriting for me, to my delighting.

    The words we plainly saw written upon the wall
    were, "Mene, mene, tekel upharsin," the extent of the message,
    Daniel explained that this was a judgment on me
    for not following God, thus from me, He would disengage.

    Strictly speaking, the interpretation was
    that "I had been weighed in the balances and found wanting,"
    And this night the kingdom would be wrenched from me,
    and given to the Medes and Persians, so undaunting.

    And all because of my sinful pride and arrogance,
    the same traits that drove my father insane for 7 years,
    I had foolishly failed to heed past history,
    and on God's timetable, I was now totally in arrears.

    My fate was sealed, and it happened just as the man
    of God said it would, I lost my kingdom and my life,
    All because I refused to follow God with full knowledge
    of what happened previously through sin and strife.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    May 20, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)
    Joy Nicholson - Aug 12, 2012: Belshazzar. I must admit that his name escaped me since I hadn't read it in awhile, so I looked it up. :-) I remembered the Kings' names before and after him and went blank on his name. :-).

    Joy Nicholson - Aug 12, 2012: Oh, Lord, help us not to be weighed in the balances and found wanting, but to be obedient to you and do that which is pleasing in your sight, I ask in Jesus' Name!!! Amen!!!

    Melody Popo - Aug 14, 2012: Like Joy, when I first read the riddle, I couldn't think of the king's name, even though the story was familiar. I was hoping the name would come to me, but it never did. Good riddle as always, David.

    David Shupe - Aug 14, 2012: Thanks, Joy and Melody. There's only thousands of names in the Bible, and no one can remember them all. But most can recall the story of the handwriting on the wall. I had to look it up myself to make sure I had the name spelled correct.

    RIDDLE #33: WHO AM I?

    The wisdom of a child in prayer!

    All who read the Word are admonished to get this,
    but with all your getting, get understanding.
    If you have this, you will be richly blessed in this life,
    and won't have any trouble comprehending.

    This is not touted as just something that would be
    good to have, but this is the principal thing.
    Although when the world has it, God looks upon it
    as foolishness, which has a diachotomy ring.

    You may work at accumulating wealth,
    it's wisely said that it's better to get this than to get gold.
    To take it even further, we can say unequivocally,
    that he that gets this loves his own soul.

    If you lack this, we are instructed to ask of God,
    and He is able to give it to us quite liberally
    If you obtain and use this the Bible way,
    you'll have no regrets and will benefit eternally.

    If you love me I will watch over you,
    if you do not forsake me I will surely protect you.
    If you fear the Lord then I abide in you,
    If you hate evil you have understanding too.

    Christ Jesus became this direct from God,
    becoming man's righteousness, holiness and redemption.
    When I abide in you, you are enabled to make the right choices
    and from sin, Christ makes an exemption.

    I came down from heaven being pure;
    then peace-loving, considerate, and submissive
    Full of mercy, good fruit, impartial and sincere;
    having all these attributes which are permissive.

    The ostrich is a bird that leaves her eggs
    out in the open where someone's foot may crush them.
    A wild animal may break them; she ignores her young ones
    as if they are not hers, which we condemn.

    Thus this giant bird has been deprived
    of my many beneficial attributes.
    Neither has God imparted to her the understanding
    needed to perform common sense tributes.

    I came down from God, in the form of Christ
    justified of my children, quite sublime.
    Christians are instructed to walk in me toward them
    that are without, redeeming the time.

    Since I come down from the Father of Lights,
    I am pure and I reside among those that are perfect.
    If any man lacks what I am, he can ask of God,
    and He will my attributes liberally inject.

    Then turn to the New Testament book of James,
    chapter one, and verse five.
    There you will be pleasantly surprised to find
    that in your quest for the answer, you did arrive!

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    May 22, 2012

    RIDDLE #34: WHO AM I?

    King David viewing Bathsheba bathing!

    I always considered myself a moral
    person until taking a bath one day.
    I sensed someone gazing in the
    window at me, to my dismay.

    So I quickly finished bathing,
    and proceeded to get dressed.
    When I heard a loud rap on the
    door, I felt a little stressed.

    A man arrayed in servant's attire told
    me my presence was desired by the king.
    My heart was all a flutter, although
    feeling I hadn't done a thing.

    I knew the king occupied quarters
    situated next to my husband and me.
    Ofttimes when he and his entourage
    went by, we were privileged to see.

    So I was more than a little baffled,
    as to the reason I was summoned.
    Had something happened to my soldier
    husband, and this is why I was beckoned.

    Ushered into his presence, I was struck
    by his youthful and handsome looks.
    Looking more like a knight in shining
    armor, we just read about in books.

    I instantly felt a mutual attachment,
    toward a man seen, but not met before.
    We both felt the tremors as soon as
    I walked through the open door.

    He very straightforwardly told me he had
    inadvertently noticed me taking my bath.
    That he was struck by my beauty, had to meet
    and greet me, even tolerate any wrath.

    I would like to tell you that we
    remained as pure as the driven snow.
    Though what we did was immoral,
    I draw the line at lying, not my status quo.

    The next thing I know, we lost control,
    and we fell into each other's arms.
    It was like, we heard bells ringing,
    and they were not false alarms.

    We spent the next couple of days
    getting quite intimately acquainted.
    Not taking into consideration how our
    reputations were being seriously tainted.

    I must tell you my husband's life is
    tied up with being in the king's army.
    While this doesn't excuse my act, he is rarely
    home to fulfill his obligations to me.

    Several weeks passed by, and one day
    I realized that I was with child.
    I was frantic knowing my husband
    had not been home all the while.

    I sent an urgent message to the king,
    telling him of our mistake.
    Then, I sat back and impatiently waited
    to see what action he would take.

    Though I wasn't privy to his actions,
    I later learned what took place.
    How he ordered my husband home,
    but he failed to visit me in any case.

    He reported back to his unit, and was
    subsequently killed in line of battle.
    Later, the king took me for his wife,
    in time for our little baby's rattle.

    However, we were not so fortunate to
    keep the baby due to our infractions.
    The Lord took him, paying us back for our
    immorality, and the king's sordid actions.

    So, you can be sure your sins will find
    you out, and you will be paid back.
    If you think you can do wrong
    and get by scot free, you're off track.

    If the above hints don't have the wheels,
    and the bright lights burning brightly,
    Just turn to II Samual, chapter 11,
    and you'll have no problem guessing rightly.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    July 11, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)
    Melody Popo - Aug 25, 2012: Bathsheba. I enjoy your riddle poems.

    Joy Nicholson - Aug 26, 2012: That was an easy one, and enjoyable - a lesson learned! I like how God put all kinds of stories in the Bible to teach us, warn us, encourage us, etc. Isn't it wonderful how God loves, forgives, and uses us - His imperfect people! David repented, suffered the consequences of his sin, as you said, but what a hard lesson to learn! I tell people sometimes a line I heard years ago, "I am not perfect, just forgiven!"

    1 Corinthians 10:11-13 - Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition...Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation, will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. (NKJV). Romans 15:4 - For whatsoever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. (NKJV) .

    David Shupe - Aug 26, 2012: Thanks Melody, Joy. Yes, David was a man after God's own heart, yet he committed adultery with Bathsheba, and even worse, had her husband, a man faithful to the king, killed in combat. Yet he repented and turned to God. If he did these things and God still loved him, there is certainly hope for us.

    RIDDLE #35: WHO AM I?

    Photo of John the Baptist!

    I am considered the precursor
    And forerunner of Christ,
    Who went before and prepared way
    Of the Lord, which more than sufficed.

    My birth was foretold by an angel,
    Who named me in advance
    Father was struck dumb, unable to speak
    Until my birth, not by chance.

    I'm a descendant of Aaron, and related to Jesus
    So I have nobility and royalty in my ancestry
    Both mothers were pregnant at the same time,
    So reassuring to know He's part of my family tree.

    For clothing I wore goat skins and camel hair,
    For food, I ate locusts and wild honey,
    For housing, I lived in the wilderness area,
    While seemly odd, it didn't cost me a lot of money.

    I was a messenger sent to prepare
    The way of the Lord.
    To let the people know that the
    Kingdom of God was not to be ignored.

    I am the Elijah foretold to come,
    To give knowledge of salvation
    Unto people for the remission of sins, turning
    Hearts of fathers to children, no equivocation.

    One day I was baptising,
    New converts to our cause.
    When Jesus came strolling up,
    And in front of me He did pause.

    I felt compelled to shout out,
    "Behold, the Lamb of God,
    Who takes away the sin of the world,"
    and buries such sin way beneath the sod.

    He requested to be baptised of me,
    I said I need to be baptised of you,
    He said, "suffice it to be so now,"
    For this is an example for all, it's true.

    After baptising Him there,
    We heard a heavenly voice,
    Saying, "This is my beloved Son,
    In whom I am well pleased," his choice.

    I felt so small in comparison to the Master,
    Knowing I was unworthy, his shoes to unlace,
    Realizing He must increase, and I must decrease,
    For all mankind is eligible to be saved by His grace.

    I was put in prison for my belief,
    And for telling Herod the truth.
    That it was wrong for him to marry
    his niece and brother's wife, forsooth.

    I ended up losing my head on a chopping block,
    Because of the king's obstinance and audacity
    So King Herod gave the final order,
    To bring my head on a charger ~ what voracity!

    So you see, you may have to suffer a little,
    or a lot for the kingdom of God's sake.
    Or even suffer martyrdom, but not to worry,
    For God is in control and your soul, He will take.

    The answer to this riddle is so obvious,
    I don't need to give a scripture reference.
    But if you really don't get it, call me,
    And for you I'll show some deference.

    RIDDLE #35: WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    July 12, 2012


    Joy Nicholson - Sep 1, 2012 : Who else but John the Baptist! :-).

    David Shupe - Sep 1, 2012: Hardly an undercover guy with his ostentatious apparel and all the unveiled hints.

    RIDDLE #36: WHO AM I?

    The Shunammite's son delivered back to her whole and well!

    Reportedly, I am a woman of some repute,
    I reside in a small village in Israel
    With my husband, and we are childless,
    But I am considered a wealthy mademoiselle.

    For weeks, I noticed the same man passing by,
    Who I finally learned was God's prophet.
    Since my husband and I were believers in God,
    We invited him in to dine, rest and sit.

    Our house was small, so we added on an extra room,
    And offered it to him when he was in town.
    This way he would have a place to work from,
    And quarters to stay when not running around.

    After all, he's a man of God doing the Lord's work,
    And deserves someplace restful to lay his head.
    For a workman is certainly worthy of his hire,
    Rather than staying at Motel 6, he'd have this instead.

    So we did feed him and made sure he had a room and bed,
    He was a man of compassion, our will he did discern,
    While for our generosity, he felt indebted to us.
    We assured him we expected nothing from him in return.

    We had tried, unsuccessfully for years to have a baby,
    In fact, we had just about given up due to our age.
    Through his servant, he found we wanted a child,
    Telling us that in one year, we would be thus engaged.

    True to his prophecy, a year later our child was born,
    Later, our house was blessed with patter of little feet.
    The child grew and added such warmth to our home,
    As there's nothing in the world so tender and sweet.

    Then one day he complained of his head hurting,
    While he was out working with his father.
    It sort of happened without any advance warning,
    As this child from birth had never been any bother.

    The child did die, and I went looking for the prophet,
    While the child lived, my husband and I were overjoyed.
    Did I ask you for anything when you promised us this son.
    Now he has been taken away, and there is such a void,

    The prophet came, prayed, breathing life back into my son,
    He presented my son back to me, alive and completely well.
    Then, I knew that this prophet was a true man of God,
    And all of our conflicting doubts, he did dispell.

    We provided him a spiritual oasis through our hospitality.
    As a result our lives were enriched through God's generosity.
    If you still have your own doubts about who I really am,
    Go read 2 Kings, chapter 4, and you'll be out of this jam.

    WHO AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    July 14, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Sep 27, 2012: The Shunamite Woman. This is one of my favorite Bible stories. Even though her son was dead, she told God's prophet that "All is well," her faith being strong in God that He would deliver her son back to her. Great story.

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 29, 2012 : That's good. Great story - great poem! :-).

    David Shupe - Sep 29, 2012: Thanks Melody and Joy. Also one of my favorites. To get a son after giving up, losing a son, then regaining a son. Two miracles because she helped a servant of God. He doesn't forget the things we do for Him. If we give a cup of cold water in His name, He remembers.

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 29, 2012: AMEN to that!!! :-).

    RIDDLE #37: WHAT AM I?

    Photo of question mark in grass!

    As I am in you, so be it unto you,
    With me as your base, you'll make it through.

    I am the substance of things hoped for,
    The evidence of things not seen, before.

    The genuineness of what I am, in you,
    Is much more precious than gold, so true.

    Through me, Abraham looked for a city, to be,
    Whose builder and maker is God, you see.

    Jesus, Himself, said that you are saved by having me,
    The more of me you have, the closer to God you will be.

    Without me, it is impossible to please the Maker,
    And when dead, no one can help, not even the undertaker.

    If you're in Christ, you are only there due to my indwelling,
    If you're full of me, your testimony will be quite compelling.

    With me, the sick, lame and diseased are made whole,
    Not only this, if you have me, it's good for your soul.

    Through me, you have access to God, and to the Savior,
    Having more of me enhances your spiritual behavior.

    It's because of me that all Christians overcome the world,
    As they heard and accepted God's message He did herald.

    For by grace are ye saved through me, not of yourselves:
    It is the gift of God: not of works, boasting or any who delves.

    . God has mandated that the Just shall walk by me, so essential,
    Only what we do in this life for Christ will be consequential.

    Through me, you have the victory that overcomes the world,
    Solely because God's great love for us has been unfurled.

    Only one life, t'will soon be past,
    Only what's done for Christ will last.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    September 1, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 15, 2012: FAITH - blessed FAITH!!! :-).

    Samson Shupe - Sep 16, 2012: I had faith that Joy would get that one. lol .

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 16, 2012: LOL! Apparently your faith wasn't misplaced, Samson! :-).


    This picture was taken by NASA with the Hubbell telescope,
    650 light years from earth. They call it "The Eye of God"

    Hubbel photo of the eye of God, 650 light years from earth!

    I am both a something and a someone,
    Sometimes I'm a word, sometimes I'm a son.

    Pilate, staring in my face still didn't know who I was,
    People who stick by me, usually create quite a buzz.

    If you know me, I will make you completely free,
    If I make you free, you shall be free indeed, you see.

    I am the Word, and the Word is me,
    If I abide in you, together we'll spend eternity.

    I was made flesh, and dwelt 33 years on earth,
    So man could be saved, experiencing a rebirth.

    Be careful when you guess, I'm not what I appear,
    Yet I am who I am ~ so don't despair.

    I instil life in those that find me afresh,
    and provide health to all their flesh.

    Actually, you could give 3 answers to this riddle,
    You would be correct and hot off the griddle.

    But I'm looking for just one answer,
    If you're right, we'll do a little dancer.

    So give it your very best shot,
    Guessing it, you'll be the one who's hot.

    Still not sure, go to John 18:38,
    You'll be sure to be up to date.


    David S. Shupe
    September 8, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Oct 13, 2012: The Word, Jesus, Truth. If you want just one word, it is TRUTH! :-).

    David Shupe - Oct 13, 2012: You're right, because they all point to TRUTH! Jesus is the Living Word of God, and He, Himself, said "I am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life," and He also said, "My Word is TRUTH."

    RIDDLE #39: WHAT AM I?

    Riddle 39 question mark!

    I cause people to imagine things not real,
    Not a very good way to live, nor feel.
    I don't want anyone getting the best of me,
    I want to be top dog, the #1 honcho you see.

    I can extend rifts between two good friends,
    By keeping them from making amends.
    I resent anyone who threatens my relationship,
    I may be a block off the old bitterness chip.

    I trust no one and hope to spread this distrust,
    If you have me, division is an absolute must.
    I thrive in tearing others down to build myself up,
    Makes me feel superior, and I love to disrupt.

    I do instil a lack of self-confidence, self-worth,
    There really is no hope for me, except thru a rebirth.
    One of my many by-products is unceasing gossip,
    Done to cover my real nature, which is caustic.

    If you posess my trait, you are a true malcontent,
    If you refuse to recant my trait, you're truly hell-bent.
    If you have me, your love is in sad competition,
    Your love will not grow with such opposition.

    If you have me, you're the epitomy of insecurity,
    And in the end, you'll surely wind up in obscurity.
    Having me springs from self love, not love of another,
    A person damaged by me may take years to recover.

    I am as cruel as the proverbial grave,
    I cause a person to rant and rave.
    I help to conjure up false impressions,
    Which can lead to deep depressions.

    Sometimes, I make people turn green with envy,
    Rather than solving anything, it causes a bit of frenzy.
    If you haven't figured me out yet, and still in a fix,
    Turn to Song of Solomon, chapter 8 ~ verse six.

    WHAT AM I?


    David S. Shupe
    September 24, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Oct 24, 2012: I am going to guess ... jealousy.

    Joy Nicholson - Oct 26, 2012; I agree with Melody since it is cruel as the grave, as the Bible says! :-).

    David Shupe - Oct 27, 2012: OK, so you got it, Melody and Joy. Congratulations. A little harder than most of the riddles. Just a couple of good hints to let the cat out of the bag. Very good!

    RIDDLE #40: WHO AM I?

    Riddle #40!

    I say I will do it, but I won't,
    I say I believe it, but I don't.

    I accuse others of doing what I do,
    I'm not known for seeing things through.

    I consider myself more righteous than others,
    I excuse my shortcomings, though some it bothers.

    People lay out of church just because of me,
    In some ways they're worse, you see.

    I cause many good people to lose heart,
    And from their base principles, they depart.

    I have caused people to leave Christian ranks,
    For that I'm sure I'll receive no heartfelt thanks.

    They have their eyes set on the wrong spiritual goal,
    They focus on me rather than WHO saved their soul.

    The Bible declares my hope shall perish,
    The things I do, you should not cherish.

    If you're still undecided, go to Job 8:13,
    There you'll find the answer which is quite keen.


    David S. Shupe
    September 27, 2012

    RIDDLE #41: WHAT AM I?

    The Big Question!

    I get terribly upset when things don't go my way,
    I also get overly agitated if I don't have my say.

    The good Book says, don't let the sun go down on me,
    Get me out of your system, a better person you will be.

    There is a time you can exhibit my trait, but do not sin at all,
    Because of righteous indigation over an unrighteous squall.

    I can get you into loads of trouble if you don't hold your tongue,
    You may fly off the handle, whether you're old or young.

    Sometimes I have the effect of making some people see red,
    If things go from bad to worse, I could cause fear and dread.

    He that has no control over me is like a city without walls,
    Broken down, and all reason soon dovetails and falls.

    I am able to destroy communication and fellowships,
    I delight in disrupting all types of relationships.

    If you want to succeed, don't employ my trait
    If you voice me, failure may be your fate.

    Still befuddled, confused and in a fix,
    Look up Ephesians, four and twenty-six.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    October 2, 2012

    RIDDLE #42: WHAT AM I?

    The Big Question!

    I appeared out of nowhere,
    And began to write on the wall.
    The room was filled to capacity,
    Everyone seemed to be having a ball.

    1000 nobles and their spouses
    Were all enjoying the festivities,
    Along with the king and his court
    Usually present at all activities.

    As I continued to write,
    The noise level quickly abated,
    And the gaity that was present,
    Quite suddenly dissipated.

    Their faces first showed atonishment,
    Which soon changed to looks of fear.
    I could sense their knees knocking,
    My presence had caused quite a scare.

    My writing caused quite a commotion,
    And people began running to and fro,
    The king was anxious to find someone,
    To interpret the words so he woud know.

    Finally the queen heard the turmoil,
    And told the king she knew a man,
    Who could interpret it for the king,
    Then he would know and understand.

    She told him about that Daniel,
    Who helped his father many years ago.
    Daniel interpreted his message too,
    To the king's chagrin and woe.

    For the message found the king lacking,
    And weighed in the balances~the mystery.
    The story went from bad to worse,
    That very night, the king became history.

    So you see, it doesn't pay to go against God,
    You'll lose every time, end up beneath the sod.
    Still a mystery of what I am, go to Daniel 5,
    And you no longer will need to strive.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe,
    October 14, 2012

    RIDDLE #43: WHAT AM I?

    The Big Question!

    You've heard the old adage,
    It's not set in stone.
    Actually I was set in stone,
    To ensure a more righteous tone.

    I was written with the finger of God,
    Moses was first to break all of me.
    In his anger and frustration,
    Throwing me to the ground, you see.

    I was ordered by the Almighty God,
    To make the world a better place to live.
    Setting forth a a moralistic set of standards,
    As man would have nothing better to give.

    If you break even one of me,
    You're guilty of breaking all.
    No way you can advance spiritually,
    Unless on the Lord you then call.

    I often appear on court house walls,
    And other public facility places.
    I used to appear in school facilities,
    A great document to follow by all races.

    Until some do gooders decided
    I violated church and state separation.
    Which is somewhat more than foolish,
    And is an act of total desperation.

    Adherring to what I have to say,
    Would make everyone a better person.
    Crime would be virtually non-existent,
    Our jails would be empty, is my assertion.

    In order to maintain good moral standards,
    Following me should be everyone's goal.
    Our laws and statutes originated from me,
    The best directives anyone ever foretold.

    The Bible is replete with instructions to obey me,
    Ignoring me can be dangerous to ones health.
    Those that insist on violating me,
    Will never enjoy the luxury of real wealth.

    I can be summed up in two sentences,
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart.
    Then, love your neighbor as yourself,
    Following these makes one nothing but smart.

    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    October 15, 2012

    RIDDLE #44: WHAT AM I?

    Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer!

    You know, when something stinks,
    Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
    Maybe it doesn't pass the smell test,
    Though it may cause quite a bit of unrest.

    I like to know everything taking place,
    Don't like to be left out of this human race.
    It doesn't have to involve me at all,
    Just want to be around if someone does call.

    I actually rhyme with a beautiful flower,
    Just the opposite of a sour puss so dower.
    Although there is just one of me,
    I can't hear, neither can I see.

    If you really want to know what I am,
    Just sniff around, but stay out of a jam.
    There's no way I can always stay hid,
    For I'm out front in middle of the grid.

    In boxing, I become a prominent target,
    Bleeding profusively, we may have to forfeit.
    Hit hard enough, I may be knocked out of joint,
    My benefit to avoid contact and not disappoint.

    Sometimes I just get bent out of shape,
    When I inject myself foolishly in a scrape.
    Sometimes when people persist in lying,
    I tend to grow longer without trying,

    Many times I really am guilty of running,
    It often helps when I'm out sunning.
    If I haven't said enough to let you know,
    Then it's high time for me to blow.


    From my childhood days I wore it,
    Like a crown my mom adored it.
    So big on me that when I sneeze,
    The trees around me lose their leaves.

    And when they put me in a basket,
    Tell the one that builds my casket:
    To cut a hole on top so I,
    Can smell the flowers when I die...
    Gabriel Liebermann


    WHAT AM I?

    David S. Shupe
    October 25, 2012