Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it!

This web page was constructed to include poems I've written, and that I'm still composing, about special people in my life. They're special because they have influenced my life positively in so many ways, and changed it for the better as a result of their actions and examples. They may include family members, special friends, neighbors or relatives that I felt impressed to write about. Or, we may be just commemorating a special occasion in their behalf. Enjoy!



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  • Names Starting with the Letter "A".

    POEM: ABORTION: Free Choice ~ The Great American Hoax~~ by David S. Shupe

    New Born Infant!


    Never thought I'd see the day when 1.4 million
    unborn babies are aborted each year.
    And do-gooders, who are really the opposite,
    call it "free choice" without shedding a tear.

    Since inception of Roe vs. Wade in 1973 thru 2013,
    over 55,000,000 babies have been aborted.
    If you think God isn't keeping a record, your
    conscience has been seared or shorted.

    Oh, it's just an undesirable pregnancy,
    or a useless fetus they unashamedly say.
    While that lovely unborn baby is salined, scraped,
    torn apart and just thrown away.

    Perhaps the cries of those tortured screaming infants
    cannot be heard inside women's bodies.
    But you can be sure God hears every sound emanating
    from the mouths of those innocent little waddies.

    In fact, those tiny sounds of legalized murder,
    sound mightily like a trumpet in God's ears.
    And if angels cry, instead of rejoicing, millions
    of eyes are overflowing with their tears.

    Abortion, the most heinous crime ever perpetrated
    on American people, under the guise of free choice.
    Every sane person in America should be up in arms
    over this atrocity, giving babies no voice.

    So what do we hear, "oh, it's the law, so I'll support
    and not overturn it as they follow the skits.
    It must be right, look at all the people who agree with it,
    ~ ~ isn't this just the pits?

    The truly sad part is that it's been the established law
    going on now for over 30 years
    Abolishing this horrible piece of legislation now
    would benefit everyone, even though in arrears.

    One sixth of our total population has been slaughtered
    since enactment of this mindless legislation.
    Everyone supporting abortion is in danger of God's judgment
    and should prepare for His retribution.

    It may be that us concerned masses can do nothing
    about this entrenched law of legalized mayhem.
    You can rest assured that God's ways are not man's ways
    and He will definitely have the last "sayum."

    Any true Bible scholar knows that God will never sanction
    or tolerate killing infants with no capacity.
    One of these days, in God's timing, countless heads will roll,
    and payment exacted for their audacity.

    This is a warning to all who participate and those who
    sit idly by doing nothing, that God keeps a record.
    Every action performed, every word spoken will be used
    on judgment day to condemn the untoward.

    As the Bible clearly relates that all will be judged by what
    they do and what they say on life's pathway.
    When they stand before God to answer for their defense,
    I'm afraid they'll have nothing to say.


    David S. Shupe
    January 5, 2012

    Be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7)
    Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee...(Jeremiah 1:5)



    Ida Forest Pierce: David you are so gifted in your writings. Thank you for sharing with us. GOD bless you, David. This sure reached my heart and my love for my Saviour and poured our LORD's WORD into my heart into my LORD's voice within me. Again, thank you. Jan. 23., 2014.

    David S Shupe: You're too kind, Ida, but thank you for your generous comments. Have to tell you though, it's the Lord who is gifted. I'm only the transcriber of the thoughts he gives to me. Thanks again!

    Jim Nicholson: Never thought I'd see the day when 1.4 million unborn babies are aborted each year. And do-gooders, who are really the opposite,...See More ~ Jan. 26, 2014.

    Jim Nicholson: This poem was written by David Shupe and reposted by me ~ Jan. 26, 2014.


    Photo two elderly ladies talking.


    Age is like underwear,
    It creeps up on you.
    You don't see it coming,
    But you know it's true.

    Seen it all, done it all;
    Can't remember most of it.
    Used to be there for the taking,
    Not any more & it gives me a fit.

    Age is only important,
    If you're cheese or wine.
    Since we're neither of these,
    Aging will never be super fine.

    Wrinkled was not one of my choices,
    When I wanted to grow up.
    But now when I view the outcome,
    I'm ready to throw up.

    I would enjoy walking so much more,
    If it wasn't for those long walks back.
    I used to jog over five miles a day,
    Then I found a short cut to take up slack.

    I live in my own little world;
    That's okay, they know me there.
    I can revel in la la land,
    With never a care.

    Few women admit their age,
    Few men act theirs.
    But when you get this old,
    Who in the world cares.

    The older I feel and get,
    The better I used to be.
    The more knowledge I acquire,
    The less I care to see.

    Close your good eye,
    Before reading the next verse.
    There's some profanity involved,
    But it doesn't get any worse.

    Old age trumps youth and skill,
    Experience from knowledge spread.
    It's better to be an old fart,
    Than a young sh--head.

    Age is not a final destination,
    It happens to be an exciting journey.
    So don't let anyone tell you different,
    Until you're carried away on a gurney.

    Eat right, exercise, die anyway;
    That is oftimes the mode.
    So we ask ourselves the question,
    Does it pay to follow the code.

    Used to get lost in the shuffle;
    Now I just shuffle along with the lost.
    Used to think everything was too expensive,
    Now I've stopped counting the cost.

    I can please only one person per day;
    Today is not your day.
    Tomorrow isn't looking good either,
    So better stay out of my way.

    I'm old, so I don't have a solution,
    But I do admire your problem.
    If you're looking for a quick-fix,
    Let Google be your emblem.

    It's easier to get older,
    Than it is to get wiser.
    If we'd been born rich,
    We could've hired an advisor.

    We are born naked, wet & hungry,
    Then things slowly got worse.
    We went downhill from Adam's sin,
    For this sin for us became a curse.

    According to my best recollection,
    I just don't remember a thing.
    But before I cash in my chips,
    I'd like to have one more fling.

    80 years old; one owner; needs parts;
    Make offer; goes cheap.
    Happens to be a real classic,
    Don't make me feel like a creep.

    Don't take life so seriously;
    It's not set up to be permanent.
    We're born, we live, we die,
    Then we're out of our element.

    Mouth is in gear, brain is in neutral,
    My get up and go is in park.
    But as long as my ticker is ticking,
    I plan on having a lark.

    I've caused chaos, panic & disorder....,
    Guess my work here is over and done.
    Just know that growing old is inevitable,
    But growing up was a barrel of fun.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 30, 2016
    *Basically, the first 2 lines of each
    stanza are witticisms taken from the internet;
    the 3rd & 4th lines we added for rhyming purposes.


    Fourteen (14) people liked this on November 10, 2016: Joy Shupe Nicholson, Jerry Miller, Gayle Harris, Frank Marsh, Norm Fontana, David Little, Elisa Levy Harris, Judy Kidd, Pat Oakley Shupe, Beverly Hurd, Joanna Gunnels Shupe, Lois Cooper and Curt Carpenter.

    Debbie Clinebell Witt: I absolutely love this. I'm not sure if you know this, but my husband and I are franchise owners for Home Instead Senior Care. Would you mind if I share this poem in our Caregiver newsletter? November 10, 2016 at 8:51am. David S Shupe: Feel free Debbie. If you do include a poem in your newsletter, would you mind sending me a copy of it. We would appreciate it. I'll give you my mailing address and email address on FB Messenger. Debbie Clinebell Witt: Great. Thanks. It will probably go in our December newsletter. David S Shupe:Sounds good Debbie!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: I love it!!! LOL!!! You are just too funny my dear brother!!! :-). November 10 at 7:03pm. David S Shupe: You're so biased sister Joy! Joy Shupe Nicholson: Yes I am!! LOL!!!

    Three people shared this post:

    Jamie Nicholson Klink shared your post on November 10, 2016 at 8:32pm.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post on November 10, 2016 at 7:03pm. Five people like this. Joy Shupe Nicholson: My brother David is sooooo funny!!! :-). Roxie Carter: So funny. Jamie Nicholson Klink: I love this.

    Marjorie Latzko shared your post on November 10, 2016 at 11:23am. Wonderful, David. David S Shupe: Thanks Marjorie ~ sure hope you are feeling better by now! Missed you for 3 Sundays.

    Frank Marsh: Posted to Frank's Facebook Timeline on Jan. 6, 2017. Frank's response: Bingo!

    Presented to Carl & Jean Swanson after they paid us a visit on July 28, 2017 before returning to their home in Virginia. They of course thanked us for the poem.

    Hand carried to neighbors John & Barbara Hughes on August 8, 2017, along with some of Elaine's baked goods. They thanked me for both.

    Mailed to Sally & Hugh Bulkley on November 21, 2017, along with 4 packages of white Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

    Emailed to Ron Smith on December 2, 2017 in honor of his 75th birthday.

    Emailed to Carl Ballato on December 4, 2017 in honor of his birthday.

    Mailed to Bill McComb on December 5, 2017 in honor of his birthday.

    Mailed to Jim Windschitl on December 8 2017.


    Happy Anniversary.


    Walk beside me,
    Be my best friend.
    Walk beside me,
    On you I will depend.

    Walk beside me,
    That's my desire.
    Walk beside me,
    And my life inspire.

    Walk beside me,
    As my better half.
    Walk beside me,
    To share a laugh.

    Walk beside me,
    In turmoil & strife.
    Walk beside me,
    As we enjoy life.

    Walk beside me,
    Make me feel safe.
    Walk beside me,
    In you I have faith.

    Walk beside me,
    In the coming years.
    Walk beside me,
    Help relieve my fears.

    Walk beside me,
    When problems appear.
    Walk beside me,
    Always stay near.

    Walk beside me,
    In sickness and health
    Walk beside me,
    In poverty and wealth.

    Walk beside me,
    As we slowly age.
    Walk beside me,
    As we disengage.

    Walk beside me,
    Always hold my hand.
    Walk beside me,
    Help me comprehend.

    Walk beside me,
    In good times & bad.
    Walk beside me,
    To make my heart glad.

    Walk beside me,
    For your love will suffice.
    Walk beside me,
    As we walk with Christ.

    Walk beside me,
    Like a hand in glove.
    Walk beside me,
    For it's YOU I love.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Thinking of you on your special day!
    Elaine & David Shupe
    May 18, 2015


    Facebook: Geri Lyn Willey Elliott, Ruth Shupe Owens, Shirly Poynter, Mike Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson, Trisha Nicole Polidore and Cheryl Shupe Baker like this.

    Composed this anniversary tribute poem on May 18, 2015, and customized it with pictures & personal salutations for the following:

    Rick & Cheryl Baker celebrating 36 years on May 18, 2015: Cheryl Shupe Baker: Thank you, uncle David and Aunt Elaine!! I love it!! May 18, 2015.

    Ellie & Ralph Ziegler celebrating 58 years on June 8, 2015. From Ellie Ziegler: 4:08 PM on June 14, 2015 via email To: David Shupe from eleanorkz@verizon.net: Dave and Elaine, Thank you so much for the lovely anniversary poem! It's wonderful the way you can just pull all those words together to rhyme in a meaningful way. Love it! We had our grandson here on our anniversary, and he and Ralph took a cruise on the ferry to Cape May and back and then we were all invited to the Yacht Club to eat with Jack Lesher for our big celebration. Loved the face book tale of your wonderful dog and his love of turtles. Your life is never dull, is it? Will see you for a hi five after church one of these Sunday's. Blessings and love to you both, Ellie and Ralph. Sent from my iPad

    John & Cathy Payne celebrating 39 years on June 5, 2015.

    John & Barbara Spears: on June 8 for their 43rd Anniversary on June 10, 2015: Talked with John and Barbara at John & Karie's summer neighborhood party on June 20, 2015 and they both thanked me for the poem and remembering their anniversary, and Barbara gave me a big hug. They seemed to appreciate it.

    Don and Alice Sturtz celebrating 60 years on June 11, 2015.

    Michael & Nicole Hughes celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary on June 12, 2015.

    Melanie & Jason Bradley celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary on June 12, 2915.

    Pat & Junior Shupe: Mailed this poem on June 16th, 2015 to Pat & Junior for their 6th wedding anniversary. Pat texted me and said she appreciated the card and poem and the comments.

    Mailed this poem to Dawn and Johnny Gibson for their 11th Anniversary on July 2, 2015.

    Posted on Facebook message for Erica and David Rowe July 24, 2015: Her response: Beautiful! Thank you.

    Mailed this poem to Neil and Nancy Hansen on July 26, 2015 in honor of their 60 wedding anniversary.

    Posted this poem on Ariana Holmes DeVine's Facebook message page on August 2, 2015 in celebration of their anniversary.

    Posted this poem on John & Bebe's Facebook message page on Sept. 5, 2015 in celebration of their 56th wedding anniversary: John's response: Thanks David, that is wonderful.....Love you.

    Posted this poem on Peni White Adam's Facebook message page on Sept. 12, 2015 for their anniversary. Her response: All that's beautiful!! Thank you.. love ya. Peni White Adam Sept. 12, 2015.

    Posted this poem on Linda Lane's Facebook message page on Sept. 8, 2015 for their 42nd anniversary.

    Mailed this poem, along with a enclosed letter, to Ruth Ann and husband Doug on October 28, 2015. Her response via Facebook message on November 1, 2015: Just got your letter & poem in the mail. Thank you so much. What a beautiful poem & tribute to Pam. And such sweet words in your letter. Thank you. I continue to pray for the sadness & grief for you, as well as the rest of us who miss her so much. Hugs to you. smile emoticon.

    Mailed a customized poem to Geri & Bryan Elliott on Nov. 2, 2015 remembering their 15th Anniversary. Geri's response: Thank you Uncle David! We had a very nice evening together.

    Posted this poem to good friend Norm Fontana of Cleveland, TN and his wife, Bonnie's Facebook message page on January 3, 2016. His response: Norm Fontana: David, Bonnie and I are honored and brought to tears, with your thoughtful and beautiful poem. It describes how we feel about our life together....Blessings to you and Elaine. Thank you.

    Mailed this poem to Norma and John Forbush on January 18, 2016, along with a 10th anniversary card. Her FB response: Norma Littleton Forbush‎ to David S Shupe on January 21, 2016: Thank you so much for our beautiful Anniversary card,,,but most of all thank you for the poem..... IT is more than beautiful......We love it.........God Bless you.... the GOOD LORD has really BLESSED you .......Joy Shupe Nicholson and Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell like this.

    Mailed this poem to Tana & Bernie Gilmore on January 22, 2016 for their 54th wedding anniversary. In dropping Elaine's dessert off at the LPC Soup Kitchen, Tana thanked me and said the poem was very special. They loved it.

    Mailed this poem to Carol and Gerry Brown on March 18, 2016 for their 43rd anniversary. On March 22 when I dropped off the Easter Nest cookies for LPC, Carol gave me a hug and thanked me for the poem and well wishes. It made her day.

    Posted this poem on Jean Davis' Facebook message page on March 20, 2016 for their wedding anniversary. Her response: Jean Davis: Oh David, that is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. You are very dear and special friends, and we are truly blessed. Lots of Love from Us! xoxo.

    Posted this poem to Sam and Donna Shupe's Facebook message pages on March 9, 2016 for their anniversary. Donna's response: Thank you.

    Mailed this poem to Sylvia & Gerald Shupe on April 3, 2016 in celebration of their 53rd wedding anniversary.

    Posted this poem to Jay & Stephanie's FB Messenger page on May 12, 2016 celebrating their 26th Wedding Anniversary.

    Mailed this poem to Michael and Judy Salvatore on May 18, 2016 for their 45th Wedding Anniversary.

    Emailed to John and Sylvia Gilmore on June 12, 2016 for their 52nd anniversary.

    Emailed to Jim and Marion Ford on June 12, 2016 for their 57th anniversary.

    Posted to Ruth & Doug Vaughan's FB Messenger page on June 13, 2016 for their 24th anniversary. Her response: Ruth Ann Vaughan: That is so beautifully written! Thank you so very much! 😊

    Posted to Facebook Messenger page of Bill & Noreta Morgan on August 17, 2016 celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

    Possted to Willie & Wanda Radford's Facebook Messenger page on November 14, 2016 in honor of their anniversary. Willie Radford Sr's response: WOW, David S. Shupe what a wonderful and heart felt beautiful Anniversary Tribute you have wrote for Wanda & me. This is a very special surprise from a very special family that I always remembered since we were kids. The Shupe family of which our Overseer Posey Shupe, a great man of God. And Bro CG Miller which had a son Robert Miller...One year when we all were young, some of the Shupe brothers and Robert Miller & I attended the General Assembly at Cleveland, Tn. One time we all slipped out and went to the movies to see Roy Rogers & Trigger. WOW great memories. And again, thank you and may God Bless you and yours. PS: Wanda & I are members of "New Vision Church of God" in Johnson City, Tn.. Pops & Mom looking down & smiling..Willie Radford Sr. 11/10, 10:27pm.

    Posted to Angela & Jeff Miller's Facebook Messenger page on November 19, 2016 in honor of their anniversary: Their response: Thank you! I will cherish this 💌.

    Emailed to David & Vivian Swanson on November 21, 2016 in honor of their 29th wedding anniversary. Vivian's response on Nov. 27, 2016: Hello David and Elaine, Thank you for thinking of us and the lovely poem! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We went up to Fort Belvoir and had dinner with the family. It was an enjoyable day! We just took Michelle back to VT yesterday and enjoyed attending the VT/UVA game. Tech is headed to the ACC in Orlando this coming up weekend. Michelle is going; her school is doing so well in football this year. Looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Christina will get to come home Dec 15 and spend the week with us. Michelle will also be home for a month after she takes her exams in December. We are all doing fine. Scott had been great taking care of Dotsie for us when we have taken short trips now that we are empty nesters! Enjoy getting ready for the holidays. We will be in touch. Thank you again for thinking of us. Always a nice treat to see an email from you two. Take care. Vivian.

    Posted to Jane & Jim Burkey's Facebook Messenger page on December 3, 2016 for their golden 50th wedding anniversary. Jane's response: I just read this; it's so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for your wishes for our happiness and for sharing your gift with words on our 50th Anniversary! Jim and Jane. Posted December 7, 2016.

    Mailed to Connie & Carl Ballato on July 24, 2017 in honor of their 44th wedding anniversary.

    Mailed to Lutie & Al Davis on July 29, 2017 in honor of their 59th wedding anniversary.

    Emailed to Jason & Shannon Nicholson on August 5, 2017 in honor of their 22 wedding anniversary.

    Presented to Elaine Dewey-Shupe on August 7, 2017 in honor of our 21st wedding anniversary.

    Emailed to Janet & Kevin Cleveland on August 30, 2017 in honor of their 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary: Janet's response: Mr. Shupe, you are so thoughtful!  Thank you for the poem. 25 years have flown. We have lots of fun. Janet Cleveland. Sent from my iPhone.

    Mailed to Jack & Mickey Vessels on September 18, 2017 in honor of their 42nd wedding anniversary.

    Posted to Wendy Solomon's Facebook Messenger page on November 25, 2017 in honor of her & Tom's 15th wedding anniversary. Wendy's response: What a beautiful poem and message to open first thing this morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will print and save it (once I figure out how). Have a great day. David S. Shupe: Told Wendy we would mail her a laminated copy of the poem if she desired. She did so we mailed the copy on November 29, 2017.

    POEM: ANNIVERSARY: Anniversary Thoughts ~ by David S. Shupe!

    anniversary wishes.


    So many years ago,
    You said your vow.
    Still has meaning,
    For the here & now.

    Remember the time,
    You both changed from single.
    All because you felt
    An exciting little tingle.

    Always and forever,
    That's your creed.
    Whatever happens,
    You meet each other's need.

    Always and forever,
    Do you like that sound.
    It's been so nice,
    Having each other around.

    As you travel along,
    Always side by side.
    You have no fear,
    For together, you do abide.

    From the very first,
    You were each other's gift.
    You touched each other's heart,
    And gave each other a lift.

    You're there for each other,
    In sickness & health.
    That doesn't change,
    In poverty or wealth.

    You've been through a lot,
    These many years.
    Had much happiness,
    Shed a few tears.

    Each considered the other,
    Their better half.
    When it was warranted,
    You each received a laugh.

    Whatever you do,
    You consider the other.
    You blend into one,
    Have no need for another.

    So very glad,
    You tied the knot.
    No better union,
    Could you have got.

    Never alone,
    Give God glory.
    Never alone,
    That's your story.


    Photo of Elaine and David.

    Thinking of You on Your
    Special Day!
    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 9, 2016)


    Emailed this poem to Barbara & John Spears, customized, on June 9, 2016 for their 44th anniversary.

    Barbara Spears: Thank you David & Elaine! The poem is beautiful. We enjoyed reading it & it brings back wonderful memories. We appreciate your thinking of us. Love, Barbara & John. Sent from my iPhone.

    Melanie & Jason Bradley: Mailed, customized, on June 11, 2016 for their 23rd anniversary.

    Pat & Junior Shupe: Posted, customized, to Pat's FB Messenger page on June 20, 2016 in honor of their 7th anniversary. Pat's response: Pat Oakley Shupe: Thank you so much David and Elaine. What a wonderful anniversary gift❣ I will tell Shupe what you guys sent. He is in Maine now. Will be home sometime tomorrow night. We love you both much. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and loving us. 💞

    Emailed to Lutie & Al Davis on August 1, 2016, although customized to them, for their 58th Anniversary. Her response ~ Lutie Davis: Dearest David & Elaine, That has to be the nicest Anniversary greeting we have ever received. Thank you for sharing your wonderful God given talent with us many times over & also for sending such a jewel. Yes, you are right, times have been happier but my favorite saying lately is "It is what it is" We certainly cannot change it. David, we have got to find some place better to meet than in the grocery store. LOL. Thanks again & Elaine I hope you are feeling better & improving. Don't forget these are the golden years. haha. Remembering you both in prayers. Blessings! Lutie & Al.

    Posted to both Jason & wife Shannon's Facebook Messenger on August 5, 2016. Their response: Shannon Vanover Nicholson: Thank you so much! Your poems are so precious to us. Thank you for taking the time to write them, so personal, so special for each of us. It means so much! Love you guys! Jason Nicholson: Always beautiful and thoughtful Uncle David. We love and appreciate you all very much!

    Posted to Bebe Jo Davidson Shupe's Facebook Messenger page on Sept. 5, 2016 in honor of their 57th Anniversary.

    Posted to Linda Pitt Lane's Facebook Messenger page on their 43rd anniversary September 8, 2016. Her response: Thank you. Love you both.

    Posted to Geri Willey Elliott's Facebook Messenger page on November 4, 2016 for her and Bryan's 16th wedding anniversary: Geri's response: Thank you Uncle David! Also want to thank you for the beautiful poem. You have such a way with words. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

    Mailed to Pastor Buz & Annick, along with a monetary gift on December 12, 2016.

    Posted to Elisa & Blake Harris' Facebook Messenger page on May 9, 2017 in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary: Elisa's response: Thank you so so much!!! You're always so thoughtful and kind in wishing others well. I really do appreciate it!! I hope you both are doing well. Take care and thank you again. It means a lot. Elisa 💗.

    Posted to Jay & Stephanie Shupe's Facebook Messenger page on May 12, 2017 in honor of their 27th wedding anniversary: Jay's response: Thank you for the great poem. I will show it to Stephanie.

    Mailed to Jamie & Jethro Klink on June 26, 2017 for their 19th wedding anniversary. Jamie's response: Thank you uncle David for the very nice card and poem. You always make us feel so special. In this busy, crazy life we have over here, know how much it means to me. Love you both.

    Posted to Stefanie & Matt Willey's Facebook Messenger page on July 22, 2017 in celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Stefanie's response: Aww this is beautiful, thank you!! Love you too!

    Mailed to Neil & Nancy Hansen on July 26, 2017 in honor of their 62nd wedding anniversary.

    Emailed to neighbor Barbara Spears on Sept. 5, 2017 in honor of her Birthday. Barbara's response: David and Elaine, You are SO thoughtful to think of me!  I did have a wonderful celebration this past weekend and do count my many blessings.  Your beautiful poems always remind me to be grateful and enjoy life. Hoping both of you and Scooby are well.  John and I are lucky to have you as neighbors! Thank you! Barbara.

    Emailed to Ruth Ann Vaughan on Sept. 7, 2017 in honor of her Birthday. Ruth Ann's response: David, Thank you so much for this sweet poem and birthday greetings! It's been a sweet day so far... especially to enjoy this beautiful weather! Hope you and Elaine are doing well! Hugs, Ruth Ann.

    Emailed to Alan & Linda Lane on Sept. 8, 2017 in honor of their 44th Wedding Anniversary. Their response: Thank you for the beautiful anniversary wish.  Love you and Elaine. xoxo. Alan & Linda.
    Posted to Willie Radford Sr's Facebook Messenger page on November 11, 2017 in honor of his and his wife Wanda's anniversary. Willie's response: Awesome is the word saved for God, but this poem fits as it touched our hearts...Thank you so much David & Elaine Shupe, may God's blessings keep coming to you two & your fur baby, beautiful people...sorry I had deleted Messenger for a while...just now saw this...

    Emailed to Dave & Vivian Swanson on November 21, 2017 in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary.

    Names Starting with the Letter "B".

    POEM: BALLATO, CARL & CONNIE: 41 YEARS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Carl and Connie Ballato.

    (July 28, 2014)

    Happy Anniversary to Carl and Connie Ballato,
    Forty-one years is certainly quite a lotto.

    I visualize happy memories since plighting your troth,
    Always to be highly treasured by you both.

    Both of you have been ardent supporters of LPC,
    As well as Connie being an essential employee.

    Connie also plays and sings with the LPC praise band,
    With Carl giving support wherever he can.

    For years Connie's been an integral part of Admin staff,
    Keeping us all advised to prevent any undue gaff.

    You both are faithful members of our congregation,
    This is my personal assessment and allegation.

    A unique occupation of Connie's is stained glass creations,
    Resulting in quite colorful and aesthetic sensations.

    Actually, she is a master stained glass artisan,
    Doing custom designed stained glass for any citizen.

    Carl for years worked a job that was sanctioned by the state,
    I'm sure he has many interesting stories he could relate.

    As he was employed in and by Delaware's Family Court,
    Actually it was judges that he rendered the most support.

    So God bless Connie and Carl in all that they do,
    Bless them with health & happiness, a bit of wealth too.

    So congratulations to a special couple, Connie & Carl,
    Who work diligently to prevent things ending up in a snarl.

    You're both an asset to the church members here at LPC,
    And we're glad that you're here, where you ought to be.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 18, 2014



    Photo of Mary Anne Barcellona


    Mary Anne: Just wanted to let you know how much Elaine and I enjoyed your heartfelt performance last evening at the Epworth Methodist Church. It was truly an unforgettable experience for us and one we will remember and treasure always. It is such a delight to see a person like yourself who lets God use them and their talent for his praise and glory. Though we did not know you before then, we feel a Christian connection and bond that emanated from you because of the love of Christ that He showers upon each of us daily. Thank you so much for what you gave to us and everyone who viewed it, knowing that we will relive the performance well into the future. May God bless you as you labor for the Master. Your performance was so inspiring that we felt inspired to favor you with a little poem. Hope you enjoy it!


    (A Talented and Gifted Lady)

    Sunday afternoon my wife and I sat and listened enthralled as a gifted lady did sing,
    As she sang song after song giving praise, honor and glory to Jesus our King.

    She connected with the audience as the love of Jesus radiated in her face, singing the good news,
    During the congregational singing, she left the stage and mingled with the people in the pews.

    She exhibited such poise, grace and artistry with a beautiful operatic voice, such persona,
    What a tremendous joy to see for the first time a magnificient lady named Mary Anne Barcellona.

    Never in my 77 years have I experienced such an inspiring, exhilarating, and refreshing Christmas contata,
    Easily surpassing any secular or non-spiritual performance, or even a moonlight sonata.

    Her melodious voice, even when she didn't use the microphone, filled every inch of the sanctuary,
    Her ability to hit and hold those high notes were indeed heavenly music to our waiting ears~so merry.

    Complementing her God-given talented voice were the choirs of two churches with members willing,
    Their singing was so inspired and their voices rang out joyously from the floor to the ceiling.

    Also, of special note was the choir director who led the choir and music with such artistic poise,
    That they all performed flawlessly and one would say it was a delight to hear such sacred noise.

    Every movement she made was so precise and articulate that even to novices like us, it was so appreciated,
    Not to detract from the sacredness of the performance, but it was entertaining as she officiated.

    The piano player's performance was so flawless and impeccable, resulting in such heavenly harmony,
    His fingers just flew over the ivorys with lightning speed, causing us to rejoice with great glee.

    The narrators, Sue and Michael, did such an outstanding job telling the stories with such depth and feeling,
    It placed us right at the scene of action, and we thank God for all of the performers that were so willing.

    The trumpet player really put his heart and his all in his playing, adding so much to the musical interlude.
    So the choir, piano, trumpet, narrations, director and of course, the soprano were superb, we do conclude.

    The cares of life and problems we had upon entering the church, sort of wafted away into thin air,
    As Mary Anne's animated and expressive performance kept our rapt attention, causing them to disappear.

    So thank you so much, Mary Anne, for giving us truly the best Christmas concert we've ever had,
    And being willing to let the Lord use you to convey the Christmas message in song, making us ever so glad.

    May God bless you and hubby, Michael, as you continue to work in His vineyard in all of your endeavors,
    May He give you good health and also shield your priceless voice from harm now and forever.

    Your glorious soprano voice, and your interactions with the performers and audience captured our heart,
    And when the outstanding performance was concluded, we were ready to hear it again rather than depart.

    While we know that all good things must come to an end, and you must prepare for a new day of work,
    Elaine and I just want you to know how much we appreciate the fact that, God's calling, you did not shirk.

    Thank you once again, for the blessing you were to us,
    And for letting God use your talent ~ a great big plus.

    Christian Love to you,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 18, 2011

    Elaine and David in front of house on Herring Creek.!


    (iPhone via Email)

    Subject: Re: Mary Anne's Poem!
    From: contactme@maryannebarcellona.com
    Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 20:25:42 -0500
    To: elanaway@msn.com

    What an incredible gift of love and kindness. I am speechless! No one has ever shared such kindness and generosity with me because of a concert. I will treasure all of it and share it with others. You both are too kind, I hope I will get to meet you next visit. Thank you for the prayer. I do hope the Lord will indeed allow us to serve Him with music, that brought us together. There are no words adequate to express my appreciation for the amazing poem. I will cherish it always. I have truly been blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    In His grip, with love,
    Mary Anne and Michael

    P.S. This year we still do not have anything done for decking the halls and we decided not go into further debt to buy Christmas gifts, but strangely we both have peace about it because of people like you expressing what you did. We are blessed if there was that kind of fruit from all the work and sacrifice, nothing could have more significance than fruit for the Kingdom of God! Amen?

    Sent from my iPhone

    MY RESPONSE TO MARY ANNE (December 24, 2011)

    Mary Anne:

    Thank you so much for your very kind response to the poem. We were so delighted that you liked and appreciated it. Wish we could have done even more, as you and the entire cast deserved much more than what we could ever offer. Elaine and I are still basking in the presentation and the spiritual refreshing that it was to us.

    I must apologize for misspelling Barcellona in the body of the poem, although it was correct in the title. Shows that my proofreading skills are lacking somewhat. It came to my attention when the email came back marked "delivery failure." I have corrected my copy though.

    Just for your information, Elaine and I were just visiting Epworth strictly for the performance. We are actually members of the Lewes Presbyterian Church, pastored by Rev. Harry "Buz" Hughes, in Lewes, DE.

    Thanks again for so richly blessing our hearts with your inspired performance!

    Love in Christ's Name,
    David & Elaine Shupe

    (To view Mary Anne's website and see all the operas she has starred in, go to "www.MaryAnneBarcellona.com.")


    From: David Shupe [mailto:dayvd@msn.com]
    Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 3:21 PM
    To: Jim Nicholson; Joy Nicholson

    Subject: Poem I composed for Christmas contata and response!

    Jim & Joy

    Sending you a poem I composed about the Christmas contata, Elaine and I attended in December that I felt inspired to write afterwards. We sent it to the star and director, Mary Anne Barcellona, and I wanted you to see her comments at the end of the poem that she sent back to me. As I could tell from her performance, she is such a great lady and her response was so generous and gratifying. Hope you enjoy it too!

    6:48 PM
    Reply ▼

    Jim Nicholson

    To elanaway@msn.com

    RE: Poem I composed for Christmas contata and response!‏

    Such an inspiring poem and thing to do for someone. I am sure it is something Mary Anne will read over many times for inspiration and encouragement.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    RE: Poem I composed for Christmas contata and response! reply from Joy‏

    8:23 AM
    Reply ▼

    Joy Nicholson

    To David Shupe

    Dear Brother David,

    Jim and I really enjoyed the poem and can just imagine what a blessing and encouragement it was for her to receive it – a gift from God! It had to be an encouragement for her to “keep doing what she’s doing” when the work may become tiresome and she may wonder if she’s doing any good or being a blessing. Who knows what a timely poem or word of encouragement may do for someone!

    Isaiah 50:4 The Lord God has given you the tongue of the learned to speak a word in season to those who are weary! He wakens morning by morning. He wakens your ear to hear as the learned and to put on paper (or computer!) what God gives you to share! (paraphrased) :-)

    We love you both very much and appreciate all you do to share the talents and gifts God has bestowed upon you to bless others! Of course you can’t be a blessing to others without it bouncing back and blessing yourself also! :-)

    POEM: BAUGHMAN, FRAN: A PRAYER~ by David S. Shupe

    Woman petitioning Christ.



    We come to You in behalf of a friend in need,
    And for Fran Baughman's health, we do plead.

    Your Word says to burden you
    With what burdens us, its true.

    We lift up Fran to your throne of grace,
    For it's your truth we want to embrace.

    We stand in the gap and intercede for Fran,
    Holding up her arms and helping her to stand.

    We act as conduit and intercessor for her well-being,
    Believing it's Your power at work we will be seeing.

    Fran has been through much tribulation,
    Undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation.

    She has already had a double negative portion,
    Enough to cause a dreaded distortion.

    We ask for peace and strength to guide her along,
    Direct her paths so that she won't go wrong.

    You're there when we reach the end of our rope,
    You're there for Fran, to help her cope.

    Your Word says "ask and you shall receive,"
    We have asked and we truly believe.

    That you're there for Fran during this ordeal,
    We know that you hear and honor our appeal.

    Our hope and trust is in You, the God of the Bible,
    There is no one in heaven or earth more reliable.

    We ask for mercy and help as Fran faces each day,
    That she may follow your path, and not stray.

    You don't put on us more than we can stand,
    This is included in your Word, we understand.

    You said you'd never leave us or forsake us,
    But you'd be with us always, an absolute must.

    Lord, you're there for Fran without a doubt,
    For that's what salvation and healing are all about.

    Keep her under your wings where she'll be sheltered,
    Shielding her from all harm, and from being peltered.

    Be with Fran in her daily walk with you,
    For whatever happens, You're there to see her through.

    May God bless you Fran as you face this new ordeal,
    And may He give you strength and peace, along with Bill.

    Keep looking up Fran, for Christ rules from on high,
    He knows all you're going through, and is always nearby.


    You're In Our Thoughts & Prayers
    David & Elaine Shupe
    September 11, 2013

    Elaine and David Shupe.


    Happy Birthday Banner.

    (November 19, 2013)

    It's really tough to even think about a birthday,
    When things seemingly are not going your way..

    This past year or so has been quite a struggle,
    And things in your daily life, you've had to juggle.

    Probably not enough time to get everything done,
    Housework, cooking, doctors visits, always on the run.

    Lord, where are You when we really need You,
    We know You're there Lord, to see us through.

    We realize that it's prudent to place in You, our hope,
    And hang on when we reach the end of our rope.

    We pray that Fran will always trust in a God who cares,
    For You hear our fervent pleas and honor our prayers.

    Help her to place her faith in You, and be encouraged,
    You know her every need, Your Word has acknowledged.

    Many prayers have been offered up for Fran's well being,
    And it's Your remedial action Lord, we desire to be seeing.

    May you allow Fran to touch the hem of your garment,
    And may you restore unto her, Your peace and contentment.

    The Bible: "Cast your burdens on the Lord, He cares for you,"
    Jesus said, "Truth shall set you free, and My Word is True."

    Hopefully, well intentioned Fran, we wish you a Happy Birthday,
    May God provide strength, peace & healing as His Word you obey.


    David and Elaine's photo.

    Love In Christ!
    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 1, 2013

    Bill Baughman: Nov. 24, 2013 at church: Said Fran told me to make sure and thank you for the poems. She keeps them all together and wants to get a binder to keep them in, so she can refer to them frequently. She started chemo this past week and is doing good with it. Thanks again for your poems and your prayers.


    Photo of Fran Baughman.


    Precious memories ~ Oh, how sweet,
    Fran's life on earth, so very discreet.

    Precious memories ~ How they linger,
    Our life together was truly a real zinger.

    Precious memories ~ We will never forget,
    They'll remain with us forever, you bet.

    Precious memories ~ How they sustain us,
    Long as we have them, they'll maintain us.

    Precious memories ~ Such a beautiful smile,
    Warm and friendly was just your style.

    Precious memories ~ Your warm & caring ways,
    They'll remain with us all of our days.

    Precious memories ~ The love that you exhibited,
    There was no way it could have been prohibited.

    Precious memories ~ The long time friends you kept,
    At making & building friendships, you were so adept.

    Precious memories ~ So loyal to your dear spouse,
    A loving companion, inside or outside the house.

    Precious memories ~ Concern for your daughter & son,
    When young, making sure they had their share of fun.

    Precious memories ~ Your devotion to Billy & Jacqlyn,
    With a loving Mother's help, no way they could not win.

    Precious memories ~ Concern you had for each relative,
    Way you treated family members was superlative.

    Precious memories ~ The love you showed for hubby Bill,
    He'll never forget your loving memories ~ NO, NEVER WILL.

    Precious memories ~ How we do treasure them,
    There is no way that we can adequately measure them.

    Precious memories ~ Imbedded in our thoughts forever,
    They help us to remember our good times together.

    Thank you Fran, for all the memories you provided,
    Our thoughts of you will never dim, that's decided.

    And thank you God, for blessing us with the JOY OF FRAN,
    When God created her, it was nothing short of grand.


    Photo of Bill Baughman.

    Your Beloved Husband, Bill

    Composed for Bill by a friend: David S. Shupe
    February 28, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Bill Baughman on March 1, 2016 in remembering the 2nd anniversary of his wife's passing.

    Bill Baughman came up to us at church this morning (March 6, 2016), and thanked us first for the peom, It really moved him, son Billy and daughter Jacqlyn as they were down. He said it came right on the 2nd anniversary of her passing. He wants to show it to her parents too. He actually came over and thanked us twice, once before and again after the service. He seemed very touched by the poem.

    POEM: BEAUFAIT, FRED & LOIS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lois and Fred Beaufait at church dinner.


    (November 27, 2013)

    Happy 49th Anniversary Lois and Fred,
    A wonderful table for you, the Lord has spread.

    He's been there for you, as the years all go by,
    Though at times, I'm sure you uttered a heavy sigh.

    Life is not always fair, or just how we make it,
    But most times, it's how we deal with, and take it.

    One more year, you'll be celebrating a golden,
    For that, it's to the Lord, you'll be beholden.

    Today, far too few stay married for 49 or 50 years,
    I guess one reason for that is all the heartache and tears.

    You both have been faithful members of our LPC Church,
    Not willing to stand by, and leave us all in the lurch.

    Fred pitches right in, taking the proverbial bull by the horn,
    Not waiting for others to act, keeping us from being forlorn.

    He does such a marvelous job, carrying out duties of the Session,
    Keeping us apprised of church happenings, using his discretion.

    Assisting with maintenance, other duties around the premises,
    Staying alert to minimize church property blemishes.

    It's so wonderful to worship with people like you, so faithful,
    So we thank you for all you've done, and we are so grateful.

    By the way Fred, a special birthday wish to you for tomorrow,
    Quite convenient, hard to forget, as your anniversary, it does follow.

    May God bless you both and keep you for another 49 years at least,
    And when we all get to heaven, we'll sit down together and feast.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 3, 2013

    Lois & Fred Beaufait: Nov. 23, 2013 via email: David/Elaine, thank you very much for your kind message and poem. Lois and I leave Tuesday morning for Las Vegas for a few days for R & R. While the casinos won't be making any $ off of us from the Slots, they will certainly get their more than their share otherwise. We do plan to see a couple of shows and a few sites. We will get back on Saturday. Again, thanks for the note - greatly appreciated. Fred and Lois.

    Lois & Fred Beaufait: Nov. 24, 2013 at church: Both thanked us again for the anniversary poem and thoughts. Said they were going to Las Vegas Tuesday for 5 days to celebrate their 49th, not to gamble but attend a couple of performances and enjoy the food too.

    POEM: BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday To Someone Special ~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy Birthday to you.


    Time to celebrate,
    Don't procrastinate.
    It's your birthday,
    So do it your way.

    Enjoy the moment,
    Be a proponent.
    You're in charge,
    Time to enlarge.

    You deserve the best,
    Later you can rest.
    Kick up you heels,
    Watch for spills.

    Let your hair down,
    Go out on the town.
    Do something new,
    Bid the old adieu.

    Read a good book,
    Consider a new look.
    Take a nice trip,
    Visit another zip.
    (code that is)

    Take in a good movie,
    Go stretch out on a beach.
    Or do some things you want,
    Normally out of reach.

    A day set aside for you,
    To yourself be true.
    You deserve to splurge,
    If you fill the urge.

    You're the one special,
    Be a willing vessel.
    Buy yourself a gift,
    It won't create a rift.

    While it is unnerving,
    You are deserving.
    Don't count the cost,
    Or the moment's lost.

    Cherish memories thus far,
    Making you who you are.
    Things you've experienced,
    Having such great significance.

    Thank God for His blessing,
    To Him we are confessing.
    He's the reason you're here;
    The reason for another year.

    May your health be foremost,
    As we offer to you a toast.
    So Happy Birthday Dear Friend,
    Wishing happiness to never end.


    Another year is a special gift,
    So eat your cake, and say,
    "Instead of counting birthdays,
    I'll count my blessings every day."



    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    December 20, 2016



    Posted to Nancy Davis' Facebook Messenger page on December 25, 2016 in honor of her birthday on the day we celebrate the Lord's birth. Met Nancy in church on New Year's day, after service, and she gave me a hug and said she loved all of our poems, and thanked us for them.

    Emailed to Laurie Holmes in St. Croix on December 28, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Laurie's response on the following day: Thank you, David, for your birthday wishes, and for the lovely poem! I am on Christmas break. One nice thing about teaching: I never have to work on my rthday! Yes, I had a very nice birthday. We went to Unamore, an Italian restaurant at 5 Corners. It is owned by Kat, the lady who had Eat at Cane Bay. We both had our own specialty pizza, and now have left-overs for dinner tonight. How nice! I'm glad you liked your little gifts that I sent. I hope you can find a special spot for Jesus.

    Emailed to Pat Oakley Shupe on January 3, 2017 in honor of her 70th birthday. Pat's immediate response: That's beautiful! Thank you so much. I have Kenzie today so a large portion of the day is settled already!! However, since it is # 70 for me, my children and their families are coming over later. They are bringing food and party stuff. Don't know what time they're coming 😊. Tammy and grandson Jonathan stayed up for my birthday. They are heading back to Texas either tomorrow or Thursday. Boy, when the contractors come in you surely can be tied up for awhile!!! We will be going out of town Jan 8-14 but would certainly love for us to get together after we get back home. It's been quite awhile since we've been with you special folks❣ Again thank you so much for my Birthday poem ! Love you both! Pat.

    Mailed to our good long time friend, Gayle Harris on January 3, 2017 in honor of her 81st birthday.

    Hand carried to Barbara of Pizza Villa on January 6 in honor of her birthday.

    Mailed to Sister-in-Law Ruth Smith Shupe Owens on May 12, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Mailed to CeCe Edmonds Offidani on May 16, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Mailed poem customed with card to Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland on May 17, 2017. Janet's response via Facebook Timeline:

    One of my favorite memories from this years bday. A card & poem from my belated friend Pamela Shupe Finley's dad David S Shupe. Pam sent me funny cards every May for nearly 30 years. I didn't even know Mr. Shupe knew my birthdate (it's not posted on Facebook). I miss Pam lots and this gift filled a very special void only it could. Thanks Mr. Shupe - so thankful to have your friendship across the miles.

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    Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland: Heather Finley and Sam Finley - read this post. You have an awesome grandad! May 23, 2017 at 10:02pm. David S Shupe: Janet ~ So nice of you to say this. Hope the card & poem helped to round out your SPECIAL day. I'll always remember your deep friendship with Pam, Scot, Heather & Sam. May 24, 2017.

    Lutie Ewers Davis: He is such a beautiful poetry writer & thoughtful person. He just seems to know how to give you a better day. May 23, 2017 at 11:37pm. David S Shupe: Thank you Lutie. With your comments, you sure know how to make a person feel better too. May 24 at 10:25am.

    Mailed to Marjorie Latzko on July 11, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Marjorie's response: Your uplifting poem is the best present of the day. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I wish you could attend the 11:00 service. Melanie and Faye are going to do a favorite song that always brings tears to my eyes.. "Oh, Rest in the Lord" by Mendelssohn. You can hear it on Youtube.

    Emailed to Judy Link Salvatore on July 21, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Judy's response: What a special wish! Thank you, David and Elaine. I loved the poem, although, I don't have much hair to "let down"; it is too short. We will be in PA tomorrow, my official day, at a shower for our niece, so will be celebrating with family. Stay cool, Judy. Sent from my iPhone.

    Emailed to Connie Ballato on July 22, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Connie's response: Thank you David. It's always so special to get a poem from you! Blessings. Connie. Sent from my iPad.

    Hand carried to neighbor Elizabeth (Hunter) Goins for her birthday. Hunter called later that day and thanked us for the card & poem.

    Mailed to Nina Southworth on July 25, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Melody Lane Popo's Facebook Messenger page on July 29, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Stefanie Willey's Facebook Messenger page on July 30, 2017. Stefanie's response: I absolutely love this!! Thank you so much!!

    Mailed to young friend Michelle Swanson on August 21, 2017 for her 20 birthday. Michelle is starting her sophomore year at Virginia Tech. Michelle had called me on August 11 and wished me a happy birthday. Michelle wrote us a letter that we received on September 24, 2017: Dear Mr. & Mrs. Shupe, Thank you so much for the kind birthday card, poem, and money. It was so thoughtful of you. I really appreciate it! I enjoyed seeing and catching up with you both this summer and hope to do so again soon. I have gotten all settled into my townhouse with my three roommates here at Virginia Tech and have had a great start to the semester! Hope to see you soon! Love, Michelle.

    Hand carried to Dr. Karie Button on August 27, 2017 in honor of her 48th birthday (same year as Pam's) via meeting her Mother, Lorrie Button, on Camp Arrowhead Road. Met Karie & her Mom, Lorrie subsequently on the way back home and she thanked me for the birthday poem.

    Posted to Heather Reedy's Facebook Messenger page on August 27, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Heather's response: Aw thanks Mr. and Mrs. Shupe!!! I love your poems. This is so special to me! Mama is still in the same place in St Croix, she is doing well. I will count my blessings and thank God for another year! I always love you guys. You are a unique part of the St. Croix community. Take care.

    Posted to Elisa Levy Harris' Facebook Messenger page on September 1, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Elisa's response: David and Elaine, thank you so much for my cheerful birthday wishes. You are so sweet. I hope things are going well for you guys!! I'm so sorry to hear about Scooby. Now that I'm a converted dog lover I know the heartache you're going through watching his health decline. Honestly they are like our children.

    Posted to Amy Fermil Spruill's Facebook Messenger page on September 4, 2017. Amy's response: Thank you very much Mr. David.

    Emailed to neighbor Barbara Spears on Sept. 5, 2017 in honor of her Birthday. Barbara's response: Thanks David.....wonderful. Sent from my ipad jws.

    Emailed to Ruth Ann Vaughan on Sept. 7, 2017 in honor of her Birthday. Ruth Ann's response: David, Thank you so much for this sweet poem and birthday greetings! It's been a sweet day so far... especially to enjoy this beautiful weather! Hope you and Elaine are doing well! Hugs, Ruth Ann.

    Posted to Peni White Adams Facebook Messenger page on October 6, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Peni's response: Thank you, love you.

    Emailed to Bebe Jo Davidson Shupe on October 7, 2017 in honor of her 78th birthday.

    Emailed to Kathy LaGrange, St. Croix friend who now lives on South Padre Island, TX on October 8, 2017 in honor of her 64th birthday. Kathy's response: Good morning, David and Elaine. Thanks for the birthday wish and poem.  And thanks for thinking of me!  I will be celebrating this evening by having drinks and dinner with a new friend here on SPI.  Looking forward to it!  So far things have been great.  I feel I've landed in just the right place for Boomer and me. Love to you both! Kathy and Boomer.

    Mailed to LPC pew mate Lois Beaufait on October 9, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Lois thanked me in church on Sunday morning.

    Mailed to LPC pew mate Carole Pizzillo on October 9, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Carole thanked me for the poem in church Sunday morning also.

    Posted to Debbie Clinebell Witt's Facebook Messenger page on October 10, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Debbie's response: Oh goodness. The perfect way to start this day. You are amazing, and I thank you so much for this poem. I'm starting this day with a big smile and definitely counting blessings! Thank you dear friend!!
    Mailed to Niece Norma Littleton Forbush on October 13, 2017 in honor of her 75th birthday.

    Mailed to Neighbor Jean Swanson on October 16, 2017 in honor of her 87th birthday.

    Mailed to Niece Linda Pitts Lane on October 16, 2017 in honor of her 67th birthday. Linda's response on October 20, 2017: Uncle David & Elaine. Thank you for the beautiful card and beautiful poem. I loved them both and love you and Elaine.

    Posted to Susie Brady's Facebook Messenger page on November 4, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Daisy Dalquilanea Kinard's Facebook Messenger page on November 5, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Daisy's response: So lovely and sweet, just like you. Thank you so much David! Hope you are doing good these days. It is a bit of a rainy day here. While I have some plans today to celebrate a bit, your lovely prose has motivated and reminded me to appreciate this day just a little more. Last night at midnight, someone asked me if I felt different or was excited. It really felt no different and I just thought it was nice it was my birthday, but not much more. You’ve reminded me how another year is a special gift and I truly appreciate that. Thank you again! Take care! Daisy.

    Posted to Louise Bordel Periotti Kinsler's Facebook Messenger page on November 10, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Louise's response: Thank you.

    Posted to Sylvia Gilmore's Facebook Messenger page on November 10, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Shannon Nicholson's Facebook Messenger page on November 11, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Shannon's response: Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you would take time to “create” in my honor! Love reading your inspired poems & love you both!

    Posted to Michelle Shupe Wheatley's Facebook Messenger page on November 11, 2017 in honor of her milestone 50th birthday. Awww! That was beautiful! Thank you!! I love it and I love you for remembering me today!

    Emailed to Amy Jarvis Gould on November 15, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Mailed to Butch ?????? on November 20, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Donna Shupe's Facebook Messenger page on November 21, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Posted to Shari Allen's Facebook Messenger page on November 21, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Shari's response: Thank you David & Elaine! You two are such a blessing. I love you dearly and will always keep you close at heart.

    Mailed to Lorraine Smith on November 24, 2017 in honor of her birthday.

    Emailed to Adrienne Scot on December 2, 2017 in honor of her birthday. Adrienne's response: I love it dearest Elaine and David! You have made my day😘. Thank you so much, Hugs, Adrienne.
    Sent from my iPhone


    Melanie at the piano!

    ~ One Talented Lady ~

    At LPC we have a very talented lady pianist named Melanie,
    She does her level best to keep us all in musical harmony.
    She is also quite adept at playing for and leading the church choir,
    As the members have her undivided attention in their robe attire.

    She ensures a perfect blend of voices whether tenor, bass or soprano,
    It takes much coordination while directing and also playing piano.
    Ofttimes when she is playing solo, the music is certainly divine,
    As we sit listening intently, a gentle peace wafts over our mind.

    Not only is she marvelous at the piano, she also plays the organ,
    She lets her fingers do the talking, there's no need for idle jargon.
    As she plays the opening song, we listen reverently to the musical interlude,
    If our mood on entering was melancholy, it sure changes our attitude.

    The songs, along with the musical accompaniment, sure do become contagious,
    And do much to lift our spirits, while helping us feel so much more courageous.
    Then, too, when members join together and we all lift up our voices to sing,
    It blesses our hearts to give praise and honor to Jesus our King.

    If we enter the sanctuary, and feel during the week we've done something wrong,
    This feeling of guilt slowly drifts away, as Melanie plays a heavenly song.
    Her dedicated practice is evident as her fingers skillfully glide over the keys,
    What would be difficult for the less accomplished, she does it with ease.

    Again and again, Melanie's music has changed frowns into happy smiles,
    By disolving unnecessary fears and worldly trepidations all the while.
    Other times when Melanie is playing, the music goes from soft to spirited,
    Going from a quiet somber mood to a rejoicing one, inbedded but not inherited.

    As the music is so lovely, rarely do we desire to sing songs at church, acapella,
    At times the piano and organ music is quite lively, and other times very mellow.
    Melanie does such a beautiful job, and music and songs she does properly blend,
    Into the order of the service while on her we can always depend.

    So thank you, Melanie, for your labors for God and for all of us here at LPC,
    For Buz and the entire congregation, also for Elaine and for me.
    We so appreciate how the music adds to the service and sets the tone~very smart,
    Because we know that all you do, you do for God, and it comes from your heart.

    So God richly bless you and your family always in all your musical endeavors,
    Keep you, guide you, give you good health, and prosper you now and forever.
    May you enjoy peace and happiness in all that you plan, say and do,
    Knowing we here at LPC will keep you in our prayers for, WE LOVE YOU!

    David and Elaine Shupe
    November 7, 2011

    Photo of Elaine and David.

    POEM: BRADLEY, MELANIE: A PRAYER ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Jesus healing a sick woman.


    Melanie is her name,
    Music is her game.
    She has been faithful,
    For that we are grateful.

    Melanie has sown the musical seed,
    She now has a special need.
    So we take her to God in prayer,
    She needs You this very hour.

    We invoke for her, God's grace
    and place her in Your warm embrace.
    She's safe in God's capable hands.
    You're a God who understands.

    Athough diagnosed with a disease,
    God can handle it with ease.
    Nothing's too hard for the Master Physician,
    He hears every humble petition.

    Some say, "don't get your hopes up,"
    But it's with Christ that we dine and sup.
    "In thee oh, Lord, do we look to,
    and put our trust in" ~ so very true.

    When all others throw in the towel,
    It's not time for us to cowl,
    It's a time for us to get on our knees,
    Interceding for Melanie with heartfelt pleas.

    Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in thy Name,
    You are in the midst of them just the same.
    Our hope and trust is in the Name of the Lord,
    As you come to our rescue wielding a mighty Sword.

    With you, God, all things are possible,
    We're so glad your healing power is accessible.
    Grant Melanie the assurance of Your mighty power,
    That You have her back every minute, every hour.

    Melanie has spent untold countless hours,
    Spreading her music which empowers.
    Adding so much to our worship meetings;
    Singing, choir leading and greetings.

    Melanie like Dorcas is full of good deeds,
    So, God, to You we bring her special needs.
    Placing full trust in You to give her peace,
    And from all pain, give her full release.

    Bless her family, one and all,
    You will answer, before we call.
    Melanie is your devoted child,
    So keep her close all the while.

    We thank you Lord for giving us Melanie,
    Who adds so much to our church family.
    We pray that You restore her to our midst,
    As we need her talented musical assist.

    Now we thank you Lord for hearing our plea,
    Sent up to You for Melanie's well-being, You see.
    Prayer changes things, this we are well aware,
    So thankful that we have a God that does care.

    Grant Melanie that peace passing all we understand,
    And assurance in your mighty power, so grand.
    You're by her side, enabling her to go from coarse to fine,
    While we hold up her arms, You throw out the lifeline.

    The Church is There for YOU!
    We have your back too!

    David & Elaine Shupe,
    August 6, 2012

    Photo of Elaine and David.


    Easter cantata.


    Today, Elaine and I attended
    LPC's Easter Cantata.
    Sitting back in our pews,
    We enjoyed ourselves a whole latta.

    Under the directorship of our beloved
    Music Director, Melanie,
    With Stephanie conducting the choir,
    A dynamic duo we loved to see.

    Stephanie did such a marvelous
    job, conducting the choir
    That the music emanating
    from their voices did inspire.

    A sacred cantata based on early
    American songs by Joseph Martin.
    A presentation which the Lord
    Impressed on Melanie for certain.

    The melodious voices of the choir
    members were quite divine.
    Which blended so well with
    Melanie's piano music by design.

    Both the music and the singing
    lifted our spirits so heavenly.
    Presentation of music, singing and
    narration was done so reverently.

    The narration of the Biblical scriptures
    was done by Michael Salvatore.
    Delivered in such a manner as to
    leave us wanting to hear more.

    The rendition of the songs by the soloists,
    embellished the spiritual mood.
    Diminishing any thoughts of worldly
    attachments making us brood.

    The choir did such a superb job
    adding to Melanie's inspired playing.
    Such a wonderful performance to carry
    us through Easter, I'm saying.

    No better way to keep Christ up close
    and in the forefront of our mind.
    With music, scripture and message
    in song satisfying needs of all mankind.

    Performed in such a manner that all
    voices mell together and harmonize.
    Resulting in an effective way of presenting
    the gospel in music to sermonize.

    Thank you, Melanie, for your hard work
    and tiresome efforts in blessing our heart.
    Which keeps us encouraged and enthused,
    so from Christ's love we will not depart.

    May God bless you richly, keep you,
    strengthen you both outwardly and inwardly.
    May every song you play, take root downwardly
    and bear fruit upwardly.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    March 24, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    Easter cantata.

    (Palm Sunday ~ March 24, 2013)

    Today, Elaine and I attended LPC's Easter Cantata,
    Sitting back in our pews, we enjoyed ourselves a whole latta.

    Under the directorship of our beloved Music Director, Melanie,
    With Stephanie conducting the choir, a dynamic duo we loved to see.

    Stephanie did such a marvelous job, conducting the choir,
    That the music emanating from their voices did inspire.

    A sacred cantata based on early American songs by Joseph Martin,
    A presentation which the Lord impressed on Melanie for certain.

    The melodious voices of the choir members were quite divine,
    Which blended so well with Melanie's piano music by design.

    Both the music and the singing lifted our spirits so heavenly,
    Presentation of music, singing and narration was done so reverently.

    The narration of the Biblical scriptures was done by Michael Salavatore,
    Delivered in such a manner as to leave us wanting to hear more.

    The rendition of the songs by the soloists, embellished the spiritual mood,
    Diminishing any thoughts of worldly attachments making us brood.

    The choir did such a superb job adding to Melanie's inspired playing,
    Such a wonderful performance to carry us through Easter, I'm saying.

    No better way to keep Christ up close and in the forefront of our mind,
    With music, scripture and message in song satisfying needs of all mankind.

    Performed in such a manner that all voices mell together and harmonize,
    Resulting in an effective way of presenting the gospel in music to sermonize.

    Thank you, Melanie, for your hard work and tiresome efforts in blessing our heart,
    Which keeps us encouraged and enthused, so from Christ's love we will not depart.

    May God bless you richly, keep you, strengthen you both outwardly and inwardly,
    May every song you play, take root downwardly and bear fruit upwardly.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    March 24, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    Photo of Melanie at the piano.


    Thank you Lord, for the,
    good news of Melanie's healing.
    Your concern for her well-being
    is so very revealing.

    You helped her overcome
    multiple procedures and tests.
    She remains in your hands,
    and you know what's best.

    She remained faithful through-
    out her terrible ordeal.
    So many times, it seemed the road
    she traveled was so unreal.

    The anguish, the tears, the
    helplessness she often endured.
    Only by the help and grace of God,
    is she completely reassured.

    Thank you Lord, for the good report
    that Melanie is cancer free.
    Such wonderful news, and
    we certainly owe it all to thee.

    We know it wouldn't have happened
    without your divine intervention.
    Surely all the prayers and support
    brought her to your attention.

    Now she'll be unencumbered,
    and she can get back in the groove.
    With diminished worries about health,
    which God did approve.

    We're glad you can be back full time
    displaying your musical talent.
    All of us here at LPC missed you
    very much when you were absent.

    Thank God for His goodness in giving
    you a heavenly touch from on high.
    And for turning your sorrow into praise
    instead of a heavey sigh.

    We all owe God a huge debt of
    gratitude for what He's done.
    Making it possible to beat this thing
    through Jesus, God's only Son.

    So God, continue to bless Melanie,
    filling her with your peace.
    Endow her with strength and health,
    Let your love for her never cease.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    January 27, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.


    David, Elaine and Scooby.

    (November 12, 2013)

    A special happy birthday to you, Melanie,
    You are a product of God's spiritual progeny.

    For God has helped you this past year,
    Brought you through much heartache and fear.

    He's given you victory over health distractions,
    Allowing you to continue your musical interactions.

    So good to see your smiling face each week,
    As your health and good will, we do seek.

    Members and friends were praying for your recovery,
    A closer walk with God was a positive discovery.

    We thank God, that He has blessed your soul,
    Touched your body, and made you whole.

    We owe Him much for His answers to prayer,
    When we need Him, He's always there.

    You've gone through a lot, that's for sure,
    But Christ is the one Who makes us secure.

    We're so glad that Christ came on the scene,
    Planted His peace, which you did glean.

    So many things happen that make us fret,
    But a faithful God, has never failed us yet.

    May He continue to surround you with His Love,
    Bless you, keep you as He looks down from above.

    Give you peace, health, happiness as you face each day,
    As living for Christ, makes everything turn out okay.

    May next year be one of the best you've ever had,
    What he's already done for you, we're more than glad.


    David and Elaine in earlier years.

    Love In Christ
    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 31, 2013


    As Melanie walked by our pew in church Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013, she mouthed "THANK YOU" for the card and poem, as service was going on.


    Photo of Melanie Bradley.


    When the storms of life,
    come crashing down.
    And wherever you look,
    confusion does abound. . .

    When the road you travel,
    seems dark and bleak.
    And the direction you need,
    you strive to seek. . .

    When everything you do,
    turns to instant putty.
    And events around you,
    seem to be so nutty. . .

    If you often feel like,
    life is passing you by.
    You're no longer in control,
    and heave a heavy sigh. . .

    When you have a serious
    family medical situation.
    You're at the end of your rope,
    & need strength for continuation. . .

    When you feel all uptight,
    things aren't going your way.
    The sun has stopped shinning,
    you can't see the light of day. . .

    When transactions turn sour,
    everyones giving you the shaft.
    You don't have money to pay bills,
    You feel like you're going daft. . .

    When you feel like striking back,
    and it's difficult to be nice.
    Your carnal nature says retaliate,
    take my unsolicited advice. . .

    When all is said and done,
    much more is said than done.
    When it comes to final outcome,
    it's just God and His Son. . .

    Hold on to Jesus,
    and He'll hold on to you.
    No man is able to pluck us,
    out of His hand ~ so true!


    Christ clasping a hand.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    May 19, 2014


    Melanie Bradley: Melanie whispered a BIG "THANK YOU FOR THE POEM," as she walked by after plaing the piano in church Sunday morning, June 1, 2014, and gave us a grateful smile. Melanie is battling a re-occurrence of breast cancer and is currently undergoing her 2nd round of chemo. Our prayers are continously with Melanie for her healing and well-being).



    Photo of Melanie Bradley.


    We lift you up in prayer,
    Every day, every hour.
    We know our God is able,
    To give you strength & enable.

    This disease we will not condone.
    When you hurt, we hurt back,
    Keep chugging on the right track.

    He is there to see you through,
    He'll give you peace, I know it's true.
    No way He'll leave you alone,
    As He looks down from His throne.

    He knows your every need,
    So follow where He does lead.
    He'll never lead you astray,
    He'll be with you in every fray.

    No matter what the test,
    He's the ONE who knows best.
    He is merciful and He is kind,
    He doesn't keep us in a bind.

    Said He'd be with us in trouble,
    Able to deliver us many times double.
    How often He has come on the scene,
    He specializes in doing the extreme.

    He's not just sitting on His throne,
    He's with us when we feel alone.
    When everyone else is in bed,
    He's there to relieve fear and dread.

    God is the ONE that feels our pain,
    Sent His Son to die for our gain.
    Loved us so much He sacrificed His Son,
    While we were lost sinners quite undone.

    If this is so, then we have no fear,
    He'll never leave us, He's always near.
    We're one of billions on this great earth,
    But He died to offer each of us re-birth.

    We're all important in God's great plan,
    But it's up to us to take a stand.
    We are His child, joint heirs with Christ,
    No matter what, our salvation will suffice.

    Nothing can sever our spiritual ties,
    Or prevent us from splitting the eastern skies.
    When Christ comes back to take us home,
    We'll be with Him never more to roam.

    So thank you Lord, for what you've done,
    Sending down to us Your only Son.
    Dying for us while we were yet in sin,
    So we could live and make it in.

    Not only is this gospel and so very true,
    You came to help us make it through.
    By your shed blood, our sins were repealed,
    And by your stripes, we are healed,

    God bless Melanie as she battles this disease,
    As You can give her victory with great ease.
    Give her strength, peace, perpetual hope,
    Be the divine knot at the end of her rope.

    (Jason too)

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 17, 2014


    Melanie Latzko Bradley: Melane said "Thank you for the poem," right after church as we went up to talk to her mother.

    Marjorie Latzko: Talked with Melanie's Mother, Marjorie, after church briefly. She thanked us again for all the poems we've sent to Melanie. She so appreciated the sentiments. I told her she had a special daughter and Melanie had a special Mother.


    Melanie: God had a purpose for placing you in the music field. You obeyed that purpose and as a result, you have blessed many people with your musical talent in the spiritual and the secular. You have faced many medical obstacles, but God has been with you and you faced them all with determination and faith. Thank you Melanie, for being the person you are, for your positive attitude and for the good that you do. You are an inspiration to us all. Happy Birthday as you've reached a special milestone. Love you, David & Elaine.

    Photo of Melanie Bradley.

    (November 12, 2015)

    Happy 50th birthday to Melanie,
    Our very special friend.
    May joys of this unique day,
    Never come to an end.

    God has blessed you,
    With half of your 5 score years.
    Hasn't all been a bed of roses,
    You've met & conquered a few fears.

    Don't think I'm taking liberties,
    As I wouldn't blatantly divulge your age.
    I just happened onto the information,
    When I logged on the Facebook page.

    Unavoidable things have come your way,
    But you handled them like a champ.
    With the help of God above,
    He was there, helping you revamp.

    You have a special way with music,
    And the melodies seem to float on air.
    Making our problems slowly evaporate,
    The peace it engenders is so debonair.

    You have a devoted husband,
    Who is a number one supporter.
    No matter what you undertake to do,
    He is there as an ardent exhorter.

    You have two dutiful sons,
    Whom you love very much.
    You do your level best for them,
    To improve their lives as such.

    May God richly bless you Melanie,
    In everything that you strive to do.
    May He give you peace, strength & health,
    And always with love, see you through.

    Elaine and I wish for you,
    Happiness and all the best.
    Hope you enjoy another 50 years,
    For with God, you've met the test.


    Photo of David & Elaine Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 12, 2015


    Talked with Melanie at her 50th birthday party on November 14, 2015, and she thanked me for the poem and comments on her Facebook page.


    Photo of Melanie and Jason's Wedding Picture.

    (June 12, 2014)

    Just found out today Melanie, it's your 21st anniversary,
    Getting congratulations out to you quickly is compulsory.

    The poem may be a little short so I can get it out on time,
    When the clock is running, it's often hard to turn on a dime.

    So a happy special anniversary to a very special couple,
    It's been 21 years since you've said your nuptials.

    A time for fond reminiscing of years gone by,
    Looking back and remembering with a happy sigh.

    When you gracefully bid the single life a final adieu,
    Pledging together you'd tackle the future, JASON and YOU.

    God blessed you with 2 handsome lads, Aaron & Ryan,
    Whom your world revolves around, & that's no lying.

    Over the years, involved in their many school activities,
    Exercising parenting skills as they engaged in their festivities.

    Melanie, you've been involved in LPC's musical program for years,
    You've exercised your responsibilities without being in arrears.

    You've been dedicated & conscientious in all your musical work,
    Through sickness and health, you're not one to unduly shirk.

    Regrettably, my knowledge of Jason's profession is non-existent,
    But if he's any thing like you, he's stable and persistent.

    You both are strong people to maintain positive attitudes,
    Fighting a medical battle that should earn you some platitudes.

    Congratulations on 21 years of marriage that you've achieved,
    So much to be thankful for, in all things that you have received.

    May God bless you and family, and restore unto you health,
    May He shower you with happiness, peace and even a bit of wealth.


    Photo of Elaine and me.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 12, 2014


    David S. Shupe on June 12, 2014: Happy Anniversary Melanie. Didn't have time to send you a hard copy of the ensuing poem, but perhaps I'll have it for you Sunday. Enjoy your special day! David & Elaine.

    Marjorie Latzko ~ Mother of Melanie Latzko Bradley on June 12, 2014: David and Elaine. . .you have touched my heart with your beautiful poems written to Melanie.

    Karen Mahaffie (friends with Melanie Latzko Bradley) likes your post on Melanie's timeline.

    Melanie Bradley: (At the end of the LPC service on Sunday, June 15, 2014 when Melanie was playing the closing hymn as the congregation marched out, I took the laminated hard copy of her anniversary poem up to her, with a copy to her Mom, and gave it to her). She finished the hymn, stood up, turned around and gave me a warm hug, saying "Thank you so much for all the beautiful poems. My Mother loves them too and asked if I had seen her comment, above, which I agreed in the affirmative.

    POEM: BROWN, CAROL & GERRY: Remembering Our Champ ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Champ Brown.


    Does it hurt to lose a special family pet,
    The hurt is there, and you can't forget.

    You came to us when you were quite young,
    Our hearts to you have always clung.

    Champ couldn't have found a better place,
    To live his life, so full of love & grace.

    You stole our hearts as a lovable pet,
    Your love for us precluded a need to vet.

    Over the years you were our faithful friend,
    How exciting for us when it all began.

    Loyalty was Champ's biggest attribute,
    There can never be another substitute.

    A handsome doggie with a great big heart,
    So very sad and sorry his time came to depart.

    Champ Brown was a cherished member of our clan,
    So unbearable for us as his time came to an end.

    Miss his carefree frolic and his playful fun,
    Miss his presence when the long day is done.

    Miss his exciting welcome coming through the door,
    "I missed you so today," his eyes did implore.

    Miss the way he looked so very trustingly at me.
    Wondering what his big brown eyes did see.

    When we called him, he came real soon,
    His love for us, we would not impugn.

    Miss the special way he would romp and play,
    Miss his funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way he would lay by my side,
    No matter what, he would faithfully abide.

    Miss the peculiar way he nuzzled up to me,
    His faithful devotion was something else to see.

    Miss his companionship when I walk,
    Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.

    The excitement he showed while riding in the car,
    The devotion he gave, raised the bar.

    Champ was such a sweet, gentle soul,
    The cares of the day were put on hold.

    Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
    Champ topped the list, none to be compared.

    To everyone, you were quite a good sport,
    Loving old and young, we’d like to exhort.

    He taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    We know you'll keep him safely in Your care,
    Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.

    Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Photo of Carol, Gerry & Bristol Brown.

    Carol & Gerry Brown, Parents
    (Bristol too)

    Composed by A Friend:
    David S. Shupe
    November 28, 2016


    Hand carried poem to Carol & Gerry Brown on September 29, 2016 when delivering Elaine's pastries to the Soup Kitchen. Carol thanked me and said she'd have to finish reading it when she was home so she could concentrate soley on the poem. She expressed her regret over Champs and Dukes deaths. Champ had died only 11 days previously while Duke died in May of this year.


    Photo of Heidi, Sally and Elaine at restaurant.

    (February 15, 2013)

    Happy Birthday to good friend Sally Bulkley from St. Croix,
    A lady of many talents, formerly an entrepreneur who did employ.

    She managed a restaurant, and husband Hugh, the marina,
    The balmy breezes off the water made everything so serena.

    Paint a house, grow a garden, run a restaurant ~ she's done it all,
    Still in the serving business as a waitress, she's at your beck and call.

    I still well remember the good old days at Columbus Cove,
    Where the food was tops, and the weather nothing to loathe.

    Oh, the breakfasts she prepared, so scrumptious, titillating taste buds,
    Those delicious spicy Cruzan omelettes were certainly no duds.

    Our favorite waitress, Heidi, with her friendly and kind disposition,
    No matter your demands, to her it was not an imposition.

    The food, staff, chef, weather ~ just what the good doctor ordered,
    Regrettably, Sally thought it time she closed down shop and re-chartered.

    For awhile, she held down two jobs, at Duggan's and at Breeze's.
    As we said, the gal who does it all, a work ethic that causes a few wheezes.

    If we remember correctly, her dog Bo was a birthday present in prior years,
    When he was just a wee pup, and Hugh selected him from one of his peers.

    Sally is an animal lover, so you may see her running Bo on the beach,
    On a beautiful, balmy sunny day, which here in Delaware is out of reach.

    Or catch hubby, Hugh in his favorite chair surrounded by cats,
    Napping with furry creatures on a peaceful day, what's better than that?

    We still remember the days at Columbus Cove with the lovely feline, Bella,
    When she would strut around greeting everyone, especially loving the fellas.

    A sad day a few days ago when her little dog, Missy succumbed to old age,
    Sure do miss our pets who quickly become top players on our stage.

    On a lighter note, Sally has a green thumb that stands her in good stead,
    Inside and outside, she has her house decorated with plants and a flower bed.

    The rain forest has nothing on Sally, as her plants seem healthy and hardy,
    When we dined there, the plants were an interesting addition to the party.

    So Sally, Elaine and I consider it an honor to be your friends over the years,
    Remembering the good meals and times at Columbus Cove, with a few tears.

    As a hard working lady, and a successful Restaurateur, you're no flop,
    And as a person who left their mark on us in St. Croix, you're tops.

    May God richly bless you and Hugh as time marches on swiftly,
    May His face shine on you through the St. Croix sun, oh so kindly.

    So thank you, Sally, for all the good meals in years gone by,
    And too, for all the memories at Columbus Cove that still make us sigh.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    Your Delaware Friends
    February 9, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    (via Facebook)

    Sally Harper Bulkley ~ Feb. 15, 2013:

    Sally Bulkley posted to David S Shupe 10 hours ago near Christiansted, United States via mobile: "Just picked up the mail & your card! It brought happy tears to my eyes! How thoughtful you and Elaine are! Beautiful people I love dearly!"

    Happy 23rd Anniversary Sally and Hugh,
    We send our best wishes to both of you.
    We hope you had a day full of cheer,
    At the beach or reclining in your lounge chair.

    Sent from Elaine & David in lower, slower Delaware via Facebook



    Photo of Bo Bulkley.

    DEAR BO:

    We found you 12 years ago,
    On my birthday to be exact.
    Such a tiny fur ball you were,
    And my love, you did attract.

    How it hurts to lose a special pet;
    The hurt is there, you can't forget.
    You stole our hearts as a canine pet,
    It was love at first sight, you bet.

    I sit & stare now at your pictures,
    Thinking how lucky we were,
    To have had you in our lives
    And for the joy we did incur.

    Going for walks on the beach,
    Made you more than happy.
    Oh, how you would romp and play,
    Full of fun and oh, so scrappy.

    The look BO would give me,
    If we went to the beach without her.
    Made me feel so ashamed,
    For our lives were all about her.

    We said our fond goodbyes,
    To our loyal & beautiful BO.
    We so hated for the end to come,
    And how we dreaded it to be so.

    What a gorgeous girl she was,
    I feel so blessed to have loved her.
    When we were together,
    By my side, she would not stir.

    Bo, we'll miss the fun times,
    That you and Hugh had together.
    Romping and playing so giddily,
    Times we'll forget never.

    BO loved the beach & the water,
    Swimming laps with Hugh,
    She would want to stay in the water,
    Even when our time was through.

    We'll miss the patient way,
    You put up with your siblings.
    Although pestering you unmercifully,
    They evicted from you no niblings.

    Will miss the obsessive way,
    That you took over the couch.
    Though you loved your snooze time,
    You certainly were no grouch.

    You were quite indisputably,
    The queen of our castle.
    You demanded our love & attention,
    But you were never any hassle.

    You were our playmate & protector,
    Our buddy, and a loyal friend.
    That's why it hurt so very much,
    To see your time come to an end.

    Gorgeous BO's all time favorite thing,
    Was "chillin" at the beach.
    Quietly enjoying each other's company,
    No need for mundane speech.

    Miss her unconditional love we shared,
    BO topped the list, none to be compared.
    She taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    Thanks BO, for pleasure you sent our way,
    Because of you, each day was a brighter day.
    Thank God for loaning us BO during her lifetime,
    Time we spent together was quite sublime.

    We know you'll keep her safe in Your care,
    Thinking about her, we'll shed another tear.
    Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Photo of Sally, Hugh & Bo.

    Sally & Hugh Bulkley, Loving Parents
    David & Elaine Shupe, Adoring Friends

    Composed by: David S. Shupe
    February 20, 2016


    Posted this poem to Sally Harper Bulkley's Facebook timeline on February 26, 2016.

    4 people like this.

    Christine Hotham · Friends with Sally Bulkley: Beautiful!

    Sally Bulkley: Thank You! David.. Absolutely beautiful ... I am now in tears! you caught her perfectly. Much love to you and Elaine.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Christine, & Sally for your comments. Sally, hopefully, I've captured the high points of BO's life from your Facebook postings. You've painted a pretty vivid picture of BO's life over the years with your choice comments throughout. That made remembering her much easier.

    POEM: BUTTON, JOHN: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo sailing ship in sunset.


    Happy birthday to neighbor John Button,
    Sure old sailing times are not soon forgotten.

    You spent a great many years sailing the sea,
    Enjoying the sunsets, way they ought to be.

    You decided to weigh anchor and hang it all up,
    So your sailing days, you did interrupt.

    You built a house on prestigious Herring Creek,
    To enjoy a life of retirement, you did seek.

    You have become one of our newest neighbors,
    Now you can relax and cease from all your labors.

    We recognize you as you drive by in your red truck,
    That you settled in our midst is a bit more than luck.

    You are blessed with a lovely daughter, Karie,
    A pediatrician doctor who is soon slated to marry.

    After extensive education at several institutions,
    Now works with kids in Philly, making her contributions.

    We benefit by enjoying the parties that she plans,
    When we all can get together as neighbors and friends.

    You have a 2nd lovely daughter, whose name is Jill
    She now resides in Texas, to practice her financial skill.

    We share something in common, having a Mini Cooper,
    Behind the wheel, I know she looks quite super.

    So John, we offer you a sincere & heartfelt toast,
    May you enjoy your retirement here on the east coast.

    & GOD BLESS!

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    December 6, 2013


    David S Shupe on Dec. 8, 2013 via Facebook message: Karie: We have composed a brief poem for your father's birthday. Would you please look it over for any factual errors and let me know via Facebook message or my email at dayvd@msn.com if we need to change anything. Thanks! Looking forward to his party.

    Karie Button at 1:33 pm on Dec. 8, 2013 via mobile phone: David...the poem is beautiful and perfect! How incredibly thoughtful of you!! We are both so lucky to know you and Elaine and to have you as neighbors and friends. Very much looking forward to seeing you on the 14th! Warmest regards, karie.

    David S Shupe at 3:00 o'clock on Dec. 8, 2013: Thanks Karie...for your generous comments. Glad the poem is ok with you. We weren't sure, but so glad you like it and think it will fit in okay with everything else. See you on the 14th. David

    Both John Button and his daughter Karie thanked me profusely for the poem and thought it was so considerate of me to compose it.

    POEM: BUTTON, KARIE: BIRTHDAY~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Karie Button.

    (September 2, 2014)

    Happy birthday to a special pediatrician,
    Best on the East Coast is our submission.

    We offer a toast on this your very special day,
    Your future to be always bright as your smile alway.

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration,
    With your Dad & others to enhance exhilaration.

    Know it's fulfilling when both you and "Mom" are there,
    Along with Jill, so that you all can share.

    Nothing like family & friends to help celebrate,
    Moments to remember so you can commemorate.

    No better place to relax than at the Creek boathouse,
    Any turmoil that arises, you can soon douse.

    Trust you're enjoying your stint in Boston city,
    Leaving Philadelphia I imagine, was a great pity.

    But being close to loved ones in need is a big plus,
    So nice to have family near by to help discuss.

    Hope your dear Mum is winning the good fight,
    And that everything is going to turn out alright.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you each day,
    As you work and plan, and go along your way.

    May God bless and keep you safe in His care,
    Whether you're in Philadelphia, Boston or Delaware.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Thinking of You
    On Your Special Day!
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    August 31, 2014


    Karie Button: September 2, 2014: A thousand thank-yous to everyone for the endless birthday wishes ... I'm still celebrating (classic Button-style) to make it linger as long as possible ... so grateful for today's sweet, sweet pleasures: toes in the sand, cool swims in the ocean, osprey in the trees, and being showered with love. THANK YOU all!!

    Names Starting with the Letter "C".


    Photo of Shirley Hayes Carroll.

    (January 8, 2014)

    Still remember a young dark haired girley,
    Whose name just happens to be Shirley.

    Those were days we did enjoy,
    Choosing games we did employ.

    Be it softball, dodge ball or hide & seek,
    For the hardy, not for the weak.

    Made it a point for everyone to meet,
    In the yard, or in the street.

    No matter where, we had a ball,
    Playing outside 'til our parents did call.

    If no one objected, we'd stay out until midnight,
    Enjoying the outdoors & each other, what a delight.

    Had no TV, cell phones or ipads to keep us inside,
    Those outdoor games we loved to abide.

    Never forget those Hollingsworth Manor days,
    Gathering with Hamms, Meekings, Shupes & Hayes'.

    There are other children that we could name,
    They all participated in our outdoor games.

    But now those childhood days are far behind us,
    And adulthood became a bonafide must.

    Shupes and Hayes have made decisions for Christ,
    Realizing that what He does for us will suffice.

    May God heal the disruptive nerves in Shirley's legs,
    Her faith is in You Lord, we don't need to beg.

    Thank you Lord and Savior, for your healing power,
    She needs your healing touch, this very hour.

    God keep and richly bless you Shirley all of your days,
    Give you peace, health & happiness & no malaise.


    Elaine and David Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    January 7, 2014

    Poem Response

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: David. Oh my gracious. You covered the bases. I love the poetry. I will take it to my family's celebration and read it aloud. Wow. Are you ever gifted by Almighty God. I sure needed a lift and you blessed me so much! Still dealing with nerve damage in legs but improving. Give my love to the whole family. Love you in The Lord. God bless you and your wife and children. Shirley. About an hour ago via mobile · Like ~ 1. Jan. 7, 2014.

    Bernice Coleman Ackinson: That is awesome. about an hour ago via mobile Jan. 7, 2014.

    Michelle Lynch-Owen: So very beautifully written ~ Jan. 7, 2014.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: If you can. Please read the birthday poem on my timeline page that a former childhood friend wrote to me today named David Shupe. Remembrances are so special and so are all of you. About an hour ago near Havre de Grace, MD ~ Jan. 7, 2014.

    Ida Forest Pierce, Hank Thompson, Norma Wynn Tilton, Michelle Lynch-Owen, Deidre J. Gilmore, Shirley Hayes Carroll, Amy Carroll, Patricia Carroll, Terri Greene and Bernice Coleman Ackinson like this.

    Ida Forest Pierce: That is a wonderful poem!!!! Jan. 7, 2014.

    Deirdre J. Gilmore: It was so sweet!

    David S Shupe: Thank you Shirley, Bernice, Michelle for your gracious comments. Sorry you're still having difficulty with the nerves in your legs, Shirley. So I added a couple of phrases in the poem to allow God's healing power to work. God bless ~ Jan. 8, 2014.

    Deirdre J. Gilmore: Friends with Shirley Hayes Carroll: That is absolutely precious! How sweet of your friend to write you such a lovely poem Shirley! Hope you had a wonderful birthday ~ Jan. 8, 2014.

    Valerie Harvey: Wow what a gift ~ Jan. 8, 2014.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS: 2012 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lighted christmas tree on an old truck!


    Christmas is the time of year,
    When everyone is full of cheer.
    Not a time to be sad,
    But a time to put on glad.

    It's a time to be happy,
    Not a time to be sappy.
    It's a time for joy,
    Not a time to deploy.

    It's a time to get that gift,
    That you think is so nift.
    Not a time to play scrooge,
    Nor a time for subterfuge.

    It's a time for colorful lights,
    And not to push parental rights.
    A time for trimming the tree,
    Not a time to disagree.

    It's a time to feel alive,
    Christmas Eve will soon arrive.
    Not a time to drag around,
    With your heart on the ground.

    It's a time to feel our oats,
    Not a time for needless gloats.
    It's a time to spread goodwill,
    Not a time to take a spill.

    It's a time to feel the spirit,
    And a time to feel exquisite.
    Not a time to feel downtrodden,
    Nor a time to feel so sodden.

    It's a time to lend a hand,
    Not a time to demand.
    It's a time to be charitable,
    Not a time to be irritable.

    It's a time for family,
    A time to put on happily.
    It's a time for charity,
    And a little jocularity.

    It's a time to get in the spirit,
    Not as agnostics do, & fear it.
    Time to spend our children's stash,
    Refrain from debt, spend the cash.

    A time Christ came to save us,
    Born to die and forgave us.
    A little babe in a manger,
    saved us from eternal danger.

    A time to let the world know,
    There's a God who loves us so.
    What Christmas is all about,
    Wiping our sins completely out.

    So Merry Christmas to one & all,
    Look to Christ and heed His call.
    Accept the free gift that He gives,
    He died for you, but now He lives.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 2, 2012

    Elaine, David and Scooby on Herring Creek Pier!


    Jean Davis: Merry Christmas to you too! I like your poem a lot. Dec. 13, 2012.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jean and hope you, Mike, Jenna and Noah have a great Christmas! Dec. 13, 2012


    Loretta Rogers: I loved your poem, wondered if it was an original D&E. I've been meaning to call you. I just don't make the call ~ Dec. 20, 2012.

    Larry & Olio Peacock: Thanks for the Christmas greeting and The Very Special poem. Always great to hear from you. God Bless ~ received December 22, 2012.

    Pam & Family: Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers & poems over the last few months.....very meaningful & appreciated. We love you ~ received December 22, 2012.

    Fred & Lois Beaufait: Many thanks for your inspiring Christmas greetings. With Christian love, Fred & Lois.


    Loved the poem. Read it over the phone to my brother, George in Pittsburgh, PA and he really thought it was great too!

    NEW YEAR'S CARD AND MAIL: David & Vivian Swanson ~ rec'd Jan. 4, 2013: Dear David and Elaine, We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. You and your family have been in our prayers. We will be in touch to get an update on how everyone is doing. We enjoyed your "Christmas Time" poem. It was a joy to read as was the lovely poem which was especially prepared as David and I celebrated our 25 years being married. We count our blessings as we see how many people who are so nice and kind are in our lives. We thank you both for your often caring and kind thoughts! As we said before, if you are ever passing through Richmond & have time to stop & call, please do so ~ Swans5@verizon.net.

    David S Shupe: Also sent this poem to Melanie Bradley.

    Posted to Carol Cunningham Brown's Facebook Messenger page on December 20, 2016. Carol's response: Thank you so much! That made my day!

    Posted to Stephen Wheatley's Facebook Messenger page on December 20, 2016. Steve's response: Thank you..awesome poem.

    Emailed to John & Barbara Spears on December 15, 2017. Barbara's response: David & Elaine, Thanks for the beautiful poem. Wishing you love, peace and joy! Merry Christmas! Love, Barbara and John.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS 2013 ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Baby Jesus in manger.

    CHRISTMAS 2013!

    Christmas time once again,
    With our heads in a spin.

    You feel excitement in the air,
    Everywhere a peaceful flair.

    Christmas songs waft over the airways,
    Touching our hearts in so many ways.

    God chose Mary to birth His only Son,
    What an honor on that special one.

    A virgin maiden the world calls blessed,
    Used to deliver us from being distressed.

    She birthed God's begotten Son,
    He truly is the only One.

    Baby Jesus born of lowly heritage in a stable,
    Wrapped in swaddling clothes is His label.

    Mary and Joseph instituting God's plan,
    Reconciling us to God, saving fallen man.

    He came down to earth,
    To eradicate sin and dearth.

    Wise men offering gifts to God's supreme gift,
    A little babe giving the world a saving lift.

    He was born in a manger,
    To us He is no stranger.

    Silent night, holy night, the order of the day,
    Away in the manger, Babe asleep on the hay.

    Joy to the world, the Savior has come,
    Rejoice with the angels, a new day has begun.

    Real excitement is truly in the air,
    Lifting our voices to Christ, so debonair.

    He's the Light of the World,
    Our sins He does unfurl.

    He gave His life on the tree,
    A sacrifice for you and for me.

    So our sins would be forgiven,
    And we could be eternally living.

    Giving and receiving gifts is the mode,
    Trying to keep them secret is the code.

    A Christmas snowfall would add to the feeling,
    Sacred and melancholy, to send one reeling.

    People scurrying to purchase last minute gifts,
    For family, loved ones to avert any tifts.

    We give gifts to celebrate Christ's birth,
    Thanking Him for coming down to earth.

    It's time for us to take inventory,
    For giving honor to Christ is obligatory.

    Thank you Jesus, for standing in our place,
    Accomplishing it all through mercy and grace.

    And thank you God, for giving us your SON,
    And the battle for us, He has won!


    Me, Elaine and Scooby on pier.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    September 22, 2013


    Nita Weeks via regular mail on 12/22/13: David & Elaine ~ Thank you for your nice note, and your Christmas poem. It is special to receive something you have taken the time & effort to compose. Thank you also for sending the poem you wrote, "Oh, How It Hurts." It was very meaningful, and you were very thoughful to include it in your Christmas greetings.

    Mary was very special, and I do miss her. Every day so many things bring her to mind. Things are just not the same after losing a loved one ~ but you know that very well. We never know what is around the corner. We are doing fine, both working part-time & staying busy. We hope you are doing well also. We have always thought very highly of you. With love & best regards - Nita & Larry.

    Betty Ditlow: via snail mail Jan. 7, 2014: Dear David & Elaine, The jingles were a hit ~ and David, what a poet you are ~ Christmas & New Years. WOW! Winter hangs on how I long for spring & summer ~ and water & sky and kayak's & warm weather. But I am safe, comfortable & warm. What more can I wan ~ & happy too. I hope to see you in the spring. Fondly, Betty Ditlow.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Have enjoyed the emails and beautiful poems throughout the year of 2013. Hope they will continue through the New Year 2014. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Love, Norma & John.

    Beverly Hurd: Dear David & Elaine: Just a little note to let you know I'm praying for your daughter & both of you for healing & strength. thank you, David, also for your poems. I share them with Dawn. We both love them. God be with you both always. Love, Beverly.

    David S Shupe:We talked to a number of people at church who thanked us for the Christmas poems and others that we had sent to them. Talked with Alice and Don Sturtz for the first time since her prolonged recovery from knee and back surgery. She's still in a wheel chair and it's been over a year now since it all began. She thanked us for the poems and encouraging words we offered. Also hugged and talked with Melanie. She said all the poems were so beautiful and she loved them. Said her hair had started coming back in gray, so she had it colored. Others that thanked us for the poems included: Ellie Ziegler, Adrienne Scott, Nancy Williams and a few others.

    Mailed to Granddaughter, Heather Hope Finley on December 12, 2016, along with her Christmas gift.

    Mailed to Geri Willey Elliott and family on December 17, 2016.

    Mailed to Stan and Lois Carter on December 17, 2016.

    Posted to Beverly Hurd's Facebook Messenger page on December 18, 2016. Beverly's response: You ARE the Presbyterian POET LAUREATE. I love, and appreciate your writings. I just heard the cantata at my sisters Church. It's a Baptist, (but same God) Miss you and Elaine. Have a merry Christmas, and great and healthy New year. See you in April 2017. LOVE.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on December 19, 2016.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS: 2013 BRINGS THOUGHTS OF ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Sled riding drawn by horses.

    CHRISTMAS 2013

    Colorful lights
    Beautiful sights.

    Moon is lighter,
    Stars are brighter.

    Falling snow
    With flakes aglow.

    People hurrying,
    Crowds a scurrying.

    Buying that gift,
    That's so nift.

    Decorating trees,
    Presents to please.

    Tinsel and ornaments,
    Bulbs and adornments.

    Helping the needy,
    Not the greedy.

    Bygone days,
    Family stays.

    Families together,
    Hopefully forever.

    Children excited,
    Highly delighted.

    Christmas songs,
    All day long.

    Caroler's singing,
    Joy bells ringing.

    Silent night, holy night,
    Stars so bright.

    Enjoying the Spirit,
    Love to bear it.

    Christmas story,
    That's amore'.

    Happiness and peace,
    Turmoil to cease.

    Babe in a manger,
    Knows no stranger.

    Celebrating our Savior,
    Changing our behavior.

    We seek His face,
    He took our place.

    He saved our soul,
    Made us whole.

    Christmas is the season,
    Jesus is the reason.


    Elaine , David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    September 12, 2013


    Vivian Swanson: via regular mail rec'd Jan. 2, 2014: Dear David & Elaine, We enjoyed your Christmas greeting as we do with all of the special poems you have sent us. Thank you for thinking of me in November with the loss of my brother. Bessie and Arthur joined us with Carl, Jean and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was nice being together. We look forward to our next family gathering in February when David is home for his visit. Thus far, he seems to be enjoying his new position. We are both keeping busy and time is passing quickly. If you have a chance to email him, I am sure he would enjoy receiving a hello from you two. He will be home again in April for Michelle's spring break with us at the cabin. Have a nice winter! Love, Vivian. (Dave's email: "dave.swanson15@gmail.com.").

    Posted this poem to Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell's Facebook page on December 11, 2015.

    Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell on December 11, 2015: Speechless!

    Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell, Sandra Robbins, Janet Sellers, Joy Miller and Debbie Elig like this.

    Carl & Connie Ballato: Emailed on December 3, 2016 in honor of Carl's birthday, and changed to current year 2016.

    Nancy & Neil Hansen: Mailed to the Hansen's for Christmas and also in honor of Nancy's birthday, changing to current year 2016. Nancy's reponse via Christmas card: Dear Elaine and David, May your Christmas be filled with the joy and wonder of that first holy night. "Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the Christmas poem. They helped to make my special day happy! With Love, Neil and Nancy.

    Louise Kinsler: Mailed to Louise on December 4, 2016, changing year to 2016.

    Judy Williams Pruitt: Mailed to Judy & Family on December 14, 2016.

    Mailed to Nicholson Insurance Agency on December 15, 2016.

    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on December 24, 2016:

    Thirty-two people liked the post: GaryandTrisha Fearer, Mary LeCates, Laurie Holmes, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Norm Fontana, Judy Link Salvatore, David Little, Shirley Poynter, Ruth Owens, Sally Bulkley, Shari Allen, Jared Shupe, Andria Padgett McClellan, Margaret White, Amber Easton-Payne, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Pat Oakley Shupe, Beverly Hurd, Carol Cunningham Brown, Stefanie Willey, Nancy Davis, Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell, Stephen Wheatley, Millie Outten, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Geri Willey Elliott, Jerry Miller, Jim Nicholson, Debora Nottingham Martinez, Rita Gebhard Lopp and Roxie Carter.

    Jim Nicholson: Beautiful David! David S Shupe: Thanks Jim!

    Jerry Miller: Merry Christmas to you and your family. David S Shupe ...And Merry Christmas to you and family also Jerry!

    Nancy Davis: Beautiful. Have a blessed Christmas. David S Shupe ...and Merry Christmas to you too, Nancy, on your very own birthday too. So Happy Birthday to you. What an honor to be born on the same day we celebrate the good Lord's birth!

    Stefanie Willey: Merry Christmas!! David S Shupe: Merry Christmas to you and Matt, Stefanie!

    Roxie Carter: Beautiful! David S Shupe: Thanks Cousin Roxie, and Merry Christmas! Roxie Carter: Merry Christmas to you too 🎄.

    Gorman Wheatley: Beautiful poem David, Merry Christmas to you and your family. David S Shupe: Thanks Gorman, and trust your family will have a heartwarming Christmas.

    John Shupe: Merry Christmas David and Elaine....Love you guys. David S Shupe: Thanks John. Merry Christmas to you, Bebe, Dee & Lee & family. Hope all is well on the west coast. Okay here!

    Gayle Harris: Thanks for the special poem. Have a blessed day. I am visiting with Cathy and family. Enjoying the grandbabies. Blessings. David S Shupe: Thanks Gayle. Hope you had a nice visit, and a safe trip.

    Shari Allen: Merry Christmas David and Elaine. David S Shup:e Thanks Shari. Hope you and family had a great Christmas. Happy New Year to you now!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Thank you, David, for sharing the inspirational poem! Oh, what a marvellous reason to celebrate Him today!!! David S Shupe: Thank you sister Joy. Indeed it is.

    Jim Nicholson shared a post to Joy Shupe Nicholson's Timeline on December 24 at 9:15pm. Twelve (12) people liked the post: Jared Shupe, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Pat Oakley Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Geri Elliott, Rebecca Craycraft, Jacqueline K. Vetter, Thelma Hagerman, Becky Spellman, Rita Gebhard Lopp, Roxie Carter and Penny Elliott.

    Mailed to St. Croix friend, Kathy LaGrange on December 26, 2016 belatedly.

    Hand carried to John & Barbara Spears, neighbors, on January 1, 2017, along with sample chocolate/cherry/walnut fudge Elaine had made.

    Mailed to Lynn Baynum, Owner Pizza King Restaurants, on December 9, 2017.

    Mailed to Kim & Sue Brittingham, along win monetary gift of maintaining the roads, on December 9, 2017.

    Mailed to John & Sylvia Gilmore on December 9, 2017.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS: 2014 ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Christmas Santa.

    CHRISTMAS 2014

    Stars are brighter,
    Snow is whiter.

    Santa's merry,
    Not contrary.

    On the go,
    Face all aglow.

    Mistletoe and holly,
    Santa's quite jolly.

    Sing a Christmas jingle,
    For old Kris Kringle.

    Cheeks rosy and red,
    Children snuggled in bed.

    Rudolph in the lead,
    Other reindeer heed.

    Up, up the sleigh arose,
    Across the sky it silently goes.

    Snow on rooftop makes it slick,
    Down the chimney goes St Nick.

    Puts presents under the tree,
    For members of the family.

    Up early in the morning,
    Children take warning.

    There's goodies for you here,
    Proving someone does care.

    Bright eyes all aglow,
    Thankful someone did know.

    Gave me favorite things,
    It touches my heartstrings.

    The night is clear,
    The Christ Child is near.

    Bright star shining,
    That's a silver lining.

    My thoughts turn to Christ,
    His great love will suffice.

    Thank God for His love,
    Sent from heaven above.

    Love Him with all my heart,
    His love will never depart.


    Photo of Elaine, David & Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    December 22, 2013


    David Shupe: Sent this poem, along with the New Year's poem to 94 family members, friends, neighbors and church people in December 2014.

    Loretta Rogers: via regular mail: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...wishing you all the joy, hope and wonder of the season. Another holiday season is upon us. You two are quite talented poem writers. I still have the ones from the past and refer back to them often. Hope you're both doing well and Scooby too.

    Barbara & John Spears: David & Elaine, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of blessings. Thanks you for yiour support while John was ill during the year. It was a great comfort and much appreciated. Love, Barbara & John Spears.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: David & Elaine: Christmas 2014. May your Christmas be bright with the light of God's love and warm with peace and joy. We will soon stop by -- oh! Let me know if you go away for the winter. Thank you so much for the beautiful poems through the year. They mean so much to me! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Love, Norma & John.

    Hazel Brittingham called on 12/26/14 and thanked us for the poems.

    Dorothy Hudson: Dear Elaine & David ~ I'm thankful for friends like you.

    Food on my table
    Gas in my tank.
    Shine on my car
    My neighbors to thank.

    I am so grateful for you both ~ Your caring and care ~ you are blessings to me! With love and prayers, Dorothy.

    Typhany Batson: I would like to wish Elaine & David S Shupe a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I also want to thank the both of you for the "poems." It's a blessing to know that I still remain in your hearts even after the years of your mothers passing. I will never forget you and your family and it was a pleasure to care for Mrs. Shupe your mother. God Bless you! 12/25/14.

    David S Shupe: Thanks, Typhany, for your kind words. And we thank you for all your help and kindness to Mother who you assisted at the Harrison House for 4 years and 3 months. I know she would thank you herself if she could. Have a great New Year coming up. May God faithfully reward you for all of your care and conscientious work. David & Elaine.

    FACEBOOK: Pamela Shupe Finley, Samson Shupe, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Norm Fontana, Geri Elliott, Shari Allen, Shirley Poynter, Ruth Owens, Typhany Batson, Linda Pitts Lane, Jeffery Lee Williams, Scot Finley, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson, Stephen Wheatley and Pat Oakley Shupe like this poem.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too. Please give Scooby an extra hug from us! December 22 at 8:22am.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Pat. Will do. Scooby says, have a woof-woof Christmas. December 22 at 10:14am.

    Joanna Gunnells Shupe: David S Shupe ~ How's Scooby doing now? Hope he has a Merry Christmas! December 22 at 11:00am.

    David S Shupe: Scooby has been doing real good until today, Joanna. Today he's a little under the weather, not feeling well, already regurgitated his breakfast, and lying around more than usual. And, he doesn't have all the hair you see in the photo above as it's quite sparse, spotty & non-existent in many places. But he's a trooper, and he's making it. He's had 15 chemo treatments since September, and he has only 1 more to go before going on monthly maintenance. Thanks for asking! December 22 at 11:32am.

    Shari Allen: Merry Christmas. December 24 at 11:38am.

    David S Shupe: Merry Christmas Shari. December 24 at 7:24pm.

    James Lewis: Here's to a Merry Christmas and a better year for Scooby! December 24 at 12:01pm.

    David S Shupe: Hey Jim. Thank you, good to hear from you. Hope you and family have a marvelous Christmas and a great New Year! December 24 at 3:10pm

    Jim Nicholson shared David S Shupe's post. December 22 at 7:38pm.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker and Linda Wells Jackson like this. December 22, 2014.

    Jim Nicholson: Beautiful poem David! Merry Christmas to you and Elaine from Joy and Jim! December 22 at 7:41pm.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: Beautiful! Merry Christmas Uncle David and Aunt Elaine. December 22 at 8:47pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jim, Joy & Cheryl for your gracious comments. And thank you Jim, for sharing once again. Merry Christmas to you all. December 22 at 9:23pm.

    Pat Oakley Shupe shared David S Shupe's post. December 22 at 8:25am. A beautiful Christmas poem written by my brother-in-law, David Shupe...You, Janis Parker and Mae Cecil like this.

    David S Shupe: Thanks for sharing, Pat! December 22 at 11:18am.

    Carl & Jean Swanson: Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. We love getting your poems and emails! Keep them coming. Have a nice Holiday Season with your family and wish only good news for you. Your friends and Neighbors, Jean & Carl.

    Hazel Brittingham: Hazel called on Dec. 24, 2014 and left a message on the answering machine, thanking us for the Christmas and New Year's poems. Said that we had made her Christmas. That was nice of her. I think she's near 90 years old and her eyesight is failing so much she can no longer drive her car.

    Nicole Hughes Nicole met us in the vestibule today after church (12/28/14) and thanked us for the Christmas and New Year's poems. Her twins are so precious; she had Adriana and her husband, Michael was holding Anthony. They both looked so proud.

    Barbara & John Spears: David & Elaine, Thank you for your support while John was ill during the year. It was a great comfort & much appreciated. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and New Year full of blessings. Love, Barbara & John.

    Gayle King Harris via regular mail on Jan. 26, 2015: Dear David & Elaine: Thank you for the special greetings for Christmas & birthday. Both poems were very meaningful and a blessing. Hope all is well. Always in my prayers. Glad to hear Pam is well. Love & Prayers, Gayle. Believe I also mailed this poem again on December 13, 2016.

    Sharon & Chet Moher: Mailed December 13, 2016.

    Harry of Below Book Auto: Mailed December 14, 2016.

    Bryan & Terry of Lewes Auto Gallery: Mailed December 14, 2016.

    Mary LeCates: Hand carried December 21, 2016.

    Pizza Villa: Hand carried December 21, 2016.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS: CHRISTMAS IS. . .(2015) ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Santa pulling a sled.

    CHRISTMAS IS. . .(2015)

    A time of abundant cheer,
    A time to feel our Lord so near.

    A time when love is in the air,
    A time we strive to be debonair.

    A time for Christmas events to enjoy,
    A time for Christmas carols to deploy.

    A time when friends text and tweet,
    A time when families meet and greet.

    A time to bake and a time to cook,
    A time to post greetings on Facebook.

    A time to party and spread good will,
    A time to feast and get our fill.

    A time for hugging and embracing,
    A time for running to and fro, racing.

    A time for Santa to take center stage,
    A time to be merry at any age.

    A time of gaiety and Christmas joy,
    A time the Christmas spirit to employ.

    A time when work takes a back seat,
    A time when Christmas songs repeat.

    A time for a last minute shopping spree,
    A time to place presents under the tree.

    A time for bustling crowds in every store,
    A time for lines at cash registers, galore.

    A time to decorate the Christmas tree,
    A time to light up the movie marquee.

    A time for colorful and twinkling lights,
    A time to appreciate Christmas sights.

    A time of giving and yes, receiving,
    A time to confess we are believing.

    A time to thank God for a joyful season
    A time to know Jesus Christ as the reason.

    A time for LOVE to surround our girth,
    A time to proclaim PEACE ON EARTH.


    Manger scene.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    December 7, 2015


    Mailed this poem to Kim and Susan Brittingham on December 10, 2015, along with his road maintenance contribution.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain Lopez and wife Nilas on December 10, 2015, along with Vicente's lawn maintenance money for St. Croix.

    Mailed this poem to our protege, Arelia Holmes, on December 10, 2015.

    Hand carried this poem to friend Louise Kinsler on December 10, 2015, as we visited her to play Mexican train. She thanked us for the poem.

    Posted this poem to Norm & Bonnie Fontana's Facebook message page on December 12, 2015.

    Norm Fontana: Thank you David. May your Christmas be filled with much joy and happiness. David S Shupe: Same to you Norman. Hope you and Bonnie have a superb Christmas!

    Bonnie Christine Holcombe-Fontana: Thank you David this is beautiful. I am going to print it. David S Shupe: Thank you Bonnie for your kind response and comments. Trust you enjoyed it. Bonnie Christine Holcombe-Fontana: We certainly did David...

    Mailed this poem to Dave Shupe on December 17, 2015 along with his Christmas card.

    Mailed this poem to Scot, Sam & Heather Finley on December 18, 2015, along with their Christmas card.

    David S Shupe: Posted this Christmas poem to my Facebook Timeline on December 21, 2015, the start of Christmas week.

    Seventeen (17) others like this: Daisy Daquilanea Kinard, CeCe Edmonds Offidani, Jim Nicholson, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Jeffery Lee Williams, Bonnie Christine Holcombe-Fontana, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Geri Elliott, Pat Oakley Shupe, Elisa Levy Harris, Norm Fontana, Beverly Hurd, Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell, Marjorie Latzko, Judy Kidd and Rita Hudson.

    Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell: Thank you.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: I say Thank You and I know it is not easy writing poems during this rough time....Dec. 22, 2015.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Beautiful and well put dear brother!!!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post on December 22, 2015.

    Nine (9) people like this: Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Ruth Owens, Patti Scattergood Campbell, Mary J Sanders, Jacqueline K Vetter and Bill Knight.

    Patti Scattergood Campbell:That is beautiful. I love his inspiring poems. heart emoticon.

    Mailed this poem in lieu of Christmas cards to the following people on December 21, 2015: Nita Weeks, Gayle Harris, Millie, Voner & Theresa Ayers, Loretta Rogers, Sharon & Chet Moher, Wanda & David Rice, Fred & Lois Beaufait, Bill Baughman, Jack Lesher, Hazel Brittingham, and Bette Mayer.

    Handcarried this poem to the following people on December 21, 22, 2015: Lorrie Button, Dee & Andrew Duncan, Dorothy Hudson, Pizza Villa Staff, Mary & Nicole LeCates.

    Emailed this poem to the following people on December 22, 2015: Heidi Wright in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bill McComb, Franklin XXXXX, Larry & Olio Peacock, Ruth Ann & Doug Vaughan, Janet & Kevin Cleveland, Lisa Rice Davenport and Amy Jarvis Gould.

    Gave this poem to Hunter Goins on January 12, 2016 when she dropped off a flower arrangement to us.

    Mailed to Jean & Mike Fallon on December 3, 2016.

    Mailed to Amber Payne & Family on December 8, 2016 for Christmas.

    Mailed to Dee & son Andrew Duncan on December 12, 2016.

    Emailed to Wendy Solomon & hubby Tom on December 21, 2017.

    Posted to Craig Daniel's Facebook Messenger page 7:04 a.m. on December 21, 2017. Craig's response 7:05 a.m: Thank you! I will pass this on to Barb. We can’t wait for school to end on Friday. While there is work ahead, we will also find time to enjoy the holidays.


    Away in a manger.


    Just as it was prophesied of old,
    Jesus was born in a stable like a foal.

    There was no room for him in the Inn
    Although He came to relieve us of our sin.

    The reason He came was quite unique,
    He came so that we could reach our peak.

    He came to pave the way for our salvation,
    Inviting us to follow Him for eternal preservation.

    His young mother, Mary, was a chosen VESSEL,
    What an honor to give birth to One so SPECIAL.

    After birth, He was wrapped in swaddling clothes,
    Lying there in peaceful contentment, in quiet repose.

    The shepherds abided their flocks late at night,
    The 3 wise men brought presents, what a sight.

    A bright star in the east showed them the way,
    Arriving, they found the babe asleep on the hay.

    They kneeled to show their respect for our King,
    As you would expect, the angels did sing.

    Arrival of the Christ Child, the angels did herald,
    This momentous occasion literally changed the world.

    Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
    The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.

    God's Son incarnate, the Holy Word made flesh,
    Sent to earth so that God and man could mesh.

    Oh what foretaste, oh what glory divine,
    I am His, and He is mine.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 27, 2015



    Posted to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's Facebook Messenber page on December 21, 2016.

    Presented to Elaine Dewey-Shupe on Christmas Day 2016, along with a card and a 10.1 inch dual computer tablet.

    Emailed to Carl & Jean Swanson, our neighbors, on December 22, 2016.

    Emailed to Junior and Pat Shupe on December 22, 2016.

    Posted to Stefanie and Matt Willey's Facebook Messenger page on December 22, 2016.

    Emailed to Franklin Frable on December 23, 2016 for all the email forwards he's sent throughout the year.

    Posted to Kylene Shupe's Facebook Messenger page on December 23, 2016.

    POEM: CHRISTMAS: BAH HUMBUG! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Ebenezer Scrooge.


    Is Christmas really for real,
    Or just a pain in the butt.
    What's with all this joy & good will,
    There's no good feeling in my gut.

    That's the cry of Ebenezer Scrooge,
    In Charles Dicken's Christmas carol.
    Sounds more like a cry for help,
    With his head stuck in a barrel.

    The ogre, Scrooge boo-hooing Christmas,
    And everything that it stands for.
    Having no time for such frivolity,
    For making a buck was his main lure.

    All this hub-a-dub and commercialism,
    Just for profit and to make a buck.
    Along with a false pretense to help others,
    Is just hypocrisy running amuck.

    One day something good happened,
    His eyes were opened and he saw the light.
    He witnessed his worker's family in need,
    And he was empathetic to their plight.

    The plight of the downtrodden and needy,
    Finally penetrated his hardened heart.
    The needs of others overshadowed his own,
    And He ended up doing his part.

    Then we have the example of Paul,
    Who wrecked havoc with the Christian church.
    Persecuting and hauling all Christians to jail,
    And the name of God, he did besmirch.

    On the road to Damascus one bright day,
    A pathetic Paul saw the brilliant light.
    His heart too was immediately changed,
    And that terminated his woeful flight.

    He became a useful vessel for God,
    Preaching and spreading salvation's message.
    God uses those that are repentant & willing,
    Paul racked up his share of righteous mileage.

    The true purpose of Christmas
    Is to have our hearts changed.
    Turn our sin-stained life over to Jesus,
    And have it totally re-arranged.

    Actually, we become a new creature,
    As the Good Book clearly relates.
    The old man has been soundly defeated,
    And the new man just escalates.

    So thank you Lord Jesus
    For accepting our penalty.
    You died for our sins & salvation,
    And that's the reality.


    Photo of Scrooge and Tiny Tim.

    David S. Shupe
    December 20, 2014


    David Shupe: Sent this poem to Nancy Davis, a friend from LPC who we attended Stephen Ministry training with in the late 1970's, who shares a birthday with our Savior, Jesus Christ on December 25th. It was her 81st birthday, though she looks a lot younger, bur was born December 25th, 1933. Just to help her celebrate her 81st birthday.

    Nancy Davis: per Facebooks: Thanks for remembering and thanks for the Christmas poem. December 25, 2014.

    Mailed to Grandson Sam Finley on December 8, 2016, along with his monetary gift for Christmas.

    Hand carried to Kim & Sue Brittingham on December 10, 2016 at John Button's annual Christmas party.

    Emailed to Jack Lesher on December 11, 2016: Jack's response: What a wonderful, wonderful message from you both. I had been wanting to question why I don't seem to see your poems anymore...then lo and behold here you are with your poem. You are such a blessing for me...and others too. We all have those tearing moments when living just overcomes us for some reflections. We press on because we are still on the earthy side of life everlasting. I love you both for being so caring of others. Jack. Sent from my iPhone On Dec 11, 2016, at 6:57 PM.

    Mailed to Son, Dave Shupe on December 12, 2016, along with his monetary gift.

    Mailed to Son-in-law, Scot Finley on December 12, 2016, along with his Christmas gift.

    Mailed to Pastor Buz & Annick Hughes on December 12, 2016 in honor of their 44th Anniversary.

    Mailed to former GAO associates Jim Windschitl, Larry Peacok, Bill McComb and Rick Hensley on December 12, 2016.

    Mailed to good friend Gayle King Harris on December 13, 2016.

    Mailed to Norma & John Forbush on December 13, 2016 for Christmas.

    Mailed to LPC friend, Bill Baughman on December 13, 2016 for Christmas.

    Mailed to Chris & Ann Rice on December 15, 2016.

    Mailed to brother Jehu A. Shupe on December 19, 2016.

    Mailed to sister Joy, & Jim on December 20, 2016.

    Mailed to brother Junior, & Pat on December 20, 2016.

    Mailed to John & Bebe Shupe on November 29, 22017, along with their Christmas card.


    A merry christmas scene!


    As we reflect on who we are and should be,
    Just look to the Master and you will see.

    Jesus, the reason for the hope that in us ~ guaranteeing,
    In Him we live and move and have our being.

    For He is "the Way, the Truth, the Life,
    And He is why we win out over sin and strife.

    He will be with us in trouble, and deliver us too,
    As He cares for the little sparrow, He will care for you.

    He loved us while we were yet sinners, it's very true,
    Before our spiritual rebirth, our lives were all askew.

    When we gave our heart to Jesus, He eradicated our sin,
    Doing it all to make a way to heaven for us to enter in.

    While many are busy working to remove Christ from public view,
    Such as nativity scenes, prayer in public places~a lot of hullabaloo.

    "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God," foolish indeed,
    The more they do, the less they are as we continue to sow the seed.

    God is in control, wanting everyone to enjoy the true spirit of the season,
    Looking to author and finisher of our faith, victorious over evil's treason.

    Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season, no doubt about it at all,
    Shout it from the rooftops, "Enjoy Christmas for in Christ, we stand tall."

    Wishing all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a hearty Good-night!
    We'll keep proclaiming His message long as we breathe, doing what is right.

    David S. Shupe
    December 24, 2011

    Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift
    of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!

    A merry christmas hanging ball!


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Dec 25, 2011: Beautiful, Brother David! Perfect for the Christmas season - reminding us why He came as a baby! It was for us because He loves us and cares about us!!!

    You and Elaine have a blessed day basking in the love of our good Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! We are definitely greatly blessed and highly favored to be children of the King of kings and Lord of lords!!! To think - he extends the invitation to ALL who will receive Him! "...unto YOU is born...a Savior who is Christ the Lord!!!

    We love you! Jim & Joy

    David Shupe - Dec 26, 2011: Thanks, Joy. Elaine and I had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas day, attending Christmas service at mid-morning, then a few rounds of "Sequence" while listening to Christmas music on the holiday FIOS channel. Elaine fixed a nice Christmas dinner, then we settled in to watch the holiday movies.

    While we Christians celebrate Jesus every day of the year, it is nice to have a special day for everyone to come together and remember what Christ did for us and means to us, to you and to me; that He went to the cross that was hewed out of a tree~~experiencing the agony and the pain to absolve us of our sins and reconcile us to God the Father. Amen!

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 3, 2012: Was that another poem in that last paragraph! I think it must flow out without you even realizing it!!! Love it! So true! Glad you both had a good Christmas and New Year's. Enjoyed talking to you both on the phone! Love and miss you! :-).

    (Blue Mountain Cards)

    Jim Nicholson - January 5, 2012: Thanks for the lovely card with another original poem. We have enjoyed all of your poems and thanks for allowing me to share them with my family. May you and Elaine have a very blessed 2012.


    Baby Jesus!


    Christmas time of year, hope springs eternal,
    A time when more thoughts trend toward the supernal.
    Our hope is solidly entrenched in the reigning Christ,
    With heaven as our goal, you don't have to tell me thrice.

    It was Christmas Eve, and an aura of excitement lurked in the air,
    The trees were all decorated with tinsel and garlands to spare.
    Presents were beautifully wrapped under the trees,
    There were clothes and lots of toys with batteries.

    Children go to bed thrilled about prospects of tomorrow,
    Anticipating presents parents did go in debt for and borrow.
    Gifts will be under the tree that they have almost deified,
    Having faith that Santa Claus will know where they reside.

    Snuggling up in bed with sleep the last thing on their mind,
    With millions of little boys and girls having thoughts in kind.
    Knowing that tomorrow is the day their hopes will be realized,
    What before had been hope, will then be crystallized.

    Perhaps there is that ONE present that surpasses all others,
    A gift one would die for, if one had all their druthers.
    In opening such a gift, sparkles of excitement dance in their eyes,
    Tears of joy and thanks spring forth in opening their surprise.

    Their joy is not containable, they are so very ecstatic,
    Just what they have always wanted, they're so emphatic.
    Thank you so much for the gift of a lifetime,
    It's a special one of many, greatly enhancing my lifeline.

    While this is all commendable, show I you a more excellent way,
    What I have to tell you will lead you to a better day.
    The gift I will tell you about is free and is forever,
    It will stand you in good stead and will forsake you never.

    The gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE, and will never rust or fade away,
    An unspeakable gift, and its worth beyond what anyone could pay.
    We did nothing to earn or merit this priceless gift,
    It came only by the grace of God, if you get my drift.

    That free and priceless gift comes in the person of Christ Jesus,
    Simply accept Him as your personal Savior, and don't be facetious.
    He paid for your gift with His life, & if you accept, 'tis wisdom.,
    His gift of eternal life to you as He welcomes you into His kingdom.

    So, temporal gifts sparkle and look nice, yet are only temporal,
    While ETERNAL LIFE is forever and always, and should be central.
    So accept this free gift God offers, and you'll never be sorry,
    The best decision of your entire life, end of story.


    David S. Shupe
    December 2, 2012


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    Norma Littleton Forbush: Beautiful....what beautiful work you put out..what a gift....11 hours ago, midnight Dec. 23, 2012.

    David S Shupe: Thanks, Norma. You're too kind! God is the Giver, however, and He's the One that makes it all possible ~ Dec. 24, 2012.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: You have to be willing though........Blessing sent to you and Elaine from John and me ~ Dec. 24, 2012.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma! Merry Christmas Eve to you and John. Hope you have a lovely Christmas & New Years ~ Dec. 24, 2012.


    Photo of Janet & Kevin Cleveland.


    Thanks dear Kevin & Janet,
    You're both solid as granite.

    The gift you recently mailed,
    Is to be soundly hailed.

    No better gift could be given,
    To obtain it, we would've striven.

    Sudden tears filled our eyes,
    Such a cool, delightful surprise.

    The photos depicted were great,
    All special, and first rate.

    Presentation was quite superb,
    So overwhelmed it occurred.

    Pam's life in a photo book,
    Frequently, we'll take a look.

    Your gift so touched our heart,
    Abundant JOY you did impart.

    You knew how to make our day,
    Really took our breath away.

    Significantly above the norm,
    Your kind thoughts so warm.

    Can't thank you nearly enough,
    For helping us to hang tough.

    Your time, effort & expense,
    Made a lot of common sense.

    I'll keep it on my desk nearby,
    Where we can always espy.

    Know we will always treasure,
    Memories we cannot measure.

    So thank you much Janet & Kevin,
    You've given us a little bit of heaven.


    Photo of David & Elaine Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe,
    January 15, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Janet and Kevin Cleveland on January 20, 2016 along with a note: Dear Janet & Kevin: How can we ever thank you for what you did for us. Mere words seem insufficient. Such a wonderful gift. Know that it was worth all the effort you expended into putting it together for Pam's family. We so appreciate it. What a friend you were to Pam for those last 22 years of her life, which was essentially the last half of her life. You were there for her so many times over the years, and especially the last few as she bravely fought the battle with breast cancer. My eyes still fill up when I think about it. I appreciate you, Kevin, and Ruth Ann so much for being there for her in her times of need. May God richly bless and reward you for all that you've done.

    POEM: CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations Are In Order ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Photo of graduation hat


    WOW ~ You've finally achieved,
    Know you're also mighty relieved.

    You've done the impossible,
    You finally made it possible.

    You've surpassed the ordinary,
    Accomplished the extraordinary.

    So proud of your achievement,
    You saved a lot of aggrievement.

    You are to be congratulated,
    Having never procrastinated.

    You worked hard & it paid off,
    Our hats to you, we do doff.

    You made it to the weary end,
    On you, we can faithfully depend.

    Kudos to you for your success,
    You did it well & you did it best.

    For what you've done, we are proud,
    So we shout it long and loud.

    As J. Gleason said, "how sweet it is,"
    And that's just the way it 'tis.

    On to college for more avid learning.
    After 4 years, you'll be more discerning.

    Then, glorious future lies out ahead,
    You can go where you feel led.

    Now the world awaits you there,
    Let it know you seriously care.

    So go out & take your rightful place,
    Knowing it's only through God's Grace.

    Thank you God, for blessing this graduate,
    So this poem to you, we do dedicate.


    Photo of Elaine and David.

    Elaine & David Shupe
    May 22, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Kylene Shupe May 22, 2016 via her Grandmother, Dortha Shupe for her college graduation, along with $100 gift and a card.

    Mailed to Noah David Nicholson on June 7, 2016, along with $50 for his High School graduation.

    Mailed to Michelle Swanson on June 9, 2016, along with $50 gift for her High School graduation.

    POEM: CULPEPPER, ALLISON ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Allison at her office desk.

    (January 31, 2014)

    Photo of sailing ship.

    Just to let you know,
    That we hate to see you go.

    You are an LPC asset,
    As you were our safety net.

    Standing by our hospital bed,
    You prayed, as God led.

    When you left the hospital room,
    Your visit enabled us to bloom.

    We'll miss your smiling face,
    Helping us run our spiritual race.

    Multiple tasks you did perform,
    Hearts and lives, you helped transform.

    You were punctual and dependable,
    Your work ethic quite commendable.

    Performing your duties, oh so well,
    Whatever you did, it turned out swell.

    Thank you for your contribution,
    At LPC, you've been a great addition.

    To us, you've been a breath of fresh air,
    The way you conduct yourself, so debonair.

    As a staunch Methodist, you sure came through,
    Showing us Presbyterians a thing or two.

    Word has it that you've been indispensable,
    Discharging duties in a manner so sensible.

    For that you have our heartfelt thanks,
    Your contributions worth more'n a zillion francs.

    In Carolina, give a thought to LPC,
    As we'll be giving some thoughts to thee.

    Don't forget we're still here and exist.
    Give us a shoutout now and again, we insist.

    God bless your travels to South Carolina,
    Keep you and hubby safe today & manana.

    We'll miss you, and our prayers go with you,
    As we're sure LPC members feel it too.

    Our loss is someone else's sure gain,
    Giving you up, goes against our grain.

    So bon voyage Allison,
    In our book, you're #ONE.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (LPC Congregants too)
    November 12, 2013

    Names Starting with the Letter "D".


    Jean & Mike Davis' wedding March 20, 1993!


    (March 20, 1993 to March 20, 2013)

    Congratulations on 20 years of blissful marriage,
    You've made it this far with no need to disparage.
    You've raised a family, putting them through school,
    At times they did things, you thought were so cool.

    Your wedding took place in quite an unusual way,
    You married at our house under an arch on a very nice day.
    The Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony
    With Elaine and me as witnesses to confirm your matrimony.

    Your one and only son is appropriately named Michael Noah,
    About 16 years ago on our pontoon boat he did deploy.
    Jenna is your one and only daughter's name,
    Who grew into a lovely young lady just the same.

    Both graduated from high school and went on to college,
    Looking ahead and planning for a better day, we acknowledge.
    Now in the working world of making a living.
    Hoping for a secure future so there'll be no misgiving.

    Jenna celebrated a birthday recently and lives in Wrightsville Beach,
    She's not so far from home there, and Crisfield is within easy reach.
    Noah is currently employed by the Food Lion chain,
    What his future plans and goals are, he would have to explain.

    Jean, you and Elaine first met working for Delaware Hospice,
    A commendable profession helping those needing health justice.
    You soon moved on to a bigger and better calling,
    Baby Noah required your attention while growing & crawling.

    After leaving Hospice, you moved to a quaint town of Crisfield,
    Located on the Eastern Shore, to you both it appealed.
    You've been there for a respectable 10 plus years,
    Enjoying being a dutiful wife, mother, dabbing a few tears.

    Jean has the distinction of being raised as a preacher's kid,
    So she knows better than to follow the world, heaven forbid.
    Mike is a commercial fisherman, putting food on the table,
    He works long hours and days on the water for which he is able.

    Mike, we commend you for attaining your boat captain's license,
    Assuring a reputable job on which you can place reliance.
    Being a Merchant Mariner myself, I can relate to the lure of the sea,
    A different kind of job, and a place many good people elect to be.

    We have something in common with both Mike and Jean,
    I also worked on the water, and was a preacher's kid, so keen.
    And Jean and Elaine shared a job together with the same firm,
    So in many ways we share common activities we affirm.

    Remember an incident of a traffic ticket Jean received,
    Elaine sided you in court when you felt a bit peeved.
    There was a situation of turkeys on the road the officer forgot to cite,
    So the judge sided with you, and the situation came out all right.

    Several years ago Jean invited us to Crisfield for Thanksgiving dinner,
    The spread she had on the table was not meant to make one thinner.
    We must have gorged ourselves, along with other family & friends,
    Such an excellent cook she is, not just saying it to make amends.

    We know the good Lord has blessed you over the years intervening,
    And with Him in our lives, life takes on so much more meaning.
    So we ask God to bless you for another 20 years and more,
    Give you health, peace, prosperity and happiness galore.


    We Love You
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    March 20, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    Jean Davis likes this.

    Jean Davis:
    Thank you Elaine & David!! We loved the card and wonderful poem you wrote for us~~XOXO, Jean + Mike about an hour ago at 10:00 a.m. ~ March 20, 2013

    David S Shupe: Glad you liked the poem. Hope the facts were basically correct. Had to guess at part of it. Have a great day today on your SPECIAL day! Congratulations on 20 years.


    Photo of Lucky Davis, canine.


    Does it hurt to lose a family pet,
    The hurt is there, you bet..

    Lucky Davis was a member of the clan,
    Hurts when his time came to an end.

    A handsome dog with a great big heart,
    So sorry his time came to depart.

    Miss his frolic and his fun,
    Miss his presence when day is done.

    Miss his faithfulness to us all,
    Miss his chasing that tennis ball.

    Miss the way he looked trustingly at me.
    Wondering what those big eyes would see.

    When I called, he came real soon,
    Miss the way he barked at the moon.

    Miss the way he would romp and play,
    Miss his funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way he lay his head on my lap,
    Or the way he dreamed while he did nap.

    Miss his companionship when I walk,
    Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.

    The excitement he showed riding in the truck,
    Almost like he had been star struck.

    Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
    Lucky topped the list, none to be compared.

    He taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    We know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
    Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.

    Thank you God for giving us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Mike & Jean Davis
    Composed by: David S. Shupe
    in memory of Lucky
    January 19, 2015


    David S Shupe‎ to Jean Davis Jan 19 2015: Jean & Mike: Just saw your comments about Lucky Boy this morning & offered mine & Elaine's comments. However, thought a SPECIAL pet canine deserved more than just a few comments, so I was impressed to write a brief poem about Lucky. How it hurts to lose such a special dog. Sorry I didn't know Lucky personally or else I could better comment on his personal traits and characteristics. Anyway we spent a few minutes putting down a few thoughts about Lucky. Hope it helps a little. Here's Lucky's poem: Jean Davis likes this.

    Jean Davis: Thank you David! You captured it! I am sharing with Mike Davis who is on the boat. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Love & hugs to you both!!!

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jean, for your comments. You're welcome! So sad when that special part of the family is depleted. I know Lucky will always be a part of your past. Regards to Mike. Love, David & Elaine

    POEM: DAVIS: JIM & VIRGINIA, DHI Patient ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Forsythia bush!


    We have an extremely nice Hospice patient named Jim Davis,
    Arriving at his house, he is always so cheerful and friendly to us.

    He throws up his hand and gives us a big welcome smile,
    Making us feel good that we're going to be with him for a little while.

    While we may spend 2 to 4 hours with him, he is never any bother,
    In spite of his age and condition, his attitude is better than any other.

    He has a lovely wife and attentive caregiver, whose name is Virginia,
    Who's sunny disposition is like the flowering springtime plant, forsythia.

    A more pleasant person it would be hard to find, or even to meet,
    She inquires after our welfare, even before we take a seat.

    An excellent caregiver, making sure Jim is comfortable before going out the door,
    Reluctant to leave him with others, though we've done this many times before.

    While we sit with Mr. Davis, his eyes may get a little droopy,
    Sometimes we ask if he wants anything, a nice sandwich or just a hot soupy.

    Once in a while we chat a little, although Mr. Davis is on the quiet side,
    He is also a little hard of hearing, so oftimes, we just have to let it slide.

    Did I tell you that Mr. Davis has attained the ripe age of 92,
    Congratulations on nearing a century of experience ~ to you!

    Elaine and I consider it a privilege to be a part your life,
    And also, of being of service to you and your sweet wife.

    We ask God's blessing on you both as you encounter the coming days,
    That he would grant you relief from pain, and grant you peace always.

    That He will be by your side, and take you by the hand,
    Especially now that you're bedridden, and hardly able to stand.

    And that He will be with you always as His Word does proclaim,
    For you're both such nice deserving people, we do exclaim.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    September 14, 2012

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!

    POEM: DAVIS, NANCY: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Nancy Davis.

    (December 25, 2013)

    Happy birthday to our friend Nancy,
    A wonderful lady that we do fancy.

    You're in good company, born on Christmas day,
    The Christ child born in a manger, asleep on the hay.

    You're a faithful congregational member of LPC,
    Supporting LPC with attendance and gifts, you see.

    Elaine and I still remember our Stephen Ministry days,
    When we enjoyed serious times, & a few funny ways.

    We think of Pat, trying to keep everything all on track,
    Us kidding around a little, although we had her back.

    The good old days, as we all reminesce a bit,
    Though we could have eliminated the role playing skit.

    Harry Hammel saving homemade cookies Edna made,
    Bringing us the store bought ones of lesser grade.

    Those were also days of serious learning & jocularity,
    When we had togetherness and a sense of commonality.

    Nancy, may God bless you with strength, health & peace,
    And may His blessings for you never, never cease.

    May your special day be one to cherish and remember,
    As you deserve the very best, being born in December.

    & GOD BLESS!

    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 7, 2013


    Nancy Davis per phone call on Dec. 19, 2013: Just wanted to say thank you for the poem. I am overwhelmed. You are quite a poet. I think about those times quite a lot during our Stephen Ministry days. We had more fun than arduous training. They were good times we shared. I will always cherish those memories. Thanks again for your tribute.


    Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 08:12:26 -0400

    Susan Lloyd, President & CEO
    Delaware Hospice, Inc.
    3515 Silverside Road
    Wilmington, DE 19810

    Dear Susan:

    We are aware that October marks another important milestone for Delaware Hospice ~ 30 years of dedicated health service to the communities. My wife, Elaine and I have been associated with DHI since 1992 when she was employed as a Social Worker, and my father became a patient. DHI was such a tremendous help to my caregiver mother, my dad and the entire family. My wife and I have served DHI as Sussex County volunteers since 1997 when she retired from full time service.

    Because of our rewarding association all these years, and our recognition of the enormous benefits that DHI provides to patients, families and caregivers, we felt duly impressed, even inspired to compose a congratulatory poem for DHI's caring and sharing these past 30 years. Elaine and I trust that you will enjoy the poem and the thoughts behind it. I know that the 39,000 patients served to date, while commendable, are probably just a fraction of the total number of people who have benefited from DHI services in these years.

    You, and every staff member of Delaware Hospice are to be congratulated for your fastidious service over the lifetime of the organization. We all owe DHI our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

    Thanks so much,

    David & Elaine Shupe
    Sussex County

    cc: Mary Costello, Volunteer Coordinator, Sussex Country

    Typical patient and nurse for DHI!

    Sign depicting Delaware Hospice since 1982!


    Delaware Hospice, Inc. (DHI) is known for
    its motto: Choice, care and comfort,
    And if anyone is in need of help, DHI is
    right there to provide essential support.

    October 2012 marks 30 years that DHI
    has served the people of Delaware,
    A remarkable achievement, serving over
    39,000 patients in some state of disrepair.

    Susan Lloyd, the very capable "captain of the ship,"
    has been at the DHI helm for 25 of its 30 years,
    Serving as President and CEO, she has been instrumental
    in DHI's steady growth, first of the pioneers.

    With her compassion, friendliness and intelligent
    management style, she has made DHI what it is today,
    She has brought the organization from a handful of
    people to over twelve hundred staff and volunteers ~ olay!

    She would be the first to admit that she couldn't have
    achieved this without all the team members,
    Who keep the hospice fires burning by constantly
    fanning the flames of brightly burning embers.

    While all can be proud of DHI accomplishments,
    we sure won't be satisfied resting on our laurels, per se
    We'll strive to expand even more, reaching out to meet
    patient's needs for another 30 years, doing it day by day.

    A principal purpose of Hospice is to help make
    the end of life a little easier to bear,
    Especially at a time when the trauma of
    imminent demise can make life seem so unfair.

    DHI is staffed with qualified nurses, aides, social and
    bereavement workers, chaplains and volunteers,
    Friendly, competent and compassionate people
    who take seriously their chosen careers.

    Working as a team to ensure that terminal patients
    are as comfortable and pain free as possible.
    They do all in their power to see that patients and
    caregivers are as well-informed as permissible.

    Delaware Hospice provides many quality benefits,
    including medical, spiritual and emotional services,
    When team members come around to begin their tasks,
    they strive to minimize undue stress and nervousness.

    They not only help the patient, but they are there
    for the family and caregiver too which is swell,
    They're professional in their duties and when
    they do their job, they do it so very well.

    Speaking as DHI volunteers, my wife and I can truthfully
    say it's the best healthcare organization in the state,
    Anyone needing its essential services would benefit
    enormously in so many ways that we could relate.

    Through DHI, my wife and I have been privy to a number
    of patients, providing service as vigil volunteers,
    These and other services rendered over the years
    have been doubly rewarding even resulting in a few tears.

    As one becomes quite attached to patients, undoubtably
    facing the most important crisis of their life,
    But thank God, Delaware Hospice is there to help them
    work through all the turmoil and the strife.

    A grateful wife wrote: "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care
    DHI gave my husband and support you gave to me.
    You were all so loving and caring, taking time to listen, never in a hurry,
    it meant so much" ~ the way compassionate care should be.

    A satisfied family writes: "My sisters and I are extremely grateful
    for the wonderful care you all gave my mother.
    The kindness and compassion shown by all the staff was amazing;"
    Gratitude such as this makes DHI efforts 2nd to no other.

    Families, patients and caregivers have proffered many heartfelt
    thanks to us for all DHI services over the years,
    Many are unable to get over all the beneficial help from
    various DHI team members, often bringing them to tears.

    DHI is there 24/7, 365 days a year, with competent
    and capable on-call nurses ready and willing to assist,
    During emergencies, they drop everything
    and give their undivided attention to help others subsist.

    Not only does DHI have comprehensive programs
    to assist the patient, family and caregivers,
    They also have programs in place to help youth
    and adults of former patients, that DHI delivers.

    Under the auspices of DHI, Susan Lloyd, over 20 years ago,
    instituted a Camp New Hope program for the youth,
    Where children of deceased loved ones get together
    for a 4-day camp and participate in various activities~forsooth.

    Children of similar situations get together to interact, do projects,
    play and even share thoughts about a loved one,
    Their demeanor and attitude on the final day of camp
    is usually so much more postive than the first day, bar none.

    Another helpful program that DHI puts a lot of effort in
    is grief and loss counseling for those losing a family member,
    DHI provides assistance for a year or longer if needed,
    in dealing with their loss year round, January through December.

    We would like to give honorable mention to dedicated nurses
    like Lynn Garrahan, and CNA's, who are really the heart of DHI,
    They work tirelessly and concientously to assist patients
    who on their essential health services, do rely.

    We can't close without mentioning Mary Costello, and her counterpart
    Volunteer Coordinators in counties Kent and New Castle,
    Along with their assistants, they direct and assign 800 volunteers
    to care for DHI patients and families without undue hassle.

    These volunteers, over the years have provided over 455 years
    of patient and family service for the DHI organization,
    But without the direction and management of people
    like Susan and Mary, there would be a great deal of frustration.

    By no means have we covered everything Delaware Hospice does
    for the communities, but enough to give you the idea,
    That this is an organization committed to making the end
    of life easier, as dying is anything but a panacea.

    Congratulations to Susan Lloyd, Delaware Hospice, the entire staff
    and volunteers that have made DHI a success story,
    By filling a giant health service void for thousands of people
    at the end of their rope, if you're taking inventory.

    We wish you continued success as you perform essential medical,
    spiritual and emotional services to those in need,
    Our hats are off to you for working day and night making DHI
    the best health care system around ~ you are #1 indeed.



    Caring is giving for the world’s needs,
    Caring is sharing as the Spirit leads,
    Caring is hearing when the world cries,
    Caring is compassion with Christlike eyes!


    David & Elaine Shupe
    Delaware Hospice Volunteers
    Sussex Office
    Composed: May 28, 2012

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!



    Mary Costello, Volunteer Coordinator, DHI: Just received your poem. Thank you so much. It was so well crafted. I emailed Susan Lloyd about it, but haven't heard back yet, she may be out of town or the office. The newsletter is coming out in a few days, and we would like to include excerpts from your poem in the newsletter. Is that okay? If so, what parts should we include? (I told Mary, just the parts that stand out for her, and thanked her for her kind comments and for wanting to put it in the newsletter).

    POEM: DELTA ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Delta doggie.

    (A new friend)

    Delta is a friendly pet,
    What you see is what you get.

    Easy to love and loves to play,
    Just the same every day.

    So very young at one year old,
    No matter to her, she's quite bold.

    When mistress opens the door by heck,
    Comes running down to the lower deck.

    Patiently waits with everything in limbo,
    Lying on the deck gazing thru a window.

    Comes down the steps with a bound,
    Let's you know she's still around.

    She loved to help while we worked,
    But her vigil she did not shirk.

    Once while we were busy moving dirt,
    She dug along side, it did not hurt.

    When her mistress calls her name,
    Her ears perk up just the same.

    Takes off running, she knows the drill,
    Up the steps, or up the hill.

    Call her name, she comes on the run,
    Whether busy, or just having fun.

    When she wanders out of our sight,
    Give a whistle and she comes alright.

    Has the markings of a beautiful canine,
    Nothing about her is labeled asinine.

    Sits there waiting patiently while you eat,
    Or politely and silently lays at your feet.

    So kudos to our new found friend Delta,
    You maka our hearts flutter and melta.

    You made our visit to St. Croix a little better,
    So thank you for being a real go-getter.

    Delta's proud owners are Jenn and Toby,
    Haling from Alabama, very far from Nairobi.

    They both live and work in sunny St. Croix,
    So quick to greet everyone with a big AHOY!

    Thank you Jenn/Toby for sharing Delta with us,
    Such a faithful doggie whom we could trust.

    May God bless Delta in all her activities,
    And add substance to all your festivities.

    JENN & TOBY!

    Photo of Elaine and me.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    April 17, 2014


    Jenn Travis: Thank you so much for the sweet poem about Delta. She is truly the center of our lives. And she misses you guys! She’s still running down the steps in the morning sometimes and looking longingly at the door. Poor thing—you were her best buddies! May 16, 2014.

    POEM: DUNCAN, DEE: Dear Dee & Andrew ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Scooby on flooded pier.


    Just a note to say thanks for all your kindness,
    Among all the dog sitters, you're the finest.

    So glad that to son Andrew, he took a shine,
    All because you and Andy were ever so kind.

    You saved our life by your kind deed,
    By helping us out when we were in need.

    Several others we contacted turned us down,
    Your kind offer made us smile instead of frown.

    As a last resort we opted for the dreaded kennel,
    But you wouldn't have it for one so gentle.

    You treated him so good, he'll want to stay,
    Telling us to come back for him another day.

    Thank you for all the goodies that you provided,
    Best apple cobbler ever, we have decided.

    In retrospect, we owe you a lot that's for sure,
    For taking such good care of Scooby, so demure.

    If we looked & searched the world forever,
    Better Scooby sitters we would find. . . never.

    We knew without a doubt, you would be the best,
    Glad it worked out swell, & found for him a nest.

    He made himself at home, even laying on the couch,
    And one thing Scooby is not; he's not a grouch.

    He'll surely miss you now that you've spoiled him so,
    When I tell him to stay, he'll still want to go.

    So many thanks to you two for what you've done,
    We owe you so much Dee, and your dutiful son.

    For keeping Scooby, until our trip was through.


    Photo of David & Elaine Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 27, 2015


    Dee Duncan called today, November 17, 2015 and thank us for the poem and the thoughts. She said she really liked it, and showed it to her girlfriend, and also took it to work with her and showed her co-workers. She thanked us for the poem.

    POEM: DUNCAN, MATT, Deceased Friend ~ by David S. Shupe

    Matt and Dee caring for Miss Emily


    Dee ~ Just a little over a year since you lost your life's mate,
    While months have passed, the memories you can still relate.

    Matt contacted an incurable disease which he could not defeat,
    He left this life much too early, we would like to repeat.

    I know Matt was such a very special person in your life,
    That he was always there to ease heartache and strife.

    I know he was there for you as you were there for him,
    Couldn't be a better partner with which to go out on a limb.

    A kinder, gentler man we've hardly ever known,
    So considerate of adults, animals or others not even grown.

    Matt loved you and Andrew and had such a zest for living
    Contented, but not willing to leave you with any misgiving.

    Matt was a business entrepreneur in his own right,
    Even in illness, working his business day and night.

    What a man, what a father, what a husband ~ so faithful,
    Of his beloved family, friends and others ~ so mindful.

    I remember him when our long-haired cat was terminally ill,
    How compassionate he was as Miss Emily went down hill.

    When you and Matt late at night nursed Emily with warm milk,
    Stroking her head and fur which was soft as silk,

    You cared for her extra days while Elaine recovered from surgery,
    Saving us from putting Miss Emilly in an animal nursery.

    May God's blessings be upon you and Andrew as the days pass,
    Grant you peace and strength to meet each new day with class.

    That you'll always be safe and secure in His warm embrace,
    Made possible through God's infinite mercy and saving grace.


    Love You,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    September 22, 2012

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!

    Names Starting with the Letter "F".

    POEM: FAUST, SONJI DICKERSON ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Sonja Dickerson Faust.

    (A Good Friend)

    A delightful friend
    from the Virgin Isles.
    Greeting us with
    lots of smiles.

    So nice to see
    your smiling face.
    Knowing you're still
    keeping up the pace.

    You came over on
    a wing and a prayer.
    Though most would say
    you came by air.

    In St. Croix, we enjoyed
    dining with you.
    Relaxed, sat and talked
    until we were through.

    Christian was also there,
    what a real treat.
    We shared and we talked
    while we did eat.

    Wonderful when special
    people come to visit.
    So very true, and we want
    to be explicit.

    Glad you included us
    in your prime travels.
    Hoping to give you a hand
    so nothing unravels.

    Looking forward to your stay
    on your arrival here.
    We'll strive to make sure,
    you won't have a care.

    Trust your stay in Richmond
    will be enjoyable.
    And those things you learn
    will be most adaptable.

    In departing, we wish you
    a safe trip going back.
    Upon arriving in St. Croix,
    everything will be intact.

    Now, kick up your heels a bit,
    and let the good times roll.
    We're going to celebrate
    One, two and threefold.

    So God richly bless Sonja,
    in her every endeavor.
    May you walk by her side,
    both now and forever.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine
    July 10, 2014

    Names Starting with the Letter "G".

    POEM: TO DR. GAETA & STAFF ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Margie, Dr. Gaeta and Deanna.

    TO DR. GAETA & Staff
    (From Scooby Shupe)

    In late August or early September,
    Something happened I'll long remember.

    I was diagnosed with a horrible disease,
    Something I'll not forget with any ease.

    Lymphoma was the dreaded diagnosis,
    And Dr. Gaeta gave us her prognosis.

    Results were devastating, not to our liking,
    Actually floored us, just like lightning striking.

    One to three months to live was the news,
    Took awhile for this to sink in and diffuse.

    We began making weekly trips to the Center,
    Dr. Gaeta & staff welcomed us as we did enter.

    Her expertise and treatment meant a lot,
    I was in for the long haul, like it or not.

    Everyone treated me with gentleness & concern,
    And my faith in them, they did earn.

    Also, I had a lot of prayers going up for me,
    These and your treatment was something to see.

    After weeks of treatment, I went into remission,
    Having you & the good Lord to thank for my condition.

    Today I'm in my 10th month & going strong,
    Following your protocol faithfully, I didn't go wrong.

    My parents were all smiles & were so delighted,
    Thankful their faith in you & God was not slighted.

    Your gentle voice spoke balm to my soul,
    Going a long ways toward making me whole.

    I'll long remember how good you all treated me,
    And skillfully put me in tip-top shape for all to see.

    Thank you Dr. Gaeta for giving me a new lease on life,
    Delivering me from disease, pain and strife.

    If dogs could pray, my prayer would certainly be,
    That your success with others, would equal that with me.

    May God bless you abundantly & your dedicated staff;
    Thanks for your labor of love & concern on my behalf.

    Scooby Shupe

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe,
    Loving Parents too
    June 4, 2015
    Dr. Gaeta/Margie/Deanna:

    Elaine and I can't thank you enough for all your concern and excellent care you gave to Scooby during his early days of cancer diagnosis, and his weeks of treatment thereafter. Your consultations and words of instruction and comfort certainly went a long ways toward soothing our troubled hearts. You were never in a hurry when we talked and discussed Scooby's condition, and very patiently listened as we expressed our thoughts and concerns. You guys were always so helpful, friendly, courteous and professional in all of our dealings with VSCD over the past several months. Scooby is still doing just fabulous, in his 10th month since his initial prognosis, and is full of energy and vitality. He collects turtles from the woods when we go out jogging or walking. Just this morning he discovered his 44th turtle within the past couple years, and proudly brought it home for Elaine to see. Thank you Dr. Gaeta, Margie and Deanna for all you've done for Scooby and for us. You're the best! David & Elaine (Scooby too).

    Names Starting with the Letter "G".


    Photo of Dawn Walls Gibson.

    (February 19, 2013)

    Happy special birthday to Dawn Walls Gibson,
    AKA as the infamous Cat Lady, a fair inscription.
    As she used to run a feline cat house,
    Until moving, so the business, she had to douse.

    It is her birthday, but I can't tell you how old,
    I mean I could, but I have to tell you I'm not that bold.
    To some women, their age and weight are quite sacred,
    I wouldn't dare bridge that gap to engender any hatred.

    So Dawn reluctantly relinquished her animal duties,
    Preferring instead to work a regular job to earn her booty.
    She's a whiz at unloading freight for her employer, Big Lots,
    A job she performs superbly, and is considered tops.

    Dawn works the wee hours, considered the graveyard shifty,
    She loves those early hours, considers them quite nifty.
    While others are home in a warm bed sawing wood,
    Dawn is holding down her end, doing all she should.

    Her prior expertise in dealing with animals is worthy,
    Able to do things others may have thought a bit nervy.
    She loves animals and they certainly love her around,
    They would be lucky if lost, and she was the one who found.

    A few years ago, along came a stray dog they sheltered,
    Skinny and malnourished, looking like it had been peltered.
    One eye hanging from its socket, they took it to the vet,
    The vet sewed up the eye, and today Brandi is all set.

    A few years ago, Dawn lost her best friend, her Mother,
    To a debilitating disease that plays no favorite to another.
    No one can take the place of a good parent,
    But Dawn bounced back to overcome such a deterrent.

    Dawn is blessed having a good marriage partner,
    Johnny, a jack of all trades, even a good gardener.
    Maintain and repair the house, repair the car,
    Johnny's work takes him away, near and far.

    Don't think they'd tell you that it has all been smooth sailing,
    If so, then there may be some things they're not telling.
    Every marriage encounters a few bumps in the road,
    It works so much better when both help carry the load.

    Marriage is like most things, it's what you make it,
    It's not what comes your way, but how you undertake it.
    Sometimes disagreements arise which create a rift,
    But those makeup sessions can turn out to be so nift.

    God made us all different and He wanted us to be unique,
    We'd all be better off if His will, we did earnestly seek.
    Things go better with the good taste of coke was the ad,
    Better still, things go better when a taste of God makes us glad.

    Dawn and Johnny are in process of moving to a new place,
    A move planned for years evolving into one they could embrace.
    Due to the sluggish economy, it took years to sell their home,
    Now they can settle down without having to further roam.

    One thing Dawn has in common, birthdays and good friends.
    It is our wish that neither of them comes to an end.
    So may God bless Dawn with many, many more birthdays,
    And she will look to Him as her one and only mainstay.

    We Love You
    David & Elaine Shupe
    February 5, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.


    From Dawn Gibson Feb 26, 2013: Hi. Just a note ..... Thank you so much for the poem !!! So cute !


    Photo of Johnny Gibson!


    Happy Birthday on this, your very special day,
    We wish you all the best, and hope you get your way.

    Because this is your day to live it up and celebrate,
    You're one deserving guy, and we don't exaggerate.

    Early to bed and early to rise makes you a hard working man,
    Taking on weekend and evening jobs, doing all you can.

    Standing ready to help when someone needs a helping hand,
    On the job, moving earth and dirt, even a little sand.

    Thank you for what you've done for us, in all the years past,
    Thankful you came into our life, hoping our friendship will last.

    May God bless you richly as you continue your journey thru life,
    Grant you peace and happiness, and certainly an absence of strife.

    May you and Dawn know what it means to have a bit of wealth,
    Most of all, may you experience tranquility and health.


    David & Elaine
    September 23, 2012

    POEM: GIBSON, JOHNNY & DAWN: 8th ANNIVERSARY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!

    (July 2, 2004)

    Johnny and Dawn did something a bit unusual, they married on a sandy beach
    We witnessed their special nuptials, holy matrimony no longer out of reach.

    So, a big Happy 8th Anniversary to our good friends, Johnny and Dawn,
    Who were previously hitched on Assateague beach, instead of a grassy lawn.

    A few family members and friends were present to wish them well,
    With the ocean and setting sun as a backdrop, the ceremony was quite swell.

    Later, enjoying the wedding cake and drinks, we were privy to a nature call,
    Unusual for a wedding, animals in the area enjoyed free reign, one and all.

    The bride and groom were jovial, all smiles and seemed very happy,
    While unattended horses in the area made the parking area a bit crappy.

    However, the ceremony of a special duo made up for the horses' inconsideration,
    Enabling Johnny and Dawn to convert from a single to a married classification.

    In their 8 years of marriage, they are now searching diligently for their third home,
    Hoping against hope for a dream house, never more having to roam.

    We first knew Dawn when she tended our long-haired house cat, Miss Emily,
    At that time we were not well acquainted with Dawn, only very dimly.

    A more conscientious animal caregiver, we have never been privileged to meet,
    She has a winning way with animals, always taking care to properly greet.

    Johnny and Dawn have a one-eyed dog named Brandi, he's the apple of their eye,
    A lovely, friendly and obedient dog, and like our Scooby, he loves to go bye-bye.

    Over the years using her capable feline services, she became a very good friend,
    Then Johnny entered the picture in dating Dawn, and they both did blend .

    Johnny and Dawn have driven us to and from the airport on many an occasion,
    When we travelled to St. Croix, catching the plane to begin our ascension.

    They were also tremendously helpful during my 3/4 century birthday blast,
    We remember Johnny cooking all those hot dogs and hamburgers, 3 years past.

    A highlight of the party occurred when Dawn tripped on the deck, doing a double take,
    Though falling hard, she like a champ saved the day by holding high the carmel cake.

    Dawn finally gave up her animal care, and landed a job at the famous Big Lots store,
    She seems to enjoy working early morning hours, unloading trucks with boxes galore.

    Johnny also works at the "lot" business, tearing up lots instead of stocking shelves,
    He operates heavy equipment doing excavations, making a livlihood for themselves.

    Elaine and I want to thank you for being our good friends over the past years,
    If it wasn't for your able assistance, many times we would be caught in arrears.

    So may God shower his blessings on you both as you travel through life each day,
    Keep you in health, safe and give you wisdom to make decisions to benefit you alway.


    We Love You
    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 2, 2012

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!


    (via Dawn's email)

    From: dusktodawn352@msn.com
    To: Elanaway@msn.com
    Subject: HOT !!!
    Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 15:23:35 -0400


    It is HOT !!! Johnny has been hanging drywall this morning and now we are heading to the landfill. We put an offer on Anderson Corner yesterday and they turned us down and we did not counter. We know about the Hollyville house and sat in the driveway and looked at it but did not tour. It needs work on the outside and the drive coming out of it is hard to see the cars. The price is way too high for its age too. We live on the mls and know every house and as soon as a new one comes on Dana calls or e-mails us. Johnny has been so busy he hasn't had time to read the poem but I thought it was fantastic !!! Thank you so much.... David is awesome at writing poems !!! Thanks again for our anniversary get together. Stay cool and give hugs to the Scoob !!! Love ya, Dawn and Johnny~

    POEM: GIBSON, JOHNNY & DAWN: 10th ANNIVERSARY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Johnny and Dawn Gibson.

    (July 2, 2014)

    Happy 10th anniversary
    To Johnny and Dawn.
    Married on the beach,
    And not on the lawn.

    Can't believe that 10 years
    Has so quickly gone by.
    Just reminiscing a bit,
    Invoking a happy sigh.

    Not only a wonderful couple,
    But good friends as well.
    Moments shared together
    Have been quite swell.

    Since you two married,
    You've owned 3 homes to date.
    That's one every 3 1/3 years,
    We'd like to relate.

    Your home has been blessed,
    By taking in a stray dog, Brandi.
    Not only an obedient, friendly dog,
    But also one so dandy.

    Brandi quickly became,
    An integral part of a threesome,
    Can't imagine you being without him,
    As your life would be more gruesome.

    Dawn is still a dedicated employee,
    Of the discount store, Big Lots.
    The store discounts merchandise,
    For adults down to tots.

    For months, Johnny has endured
    A severe back malfunction.
    Making it very hard to motivate
    Attempting to destroy his unction.

    Our prayers are for healing,
    So Johnny can return to normal.
    Then he can kick up his heels,
    And be less formal.

    The good Book says,
    Wait on the Lord.
    He will give you strength,
    For this, we're in one accord.

    So may God bless you both,
    With health, happiness & peace.
    As you continue life's journey,
    And may all trials decrease.


    Photo of Elaine and David Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    June 28, 2014


    Photo of Brandi Gibson.


    Does it hurt to lose a special family pet,
    The hurt is there, & you can't forget.

    You came to us bruised and battered,
    One look at you was all that mattered.

    She couldn't have found a better place,
    To live her life, so full of love & grace.

    You stole our hearts as a forlorn pet,
    We immediately took you to our vet.

    He fixed you up, sewing up your eye,
    We fed & nourished so you wouldn't die.

    Over the years you were our faithful friend,
    How exciting for us when it all began.

    Brandi Gibson was a member of our clan,
    So unbearable as her time came to an end.

    A handsome doggie with a great big heart,
    So very sorry her time came to depart.

    Miss her carefree frolic and her fun,
    Miss her presence when day is done.

    Miss her welcome coming through the door,
    "I missed you today," her eye did implore.

    Miss her faithfulness to us all,
    Miss her chasing that tennis ball.

    Miss the way she looked trustingly at me.
    Wondering what her big brown eye did see.

    When we called, she came real soon,
    Her love for us, we would not impugn.

    Miss the way she would romp and play,
    Miss her funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way she lay her head on my lap,
    Or the way she dreamed while she did nap.

    Miss the way she nuzzled up to me,
    Her faithful devotion was something to see.

    Miss the way she put her paw on my leg,
    Loved me unconditionally, didn't have to beg.

    Miss her companionship when I walk,
    Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.

    The excitement she showed riding in the SUV,
    And the glance of devotion she gave to me.

    Brandi was such a sweet, gentle soul,
    She loved us both, the truth's been told.

    Miss her unconditional love that we shared,
    Brandi topped the list, none to be compared.

    She taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    We know you'll keep her safe in Your care,
    Thinking about her, we'll shed another tear.

    Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Photo of Brandi and Johnny Gibson.

    Johnny & Dawn Gibson, Parents
    Deepest Condolences by:
    David & Elaine Shupe, godparents
    (Cousin Scooby too)
    April 4, 2015


    Dawn Gibson: Dawn called today on April 9, after sending her and Johnny a card and the poem yesterday, April 8, 2015, 4 days after Brandi was put to sleep as his body was wracked with cancer. She was so excited and appreciative of the poem. She just couldn't seem to get over it. Said it captured her entire life. She was so shocked and surprised when she went out to the mail box and opened the poem envelope. Said she hadn't cried since Brandi died, but the poem brought fresh tears to her eyes. She said we captured Brandi's life so perfectly and beautifully and she couldn't wait until Johnny got home to read it. Said they were going to keep it out on the coffee table so everyone that came by could read it. Told her it wasn't just me that composed the poem, but the good Lord gave me the words and the thoughts that went along with it. He gave me the inspiration, and I just typed the words. She thought the photos I used were so appropriate too. She kept complimenting the poem. She seemed so thrilled. Thanked her for her generous comments and hoped it did help to soothe her and Johnny's spirits as that was the purpose of it, as well as have a record of her brief life.

    Names Starting with the Letter "H".


    Photo of Nancy and Neil.

    (July 30, 2014)

    Happy anniversary to our LPC friend, Nancy,
    Fifty-nine years ago you struck someone's fancy.

    Happy anniversary also to your spouse, Neil,
    By the same token, he realized true love was real.

    So a big congratulations to the best of special couples,
    Lot of water under the bridge since saying your nuptials.

    Almost 6 decades since you both tied the knot,
    Not kidding when we say that's quite a lot.

    Neil, I remember when you were the Treasurer of LRAC,
    Meticulously keeping the finances and books so intact.

    Nancy, being a caregiver is unquestionably a thankless job,
    No kudos here, but you're doing it for your heart throb.

    Caregivers don't get much recognition in this world,
    In heaven, I'm sure their names God will unfurl.

    Nancy, you've stood by hubby Neil thru it all,
    In health and sickness as we recall.

    Life showers us with many ups and downs,
    Making us feel like we're riding merry-go-rounds.

    Then we realize the Lord is our stabilizing force,
    And our allegiance to Him, He does endorse.

    You're both faithful to attend our LPC activities,
    Gracing the church with support in all its festivities.

    For years you've attended Bible studies sponsored by LPC,
    Faithfully sharing discussion and comments for all to see.

    Neil and Nancy have been two dedicated LPC supporters,
    As to God's Holy Word, you have been true exhorters.

    You are both to be congratulated and to be commended,
    For keeping your spiritual lives from being upended.

    So may God richly bless you both is my fervent plea,
    Improve your health, and make you what you ought to be.

    May He give you peace, plenty of understanding too,
    For God is always there to sustain and see you through.

    So, a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY wish to you both,
    Again, 59 years since you plighted your troth.



    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 13, 2014


    Neil & Nancy Hansen: Neil and Nancy telephoned us today on July 25, 2014 and thanked us quite profusely for the poem and the well wishes. They wanted to know how long I had been writing poems, and I told them almost 3 years now, next month August 24th to be exact. And I don't think I'd ever written a poem before that time. That the good Lord gives me the words and the thoughts and I just put them down on the computer. They liked the pictures too. They wanted to know the name of my poem website so I gave that to them too.



    A smiling photo of Gayle King Harris.

    We know a great lady, named Gayle, who is truly a Child of the King,
    She's an avid Bible student and teacher, and oh, can she sing!
    Either alone or with the Gospelette Trio, she does equally well,
    And need I add she is an accomplished pianist to make it all jell.

    We should add that she was a traveling evangelist in earlier years,
    Her multi-talented ministeries brought many to repentant tears.
    Sitting in class listening as she joyously taught God's Holy Word,
    Was a highlight seeing how the Spirit used her~her goal undeterred.

    If I could name 10 people having the most influence on my spiritual walk,
    Gayle would be near the top of the list as her actions matched her talk.
    I can truthfully say for 32 years she played an important role in my life,
    She was such a helpful and close friend to me and my now deceased wife.

    She was always ready to console and offer comfort and spiritual advice,
    She never shirked responsibility or turned anyone away who wasn't so nice.
    In her various ministeries, she showed a lot of compassion and wisdom too,
    Helping countless numbers of people she felt called and led of God to do.

    A few times, we had the privilege of traveling with Gayle and husband Ron.
    These were special times enjoying each other away from the daily grind thereon.
    Good times at lovely lodging and dining places will always be etched in our hearts,
    As well as scenic places including majestic grandeur of God's universe He imparts.

    Friends we traveled with were special to us for years we spent in the Tidewater area,
    The Bible says, "A man that has friends, must show himself friendly,"~without hysteria.
    Truly friends to "ride the river with," as they were there for us over the years,
    They were faithful to God, faithful to their families and also to friends and peers.

    David, his wry sense of humor; Wanda Woman, wife and perfectionist, such a delight to know,
    Danny and Amelia, amiable, conciliatory, ready to pitch in and their own comfort forego.
    Braxton and Millie, big and petite, one liked to kid around, one the serious type you see,
    Ron and Gayle, both talented pianists; Ron the history buff as well as a jokester designee.

    Later, Millie and Braxton moved to Tennessee to care for ailing parents ~ such good friends,
    Another couple, named Don and Glynis Ives became an integral part of our group of ten.
    They were not only the newest, but the youngest members in our prestigious little group,
    Glynis, and husband Don, a lovely vivacious couple, kept us abreast of the latest scoop.

    Wanda, Glynis and Gayle made up the singing Gospelettes~a blessing to all hearing them excel.
    They sang often in area churches and in concerts too, as they harmonized so very well.
    But wherever they sang, the Holy Spirit richly blessed them and souls were also blessed,
    Earning the distinction of being my all time favorite gospel group as you may have guessed.

    Not only did Gayle excel in the spiritual, but achieved success in her secular job too,
    She rose to the position of Director of Naval Housing at the Norfolk Naval Base, it's true.
    Which just happens to be the largest Naval Base in the entire world, if you can believe,
    This was no small accomplishment, and we congratulate her for this honor she received.

    A few months ago, Gayle dealt with a severe crisis in her life with the loss of hubby, Ron,
    A man she shared the best years of her life with; he with an illness he could not overcome.
    Our love and prayers go out to Gayle, for better days and for going through the entire ordeal,
    May the Lord bless, keep, and give you peace, joy and happiness ~ and your heart He will heal.

    Gayle faced a medical crisis years earlier, as the doctors determined she needed an operation,
    She relayed this news to her class one Sunday to alert us she would be absent a short duration.
    We happened to be working on a travel assignment at the time, leaving for Mississippi the next day,
    In the motel room after work, we spent some time in prayer seeking guidance on what to do or say.

    Each night we thought, "why should anyone doing so much for God have to undergo such serious surgery?"
    Lord, you healed others, why not Gayle~and "with You all things are possible"~that's no perjury.
    As we prayed, we visualized the Sunday School class gathered around Gayle, praying for her healing,
    We experienced release and a "peace that passeth all understanding"~from the floor to the ceiling.

    Home for the weekend, and Sunday sitting in class listening to her teach, as the lesson came to a close,
    We thought, Dorcas was full of good works for everyone, like Gayle, and she was healed of medical woes.
    Why not Gayle; the vision in the Mississippi motel room came to mind; we stood and asked permission to speak,
    We told the class what the Lord showed me; all gathered around Gayle, laid hands on her~the Lord we did seek.

    Gayle was admitted to the hospital as scheduled, but told the doctors she wanted to be re-examined.
    When the tests were processed and results known, surprised doctors said everything was negative~~so devined.
    The moral of this little episode as Gayle related subsequently, was that God uses people to do His will.
    So it benefits us to draw nigh to God so that He will draw nigh to us, and listen to that small voice still.

    Did we mention that Gayle's maiden name was "King," and that both her earthly and heavenly fathers were Kings.
    And when she sings the song, "I'm a Child of the King," there is a double reason why her singing really rings.
    So keep up the good work, for you are a marvelous Christian example for us all to imitate and follow~how true!
    We express our heartfelt thanks for all you do and have done, for the race will soon be won~~WE LOVE YOU!

    David S. Shupe
    October 18, 2011

    GAYLE'S RESPONSE: January 11, 2012 (via Thank You card)

    Dear David & Elaine ~ Thank you for your birthday greetings. The Card is lovely and what a tribute your poem is to me, and the Precious Memories you shared about the trip to the mountains by the whole group. Brought back bright mental photographs! I so much appreciate your kindness 'both of you' - and invitations at a time of loss. I will never forget.

    God bless you both as you continue your ministry to others.

    Much Love & Prayers


    Photo of Gayle King Harris.


    Happy Birthday to dear friend Gayle,
    Whatever she does, she does it so well.

    She's a special friend of many years standing,
    We've enjoyed so many years of spiritual bonding.

    She sings, teaches and preaches for God's glory,
    All for the purpose of conveying the old, old story.

    Souls she's blessed and reached for Christ are innumerable,
    Only God has the record, as for us it would be incalculable.

    We well remember sitting in her Sunday School class,
    Presenting the divine gospel of Christ as clear as glass.

    Class members on edge of their seat, attentive to every word,
    As she related the Biblical stories and how they occurred.

    Uplifting and informative would be my best assessment,
    Expounding truths from both the old and new testament.

    Messages in song from the Gospeletes Trio, oh so divine,
    The words and the harmony were so much better than fine.

    Also, still well remember some of the songs she sang solo,
    That so richly blessed hearts in the pews here below.

    Remember on occasion when the pastor had her preach the Word,
    The altar would be filled with souls, hungry for what they heard.

    Remember the times we had "get-togethers" at her house,
    The good times we had with her, and Ron, her spouse.

    That special blend of chili and hot peppers only he could make,
    That kind of left you wanting more, after we did partake.

    We thank you for the many times you've encouraged us in the Lord,
    Helping us to realize that we personally could wield the trusty sword.

    God has used you Gayle, throughout your life's years,
    To teach others how to cope, and overcome their fears.

    Showing us the way to heaven, how to cross that great divide,
    Letting us know that what we needed, the Lord would provide.

    So God bless you Gayle, with health, happiness and peace,
    May His wonders and blessings to you, never, never cease.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    December 29, 2013

    POEM: HENSLEY, RICK: BIRTHDAY~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Rick Hensley.


    Oh, to be 67 years old again,
    But it's 12 years past where I've been.

    Happy belated birthday to our good friend Rick,
    As a work mate, it's you I would pick.

    Remember our trip to the great state of Alaska,
    So much better than being stuck in Nebraska.

    Probably a highlight of our many trips made with GAO,
    Traversing the states and overseas, we did go.

    Never forget that steep snowy mountain road you drove up,
    No shoulders with a 3,000 foot drop off, so abrupt.

    The scenic beauty of Alaska is almost beyond compare,
    I would stack it up to scenes around the world anywhere.

    Never forget all the good people we worked with at GAO,
    Lots of fun times and great memories we have to show.

    Trust you and Peg are enjoying your retirement years,
    Desiring to get back in work harness, is not what one hears.

    So, may God bless you and family richly every day of your life,
    And may you never experience any undue heartache or strife.

    God Bless!

    David Shupe
    December 13, 2013

    Rick Hensley: Hi Dave, Thanks for the birthday poem !!! Yeap, the big 67 but many to follow. Saw Dave, jr. at the ODU basketball game after your facebook entry. He said you are quite the poet now!!. Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year ~ Dec. 3, 2013.

    David S Shupe: Hey Rick ~ Thanks for the shout out. Yeah, for the past couple years I've been penning poems for special people who have impacted my life; also my family members and Biblical characters and events. They keep coming, so I keep writing them. Dave told me he talked with you at the basketball game. Hope you had a great holiday season, and here is my New Year's poem for you and Peg. HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2014 ~.

    POEM: HOLMES, AARON JAY, Arelia's Brother ~ by David S. Shupe, Family Friend!


    Great photo of Aaron with 'thumbs up'.

    Each of our lives is a precious story that should be shared, so the world will never forget our unique chapter of God’s great story. None of us know how many pages are left in our own story. If we treated each page of each new day, as if it was our last, would it have a different ending? If we poured ourselves and our testimonies of God’s grace and faithfulness onto the pages of other people’s lives, would their stories have a different ending? Some of the impact that Aaron had on people around him is illustrated by his Mother, Laurie, in her chapters of his life, and also alluded to in the poem below. How will the final pages of our own life and story end?

    The inspiration for writing this little poem about Aaron was a Facebook posting by Arelia,
    Who, if you've seen her performing on stage with the PDA in all of her regalia.
    Can be quite motivational and inspirational within itself, you have to agree,
    It was this brief posting that inspired me, and it fits Aaron to a "T."
    (And he left his mark on each one of us.)



    The Posting: "Our fingerprints cannot be erased from the lives of those we have touched,"
    This is so true when we think of the many ways our hearts, Aaron has clutched.
    In soccer games, in school activities, in family gatherings, he was in the midst of it all,
    We remember what a good soccer player he was, and as a goalie, he kept his eyes on the ball.

    Aaron, your life here on earth was entirely too brief,
    It was only natural our hearts overflowed with grief.
    Your family and your friends were all quite overwraught.
    Receiving no relief for the peace they have sought.

    As I've read your Mother's book about your vivacious young life,
    You stand out as a young man who lived without enemity or strife.
    When I think of you Aaron, I think of vitality, action and adventure,
    As you were certainly no party pooper and that's a real clincher.

    You and your sisters had plenty of good times off the boat and off the pier.
    Swimming, boating, fishing; the whole family sunning at Jack's Beach during the year.
    You died though doing what you liked to do, after riding the wave crest,
    If you were still with us, you'd be doing what you like to do best.

    Although your days here were short according to man's count down here,
    One day in the Lord's sight is like a thousand years, anywhere.
    And fully crammed into those 16 years that you lived on this end,
    Were all those good times spent with family, classmates and friends.

    The memories of many hours spent working on the boats with Arlan your Dad,
    He can treasure always those thoughts that can help serve to make him less sad.
    Aaron dearly loved to go out on his boat to enjoy swimming and fishing,
    Sometimes alone and sometimes with his beloved sister, Arelia~just wishing?

    Aaron was a big kidder, and he loved being with his classmates at school or on vacation.
    Always trying to think of some new thing to evoke a laugh or cause an exclamation!
    One time in the middle of the night, Aaron and Arelia snuck down to the Mon Bijou Bridge sector,
    To put a joke over on a school friend, painting "rain bin Ya" on the side of the structure.
    (As the friend was nicknamed "Rain," and the painted words meant, "rain was here," the joke is obvious)

    From some of the photos I've seen of Aaron, he was usually on the pyramid bottom tier,
    Aaron usually took the lead in starting some new game, or doing something to endear.
    He was so fun and full of life, and never seemed to be in a cross or foul mood.
    Never would he sass a teacher, nor would he to his fellow classmates be mean or rude.

    Aaron did not realize the impact his life would have on those he met each day,
    How the stories he told, his actions, his life would affect his friends along the way.
    But his fingerprints indeed are indelibly imprinted on our hearts and minds,
    So whenever we think about events of that time, it's Aaron that often will come to mind.

    (As Laurie has so succiently related in his memoirs, Aaron wasn't reticent about proclaiming his "Faith!")
    It was no coincidence that his school years were spent at the Freewill Baptist Christian School.
    Where you can not only learn about the academics, but also learn about the value of God's rule.
    So Aaron, as many of your friends have already stated, "Rest in Peace," to you,
    You're certainly in good hands in the loving and infallible arms of God ~ how very true!

    Love for Aaron by family and friends was shown by the outpouring of more than 500 expressions of concern,
    Posted on facebook by such loyal friends as Jenny Harrison, Josue Martinez, Jr. and so many others in turn,
    There was no doubt that Aaron left a void with family and friends that no other person would be able to fill,
    But he will always be remembered as one "cool" dude who liked people and loved to see them laughing still.

    Aaron, while your sojourn here on earth was a short 16 years in duration,
    You taught us all a lesson about living life to our fullest expectation;
    To enjoy life, our friends, our family, because we really never know,
    When our brief sojourn here will be ended and it is time for us to go!

    How many lives will I touch today?
    How many neighbors will pass my way?
    I can bless so many and help so much,
    If I meet each one with a Christlike touch. —Jones on ODB!

    You think your word or deed is very small,
    That what you say will hardly count at all;
    But God can take the seed that you have sown,
    And nourish it until it’s fully grown. —Hess on ODB!


    The following losses were experienced as a result of this tragedy:

    Father, Arlan, not only lost a son, but he lost a dedicated helper.
    Mother, Laurie, lost a devoted and loving son.
    Sister, Ariana, lost a brother who dearly loved her.
    Sister, Arelia, lost both a brother and a close friend.
    Relatives lost someone who loved them deeply.
    Teachers lost a student who honored and respected them.
    Classmates and friends lost a friend, companion, and playmate.
    A very "SPECIAL SOMEONE" who made all of you very HAPPY!
    May God richly bless and comfort each one of you.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    Lewes, DE
    September 11, 2011

    HOLMES, ARELIA KAY: Ballet Friend From St. Croix

    Arelia celebrating her 15th birthday.

    Arelia is the youngest of the Holmes children. Arelia was born on St. Croix on July 23, 1996. At Arelia's K-3 program for FWBC School she performed “I'm a Little Teapot”, with no stage fright whatsoever, so we knew Arelia was born for the stage. She has attended Pointe Dance Academy since the age of 5. Arelia has performed in the Nutcracker Ballet, A Spring Gala in 2007, and A Sizzling Summer Performance in 2009. When she was 11, she played Clara, the star role in the Nutcracker Ballet, in December of 2007.

    Arelia is now 14 and in the ninth grade at Free Will Baptist School. Just 3 short months after Aaron's passing she had to perform once again in the Nutcracker. The show must go on! Arelia is now one of the “big girls”, performing on pointe to Waltz and Snow, and the lead for Chinese Tea. As usual, Arelia danced gracefully and beautifully. Arelia enjoys going to the movies with her best friend, Heather, from dance class.

    Arelia is also an aspiring guitar player, and is on her school's soccer team. She enjoys the team spirit and the competition. Her favorite past-time was going to the beach before Aaron died, and she misses going to the beach with her brother very much.

    POEM: HOLMES, ARELIA KAY~~ by David S. Shupe


    Arelia riding rearing horse.

    Dear Arelia, just where do we start?
    We first met you 6 years ago, and you stole our heart.
    Elaine and I watched you dance in the musical, the Nutcracker Suite,
    With such finese and grace even at 9 years of age, you performed such a feat.
    And in subsequent Nutcrackers, the way you played Clara, it was so neat!

    Since then, we've watched you perform almost every year,
    And you just keep getting better and better, and we're totally sincere.
    We can say you're always up, on your toes, that is,
    But that's the way you keep fit, and prepared for show biz.

    To your credit, we have also seen you perform so admirably in the Spring Gala,
    Elaine and I enjoyed your sterling performances, beautiful as the lily ~ calla!
    You did not just dance once, but you performed in three different roles on stage,
    We enjoyed each one more than the previous one ~ all performed without any wage.

    We came to know you, through Heidi, your ballet instructor and our friend,
    She was also such a talented lady and to you a godsend.
    So sorry she left the Pointe Dance Academy and moved so far away,
    She is one grand lady, but it looks like she has moved there to stay.

    As we watched you grow and mature, we were proud of your accomplishments and ploys,
    You performed in ballet and on the stage with quiet assurance, skill and poise.
    We were so delighted to know you, and to be able to sponsor you in ballet,
    Elaine and I took you to heart, and we trust you will be there alway.

    We are also grateful, and likewise thankful that you have such a good friend as Heather,
    Helping you through calamities as you experienced last year~she just has it altogether.
    Don't think that we've ever met any other teenager that impressed us as much as she,
    She's certainly one to ride the river with, and that's putting it mild~ly.

    We would also like to mention another friend who was close to Aaron and now, close to you,
    She was also someone who stuck with you throughout your loss ordeal ~ like glue.
    Her name is Jenny Harrison, and she sure has a lot of feeling for Aaron and for you all,
    You could see it in her actions, you could feel it in her comments ~ as you may recall.

    The calamity we referred to above was the drowning of your beloved brother, Aaron Jay,
    We only guess what hurt and emptyness this tragic accident caused you and family, Arelia Kay.
    In just a few more days, it will be a full year that Aaron's life was tragically ended,
    We pray God will give you and family comfort and peace you need for your hearts to be mended.

    We thought it was a remarkable thing so many friends and family members expressed their feelings,
    About your loss, their concern for you, Ariana, and your mom and dad ~ enough to keep you reeling.
    In all, we tabulated over 500 expressions of empathy and sympathy and concern for your well being,
    If there's anything that shows family and friends love you so much, it was these people agreeing.

    In memory of Aaron, you took up soccer, and it was a thrill to watch you kick the ball,
    We're so thankful for the opportunity that we had to see you play at all.
    Although you were a new member on the team, you handled yourself quite well,
    It was such a beautiful day for soccer, and your team mates seemed so swell.

    I remember you saying that the reason you took up soccer was because of Aaron your brother,
    Though commendatory, this sounds quite uncommon for an experienced ballet dancer to utter.
    But you came through like a champ, and brother Aaron would have been quite proud of you,
    His loving sister, especially since your team won the championship for the year under review.

    We learned through the facebook media, that you were musically inclined and taking up the guitar,
    So guitar, soccer,ballet; is that all, or do you have other talents to surprise us with so far?
    Actually, you did because your Mother sent us photos of you performing on horseback flesh,
    We were quite surprised to see the dexterity with which you handled your mount afresh.

    Before we sign off, we want to mention the times you came to visit us at our humble abode,
    Elaine and I were always delighted to get to know you better as your personal side showed.
    Your quietness is a breath of fresh air, and you are a joy to be around,
    Thank you for being you, and we really enjoyed our discussions while you unwound.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and express our appreciation,
    For your help as to the placement of our new palm trees during our planting situation.
    So, Arelia, we think so much of you; don't forget it as you go about your many activities each day,
    So for now or in the future, don't hesitate to call and let us know if we can help you in some way!

    So Arelia, we want like to pronounce God's blessings on you as you will certainly need His support,
    as you go through life in the days and years ahead, so that no matter where you are or what you do,
    He will always be there when you come up short:

    The Lord bless you and keep you;
    The Lord make His face shine on you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The Lord lift up His countenance on you,
    And give you peace.
    Numbers 6:24-26 NASB

    We love you very much,
    ~~David & Elaine Shupe, Your Devoted Friends~~

    September 4, 2011


    Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 12:40:17 -0700
    From: areliaholmes@yahoo.com
    Subject: Re: HAPPY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    To: elanaway@msn.com

    Thank you both soooo much for my birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a huge surprise! It's an awesome camera and takes really nice pics! I love it a lot! I was so shocked when I opened it. Didn't expect that at all! Thank you!! I really appreciate it! I had a good birthday yesterday. We brought Misty to Rainbow beach. She really liked running up and down the beach with me. She swam a little but she would get too cold so I would bring her in. Everyone always has to say what a cute little puppy she is! I can't believe I got the two things that I wanted for my birthday! I don't know if I can thank you enough :) After the beach we went home and got ready to go to Topside to eat. They had someone singing and play the guitar. He was pretty good! I had a great dinner. We had cake and opened presents when we got home. All in all I had a fun day :) I hope you guys have been doing good! We miss you and love you! Thanks again! I love it! Take care :) Love, Arelia


    From: alstx@hotmail.com
    To: dayvd@msn.com
    Subject: arelia
    Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 01:51:36 +0000

    Dear David & Elaine, Thank you so much for the nice gift you gave Arelia. It brought tears of joy. I just love to see her happy!! Love Arlan


    FROM LAURIE ~ July 24, 2012:
    So we didn't get home until 9 pm for cake and presents. Arelia only had 3 presents to open, ours, Jenny's, and David and Elaine's gift, which came on Monday. Ari's didn't make it on time, and she sent it on Monday so it should have been here. So she opened David and Elaine's gift first, and her jaw dropped open. They got her a camera!! She just couldn't close her mouth, she was so surprised. (Here Elaine consulted Ari on what camera to get. Sneaky!) It is really nice, and better than mine, has a touch screen, and takes really clear pictures. It didn't come with a memory card though, so she stole the one from mine! (for now), so she could play with it. Love, Laurie

    P.S. Arelia has been going crazy taking pictures with her new camera. She has to take pictures of everything! She loves her new camera!! (You did good Elaine!)


    Arelia opening presents on her 16th birthday. Arelia opening presents on her 16th birthday. Arelia opening presents on her 16th birthday. Arelia opening presents on her 16th birthday.

    FROM LAURIE ~ July 30, 2012
    Birthday pics of the birthday girl. She sure has grown up, huh?? Arelia is a beautiful girl. Her hair is growing really fast. She is letting it grow out. Hard to believe she's 16 already. Compare her 15th birthday pics and you can see how she has matured. Enjoy the pics.

    The last one is a pic of her reaction when she opened the camera. She was over-come with emotion. Arlan said he saw a glint of tears in her eyes. (And Arelia never cries in front of people.) It really touched her that you cared enough to send such a special gift. Sorry that it took me so long to send them! love, Laurie

    Arelia riding rearing horse.

    Arelia wrote this for the Warrior Weekly. It made the front page. She wrote it all by herself, with minor editing by Ms Hannah and myself. She did a great job. I am so proud of her! Love, Laurie

    My Story Two Years Later...by Arelia Holmes

    Two years ago, I lost my sixteen year-old brother, Aaron Jay Holmes. He drowned at Carambola Beach on September 17, 2010, when a rogue wave hit the beach. The last two years have been the hardest years that I have ever experienced. The hardest part is that I was there, and I witnessed everything. In fact, it could have been me. Luckily my dad was right next to me so he was able to save me, but that only leaves me to ask questions like "Why him and not me?" Or "Why him at all?" I don't think I'll ever have the answers to these questions.

    So yes, it's been hard. But I have come a long way since then. I have re-dedicated my life to Christ, and I have been attending youth group and church almost every week since last October. And now, instead of blaming God for everything, I'm able to thank him for the life I still have and the times I did have with my brother. The friendships that I have gained since losing my brother have helped me the most. I know I couldn't have gone through all of the stuff that has happend without those friends. I will always be grateful to have them.

    Now, two years later, I still grieve the loss of my brother, and I think I always will. But, I know that he is always with me and one day, we will be re-united again. I will always love him.


    Dorothy Hudson and Elaine Shupe!

    ~ Our Friend & Neighbor ~

    Dorothy is neighbor that lives nearby,
    She is also a good friend on whom we can rely.

    Dorothy was born and grew up in Frederica, DE a place quite near to us now,
    She moved here long ago so that as a Delawarean, she cannot disavow.

    She now lives in a lovely brick ranch on Herring Creek off Rehoboth Bay,
    With her outside fine feather friends and a lovely view across the way.

    She is a talented lady, and plays a great piano ,
    Never heard her sing, but bet she makes a good soprano.

    Dorothy, with her gentle spirit and quiet smile, holds fast to what she believes,
    With a solid foundation in her Savior, the old enemy cannot her deceive.

    That's why on her spiritual journey she plods steadily on from day to day,
    Always keeping her eyes fixed on that heavenly prize at the end of the way.

    Dorothy had a real shock and traumatic experience over 10 years ago,
    She lost her husband, Bill, ending a blissful marriage of 40 years or so.

    Hubby Bill was a dedicated Methodist Minister for most of his life.
    For many years, he pastored churches alongside Dorothy, his devoted wife.

    I'm sure now that Bill has left her trusted side, and gone to his heavenly home,
    Dorothy has spent many lonely and sleepless nights without proper rest and shalom.

    It hurts so much to lose a "special" person, especially bad during the holiday season.
    It hurts in the middle of the day, night and in the middle of your stomach~like treason.

    While his passing was difficult, she has adjusted well over the years,
    Though I'm sure many times she has been brought to heartfelt tears.

    She keeps quite busy playing for churches and the funeral home.
    This helps her cope and she does it with a great deal of aplomb.

    Dorothy is a very friendly person, gentle and on the quiet side.
    We often see her going by; in Bill's little red truck she does ride.

    Off to another playing engagement, or to a restaurant to eat and dine.
    Thank you, Lord, for giving Dorothy strength and helping her to feel fine,

    To do those necessary things to live, like grocery shop and other errands each day.
    Things we often take for granted, as her health and strength remain okay.

    So Dorothy, Elaine and I both wish you continued health and peace in 2012 too.
    Thankful that you are our friend and neighbor, and want you to know ~ WE LOVE YOU!

    A Very Merry Christmas To You
    Happy New Year 2012, Too!

    David & Elaine Shupe
    Composed: December 10, 2011


    Photo of Dorothy Hudson.

    (June 23, 2014)

    You've reached the magic age of eighty-two,
    And I'm right behind you with 80, that's true.

    God has richly blessed you throughout the years,
    There's been happiness, heartache and a few tears.

    You and Bill enjoyed a great marriage in the past,
    Many years of happiness, wishing they'd always last.

    You went on with your life, cherishing fond memories,
    Saddened by fact Bill was one of life's casualties.

    You faithfully worked with the hand you were dealt,
    Picking up the pieces wth a little outside help.

    You've kept quite busy utilizing your musical talent,
    Playing piano for funeral and church activities so galant.

    In addition, you contribute generously to children's charity,
    Donating toys, money and items with a lot of regularity.

    So the good you do for others far outweighs the negative,
    The families you bless, kids you help, are quite indicative.

    You maintain and keep your house in spotless condition,
    Working day and night, which you do without contrition.

    So you're not just sitting back and resting on your past ,
    You're there striving to make a difference that will last.

    You've experienced a few medical setbacks for sure,
    God has always been there for you and helps you endure.

    So the secret of success is to place our undying trust in God,
    We'll reach heaven's goal just like other Saints have trod.

    So always look up to God, and your future will be secure,
    No matter how difficult the problem, He has the final cure.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    June 15, 2014

    Dorothy Hudson: Dear Elaine: To you and David go my most grateful thanks. You have fed my spirit with the special poem and the beautiful flowers. You feed my body with the delicious munchies. My heartfelt appreciation to you both for "being there" for me when the clouds seem overwhelming. With my love, Dorothy. June 27, 2914.


    Photo of Unique Annick.


    (July 16, 2014)


    First of all, we wish Annick,
    A special birthday blessing.
    Another year has sped by,
    To that we are confessing.

    May you take her by the hand,
    Let her know she's always safe.
    That You're walking by her side,
    Adding to her a measure of faith.

    Annick just found out recently,
    She has a heart fibrillation.
    So God, give her your assurance,
    You are her healing inspiration.

    Annick is our first lady you know,
    That is, our pastor's wife.
    So she deserves a special honor,
    As she lives out her life.

    Though 5 birds have flown the coup,
    She still maintains a nest for Buz,
    Things are a bit quieter at home now,
    With nothing quite the way it was.

    However, she does have a set of twins,
    To which she's become quite attached.
    Two lovely, cuddly grandbabies,
    So great to have two in the same batch.

    No grass grows under Annick's feet,
    She still works at her photography skills.
    So God, bless her professional career,
    And cause her to have no undue spills.

    Has a lot on her plate, that's no secret,
    Supporting Buz's ministry at the church.
    Always ready to proclaim the gospel,
    And for needy souls, joining the search.

    Two angels visited me in the hospital.
    One named Adrienne, the other Annick.
    The prayer they prayed, the words they spoke,
    Were quite encouraging, always unique.

    So we thank God for Annick,
    And her behind the scenes work.
    She's a dedicated soldier in God's vineyard,
    And His duty she does not shirk.

    We give you thanks Lord, for all she's done,
    So God bless Annick & Buz, her good Spouse.
    In all her many endeavors, endow her with wisdom,
    Understanding & peace, and Your Spirit never douse.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 14, 2014

    POEM: HUGHES, ANNICK: BIRTHDAY~~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy Birthday banner

    (July 16, 2013)

    A special happy birthday to LPC's First Lady Annick,
    A lady of many talents who has yet to reach her peak.

    God has blessed you and your family abundantly over the years,
    He's brought you through good times and bad, allaying all fears.

    He promised to be with us always, even to the very end,
    His Word is Truth, and on His Word we can depend.

    To your family has been added a grandchild and 4 in-laws,
    And I'm sure your family will continue to grow, without pause.

    We thank God for the Christian example you've set for our church,
    Upholding Jesus Christ, whose name you would never besmirch.

    You and Buz are such solid examples for us to follow,
    There's nothing about your lives that rings shallow or hollow.

    I know you, like Paul, could echo the words, "Follow me as I follow Christ,"
    If all Christians would adopt those words, it would more than suffice.

    Your emphasis on right food & exercising could stand us all in good stead,
    We all should take it seriously, & follow through to meet our health needs.

    May the Son continue to brightly shine throughout your life,
    Protecting and keeping you from all harm and undue strife.

    May you always experience health, happiness and everlasting peace,
    And may His blessings on you and your family never cease.

    Elaine and I wish you much success in every worthwhile undertaking,
    Believing that God is there for you, and you He will never be forsaking.


    Photo of Elaine and David (and Scooby).

    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 30, 2013



    The first lady of LPC: Unique Annick!

    The First Lady of LPC is quite appropriately named Annick, meaning "gracious,*
    She is a lady who is one of a kind and truly "unique," and certainly not loquacious.

    She is a gentle, quiet and friendly person, always ready with friendly smiles,
    A person who believes in fitness and routinely exercises on her bike for several miles.

    Annick is also a person who believes in practicing a healthy diet regimen, too,
    As she fastidiously engages in preparing gallons of carrot juice, and hamburger tofu.

    We all know Annick's husband, Buz, is the best and most inspiring pastor in the PCUSA,
    Who enjoys life here in Lewes, living near Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth and Delaware Bay.

    Our pastor's wife is one smart and intelligent woman as one can easily discern
    She both raised and home schooled five wonderful children; parenting skills she did learn.

    Three boys and two girls comprised a family of seven and constituted a pretty full quiver,
    God blessed the proud parents with a full household, giving her every incentive to deliver.

    The results of good spiritual training she and Buz gave the children are readily apparent,
    Daughters Emily and Katie married educators who are christians and thus spiritually provident.

    Emily is the quiet, intellectual and friendly type who does a masterful job of public speaking,
    She and husband, Jesse, are both missionaries to China, a country they both were seeking.

    Katie, a talented lady, does a masterful job playing the piano and organ and doesn't miss a beat,
    She and husband, Michael, make beautiful music together and listening to them sing is so neat.

    The eldest son, Joe, secured an exciting job in London, England and is the oldest of them all,
    He works for Google, known to everyone familiar with computers, as an outfit not off the wall.

    Michael performs needed ferry maintenance; also installs flooring on the side as an entrepreneur,
    Since he was recently married, he and his wife, Nicole, work together to make their future secure.

    Chris works for a ball bearing company in Chicago, affiliated with the John Deer conglomerate,
    As the only single member, if he follows his siblings' trend, marriage will someday be on his slate.

    Annick attended Georgetown University, and she also hails from the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C.
    She walks side by side with Pastor Buz, and supports LPC activities as we can all agree.

    Her support is done quietly behind the scenes as she is not the type to be overly ostentagious,
    Her demeanor and faithfulness to God encourages our Christian walk and is quite contagious.

    Although hailing from these United States, Annick is by birth of French distraction,
    Most of her family still live and reside in Europe, limiting visits and close interaction.

    She currently works with people needing special attention who are mentally at a disadvantage,
    Lauditory kudos are in order for a lady having a host of diverse activities she well does manage.

    Annick currently is dealing with an on-going crises in her life with her aging and ailing mother,
    She has tackled and overcome severe family problems before, in spite of all the toil and bother.

    It is extremely excruciating seeing a loved one deteriorate physically, mentally or both,
    While it's exhausting for the one doing the caregiving, it ofttimes enhances spiritual growth.

    God must have something special prepared for those who care for aging parents who gave us birth,
    As one commandment is, "Honor your Mother and Father" that your days may be long upon the earth.

    So Annick, we thank you for being a good example for us here at Lewes Presbyterian Church,
    As a godly parent, hard worker and someone we can all emulate as we continue our spiritual search.

    May God bless you with health and happiness, peace and joy as you labor with Buz in God's vineyard,
    And help your family to prosper and enjoy life to the fullest and always hold each other in high regard.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    February 2, 2012

    Elaine and David Shupe



    Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 09:55:21 -0500
    Subject: Re: Mom's status!
    From: annickhughes@gmail.com
    To: elanaway@msn.com

    Thanks dear David and Elaine!
    May God bless YOU and keep you and make His face to shine upon you!
    You are making me smile during this very difficult time! Thank you!
    I will try to respond later in the day when I have more time.

    Your sister in Christ,
    (via Email) ~ February 17, 2012

    Subject: ThanK YOU!‏

    6:50 PM
    Reply ▼

    Annick Hughes
    To dayvd@msn.com, Elaine Dewey-Shupe

    Hi Dave and Elaine,

    Thank you for your kind tribute!

    I had put it aside for a quiet moment....and needing some uplifting this afternoon, I picked it up ....it made me smile....which I needed with the incredible stresses that I am under trying to accommodate my mom's need!

    You guys are such special people. We will never forget your generosity in letting us use your house for a little getaway when the kids were still home!!!

    Much love,

    POEM: HUGHES, BUZ: A TRIBUTE ~ by David S. Shupe

    I am not a poet and do not claim to be a poet as until recently I could hardly put two words together that would rhyme. But, the Holy Spirit inspired me to compose a brief poem about our pastor while I was listening to his sermon one Sunday morning. If anything good results from it, it's all the Holy Spirit (I like to say 90% Holy Spirit & 10% me) as I'm merely a vessel. We at LPC are indeed fortunate to have such a Godly man of Buz's character and ability to lead us and point us in the right direction. Buz, you've been a tremendous inspiration and a blessing to both Elaine and me for the last 15 years (you and Annick) and we love and appreciate you for all your efforts. Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!!!

    Tribute to Pastor "BUZ"
    Pastor Buz
    The beloved pastor of our LPC Church is one neat guy named "Buz" Hughes,
    He's known for his genteel spirit and his flawless delivery of the Good News.
    His teaching lessons and gospel messages are so complete and inspiring,
    As the service ends and we go out the door, we don't leave still inquiring.

    As members of your congregation, Buz, we often find ourselves derelict,
    In showing our appreciation for keeping us informed~which is no easy trick.
    By this we mean showing us the Bible way, how we should live from day to day,
    And keeping us apprised of church changes and the road we're traveling that way.

    It's all about the path that our country and our churches are set on treading,
    Knowing if things do not drastically improve, we Christians will be dreading.
    So thanks Buz, for keeping us current and keeping your eye on the proverbial ball,
    And holding fast to the Bible way which ultimately will benefit us all.

    A more friendly, learned and helpful pastor you would never hope to meet,
    Yet, one so concerned for the spiritual welfare of us members~quite discreet.
    Buz's messages are so encouraging and uplifting and a big help in our daily walk,
    His own life and spiritual grounding in Christ, sure match up to all his talk.

    His words and messages are all well researched, thought out and quite clear,
    And he brings out the Christ in the Bible, while making Him seem so near.
    That's what I respect and love about our pastor, as well as all that he does,
    He's so rooted and grounded in God's Word ~ he tells it like it is (and was).

    Meticulously and prayfully prepared messages are presented concisely and clearly,
    That it's easy for us to accept such encouraging and timely words sincerely.
    If I were not yet a committed Christian, and heard Buz from the pulpit, preach,
    The Holy Spirit in conjunction with his inspired words would my heart soon reach.

    When Pastor Buz uses an illustration, or gives an example in delivering his sermon,
    He often is so moved by the story his compassion is evident as one can determine.
    He puts his all into his messages; his fervent love for God and the people is evident,
    Whatever he does is done with his whole heart and soul, setting a good precedent.

    Buz is a man of God whose life demonstrates the leading of the Holy Spirt in all things,
    Whether directing a meeting, teaching or preaching about Elijah, or one of the kings.
    We have heard the gospel message, and we've absorbed it and take it to heart right then,
    It carries us through the week, gets us over the hump until the next time we meet again.

    So thank you, Buz, and your good wife, Unique Annick, for all that you both have done,
    And especially for your love and commitment to God, the Church and Christ, God's only Son.
    We so love and appreciate all of your untiring efforts in helping us make it through.
    This comes from our heart, and I suspect from all others in the church too ~ that...

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 2, 2011

    POEM: HUGHES, BUZ: BIRTHDAY~~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Buz leaing on podium.

    (June 9, 2013)

    Happy birthday to our dedicated Pastor Buz,
    Not everyone deserves kudoes, but he does.
    You have accomplished so much in your years at LPC,
    Opening our spiritually-blind eyes, causing us to see.

    Conducting church affairs in a compassionate way,
    Letting the church members and friends have their say.
    You have expanded on old programs left in place,
    And added new programs by God's infinite grace.

    These programs help the church and community as a whole,
    As taking the gospel to all people is the church's role.
    We are the body, and Jesus Christ is our head,
    It's through individuals, that the gospel is spread.

    Your messages are inspired and well researched,
    Taking great care that God's Word is not besmirched.
    We sit in the pews drinking it all in,
    Thanking God that we're not where we've been.

    May not be where we want to be, but we're still pressing,
    Keeping our sights set on Christ, we'll win His blessing.
    The sermons you render, help to keep us in line,
    So we don't wonder far afield and spiritually decline.

    So thank you, Buz, for your relentless labor of love,
    Promoting the gospel, and pointing souls to heaven above.
    You may at times feel that your messages go unheeded,
    Rest assured that your sermons are just what we needed.

    So our prayers are with you, Buz, in all of your endeavors,
    That He would continue to bless you richly now and forever.
    May the Holy Spirit continue to use you mightily all your days,
    Give you strength and good health to proclaim His Holy ways.


    Photo of Elaine and David.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 9, 2013


    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:13 PM, David Shupe wrote:

    Elaine and I thought you needed a birthday poem, Buz, so here 'tis!

    Harry Hughes (harrywhughes@gmail.com) 6/09/13
    To: David Shupe

    David and Elaine,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday poem! You really have a gift; but I'm blessed that you took the time and energy to express your gracious thoughts so skillfully.

    And thanks for the pictures. I really like the one of you!

    Blessings in Christ,



    Photo of Buz, Annick and Katie.


    (December 17, 2013)

    Happy Anniversary
    to a SPECIAL PAIR.
    The things you both do,
    show you really care.

    It's been 41 years,
    since you wed.
    Time awaits no man,
    how time has sped.

    We thank God,
    for all that you do.
    You work hard,
    It's quite true.

    You've both raised
    a wonderful family.
    Including Joe, Michael,
    Chris, Katie and Emily.

    For your faithfulness,
    To God and church.
    We know His name,
    you'll never besmirch.

    To the LPC church family,
    You are a real blessing.
    You honor your calling,
    We honor your professing.

    You've been a helpful couple,
    since you've been in Lewes.
    You're both so faithful,
    To God, you're the truest.

    You both are known,
    for your calm demeanors,
    Taking everything in stride,
    Like our blessed Redeemer.

    When things happen,
    to upset another.
    You calmly assess it,
    As if it's no bother.

    Thank the good Lord,
    for sending you our way.
    We're much better off,
    and you make our day.

    Your messages are clear,
    and are much needed.
    Whether or not,
    they're always heeded.

    Thank you so much,
    For your faithfulness.
    You both are a blessing,
    Promoting peacefulness.

    Go with God,
    He'll go with you.
    He's always there,
    To see you thru.

    41 years since you plighted your troth,
    Happy Anniversary to you both.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe,
    December 7, 2013

    POEM: HUGHES, MICHAEL & NICOLE: IT'S TWINS! ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Michael and Nicole Hughes.


    (Future date, 2014)

    Congrats are in order for Michael & Nicole,
    Accomplishing a feat lovely to behold.

    Twins ~ a duo, a set, what a blessing,
    They're finally here, no more guessing.

    Soon to hear the pitter patter of little feet,
    Twill be double the patter, oh how sweet.

    Nothing makes the house a real home,
    More than children as they romp & roam.

    Oh how thankful you both will surely be,
    For what God has done in blessing thee.

    Memories galore are in your bright future,
    With two little ones to train and nurture.

    Double the enjoyment, that's the stuff,
    Double the love, just never enough.

    What wonderful times you four will share,
    Twill be oh so glorious I hasten to declare.

    As they grow and tug on your heartstrings,
    Watching them grow with their playthings.

    As the years pass by you will no doubt find,
    Many exciting challenges raising two of a kind.

    You'll experience many changes over the years,
    As they grow and interact with their peers.

    What a joy to see them grow up, excel & achieve,
    You'll be there their graduation honors to perceive.

    God help Nicole & Michael in their parenting skill,
    To use wisdom & understanding in all they instill.

    I would surmise that patience will be a virtue,
    As long as the twins remain under your purview.

    So congratulations once again is our stipulation,
    May your hearts be overwhelmed with loving adulation.

    And may God richly bless you both as well as each twin,
    Give you a long & healthy life with no downward spin.


    Elaine and David Shupe.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    February 10, 2014


    Michele & Nicole Hughes on April 15, 2014 via snail mail: Dear David and Elaine, Thank you so very much for your generous gifts. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. I love the poem, and I cannot wait to share it with the babies once they understand things. We are so blessed to have such wonderul people like you in our lives. Thank you again. Sincerely, Nicole, Mike, and the babies.


    Photo of unborn baby.


    The senseless massacre of innocent children
    and teachers at Sandy Hook is horrific.
    Oh, how much empathy we feel for the parents
    and loved ones, to be specific.

    Words cannot express, nor can deeds compensate
    for their pain and unbearable loss.
    The anguish they endured when first hearing
    a family member was involved was so gross.

    Lord, how could this happen to my child or loved one,
    what did I do to deserve this calamity?
    Lord, am I having a nightmare, tell me it isn't so,
    don't know if I can stand such insanity!

    So, what's the first action the authorities want to take
    to compensate for this atrocity ~ ban guns.
    Why don't we ban abortion weapons used annually
    to slaughter 1.4 million of our daughters and sons.

    No, we even passed laws to allow the legal use of these
    weapons of mass destruction to kill the innocent.
    Approved by the Supreme Court and supported by people
    of the U.S. as the unborn are no longer relevant.

    How can we express empathy for 27 Sandy Hook killings,
    and endorse killing millions of children in innocence?
    Do we have our heads on straight, and how can we stand
    before God's judgment seat in good conscience?

    Where's the big outcry for this when millions of tiny babies
    are crying out to God for this injustice?
    Can there be anything more horrendous than the people
    engaged in this inhuman practice?

    Can you not see that this type of thinking is warped,
    And the actions are more hypocritical than empathy.
    When everyone is serious about the unborn babies,
    Then talk to me about expressing your sympathy.

    Why do we not ban all automobiles that are used
    to take the lives of thousands of people annually?
    No, we don't eliminate the cars, but try to control
    the irresponsible people who drive them manually.

    We pass laws and put restrictions on the perpetrators,
    rather than on the object doing the damage.
    Even though it's the automobile and not the driver
    that our bodies, it does ravage.

    Why do we not ban all alcoholic beverage products
    to control such items from doing so much harm?
    No, we put restrictions on the person instead of the item
    causing the damage, and it raises no alarm.

    So why now do we try to ban or restrict the "gun"
    rather than the perpetrator doing the insane killing?
    On driving and drinking, the person is liable, but when guns
    are involved, the gun is the problem ~ how telling!


    David S. Shupe
    January 19, 2013

    Names Starting with the Letter "K".

    POEM: KIDD, ELEANOR: BIRTHDAY ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Eleanor Kidd.

    (October 18, 2914)

    We wish a very special happy birthday
    To the former first lady of Norview.
    A lady we've admired more than 50 years,
    And our kudos to her are way overdue.

    She was unquestionably the motivating impetus
    Behind a beloved pastor & friend, Pastor Kidd.
    A more friendly and outgoing personality
    One could not ask for more, heaven forbid.

    Pastor Kidd was the rare type of person,
    Who never had a bad word to say about anyone.
    Always had a smile & an encouraging word to say,
    Following the example of Christ, God's only Son.

    He was a dedicated pastor and servant of God,
    Serving God faithfully, even from his youth.
    His messages were uplifting using God's Holy Word,
    Praising the good, and giving hope for the uncouth.

    His wife, Eleanor, was naturally a major factor
    Why his ministry turned out to be quite a success.
    I've sat under numerous ministers in my 80 years,
    And He was at the top of the list, I must confess.

    In church activities, Eleanor didn't take a back seat;
    She was always there, determined to do her part.
    She pitched in with a smile and a good word,
    Always encouraging each of us to take heart.

    Not only was she a supporting pastor's wife,
    She also mothered and raised a family of three.
    Three obedient and wonderful children,
    Who turned out for the best you see.

    14 years ago tragedy struck dear sister Eleanor,
    Rev. Kidd went home to be with his maker.
    Oh, how it hurts to lose a SPECIAL person,
    Through it all, the Lord did not forsake her.

    She has remained true to God over the years,
    Knowing she'll see her beloved once again.
    And they'll enjoy heaven's beauty together,
    For an eternity that begins, but does not end.

    Whom we've admired over the years.
    You've always worked diligently for God & family,
    To relieve heartache, stress and tears.

    Thanks for the Christian example you set for us,
    In everyday living and also in the church.
    You were seriously concerned for people's souls,
    Not wishing to leave anyone in the lurch.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 10, 2014


    Mailed this poem to Eleanor Kidd, former Norview, VA pastor's wife, on October 12, 2016 for her birthday. Had originally composed this poem for her birthday 2 years ago, but never had her address, so revised it a bit and mailed it out this year.

    POEM: KIDD, JUDY: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Judy Kidd.

    (March 23, 2014)

    Happy birthday to our long-time friend Judy,
    As a young lass, you were never one to be moody.

    You were always so outgoing, friendly and full of life,
    So considerate of others, and totally without strife.

    And I'm sure that's carried over as a lovely lady,
    Someone with your personality, there's nothing shady.

    I well remember the by-gone days in Norview, VA,
    Where we shared some memorable times for many a day.

    Your Mom and Dad were both such a wonderful blessing,
    The best pastor's family ever, I'm confessing.

    Your Dad was such a special guy, & I know you miss him so,
    Whenever there was a soul in need, He was ready to go.

    You, your siblings Dave & Carolyn were such good examples,
    For teenagers back then, showing morals none could trample.

    You and daughter Pam bonded so well when she was just a tot,
    Getting her to take her first steps on her own meant such a lot.

    During church picnics, you looked out for her like a mother hen,
    Oh the memories, and the times we enjoyed way back then.

    You were always so good with children, and teaching them too,
    Teaching them about our Savior, who will always see them through.

    So God bless you Judy in all that you do, in all your endeavors,
    Enjoy your very SPECIAL day, and may He be with you forever.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    March 23, 2014


    Judy Kidd ~ March 25, 2014: Just received the poem you wrote. How lovely, as you put the words so exquisitely. Thank you, I will forever treasure this. Thank you again!

    David Shupe Sent Judy a message telling her I would send her a hard copy of the poem after we returned from St. Croix, which I did the week of April 14th.

    Judy Kidd on May 7, 2014: You are so awesome I was blown away with how beautiful the poem looked. Thank you so so so much. You are truly a wonderful person.

    David Shupe on May 7, 2014: Thanks Judy, but you're too kind. If there's anything of value in the poems, it's the good Lord that enables me to write and arrange them. He gives me the words and I merely type them out. Thanks again for your generous comments.

    POEM: KINSLER, A FRIEND ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Louise and her grand kids.

    (Louise Bordell Perrotti Kinsler)

    Louise is a friend of ours, living over in Angola way,
    The independent type, doing things others only think about each day.

    She hails from Springdale, PA. where she went to school and grew up there too,
    Louise is quite the friendly type, always ready to say a big "HOWDY" to you.

    One thing about Louise, she just doesn't like to put things off or procrastinate,
    Rather than delay things another day, she wants to do it then and not hesitate.

    One of her more positive traits is her willingness to help, that is her generosity,
    And a most positive job skill involves an all around versatility.

    We all know about "Jack of all trades," well Louise is a "Jill of all skills,
    " Whatever she does is done with lots of enthusiasm and not a lot of frills.

    You might stop by and catch her doing her own maintenance, on most any day,
    Like plumbing, building a shed, installng a roof or even painting may be underway.

    Also, if she did have more money or come into a stash, she'd just give it all away,
    Such a generous person, she doesn't try to hoard it or save it for a rainy day.

    Not one to sit around, Louise has helped raise several foster children after retiring,
    As she loves kids, and desires for them the best and see them all aspiring.

    Now, she also has foster grandchildren that she loves and tends to spoil quite badly,
    And they, like one's own children, are the apples of her eye she will admit gladly.

    She loves giving them little gifts and taking them various places, like to the beach,
    They're fortunate having Louise, a good Catholic, the rules of life to them teach.

    Louise, a very generous person, always pays her own way and at times even more,
    Not hesitating to willingly chip in to help pay expenses and exorbitant costs galore.

    So Louise, thank you for being our friend and confident over the years,
    You've been there through the happy times, the heartaches and yes, even the tears.

    May God richly bless you with health, peace and prosperity always and in every way,
    Keep you safe and protect you as you continue your journey through life each day.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 16, 2011

    Photo of Elaine and David

    Names Starting with the Letter "L".

    POEM: LADDERS AWAY! ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Man on ladder.


    Going topside to clean the gutter,
    Remove debris, & all the clutter.

    Old age is not for the young,
    Climbed ladder, missed a rung.

    Finally got to the top,
    But couldn't stop.

    Fell flat on the roof,
    That's the gospel truth.

    Started back down,
    Up came the ground.

    Guess I should've backed down,
    Just forgot to turn around.

    I'm relegated to climbing in bed,
    A much softer landing instead.

    My ladder has been grounded,
    Saves head from being pounded.

    Used to be a ladder person,
    Those rungs I'm no longer rehearsing.

    My ladder & me have parted company,
    My eyes were opened, you see.

    Up the ladder, we no longer will go,
    It's for the youngsters, don't you know.

    Neither will I go under a ladder,
    Don't want to hear a lot of clatter.

    Old age is not for the weak,
    Top of the ladder was my peak.

    Need vacuum hose with extension,
    Cleaning gutters below is my intention.

    Take this ladder and shove it,
    I no longer want to go above it.

    Ladders are just not my thing,
    To them, I will no longer cling.

    Learned my lesson from my spill,
    Had enough, had my fill.

    So I've put my ladder to rest.
    Aging process knows what's best.


    Ladder saying.

    David S. Shupe
    November 28, 2013

    Jim Nicholson Is this dedicated to brother John Shupe? December 8 at 9:52pm.

    David S Shupe: Well, actually John and Junior both, as they both had falling off ladder/or roof incidents. So I guess both are applicable. Thanks for reminding me, because I was up on the roof two or three times in recent weeks, but had no incidents, thank God, and I'm several years older than they are. So, as an aside to Pat, please let Junior know he's being featured along with John. December 8 at 10:58pm · Edited · Like · 1

    Jim Nicholson: Hope all three will take the poem to heart and leave the climbing to young legs. December 8 at 11:00pm · Unlike · 1

    John Shupe: That's good Jim ... Did I tell you that "Climbing the ladder" is my favorite song by Easter brothers. December 9 at 4:50am · Unlike · 2

    David S Shupe: Roger that Jim. How about "Climbing Jacob's Ladder," John. I think I could go for that! December 9 at 6:01am · Like · 1

    Pat Oakley Shupe: You guys are causing me to re-think my tentative plan to clean our gutters.. I really don't want to join the Ladder/Roof Incident Shupe Group! December 9 at 10:16am · Unlike · 2

    Pat Oakley Shupe: I just read your poem to Junior along with the comments. Unfortunately he feels he can still do the ladder/roof thing. He won't listen to me so I guess it's up to you and John to work on him. December 9 at 5:12pm · Unlike · 1

    David S Shupe: Well, after all Pat, Junior had a soft landing so he didn't learn his lesson fully perhaps. Just hope it doesn't happen again though. December 10 at 6:14am.

    Norma Littleton Forbush Pat. Isn't that a job for Junior....or a hired man....We had someone to do ours. I did not want to see John falling from the bottom step or the 50 ft foot......You don't heal as well after 12.....Jan. 11, 2014.


    Photo of Bill Lagrange starring out at the Caribbean.


    Precious memories ~ Oh, how sweet,
    Bill's life on earth, so very discreet.

    Precious memories ~ How they linger,
    More than can be counted on every finger.

    Precious memories ~ We will never forget,
    They'll remain with us forever, you bet.

    Precious memories ~ His caring & friendly ways,
    They will be remembered all of our days.

    Precious memories ~ How they sustain us,
    Long as we have them, they'll maintain us.

    Precious memories ~ Such a whimsical smile,
    Caring and friendly was just his style.

    Precious memories ~ Our morning jaunts in St. Croix,
    Exercising and waving at friends driving by. . .ahoy!.

    Precious memories ~ Times we spent together on the balcony,
    Sharing the blessing of each other, just you and me.

    Precious memories ~At night gazing at moon and stars,
    Including such planets as Pluto, Saturn and Mars.

    Precious memories ~ The concern that you exhibited,
    There was no way it could have been prohibited.

    Precious memories ~ The friends you made and kept,
    At making & building friendships, you were so adept.

    Precious memories ~ your devotion to your neighbors,
    You showed it by all your kind and helpful labors.

    Precious memories ~ How we do treasure them,
    There is no way that we can adequately measure them.

    Precious memories ~ They'll stay with us forever,
    Will the time come when we'll forget you ~ NEVER!

    Precious memories ~ So loyal to Kathy, your spouse,
    A loving companion, inside or outside the house.

    Precious memories ~ How I cherish my years married to him,
    My love and devotion to you, Bill, will never grow dim.

    Thank you Bill, for all the memories you provided,
    Our memories of you will always sustain us, that's decided.

    And thank you God, for blessing us with Bill's presence,
    Of things that were good, He was the essence.


    Remembering you is easy; I do it every day.
    Missing you is the heartache that never goes away ~



    Photo of Kathy Lagrange.

    Your Beloved Spouse, Kathy

    Composed by a Friend: David S. Shupe
    February 27, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Bill's wife, Kathy LaGrange on May 1, 2016 on or about the 1st anniversary of Bill's death last year.

    Kathy LaGrange on May 15, 2016: Hi, David and Elaine (and Scooby too!) Just wanted to thank you for the great poem you sent about Bill. It was so sweet of you to memorialize him. It's a tough time for me right now. His birthday is May 17 followed closely by the date of his death. My sister and I are going back to the DR to spend a week there so that we're there on the day he died. That is where the final scattering if his ashes will take place. We will scatter them on the beach at the resort on June 2. We'll be there May 28 thru June 4. It will be a hard trip, but I feel that it will be very cathartic for me and I hope that it will serve as sort of a time for rebirth of what will eventually be a new life for me. I will never, ever forget the incredible life we had and will always miss Bill deeply, but as time progresses, I also realize that I have to create a new life for myself. As impossible as it seems most days, I know I will get there with time. Love and miss you both, Kathy.


    Photo of Mary LeCates.



    Just wanted to let you know,
    That I appreciate your grooming so.

    When you wash and trim my hair,
    You do your job with quite a flair.

    The job you do is quite professional,
    This is only just my confessional.

    First I was worried & a bit apprehensive,
    Then I felt that you were quite sensitive.

    You wash and help me soon come clean,
    The dirt and long hair you do glean.

    Taking a good 6 inches off my furry coat,
    Doing it so smoothly, just like rote.

    While working, you have a gentle touch,
    While your tools, you expertly clutch.

    When my owners come and see me groomed,
    Their faces light up like they've bloomed.

    If dogs could pray, this would be my prayer,
    That God, for you, would always care.

    That He'd bless you in every canine endeavor,
    Give you peace/health/happiness now & forever.

    So thank you Mary, for all you've done for me,
    Making me stand out in the crowd for all to see.



    Photo of Scooby.

    Ditto For David & Elaine Shupe
    May 5, 2014


    David S. Shupe:Dropped Mary's poem off on morning of May 19, 2014 and Mary read it while we waited. She was grooming a doggie and had a young lady customer with a small baby she was holding. She stopped working and read the poem through.

    Mary LeCates, Scooby's Groomer: After reading it, she said, "You're going to make me cry. This is so good. I'm going to put it on my Facebook and also on my dog grooming website if they won't charge $1,000 to do it. Thank you very much." She seemed to be visibly moved. May 19, 2014.

    Mary LeCates on Facebook: May 20, 2014: Best clients ever. Thank you so much. This is what makes all the hard work worth it.

    Vicki Dawn Bringe, Rachel Simon, Bri Frost, Nancy Halfhill-Meng, Rose Pirrone Smith, Susan Griffith, Cindy Busick, Melissa Rischitelli Walker, Bob Keffer, Keith Hazzard, Nicole LeCates and Jennifer Short like this ~ May 20, 2014.

    David S Shupe shared Mary LeCates's status update May 21 at 8:55pm

    Shirley Poynter and Jim Nicholson like this.

    Jim Nicholson: That Scooby seems to have his master's talent in poetry! May 21 at 9:10pm.

    David S Shupe: Actually, I think Scooby is better! May 22 at 6:42am.

    Comfy Pet Grooming (Mary LeCates, Proprietor): Thank you so much. You both have been a pleasure serving, oh and Scooby is awesome too! Thank you again, I appreciate your business ~ May 30, 2014.


    Photo of Mary LeCates.

    (May 24, 2015)

    I truly love that Hollywood look,
    A special lady who goes by the book.

    Happy Birthday to my capable groomer,
    You're top of the line & that's no rumor.

    That's not subject to any oral debates,
    And her majestic name is Mary LeCates.

    As my personal groomer, you're the best,
    Leaving your shop, I stick out my chest.

    Every time I go in the shop looking raggy,
    I come out looking a whole lot less shaggy.

    With a short haircut and a wash job too,
    I come out looking and feeling like new.

    Good grooming is not done in a jiffy,
    When Mary finishes, I look oh, so spiffy.

    She operates a thriving grooming shop,
    If you're in the area, please stop.

    She'll welcome you with a smile & open arms,
    Along with daughter Nicole, they radiate charms.

    When my parents come to take me home,
    Their eyes light up, like Sun on the dome.

    When I see my parents look so excited,
    They see my appearance & are so delighted.

    They see how groovy I am, all washed & trimmed,
    They like the new me, so clean and slimmed.

    So thank you Mary & Nicole, for what you do,
    Yours is a labor of love, quite true.

    May God bless you for taking care of me,
    You make me the Goldendoodle I ought to be.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Scooby Shupe
    (Elaine & David too)
    May 4, 2015


    Mary Lecates (mlecates69@gmail.com) 5/23/15. To: David Shupe: Oh my I have never seen anything so beautiful and relaxing, words cannot express how thankful and blessed, I am so excited, free grooming for life for Scooby, tell Elaine thank you so much for everything, her generosity and kindness, I pray the Lord blesses you all a hundred fold and thank you for the birthday card and poems, they are also beautiful.

    POEM: LIMBAUGH, RUSH ~ 25 YEARS OF SHARING ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Rush Limbaugh


    We introduce you to a radio talk show host named Rush Limbaugh,
    The most popular conservative host that we ever heard or saw.

    My son turned me on to Rush when he first came on the air in 1988,
    His conservative views were ones in which I could easily relate.

    So we've faithfully listened to Rush for the 25 years he's been on the air,
    Behind the EIB Golden Microphone, which he handles so fair.

    Rush loves to refer to himself as "talent on loan from God."
    As a result, no one will ever run over Rush in a manner roughshod.

    He is to be commended for keeping us advised of liberal tactics,
    And interpreting their sleight of hand methods and theatrics.

    He's a man who knows liberal's thoughts before they express them,
    And when he explains their actions, he hits a grand slam.

    For 25 years, he has protected our backs from the evils of liberalism,
    Countermanding hypocrisy through simple principles of conservatism.

    We can only imagine what is involved in preparing for each 3 hour show,
    Reading newspapers, perusing the internet, other media to let us know.

    Sifting through miles of unsupported opinions the main street media calls news,
    So he can pass on to us real news the media ignores and strives to diffuse.

    He analyzes, and accurately determines the fallacy of what they reported,
    Keeping us posted on the bizarre lengths to which they have resorted.

    Rush, we're behind you 100 percent, so don't quit, keep up the good work,
    Doing the fact checking the media should do, which they fastidiously shirk.

    Congratulations on 25 years of broadcasting the real news in truth,
    You've added so much to conservative causes over the years ~ forsooth.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    Long Time Listeners
    From Lewes, Delaware
    August 8, 2012

    POEM: LPC: SOUP IS ON! ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Chicken noodle soup poster.

    SOUP IS ON!*
    (LPC's Soup Kitchen)

    Soup is now on,
    But not on loan.
    It is all yours,
    On entering the doors.

    The soup is hot,
    Right out of the pot.
    Come and get it,
    You won't regret it.

    Welcome to soup kitchen,
    Staff anxious to pitch in.
    Feeding souls led our way,
    Soup/dessert on display.

    Good reason to partake,
    Indulge for goodness sake.
    Enjoy it 'til you're thru,
    Have your cake, eat it too.

    The food is great,
    So don't be late.
    Desserts are nutritious?,
    Unquestionably delicious.

    The servers are helpful,
    Serving more'n a mouthful.
    Come wolf it down,
    Good to see you around.

    Mickey is the boss,
    'Cause she won the toss.
    Jack has her back,
    To make up for any lack.

    If you need anything, yell!
    As food here is more'n swell.
    No need to go hungry still,
    There's plenty to get your fill.

    The cooks are friendly,
    Preparing everything handily.
    Helpers are here for you,
    So don't get in a stew!

    When you finish eating,
    And your visit is completing,
    You can give a grateful smile,
    Telling staff it's all worthwhile.

    When you give a smile away,
    It comes back to make your day.
    We call it the boomerang ploy,
    So give it away and enjoy.

    Next week feel free to return,
    Their gratitude, you will earn.
    For they work without pay,
    To help brighten your day.

    Thanks to Soup Kitchen staff,
    Working hard on your behalf.
    Good to see their smiling faces,
    Surely earning God's good graces.

    Now comes the easy part,
    And it comes from our heart.
    When you leave, go with Christ,
    For His love, will surely suffice.



    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 8, 2013
    *Special thanks to Buz, Mickey and all the staff listed
    below who make the Soup Kitchen possible:

    Pastor: Buz Hughes
    Director: Mickey Vessels
    Staff: Ruth Goarcke, Al Hohman, Bill Heronemus,
    Lauren Hapeman, Jan LoBiondo, Jack Vessels,
    Maureen Carpenter, Lorraine Smith, Kathy Ross,
    Richard Rohrbach, Beth Rendell, Ellen Serefini.



    Ruth Goarcke: (crgoarcke@comcast.net) 7:31 PM Nov. 18, 2013: To: David Shupe. Dear Elaine and David, Thank you so much for the wonderful poem. What a great talent to be able to compose. All your baked goodies are enjoyed and appreciated by so many, a big thanks to you! Once more thank you. Fondly, Ruthy Goarcke.

    David Shupe: Dear Ruth Ann: So nice of you to respond so generously to our Soup Kitchen poem and Elaine's pastries. We appreciate your comments. It is our pleasure to do them. In Christ, David & Elaine

    Lewes Presbyterian Church 11/21/13: To: David Shupe. Wow!! I am impressed! I am amazed at the creativity of you two - one a poet and one a pastry chef! Thank you and I will print one for each of the soup ministry folks when they return to the kitchen after Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Allison.

    David S. Shupe 6:08 AM Nov 22, 2013: To: Lewes Presbyterian Church: Allison ~ Thanks so very much for your generous comments, and for agreeing to print a copy of the poem for each of the Soup Kitchen staff members. However, you don't have to go to that trouble, as we did provide each of them with a hard copy of the poem. We appreciate you and Connie so much, and the work that you both do for God and the church. David & Elaine.

    Lauren Hapeman: (ljhapeman@gmail.com) 10:10 AM on Nov. 22, 2013 To: David Shupe: Thank you so much taking the time to write such a wonderful poem. Also, the desserts are always amazing. Lauren

    David Shupe: Nov. 22, 2013: Thank you Lauren, for your very nice response to our soup kitchen poem, and the desserts Elaine always prepares so faithfully. It is our pleasure to do them. We appreciate your comments.

    Ellen Serafini: Nov. 24, 2013 at church in the hallway: Thanks for the poem. It was very nice.

    Buz: Nov. 24. 2013 at church on way out: Thanks for sending me a copy of the poem. The staff really appreciated it.

    Kathy Ross: Nov. 24, 2013 at church after communion as we passed by her pew: Thanks for the lovely poem.

    Lorraine Smith: Nov. 24, 2013 at church in the parking lot at 28 degrees and very windy: Thanks for the poem. We enjoyed it.

    Ron Smith: Nov. 24, 2013 at church in the parking lot. It's great having a poet in our midst, inhouse.

    Names Starting with the Letter "M".



    (November 13, 2013)

    Happy 59th Anniversary to Chuck and Mary Ann,
    From your marriage vows to now, is quite a span.

    It's been a long haul, you both are probably thinking,
    Where has the time gone, we haven't an inkling.

    Fifty nine years and counting, that's commendable,
    All these years, and on each other you've been dependable.

    Mary Ann, Elaine and I still remember the Stephen Ministry days,
    With beloved Pat, providing training in her own inimitable ways.

    We did have some enjoyable times during those weeks of training,
    So thankful for the fellowship and teaching we were obtaining.

    You both are faithful LPC church attendees over the years,
    With a faith in God that surely allays all ungrounded fears.

    You're there, just like clockwork, sitting in your church pew,
    Absorbing Buz's preaching of the Word, so very true.

    You have kids and grandkids that occupy your time,
    Tasks that you both relish, making life so sublime.

    Nothing we wouldn't do for our children, to make things better,
    Go to any length, making us feel like a proverbial go-getter.

    So we ask God's blessings on you both for a special anniversary,
    That on November 13th and beyond, all things will be satisfactory.


    David and Elaine in earlier years.

    Love in Christ,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 1, 2013


    Both Chuck and Mary Ann expressed their thanks for the birthday card and poem in church as we passed by their church pew after communion, on Nov. 10, 2013.


    Sign: Encouraging words!


    As Hospice volunteers, Elaine and I
    assist people with special needs.
    We consider it a privilege to help
    those we can, and go where DHI leads.

    Two wonderful people we do assist
    when needed, they just happen to be
    Cynthia and Jay Mascari,
    who we're always happy to see.

    Jay needs help because of
    his severe debilitating disease.
    He can no longer motivate on his own,
    or do anything with ease.

    He is fortunate to have wife, Cynthia,
    who is also a registered nurse.
    She cares for Jay like a mother hen;
    without her he would do much worse.

    Elaine and I have something in
    common with Cynthia and Jay.
    We're all connected to St. Croix, USVI
    in a common but special way.

    While we own a house there,
    they were married on St. Croix.
    I'm sure we all have lots of good
    memories to share ~ oh boy!

    Actually, we also relate
    through another occasion.
    We are all three Presbyterians,
    by persuasion.

    That shows we have some things
    in common, don't you see?
    House, church, marriage~a connection
    there somewhere ~ wouldn't you agree?

    Cynthia has another awesome burden
    with which she is dealing.
    Caring for aging parents with alzheimers...
    enough to send one reeling.

    In spite of all the trauma, she always
    manages a great big smile.
    And faces her dilemmas with a
    positive attitude...all the while.

    Cynthia and Jay only moved here
    3 years ago from New Jersey state.
    Her parents just recently re-located
    to Milton, she did relate.

    It's certainly a full time job caring
    for Jay and her parents too.
    So busy and doing her darndest to keep
    her head above the water, it's true.

    Elaine fed Jay his meal, I gave him drink,
    His appetite is extremely good.
    Feeding him certainly is no bother,
    We do what we can, he did what he could.


    Jay just sits without talking a great deal,
    Ask him a question, and he answers for real.
    Just a simple "how are you, Jay?
    Elicits an immediate response, "FINE,"
    .....and nothing further ~ that's his way.

    Jay is a delight to sit for, we do declare,
    He's no big bother, but you know he's there.
    Occasionally, when something strikes him funny,
    He gives a wide smile and laughter~oh, so sunny.

    Cynthia seems to take turmoil and strife in stride,
    Probably not the type to hold everything inside.
    She really has a lot on her plate right now,
    Anyone needs a lesson on coping, she knows how.

    So Cynthia, with all you've done and going through,
    We pronounce God's blessings on you, and Jay too.
    May He guide you, lead you, and hold your hand,
    Give you strength and peace in midst of the storm~
    .....help you to stand!

    Cynthia, we are privileged to know you and Jay,
    Wish it could have been when you enjoyed a better day.
    Keep on keeping on, look up to the One who really cares,
    He is fully aware of what you're going through ~
    .....with all the heartache and your tears.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    January 4, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.

    *Composed while Elaine and I were sitting
    with and taking care of Jay.

    POEM RESPONSE (via snail mail):

    Cynthia Mascari ~ Feb. 7, 2013: Your kind words put a smile on my face to read. I am so grateful to you & Elaine for your support during this difficult time. Stay in touch. Fondly, Cyndy & Jay.

    POEM: MAYER, BETTE: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Bette Mayer, LPC.

    (July 17, 2014)

    Happy birthday to a very special lady,
    Nothing about her can be termed shady.

    Actually, her personality radiates sunshine,
    Bubbly and smiley is her evident byline.

    When you meet her at church in the vestibule,
    She welcomes you with a big hug, that's her rule.

    A faithful member of Lewes Presbyterian church,
    Supporting its programs, leaving nothing in the lurch.

    Ready to pitch in when appropriate help is needed,
    Stays there helping until the work is completed.

    A great chef, Bette has prepared many church lunches,
    Which the members enjoyed in singles and bunches.

    She doesn't let her age be an excuse or get in the way,
    She keeps up with the youngest, that's amore'.

    She's friendly and jovial with a unique sense of humor,
    Not one to spread gossip or to indulge any rumor.

    Loves her children and grandchildren, that's a given,
    To maintain a loving home for them, she has striven.

    One son operates an antique store in Millsboro, Delaware,
    Her hobby is making handmade purses for ladies who care.

    So may God bless Bette in all that she does undertake,
    Provide for her well-being, and never her life foresake.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 4, 2014


    Received a phone call from Bette Mayer on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 while Elaine and I were caring for Thelma Morris, a Hospice patient in Kendale Road, living with her son, Harvey and his wife, Carolyn. Bette sounded very excited and said she had wonderful news to tell us. Said that a good friend of hers that she hadn't heard from in many years called her out of the blue and thought she was dead. Anyway, the friend's husband had seen Bette's picture on the internet and he asked his wife if this was her friend Bette of many years ago. It was and she called Bette to confirm it. They had not seen each other for over 20 years. Evidently her husband had been surfing the internet and ran across the birthday poem and photo I had written and sent to Bette for her birthday last year, and I had uploaded the poem and photo to my internet website, "PoemsFromMyHeart.info." That had triggered the whole thing. Marvelous.

    POEM: MOTHERS: A Mother's Love ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo Amber, Ashley and Aubrey.


    A Mother's love makes the world go around;
    A Mother's love keeps us on solid ground.

    A Mother's love is everlasting;
    A Mother's love is worthy of broadcasting.

    A Mother's love overcomes all evil;
    A Mother's love keeps us civil.

    A Mother's love teaches us how to live;
    A Mother's love teaches us how to give.

    A Mother's love never ever ceases;
    A Mother's love never decreases.

    A Mother's love stills our troubled soul;
    A Mother's love fills & makes us whole.

    A Mother's love prays for her offspring;
    A Mother's love to them will forever cling.

    A Mother's love shows no partiality;
    A Mother's love praises individuality.

    A Mother's love never causes disension;
    A Mother's love rises to a new dimension.

    A Mother's love leads us to Christ;
    A Mother's love will always suffice.

    A Mother's love is unselfishly given;
    A Mother's love points the way to heaven.

    A Mother's love is pure and patient;
    A Mother's love is never reticent.

    A Mother's love gives her very best;
    A Mother's love will always stand the test.

    A Mother's love is God's love extended;
    A Mother's love is nothing short of splendid.

    Thank you God, for our Mothers' unbounding Love;
    Special gifts from You, direct from heaven above.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    August 30, 2016

    Posted to Amber Easton-Payne's Facebook Messenger page on September 1, 2016 in honor of her and the birth of her twin girls, Ashley and Aubrey. Amber is John & Cathy Payne's daughter in law. Her response: Amber Easton-Payne: David, that was so lovely and the words so true. Thank you for sharing! That touched my heart. If you don't mind I'd like to print it out and keep it. Blessings- Amber. David: Thanks for your very kind comments Amber. Feel free to do whatever with it. I'll probably share it on Facebook Timeline on Mother's birthday, the 18th.
    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on September 17, 2016 in honor of Mother's birthday, substituting Amber's and the twins photo for Mother's photo.

    Forty-six people like the poem: Joy Shupe Nicholson, Rick Hensley, Ruth Owens, Stephen Wheatley, Charles Davidson, Dee Shupe Goggin, Gayle Harris, Linda Pitts Lane, Scot Finley, Gary & Trisha Fearer, Typhany Batson MovingForward, Norm Fontana, Jerry Miller, Angela Littleton Miller, Kylene Shupe, David Little, Shirley Poynter, Shari Allen, Samson Shupe, Jared Shupe, Mike Shupe, Marjorie Latzko, Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell, Kenna LaJoy Barrett, Larry Miller, Laurie Holmes, Elisa Levy Harris, Nancy Davis, Amy Fermil Spruill, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jeffery Miller, Debbie Clinebell Witt, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Mary Hobbs, Marie Poynter, Dina Williams Gribbins, Carolyn Johnson, Rita Gebbard Lopp, Dawn Mitchell, Linda Holyfield, Bonnie Mcfall, Terri Barnes, Judy Spellman Van Wormer, Sheila Davis, Elizabeth Price and Angela Austin.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: I miss her so much! I loved her gentleness and her love for everyone. What an example she has been to me! David S Shupe: Thanks for your kind comments Cheryl!

    Jim Nicholson: What a wonderful tribute David! Joy and I both enjoyed it! David S Shupe: Thanks Jim. How nice of you to express that.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink:: That was beautiful uncle David. I cannot wait to see her again and relive all those memories we have with her. David S Shupe:Thanks Jamie! One day it will be a reality for sure.

    Larry Miller: Miss her and love her. David S Shupe: Thanks Larry!

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: Beautiful david. For a few yrs we were on the same block. Yes the wringer washers, the coal bins, the block ice truck for our little refrigerators, etc. but great memories. Remembering the news boys announcing loudly about the end of WW2. My mom is getting very frail now and in her 96 yr. God bless you. So glad I got to see her and some of u one more time this side of Heaven. David S Shupe: Remember it well Shirley. Funny you should mention the block ice refrigerators. I was going to add that too, but thought I was getting a bit windy. But I believe they called them ice boxes instead of refrigerators back then, didn't they? Had to buy either a 25# or a 50# block of ice to keep things cool in the ice box, which ever you could afford. Money was scarce in those days for sure. We were living in Brunswick, MD when WW2 ended and heard all the sirens, bells and whistles going off in celebration. We moved to Salisbury, MD shortly after that and subsequently to Elkton, MD to be one of your neighbors. Shirley Hayes Carroll: Love those memories. And just remembered the victory gardens we had. I remember we had blankets on ground to get cool with no air conditioners. Played poison stick and hide and seek. Coal bins were a favorite place but dirty. Chasing hornets nests in the back woods and softball at the end of the road. Barbara Biggs was the only other girl nearby so I was quite a tomboy. Stacked tires were our mazes with great fun. God bless you and yours. David S Shupe: Shirley Hayes Carroll I very well remember the coal bins; also especially the softball games we played near Louise Hamm's house. I loved playing softball with all the kids in the neighborhood. One of my favorite games when we were teens and preteens.

    Kenna LaJoy Barrett: That is beautiful! David S Shupe: Thank you Kenna.

    GaryandTrisha Fearer: David, that is beautiful. I really don't know where I would be with out my parent's prayers. As I read the Poem, "A Mother's Love", my mind went back to when I got saved, I was 11 yrs old. I remember, my Mom praying beside me, at the alter, and looking over at her, and saying, "It is so wonderful". I know your Mom is having a wonderful Birthday in Heaven. Trisha. David S Shupe: Thanks Trisha. What would we do without our Mothers. The world wouldn't be a fit place to live in for sure.

    Gayle Harris: What wonderful memories; reminds of my own dear Mother and growing up in a large family. The poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I know Amber appreciates the poem. David S Shupe: Thanks long time friend Gayle! I know there are so many more things we could say about our Mothers than what I've included in the poem, as we could probably never enumerate all the good things that Mothers do in this life for their children, grand children and so many others.

    Grace P. Ogle:David this is beautiful. Grace. David S Shupe: Thanks Grace!

    Debbie Gross shared your post September 18 at 6:38pm. Love you aunt bertha.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink shared your post — with Joy Shupe Nicholson on September 17 at 10:28pm.

    LikeShow more reactions ~ Samson Shupe and 2 others.

    Judy Palazzo Pike: What a wonderful tribute David. Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom Shupe. Your poems are truly Blessings from your God given talents. David S Shupe: Thanks so much Judy! You are too kind. Glad the poems are a blessing to you. I give all the credit to God for any blessings that may flow from them.

    Posted to Susie Brady's Facebook Messenger page on November 4, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Susie's response: Susie Brady: What a beautiful poem!!!Thank you so much for thinking of me. Hope you are doing well. Think of you all often.

    Hand carried to Nina Southworth on November 8, 2016, during my hair appointment. Nina was thrilled to get the poem, came over and gave me a hug when she read the poem, and said she was going to have it framed. She loved it, and the boss, Moe, read it and asked me if she could have a copy of it. Of course, yes and Nina said she'd make her a copy. I told Moe it applied to her as well. The next time I give Nina a poem (probably a Christmas poem next month), I'll also give Moe a copy.

    POEM: MOTHERS: Why God Uses Mothers ~ by David S. Shupe

    God uses Mothers.


    God uses Mothers,
    To do His will.
    For He knows
    They fit the bill.

    God uses Mothers,
    An extension of His love.
    Supervising their activities
    From His throne above.

    God uses Mothers,
    No one else would do.
    They have a heart of gold,
    That no one can misconstrue.

    God uses Mothers,
    To kiss away our tears.
    The hurt slowly melts away,
    Along with all our fears.

    God uses Mothers,
    To hold us up in prayer.
    One of a million ways,
    To show Mothers care.

    God uses Mothers,
    To keep the family intact.
    Without her guiding hand,
    We wouldn't stay on track.

    God uses Mothers,
    To love us unreservedly.
    Regardless of what we've done,
    They love us wholeheartedly.

    God uses Mothers,
    To encourage us when we fail.
    Motivating us to continue
    Until we finally prevail.

    God uses Mothers,
    When everything goes haywire.
    They have that special knack,
    Our spirits to inspire.

    God uses Mothers,
    For no one else would qualify.
    They are the salt of the earth,
    And motherhood, they do satisfy.

    God uses Mothers,
    The way He uses no others.
    On earth, they are an extension of God,
    We truly thank God for our Mothers.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 2, 2016


    Hand carried to Nina Southworth, my hair stylist, on May 13, 2017. Nina was busy cutting hair, but she thanked me for the poem.

    Hand carried to Moe, owner of Artistic Designs, on May 13, 2017. She was also busy, but thanked me and said she really liked the poem I left for her when I came to get my hair cut with Nina.

    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on late May 13, 2017 for Mother's Day.

    Seven people viewed and liked this post: Elisa Levy Harris, Laurie Holmes, Shirley Poynter, David Little, Beverly Hurd, Bonnie Mcfall and Carol Cunningham Brown.

    Carol Cunningham Brown: That is so beautiful!

    Gayle Harris: Thank you David. Beautiful.

    Hand carried to neighbor Jean Swanson on May 14, 2017, who was down for their first visit this spring. Jean thanked me for the poem.

    Hand carried to neighbor Barbara Spears on May 14, 2017. She was not at home (went to NYC for a broadway play), so I stuffed in behind the wreath on the front door; later emailed her that it was there as they don't use the front door, but come in and out through the garage. Barbara's response: David, Thank you for the beautiful Mother's Day poem-love it. Very happy to find it at my front door. You are an amazing poet! A very Happy Mother's Day to Elaine as well. Love, Barbara. Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on May 14, 2017. She just lost her husband a couple of months ago.

    Hand carried to friend Carolyn Morris on May 14, 2017. Carolyn seemed pleased to receive it and thanked me, saying she keeps all my poems in a special binder to refer back to when needed.

    Hand carried to Mary LeCates workshop, but she wasn't there, so posted to her Facebook Messenger page on May 14, 2017.

    Posted to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's Facebook Messenger page on May 14, 2017. CeCe's response: Oh so beautiful, and what lovely words that you choose David. God has given you a talent like no other. I hope Elaine had a nice, relaxing mothers day... thinking of the both of you always, take care and God bless you both, and lovely Scooby of course...

    Names Starting with the Letter "N".

    POEM: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy new year celebration!



    A time to end,
    A time to begin

    A time to lope,
    A time to hope.

    A time to inspect,
    A time to reflect.

    A time to live,
    A time to forgive.

    A time to pray,
    A time not to delay.

    A time to refrain,
    A time not to complain.

    A time to look back,
    A time to retract.

    A time to plan ahead,
    A time to retread.

    A time for restitution,
    A time for dissolution.

    A time to pay taxes,
    A time to get off our axis.

    A time to heed,
    A time to meet a need.

    A time to take stock,
    A time to get out of hock.

    A time to take inventory,
    A time to be conciliatory.

    A time for resolutions,
    A time for good solutions.

    A time to turn a new page,
    A time for old to disengage.

    A time to start off right,
    A time to begin a new flight.

    A time to drop the ball,
    A time to high five one and all.

    A time to watch the ball drop,
    A time afterwards just to plop.

    A time to turn over a new leaf,
    A time to breathe a sigh of relief.

    A time to watch football games,
    A time for hoots and exclaims.

    A time to rejoice,
    A time to heed Christ's voice.

    A time for reminiscings,
    A time to count God's blessings.

    A time to honor our Maker,
    He is the Giver, we are the taker.

    A time to be nice,
    A time to accept Christ.

    A time to just sit,
    A time for me to quit.

    A time to say happy New Year,
    to friends far and near!


    HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2013

    David S. Shupe
    January 1, 2013


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to all the people on our email list and via regular mail for others who were not, to usher in the New Year 2014.

    Jeffery Lee Williams, Samson Shupe, Jim Nicholson and Norma Littleton Forbush like this.

    Also sent this poem to Melanie Bradley.


    Joy Shupe Nicholson ~ Dec. 31, 2012: Thanks David! :-) Enjoyed the New Year’s poem!!! Love and prayers back atcha! Joy.

    Samson Shupe ~ Jan. 1, 2013: Beautiful! Happy New Year to both of you and many blessings in the new year. We need to get together this year and I don't mean at the funeral parlor. We need to spend some quality time together. Let's make it happen. Love you guys! Sam and Donna.

    FROM IPHONE ~ Jan. 1, 2013:

    From: bwindemuth@son.umaryland.edu
    To: dayvd@msn.com. Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2013 11:25:09 -0500. Subject: St croix

    Sorry we couldn't email bc couldn't get Internet to work. Everything is wonderful. Met Hugh this am and Sam yesterday.
    Thanks so much. Loving the warm weather. Brenda and Art. Happy new year and loved the poem Sent from my iPhone

    POEM: NEW YEAR: 2014 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy New Year bungalow in snow..

    ~ 2014 ~

    Happy NEW Year!
    Is the OLD shout we hear.

    OLD times are not forgot,
    NEW times will hit the spot.

    The OLD has done enough,
    In the NEW, we'll hang tough.

    We'll tackle the NEW with grit,
    May miss the OLD, just a little bit.

    In the OLD, many things went awry,
    In the NEW, hope we'll all stay spry.

    In the OLD, if we were not resolute,
    In the NEW, let's give doubt a boot.

    In the NEW, let's make a resolution,
    Marking OLD problems for dissolution.

    For the OLD, experience is the best teacher,
    For the New, wisdom should be our feature.

    During the OLD, a few bad things took place,
    In the NEW, an opportunity to save face.

    In the OLD, we've learned some lessons,
    This year, we can initiate NEW sessions.

    The OLD was for the birds,
    NEW for those who honor their words.

    For the NEW, time to take inventory,
    Honoring Christ, the OLD, OLD story.

    For the OLD, He hung in there for us
    For the NEW, He's the ONE we can trust.

    For the OLD, time to put it to rest,
    For the NEW, time to hope for the best.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 19, 2013


    Jim Nicholson on 12/30/13 To: 'David Shupe: Happy New Year to you and Elaine and thank you for the poem.

    Ellen & Russ Serefini on 12/30/13: Thank you. We love your poems.

    Adrienne Scott on 12/31/13: Awesome Elaine and David!!! I'm saving this to show my children! Happy New Year to you both as well. Love, adrienne.

    Larry Peacock on 12/31/13: Hi Dave and Elaine, Great Poem! Thanks! Happy New Year and warm regards to you and hope 2014 is great for you and yours. Larry and Olia.

    Patricia Ann Oakley at 11:46 a.m. on January 1, 2014: Happy New Year to you too David and Elaine. We pray God's best for everything for you in 2014. Loved the poem. This is a time for a fresh start I suppose ... It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings. Love and blessings to you ...Junior and Pat!

    David Swanson (dave.swanson15@gmail.com): 7:14 AM Jan. 4, 2014 via email: To: David Shupe ~ Hi David, Happy New Year, and greetings from Kandahar Airfield (KAF), Afghanistan. Thanks for the email and the nice poem. Unfortunately, I was not able to come home at Christmas. We have to be here for 60 days prior to starting our trips home ( I got here in early November). Fortunately, my first trip home will be in early February for almost 2 weeks. After that, I will have 4 more trips home during the year. KAF is a huge military base in the desert of Southern Afghanistan. There are thousands of people on the base and it is the busiest military airfield in the world. The living conditions are better than I expected and the food here is very good. We work 7 days a week (Fridays and Saturdays are half days). We are confined to the base and it seems safe. Time is flying by and it has been an interesting experience so far. We will probably see you and Elaine in June or July. Take Care, David.

    Betty Ditlow: via snail mail Jan. 7, 2014: Dear David & Elaine, The jingles were a hit ~ and David, what a poet you are ~ Christmas & New Years. WOW! Winter hangs on, how I long for spring & summer ~ and water & sky and kayak's & warm weather. But I am safe, comfortable & warm. What more can I want ~ & happy too. I hope to see you in the spring. Fondly, Betty Ditlow.

    Kitty Phillips Lane: via snail mail Jan. 7, 2014: Dear David & Elaine, Thank you for the letter of encouragement. God has blessed me in so many ways. I never dreamed I would live to be 82 1/2. The doctor had told my mother I wouldn't live thru the first year. Joy called me, it was so good to hear from her. She & Sylvia are such good prayer warriors. God bless you both and I pray you will be blessed with good health this coming year. Sincerely, Kitty.

    POEM: NEW YEAR: 2015 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy New Year 2015.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

    The old year is done.
    The New Year has begun.

    Time to let the old disengage,
    Time to turn over a new page.

    2015 is the numerical moni-ker.
    January 1st begins the year we refer.

    A time for a new beginning,
    A time to entertain winning.

    We could sure use a winning streak,
    We're certainly overdue for the unique.

    Hope the new bodes a better tomorrow,
    More happiness, and less sorrow.

    A time to forget the past,
    Contemplate the new at last.

    Time for us to start afresh,
    Time to joyfully effervesce.

    Time to make that resolution list,
    Some things to do, & others to resist.

    Intentions are good, that's a start,
    Good Lord knows what's in our heart.

    So put your trust in the good Master,
    He'll help you through every disaster.

    Certainly, there is no one more faithful,
    For that we are eternally grateful.

    Time for the Timesquare countdown,
    From the sky to the ground.

    Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
    Four, three, two, one ~ come alive.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all,
    Hope the entire year is one grand ball.

    GOD BLESS IN 2015!

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 4, 2014


    David Shupe: Sent this poem, along with the Christmas poem to 94 family members, friends, neighbors and church people in December 2014.

    Hand carried this poem to my neighbors, along with some of Elaine's homemade cookies: John & Barbara Spears, John, Lorrie & Karie Button, Jack & Hunter Goins and Dorothy Hudson on Dec. 29, 2014.

    Posted the poem on Facebook New Year's Eve eve 12/30/14.

    The following 13 people like this poem: Pamela Shupe Finley, Stephen Wheatley, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Ruth Owens, Jared Shupe, Angela Littleton Miller, Shari Allen, Jim Nicholson, Rick Hensley, Pat Oakley Shupe, John Shupe and Jamie Nicholson Klink.

    Jim Nicholson shared David S Shupe's post. December 30, 2014 at 10:59pm. Rita Lopp likes this.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: Happy New Year to you, too! December 30, 2014 at 10:39pm.

    Pamela Shupe Finley: Good riddance 2014! 2015 brings hope for a better year. December 30, 2014 at 10:57pm. Five people like this comment: David S Shupe, Pat Oakley Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson and Norma Littleton Forbush.

    Angela Littleton Miller: Thank you and the same to you as well. December 31, 2014 at 6:55am.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: U r to much. Happy New Year to you and Elaine and Scooby. Love you. December 31, 2014 at 8:41am.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy New Year David and Elaine and Scooby! The best is yet to come! Love you. December 31, 2014 at 8:59am.

    David S Shupe : Happy New Year to you too Pat & Junior. I believe that too that the best is yet to come. Scooby is beginning his 5th month since his lymphoma diagnosis and given 1 to 3 months to live. No sign of tumors or cancer now. Now we're working on Pam's "get well" status, and have been as she begins her 3rd year of treatment. Thanks Pam, Angela, Norma for your comments, and Jim for sharing. Love you guys! December 31, 2014 at 9:17am.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: happy new year uncle! love to you, aunt elaine and scooby! December 31, 2014 at 9:21am.
    br> Rita Hudson: May 2015 bring you many blessings and much joy David and Elaine. Love you guys. December 31, 2014 at 9:21am.

    David S Shupe: Many thanks Jamie & Rita, and same to you both! December 31, 2014 at 10:59am.

    Shari Allen: Happy New Year to Two wonderful people. December 31, 2014 at 7:00pm.

    David S Shupe: Shari ~ Happy New Year to you and your family! December 31, 2014 at 9:27pm.

    John Shupe: Happy New Year David and Elaine. love you guys and expecting great things from the Lord in 2015. God is good. December 31, 2014 at 10:57pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks John, and Happy New Year to you and Bebe. Yes, great things will always happen in the Lord. December 31, 2014 at 11:47pm.

    Gayle King Harris via regular mail on Jan. 26, 2015: Dear David & Elaine: Thank you for the special greetings for Christmas & birthday. Both poems were very meaningful and a blessing. Hope all is well. Always in my prayers. Glad to hear Pam is well. Love & Prayers, Gayle.

    Marjorie Latzko via regular mail Jan. 23, 2015: David & Elaine: I've enjoyed your poems. I thought you would likemy Mother-in-laws poems. Sincerely, Majorie Latzko.

    Neil & Nancy Hansen after church on Sunday morning Jan. 25, 2015 in vestibule: We've enjoyed your poems very much. You are very talented. Thank you.

    POEM: NEW YEAR 2016 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Happy New Year 2016.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

    Love to seriously ponder,
    But my mind does wander.

    I try hard to contemplate,
    But fail to concentrate.

    I strive to be so stable,
    But find myself unable.

    When I'm in a pickle,
    I find myself quite fickle.

    I resolve to do better,
    Can't follow it to the letter.

    Make a New Year's resolution,
    It soon ends in dissolution.

    The next thing I know,
    My good intentions just blow.

    I seriously plan to do good,
    Then, don't do like I should.

    The things that I should do,
    I don't always carry through.

    I know the right path to follow,
    But what I do is so hollow.

    The things that I shouldn't touch,
    End up getting me in dutch..

    Things for which I should refrain,
    End up causing me much pain.

    Things that I should orchestrate,
    I more than often procrastinate.

    Smile if you've been there too,
    Intend good, others misconstrue.

    So what could be my solution,
    Rely on God for a just resolution.

    To His Spirit, I will faithfully yield,
    To sustain me, when I'm out in left field.

    God knows the way that I take,
    So I'll trust in Him for goodness sake.

    The NEW YEAR is in, the old is gone,
    We'll follow Christ, for to Him we belong.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 28, 2015


    Mailed this poem to John & Sylvia Gilmore on December 30, 2015.

    Hand carried this poem to CeCe Offidana on December 31, 2015.

    Hand carried this poem to good friends, Dee and Andrew Duncan on December 31, 2015.

    Hand carried this poem to neighbor, Dorothy Hudson, Widow on January 3, 2016.

    Mailed this poem on January 2, 2016 to good friends, Gayle King Harris, Wanda & David Rice, and Nita and Larry weeks. Also mailed a birthday card with the poem to Gayle Harris.

    Posted this poem on January 1, 2016 to Niece Dee Shupe Goggin's Facebook message page in honor of her 54th birthday.

    Emailed this poem to Larry and Olio Peacock, good GAO friend on January 2, 2016. His response: Happy New Year Dave and Elaine. Thanks for the New Years poem, Dave, and we too had a quiet Christmas and New Years. Our family is doing well and Alicia was here during Christmas. We were talking about you and your loss of Pam. She said she had fond memories of you and wanted me to relay her sympathy and best wishes for you. We are glad you were able to spend Christmas with Pam’s family and I am sure that meant a lot to her family to have you there. I too think of you often, Dave, and will often be smiling or laughing and Olia will ask what is going on and I will tell her that something reminded me of our days together in our working life. Hope you and Elaine have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and can enjoy every moment. Larry.

    Posted this poem to Facebook Timeline on January 1, 2016.

    Twenty-nine people like this: Joy Shupe Nicholson, Jared Shupe, Ruth Owens, Jim Nicholson, Sally Bulkley, Ruth Ann Vaughan, Shari Allen, Joe Turlington, Eleanor Kidd, Jeff Williams, Amy Fermil Spruill, Laurie Holmes, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Elisa Levy Harris, Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell, Jeffery Miller, Pat Oakley Shupe, Stephen Wheatley, Jeffery Lee Williams, William McComb, Donna Shupe, Shirley Poynter, Geri Elliott, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Daisy Daquilanea Kinard, John Shupe, Voner Ayers Spencer and Angela Littleton Miller.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post January 1, 2016.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: Happy New Year Uncle David and Aunt Elaine. David S Shupe: Thanks Cheryl! Happy 2016 to you and Rick. Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell: Oh my....what great words of wisdom. We can do this with God's help! Thank you David. David S Shupe: Thanks Kathie, and the only thing I can say is, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy is understanding." By the Lord's help, He will give us the wisdom and understanding we need as God-fearing Christians to be there to help and encourage one another in our journey through this earthly life. Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell: Yes....I am with you. Looking forward to meeting you some day. David S Shupe: Yes, same here Kathie!

    Beverly Hurd: Well said David. Hope you and Elaine have a blessed 2016. I'm still at my sisters in Pa. I've been sick the past 3 weeks. Dx. diabetic and can't get blood sugars and blood pressure stable. Not sure when I'll be home. My sister is taking good care of me. Even had a CT scan of my brain which was "negative" Not sure what that means. Lol. Take care and keep me in your prayers. David S Shupe: Oh Beverly, so sorry to hear of your illness. Elaine and I will be holding you up in prayer. Thank God for your Sister who's taking such good care of you. Pray you'll get back on your feet and back home to Lewes very soon. Beverly Hurd: Thanks David. You and Elaine are special people to me.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: God will see us through.........no matter what.....through bad times and good times....We all know he changes not....we don't understand everything and the BIBLE says we aren't to question GOD.. Even though it is hard at times....GOD IS GOOD and I LOVE HIM....David S Shupe: I believe it was Job who said, "Shall we accept the good from the Lord, and not accept the bad?" It's not what happens to us, but how we deal with both the good and the bad that's the most important. Some people are driven away from God when bad happens, while others are drawn closer to Him. With God's help, my inclination is the latter. He is always there in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy New Year David and Elaine...and Scooby! David S Shupe: Happy New Year to you and Junior Pat. Sure glad to start a fresh one; the old one wasn't too favorable. Praying the new one will be much better, but whatever happens, we're in God's hands and He will see us through.

    Emailed this poem to the following people: Carl & Jean Swanson on January 4, 2016; David & Vivian Swanson on January 6, 2016; Franklin Frable on January 7, 2016; Jason & Shannon Nicholson on January 10, 2016; Jean Travis & Toby on January 11, 2016.

    Posted this poem to Ann & Chris Rice's FB message on January 8, 2016.

    Hand carried this poem, along with a flower arrangement of red roses to Carolyn & Harvey Morris (& daughter Debbie of Delaware Hospice) on January 11, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain Lopez and wife Nilsa in St. Croix on January 14, 2016; to Arelia Holmes in college on Jan. 14th also; Hunter & Jack Goins on same date (put in mail box), and Sharon Harris Moher & husband Chet on January 19, 2016.

    POEM: NEW YEAR 2017 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Sign showing 2017.


    To look back and take inventory;
    To look ahead and weave a new story.

    To look back with hearts of thankfulness;
    To look ahead with much hopefulness.

    To look back with a feeling of remorse;
    To look ahead for a better discourse.

    To look back and learn from experience;
    To look ahead and strive for luxuriance.

    To look back, then discount the negative;
    To look ahead, accentuate the positive.

    To look back, the better to avoid pitfalls;
    To look ahead & be ready for pesky squalls.

    To look back, weeding out things bizarre;
    To look ahead, thankful we made it thus far.

    To look back to benefit from our successes;
    To look ahead and moderate any excesses.

    To look back and count our blessings;
    To look ahead and keep on confessing.

    To look back and fondly reminisce;
    To look ahead and be an optimist.

    To look back and thank God for living;
    To look ahead & thank God for forgiving.

    To look back and strive to right any wrong;
    To look ahead, for Christ is our victory song.

    To look back, all the way to the cross;
    To look ahead, thankful He saved us from loss.

    To look back and search our heart;
    To look ahead, as Christ will never depart.

    & GOD BLESS IN 2017!

    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    December 24, 2016


    Emailed poem to Lorrie Button on December 28, 2016. Lorrie's response: Hello David, thank you so much for your Happy New Year Poem. You are gifted indeed. I too enjoyed my visit with you and Elaine. You were so gracious to welcome me into your lovely home. I do look forward to next August being at John's Boat House and I can be briskly walking in the outdoors again. In the meantime I will be more active on Facebook. May God bless you, Elaine and your family in 2017 and beyond. Lorrie. Sent from my iPad.

    Emailed poem to John & Barbara Spears, our neighbors, on December 30, 2016. Barbara's reponse on Dec. 31, 2016: Thank you David for your beautiful poem! John and I left a little something at your front door this afternoon for you and Elaine. Scooby came to the window and barked hello but I don't think you were home :) Enjoy and have a Happy New Year 🎉 filled with love, laughter, peace and happiness! Barbara and John.

    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on December 31, 2016.

    Twenty-three (23) people like the poem: Susie Brady, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Shirley Poynter, Samson Shupe, Jerry Miller, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Stefanie Willey, Mike A. White, Shari Allen, Jared Shupe, David Little, Willie Radford Sr, Norm Fontana, Beverly Hurd, Elisa Levy Harris, Stephen Wheatley, Ruth Owens, Andria Padgett McClellan, Jim Nicholson, Ruth Ann Vaughan, Debbie Clinebell Witt, Laurie Holmes and Pat Oakley Shupe.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy New Year!

    Laurie Holmes: Happy New Year, David and Elaine!

    Carol Cunningham Brown: Happy New Year to you and Elaine!

    Rita Hudson: That is lovely David. Happy and healthy 2017 for you and Elaine. Love you guys. David S Shupe: Thank you Rita, and the same to you, for you sure need our prayers, and those of everyone who knows you (which you will have from us), and good wishes for a healthy and and a Happy New Year.

    Pat Short: This is beautiful, may I share? David S Shupe: Yes Pat and thanks. Whatever you wish is okay.

    Like · Reply · December 31, 2016 at 7:49pm Beverly Hurd: Happy New Year, David and Elaine.

    Norm Fontana: Happy New Year.

    Willie Radford Sr: Happy New Year to all "The Shupe's" (Very nice poem David)....David S Shupe: Thanks! Happy New Year to you & family Willie!

    John Shupe: Thank you David for that look back and look ahead...I love it...Happy New Year to you and Elaine.

    Gayle Harris: Happy new year to you all. God keep watch over us all.

    Shari Allen: Happy New Year.

    Unlike · Reply · 1 · January 1 at 1:03pm Mike A White: Well said!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Joy Shupe Nicholson Thank you, brother David, for the great poem on looking back and looking ahead!!! Thought provoking as it is good to look back at some things, but then to look forward! Brought to mind the verse from ! Samuel 7:12 - "Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, 'Hitherto (up to this time) hath the LORD helped us'" AND "He Who helped us 'hitherto' (up to this point) will help us all our journey through'". He helped us in 2016 and He will be our Rock of Help in 2017 and beyond as He has promised us!!! :-) Thank you for sharing your inspirational poems!!! Love you. David S Shupe: Thanks Joy, you do have a knack for keeping me hopping, and encouraging me to do more.

    Jerry Miller: Happy New year cuz.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: John visited Jehu yesterday. They had a nice visit. He stayed for over 2 hours. Good time laughing and praying. David S Shupe: I'm sure he was a real blessing to Jehu.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and Elaine from John and me.

    Judy Link Salvatore: Have a blessed year, Elaine and David.

    Grace P. Ogle: David thank you for the poem. You brought out some very thoughtful points. Wishing you and your family a very Happy and prosperous New Year.

    Five people shared the post:

    Grace P. Ogle shared your post on Jan. 3, 2017.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post on Jan. 1, 2017. Three people like Joy's share: Jim, Joy & Jamie.

    Mike A White shared your post on Jan. 1, 2017.

    Rita Hudson shared your post on Dec. 31, 2016.

    Millie Outten shared your post on Dec. 31, 2016.

    Emailed poem to good friend Heidi Wright on January 3, 2017, now living in Johannesburg, South Africa. Heidi's response on Jan. 4, 2017: Hi there David and Elaine, and how lovely to hear from you and also wishing you both a good 2017. Loved your poem. All fine at my end, and had some nice weeks off over the holidays going to both Capetown and Kruger Park. I am afraid next week it is back to work but thank the Lord I like my work very much. Also starting to teach in a private school now and it will be my own little business teaching ballet to very little ones. Speaking of ballet, do you ever hear much from Areila and her family? I see as you may know that Sonja and Christian are back together again and seem very happy... they sent me a photo of your house and it is looking good. Your photo of yourselves also looks good. Sending love and too many hugs for you to handle. xxxxxx Heidi.

    Emailed to John & Sylvia Gilmore on Jan. 3, 2017. Rev. Gilmore called on Jan. 5, 2017 and thanked us for the poem.

    Emailed to Tana & Bernie Gilmore on Jan. 3,2017.

    Emailed to Bill Bauchman on Jan. 3, 2017: Bill's response: David & Elaine, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. I hope you guys had a blessed day as well. Thank you for sending the poems to me. I share them with my entire family. We love them. I have been missing you these last several weeks in church. There has been so many activities to deal with, kids play, Sunday school parties…. This weekend I will be at the youth rally in Ocean City with the kids. I will be back the following week. Hope I still have my seat behind you guys...Have a great day and thank you for thinking of me. God Bless! Bill.

    Emailed to Jean & Carl Swanson on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Mailed to Carolyn, Harvey & Debbie Morris on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Mailed to Hazel Brittingham on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Mailed to Neil & Nancy Hansen on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Mailed to Bette Mayer on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Mailed to Jim & Marion Ford on Jan. 4, 2017.

    Names Starting with the Letter "O".


    Photo of Scooby with his bonnet.


    Dear CeCe:

    I feel so bad about your neck brace,
    I would like to give you a warm embrace.
    I can't as I received my own boo-boo,
    Now I know a little what you've gone thru.

    I inadvertently stepped on a drinking glass,
    Which I found to be very crass.
    Requiring a visit to the vet today and 5 stitches,
    Shame we can't survive without these glitches.

    The good vet put on me this bonnet you see,
    So that I would let the stitches be.
    But I will be in this thing only 2 weeks,
    While you will be in yours 3 months before it peaks.

    My thought to you is, "Things will get better."
    Know it's hard to do everything by the letter.
    But we both know someone who is our God,
    The road we travel, other saints have trod.

    No need to feel down, or even depressed.
    For God is with us when we are distressed.
    He lifts us up when we are down,
    Never leaves us, He's always around.

    From your friend, Scooby

    David & Elaine Shupe
    May 29, 2013
    **Note the bandage on my right front leg
    in the photos.

    Photo of David and Scooby in his bonnet.


    CeCe Edmonds Offidani via Facebook 9:54 p.m. May 31, 2013: Oh Scooby, I am so very sad to hear that you have injured yourself, that thing on your neck must be sooooo annoying....now you really know how I feel...but thank goodness it is only for two weeks...Please tell your Daddy David that I truly love this poem and I will try to get ink for my printer so that I can keep this with my other cherished and treasured poems....I hope that the cut was not too serious, I will call mom and dad soon to check on you ...Love Cece.

    David Shupe on May 31, 2013, 11:56 p.m: David S Shupe Thanks CeCe ~ I'll make a copy of the poem and send it to you. Scooby is doing ok with the bonnet except he can't scratch his neck/face when it itches, or chew on his rawhide bones as he likes. So we have to scratch it for him, and hold his bone for him to chew. He still runs with me while I jog and ride the bike. He does well since he's blindsided. and stays right with me. Hope you're getting all better. Love, David & Elaine

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani via Facebook 10:30 a.m, June 2, 2013: My poor little Scooby-Doo....I hope to see you when I can. Love to all of you...


    Photo of CeCe

    (May 21, 2013)

    Happy birthday to CeCe,
    Our newfound friend.
    May joys of your special day,
    Never come to an end.

    God has blessed you,
    With half of your 5 score years.
    Hasn't all been a bed of roses,
    You've shed a few tears.

    Don't think I'm taking liberties,
    As I wouldn't blatantly divulge your age.
    I just happened onto the information,
    When I logged on to your Facebook page.

    Unavoidable things may come your way,
    Like your recent serious mishap.
    But you're coming thru like a champ,
    Due to God issuing a stopgap.

    A few things we do have in common,
    A daughter & granddaughter named Heather.
    The fact that you work with animals,
    Is what brought us together.

    Another thing that we share,
    We both lived in Ellicott City, Maryland.
    Anyone born there as you were,
    Has to be a special person, I contend.

    You have a special way with animals,
    And they can sense you care for them.
    With your kind and gentle ways,
    Love from you to them does stem.

    Your lovely petite granddaughter,
    Is the apple of your eye.
    Her antics and smile light up your life,
    As the twinkling stars illuminate the sky.

    You have a faithful daughter,
    Whom you love very much.
    You do your level best for her,
    To improve her life as such.

    May God bless you, CeCe
    In everything that you do.
    May He give you peace, strength & health,
    As He will always love and see you through.

    Elaine and I wish for you,
    Happiness and all the best.
    So you can enjoy another 50 years,
    And find tranquility on the Lord's breast.


    David & Elaine
    Scooby Too
    May 16, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    CeCe Edmonds Offidani posted to David S Shupe ~ May 24, 2013 on Facebook: Hi David, I want to thank you and Elaine and Scooby for such a beautiful birthday gift. The poem is absolutely amazing...all my family read it and were in awe....I have a thank you card on its way, but I wanted to thank you sooner than later...I haven't had a chance to view your website...but I will soon. Hopefully this neck brace will be off in two more weeks, three months total....ugh...but Im hanging in there. give Elaine and Scooby a huge hug for me and them to you...take care and God Bless all of you....

    David S Shupe to CeCe ~ May 24, 2013: You're more than welcome as you deserved a poem for your milestone birthday, especially with what you've had to go through with due to your accident, and having to wear a neck brace for so long. And THANK YOU so much for your very kind words. I will post your response at the end of your poem on my website, as I've already uploaded the poem. Sounds like the good Lord is really helping you through the ordeal. Have a good holiday weekend. P.S. Believe I may have one factually incorrect item in the poem when I mentioned granddaughters named Heather, when I believe your daughter is Heather as I learned later. I have corrected my copy published to the website.

    CeCe Edomonds Offidani on June 3, 2013 via Snail Mail: Dearest David and Elaine, Again what a beautiful poem. I let everyone read it that came to have Birthday cake. Just family. I don't like big parties. They all loved both poems. You are truly, truly talented David. How's my Scooby? I hope they treated him good!!

    I will call soon. I've been pretty busy, for what I can do with my neck brace that is. Thinking of you three....Thank you so much again! Love CeCe X.

    David Shupe on Facebook @ 9:42 p.m. on June 3, 2013: CeCe. . . . .Thanks so much for the lovely thank you card and your kind words that we cherish too. The vet did treat Scooby very well, so he is in good hands. Glad you have enjoyed the poems. Makes writing them so worthwhile. I have corrected 2 mistakes in your birthday poem, and will send you a corrected copy when I run it off. We must get together and celebrate for lunch somewhere, like the Pelican Grille, when you get your neck brace off. Love, David & Elaine.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani posted toDavid S Shupe 15 hours ago on June 6, 2013: Thank you so very much once again, for the wonderful poem. I truly hope that Scooby is feeling better. I will call in a few days . Im calling everyone to let them know the status of my grooming abilities...so I will definitely be grooming my sweet Scooby the next time needed, which will be a long time I know, because I know he was shaved...yippeeeee...My neck brace came off Tues. Now all I have to do is 6 weeks of Physical Therapy and work on my headaches and concentration problem, and what else? Cant remember ,lets see, oh yes, my memory loss...lol I do hope that you, Elaine and Scooby are doing well....God bless you.

    David S Shupe reply June 7, 2013: So glad you have that darn neck brace off. Know that's a real relief. And glad you'll soon be back in the grooming harness. Scooby misses you. He's doing well with his "bonnet," though believe he's getting weary of it. He and I just came back from a 2 1/2 mile run with me riding the bike. Pray your physical therapy will go well, along with maximum improvement in your headaches and memory loss. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Love, David, Elaine and Scooby!


    Photo of Scooby on the deck.


    Lady "CeCe" is her majesty's name,
    And grooming doggie's is her game.

    She's my groomer, and she does it well,
    On me, she casts quite a lovely spell.

    Unquestionably I love her, she loves me,
    I'll never forget her fawning, don't you see!

    When I'm groomed, I stand quiet as a church mouse,
    Not a creature is disturbed in the whole house.

    As you work on me, I just love your soothing voice,
    Your gentle hands on my coat make you my #1 choice.

    When grooming is complete, I come prancing out,
    Feeling so great, give a bark, instead of a shout!

    Looking so good, and my parents are so thrilled,
    Making me excited, my heart is overfilled.

    Regrettably, my CeCe was involved in a bad accident,
    Seriously injuring her brain and neck in the incident.

    Daughter and granddaughter came thru virtually unscathed,
    By God's help though, CeCe was miraculously saved.

    It indeed was a miracle that she wasn't killed,
    But the good Lord kept her life's blood from being spilled.

    Thank God for protecting daughter and grandchild,
    But CeCe will be in extended therapy for quite a while.

    If a dog could pray, this would be my fervent prayer for CeCe,
    Dear Lord, you know her condition, so hear my heart's plea.

    Our prayer for you is to get well quicker than soon,
    Back on your feet to keep me from barking at the moon.

    May God continue to help you throughout this terrible ordeal,
    May He light your pathway with love and kindness as your seal.

    From Scooby Shupe, your ardent admirer,
    To my CeCe, who is my beloved inspirer.


    David & Elaine
    May 5, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    David Shupe: Sent this poem to Cecelia Offidani on May 6th after learning of her terrible car accident with her daughter driving and Cece riding in the back seat with no seat belt with her granddaughter. While the grandchild came through unscathed and the daughter sustained a mild concussion, Cece broke her neck in two places, and was bleeding from the brain. Cece is Scooby's very favorite dog groomer in all the world, and he was overwrought about what happened to her.

    We received two responses from Cece after receiving our card and poem, a telephone call and a thank you note in the mail.

    Cece's telephone response by telephone on May 8th: Received your poem after getting home from the doctor yesterday. It was so good. It brought a tear to my eyes as I read it. Literally I cried. Thank you so much. It was so nice of you to compose it.

    Cece's thank you card received on May 10, 2013:

    Scooby Shupe
    c/o David and Elaine Shupe
    24892 Algonquin Rd.
    Lewes, DE 19958-3251

    Dearest Scooby, Elaine and David,

    It truly warmed my heart when I received the beautifully written poem. I couldn't help but shed a tear of happiness. You have uplifted my spirits and I thank you so much for that. . .Hopefully I will be back grooming in a month. Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference. Thank you so much. You are all very special to me. Love from CeCe X

    David Shupe: on May 11th, 6:05am: Hi CeCe. . . Thanks so much for your lovely "Thank You Note" for Scooby's poem and encouragement card to you. So glad you liked it. As it warmed your heart, your kind words also warmed our hearts. We pray that you continue to improve and get back into full circulation soon as possible. Thinking of you with Love, Scooby, Elaine and David!

    CeCe Offidani: on May 11th, Monday 11:16am: Hi David, I don't know why I just now received this message. or I would have written back right away.....Your amazingly beautiful poems have uplifted my spirit and soul...I had gone through and still somewhat going through a little depression, not being able to groom has kept me from seeing all of my friends and my precious doggies that I love so much...which of course includes all of you...I need to call everyone but have had a mental block when I try...The hit on my head was severe and my bruised brain is still healing..I cant think of words when I speak but can write with no problems....I mean I can talk normal but they don't flow easily...but Im getting better, and oh my gosh, my memory, that's another story... I will call or write again soon...God bless you all.


    Photo of CeCe's dog, Champ.


    Does it hurt to lose a family pet,
    The hurt is there, you bet...

    Champ was such a loyal best friend,
    Hurt when his time came to an end.

    He loved me as much as I loved him,
    Memories of him will never grow dim.

    He was like my shadow, following me around,
    Always had to be close by me, so profound.

    Miss his companionship when we were alone,
    Or how he claimed me for his very own.

    . It was almost like I was his sole responsibility,
    And in a dog's world, it affected his sensibility.

    A little dog with such a great big heart,
    So sorry the time came for him to depart.

    Miss his frolic and his carefree fun,
    Miss his presence when the day is done.

    Miss the way he looked trustingly at me.
    Cocking his little head for all to see.

    Miss the way he would romp and play,
    Miss his funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way he lay between Charlie & me,
    Or the way he blocked our view to see.

    . Miss his loving presence I so adored,
    With him there, I was never bored.

    Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
    Champ topped the list, none to be compared.

    As you can see, I miss him so much already,
    In my life, he was one thing that was steady.

    He taught us a lot, the times we had together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    God, we know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
    Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.

    Thank you God for giving us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Photo of CeCe's dog, Champ.

    We'll Always Miss & Love you!
    Your Loving Mom & Charlie

    Composed by: David S. Shupe
    December 30, 2015


    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: December 27 at 11:03pm: Tonight I lost one of my best friends, one of the most loyal of friends, and a friend who loved me as much as I loved him. He was like my shadow, he always had to be in the same room or area with me so he could watch over me...he was almost human, he truly thought I belonged to him. Whether my husband and I were sitting on the couch or lying in bed, he would make sure he sat between us with his head in the way so we couldn't see each others faces...he was showing him !! Champ , I'm missing you already, and will always carry your pawprints on my heart...I love you...Go to my Mum, she will take care of you and show you lots of love until one day I will see you again...

    David S Shupe: CeCe ~ Scooby and I stopped by your house this morning (12/31/15) and left an envelope at your front door, between the storm door and front door, if you haven't been out since. Knocked, but the TV or radio was on so don't think you heard me. I was going to mail it, but wanted you to get it before New Year's day. So very, very sorry about Champ. It hurts so much to lose a SPECIAL pet from our family. Hope you have a good New Year's in spite of that, however. David.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: 12/31/15, 6:29pm: Awe my sweet David, I was looking for your phone number to call you and thank you so very much for your beautiful poem, it warmed my heart so very much...how comforting this poem made me feel... you are so talented, I truly believe that you are one of Gods angels here on earth to comfort those in time of need...you truly are...what a lovely poem . You really got the feelings and sentiments of my dear, dear, Champ !! I am gong to bake you a cheesecake and will bring it very very soon; you will see. All my love sent to you, love Cece xoxo.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani 12/31/15, 6:32pm: I must have been in the shower when you came by...

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: And I loved the Happy New Year poem, it was how I was feeling almost exactly! I cant wait to be knocking on your door with my freshly baked cheesecake!

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: I will call you tomorrow, Happy New Year to you and Elaine !!!

    David S Shupe 1/1/16: Oh wow, CeCe! What a glowing endorsement! I'm honored by your comments, but let me tell you that if there is any good in me at all, it's just the good Lord. For He gives me the inspiration to write what He gives me. He has all the talent. As Mother Teresa used to say, "I'm just a little pencil in the hand of a mighty God." Also, I like to tell people, it's 90 percent God and 10 percent me. He provides the words and thoughts; I'm just an instrument. Thanks so much anyway. I do appreciate your kind words. Looking forward to seeing you, and partaking of your special fresh cheesecake. Love in Christ, David.


    Photo of Grace and Eddie Ogle.


    Does it hurt to lose a special family pet,
    The hurt is there, & you can't forget.

    Libby Lou couldn't have found a better place,
    To live her life, so full of love & grace.

    You stole our hearts as a lovable pet,
    Your love for us precluded a need to vet.

    Over the years you were our faithful friend,
    How exciting for us when it all began.

    Loyalty was Libby Lou’s biggest attribute,
    There can never be another substitute.

    A handsome doggie with a great big heart,
    So very sad and sorry her time came to depart.

    Libby Lou was a cherished member of our clan,
    So unbearable for us as her time came to an end.

    Miss her carefree frolic and her playful fun,
    Miss her presence when the long day is done.

    Miss her exciting welcome coming through the door,
    "I missed you so today," her eyes did implore.

    Miss her enduring faithfulness to us all,
    Miss her chasing that little tennis ball.

    Miss the way she looked so very trustingly at me.
    Wondering what her big eyes did see.

    When we called her, she came real soon,
    Her love for us, we would not impugn.

    Miss the special way she would romp and play,
    Miss her funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way she would lay by our side,
    No matter what, she would faithfully abide.

    Miss the peculiar way she nuzzled up to us,
    Her faithful devotion to see, was a must.

    Miss her companionship when I walk,
    Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.

    The excitement she showed while riding in the car,
    The devotion she gave, raised the bar.

    Libby Lou was such a sweet, gentle soul,
    The cares of the day were put on hold.

    Miss her unconditional love that we shared,
    Libby Lou topped the list, none to be compared.

    She taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    We know you'll keep her safely in Your care,
    Thinking about her, we'll just shed another tear.

    Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Missing Libby Lou.

    Grace & Eddie, Parents

    Composed by A Friend:
    David S. Shupe
    October 19, 2016


    Posted to Grace Byrd Ogle's Facebook Timeline on October 19, 2016.

    Grace's response on October 21, 2016: Grace P. Ogle: David, thanks so much for wonderful tribute to Libby Lou. She would have been proud, as we are, to know such a kind friend. Yes, we will love and cherish the memory of her for a long time. She was among the top pets we have had over the years. A very smart dog, and for your information, she loved to go for a ride with her Mom and Dad, and many times in her way she would let us know that was what she wanted to do, and if we could at the time, we would obey. I will also keep this poem with the other papers and pictures we have of her. Thanks again for sharing with us. Love Eddie and Grace Byrd-Ogle. David S Shupe:You're more than welcome Grace. Our special doggies mean so much to us and we so hate to see them leave us. Sorry I didn't have a photo of Libby Lou to post with the poem. Maybe later we can change that, and I can send you a hard copy via mail with her picture heading up the poem.

    POEM: OH, BLESSED SLEEP ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Lady in bed sleeping.


    Wake up in the morning, go back to sleep,
    This bed is warm & cozy, rather count sheep.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Sleep helps us to forget about reality,
    Helps us to avoid the rigors of practicality
    . . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    At times, we don't want to exit the bed,
    We'd rather roll over & cover up our head.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Outside is icy with snow on the ground,
    Best to cover my ears, no need to rebound.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Since humanity is weak and heavy laden,
    In sleep comes strength for each lad & maiden.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Going to work seems such a chore,
    Don't want to hassle with it anymore.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Many responsibilities around the house,
    And our frustrations, we have to douse.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    We think about repairs, and bills galore,
    Forget about the bill collector at the door.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    When I lay my head on the pillow,
    Drowsiness turns my thoughts all mellow.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Sleep is necessary for all around health,
    Without it, we're not benefiting ones self.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    So, roll back over and go to sleep,
    All my problems, I'll just have to bleep.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!

    Do not wake me until the sun is really high,
    Like, straight up in the cloudless sky.
    . . .Oh, Blessed Sleep!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 3, 2015


    Millie Outten, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Daisy Daquilanea Kinard, Joy Shupe Nicholson and Laurie Holmes like this.

    Beverly Hurd: I love your poems. You're the next great poet. December 4, 2015. David S Shupe: Wow Beverly, you're too kind. I know where you are located now, that you can relate to the part about the ice & snow, which I expect you'll see plenty. Don't know about "great poet," but I do know the greatest poet on earth and in heaven and He was both man and God, and He is my inspiration. Glad you enjoy them though.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: You can sure come up with them....I know you are glad that is not you....well for years......it hasn't been .....I know the feeling.... I am Happily retired and LOVE it.... December 4, 2015 at 11:55pm. David S Shupe: Me too. Can't believe it's been over 24 years since I retired in 1991, 5 months after Jean passed away. Where the years go? Norma Littleton Forbush: A lot of those times gone too.....A lot of good memories gone...Such a wonderful person (Aunt) I loved her so much.....It's hard to believe she has been with JESUS all these years....Of course, that part is good....

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: I can relate to that!!! LOL!!! Beautiful!!! smile emoticon. December 6, 2015. David S Shupe: Most people that have to get up on those cold mornings and go to work probably can at one time or another. Norma Littleton Forbush: Sure can...I can get up when I want to and stay up as long as I want too...I'm still up now at 3;33 A.M. David S Shupe You're certainly a night owl, that's for sure Norma.

    Millie Outten: Very good and true.

    Norma Littleton Forbush shared your post December 7, 2015.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post December 6, 2015. Jim Nicholson, Joy Shupe Nicholson and Carol Lay like this.

    Marjorie Latzko shared your post December 4, 2015: I think everyone can relate to this poem written by my talented poet-friend. Maureen Carpenter likes this. David S Shupe: Marjorie, you Maureen Carpenter: I loved your poem, too! Such a wonderful, God-given talent! December 4, 2015. David S Shupe: Thanks Maureen! Glad you liked it.

    Dorothy Hudson: Hand carried this to Dorothy on August 11, 2016.

    John & Barbara Spears: Hand carried this to the Spears on Augusst 11, 2016.


    Bill O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Factor.


    Bill O'Reilly is his name,
    The O'Reilly Factor is his game.

    Fair and balanced is his way,
    He strives to give opposition a say.

    His slogan denotes "the spin stops here,"
    Because the TRUTH is about what he does care.

    And he's looking out for you and me too,
    As Fox News is indeed fair and balanced~it's true!

    He has a variety of guests of every ilk,
    Some a bit rough, others smooth as silk.

    Liberal guests like Juan Williams and Kirsten Powers,
    Tend to shed opposition light from other news towers.

    Conservative guests like Laurie Ingraham, and Ann Coulter,
    Very outspoken, who will never be broken to the halter.

    He invites hundreds of other guests and contributors,
    To keep us informed from qualified news distributors.

    So Bill O'Reilly, keep up with good, honest journalism ~ how rare,
    So foreign to other networks, where biased reporting breeds despair.

    David S. Shupe
    Lewes, Delaware
    July 20, 2012

    Names Starting with the Letter "P".


    Photo of Amber, Chris and the twins.

    (Aubrey & Ashley: Born 8/4/16)

    Congrats are in order for Amber & Chris,
    Accomplishing a feat bordering on bliss.

    Twins ~ a duo, a set, what a blessing,
    They're finally home, no more guessing.

    Soon to hear the pitter patter of little feet,
    Twill be double the patter, oh how sweet.

    Nothing makes the house a real home,
    More than children as they romp & roam.

    Oh how thankful you both will surely be,
    For what God has done in blessing thee.

    Memories galore are in your bright future,
    With two little ones to train and nurture.

    Double the enjoyment, that's the stuff,
    Double the love, just never enough.

    What wonderful times you seven will share,
    Twill be oh so glorious I hasten to declare.

    As they grow and tug on your heartstrings,
    Watching them grow with their playthings.

    As the years pass by you will no doubt find,
    Many exciting challenges raising two of a kind.

    You'll experience many changes over the years,
    As they grow and interact with their peers.

    What a joy to see them grow up, excel & achieve,
    You'll be there their graduation honors to perceive.

    God help Amber & Chris in their parenting skill,
    To use wisdom & understanding in all they instill.

    I would surmise that patience will be a virtue,
    As long as the twins remain under your purview.

    So congratulations once again is our stipulation,
    May your hearts be overwhelmed with loving adulation.

    May God richly bless you both as well as each twin,
    Give you a long & healthy life with no downward spin.


    Photo of the twins, Ashley and Aubrey.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 18, 2016


    Mailed poem to Amber Easton-Payne and hubby Chris Payne on on September 23, 2016 in honor of the birth of their twins, Ashley and Aubrey. Also included a laminated copy of the poem recently sent to Amber entitled "A Mother's Love."

    Amber Easton-Payne on September 30, 2016: Thank you so much for the package we just received! What a wonderful surprise. The poems were beautiful. And thank you for the gift cards they are so very appreciated. Blessings to you all!

    POEM: PAYNE, CATHY: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Cathy Harris Payne.

    (June 22, 2014)

    Happy birthday Cathy,
    A lady special and grand.
    You have traveled the globe,
    Espousing God's salvation plan.

    God bless you Cathy,
    A long-time friend.
    Fond memories remain,
    And they'll never end.

    Just a brief aside,
    Pardon me for reminiscing.
    The years have flown by,
    I don't feel like acquiesing.

    First met your family,
    When you were only six.
    Even then your love of God,
    Was evident and fixed.

    Your mom and dad,
    Were church musicians.
    They also faithfully served,
    In other positions.

    Your mom is still a teacher,
    One of the very best.
    Your dad was a historian,
    Before he was laid to rest.

    Yours was a family,
    That truly loved to serve.
    You always followed God,
    And never did you swerve.

    You were the youth leader,
    At the church in Norview.
    You encouraged all the young,
    And everyone under your purview.

    God has blessed your ministry,
    As you traversed the globe.
    Because of your faithfulness,
    You'll wear a white robe.

    From a little child,
    You've served the Lord.
    Because He's the Savior,
    You've always adored.

    Oh the great memories,
    How wonderful they are.
    They bring you close,
    When you are so far.

    God bless and keep you,
    As you do His Holy Will.
    Anoint all Christian endeavors,
    As His desires you fulfill.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 22, 2014.


    Photo of John & Cathy Payne.


    Cathy and John, what a pair,
    : In God's service, going everywhere.

    Going wherever the good Lord leads,
    To help meet others spiritual needs.

    In the States, or overseas,
    At the podium, or on their knees.

    They're there to spread the good news,
    Always espousing Biblical views.

    With their singing, playing and preaching,
    Souls hungry for Christ, they are reaching.

    Tirelessly they go, without too much rest,
    So that souls for Christ will be blessed.

    They live their lives, and away they trod,
    To show lost souls,the path to God.

    Everything they do, is for the Lord,
    Working hard for all to be in one accord.

    Thankful for a little time to spend with family,
    Taking a break, from preparing a homily.

    So God bless you richly, Cathy and John,
    For the work you're doing for God's only Son.

    We love you both, for all the work that you do,
    Leading souls to Christ, who forever benefit too.

    You'll be rewarded in heaven, that's very true,
    Here on earth, God will see you through.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 14, 2013


    Debbie Blevins-Minor: Love love that poem... what a tribute to an amazing couple that shows their love for the Lord in all they do!!! Wishing Mr. Payne a very happy bday!! Dec. 14, 2013.

    John Cathy Payne: Thank you David S Shupe and Elaine. Such a precious tribute. We so treasure our memories with you. Dec. 15, 2013 from mobile.

    Anna Lee Stidham Bridwell · Friends with John Cathy Payne. Two beautiful people doing work for GOD!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!! Dec. 14, 2013.

    Cj Evans: · Friends with John Cathy Payne. Beautiful! miss you guys! Dec. 14, 2013.


    Photo of Larry Peacock.

    (June 12, 2014)

    Just saw today on Facebook that it's your birthday,
    To me that's much more important than earth day.

    So that only gives me a few hours to get in under the wire,
    To say a few words of good wishes to a friend I admire.

    Glad we were cubicle mates so many years with GAO,
    Although absent many days as we were on the go.

    When both were in the office, we often lunched together,
    Being GAO Auditors, guess we were birds of a feather.

    We enjoyed those relaxing breaks from rigors of the job,
    Gave us a chance to let our hair down and hob nob.

    Bottom line is we enjoyed our friendship during our employ,
    And glad that we could openly discuss, just chat and enjoy.

    Believe we worked together only once on same assignment,
    Good working relationship resulted in speedy goal attainment.

    Don't miss the work so much at GAO that we left behind,
    Do miss many people we worked with that were so kind.

    So may God bless you and your good wife, Olia in all you do,
    May He give you health, happiness and peace to see you through.

    Happy birthday and enjoy a full and prosperous retirement,
    May you always have strength to fulfill every life requirement.


    Photo of Elaine and me.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    June 12, 2014


    David Shupe on June 12, 2014: Just noticed that it's your birthday this afternoon late, so Elaine and I wish you all the best. I still reminisce from time to time over all the good times we enjoyed together at GAO. How time does fly, right? It's been 23 years for me, not so much for you. Anyway, enjoy the last couple of hours of your special day. Hope all is well with you and Olia and family. Enjoy the poem:

    Larry Peacock: on June 13, 2014: Thanks to all for the holiday greetings and kind words. It was a good day with Olia taking off work to help me enjoy it. David S Shupe, thanks for the good wishes, kind words, and great poem. I too often reminisce about our many years together at the GAO--the serious and not so serious discussions about life and current events and the many times we shared lunch. I treasure your friendship. Our best to you and Elaine.

    Names Starting with the Letter "R".

    POEM: REEDY, HEATHER: A TRIBUTE TO ~~ by David S. Shupe

    INTRODUCTION ~ AT SCHOOL: HEATHER REEDY (From the St. Croix Source dated August 10, 2009)

    Heather Reedy has had two bouts with dengue fever and has a mild form of dyslexia, but she has overcome those obstacles and is doing what she loves most: dancing and singing. The tall, slim, young lady, age 14 and in the ninth grade at Kingshill School, knows she wants to play a lead on Broadway one day -- hopefully in a musical, her favorite form of theater. Reedy, who was born and grew up in quiet Estate Concordia, says the dengue hit her when she was 9 and again at 10, causing some problems physically, affecting her liver and energy levels.

    "I was too tired to even dance," Reedy says. After the dengue fever, she fell behind in her studies. Leigh Ann Reedy, Heather's Mom, home schooled her only child. The dyslexia was diagnosed when Heather went to Kingshill for testing to see where she was academically. It was determined she has some writing difficulties, but her reading is fine. Reedy, then 12, made the decision to enroll at Kingshill School after seeing it sitting up on top of a hill with gorgeous views, and attending a meeting there with teachers and director who she saw as dedicated to education.

    Leigh Ann Reedy says Heather's decision to go to Kingshill School was made with common sense. Her formal education is on track. "She led the way to go to Kingshill School," Leigh Ann Reedy says. "It was the best thing for her. We are so happy." Heather says Janie Koopmans, director of Kingshill, has been a big influence on how she wants to live life -- always with a smile and ready to help. Reedy started dance at age 2 with the Caribbean Dance Company to get out and be with other children.

    "I just loved dance," Reedy says, "I remember back then how much fun the class was and how friendly the teachers were."

    She moved on to Pointe Dance Academy when she was 5. She is one of the older students, so now she is getting leads in the shows.

    "Dance is my life," Reedy says.

    She is also getting leads acting in the Stars Summer Camp at Country Day School. She has been acting in the summer camp for six years and has paid her dues, so now she gets some leads. She had a lead in "Guys and Dolls," and has acted and sang in "jitterbug Juliet" and "Once on This Island."

    The character she is in real life appears destined for a bright future.


    Heather went on from the Caribbean Dance Company to pursue her ballet dreams with the Pointe Dance Academy, co-directed by sisters, Heidi Wright and Sonja Dickerson. Heather is one of their star performers and also helps instruct the younger dancers in training. We have seen her perform in several performances; the Nutcracker Suite, Spring Gala, and special presentations. She always performs beautifully, with poise and delightful artistry, graceful and magnificient. Heather is also very intelligent, sociable, cares about others and has always been a big help and an asset to her mother from a very young age. She is a pleasure to be around, and watching her perform several times, I was inspired to compose this poem about her.


    Lovely photo of Heather.


    I want to introduce you to a lovely young dancer named Heather,
    Performing, she seems to float through the air like the proverbial feather,

    Need I tell you that Heather is an accomplished ballerina,
    Watching her dance is so much better than dancing the macarena.

    Not only does she perform ballet dancing and does it quite divinely,
    She also acts and sings, which she accomplishes ever so finely.

    Heather trained under Heidi Wright and Sonja Dickerson, masters of ballet,
    She studied hard, even helped train younger students along the way.

    As she performs, her movements are quite graceful and seemingly flawless,
    If anyone is unable to see her potential on stage, they are artfully clueless.

    When we first saw her perform in Nutcracker Suite about 6 years ago,
    Even then she exhibited such grace and poise with her eyes all aglow.

    Her movements, her positions were all performed to an exquisite degree,
    They were deliberate and sure, and full of charm for everyone to see.

    Since then we've seen her in other Nutcracker and Spring Gala performances,
    And she has always adapted to the musical script with superb conformances.

    Heather always has been a tremendous asset and a big help to her single Mom,
    Always there for support, companionship, keeping things peaceful and calm.

    Without Heather there to lend a helping hand, life would never have been the same,
    Her Mom indicated this to us, as daughter Heather helps keep her in the "game."

    She is certainly someone to "ride the river" with, forever ready to help and to soothe,
    A trusted someone full of excitement and life who fits in like a "tongue in groove."

    Smart, intelligent, she displays a lot of wisdom and every day common sense, you see
    She's a person that on or off stage, is a tremendous asset to friends like you and me.

    We observed her actions while her friend, Arelia, was going through a rough time in her life,
    When brother Aaron drowned at the young age of sixteen, indeed a time of much strife.

    Encouraging words and comfort she offered her friend were indicative of a much older head,
    Rather than those of a young teenager who feels the hurt, but leaves things unsaid.

    No doubt about it Heather is a vivacious gal of many talents in the exciting world of the arts,
    Acting, dancing, and singing just seem to come naturally to one who has a lot of smarts.

    The feeling one gets as they watch her perform, in whatever capacity, is one of deep satisfaction,
    Knowing that we've been privy to viewing a young and very promising rising star in action.

    Heather is the type of person popular with adults and peers alike, with her bubbling personality,
    She's so friendly, laughs a lot, while her interactions with others display lots of originality.

    After viewing clips of Heather in a singing production, her voice and singing are quite enthralling,
    She ably performs with such grace and finesse and seems to have found her real calling.

    We applaud you for your superb dancing, acting, singing and for being someone so dependable.
    So many kudos to you for the way you conduct yourself on and off the stage, quite commendable,

    As my custom, I would like to pronounce God's blessings upon you, that He would bless you always,
    May He bless you and keep you as you complete all schooling and pursue a career in your future days.
    That He would give you wisdom, strength and peace and prosper you wherever you go and whatever you do,
    ...For God will always see you through.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 4, 2011

    (via Facebook)

    Heather Reedy: awwwww :') thank you both so much! that just made my day. ♥ Hope you both are doing well and are enjoying the holidays. We will catch up some time. love you both. 2 hours ago - December 6, 2011.

    Heather Reedy, Nov. 22, 2012: I'm always caught up in my own life, my own thoughts, my own problems...just like pretty much all of humanity. But as another Thanksgiving ends I'd like to say how grateful I am for everything that has been given to me. Growing up here on St. Croix I've created my own giant family just like many others have...and I'm so incredibly thankful for every single person in my life. I have the kindest mama, the most loving family, and the best friends anyone could ask for. Thank you all. You and 26 others like this.

    David S Shupe: Heather, we're not single, but Elaine and I are thankful for you and your Mother too!!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving! November 23 at 5:50am.

    Heather Reedy: Thank you David! You and Elaine are two very special people and I feel honored to know you. Enjoy the holidays. Heart sign. November 23 at 12:27pm ·

    Heather Reedy: Nov. 25, 2012: Christmas is exactly a month from today. Senior year...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP.

    Heather Reedy: Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012: Six months till Graduation!

    David S Shupe A lovely graduate-to-be. Congratulations in advance from me and Elaine in cold Delaware! Wednesday at 8:55pm.

    Heather Reedy: Thank you both! Wednesday at 8:56pm.


    Photo of Heather Reedy.

    (2013 Country Day School Graduate)

    Congratulations are in order
    for you, dear friend, Heather.
    And for all your classmates
    who graduated together.

    For what you achieved, you
    deserve a big round of applause.
    You completed your high school
    tenure, with barely a pause.

    You sailed on through with lots
    of hard work without a hitch.
    Except for the closing of Kingshill
    School, one unforseen glitch.

    You're one special young lady who
    always enjoyed friends and school.
    Your artistic talents served to help
    make school activities quite cool.

    So we echo to you, Heather, our
    heartiest and sincere congratulations.
    Now for you, it's on to bigger and
    better challenging situations.

    Based on your artistic talent, your
    outgoing and bubbling personality.
    You're sure to hit it big, when you're
    face to face with reality.

    You were able to transition from the
    Kingshill School to Country Day/
    Where you fit right in, graduating
    with flying colors we do say.

    Old friends are special and new
    friends at Country Day were made.
    A bright future lies ahead for you,
    and I'm sure good plans will be laid.

    Heather, without the ardent support
    of your wonderfully devoted Mama,
    You would not be as successful
    in school, ballet and drama.

    Leigh Ann has always been there
    for you throughout your years,
    As you have been there for her
    to help and delay her fears.

    You're now eligible for further education,
    And to start a very promising career.
    Whatever the future holds for you,
    We're sure that you will persevere.

    Heather, keep your compassion for
    others, both the young and the old.
    Your outgoing and enduring personality
    is one reason on you, we've been sold.

    We're sure that your memories of friends
    made over the years will never depart.
    While you may never see them quite as often,
    they'll always be in your heart.

    You have high school behind you, and a
    promising future staring you in the face.
    Keep your eyes on the Master Artist;
    He'll give you strength to finish the race.

    May the good Lord bless you with health,
    happiness and abundance of peace.
    And may obstacles you encounter in life
    quickly subside and forever cease.

    So we would like to commend
    you for a job well done.
    You accepted the academic
    challenge and you won.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    Your Friends Always
    January 15, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.

    POEM: RICE, CHRIS: ON THE MEND~~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Chris and Ann Rice.


    I still remember the good old Wilmington days,
    When we traveled back & forth on the highways.

    In spite of a hurricane which never materialized,
    We headed south before it was realized.

    All the way down, the weather was divine,
    If that was a killer hurricane, we need more of that kind.

    On the first day we arrived at the Wilmington site,
    Getting a telephone call from Anne worrying about out plight.

    After work, we engaged in our Frisbee exercise,
    Which became a daily workout to energize.

    Then off to a delicious meal at a nice eating place,
    Before calling it a day, ready for the next day's pace.

    Those were the days, Chris my friend,
    All too soon, they had to end.

    We retired, and you took over the helm,
    And for you, I'm sure at times, things do overwhelm.

    So sorry you had to endure colon surgery,
    So much more serious than just a minor injury.

    Hope you feel stronger as each day does arrive,
    And you can kick it up a notch, put it back in overdrive.

    Give my kindest regards to wife, Anne,
    Know these bumps in the road were not in your plan.

    So, the best to both of you is my sincere wish,
    And all negative things that happen, we'd like to squish.

    Thinking of you,
    David Shupe
    May 15, 2013


    David Shupe on May 15, 2013: So sorry to hear about your colon surgery. Just heard about it today from Joe's email. Glad you're at least well enough to be back at work half a day, and will start back full time next week.

    Chris RiceTo: David Shupe: Thanks so much Dave and yes those were the good old days as really did enjoy our time working together as was one of the highlights of my career!! As my first job back from grad school, you spoiled me for the rest of my career, but did really enjoy our time in Wilmington and at Fort Norfolk as well!

    Thanks again for the kind thoughts and please take care!!



    INTRODUCTION: I thought of writing this poem for Wanda after learning that she had just undergone a serious operation removing a "mass" from her lungs, and a few days later she was still experiencing severe pain, weakness and shortness of breath. She was also scheduled for a visit with an oncologist to check out her heart condition. We know that God is in control of all things, which of course includes us, His people, and that He is concerned about our health and welfare. So we lift up Wanda and David, along with many others, in prayer through faith believing. Amen!



    A few days ago, we heard our good friend Wanda
    faced a serious medical impropriety.
    Crises many face, but when it hits close to home,
    it creates a lot more anxiety.

    You've had a serious operation which we pray
    will solve the medical malfunction.
    With divine help of God and knowledge of doctors,
    there will be no further dysfunction.

    As you make scheduled excursions to doctors
    involved in your health and wellbeing.
    We pray God will give them the wisdom to diagnose
    and cause the problems to be fleeing.

    We know that whatever happens in our lives,
    God knows about it and He is in full control.
    As He cares for the little sparrow that falls to the ground,
    even more He cares for your soul.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Wanda Woman,
    that God will come on the scene.
    To give you the heavenly touch you need,
    correct shortness of breath and relieve all pain.

    May you be able to institute an exercise regimen,
    that will benefit your health and fit your style.
    That you will be back on your feet, enjoying life,
    health and friends in just a little while.

    In closing, we wish for you and Dave a long,
    happy and prosperous life you can both enjoy.
    May God smile on you, bless you and Dave abundantly
    as all activities you continue to employ.

    God Bless!

    We Love You
    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 31, 2011

    Snapshop of Louise's friends, David and Elaine!


    (per Telecon)

    Thank you so much for the card and the poem. It was really nice. I appreciate you taking the time to compose and mail it. I'm feeling some better, still have some shortness of breath, but trying to exercise more. Thanks again for everything, and your prayers.

    Names Starting with the Letter "S".


    Photo of Michael and Judy Salvatore.

    (May 22, 2013)

    Happy 42nd anniversary
    To Michael and Judy Salvatore.
    Special LPC Christian friends,
    Working hard to accomplish more.

    I remember Michael from bygone Bible study days,
    when we studied the Bible together.
    His helpful comments shed light on scriptures
    that stand the test of time, and last forever.

    In addition to being a faithful LPC supporter,
    Michael is an experienced medical doctor.
    Plying his trade to heal and benefit others,
    Maximizing what he learned from instructors.

    As Jesus gave us an example to follow,
    After dinner, He washed the disciples feet.
    Michael diligently follows His lead,
    By fastidiously cleaning tables after we eat.

    Michael also celebrates a birthday,
    Two days before his anniversary.
    So we also wish him a HAPPY birthday,
    Hoping all turns out quite satisfactorily.

    Judy comes from a very large family,
    as she is one of fourteen siblings.
    Quite an artful and graceful lady,
    Adjusting to change with no undue quibblings?

    It is a real blessing to sit and listen
    to her melodious soprano voice.
    When she hits those ever so high notes,
    enough to make our hearts rejoice.

    Judy directs the playing of hand bells,
    which brings beautiful music to ones ear.
    Working patiently with participants, like Elaine,
    making sure the right notes are brought to bear.

    Elaine well remembers the Bible Study Group
    that Judy led during times of the past.
    All her preparation and history she included,
    Resulting in well-versed instruction that'll last.

    Thus, Judy is an avid Bible student,
    and an exceptional Bible teacher.
    She also performs other duties that are
    a big help to church and the preacher.

    She works diligently behind the scenes,
    making sure no one is ignored or left out.
    She greets newcomers as well as others,
    Making them feel welcome, without a doubt.

    She serves in another official capacity,
    as a faithful and conscientious church elder.
    Helping to ensure things are done orderly,
    and aiding members with spiritual shelter.

    It has been 42 wonderful years
    since Michael and Judy plighted their troth.
    So we, along with all LPC members
    wish lasting health & happiness to them both.

    May God bless and keep them,
    for another 42 years and more.
    And their love for God and each other,
    will stand as examples for us to explore.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    Composed April 29, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.


    Michael Salvatore via telephone on May 25, 2013: Michael called while we were eating at Outback Restaurant and talked with Elaine and me, wanting to know who the poet was, and when he and Judy reached their 84th Anniversary if they'd deserve another poem. We told him we'd compose two at that time. He thanked us for the poem.

    POEM: SCOOBY, GOLDENDOODLE ~~ by David S. Shupe

    TO: Tom, Jody, Dylan, Morgan & Hailey

    Sapienza Family releasing Scooby!


    Just a little poem to say THANK YOU to two wonderful pre-teens,
    Two of the most selfless little girls we have ever seen.

    It's so tough to part with something you've had for so many years,
    They say parting is such sweet sorrow, enough to bring on real tears.

    Giving up your beloved Scooby so that others could enjoy him too,
    You guys were all very brave to let him go, that is so true.

    When we left Wendy's and were soon out of sight and out of touch,
    He whimpered and whined for many miles, missing you guys so very much.

    When we asked if he missed his Morgan and Hailey so soon past,
    Thinking we heard a soft "wuf, wuf" meaning yes, yes looking a bit harrassed.

    We want to thank you for the many great years you gave to Scooby,
    Cherishing him and giving him such a home of love, no if, and, or maybe.

    Tom and Jody, you two strike us as outstanding parents with whom we can relate,
    We commend you both for being the type of couple that we would highly rate.

    Although we met for only a brief period, we were impressed by your honesty,
    Also by your demeanor which we would say was one of frank sincerity.

    So we want to thank all 5 of you for being so good, kind and sacrificial,
    As you all are the type of family unit we envision, with nothing superficial.

    If you are ever in the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach area, or just driving through,
    Please call and come by to see Scooby and us, as we would love seeing you too.

    May God richly bless you Tom, Jody, Dylan, Morgan and Hailey,
    And may He be with you at work, home and school daily.

    Thanks Again For What You've Done,
    David & Elaine Shupe,
    April 13, 2012

    Elaine and David!


    POEM RESPONSE (Scooby)

    To: elanaway@msn.com
    From: tsapj@verizon.net>br? Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:38:52 +0000

    David and Elaine,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Your poem was greatly appreciated. This was such a hard thing for us to do but knowing scooby is with such wonderful people has helped so much. Thank you for being so wonderful and for loving our dog.


    The sapienza's
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry



    Melody Popo - Apr 18, 2012: Your Golden Doodle is a beautiful dog ... and a pretty color. Looks like you will have lots of doggy-loving coming your way. What did you name your new pet?

    David Shupe - Apr 19, 2012: Thanks, Melody, and a very gentle and well mannered dog too. We kept the name (Scooby) that the family had given him. We added his name in the description above. I wrote a little poem to the family thanking them for their generosity. It can be seen at our new website, "www.PoemsFromMyHeart.info," on the "Special" page and scroll down to "Scooby."

    Melody Popo - Apr 20, 2012: lol ... well, duh me. Scooby was the title of the picture. I just noticed that before reading your reply. I didn't notice that the first time around. Between blonde moments and senior moments, I just have to laugh at myself. Scooby is a very nice name. I love pets and know you will be receiving lots of love and joyful moments with Scooby ... and Scooby will be receiving lots of love from you both too. Enjoy!

    David Shupe - Apr 20, 2012: Speaking of senior moments, I have more than my share, and yes, I was blond too when I was a teenager. But that was so long ago I'm surprised I still remember it, even though it seems like only a few short years. Yes, we think we'll enjoy Scooby quite well. Not only is he gentle and well mannered as stated above, but he minds good, which helps since he weighs 65 pounds. We've had him a week yesterday, and his 7th birthday is tomorrow. He's quite as a mouse, hasn't barked once since we got him, and loves snuggling and being petted. He also loves going jogging with me in the mornings and chasing a tennis ball, then trying to keep it away from you.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 22, 2012: I like Scooby already! He will indeed bring lots of enjoyable moments to you both! Glad he goes jogging with you - that's good for you both! Scooby is a handsome dog! :-).

    I read the Scooby poem - very good! Of course, I couldn't leave the site without reading a lot more also! Very touching! I encourage others to go there also. You will certainly be blessed!!! Love you both so much!

    David Shupe - Apr 22, 2012: Thanks, Joy, for your choice comments. We are indeed enjoying Scooby. He is very well behaved and minds 90% of the time. He helped me out in the yard yesterday, doing weeding and picking up last years' leaves and carting them to the disposal site. I had him tied to the cart and he helped me pull it. He's so attached to Elaine and myself I think he would stay without the leash, but if he sees a small animal, he would take off after it, so we don't take any chances. He loves riding in the car too.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 28, 2012: Sounds like Scooby has settled right in as part of the family! :-).

    David Shupe - Apr 28, 2012: Yah, Scooby does well and minds good, except on Sunday morning when we want to leave and go to church for 3 hours or so. Then he refuses to go in his cage (which is quite large), as he doesn't like being penned up. Now I take him out and don't always put his leash on him and he always comes when I tell him "let's go in."


    Subject: Re: Scooby's OK!
    From: tsapj@verizon.net
    Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 12:47:16 -0400
    To: elanaway@msn.com

    Hi David and Elaine
    Thank you so much for sending the photos!!!!!

    We are happy to hear and see you are enjoying scooby. Scooby looks very happy.

    All the kids Dylan, Morgan and Hailey mention scooby sometimes but know he is at the perfect home. Pls continue to keep us posted. Next time we shoot to Hershey or philly we will let you know.


    Tom and Jody
    Sent from my iPad

    On May 25, 2012, at 12:08 PM, David Shupe wrote:

    Tom & Jody:

    Just a few photos to let you know Scooby is fine and enjoying his new surroundings. Think he still misses you guys though. You really had him trained so good as he minds so very well. He loves jogging with me and running along when I ride the bicycle. Also loves going with us in the car. Hope Hailey and Morgan are doing fine. Love, David & Elaine

    POEM: SCOTT, ADRIENNE: BIRTHDAY ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Photo of Adrienne Scott.

    (December 2, 2013)

    A special happy birthday to Adrienne,
    An LPC lady always displaying a friendly grin.

    Adrienne resides in Milton, a quaint old DE town,
    An interesting place of no little renown.

    Adrienne is quite active in world missions,
    This is one of her primary commissions.

    To Africa she has traveled in God's service,
    Taking to the air is not about to make her nervous.

    She also helps people in other ways,
    She works as a registered nurse on most days.

    God has tasked her with a burden for others,
    Meeting their needs, and fulfilling their druthers.

    Her visitation/caring service to others is commendable,
    It's good to know someone like her, so dependable.

    So no matter, whether church or vocation,
    She is there to serve God, and her nation.

    Helping others is her number one goal,
    Working to benefit body and soul.

    So our hats are off to you, Adrienne Scott,
    What you do for others means quite a lot.

    May He give you strength you need for the journey,
    To help even those who come to you on a gurney.

    You may not get a lot of kudos here below,
    But God keeps a record, and He does know.

    May God bless you on this your special day,
    Give you peace, happiness and health along the way.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 30, 2013


    David Shupe: Dear Adrienne: Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on your special day, along with a special poem just for you, as you deserve it. We also sent a hard copy of the poem to you via snail mail, but it may not arrive until after your birthday, so thought we'd better email it to you too. So, here 'tis. Hope you enjoy it, along with your special day. Happy Birthday Adrienne, David & Elaine

    Adrienne Scott 11:06 PM via email on Dec. 2, 2013: To: dayvd@msn.com. You folks are TOO MUCH!!! Thank you so very much...sort of humbling to say the least. I appreciate all your kind words. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Blessings, Adrienne

    Adrienne Scott via regular mail on Dec. 6, 2013: Dearest David & Elaine, I can't thank you enough for your birthday wishes and poem. . .written especially for me. . .Im flattered but most humbled. Thank you so very much! Blessings to you both this joyous time of year. All my love, Adrienne.

    POEM: SHORT, PAT: Remembering Freebie ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Pat & George Short's doggie


    Does it hurt to lose a special family pet,
    The hurt is there, & you can't forget.

    You came to us when you were 8 months old,
    You loved us both, and the truth is told.

    Freebie couldn't have found a better place,
    To live his life, so full of love & grace.

    You stole our hearts as a lovable pet,
    Your love for us precluded a need to vet.

    . Over the years you were our faithful friend,
    How exciting for us when it all began.

    Freebie Short was a cherished member of our clan,
    So unbearable for us as his time came to an end.

    A handsome doggie with a great big heart,
    So very sad and sorry his time came to depart.

    Miss his carefree frolic and his playful fun,
    Miss his presence when the long day is done.

    Miss his exciting welcome coming through the door,
    "I missed you so today," his eyes did implore.

    Miss his enduring faithfulness to us all,
    Miss his chasing that little tennis ball.

    Miss the way he looked so very trustingly at me.
    Wondering what his big brown eyes did see.

    When we called him, he came real soon,
    His love for us, we would never impugn.

    Miss the special way he would romp and play,
    Miss his funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way he would lay by my side,
    No matter what, he would faithfully abide.

    Loyalty was Freebie's biggest attribute,
    There can never be another substitute.

    Miss the peculiar way he nuzzled up to me,
    His faithful devotion was something else to see.

    Miss his companionship when I walk,
    Sharing each other's presence, no need to talk.

    The excitement he showed while riding in the car,
    The devotion he gave, raised the bar.

    . Freebie was such a sweet, gentle soul,
    The cares of the day were put on hold.

    . Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
    Freebie topped the list, none to be compared.

    He taught us a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave us never.

    We know you'll keep him safely in Your care,
    Thinking about him, we'll just shed another tear.

    Thank you God for loaning us such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, we'll never forget.


    Photo of George and Freebie.

    Pat & George Short, Parents

    Composed by A Friend:
    David S. Shupe
    July 30, 2016


    Hand carried this poem to Pat Short one day after she told me her precious doggie, Freebie, had to be put to sleep due to invasion of tumors in his body. Pat's eyes actually filled up with tears after I handed her the laminated poem about Freebie. She said, "I'll have to read it later when I'm all alone." She gave me a big hug and was quite emotional about the poem.

    POEM: SHORT, PAT & GEORGE: BON VOYAGE' PAT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of George and Pat Short.

    (& George)

    Bon voyage to a special person,
    Our sad feelings we'll be "nursin."

    We will miss your friendly & smiling face,
    Always there, filling your special space.

    We will miss your outgoing and helpful ways,
    Always ready to lend a hand all your days.

    Early to work and yes, late to leave,
    We'll miss your presence, & silently grieve.

    Recently, you suffered loss of a favorite pet,
    As Freebie went to dog heaven, & you'll never forget.

    Now, you're moving to your northbound home,
    Away from beloved Sussex, no longer to roam.

    We know that you had a very big hand,
    Getting Conley Thrift Shop started so grand.

    I'm just saying, but I wouldn't hesitate to guess,
    That Conley's Thrift Shop is an overwhelming success.

    You've been conscientious & punctual in your work,
    Your assigned duties, you did not shirk.

    When you learned our dog Scooby had contacted cancer,
    You offered your prayers for him as the godly answer.

    When we dropped by and spoke to you for awhile,
    You always asked about our Scooby with a smile.

    Knowing he was a miracle dog, freed from cancer,
    For prayers & the good vets were the answer.

    You'll be sorely missed as no one can take your place,
    A charming lady, so full of goodness & grace.

    In your new location, we wish you all the best,
    You've been true to God, & stood the test.

    God prosper Pat & George as they enter a new realm,
    No way you can fail with God at the helm.



    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Your Christian Friends,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    October 27, 2016


    Hand carried to Pat Short (& husband George) on Friday, October 28, 2016 on her next to last day as Manager of Conley's Thrift Shop as they are moving away. They will be sorely missed by workers and friends, and I'm sure by all of Conley's Chapel members.

    Pat Short's response: Thank you so very very much for your kindness and your expression of feelings in your beautiful, beautiful poem. I waited until I arrived at home because I wanted to share it with my husband...Yes I cried as you have captured my sentiments exactly how I feel about leaving the thrift shop and all that it means to me and the wonderful friends I have met. It is such an honor to be called to do God's work and to expect nothing in return, when I have in fact received so much from it. Meeting people like you, and supporting so many ministries has been such an answered prayer for me. God bless you and your family and what a pleasure to have you share your fabulous story of Scooby. May God continue to bless you and your ministry of talent He has given you by writing your poems that will have an everlasting impact on me. You are a very special child of God and it has truly been my pleasure to have come in contact with you, as you have blessed me tremendously! Till we see each other again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and helping me!

    David S Shupe on October 28, 2016: Wow Pat ~ Thank you so much for sharing this. Your heartfelt comments touched my own heart. Makes writing the poems all worthwhile. As I have told others who have commented on the poems, "It's 90% God and 10% me, as He gives me the thoughts and the words, and all I do is type them on the computer. I have the easy part. I'm just a little pen in the hand of a Mighty God, as Mother Teresa used to say. No matter where you and George are, or go, we know you'll both be a real blessing to whoever you meet, or wherever you happen to be. May God continue to bless and prosper you both. This is not goodbye, but only so long for now as we'll still meet on Facebook, or other media, and even if not down here in person, then we'll meet one day in God's celestial heaven. Perhaps you'll permit me to send you a poem now and then over Facebook or email as the thoughts strike us. Forgot to ask today if you had sold your house. I know you asked for prayers to do so. Hope you get settled okay in your new location and God is always there for you in every endeavor.

    Pat Short on October 29, 2016: You are so special... sorry for the spelling errors. It was through tears.... we have not sold yet. It is not with realtor, but now that I'm fully retired, we are going to concentrate on it. Thank you again for giving so much of your talent that God has given you to me!!!!

    POEM: SMITH, LORRAINE: Happy Birthday Lorraine! ~~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of cousin Lorraine.

    (November 28, 2013)

    Happy Birthday to our friend Lorraine,
    Another year gone by, and down the drain.

    The good Lord has blessed you all the same,
    Been there for you, and kept you in the game.

    We remember your days in the caring ministry,
    Dealing with others took some personal chemistry.

    Months spent visiting nursing home patients come to mind,
    Patients who appreciated others for treating them so kind.

    You volunteer as a participant in the Soup Kitchen,
    A conscientious, hard worker, making a good addition.

    You also serve as a faithful deacon in the LPC Church,
    Careful not to ignore, or leave anyone in the lurch.

    You're to be commended for your active role in church affairs,
    May not receive many accolades, but the Lord sees & cares.

    I'm sure there are other things you do behind the scenes,
    You treat God as a priority, and not just filler routines.

    Keep up the good work, is our unsolicited advice to you,
    For you're helping church members and friends, so true.

    So God, bless You and Ron is our heartfelt plea,
    Give you lasting peace, health and happiness for all to see.

    So again, Happy Birthday to you Lorraine Smith,
    We wish you all the best, and this is no myth.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 3, 2013


    Lorraine & Ron Smith on Nov. 24, 2013 in church parking lot: Thanks for the birthday poem. We enjoyed it. And Ron added, "It's great having an inhouse poet."


    Photo of John & Barbara Spears.


    (June 10, 2014)

    Happy anniversary to you both, Barbara and John,
    Forty-two years ago you wed, and became one.

    John, I'm sure to you, Barbara was the cream of the crop,
    You threw your hat in the ring, and came out on top.

    And Barbara, I'm sure you realized John was no slouch,
    You pre-viewed your list, and for him you did vouch.

    Imagine you've both experienced a little bit of heaven on earth,
    So we'll add our congratulations to you, for what it's worth.

    Marriage has added three strapping sons to the Spears tribe,
    Their antics and youthful behavior you can aptly describe.

    You became our newest & good neighbors a few months ago,
    Since then we've come to know you better ~ it's so.

    When Scooby sees you, he goes bounding up so he can meet,
    He doesn't like it when someone goes by he can't greet.

    We've met at parties and out strolling on nice weather days,
    A pleasure to chat whether in the car, or at front door always.

    If we have it right, John, you're in full retirement,
    And you no longer have to succumb to a job requirement.

    And Barbara revels in giving professional Yoga instruction,
    This she must do in a systematic manner is my deduction.

    Recently, John experienced a medical malfunction,
    Which persists a bit, but he's going to beat it, is my assumption.

    Our best wishes are with you John, for a full & complete recovery,
    Our desire is for the doctors to make a restored health discovery.

    You both are such friendly people & an asset to our neighborhood,
    If we can help in any way, let us know & we'll do what we should.

    So, may God bless John and Barbara from this time forth,
    Restore John to health and let them enjoy better days henceforth.

    So again, happy anniversary to you both,
    A wonderful 42 years since plighting your troth.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Your neighbors,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby Too)
    June 5, 2014


    Barbara Spears called on June 9, 2014 and thank us for the poem and that she and John appreciated our thoughtfulness.


    Photo of airplane.


    Bon voyage to you both,
    Barbara and John.
    Enjoy the flight,
    After it's begun.

    You both deserve,
    Some quality time away.
    So enjoy the vacation,
    And enjoy the stay.

    Overseas to Ireland,
    That's the ticket.
    Not like England,
    Where they do cricket.

    You'll be traveling
    Many miles overseas.
    While on this trip,
    Please be at ease.

    Enjoy the sights,
    Enjoy the sun.
    Enjoy the flight,
    And have some fun.

    Have a great trip,
    That's our desire.
    So much to see,
    So much to inspire.

    Takes both spouses
    To make life complete.
    Enabling such marriage
    To be replete.

    Don't have to be a teenager,
    To enjoy fun & life.
    If you're traveling with
    A devoted & adoring wife.

    May God grant you
    An exciting, enjoyable trip.
    Keep you robust & healthy
    And secure in His grip.

    Pray you'll return
    Safe and sound.
    And plan your feet
    On USA's solid ground.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Your Neighbors,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby too)
    September 13, 2014


    Barbara & John Spears: David & Elaine, Thank you for your support while John was ill during the year. It was a great comfort & much appreciated. Love, Barbara & John.

    POEM: STELLA, REMEMBERING (Tom & Wendy) ~ by David S. Shupe

    Stella and Wendy.


    Oh, how it hurts to lose
    Such a special family friend.
    But the good memories will remain,
    And they will never, never end.

    Stella was such a good doggie,
    They don't come any better.
    She was a wonderful companion,
    Faithful and obedient to the letter.

    I sure miss her greeting,
    When we would come home at night.
    Her friendly and loving nature
    Made her such a wonderful delight.

    Knowing that Stella is no more,
    Brings unforced tears to your eyes.
    The positive effect she had on others,
    Certainly doesn't take us by surprise.

    When she laid her paw on your leg,
    You could feel the love there.
    Love that was unconditional,
    And a love you both could share.

    When she laid her head on your lap,
    You could sense her deep contentment.
    If someone inadvertently did her wrong,
    She never harbored any resentment.

    Taking Stella for romps on the beach,
    Were like medicine to your soul.
    Balmy winds and surf to clear your mind,
    Driving tensions away, making you whole.

    Photo of Stella on the beach.

    Stella provided the missing link,
    For an industrious family of three.
    So thank you Stella for all the happiness
    Provided to Wendy and Tom from thee.

    And thank you God, for loaning Stella,
    To Wendy and Tom for many years.
    Letting them experience a faithful pet's love,
    While overcoming medical crises & fears.

    You can never replace such a jewel,
    But the mark she left will suffice.
    You'll always look back and remember,
    What she gave was much better than nice.

    More than a friend she turned out to be.
    She was an essential part of your family.
    Sure she helped give you a bit of peace,
    Bringing to life a sense of normality.


    Photo of Stella and Tom.

    Wendy & Tom, Parents &
    David & Elaine Shupe,
    Your neighbor friends
    April 16, 2014


    Wendy Solomon & Tom Rodenhaver: Dear David & Elaine: You'll never know how touched I am by your poem. That you took the time to honor Stella in this manner is such a beautiful gesture filled w/kindness. Thank you! I will cherish it. Stella lived a great life on 'grapetree hill,' a nickname we gave her special spot on the ridge. Let's always remember her there, watching over us & our homes as only she could. Thanks again. XO, Wendy.

    David S Shupe: Posted and sent to Wendy & Tom via email July 10, 2014

    Dear Wendy:

    Thank you so much for your lovely card and beautiful words about the poem and Stella. We cherish your comments as you cherish the poem, and just as you were touched by the poem we were touched by your comments. It was a pleasure composing the poem after Elaine and I visited with you and Tom in April. We could sense that a poem was in order for Stella, to preserve her beautiful memory. I took the liberty of scanning the front of your card with Stella at the beach and I will include it within the poem. You can see the revised poem at my website, "PoemsFromMyHeart.info." Stella's poem is included on the "Special" page. If you click on Special and then scroll down the index to "Stella Solomon~Rodenhaver, Remembering Stella," you can see it. Again thank you for your heartwarming words; they made composing the poem worthwhile. Keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers. Your part-time St. Croix neighbor but full-time friends, David & Elaine.

    POEM: SUPER BOWL XLVII SUPER ~ by David S. Shupe

    Super bowl XLVII, New Orleans.


    America's addiction and favorite past time ~ FOOTBALL,
    Where players and coaches on two teams give their all.

    And the dedicated and vociferous fans go wild,
    Nothing about it can be considered mild.

    Watching the super bowl with Elaine, Belinda and Louise,
    With plenty of delicious goodies to eat ~ if you please.

    Tonight's matchup is between Baltimore Ravens and SF 49'ers,
    Not a game for any fearful and timid old timers.

    Except as spectators where they could be considered safe,
    Even while just watching, they may fidget and chafe.

    There's excitement in the room, with an air of anticipation,
    Shouting and yelling may be the norm for spectator participation.

    When and if a desired touchdown is scored, what a blast,
    Especially when our favorite team is the one to outlast.

    There's plenty of passing and running to score a coveted goal,
    Doing all they can to win, so they must be aggressive and bold.

    In the first half, the Ravens jumped ahead twenty-eight to six.
    A real shellacking thus far, so the Ravens would be my pick.

    The 49'ers right now will have to be feeling a bit discouraged,
    As the 2nd half is underway, and no way can they be encouraged.

    Two brothers happen to be the opposing football team coaches,
    Both laying plans to offset the other team, when it encroaches.

    We did have a very unusual football stadium power outage,
    Lasting all of 35 minutes due to this unresolved power shortage.

    Thus far, Baltimore seems to be dominating the entire game
    If this trend continues, the city may never be quite the same.

    San Francisco scored their first touchdown well into the second half,
    With only 23 minutes left to go, they can't commit another gaff.

    Less than 3 minutes later, SF scored their 2nd TD of the 3rd quarter,
    Things are looking up for them as they began playing harder.

    The aforementioned power outage could be a turning point,
    If so, the Raven's heads could certainly be out of joint.

    In trying to protect their lead, they committed a serious faux pas,
    Running into the opposing kicker while staying on the go.

    The ensuing penalty gave the 49'ers some more wood,
    To kick a 2nd field goal, which turned out to be good.

    Now the score is Ravens twenty-eight, 49'ers twenty-three,
    The fourth quarter is starting, so we're home free.

    Fifteen minutes to go, and everyone's now on edge,
    This will tell the tale who will push the other over the ledge.

    The Ravens missed a touchdown, but managed a field goal,
    Now the 49's have the ball, and boy are they on a roll.

    SF's quarterback ran the ball in for another needed touchdown,
    Then tried a 2-point conversion which just fell to the ground.

    So play continues and the score is now thirty-four to thirty-one
    With 7 minutes remaining, there is still time to stun.

    SF brought the ball down the field using up the clock,
    All the way to the 5 yard line, but failed to dock.

    Baltimore has the ball with two minutes left to play,
    They ride out the clock, so for SF, winning is for another day.

    The Baltimore Ravens are the winner of the XLVII Super Bowl ,
    Their awesome offense and defense on the 49'ers took its toll.

    So, congratulations to the Ravens, the super bowl champs,
    Making the San Francisco 49'ers look like super scamps.

    The most valuable player of the game was QB Joe Flacco,
    A 6 foot 6 hunk of a player who was really on the go.

    The Ravens have done themselves proud,
    Pleasing the East Coast team's rooting crowd.


    David S. Shupe
    February 4, 2013


    Feb. 4, 2013: Shirley Hayes Carroll, Pat Oakley Shupe, Pam Shupe Finley, and Jim Nicholson like this.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: David..you do have the hand of a prolific writer..great job!

    David S Shupe; Thanks, Shirley, it keeps my mind active.

    POEM: SWANSON, CARL: BIRTHDAY~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Carl Swanson.

    (June 9, 2014)

    Happy birthday to our neighbor, Carl Swanson,
    Who is a spry and active eighty-four.
    The good Lord has blessed him with strength,
    I too will soon be knocking on his age door.

    That is if the Lord is gracious to me
    And lets me live another few short years.
    In this life we can certainly be truly thankful,
    For God's bountiful blessings to allay our fears.

    You've always been a good friend and neighbor,
    And we appreciate your help and advice.
    That's not always the case with neighbors,
    But when it is, it sure turns out nice.

    You're an inspiration to others around you,
    With all the work you and Jean always do.
    Sometimes it's good to stop & smell the roses,
    And appreciate what God has brought you through.

    We commend you for your service to our country,
    Being a respected officer in the U.S. Army.
    We the people owe you a debt of gratitude,
    For your service and sacrifice, & that's no blarney.

    Your wife and family sacrificed along with you,
    As you circled the globe, your country to serve.
    With determination you ended your career in fine style,
    No external or internal factors caused you to swerve.

    You and Jean have accomplished much in your life,
    Your work ethic displayed puts others to shame.
    Your family, your jobs, the values you espouse,
    You have so much to be proud of, we proclaim.

    When we've been blessed to dine or meet together,
    It's always been a time for friendly exchange.
    Bringing each other up to date on various topics,
    Making for an informative & interesting interchange.

    Thank you for being a good neighbor all these years,
    It means a lot to be someone others admire and respect.
    Even when you're not here, your reputation remains,
    Making it desirable to get together again and reflect.

    So may God continue to bless you abundantly Carl,
    For all you've accomplished in your eventful life.
    May He bless your sons, their wives & their children,
    Including your good sidekick, Jean, your devoted wife.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Your Herring Creek Neighbors,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby Too)
    June 1, 2014


    CARL SWANSON: Carl called per land line on Sunday, June 8, 2014 and thanked us for the poem and that it was the highlight of his birthday. The only evenful thing that happened he said. Also, that I embellished too much and had given him too much credit. We talked a few minutes and he thanked me again before we disconnected.


    Happy Silver Anniversary!

    (On Their 25th Wedding Anniversary)

    Happy 25th Anniversary to a wonderful couple named David and Vivian,
    Once you come to know them, they'll never sink to oblivion.

    Congratulations on 25 years of accomplishment and wedded bliss,
    Reminiscing over the past, knowing it doesn't get any better than this.

    You have achieved a lot in planning and building a family over the years,
    With 3 wonderful kids who haven't caused a lot of needless tears.

    Your 25th Anniversary is a milestone, also known as Silver,
    To family and the community, we would label you both as a pillar.

    Silver reminds us of bygone days, remembering "Hi yo, Silver, Away!
    It's on to the 50th, to live and love for many a day.

    Dave, you had your start in the prestigious role of a military family,
    Traveling to various places to live and learn, and doing it so handily.

    Currently, you are a member of the distinguished FBI profession,
    Where you don't have to resort to waterboarding to obtain a confession.

    Vivian, you have the distinction of being from a proud Greek descent,
    When Dave asked your hand in marriage, you did readily consent.

    You were wed on that memorable November day in 1987,
    Since that day, you both have experienced a little bit of heaven.

    You're now an indispensable employee, part of the Fort Lee complex,
    Performing tasks conscientiously and accurately without any pretext.

    One of the nicest couples we've ever come to know,
    And their children three, as on us all they continue to grow.

    Christina, who is the oldest of them all, just graduated from VT,
    Landing a job with a prestigious accounting firm, destined to be a CPA.

    Already passing one CPA part, and studying hard for the others,
    She'll soon have them all under her belt, achieving her druthers.

    Scott, the 2nd in line, now in his second year at UVA,
    A nicer young man you'll not find for many a day.

    Michelle, just reaching her 15th year, is a lovely young lass,
    Friendly and quite considerate both of adults, and others in her class.

    Early on, she always included friends in her extracurricular activities,
    Such as jumping in leaves, riding the surfboard, or other festivities.

    She has a streamlined little dachshund called Dotsie,
    Who also loves to be on the surfboard with her, quite a lotsie.

    When everyone else is ready to call it quits,
    Dotsie is unmoveable on the surfboard, and just sits.

    Just like your marriage when difficulties and rough waves ensue,
    It's unmoveable, built to last as your vows to each other remain true.

    So in closing, I would like to pronounce God's blessings on each of you,
    Bless you with health, on the job, in school, whatever you're going through.

    May the next 25 years be as productive, fruitful and gratifying as the past,
    May you realize peace, happiness and goodness that will forever last.


    We Love You
    David & Elaine Shupe
    August 27, 2012
    (To be published November 18, 2012)

    Photo of Delaware Hospice husband and wife volunteers!


    (via telephone)
    Jean Swanson: November 17, 2012 via telephone:

    Thanks for the lovely poem for David & Vivian. It was so nice and I'm sure they will enjoy it. And it was so accurate too. She will call Vivian when she hangs up to be sure she received the beautiful poem.

    Vivian Swanson: November 17, 2012 via telephone:

    The poem was so beautiful. We have been sharing it with friends and relatives. Thank you so much. Thought you were still out of town at Pam's, that's why we didn't call before. Vivian asked about Pam and Dave's status, so we discussed each one. She said to tell Pam she's in our prayers, and she will be calling us back, if that's ok, to check on her. Thanks again for the poem. That was so considerate. Also, tell Elaine Hi and if we are in that area, or travel by when we go to Pam's stop by and see them, and they will show us around.

    NEW YEAR'S CARD AND MAIL: David & Vivian Swanson ~ rec'd Jan. 4, 2013: Dear David and Elaine, We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. You and your family have been in our prayers. We will be in touch to get an update on how everyone is doing. We enjoyed your "Christmas Time" poem. It was a joy to read as was the lovely poem which was especially prepared as David and I celebrated our 25 years being married. We count our blessings as we see how many people who are so nice and kind are in our lives. We thank you both for your often caring and kind thoughts! As we said before, if you are ever passing through Richmond & have time to stop & call, please do so ~ Swans5@verizon.net.

    POEM: SWANSON, JEAN: NEIGHBOR ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jean Swanson with Elaine and David at Cracker Barrel


    Jean ~ Elaine and I wish you a very special birthday today!
    Trusting the event is both refreshing and peaceful in every way
    Enjoy the visit down and your 2nd home here on Herring Creek,
    It's so quite and restful here, and it's a long way from Mozambique.

    You and Carl are lovely people and we're privileged to be your neighbor,
    You're a dedicated mother and grandmother and for them you always labor.
    No matter what you do, their welfare is foremost on your mind,
    Because you take your motherly duties seriously and you're always very kind.

    So enjoy yourself on this special day, and take it quite easy,
    Don't involve yourself in anything that upsets or makes you quesay.
    Perhaps a round of golf to help you unwind and totally relax,
    After that, a nice quiet dinner at a favorite place~including knick-knacks!

    If it was summertime, I suppose crabbing would also be in order,
    This is a passion of yours some may consider work, but you cross the border.
    You're such a handy person to prepare all varieties of crab dishes,
    And for those who salivate over crabmeat, you fulfill all their wishes.

    Recently, Carl and Jean decided to sell their home they've lived in almost 40 years.
    When you've lived in a place that's a part of you so long, it's enough to bring on tears,
    As they are scaling down somewhat, they moved into a military assisted living complex,
    Naturally, we all experience a bit of trauma as such decisions leave us a little perplexed.

    Jean and Carl were blessed with three children; David, John and Steve,
    They have all been quite successful as anyone who knows them can perceive.
    More, they also have three special grand children ~ who they love dearly,
    Two are attending college and the youngest in high school~college bound clearly.

    Christina, the oldest, is in her senior year at Virginia Tech,
    Who already has landed a job with a prestigious CPA firm, by heck.
    Scot, the middle child, is a freshman at the University of Virginia,
    Where he should learn about such faraway places as and Peking and Tasmania.

    Last, but not least, we have Michelle, a lovable, smart and all-around gal,
    Who always includes others in her activities, giving a big boost to their morale.
    While being the last of the grandchildren, although bringing up the rear,
    We believe that Michelle will go far in whatever profession she chooses as her career.

    One of the reasons, I'm sure, that young people gravitate to you,
    Is that you're a retired teacher and you know how to relate to them it's true,
    Although you and hubby, Carl are now retired, you still retain those traits,
    So from your next door neighbors, today's your day; you're one of the birthday greats.

    That God's blessings will be upon you and Carl as you continue the journey of life,
    Facing each day with a positive attitude and without turmoil or strife.
    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again from both of us, and this comes from our heart,
    We wish you the very best in life, with health and happiness to impart,

    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 18, 2011

    POEM: SWANSON, MICHELLE: HAPPY 16th ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Michelle and her pet dachshund on surfboard.

    (August 14, 2013)

    Happy 16th birthday to our young friend Michelle,
    A special gal with lots of class, she handles so well.

    Elaine and I remember when you were just a baby,
    As a little girl you touched our hearts ~ don't mean maybe.

    You've reached the coveted milestone of sweet sixteen,
    Which most boys and girls alike think is so keen.

    Over the years we have watched you grow and mature,
    A quiet, friendly young gal casting your own allure.

    An attentive personality, including friends in all recreation,
    Assuring that no one is left out, or suffering deprivation.

    Because of your outgoing ways and glowing personality,
    Elaine and I give you our votes for Miss Congeniality.

    A gal who is quite popular with adults and peers alike,
    This goes all the way back to when you were just a little tyke.

    In school, Michelle is exemplary by being an honor student,
    Which to our estimation is totally quite resplendent.

    In sports, Michelle just happens to be a whiz-bang at track,
    Electing to run the mile, gives no room for her to be slack.

    She also has had her share of babysitting responsibilities,
    Which go so much better, when you have her sensibilities.

    Michelle is in process of completing her lifeguard certification,
    She can then work as a life guard, expanding her diversification.

    We'll always remember you and Dotsie, your faithful doggie,
    Riding the surfboard with such ease, as falling off a loggie.

    Always treasure your parent's instructions & you won't go wrong,
    Whatever your status becomes in life, you'll remain strong.

    May the good Lord bless and keep you in every endeavor,
    Throughout high school, college and your business career forever.

    May He bless you with health, joy and happiness, all through life,
    Prosper your way, make your day, with an absence of undue strife.


    Elaine , David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    (Scooby Too)
    July 30, 2013


    Michelle Swanson on Aug. 14, 2013 via mail: Dear David and Elaine, Thank you so much for my birthday gift and card! It was very generous and thoughtful of you. I really appreciate it! The poem you wrote for me was very sweet and thoughtful. I am so lucky to have such amazing supportive, generous, people like you in my life. I feel so blessed to have you two in my life, and I really appreciate all that you do. Thank you so much! Love, Michelle.


    Photo of Vivian Swanson.

    (July 22, 2014)

    That time of year has rolled around again,
    So happy birthday to a special lady, Vivian.
    You have worked hard in your lifetime, and
    To build a successful home, you have striven.

    As a devoted Mother, Wife and Daughter,
    You certainly get our unsolicited vote.
    You do so many helpful family things,
    That are truly worthy of note.

    You've helped raise a hardworking family,
    One that's both loving and sensitive.
    Definitely commendable traits to secure the future,
    And ensure each child will be more competitive.

    You always think ahead and plan ahead,
    To make sure no one's inadvertently left out.
    Like mother and like daughters,
    What Christina and Michelle are all about.

    Christina working with a very prestigous CPA firm,
    Getting a chance to travel over this great land.
    Michelle doing so well in her school activities, and
    Her summer lifeguard job turning out quite grand.

    It's so good to see your only son Scott,
    Growing to be a responsible young man.
    Attending college, working, planning his future,
    Doing those adult things we all understand.

    As a sensitive and devoted daughter-in-law,
    You're the icing on the proverbial cake.
    When there, keeping things tidy and orderly,
    At the Swanson Cove, there by the "lake."

    Quite sure that devoted husband Dave,
    Is anxious to get back in the family routine.
    Living & being at home to lend a helping hand,
    Dealing with things known and unforseen.

    However, right now Dave's far, far away,
    Working in the war zone of Afghanistan.
    While this is undeniably a hot spot,
    It's safer than in neighboring Pakistan.

    Our prayer is for Dave to return safe & sound,
    To be with his loving family once again.
    So he'll be able, all the family functions,
    To participate in, and faithfully attend.

    May God bless you Vivian each & every day,
    Give you strength, happiness and peace.
    May you employ God's infinite wisdom, &
    Enjoy prosperity that will never ever cease.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    July 6, 2014


    Photo of Vivian


    Just a brief note
    to let you know.
    We enjoyed our visit,
    while on the go.

    Hospitality was superb,
    to say the least.
    And on your meal
    we did feast.

    Michelle and Scot
    were so kind.
    Took time out
    to help us recline.

    Sorry we didn't see
    Christina and Dave.
    Perhaps we will soon,
    and give them a wave.

    Our two night stay
    was quite divine.
    Our chats with you
    helped us to unwind.

    Took us to a lovely lunch,
    at the Jefferson hotel.
    A structure so elegant,
    The food so swell.

    Acting as tour guide,
    for Richmond sites.
    Important to know,
    to enhance our insights.

    You have a knack for,
    making one feel at ease.
    And all that you do
    tends to please.

    Even taking our car
    while we did rest.
    To fill it with gas
    & keep us from distress.

    No one's ever done
    anything like that before.
    For us that is,
    to do a necessary chore.

    We express our appreciation,
    for all that you have done.
    You made our visit so pleasant,
    so we THANK YOU a ton.

    'Til we meet again Vivian,

    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine
    August 3, 2014.


    Vivian Swanson: Vivian telephoned on August 12, 2014 and thanked me for the thank you poem prepared because we spent 2 nights at her house. She became our tour guide in Richmond and was a great hostess. Said she didn't know how I could just take every day events and make a neat poem out of them. She really liked the poem and wished me a happy birthday too. The next day she presented me with a birthday gift.

    Jean Swanson: Jean told me on August 12 that she really liked the poem and it was such a nice thing for us to do for Vivian.

    Names Starting with the Letter "T".


    Happy Thanksgiving Banner.

    "THANKSGIVING 2014!"

    Thanksgiving is a time of year,
    When our Savior, we do cheer.

    It's a time to start professing,
    It's a time to count our blessing.

    One day a year is set aside,
    So His blessings, we can abide.

    Blessings abound us every day,
    So let's give thanks the same way.

    It's a time to search our heart,
    Thanking God for taking our part.

    Thanksgiving is a time for living,
    A time for receiving, and for giving.

    Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks,
    Not for the ungrateful, or the cranks.

    Thanksgiving's having a thankful heart,
    Keeping His Word & that Word impart.

    A time for families to get together,
    Notwithstanding inclement weather.

    A time to share and reminisce,
    Enjoy togetherness, all the bliss.

    A time to set the stuffed turkey out,
    Including all the trimmings round about.

    Dear Lord, we're thankful for all things,
    Even the gizzard and the wings.

    Dig in and enjoy, that's the ticket,
    I'll take the thigh if you'll let me pick it.

    A time to say thanks for this special feast,
    From the eldest to the least.

    Thank you Lord, for your many blessings,
    We owe you everything, we are confessing.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    November 20, 2014


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    Jim Nicholson, Willie Radford Sr, Angela Littleton Miller, Samson Shupe, Jeffery Lee Williams, Cheryl Shupe Baker and Pat Oakley Shupe like the poem.

    Jim Nicholson:Thank you David! May you and Elaine have a very blessed Thanksgiving! November 25 at 7:27am.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jim! And the same to you and Joy. November 25 at 8:43am.

    Rita Hudson: Happy Thanksgiving Davis and Elaine. November 25 at 9:34am.

    David S Shupe:Same to you and Vic, Rita! November 25 at 10:52am.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: happy thanksgiving to you guys! i love you. November 25 at 10:53am.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jamie! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jethro, Adam & Jaycie. November 25 at 10:58am. Like · 2.

    Shari Allen: Happy Thanksgiving. November 25 at 8:13pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Shari. Had a good one with family in Roanoke/Lexington area. Just got back home last night. Hope you had a good one too. November 30 at 6:45pm · Like · 1.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Happy Thanksgiving (a little late) David and Elaine ! November 30 at 7:41pm.

    David S Shupe: We did have a good Tksgvy. Hope you did too Pat. 20 hrs · Edited.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: There you go again with your beautiful poems......7 hrs.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma, as the good Lord prompts, I write. Dec. 2, 2014.

    Names Starting with the Letter "V".


    Photo of Finleys, Vaughans and Coach Beamer.


    Thanks Ruth Ann,
    You hit a grand slam.

    The day at Virginia Tech,
    Was unsurpassed, by heck.

    What a delightful surprise,
    Tears filled our eyes.

    Made Pam's day,
    Took her breath away.

    Touched her heart,
    Joy, you did impart.

    Watered an alumni seed,
    Such a good deed.

    Enjoyed a superb lunch,
    You played a good hunch.

    Touched the Hokie stone,
    Never again to be alone.

    Entered the stadium ground,
    Look at what they found.

    Finley Family on the big screen,
    There for all to be seen.

    Met with beloved Coach Beamer,
    Enough to turn Pam into a screamer.

    Received autographed football,
    Heartfelt thanks to one & all.

    Finley's & Vaughn's together,
    Memories to last forever.

    You are Pam's faithful friend,
    Your kindness is without end.

    May God bless you Ruth Ann,
    For your kind, thoughful plan.

    Know Pam will always treasure
    Memories we cannot measure.


    Photo of Elaine & David Shupe.

    Pam's Stepmother & Father,
    Elaine & David Shupe
    July 17, 2015



    Mailed this poem, along with a thank you card to Ruth Ann on July 29, 2015.

    Ruth Ann Vaughan: 8/4/15. Dear David & Elaine, I just wanted to drop you a line & thank you for the sweet poem you wrote & sent me. That was so very special & I will always treasure it, along with the note you wrote in the card. I also loved the chocolate covered strawberries you sent ~ WOW! What a neat surprise. They were simply delicious & we all enjoyed them.

    I just saw Pam today for an eye exam & enjoyed a few moments with her. I know by the time you read this that they will be there visiting you. I so hope you all h ave a great visit through Sunday!

    By the way, I truly can't take all the credit for Pam's special day at Tech. Jordan McCauley is really the one who coordinated everything. If you want to drop him a note, here's his contact info--(not included for privacy reasons). Again, a huge thanks for the poem, note, & strawberries! Have a blessed week!

    Ruth Ann with a smiley face.

    Mailed this poem, along with an angel card to Pam Shupe Finley on July 29, 2015.

    POEM: VESSELS, JACK: SURGERY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus, our creator!



    We come to you in behalf
    Of your faithful servant, Jack.
    He's scheduled for knee surgery,
    And we know You have his back.

    Jack is a long-time member of LPC,
    And an active Soldier of the Cross.
    Out of commission for any length of time,
    He will be missed, and it will be our loss.

    He's probably served in every official capacity,
    That the church has to offer.
    As well as being a gifted Bible teacher,
    Adding so much to the spiritual coffer.

    You're always there when we need you,
    Lord, You've never let us down.
    Every time we call on you,
    You're always around.

    So we lift him up to you,
    To your heavenly throne of grace.
    Believing in your many promises,
    Your Holy Word does embrace.

    Your Word declares you're with us always,
    Even to the very end of the world.
    So we stand on that unerring Word,
    And Your Name we will gladly herald.

    We ask that you guide the doctor's hand,
    Be with the staff and technician's too.
    That the surgery will be successful,
    As you're there to see Jack through.

    Give him peace about the operation,
    And assurance this is for the best.
    Jack & doctors will do all they can,
    It's up to You to do the rest.

    After the surgery is completed,
    And the recovery process begins.
    You can assure a rapid recovery,
    So convalescence quickly ends.

    We ask that you be by his side,
    Throughout this entire ordeal.
    We're standing on the Solid Rock,
    And to You we offer our appeal.

    So thank you, dear Lord,
    For hearing our supplication.
    To give Jack strength and peace of mind,
    Ensuring the proper healing application.


    David & Elaine Shupe
    May 24, 2013

    Photo of Elaine and David.


    Jack Vessels: Jack called after receiving his card and poem on June 13, 2013, and thanked us for both and the thoughts and prayers. Said he didn't think he'd have to be out of church for too long.


    Veterans Day Poster.

    (November 11, 2013)

    November 11th is the special day set aside,
    To honor our Veterans working to turn the tide.

    Millions have fought and sacrificed to keep us free,
    Many left home never to be classified a returnee.

    They were killed and buried, losing their lives on foreign soil,
    May not have lived to see it, but the enemy they did foil.

    Others came home, sometimes to a hostile reception,
    In the case of Viet Nam Veterans, a sad reflection.

    Brave men and women fought hard, dedicating their lives,
    To assure our freedom, making sure America thrives.

    They were victorious in battle, proudly defending our flag,
    They never shirked their duties, neither did they lag.

    From WWI to the Afghan conflict, our military stands tall,
    The enemy they did engage, then rout and forestall

    They fought from fox holes, aboard ship and in the air,
    They stuck to their guns for us, no matter when or where.

    We owe our lives to those brave fighting women and men,
    Fighting to end tyranny, and bring the war to an end.

    Leaving spouses, children, parents facing an uncertain future,
    Left behind or leaving, encountering much discomfiture.

    Many come home minus arms, legs or normal mental dexterity,
    Causing suffering and anguish to all concerned for their severity.

    Fighting is not glamorous, it's done under adverse conditions,
    Our courageous military personnel stand tall in all competitions.

    We owe heartfelt thanks to all Veterans we do place in high regard;
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast and National Guard.

    May God richly bless them and their families for their sacrifice,
    May we always honor & thank them, for they paid the supreme price.


    David S. Shupe
    November 10, 2013


    Jeffery Lee Williams, Shirley Poynter, Shannon Vanover Nicholson, Jim Nicholson, Shari Allen, Angela Littleton Miller, Bonnie McFall, Jenifer Heston-Lewis, Rita Lopp, Rebecca Craycraft, Jeannean Chester-Heber, Lisa Wilson and Fay Kuhlike like this on Nov. 11, 2014.

    5 people shared the poem: Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson, Bonnie McFall, Shirley Poynter and Jeffrey Lee Williams, on November 11, 22014.

    Jim Nicholson: Well done David! Thank you for your service! Nov. 14, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jim! And for yours too!

    David S Shupe ~ November 11, 2015 at 6:56am: Veteran's day is a very special day for all Americans; a time we can come together to thank those who served our country so well, and even gave their lives so that we could live in freedom and comfort. We are greatly indebted to all those, both living and dead, who sacrificed so much for us. So thank you, thank you, thank you all veterans in every service, living and dead for what you did. Composed this poem 2 years ago, but thought it appropriate to re-post it at this time.

    The following people like this: Ruth Owens, Doug Mills, Adrienne Scott, Stephen Wheatley, Jared Shupe, Jim Nicholson, Bill Morgan, Beverly Hurd, Geri Elliott, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Norm Fontana, Jeffery Miller, David Gene Shupe, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Gorman wheatley, Joy Shupe Nicholson and Laurie Holmes.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson Beautiful!!! Thank God for our veterans!!! May His blessings be upon them and their families!!! November 11, 2015 at 8:27pm. David S Shupe: Yes, where would this country be without the Veterans. So many sacrificed a great deal, along with their families; and many gave their all; they had no more to give. Reminded us of Jesus Christ who gave His all for us, that we might live.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Thank you Uncle David as you served your time too,,,...you are such a special Christian man.....also thank you for all those poems that mean so very much to so many.........they have really help me...I love to read them.... David S Shupe: Thanks Norma. I can always count on you to say such encouraging things, and to let me know that the little we do may encourage someone along the way. It makes our meager efforts worthwhile, even though we know it's the good Lord that gives us the inspiration for any good that is done. Without Him, we'd be useless. With Him, all things are possible. To God be all glory, honor and praise. November 12, 2015 at 5:17am.

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    Geri Elliott: Thank you for your service Uncle David! November 11, 2015 at 6:38am.

    Michelle Shupe Wheatley: Thank you for your service Uncle David! I love you! November 11, 2015 at 7:12am.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Thank you for your service, dear brother David, and the beautiful way you honor the veterans - always thinking of others!!! We love you!!! November 11, 2015 at 8:31pm.

    Pat Oakley Shupe shared your post November 12, 2015 at 5:43am.

    Jim Nicholson shared your post November 11, 2015 at 8:40pm. Shirley Poynter and Pat Oakley Shupe like this.

    Customized and re-posted poem to my Facebook Timeline on May 29, 2016 for Memorial Day.

    Eleven people liked it: Elisa Levy Harris, Norma Littleton Forbush, Beverly Hurd, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, David Gene Shupe, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Angela Littleton Miller, Jared Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Cheryl Shupe Baker.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post May 30 at 5:52pm: So well said, brother David! Thank you for sharing your inspirational poem!!! Love you!!!

    Bill Morgan shared your post May 30 at 10:46am. Six people liked it.

    Names Starting with the Letter "W".


    Photo of Karen Craft Walls.

    (August 14, 2013)

    Happy birthday to Karen, Elaine's very good friend,
    You two have a special bond that'll never end.
    You've been there for Elaine, and that's a big plus,
    It's so wonderful to have someone you can trust.

    Time flies swiftly by, and the years pile up,
    It's been a long haul, no need to be abrupt.
    I don't want to be the one to recapitulate.
    You've been friends longer that I dare stipulate.

    You were a lifesaver in caring for Elaine's black Lab,
    While she visited other places, taking leave of her pad.
    You did it all because of your friendship with Elaine,
    Not only once or twice, but over and over again.

    Elaine remembers all the good times you two had,
    With the Cancer Society & Fair making her oh so glad.
    Making hundreds of cookies served with the recipe,
    But Sylvia neglected to procure a permit, a real necessity.

    But the cookies didn't go to waste, not by a long shot,
    Non-fair attendees, stuffed themselves & went to pot.
    So Karen, thanks for all the great memories you've created,
    For the good times and bad, that can never be duplicated.

    Karen is a conscientious and hard worker,
    Never would she be called a goof-off or shirker.
    She has a caring and considerate personality,
    And a person who exhibits a lot of rationality.

    Karen is blessed to have quite a prestigious job,
    A race track Facilities Manager is her heart throb.
    In Harrington, though she hales from Greenwood, Delaware,
    Though now living in Suddlersville, Md for those unaware.

    She also treasures the Collins family, she adopted,
    Or they adopted her; not sure which way they opted.
    She has befriended them all, over the intervening years,
    Through good times and bad, even the tears.

    Recently, Karen and Joanne planned an ocean cruise,
    A road mishap fouled their plans was their excuse.
    Thus ending her desire for an exciting trip overseas,
    Preferring instead to stay at home and take her ease.

    Karen delights in her "adopted" granddaughter, Maddy,
    Taking her under her wings, making Maddy quite gladdy.
    Next January they plan on a trip together to gay Paree,
    A trip that Maddy is looking forward to with great glee.

    Karen is the proud owner of Toby, a yellow Lab,
    A friendlier, gentler dog you can't fine, I'd like to blab.
    Toby is treated like a prince in his castle,
    Benefitting his demeanor, as he is no hassle.

    Toby travels with Karen to work and other places,
    In younger days he could compete in some of the races.
    He's so fortunate to have an owner like Karen,
    He'll never lack anything; his life will never be barren.

    Karen is a member of the Calvary~Ashbury Methodist church,
    Staying on the straight & narrow path, she doesn't lurch.
    Taking her Christianity seriously, according to the Book,
    Nothing so important as the Christian life she partook.

    So God, bless Karen with health, happiness and peace,
    May her love, zeal and enthusiasm for You never cease.
    Give her strength and courage from day to day,
    And the assurance that You'll be with her alway.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    Elaine and David Shupe
    Oh Yes, & Scooby, too!

    May 26, 2013


    Karen Craft Walls: The poem was so beautiful. It touched my heart and made tears come to my eyes. Thank you.


    Photo of Toby, Karen's doggie.


    Oh, how it hurts to lose a special pet;
    The hurt is there, you can't forget.
    You came to me almost 14 years ago,
    When you were a pup, all frisky & aglow.

    We were such pals over the years,
    Had some fabulous times, shed a few tears.
    Will miss our daily rides, to & from work,
    Our close companionship, neither of us did shirk.

    You were always there, through thick & thin.
    The things you did made me laugh & grin.
    I'll miss the look of trust & love you gave to me,
    Your faithful obedience was there for all to see.

    I'll miss our walks we often had together,
    The memories are there; I'll forget never.
    Toby couldn't have found a better place,
    To live his life, so full of love & grace.

    You stole my heart as a canine pet,
    It was love at first sight, you bet.
    Over the years you were my faithful friend,
    How exciting for us when it all began.

    Toby Craft Walls became a member of my clan,
    So unbearable as his time came to an end.
    A handsome dog with a great big heart,
    So very sorry his time came to depart.

    Miss his carefree frolic and his fun,
    Miss his presence when the day is done.
    Miss the way he looked trustingly at me.
    Wondering what his big brown eyes did see.

    When I called, he came real soon,
    His love for me, I would not impugn.
    Miss the way he would romp and play,
    Miss his funny antics night and day.

    Miss the way he lay his head on my lap,
    Or the way he dreamed while he did nap.
    Miss the way he nuzzled up to me,
    His faithful devotion was something to see.

    Miss his unconditional love that we shared,
    Toby topped the list, none to be compared.
    He taught me a lot while we lived together,
    Worthwhile things that will leave me never.

    Thank's Toby, for the pleasure you sent my way,
    Because of you, each day lived was a brighter day.
    Thank God for loaning me Toby during his lifetime,
    Time we spent together was quite sublime.

    We know you'll keep him safe in Your care,
    Thinking about him, I'll shed another tear.
    Thank you God for loaning me such a faithful pet,
    The memories we shared, I'll never forget.

    We went through a lot together, Toby and I,
    That's why it hurt so much to say goodbye.
    If I had a special wish, then it would surely be,
    In the next life, we'd spend it together, you & me.

    Photo of Toby, Karen's doggie.

    Karen Craft Walls, Single Parent

    Deepest Condolences by:
    David & Elaine Shupe, Godparents
    (Cousin Scooby too)
    May 8, 2015


    Photo of Michelle and Steve.


    Happy anniversary to Michelle and Steve,
    An extraordinarily happy couple, I perceive.

    Love your positive attitudes toward one other,
    Never a cross word, that later you'd have to cover.

    Actually, it's the ten big ones you're now celebrating,
    Congratulations are in order for successfully relating.

    Steve, with his easy going and friendly ways,
    Perpetuates friendships and brigher days.

    Michelle, with her love for family, doting on grandchildren,
    Telling the world that they're one in a zillion.

    Marriage is a journey requiring two to tango,
    Sometimes requiring a little Mexican fandango.

    Would be nice if marriage was always fifty-fifty,
    In your case, it seems to be, which is nifty-nifty.

    In any case, we wish you both many more happy years,
    If possible, free from heartache, turmoil and tears.

    May God's richest blessing be upon you and yours,
    Open up the windows of heaven until it really pours.


    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    David & Elaine
    (Scooby too)
    January 8, 2015


    Stephen Wheatley, Mike Shupe, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Jeanie Randolph, Ruth Owens and Michelle Shupe Wheatley like this.

    Michelle Shupe Wheatley: So beautiful. Thank you Uncle David and Aunt Elaine. Brought tears to my eyes. Jan. 8, 2015.

    Michelle Shupe Wheatley to Stephen Wheatley... Look at our poem Uncle David wrote!

    Stephen Wheatley: Thank you aunt Elaine and uncle David for thinking of us...We love you...Jan. 8, 2015.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: Happy 10th anniversary. Love you both.

    POEM: WILSON, EMMAJEAN & DAVE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo Dave and EmmaJean at Mexican restaurant.

    (February 26, 2013)

    Congratulations EJ and Dave on 36th years of wedded bliss,
    Would you really want it any better than this?

    There have been good times, and there have been bad,
    Through it all, God has blessed you with what you had.

    He has made it go further that you could have on your own,
    May end up in the poor house, but haven't had to take out a loan.

    You have a daughter and son-in-law you've helped along the way,
    Hoping they would fare better than you did for many a day.

    Though there are times maybe you felt that you had over done it,
    But you were there to help, when their budget, they over run it.

    You have a granddaughter, Tayler, who is the apple of your eye,
    You do everything making sure she has her slice of the pie.

    What can we say more, they are your family, your life,
    Your goal is to help minimize for them any pain and strife.

    Daughter Shelley and granddaughter Tayler, reason for your existence,
    If nothing else, you want to make sure they have ample subsistence.

    Your Tayler recently went on an international trip to Guatemala,
    A school missionary journey, and a long way from Uganda's Kampala.

    The trip was a little risky for your taste, but it turned out quite well,
    It was something Tayler wanted to do, so for you it was swell.

    When Tayler was young, you took her to the State Fair every year.
    But now she's her own person at 18, and almost beyond your care.

    Time goes by so swiftly, and Tayler is more and more her own person.
    She comes and goes, and has become a lovely young lady with no coercion.

    Hubby Dave and you do your best to ensure that all things go smooth,
    Some things are out your hands, so it's hard to keep things in the groove.

    Son-in-law, Billy, does work full time to help bring in the bacon.
    The month is often longer than the pay check, and more needs to be making.

    Everyone has medical problems, but seems you have more than your share,
    But God has helped you through them all, and we know God does care.

    For 36 years, God has blessed you, helped you make it through thick and thin,
    Sometimes this life has been a real chore, other times you take it with a grin.

    While we may not always have been good to life, life has been good to us,
    It may not always be as easy to grin and bear it, as it is to fume and fuss.

    Whatever good comes of our life, we owe it to the good Lord's mercy,
    For He sees and knows what's on our plate, and He deserves our courtesy.


    David & Elaine
    February 9, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    Heidi at Cheesburgers in Paradise.

    HEIDI-San ~ A Very Special Friend!

    Heidi is one of the sweetest and the neatest people we know from St. Croix,
    We met her working a part time job at Columbus Cove where she did employ.
    She was always so pleasant and sociable as she served and waited our table,
    She was good at what she did, and she was efficient and aways able.

    The Cruzan and Southwestern Omelettes were enough to make us gravitate,
    Toward the delicious food items while our mouths did overly salivate.
    We loved going there twice a week for a breakfast we thoroughly enjoyed.
    If our bi-weekly restaurant trek was interrupted, we were quite annoyed.

    Sally Harper, proprietor of the restaurant, while displaying a congenial mood,
    Was the one actually responsible for cooking all the mouth watering food.
    Not only breakfast. but she had a knack for cooking up an excellent dinner meal too.
    As evidenced by the fact that we spent untold hours dining there, it's true.

    Sally and Hugh (with Bo and Bella) and their occasional light bantering as she worked,
    Tended to add a bit of spice and variety to the Crucian ways without getting irked.
    The pleasant surroundings, sunshine, marina, balmy breeze, the open air seating,
    All these combined, and more, served to make our visits there so completing.

    Heidi's temperament and friendly ways were characteristics that endeared her to us,
    Likewise her ready smile that lit up her face is indeed a great big plus,
    When someone kidded her, maybe a bit insensitive, she'd laugh and just go her way,
    So emulating Heidi's good and genial qualities would benefit each of us every day.

    Waitressing is not Heidi's primary job; she is engaged in another vocation,
    She's an expert in the arts, and ballet instruction is her number one occupation.
    She studied years under, and was credentialized by, Russian masters of ballet.
    She and her sister, Sonja, run a school, instructing young minds in that art today.

    When Heidi mentioned sponsoring a needy pupil who was a young student of ballet,
    We welcomed an opportunity to help someone realize a dream of being on stage in a play.
    We began sponsoring 9-year old Arelia as she learned and practiced the fine art of dance,
    Giving us satisfaction in so doing, we were giving a potential young artist a chance.

    It's been over six fulfilling years to date, Arelia is now one of PDA's star performers;
    Even now called on to teach younger students; turning out to be one of the transformers,
    Engaged in helping change young unlearned students into more experienced ballet dancers,
    Finding out what it's like to be on the giving end and working as one of the enhancers.

    We have attended many of Heidi and Sonja's ballet performances, notably the Nutcracker Suite
    We have been impressed with individual performances~~from the oldest dancers to the petite.
    And the stage setups and decorations so added to the presentations, and were quite awesome,
    All in all, it has been worth it to see how these young stars learn, perform and blossom.

    A few short years ago, Our Friend, Heidi experienced the biggest tragedy in her entire life,
    Her beloved husband was diagnosed with a condition from which he didn't recover~so much pain and strife.
    His many contributions were endless, helping Heidi with the performances and even acting in them too,
    He was an all around person, very involved and helped hold everything together~just like glue.

    Regrettably, we didn't know Terry very well, meeting him only once or twice-not being psycophantic,
    However, all we heard led us to believe he was a real trooper to Heidi, and a hopeless romantic,
    Example: He would just show up at her work site at Columbus Cove with a lovely flower arrangement too,
    Heidi would ask, "What's the occasion, Terry?" His reply, "no occasion, just because I love you."

    To our chagrin, Heidi moved to South Africa, accepting a new ballet position for which she had applied,
    Admittedly having a desire to return to the place where she and Terry first met and did reside.
    While it appears that this is a permanent move, we still wish Heidi all the best in every way,
    Looking on the bright side, perhaps she may visit here, or we can visit there some day.

    We admit our trips to St. Croix are not the same since Heidi departed the island and bid all adieu,
    There's a void there no one else can fill; we so miss her smiling face and our weekly rendezvous.
    Looking back, a lot of good times were had, looking ahead, there could still be good times again,
    So Heidi, though we're half a world apart, you still reside in our heart; that's me and Elaine.

    In closing we ask God's blessings on you; that He would bless you abundantly, your work and personal life,
    May you achive joy, happiness, health, peace, prosperity and certainly experience an absence of strife.
    Your delightful presence will always be missed by your many friends in St. Croix and the states, too,
    So Elaine and I would like to wish you all the best and say from our hearts, WE LOVE YOU.

    Not Sayonarra, Just
    'Til We Meet Again
    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 3, 2011

    (via Email)
    Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 08:21:00 +0200
    Subject: Heidi Calling
    From: pointedance@gmail.com
    To: elanaway@msn.com

    Well I just came back from my holiday and picked up my mail. In that was your card and poem. That was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POEM IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much. Really, my heart was touched. So I start work on Monday again and so far it looks as if it will be busy again. I was in Capetown last week and besides being on vacation also had to renew my visa as it runnung out already can you believe. I dont have the real thing but am going around with a paper in my purse saying I have applied. How about you two? Are you going to St. Croix this month? How is the winter in Delaware?


    On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 5:46 PM, David Shupe sent notifiication of the new poem website to Heidi and others.

    Heidi Wright: 1:09 a.m. Mar 10, 2012 (via email).

    To elanaway@msn.com

    Thank you my darlings I am going to take a look. I LOVED the poem you wrote for me. So I can see you are both well and I am so pleased about this. I am fine too. Just got my visa renewed so am happy about that.

    Much love,


    We know a young lady from St. Croix,
    But from there she did depart and deploy,

    She went and settled in South Africa of all places,
    Where many go amid a mingling of diverse races.

    A land of much history, and a land of great opportunity,
    A land of much diversity, but it still vives for unity.

    We do so miss you, Heidi, and we both have you in mind,
    Not only on your SPECIAL day of birth, but all the time.

    So we wish you the BEST OF BIRTHDAYS, and many more,
    May God bless you richly with health, peace and happiness galore.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    March 27, 2012

    POEM: WRIGHT, HEIDI: (Johannesburg, South Africa to Richmond, VA)~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Heidi Wright.

    (A Special Friend)

    To Heidi, our special friend,
    May our friendship never end.

    We treasure that friendship,
    Hope it will never slip.

    Welcome back to the old USA,
    Your visit surely makes our day.

    Glad you arrived and finally here,
    Grateful that we're also near.

    We've missed you so much,
    Your presence, smile and such.

    The happy times we enjoyed,
    At The Cove where employed.

    The meals were all so great,
    The service beyond first rate.

    Often we fondly reminisce,
    So sorry it had to desist.

    You live so very far away,
    Wish you could forever stay.

    Just know that it can't be,
    A long time we no see.

    Certain we don't always know,
    Which way the future will go.

    May the sun's bright rays,
    Light up all your livelong days.

    When you do have to depart,
    So goes part of our heart.

    When you once again leave,
    We'll most surely grieve.

    But safely go in peace,
    Our anguish will eventually cease.

    So God, go with our friend Heidi,
    May her life always be so tidy.

    Keep her in Your good graces,
    In America, Africa & other places.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    David & Elaine
    July 23, 2014


    Heidi Wright: via email. Sent from my iPad.

    From: Heidi Wright
    Date: August 26, 2014 at 8:05:56 AM EDT
    To: Elaine Dewey-Shupe

    Subject: Heidi checking in

    Hi there Dear David and Elaine. I have only now had a moment to tell you again how happy I was to see you and so appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to spend time with me,,,,even though we love each other..... It was great!! I flew into Joburg on Saturday and of course back to work already. Very happy to be back however. Be in touch and sending you the biggest HUG ever. XXXXXXXXXXXX Heidi

    My Dear Heidi:

    So glad you made it back to Johannesburg safe and sound without mishap. It was so very great to dine and be with you for the evening in Richmond. We had looked forward to it with much anticipation ever since we heard from Sonji that you would be coming to the states. What a thrill it was to sit, eat and talk with you for a couple of hours. It was well worth the 8 hours we spent in traffic to travel to Richmond, plus 4 hours on the return trip.

    You are constantly in our hearts, thoughts and prayers as we go through each week. Trust you will always stay safe, healthy and happy on the other side of the world. Thank God He is not limited by distance and He is there as well as here, for God loves you, and so do we. Sending you a friendship poem I wrote about a year and a half ago. Hope it gives you a little encouragement. Many hugs with love, David

    Names Starting with the Letter "Z".


    Photo of Ellie Ziegler.

    (October 24, 2014)

    A very happy birthday to Ellie Ziegler,
    Whom we're delighted to call friend.
    Certainly trust that our friendship,
    Will endure and never end.

    We've been friends for many years,
    Ever since the Stephen Ministry days.
    When we met and became acquainted,
    We willingly shared our Christian ways.

    Those were memorable gatherings,
    When training was surely beneficial.
    When Pat was our illustrious leader,
    And nothing about her was superficial.

    We definitely had some very good times,
    And also some that were quite serious.
    We were striving to go in the right direction,
    Not getting caught up in things deleterious.

    Some play acting took place, of course,
    Which might have been a bit amusing.
    But Pat's presence kept things on track,
    Preventing them from becoming confusing.

    Some of the skits that we performed,
    Turned out to be a somewhat hilarious.
    These were viewed as constructive,
    Rather than negative or nefarious.

    Pat, the serious type in her Christian work,
    But also gifted with a sense of humor.
    Not adverse to perking up her ears
    When someone mentions a juicy rumor.

    Harry and Edna, friendly and delightful,
    How we miss you Pat, Edna, Harry too.
    We were so blessed to call you friends,
    Not the same without them, it's true.

    Remember the time crafty Harry
    Brought us cookies from the store's shelf.
    Keeping Edna from bringing homemade ones,
    Instead, keeping those goodies for himself.

    Nancy Davis, a lady with lots of class,
    Adding substance to all the chatter.
    While we all kidded around a bit,
    She emphasized things that did matter.

    Never want to forget another dear lady,
    Whose name is Mary Ann Mohacey.
    A quiet, serious minded individual,
    Who'd never discuss anything "racy."

    Elaine & David, recently married then,
    Also a thorn in Pat's serious side,
    But she took it all good naturely,
    While our antics she did graciously abide.

    You, with your outgoing friendly manner,
    Soft voice and infectious smile.
    Not giving a cross word to anyone,
    But aware what's going on all the while.

    So a big happy birthday dear Ellie,
    As over bygone days we do reminisce.
    A glad heavenly reunion some future day,
    Will surely all culminate in glorious bliss.


    Photo of David & Elaine.

    Love in Christ,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    October 24, 2014

    Ellie Ziegler: The lovely poem you wrote for me brought back such heartfelt memories. A very special time to bond and share together and beyond....with God who taught us how to care with listening skills ~ the way to share. The years have passed since training days, with smiles and tears the prayers we raised for all of those who touched our heart, for God, His love to them impart. Thank you, my Christian loving friends with hopes our friendship never ends. Oct. 2014. (signed) Ellie.