This web page was constructed to include poems about our favorite Bible characters and stories such as Daniel in the Lion's Den, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, etc. People know true faith stories when they hear them. All the poems on this page are Bible based, and it also includes a number of Bible based riddle poems, following the regular poems. They include characters and events in the Bible that have been a part of my life ever since I was a young child just before my younger brother Jehu was born. I remember sitting on the bed with Mother's Bible in my lap, looking at the pictures they include in most Bibles, of spiritual heroes like Daniel in the Lion's Den, David and Goliath, and Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego delivered by God from the burning, fiery furnace.

These famous Biblical stories were reinforced over and over again by Mother and Dad over the years of our life as they read the stories to us, and later we read them for ourselves. I don't know how many times I've read the Bible, the greatest Book in all the world, all the way through as I haven't kept count, but I learn something new each time The Bible is so rich and full and rewarding. One time at the Norview Church of God of Prophecy in Norfolk, VA, when I was just a young man, the young people's leader challenged us to see who could read the most chapters of the Bible in one week. Some of us were enabled to read the Bible through in its entirety that week. We hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I have enjoyed composing them!



(Alphabetical A ~ I)

  • A Friend Indeed: March 14, 2013
  • A Heavenly Journey: August 23, 2015
  • A Mystery: January 24, 2015
  • A Name Like No Other: April 18, 2016
  • A Prayer for America: September 3, 2012
  • A Refuge From The Storm: October 25, 2013
  • A Time For Everything: November 10, 2013
  • A Way Out: May 20, 2014
  • A Word Fitly Spoken: July 8, 2012
  • A World Gone Awry: April 30, 2013
  • Adam & Eve: September 25, 2011
  • Always and Forever: February 20, 2017
  • Amazing Grace: May 23, 2014
  • America In Decline: July 21, 2012
  • America ~ Founded by Geniuses, Run by Idiots
  • Are You Listening? October 10, 2012
  • Armour of God Shields. . .& Delivers: December 12, 2012
  • Ask ~ Seek ~ Knock: November 1, 2012

  • Bank of Promise: September 10, 2012
  • Be An Example, March 13, 2014
  • Be Not Afraid: May 3, 2014
  • Be of Good Comfort: October 1, 2015
  • Be Of Good Courage: October 14, 2013
  • Be Of Good Courage #2: January 12, 2014
  • Be Of Good Courage #3: December 24, 2014
  • Be Someone: February 19, 2013
  • Be Someone Special: May 9, 2014
  • Beauty of Spring: April 24, 2013
  • Beauty of Summer: May 8, 2013
  • Bible Way: November 20, 2012
  • Blessed Trinity: November 20, 2014
  • Bring It On: February 9, 2017
  • Bumper Car Forgiveness: March 8, 2014
  • But God: August 4, 2012
  • By Faith: December 18, 2012
  • By Your Words: March 17, 2013

  • Cheer Up: March 14, 2013
  • Choose Life: April 9, 2014
  • Choose or Lose: February 18, 2017
  • Christ Is The Answer: November 20, 2012
  • Christ Is The Answer #2: April 29, 2014
  • Christ Meets My Need: July 27, 2015
  • Christians Vs. The Devils: December 1, 2012
  • Closer To Home Now Than I Was Yesterday: October 26, 2014
  • Come Unto Me ~ Part I: December 28, 2012
  • Come Unto Me ~ Part II: January 24, 2013
  • Come Unto Me ~ Part III: October 12, 2013
  • Comfort In Affliction: November 16, 2015
  • Complainers Beware: July 8, 2012
  • Count Your Blessings: August 30, 2013
  • Creation In A Nutshell: July 28, 2012

  • Daniel: September 30, 2011
  • Dear God: December 14, 2014
  • Dear Lord. . .March 21, 2014
  • Dear Lord, Walk With Me. . .: December 10, 2011
  • Decisions-Decisions-Decisions: November 19, 2011
  • Destined to Fail: October 24, 2013
  • Designed to Win: October 24, 2013
  • Do Good Anyway: January 28, 2013
  • Do You Feel Forsaken: September 15, 2015
  • Do You Hear Jesus Knocking: February 3, 2014
  • Do You Know Him: March 17, 2013
  • Do You Know the Lord: May 20, 2014
  • Does Anyone Care: May 8, 2013
  • Don't Look Back: July 1, 2013
  • Don't Look For Me Here...For I'll Be Gone: June 1, 2013
  • Don't Quit: March 11, 2016
  • Don't Run Away: April 7, 2016

  • Even So, Come Lord Jesus: October 22, 2013
  • Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus #2: January 8, 2016

  • Fallen Man: September 1, 2012
  • Fear No Evil: December 8, 2012
  • Fear Not: July 13, 2013
  • Fear Not #2: October 3, 2013
  • Follow Me: January 22, 2013
  • For In Thee, O Lord, Do I Hope: October 7, 2013
  • Forgive Us, Lord: October 6, 2013
  • Free At Last. . .Free At Last: November 30, 2016
  • From Such Turn Away: October 5, 2013
  • From Whence Cometh My Help: January 14, 2013

  • Give Thanks: October 10, 2013
  • Give Thanks To God: July 28, 2015
  • Giving Honor to God: September 23, 2011
  • Giving Thanks: February 13, 2014
  • Go Ahead, Make My Day: January 20, 2013
  • God Can. . .: March 11, 2017
  • God Can Use Anybody: January 24, 2014
  • God Cares: March 4, 2016
  • God Has Everything Under Control: October 7, 2012
  • God Has Made A Way For You: December 16, 2016
  • God Has Our Back: December 28, 2013
  • God Has Our Number: July 30, 2015
  • God Hears Our Cries: March 16, 2016
  • God Is Able: September 23, 2014
  • God Is Faithful: December 15, 2014
  • God Is. . .More Than Enough December 8, 2013
  • God Knows: August 26, 2015
  • God Will Make A Way. . .Somehow: December 14, 2014
  • God's Blessings: August 30, 2015
  • God's Creation: July 29, 2012
  • God's Holy Word: August 30, 2013
  • God Laid You On My Heart Today: April 15, 2016
  • God's Plan: September 10, 2012
  • God's Recall Notice: August 7, 2012
  • God's Recall Notice #2: August 5, 2012
  • God's Righteousness: November 2, 2013
  • Good vs. Bad: November 23, 2013
  • Goodbye Here ~ Hello There: January 15, 2016

  • Hallowed Be Thy Name: March 20,2012
  • Haman's Plan Backfires: January 10, 2014
  • Hang In There: October 1, 2013
  • Have Faith In God: July 15, 2012
  • Have No Fear ~ God Is Near: January 11, 2015
  • He Calms The Mighty Storms: July 29, 2012
  • He Did It All: May 13, 2013
  • He Hears Our Prayers: January 11, 2013
  • He Is Able: May 1, 2016
  • He Is God: October 2, 2015
  • He Maintains My Lot: December 29, 2012
  • He Must Increase ~ I Must Decrease: March 24,2012
  • He Took Our Place: February 8, 2015
  • He Touched Me: June 27, 2013
  • Heaven Bound: June 28, 2016
  • Heaven Is Awaiting: July 4, 2013
  • Heavenly Access: January 22, 2013
  • Heavenly Treasure: July 27, 2015
  • Help For Hurting People: December 4, 2013
  • Help Is On The Way: October 20, 2014
  • Here vs. There: March 7, 2016
  • He's God: August 14, 2014
  • His Compassions Fail Not: September 20, 2013
  • His Compassions Fail Not #2: November 14, 2015
  • His Enduring Word: April 23, 2016
  • His Grace Is Sufficient: June 13, 2014
  • His Grace Is Sufficient #2: April 13, 2016
  • His Way Is Perfect: September 2, 2014
  • Hold On: December 20, 2014
  • Hold On To Jesus: May 19, 2014
  • Holy Bible: September 24, 2011
  • Hope For The Hopeless: December 8, 2015
  • Hope Thou In God: June 11, 2015
  • How Can This Be: January 2, 2013
  • How Excellent Is Thy Name . . .June 21, 2012
  • How Do I Know Jesus Lives. . .March 30, 2014
  • How Sweet It is: February 3, 2013
  • Hurry Up & Wait: August 9, 2012

  • I Am A Christian: June 16, 2014
  • I Am That I Am: October 14, 2013
  • I Am The Lord: September 10, 2012
  • I Am Thine, Oh Lord: December 2, 2014
  • I Am Redeemed: January 3, 2015
  • I Am Redeemed #2: January 3, 2016
  • I Believe In Miracles: October 6, 2015
  • I Do Not Like It: September 17, 2012
  • I Don't Know About Tomorrow: December 1, 2014
  • I Have Connections: September 16, 2013
  • I Have Decided: December 3, 2012
  • I Know God Is God: December 20, 2012
  • I Know Whom I have believed: July 28, 2015
  • I Prayed For You Today: February 1, 2016
  • I Really Like It: October 1, 2012
  • I See A Bridge: February 19, 2014
  • I Shall Not Be Moved: July 20, 2014
  • I Surrender Lord: July 23, 2014
  • I Was Wrong: November 9, 2013
  • I Will Always Believe: July 27, 2014
  • I Will Be With You Always: December 20, 2012
  • I Will Follow: March 29, 2013
  • I Will Follow Jesus: May 10, 2014
  • I Will Hope Continually: June 13, 2014
  • I Won't Give Up: February 15, 2017
  • If God Is Dead: January 21, 2014
  • I'll Never Walk Alone: August 15, 2015
  • I'll Trust In God: July 26, 2013
  • I'll Wait For The Lord: March 29, 2014
  • I'll Walk With God: November 28, 2015
  • I'll Walk With Jesus: May 16, 2015
  • I'm Far From Perfect: December 13, 2015
  • I'm Fed Up: March 6, 2013
  • I'm Praying For You: January 31, 2016
  • In Everything Give Thanks! November 2011
  • In God We Hope: December 30, 2012
  • In God Will I Trust: September 2, 2016
  • In God's Hands: January 10, 2013
  • In Jesus' Name: April 7, 2014
  • In The Palm Of His Hand: August 27, 2016
  • In The Same Boat: May 3, 2015
  • Into Each Life. . .Some Rain Must Fall: November 29, 2016
  • It Hurt's To Lose A Special Person: April 17, 2013
  • It Is Well: November 29, 2016
  • It Is Written: September 20, 2013
  • It Will Be Worth It All: September 29, 2016
  • It's A Rough Road To Travel: July 28, 2015
  • It's Me Again, Lord: July 26, 2012
  • I've Come To Far To Turn Back: August 1, 2016

  • (Alphabetical J ~ R)

  • J ~ E ~ S ~ U ~ S: February 10, 2016
  • Jesus ~ A Name For All Occasions: July 28, 2014
  • Jesus Conquered Our Fear: March 17, 2013
  • Jesus First: July 27, 2015
  • Jesus Hold My Hand: October 9, 2012
  • Jesus In A Nutshell: July 22, 2012
  • Jesus is Calling: March 29, 2013
  • Jesus Is Coming Back: August 30, 2015
  • Jesus is Coming Soon: June 20, 2012
  • Jesus Is Lord: November 23, 2012
  • Jesus Is Not Optional: March 17, 2013
  • Jesus Is Our Catalyst: February 20, 2017
  • Jesus Is Our Gateway: November 12, 2016
  • Jesus Is Still Lord: November 20, 2014
  • Jesus Is The Answer: September 2, 2016
  • Jesus Is The Light: July 30, 2015
  • Jesus Is The Only Way: November 14, 2016
  • Jesus Is The Reason: December 24, 2011
  • Jesus Is The Way, The Truth & The Life: January 13, 2016
  • Jesus Is There For You: June 5, 2012
  • Jesus Is Worthy: June 8, 2014
  • Jesus Knows: February 21, 2017
  • Jesus Loves Me: May 8, 2013
  • Jesus On My Mind: August 6, 2014
  • Jesus, Our Pinch Hitter: October 20, 2012
  • Jesus Paid It All: October 12, 2012
  • Jesus Understands: July 28, 2015
  • Job's Faithfulness: April 30, 2012
  • Jonah & The Whale! January 26, 2012
  • Jonah in a Nutshell! January 26, 2012
  • Joseph: November 7 2011
  • Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho: March 10, 2012
  • Just A Sinner Saved By Grace: March 22, 2012
  • Just As I Am: October 28, 2013
  • Just Enough: January 15, 2014
  • Just Trust ~ God Delivers: August 24, 2015
  • Just Wait: May 17, 2015
  • Just Wanted To Thank You, Lord: February 8, 2016

  • Keep Looking Up: March 21, 2016
  • Kepp On Keepin' On: March 11, 2017
  • Keep The Door Of My Lips: December 31, 2012
  • Kingdom of God: October 2, 2012
  • Knowing Jesus: September 20, 2013

  • Lead Me, Guide Me: September 16, 2014
  • Lead Me Lord: April 4, 2014
  • Let's Roll: September 28, 2013
  • Look To Jesus: November 28, 2012
  • Looking For A City: January 6, 2012
  • Lord, Change Me: June 20, 2013
  • Lord, Hear My Prayer: September 1, 2014
  • Lord, I Believe: May 26, 2013
  • Lord, I Believe #2: October 28, 2013
  • Lord, I Believe #3: June 17, 2014
  • Lord, I Believe #4: January 4, 2015
  • Lord, I Believe #5: August 31, 2015
  • Lord, I Don't Understand: October 24, 2012
  • Lord, I Give Up: March 6, 2014
  • Lord, Save Me: December 28, 2013
  • Lord, Stand By Me: November 30, 2012
  • Lord, Stand By Me #2: November 1, 2013
  • Lord, Stand By Me #3: December 22, 2013
  • Love Of Christ: November 24, 2012
  • Love Of God: December 6, 2012
  • Lewes Presbyterian Church (LPC): April 7, 2013
  • LPC's Easter Cantata: March 24, 2013
  • Lying Creates Havoc: January 14, 2017

  • Make A Difference: March 29, 2014
  • Man fails ~ God Prevails: July 26, 2015
  • Man vs. God: July 29, 2012
  • Mary Anne Barcellona: December 18, 2011
  • More Than I Can Be: October 12, 2015
  • Mountain Moving Faith: December 28, 2012
  • My God Is Able: May 21, 2016
  • My God Is Real: January 31, 2014
  • My God is Real #2: February 22, 2017
  • My God, My God. . .How Great Thou Art: January 31, 2014
  • My Hope Is Fixed In God: October 6, 2015
  • My Lord is Always Near: February 10, 2014

  • Name of Jesus: April 15, 2012
  • Never Alone: August 31, 2015
  • Never Give Up: September 9, 2013
  • Never Lose Hope: February 22, 2017
  • No Hiding Place: January 27, 2017
  • No Mansion Down Here: August 1, 2013
  • No Other Name: November 20, 2013
  • No Turning Back: June 30, 2013
  • Noah & The Flood, February 23, 2012
  • Not of Works: August 12, 2012
  • Not Water But Hospital Boarding: November 30, 2012
  • Not What I Used To Be: April 24, 2013

  • O Earth, Earth, Earth, Hear the Word. . . October 22, 2012
  • Obey My Voice: October 26, 2013
  • Obstacles In Our Path: February 24, 2013
  • Oh, How It Hurts: January 11, 2013
  • Old Man Trouble: January 19, 2013
  • Oh, How I Love Your Word: January 10, 2015
  • Oh Lord, Stand By Me: July 18, 2015
  • Oh Me Oh My: May 7, 2014
  • On The Road: February 15, 2013
  • One Day At A Time: October 29, 2012
  • One Day Closer: May 20, 2016
  • One Plus God: August 4, 2013
  • One Thing I Do Know: February 16, 2017
  • One Thing I Know: December 28, 2016
  • One Thing is Needful: October 14, 2011
  • Only By God's Mercy: September 30, 2014
  • Open My Eyes, Lord: October 20, 2013
  • Open My Eyes, Lord #2: May 20, 2014
  • Open My Eyes, Lord #3: February 13, 2016
  • Our Anchor Holds: January 9, 2014
  • Our Leaders Will Answer For Their Misdeeds: July 22, 2012
  • Our Topsy-Turvy Life: March 18, 2013
  • Overcome Evil With Good: January 7, 2016

  • Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus: January 16, 2013
  • Patience Is A Virtue: January 29, 2014
  • Patience of God: January 1, 2013
  • Peace, Be Still: October 3, 2014
  • Peace In The Storm: February 13, 2017
  • Praising Our Savior: January 25, 2014
  • Prayer Changes Things: January 3, 2013
  • Prayer Is The Answer: January 3, 2013
  • Queen Esther and Mordecai: November 12, 2011

  • Recalculating: October 23, 2011
  • Rejoice Evermore: January 13, 2013
  • Rest In Peace 2015: December 31, 2015
  • Restore Unto Me: November 19, 2013
  • Restore Unto Me #2: January 25, 2014
  • Right vs. Wrong: January 28, 2013
  • Righteous Have The Last Say: May 11, 2012
  • Righteous Not The Wicked Shall Prevail: July 5, 2013
  • Running Away: October 15, 2013
  • Running To & Fro: January 10, 2012
  • Ruth & Naomi: December 9, 2011

  • (Alphabetical S ~ Z)

  • Safe In His Arms: November 17, 2015
  • Safe In His Hands: May 13, 2013
  • Sanctity of Traditional Marriage: June 14, 2012
  • Scourging & Crucifixion of Jesus Christ ~ Part I: The Scourging: Feb. 20, 2014
  • Scourging & Crucifixion of Jesus Christ ~ Part II: The Crucifixion: Feb. 20, 2014
  • Seek The Lord: October 2, 2013
  • Sheltered. . .Under His Wings: January 18, 2016
  • Show Me The Way, Lord: October 3, 2015
  • Sin's Detergent: January 20, 2014
  • Somebody Prayed For Me: December 9, 2016
  • Something New ~ Something Different For 2012: January 2, 2012
  • Spirit Vs. The Flesh: June 11, 2012
  • Spiritual vs. Natural Vision: February 5, 2017
  • Spiritual vs. The Natural: February 5, 2013
  • Stand Fast in the Lord: October 18, 2013
  • Stand Firm: July 14, 2013
  • Stand Your Ground: July 17, 2015
  • Stop! Smell The Roses: January 31, 2015
  • Storms Never Last: April 13, 2016
  • Sweet Hour of Prayer: February 1,2014

  • Take Heart: April 12, 2016
  • Talk With Me, Lord: January 8, 2016
  • Tear Down That Wall: August 13, 2012
  • Temptations: October 22, 2013
  • Thank You, God: November 28, 2012
  • Thanks Be Unto God For His Unspeakable Gift: October 21, 2013
  • Thanks Lord, For Always Being There: December 29, 2013
  • The ABC's Of "Living:" December 30, 2016
  • The All Seeing Eye: January 7, 2013
  • The Best Is Yet To Come: April 7, 2016
  • The Bible Stands: July 1, 2014
  • The Blood of Christ: January 15, 2013
  • The Fool: July 15, 2013
  • The God of All Comfort: March 1, 2015
  • The Golden Rule: July 7, 2013
  • The Golden Years: June 1, 2013
  • The Good Lord Knows: August 11, 2015
  • The Good News Is.....: January 24, 2013
  • The Last Days: November 8, 2013
  • The Lord Be Magnified: January 14, 2013
  • The Lord Is. . .: February 23, 2015
  • The Lord Is There: December 26, 2016
  • The Lord Our Righteousness: June 5, 2013
  • The Lord Will Provide: January 8, 2013
  • The Love of God: March 2, 2014
  • The Love Of God #2: September 24, 2014
  • The Love Of God #3: January 3, 2015
  • The Mere Mention Of His Name: January 30, 2014
  • The Money Tree: January 31, 2013
  • The Older I Get. . .The Closer To Heaven I Am: February 8, 2015
  • The Power Of Words: August 27, 2016
  • The Tongue: July 30, 2015
  • The Wrong Way Day: February 26, 2013
  • The Virgin Mary: February 8, 2015
  • There's A New Day Coming: January 22, 2013
  • They That Wait: August 27, 2015
  • Things I Love To Hate: September 17, 2012
  • Things I Will Not Do: February 23, 2013
  • Think Again: January 1, 2016
  • Thinking of You: April 12, 2016
  • Thinking of You. . .As I Often Do: March 29, 2016
  • This I Know: August 5, 2016
  • This Is Your Life: January 29, 2013
  • This World Is Not My Home: November 1, 2015
  • Thou Maintainest My Lot: October 22, 2013
  • Three Hebrew Children: September 28, 2011
  • To Family & Special Friends: December 4, 2012
  • To God Be The Glory: August 29, 2013
  • To Know Jesus: September 20, 2012
  • To See Jesus: January 17, 2014
  • To Those Who Overcome: December 29, 2013
  • Trust God: February 15, 2013
  • Trust God All The Time: January 24, 2015
  • Trust God ~ Follow God: March 21, 2016
  • Trust Jesus: October 3, 2012
  • Trust Jesus ~ Our Hope: May 10, 2014
  • Try To Be A Rainbow in Someone's Cloud: April 7, 2016
  • Turn Your Pain Into Gain: July 26, 2014

  • Unworthy: September 26, 2013

  • Voice of Hope: August 27, 2016

  • Wait For Me: June 28, 2013
  • Wait For The Lord: March 29, 2014
  • Wait On The Lord December 28, 2012
  • Wait On The Lord #2: October 12, 2013
  • Wait On The Lord #3: March 3, 2014
  • Waiting On God: October 8, 2014
  • Walk Beside Me, Precious Lord: May 5, 2015
  • Way To Salvation: June 10, 2012
  • We Act ~ God Reacts: September 10, 2012
  • We Are Inseparable: August 11, 2015
  • We Are The Lord's: March 6, 2016
  • We Are Unpluckable: January 1, 2014
  • We Can't ~ But God Can: September 24, 2012
  • We Need God: March 10, 2014
  • We Shall Overcome: June 26, 2016
  • We Win Either Way: January 27, 2014
  • Weathering The Storm: December 19, 2016
  • Weird Places I Have Been: January 10, 2016
  • What A Day That Will Be!: November 19, 2013
  • What A Glorious Day: November 30, 2016
  • What Difference Does It Make: May 30, 2013
  • What I Am: January 24, 2014
  • What Is That In Your Hand: January 24, 2013
  • What Is Your Passion? June 28, 2012
  • What Is Truth: October 20, 2013
  • What Jesus Did: March 14, 2013
  • What Manner Of Man Is This: December 9, 2012
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved? September 17, 2011
  • What The Future Holds: December 18, 2012
  • What We Can Do: October 27, 2012
  • What We Shall Be: February 13, 2015
  • What Will Your Legacy Be: June 1, 2013
  • Where Are You, Lord: July 26, 2012
  • Where There's Life. . .February 17, 2014
  • Where's God Not: January 21, 2015
  • Whether We Live Or Die: October 7, 2015
  • Who God Chooses: April 29, 2012
  • Who Is On The Lord's Side: March 14, 2012
  • Who Is Right? August 17, 2012
  • Who Is The Lord: January 22, 2013
  • Who Is This Man Jesus: January 27, 2017
  • Who Said That, Lord: October 13, 2015
  • Whosoever Will: May 3, 2015
  • Why Jesus Came: December 25, 2012
  • Why Lord, Why: July 26, 2014
  • Will You Also Go Away: January 25, 2013
  • Wind Blows Where It Will: June 28, 2013
  • With God ~ All Lives Matter: September 7, 2015
  • With God ~ All Lives Matter #2: September 7, 2015
  • With God All Things Are Possible: September 26, 2012
  • With or Without God: February 4, 2015
  • With Your Help Lord, We'll Make It: September 13, 2015
  • Without God: December 20, 2014
  • Wit's End: August 31, 2015
  • Woe Is Me: August 23, 2015
  • Won't It Be Worth It All? August 14, 2012
  • Woman Accused of Adultery: December 10, 2011
  • Words Condemn or Justify: January 16, 2017
  • Worry-Free Zone: December 8, 2015

  • Yes, God Cares: May 8, 2013
  • You Can Bank On It: September 10, 2012
  • You Can Be Saved Anywhere: September 26, 2012
  • You Can Count On Jesus: September 10, 2013
  • You Can Pray Anywhere: January 16, 2014
  • You Were There, Lord: November 29, 2012
  • Your Grace Is Sufficient: November 3, 2015
  • You're Always There: October 9, 2012

  • Zacchaeus: November 26, 2011
  • POEM: A FRIEND INDEED ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus calls you friend.


    A friend is someone who knows all about us,
    Loves us anyway, as our friendship is one of trust.

    A true friend speaks truth to us in love,
    Even if it doesn't fit just like a glove.

    They tell it like it is for our benefit,
    That's why their help, we do solicit.

    They're true to us, no matter how truth hurts,
    No matter about our feelings, though it disconcerts.

    As Proverbs says, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend,"
    Friends are there to cause our heartaches to end.

    The answer may come at the expense of our pride,
    With advice of a friend, the solution we may abide.

    Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother,
    His words of life and advice to us are like no other.

    Jesus not only shows us truth, He is Truth,
    He is the Way, THE TRUTH, the Life, forsooth.

    He is the same, yesterday, today and forever,
    He will never leave you, nor forsake you ~ never.

    He said, "I am with you always, even to the world's end,"
    Can you do any better than that for a close friend?

    Neither Jesus nor a good friend, will beat around the bush,
    They will, straight forwardly, let us know when we should hush.

    As we walk with Jesus, He speaks quite candidly to our heart,
    He is honest with us, so from righteousness, we will not depart.

    Just one of many reasons we turn to Him for help indeed,
    And find His grace is sufficient to help in times of need.

    Jesus is a friend for life, as well as through the vigil of death,
    He is there by our side, even when we draw our last breath.

    The big secret is, He is the God of the living and not the dead,
    In Christ, the soul will never die, so we have nothing to dread.


    David S. Shupe
    March 14, 2013


    Pam Shupe Finley, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Lisa Rice Davenport like this. July 18, 2014.

    Posted to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's FB Messenger page on July 2, 2016, 10:13 am. Her response: CeCe Edmonds Offidani 10:23 am: I agree with you completely...I don't believe in Karma at all...when you do something good, God rewards you (not karma). This post was sent and I guess I didn't pay much attention to the Karma but the rest of the words and the flowers were beautiful . Wanted to share, but David, you are absolutely right !!!! What a lovely poem....what if our friends didn't correct us or tell us the truth...we would all be false...and we would make mistakes over and over...thank you for reminding me David...I need to pay more attention. Jesus is our light at the end of the tunnel...God bless you David. David S Shupe 10;26 am: Thanks CeCe for your gracious response. I'm with you. Love you, David & Elaine.

    POEM: A HEAVENLY JOURNEY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of heaven.


    I'm on a heavenly journey,
    And there's no turning back.
    Long as I trust in my Savior,
    He'll keep me on track.

    There's no turning back,
    For I have made my choice.
    I resolve to proclaim His glory,
    As long as I have a voice.

    Will you also go away, Jesus asked.
    Where will we go, Peter replied.
    You have the words of eternal life,
    For mankind you willingly died.

    No stopping or turning back,
    That's the spiritual key.
    Keep pressing onward and upward,
    And we'll win the victory.

    No matter how lofty the mountain,
    My eyes are on a heavenly prize.
    I will never be deterred,
    From reaching that home in the skies.

    Remember the story of Lot's wife,
    Couldn't leave Sodom without looking back.
    The end result of her disobedience,
    She turned into a salt stack.

    There's no turning back,
    Once we enter this race.
    I have no desire to quit the fight,
    I'm determined to keep up the pace.

    I've put my hand to the plow,
    And I'm not looking back.
    Making me long for the kingdom,
    For with Christ, I've made a pact.

    There's no turning back,
    No matter my earthly plight.
    I'll rely on King Jesus,
    To help me win this fight.

    The cross before me,
    And the world behind me.
    Just keep your eyes on Jesus,
    You'll win the race, I'll guarantee.

    Turning back is not an option,
    If you want to be victorious.
    When this earthly race is over,
    Our heavenly abode will be glorious.

    So there's no turning back,
    That's my truthful story.
    I pledge to walk with Jesus,
    From here on earth to Glory.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 23, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Pam & Scot on 9/17/15 after Scot texted that Pam was on oxygen awaiting her 4th fluid removal from her left lung. Also, the nurse practicioner was in process of setting up a meeting with Hospice, and Dr. Fintel's office now only gives Pam 1 to 3 months to live; or if she has the fluid removed every 4 or 5 days, 4 to 6 months.

    Mailed this poem to Joy and Jim Nicholson October 28, 2015.

    Emailed this poem to Janet & Kevin Cleveland along with a thank you card for Pam's photo book on January 14, 2016.

    Emailed this poem to son, Dave Shupe on January 27, 2016 on his mother's birthday.

    Posted to John & Cathy Payne's FB Timeline on June 4, 2016 in honor of their 40th Anniversary. Six people liked it: Jim Nicholson, John Cathy Payne, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Elsa Gloria Olivos Carrasco, and Judy Kidd.

    Thank you Brother David. Wonderful words of life and love. We treasure those days in Norview and all our Lord taught us there. With Mom today. We went by our wedding church. Sweet memories. We love you. Cathy. David S Shupe: Give our love to your Mom. We think of her often. John Cathy Payne" She asked me to do the same.

    Elsa Gloria Olivos Carrasco shared this on June 4, 2016.

    Hand carried to Pat Short, Co-director of Conoly's Thrift Shop on July 29, 2016.

    Posted to David Little's Facebook Messenger page on November 30, 2016 in honor of his birthday.

    Emailed to Ron Smith on December 1, 2016 in honor of his birthday today. Ron's response before church began this morning December 4, 2016: Thank you very much for the emailed birthday wishes and the poetry. You write lovely poetry. Wish I had your ability.

    POEM: A MYSTERY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ in you ~ the hope of glory.


    How Christ's RED blood,
    And this you should know.
    Cleanses our BLACK heart,
    Makes it WHITE as snow.

    Not only covers our sin,
    But washes it completely away.
    He welcomes us into the fold.
    From Him we will never stray.

    He loved us so very much,
    What a select people we are.
    Left us in charge of His creation,
    More important than yonder star.

    He's there to help us reach our peak,
    There's no way we can fail.
    When His will we continually seek,
    He'll be there to help us prevail.

    We were lost and without hope,
    He turned our life around.
    We needed a change in direction,
    So He turned us upside down.

    We become one in Christ Jesus,
    There's no male nor female.
    Long as we believe in Him,
    We'll win if we travail.

    We become one in Christ Jesus,
    There's no white nor black.
    Always keep this in mind,
    God will protect your back.

    We become one in Christ Jesus,
    There's no bond nor free.
    God's ways are not man's ways,
    Open your spiritual eyes to see.

    When we willingly accept Christ,
    We're viewed as God's very own.
    We become permanent children of God,
    And not just someone on loan.

    If we desire to prosper and receive,
    Then we should first of all, give.
    If we choose to die unto the Lord,
    Then we'll really begin to live.

    We'll be gathered together in one,
    In that New Jerusalem City.
    Only the redeemed are allowed in,
    The unsaved will receive no pity.

    So we offer thanks to the Lord,
    For showing us the heavenly way.
    Giving us the spiritual discernment,
    To understand what God has to say.

    The real mystery is that whether
    Red or yellow, black or white.
    Jew or Gentile by origin or birth,
    We are all the same in God's sight.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 24, 2015

    POEM: A NAME LIKE NO OTHER ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Name above all names.


    JESUS ~ A Name above every Name,
    Believe it ~ You'll never be the same.

    Our help is in His Holy Name,
    It enables us to stay in the game.

    Jesus is the sweetest Name I know,
    No other Name to save us here below.

    No other Name has the power,
    To forgive our sins, every day & hour.

    No other Name is without sin,
    No other Name will take us in.

    Only one Name for us to be saved,
    Only way we can be unenslaved.

    This Name, from sin set free,
    Puts us on a heavenly spree.

    No other Name will take us home,
    No other Name will give us shalom.

    The Name of Jesus is a strong tower,
    Secluded in Him, nothing can devour.

    Our help is in His Holy Name,
    Only what's done for Him, will remain.

    No other Name we should choose,
    With this Name, we can't lose.

    We may not know what to do,
    But our eyes, Lord, are on you.

    This Name will never lead us astray,
    Nor will it ever put us in disarray.

    No other Name can we ever rely,
    That will surely take us to the sky.

    Name of JESUS has stood the test,
    Always putting our mind at rest.

    Millions of Names are on the list,
    Only ONE can be our catalyst.

    No other Name gives us such peace,
    Making all turmoil & stress to cease.

    The only Name that will ever suffice,
    Is Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    April 18, 2016

    POEM: A PRAYER FOR AMERICA ~ by David S. Shupe

    God Bless America sign!


    Heavenly Father, we come before you today,
    Asking your forgiveness, as we pray.

    Seeking your guidance and your direction,
    Yes, and we certainly need your protection.

    Your Word says, woe to those who call evil good,
    and good, evil, opposite to doing what we should.

    Our political leaders have sunk to new lows,
    Upholding evil and castigating good, we disclose.

    They have abused power, and called it politics,
    Blaming everyone else for their failures using dirty tricks.

    They have coveted citizen's possessions and money,
    And called it distribution of wealth, how crummy.

    Our once patriotic values are being reversed,
    Even in schools, our faith can no longer be rehearsed.

    We're neglecting to discipline children at home & school,
    Calling it building self esteem, 'sted of living by the golden rule.

    Bible says that the wicked will be turned into hell,
    And all nations that forget, that with God we jell.

    Psalmist wrote, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD..."
    Removing God from lives is the wrong way to wield the Sword.

    We are rapidly losing our spiritual foundation,
    So essential to success for our blessed nation.

    We have polluted the air with pornography and profanity,
    Calling it freedom of expression, nothing short of insanity.

    We have abused and exploited the poor,
    Calling it the lottery, which pays out less for more.

    We have killed our unborn, and called it choice,
    All this because we haven't listened to your still small voice.

    We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare,
    Forcing on us a 2700 page monstrosity called healthcare.

    Nervy leaders said, just pass it and find out what's in it, you'll see
    Our country is becoming more a dictatorship than a democracy.

    Two-thirds of us want this tax and spend program repealed,
    Replaced by a workable program where nothing is concealed.

    We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers,
    Calling it enlightenment & progress, while so many of us it bothers.

    Search us, oh God, and know our hearts today,
    Cleanse us from sin, and set us free alway.

    So, forgive us, Lord, for not doing it the Bible way,
    And for failing to listen to what you have to say.

    God help America for deviating from Biblical precepts,
    Choosing rather to follow man's fallible concepts.

    God bless America, and all the good citizens therein,
    That we may place our trust in you, as the victory we will win..

    David S. Shupe
    September 3, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)
    Lynn Johnson and Pat Oakley Shupe like this ~ Nov. 12, 2012.

    Norma Littleton Forbush ~ Nov. 12, 2012: Uncle David that poem is wonderful...I love is so true.....also want to THANK YOU for serving for our Country.....You are a wonderful man and I LOVE you......

    Joy Shupe Nicholson~ Dec. 30, 2012: That was really good, David! Did you share the commentary and poem on Facebook? It would definitely be a good “share”!

    POEM: A REFUGE FROM THE STORM ~ by David S. Shupe

    God is our refuge from the storm.


    Do you need a place to curl,
    When the waves around you swirl.
    When you think you're sinking fast
    And you feel you cannot last.

    Jesus is our refuge from the storm,
    He will keep us from all harm.
    He is there through thick and thin,
    He is there to save our skin.

    He is with us in the fiery furnace,
    He will shield us if we're earnest.
    He can keep us from being burned,
    Because for us, He is concerned.

    He is with us in the lion's den,
    Ready to safely tuck us in.
    He's with us when facing the giant,
    Just wants us to be compliant.

    In His arms, we can take refuge,
    He will keep us from every deluge.
    There is nothing He cannot do,
    He's there to see us through.

    Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord,
    As he wields the trusty Sword.
    God will never leave nor forsake us,
    Through the storm, He will take us.

    He promised help during each day,
    If His Word, we would obey.
    If we kneel in private prayer,
    He will surely meet us there.

    He is our strength in every distress,
    He is there to relieve our duress.
    He is our Fountain of Life,
    When we're facing undue strife.

    He is our help and our shield,
    He'll never leave us out in left field.
    He'll take the burden that we carry,
    Lighten our load, if we're truly weary.

    He upholds us when we fall,
    There to deliver us when we call.
    No one else loves us so much,
    As to aid us when we're in dutch.

    Reach out to Him, and you will find,
    Healing vibes and peace of mind.
    He's the source of health and salvation
    He can relieve your every vexation.

    Eternal God is our refuge in all storms,
    Underneath are the everlasting arms.
    Hurricanes, rainstorms and blizzards,
    He's able to spare us from all hazzards.

    He's our solid Rock of Gibraltar,
    If we meet Him at the altar.
    He knows every step we take,
    So look to Him, for goodness sake!


    When life feels like a storm-tossed sea
    With crashing waves of pain and grief,
    Turn to the Lord and trust in Him,
    He’ll give you peace and bring relief ~ Sper!



    David S. Shupe
    October 25, 2013


    Norma Littleton Forbush: Beautiful....That was written one day before Cindy's birthday. April 22 at 10:10pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma! October 26th, have to remember that!

    David S Shupe: Copy of this poem sent to Lorrie Button via her daughter, Karie Button on June 14, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Copy of this poem sent to Pam & Scot Finley on July 21, 2014.

    Dr. Pam Finley 7/21/14: To: Shupe, David. Neat about helping the bird...good that Scooby didn't hurt it. Hope it was able to continue to fly. Thanks for your prayers and many are showing us their love and makes all the difference! Just taking each day as it comes and jumping through more hoops to get beyond all of this. Very discouraged about the probability of chemo but I'll do what I have to to fight this. Will let you know results when I find out. Love you!

    Mailed this poem to Carolyn and Harvey Morris on Aug. 24, 2015 after learning of her being treated for heart problems and he has a pacemaker.

    Hand carried this poem to Hunter and Jack Goins, neighbors after learning Hunter had spent the night in the hospital around Christmas.

    Posted on Beverly Hurd's FB message page on January 8, 2016 after learning she had been sick for 3 weeks.

    Posted to Shirley Hayes Carroll's FB message page on January 8, 2016 for her birthday.

    Melanie & Jason Bradley and her mother, Marjorie Latzko: Emailed on May 29, 2016 upon hearing at church this morning that Melanie had started her chemo back on Thursday.

    Cheryl & Rick Baker: Posted to Cheryl's Facebook Messenger page on August 24, 2016: Her response: Cheryl Shupe Baker: Just shared this with Rick. We love it!! And, we are so thankful that we have family that loves us and prays with us!! We pray for you all, too!! Good luck with your surgery next week. We are praying!! Love you and Aunt Elaine!! Sending hugs!!

    Judy & Howard Pruitt: Mailed on August 25, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to Karen Craft Walls on September 23, 2016 as she is going through some serious medical problems.

    Hand carried to neighbor Dorothy Hudson on/about October 7, 2016.

    Emailed to sister-in-law Bebe Jo Davidson Shupe on October 7, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Bebe's response on December 5, 2016 via Christmas card: David, we were busy with weddings when you sent the poem for my birthday. I'm late but I did appreciate it and I do thanki you very much. Bebe. David & Elaine, Good will to all! Merry Christmas. Enjoy this season! John & Bebe.

    Posted to Lutie Ewers Davis' Facebook Messenger page on October 21, 2016 due to husband Al being in hospital and going through lots of medical situations.

    Mailed to Ruthie and Gary Becker on October 31, 2016 with a Thinking of You card as they both are going through severe medical problems.

    Emailed to Laurie Holmes, ST. Croix friend, on November 10, 2016. Laurie's response: Thank you, David, for your kind words of encouragement, and to both of you for your continued prayers and support. I have felt surrounded and reminded of the Presence and Love of our Lord and Savior hroughout this whole ordeal. I am so thankful for all of the prayers lifting me up. We have Veteran's Day off. Are you a veteran, David? I wish this country valued its veterans they way they should be honored. We need to thank all of our veterans for serving our country. believe you might be, so thank you, David. TThank you also for the encouraging poem, David! You really are a prolific poet! I could never do that. It is a special gift. Thank you. I hope you are both well. Take care, I love and miss you, Laurie.

    Posted to Amy Fermil Spruill's Facebook Messenger page on November 14, 2016. Amy's response: Thank you so much Mr David!

    Posted to Amber Payne's Facebook Messenger page on Jan. 14, 2017. Amber's response on Jan. 14, 2017: Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayers! Blessings to you all! David's response: Thanks Amber, for your response, and we do appreciate your blessings to us!

    Mailed to Darlene Johansen on March 16, 2016 after learning from her daughter and our friend from St. Croix, Laurie Holmes, of the suicide death of her daughter and Laurie's sister.

    POEM: A TIME FOR EVERYTHING ~ by David S. Shupe

    Time clock.

    (Ecclesiastes 3:1-10)

    "A time to be born,
    And a time to die."
    A time to undo,
    And a time to apply.

    "A time to kill,
    And a time to heal.
    A time to tear down,
    And a time to build."

    "A time to weep,
    And a time to laugh."
    Visit the zoo,
    Observe a giraffe.

    "A time to mourn,
    And a time to dance."
    A time to sit down,
    And a time to prance.

    "A time to embrace,
    And a time to refrain."
    "A time to scatter,"
    And a time to obtain.

    "A time to be born,
    And a time to die."
    A time to be grounded,
    And a time to fly.

    "A time to plant,
    And a time to uproot."
    A time to unload,
    And a time to shoot.

    "A time to search,
    And a time to give up."
    A time to fast,
    And a time to sup.

    "A time to tear,
    And a time to mend."
    A time to receive,
    And a time to send.

    "A time to throw away,
    And a time to keep."
    A time to be awake,
    And a time to sleep.

    "A time to be silent,
    And a time to speak."
    A time to hide,
    And a time to seek.

    "A time for love
    And a time for hate."
    A time for praise,
    And a time to berate.

    "A time for war,
    And a time for peace."
    A time to compose,
    And a time to cease.


    David S. Shupe
    November 10, 2013


    Fourteen people like this: Pamela Shupe Finley, Jim Nicholson, Stephen Wheatley, Ruth Owens, Doug Mills, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Bob Mandigo, Shannon Vanover Nicholson, Stephen Wheatley, Willie Radford Sr, Mike White, Norm Fontana and Donna Shupe.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: Happy birthday pop pop. you are loved and missed so much. June 17 at 9:06am.

    Shari Allen: Sorry for your loss. He sounds like an amazing man I would have liked to meet him. June 17 at 11:09am.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: Happy Birthday, PopPop!! I love you and miss you so much!! June 17 at 2:17pm.

    Lorrie Button: Hi David and Elaine. Wonderful poem. Hope to see you both and Scooby July 13 or july 14. Best. Lorrie Button. July 8 at 1:42pm.

    David S Shupe: Hi Lorrie! Thanks. Looking forward to your visit. Have a safe trip down. July 8 at 2:56pm.

    Norma Littleton Forbush shared this June 24 at 12:28am: Such a wonderful man of family lived in Berlin, Md. and he lived in Salisbury and when one of us got sick my mother would always call for him to come pray for us,,,,,,before he ever got to our house we would always be better. That was because even as kids we knew when he prayed we had the FAITH that through his prayers we were going to get better.......I had a lot of ear aches and Shirley had a lot of tooth aches........we wanted my mother to call him........knowing our HEALING was on the way.... and it was.... Oh, Thank you Jesus....

    Six people like this: David S Shupe, Lisa Wilson, Debbie Townsend, Joann Winchester, Deborah Campbell and Dixie Elliott.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma, for your very kind comments. Yes, I wish Dad was still with us so he could join us in prayer for Pam and others, as the needs are so great today. I know, however, that his and mother's prayers have sustained us throughout our lifetime already, and for that we are deeply grateful to God.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink shared this on June 17, 2015, and 3 people liked it: Jim Nicholson, Geri Elliott and Stacie Danus.

    Dixie Elliott Amen! Xoxoxo Dixie June 24 at 9:54am.

    POEM: A WAY OUT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Choose Jesus for He is The Way.

    A WAY OUT!

    We are tempted in many ways to detour,
    As we walk along life's pathway or road.
    If we take time to add Jesus to the equation.
    He will surely help to lighten our load.

    We are tempted by our own lusts,
    Encountering various temptations in the land.
    God promised we would not be tempted,
    Above our several ability to withstand.

    Sometimes we are tempted with immorality,
    Which tends to drag us down spiritually.
    The good Lord always provides a way out,
    Preventing us from doing things unnaturally.

    Another time we may be tempted with doubt,
    For we fail to look through spiritual eyes.
    If we stop and consider who Jesus is,
    He's there to help and that we can surmise.

    Since all of us must live and get by,
    The love of money may be a big temptation.
    Greed can cause us to do some unnatural things,
    But looking to God can cause a cessation.

    Though He's there to help in all situations,
    He doesn't go against our own freewill.
    When He shows us the proper way to go,
    We must make the choice to go or stand still.

    God will provide a way out of temptation,
    And He doesn't force anything on us.
    But if we really truly want a way out,
    Following His instructions is a must.

    Maybe we're tempted to blame other people,
    For the problems that come our way.
    Not realizing the accuracy of the statement,
    "We make our own bed, and there we do lay."

    Again, many of us may take a different route,
    Being tempted to grumble and complain.
    We're instructed to be content with what we have,
    For the Lord is able to provide and sustain.

    We may be tempted to gossip or blab sometime,
    For this is a common human fault.
    But the words of a talebearer as as wounds,
    And the perpetrator is not worth his salt.

    So when unexpected temptations come your way,
    And you feel that you have no choice.
    Remember the Lord promised us a way out,
    If we'll only listen to that still small voice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 20, 2014

    POEM: A WORD FITLY SPOKEN ~ by David S. Shupe

    Sign: words can hurt or heal!

    (Proverbs 12:25: Heaviness in the heart of man
    maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.)


    A word fitly spoken is like
    apples of gold in pitchers of silver.
    Those golden objects are truly
    worth guarding to prevent their pilfer.

    Everyone helped his neighbor saying
    to his brother, be of good courage.
    Offering a good word makes the bones fat,
    lifting up rather than to disparage.

    Be strong, courageous and stand
    fast for the Lord your God.
    For He it is that goes with you,
    as along life's pathway you trod.

    You can rest assured that He will
    never leave you nor forsake you now.
    He will stick with you forever,
    and will even show you how.

    So there is no use in fretting,
    nor for any needless worry.
    All your cares you can bundle up,
    dig a hole and promptly bury.

    In His Holy Writ, Jesus said,
    cast all your cares and troubles on me.
    For when you do this, your cumbersome
    burdens will take wings and flee.

    Heaviness in the heart of man makes it
    stoop, but a good word makes it glad.
    Trusting in the heavenly Father for solution,
    is forever, and not just an overnight fad.

    Be strong and courageous,
    For the LORD your God goes with you;
    He will never leave nor forsake you either.
    and that's certainly and unequivocally true.

    Don't be anxious about anything,
    but in everything, by prayer and petition,
    with thanksgiving, present your requests
    to God as He is always your solution.

    For the Lord will be your confidence,
    keeping your foot from being taken.
    He picks us up when we stumble and fall,
    and our faith in Him can never be shaken.

    The Lord is our refuge and high tower,
    our help and our Rock of Gibralter.
    He is with us IN trouble, delivers us OUT
    of trouble, holding us up when we falter.

    He has stated, quite truthfully, that no man
    is able to PLUCK us out of His hand.
    With faith in God, and our eyes on Christ,
    He will provide strength to withstand.

    In the day when I cried, He answered me
    and strengthened me with strength in my soul.
    When I was lost and undone, without God
    or His Son, He saved and He made me whole.

    God who answered me in the day of my distress,
    and was with me in the way which I went.
    He is always our first and our last resort,
    forever the One we can turn to and vent.

    Oh, how great is His goodness which He
    has laid up for those that love Him too.
    It's there in black and white, in His
    Holy Word, and we cannot misconstrue.

    In heaven, there'll be no more separation,
    death, mourning, crying or pain.
    For the old order of things will have
    passed away, and there'll be only gain.

    Home, home, home on the range where
    the deer and the buffalo roam and play.
    Where never is heard a discouraging word,
    and the blue skies are not cloudy all day.

    A little of what heaven will be like when
    we are all there and settled in for all eternity,
    Keep your eyes on Jesus, technology here will be
    ancient compared to heaven's modernity.

    The Bible tells us that GOD IS LOVE, and thank God
    that He so loved the world~in all its strife,
    That He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever
    believes on Him would inherit everlasting life.

    Everyone serious about heaven, look within, look up
    and look out, for your redemption draws nigh.
    One day, and one day very soon, all who love His
    appearing, will see Him split that eastern sky.

    By our words we will be thoroughly justified,
    Or else we'll be solidly hemmed.
    So be swift to hear, slow to speak,
    So we won't be unjustly condemned.

    It pays to keep our eyes on the Master,
    Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.
    When He comes, we'll be ready
    for that all important tryst.


    When our friends encounter trials,
    ...We can help them if we’re near;
    Some may need a word of comfort,
    ...Others just a listening ear—Sper!



    David S. Shupe
    July 8, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)
    Joy Nicholson - Oct 26, 2012: Truer WORDS (of LIFE) were never spoken!!!

    Let not your heart be troubled,
    Nor let it be afraid,
    My peace I give unto you,
    The price has been paid;
    Comforting Words of Jesus,
    Sing them o'er and o'er
    Let not your heart be troubled,
    Nor let it be afraid!!!

    David Shupe - Oct 26, 2012: So much hope, help and strength in the precious Word of God. We can go there to fill up our soul on a daily basis. And, by our infilling, we can the share this with others, to encourage and to build up the hurting, downtrodden and the distressed. Thank God for His Word which shall last forever.

    Melody Popo - Oct 27, 2012: Joy, I still sing this song that you wrote. What a wonderful reminder of the promises in God's Word. Love you.

    Pamela Shupe Finley, Shirley Hayes Carroll, Jim Nicholson, Ruth Owens, Doris Nicholson Unser, Margie Hiser and Jamie Nicholson Klink like this.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Sept. 7, 2013: Beautiful.... Love it.....

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: March 21, 2016: Keep looking up...He is always in your heart....and He was there from the very start... thank you David for another beautiful poem...and I'm sorry, i haven't thanked you for such a heart warming poem that you mailed to me...thank you so very much! (Mailed this poem to CeCe on March 9, 2016).

    POEM: A WORLD GONE AWRY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Immorality running amok.


    Do you sometimes feel
    the world has gone mad?
    Evil is considered good,
    and good is considered bad.

    If you're conservative, Christian
    or Catholic, you're called an extemist.
    If you uphold Biblical principles,
    you're worse than a terroist.

    If you support Biblical teachings
    of Jesus, you're a bigot.
    Venom coming out of liberal mouths
    is like turning on a spigot.

    The most intolerant people in the
    world are far left liberals.
    They accuse everyone else of things
    they themselves do ~ so superficial.

    They pretend to be so loving and caring
    for their fellow man, as they do imply.
    Yet mercilessly slaughter 4500 innocent
    babies a week without batting an eye.

    If you are against homosexuality and
    gay marriage, you are a bigot.
    Any remarks about blacks, although
    well-intentioned, you're called a racist pigot.

    Placing gay marriage on a par with traditional
    marriage is a godless ploy at best.
    Used to sanction and give special rights
    to an abominable lifestyle, God detests.

    We have an administration that supports
    everything that's against God and tradition.
    Almost like they've taken an oath to dismantle
    our Christian heritage by willful sedition.

    The liberal news media slanders and maligns
    good peoples' character each and every day.
    With innuendoes and downright lies to
    wrongfully cause people to believe their way.

    The government has set up death panels to
    restrict seniors from getting needed health care.
    Which will do nothing but lead millions of our
    most experienced citizens to total despair.

    Abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, so what's
    next on the anti-God, anti-Bible agenda.
    Anything to remove God from public places, and
    in the Christians path, place impedimenta.

    For the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all
    nations that forget God ~ that's in the Book.
    For anyone serious enough to want the truth,
    and turn from their wickedness, take a look.

    For the Lord shall laugh them in derision, for
    He sees that their day of reckoning is coming.
    We shall have the last laugh, for God is in control
    and the end of the wicked will be forthcoming.

    So Christians, and all those who love the
    infallible Word of the living God, take heart.
    When Jesus comes to catch away the righteous,
    it's from a world gone awry that we will depart.


    David S. Shupe
    April 30, 2013

    Disgraceful liberal logic.


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    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared this.

    POEM: ADAM & EVE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Eating the proverbial apple


    In the beginning, God created the heaven,
    earth and all things therein.
    On day six He created man, calling
    their name Adam, who then had no sin.

    Adam and Eve, man and woman,
    Father and Mother of all Living.
    One man, & the woman given as a help meet
    who later needed forgiving,

    God gave them both instructions,
    which were quite specific.
    You can eat of every tree in the garden,
    to be doubly explicit.

    But the tree of knowledge of good
    and evil is off limits to you.
    And in the day you eat thereof,
    you shall surely die if you do.

    While walking in the garden one day,
    the off limits tree Eve did spy.
    Not only was the fruit enticing,
    it looked so pleasing to the eye.

    Edging a little closer, in order
    to acquire a better close up view.
    Her eyes lit up & mouth began to water,
    anticipating consuming a few.

    Adam, come quickly and see
    the delicious looking fruit I have found.
    And look, some have fallen off the tree,
    and are laying on the ground.

    Do you think a few bites of that fruit
    will tide us over until dinner time.
    These apples have fallen from the tree;
    we don't have to do a tree climb.

    Adam held back as he was reluctant
    to partake of the forbidden fruit.
    Since he remembered God's admonition
    to refrain, and that was absolute.

    Eve said, "Adam, don't be a party pooper,
    or act like such a big prude.
    If we can't have this delicious fruit,
    then I'll consider you quite rude."

    And along came that sly old serpent,
    Satan, sneaking into the garden.
    Spouting venom half truths, pushing them
    into a venue having no pardon.

    You will not die he said; not only that,
    your eyes will be opened and you'll see,
    That you'll be like gods knowing good and evil;
    equal with a god you will be.

    So with the encouragement of the shifty one,
    they relented and did willingly imbibe.
    Thoroughly enjoying that tasty and delicious
    fruit as Satan did vividly prescribe.

    Soon as they had eaten though, they realized
    they were naked and took their flight.
    Their disobedience was compounded thinking
    they could disappear from God's sight.

    Created by God out of nothing, Adam & Eve
    were certainly two of a kind.
    They were noted for eating the "apple,"
    hiding, thinking no way could God find.

    So God came by and began looking for them
    in the garden where they were.
    Even though He knew, He gave them
    the opportunity to voluntarily confer.

    Adam called to God from their hiding place
    that they were naked, that's a fact.
    God answered, Who said that you were naked;
    did you eat of that tree ~ to be exact.

    And then the blame game, we all know so well,
    began in earnest, you see.
    Adam: The woman which THOU gavest me,
    she surely enticed me.

    Eve: The serpeant beguiled me and I did eat;
    such an irresistible temptation.
    Consequences of our act were insignificant
    while enjoying such a pleasant sensation.

    This is just the way that Satan works, tempting us
    with power, riches and delicacies.
    Knowing if he penetrates our defenses, he can claim
    victory over us to create jealousies.

    Much more importantly, overcoming our weaknesses
    and capturing the souls of man.
    It is to our advantage to resist the devil, draw nigh
    to God and faithfully take a stand.

    As punishment, God decreed Satan would crawl
    on his stomach, eating dust the rest of his life.
    Eve's descendants, during childbirth, would
    experience great pain, suffering and strife.

    Adam's race would till the ground with blood,
    sweat and tears for ensuing generations.
    Finally, God drove them from paradise, preventing
    them from returning per His stipulations.

    More bad news: By the disobedience of one man, Adam,
    sin entered the world and contaminates all.
    The Bible says, "For all have sinned and come short
    of the glory of God," ~ as you may recall.

    Too, "there is none that sinneth not, no not one;"
    all this brought on by Adam's original sin.
    The question arises, who then can be saved;
    is there no way to heaven we can get enter in.

    The good news: There really is a way, as Jesus, himself
    proclaimed "I am the Way, Truth and Life;
    No man cometh to the Father but by Me;" so
    Jesus paved the way to erase Adams' sinful strife.

    Sin entered because of one man's disobedience;
    salvation is possible by one man, Jesus, obeying.
    For by grace we're saved, not of works, lest any should boast;
    God's gift to us, His love portraying.

    Thank God for His unspeakable gift, that He indeed
    so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son,
    That whosoever believed in Him would receive everlasting life;
    a victory for us that Jesus has won.

    So heartfelt thanks and praise go out to God for his mercy,
    grace, forgiveness and His infallible LOVE.
    Giving all the unique opportunity to make a decision
    for Christ and inherit eternal life above.

    David S. Shupe
    September 25, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Oct 3, 2011. A beautiful sermon in a poem! Truly inspired! Thank you for sharing it! Love you!

    David Shupe - Oct 4, 2011. Thanks, Joy, but as I love to say ~ 90% God and 10% me!

    Joy Nicholson - Oct 4, 2011. I understand! You just held the pen! :-) I think that was said about Stuart Hamblin about the songs he wrote - that He just held the pen. God gave the songs, or in this case, the poems! :-)


    (Nicholson Family Website)

    Jim Nicholson - Oct 4, 2011. Beautiful and inspirational David!

    Thelma Hagerman - Oct 6, 2011. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful. I have enjoyed each of your poems. I copied this to share with my epals. I hope that is OK.

    David Shupe - Oct 12, 2011. Thank you, Thelma, for your generous comments, and for taking the time to read the poem. You're certainly free to share if you think it may help someone in any way. Thanks again, and thank you, Jim, for posting it.

    Pastor Harry (Buz) Hughes: Mailed to Buz, along with a birthday card for his birthday.

    POEM: ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~ by David S. Shupe

    Always and Forever.



    Jesus said in His Holy Word,
    That He would be with us always.
    This is such a comforting thought,
    That He's there for us all our days.


    Heaven & earth & all things therein,
    Shall one day all pass away.
    But God's Word shall endure
    Forever and a day.


    The Word of God
    Is alive and well.
    Heaven & earth will pass away,
    The Word will forever dwell.


    His Words are forever truth,
    And they do not lie.
    They are set in stone,
    And come down from on high.


    There is life in the Living Word,
    For Jesus became man.
    He came to redeem us,
    And His Will for us to comprehend.


    The Word is my soothing comfort,
    When I am sorely afflicted.
    For His Word has quickened me,
    And to His Word, I am addicted.


    There's power in the Spoken Word,
    God spoke the world into existence.
    There is authority in the Word,
    Everything done at God's insistence.


    Oh, how I love thy Holy Word,
    It is my meditation all the day,
    It soothes the savage beast,
    And keeps me from going astray.


    The Word is quick & sharper
    Than any two-edged sword.
    When we use it properly,
    We'll always hear from the Lord.


    The Word is strength
    And eternal salvation.
    A stronghold in day of trouble,
    Saving from eternal damnation.


    My Words are life and health
    To all who sincerely believe.
    By faith we are saved & healed,
    By faith we will surely receive.


    Come unto me and be saved,
    This is the theme of the Word.
    It's the message of the ages,
    And one so glad that we heard.


    The Word is life to those who find it,
    And health to all their flesh.
    The Word is our ticket to Eternal Life,
    For all who in Christ truly profess.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 20, 2017

    POEM: AMAZING GRACE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Amazing Grace banner.


    It is His amazing grace,
    Oh, how sweet the sound.
    He picks us up,
    When we run aground.

    When we were lost,
    And totally undone.
    He cared enough
    To send us His Son.

    What He's done for us,
    Is indeed truly amazing.
    Words can't aptly describe
    His love we are realizing.

    He did so much more,
    Than we deserve.
    For our future,
    He does preserve.

    Not according to our sins,
    Or even our iniquities.
    But He preserves our soul
    For all antiquity.

    His grace is sufficient,
    That's a given.
    He gave His all for us,
    So we'd enjoy real living.

    He redeemed our soul,
    It's more than we deserve.
    He didn't come to blame us,
    But He came to serve.

    Relentless in His mission,
    He didn't weaken or swerve.
    He was faithful to His calling,
    And it took a lot of nerve.

    By grace are we saved,
    Not of works that we do.
    All because of God's love,
    Which we'll always pursue.

    We were lost and undone,
    Without God, or His Son.
    The Sinless became sin for us,
    The victory for us He won.

    Thank you Lord for your grace.
    Without it we'd be doomed.
    You made us part of Your bride,
    For You we're being groomed.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 23, 2014


    David S Shupe Sent this poem via email to Pam on July 22, 2014.

    Dr. Pam Finley 7/22/14: To: Shupe, David: That would be nice not to lose hair, but I won't get my hopes up. Did Pauline have a double mastectomy? Any other treatment? I was too young to remember what all she went through. Thanks for the poem! Pam

    Mailed this poem to Sylvia and Gerald, along with a card for their 52nd Anniversary on March 31, 2015. Gerald called us and thanked us for the card and the poem; that they both appreciated it.

    Mailed this poem to Lorraine and Ron Smith, along with a card for their Anniversary on April 1, 2015. Lorraine thanked me and gave me a hug when I dropped off Elaine's cake for the LPC Soup Kitchen on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015.

    Mailed this poem to Ruth Ann and Charlie Goarcke one April 21, 2015 for their 36th wedding anniversary.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain & wife, Nilsa, our contractor and friends in St. Croix on June 15, 2015.

    Emailed to neighbor Barbara Spears in honor of her birthday on September 6, 2016: Her response: Re: Happy Birthday Barbara! 8:45 AM ~ Barbara Spears To: David & Elaine, What a beautiful birthday wish. I'm thankful for you, very special neighbors! Yes, I agree every day is amazing! Thanks so much for remembering me! Love, Barbara!


    Sign: God Help America2.


    You can be arrested for hunting
    or fishing without a license.
    But not for entering the country
    illegally, what total nonsense.

    Children need a parent's permission
    to take an aspirin in school.
    But not to get an abortion to terminate
    a life, how cruel and uncool.

    Identification is required to fly, buy food,
    clothing, liquor, et cetera.
    But not to vote for who runs the government;
    what rampant plethora.

    The government wants to ban law-abiding
    citizens from owning some guns.
    But gives numerous F-16 fighter jets
    to countries that hate us ~ what sons!

    A 90-year old woman can be stripped-
    searched by the government's TSA.
    A woman in a hijab, is subject only to having
    head & neck searched ~ this is not the USA!

    The government believes that the best way
    to eradicate trillions in debt galore.
    Is to go even further in debt by spending
    billions and trillions more.

    A seven year old boy can be suspended
    for saying his teacher is cute.
    While they host sexual explicit sex education
    classes, bringing no ill repute.

    Some children are forcibly removed from
    parents who discipline with a spanking.
    While children of addicts live in filth
    and drug infested homes, so rankin.

    Hard work & success are met with higher
    taxes, more government intrusion.
    While no work is rewarded while living on
    numerous taxpayer benefits in seclusion.

    Pay your mortgage faithfully over the years,
    never defaulting once on your loan.
    While others spend money frivolusly, mortgage
    defaults are forgiven when they moan.

    The government's way to get one back to work
    is to pay you 99 weeks for not working.
    With no requirement to prove they are looking
    for a job, thus work they are shirking.

    The government's way to make us more safe
    is to take away all of our guns.
    But they haven't come up with a way
    to divest criminals of their weapons.

    Living in this wonderful country, how did
    we end up with such leadership
    That has gotten us into this awful mess ~
    enough to make one take a double flip.

    So God, have mercy on us for letting things
    get entirely out of hand.
    Give us the courage to stand up for what is right,
    and strength to withstand.

    Thank you for blessing America, and
    the light we've been to the world.
    America has made the world a better place,
    is a message we will forever herald.


    David S. Shupe
    March 27, 2013


    Sent this poem to Carl and Jean Swanson on Jan. 12, 2015 after learning he had broken his leg in the last few days. Something for him to read while he is recuperating.

    POEM: AMERICA IN DECLINE! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Statue of Liberty covering her face in despair.


    There are those in power today
    in Washington, and throughout the USA.
    Who are rapidly driving this once great nation
    of ours into a chaotic state of disarray.

    They have deceived and outright lied to us,
    even spitting right in our faces.
    This is not a black, white, yellow or brown issue,
    but affects negatively all the races.

    America's current administration is the most inept
    and corrupt in my 78 years, which I condemn.
    As Chicago thugs, felons and Marxists tear apart and
    dismantle the very fabric of our capitalistic system.

    They have rammed programs down our throat,
    which we didn't want, vote for, or support,
    They have forced programs on us which are cockeyed
    and one-sided, as they did consort.

    The Administration has obligated our children for
    50 years in the future, fueling their spending craze.
    We believe America has been led over the cliff,
    and we'll all soon be walking around in a daze.

    For many years now, our country has sped down hill,
    and we've been in terrible spiritual slumps.
    Comedians and news commentators have made fun,
    and ridiculed God and all things spiritual~what chumps!

    In 2008 we blindly voted for someone who loudly campaigned
    for a year and a half on "Hope and Change."
    And nobody even cared enough to ask "what hope,"
    and "what change" he had in mind ~ how so very strange!

    The corrupt news media has aided and abetted this practice,
    by failing to vet and report the truth about an elected official.
    Then they spin any news coverage to benefit liberal politicians,
    And treat any serious charge as being merely superficial.

    The only HOPE I have is in the Lord Jesus Christ,
    and my CHANGE is when I became a new creature,
    We can learn a lot more about how to conduct our lives,
    by going to church and listening to the preacher.

    Because we will be instructed from the WORD OF TRUTH,
    while politicians ask, like Pilate, "What is Truth?"
    If they were interested in truth, they would follow Jesus,
    who said, "I Am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life" ~ forsooth.

    Jesus is available and is accessible to anyone having
    a desire to learn of Him, for He is meek and lowly.
    Not willing that any should perish, but that all should come
    to repentance; this change requires us to be holy.

    Here we have 87 percent of the news media that have been
    in bed with this administration from day one.
    No matter how bad the economy gets, or the job
    situation plummets, they spin it like it's a home run.

    I used to think the majority of Americans would do
    the right thing and make the right decision.
    I no longer share that opinion after the 2008 election,
    as people are quite fickle, and America has lost her vision.

    Do I support my party as I always have for all these years,
    How do we decide who to vote for in the coming election?
    Should I just vote a straight party ticket like my parents did,
    How do I know who's right; how do I make the right selection?

    Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people sometimes,
    some people all of the time, but you can't fool everyone all of the time."
    I believe today that this adage can be modified to "You can fool most
    people a good part of the time," as news media has become anti-sublime.

    I wouldn't be so crass as to tell anyone how they ought to vote,
    But I would suggest you test the words and policies they espouse.
    Evaluate what they say and do in line with the WORD OF TRUTH,
    As there is no better measurement device in any building or house.

    It doesn't matter whether our candidate is a doctor or lawyer,
    or a triple major graduate from a Ivy league post graduate school.
    There is no better device for assessing anyone's qualifications,
    than God's Word, the BIBLE used as our primary evaluating tool.

    If what they support does take issue with the Bible, then look out,
    They're heading for danger and treading on shaky grounds.
    If it doesn't conflict with the Bible, then you can rest assured,
    The policies they support have some moral and financial bounds.

    Don't do like Congress and pass something before knowing what was in it,
    Be conscientious, do your research and check it out thoroughly.
    Going this route will ease your conscience, and improve your voting,
    And allow you to select a better qualified candidate more fairly.

    Be of good cheer, Jesus said, for I have overcome the world,
    He has actually won the battle for us, we don't have to lift a finger.
    We're offered a free ride to heaven on His coattails, no strings attached,
    When He returns for us, or it's our time to go, there's no need for us to linger.

    So while our beloved America as a nation may indeed be declining,
    And more and more citizens seem to be siding with the liberal masses,
    There's no need to lose heart for all the bad things taking place.
    For God is in control, and Christians are the ones issued heavenly passes.

    You do have to apply for admission, but the tickets are totally free,
    You don't have to stand in line, because we know SOMEONE with PULL.
    Merely repent of all sins, give your heart to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior.
    By doing this, your ticket to heaven will be stamped, "PAID IN FULL."


    David S. Shupe
    July 21, 2012


    Larry Peacock ~ Dec. 9, 2012: Thanks Dave! How so ever appropriate! Hope you had great peaceful holidays. Warm regards to you and Elaine.

    Norma Forbush ~ Dec. 9, 2012: love that....especially......PAID IN FULL................Pam sent me another TEX Jan 4th. telling how she was feeling and what was going on.....We are still praying for a complete healing and to hear the words CANCER FREE!!!!!!

    POEM: ARE YOU LISTENING? ~ by David S. Shupe

    Listening to the voice of God!


    The Lord speaks in a still, small voice,
    Are you listening ~ it's your choice!
    You're not forced to heed or obey,
    But if you don't, you may rue the day.

    If you listen and then willingly comply,
    You'll live eternally, and never die.
    He'll be with you until the very end,
    Reason He sent His son to die for our sin.

    "When I called, they would not listen,"
    "When they called," they found me missing.
    It's to our advantage to heed His call,
    As He sent His Son to die for one and all.

    The Word of the Lord is more precious than gold,
    It pays us to listen to things He foretold.
    Are you listening to what He has to say,
    It ensures we travel the straight and narrow way.

    Are you weak, heavy laden, don't know where to turn,
    Well, here's a tip if you heed, you will learn.
    Jesus said, "Come unto me and I will give you rest."
    Are you listening ~ He knows just what is best?

    He not only provides needed rest, but goes further,
    He looks out for us and our welfare like no other.
    He says, "My peace I will give unto you,"
    Are you listening ~ for we know His word is true.

    We are told not to fear what man can do to us,
    God is in control, it's in Him that we put our trust
    He says, "No man is able to pluck us out of His hand."
    Are you listening ~ by His grace we are able to stand.

    No matter where we go, we are under His watchful eye,
    If we get off the beaten path, he watches us from on high.
    His Word says He will be with us always.
    Are you listening ~ He rescues us from hedges & byways.

    The Word says, "He that endures to the end will be saved."
    Thank God He came to free man that sin had enslaved.
    No one else loved us while we were yet sinners,
    Are you listening ~ In Christ, we're new beginners.

    He cared so much, He sent His Son to die for our sin,
    He paid the debt we owed, so we could make it in.
    He sent His Holy Spirit to penetrate our heart,
    Are you listening ~ it's up to us to do our part.


    David S. Shupe
    October 10, 2012



    The whole armour of God!

    (Ephesians 6:13: Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God,
    that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.)


    When you're facing a dreaded disease,
    Don't know which way to turn.
    Chemo/radiation staring you in the face,
    Taking it to Jesus helps you discern.

    Another operation staring you in the face,
    And you're understandably apprehensive.
    Look to the Divine Master Physician,
    He'll help you go on the counteroffensive.

    Be strong in the Lord,
    and in the power of His might.
    Put on the whole armour of God,
    and you'll be sure to win the fight.

    You will be able to stand,
    Against the wiles of the devil.
    As he shoots forth the darts of disease
    Attempting everything that's evil.

    We are instructed to stand therefore,
    With loins girded about with truth.
    For truth is God's spiritual weapon
    That will set you free forsooth.

    Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life,
    In Him, we are freed from sin and strife.
    There is no way the disease can win,
    When we let Jesus control our life.

    The Bible says He forgives our sins,
    And heals all our diseases.
    We know that God has all power,
    And does as He well pleases.

    We don't wrestle against flesh & blood,
    But against principalities and powers.
    However, with God on our side,
    High over the enemy, He towers.

    Put on the breastplate of righteousness,
    For this also protects our heart.
    As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,
    If we do what we can, God does His part.

    Order our steps in your Word, O God,
    Who shods our feet with the gospel of peace,
    Let this peace travel from feet to our heart,
    And let the turmoil in our soul cease.

    We will take God's shield of faith,
    And apply that to our whole being.
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
    The evidence of things we're not seeing.

    Faith moves mountains, that we do know,
    The just shall live by faith, that's in the Word,
    So help us to exercise our faith and live,
    So we'll be true to what we've seen & heard.

    The shield of faith enables us to quench
    All the wicked's fiery darts he can shoot.
    Nothing can penetrate such a shield,
    Stopping the enemy from his hot pursuit.

    Then put on the helmet of salvation,
    Since Christ is our Savior and healer.
    We can rely on Him for life, health, and to
    Function as our spiritual revealer.

    Putting on the whole armour of God,
    Helps us withstand all the enemy's ploys.
    Our goal is to serve Christ faithfully,
    And not be hindered by Satan's decoys.

    Lastly, we rely on the inerrant Word of God,
    Which is also the Sword of the Spirit, so true.
    For His words are life unto those that find them,
    And health to all their flesh ~ including you.


    David S. Shupe
    December 12, 2012


    Joy's Email ~ Dec. 29, 2012: David & Elaine ~ Thanks for the update on Pam! Will continue to pray – also that the symptoms won’t be as bad as expected! Pam is a real TROOPER!!! Enjoyed the Armor of God poem also! Ephesians 6 is one of my favorites! Love you both!!! Joy.


    David S Shupe: Emailed poem to Pam July 6, 2014: Pam: I never understand why bad things happen to good people, especially those who are children of God and a member of the body of Christ. However, God knows all about it, and not one little sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge; and how much more important are we than the sparrows in His sight. He created us all and is concerned about us and no one or nothing will ever pluck us out of His hands. I wish I could go through this for you and if that were at all possible,I surely would. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you every day, 24/7 around the clock. Sending this poem your way to help cushion the blow somewhat. Love you much. Dad (& Elaine).

    Pam Shupe Finley: Dr. Pam Finley 7/06/14 To: Shupe, David: Thanks for the poem! Will let you know what I find out after Tuesday and Friday appointments. I'm doing ok, have accepted it. I think Scot is taking it a lot harder, so pray for him to have peace through all of this.

    David S Shupe: Posted this poem to Melanie Bradley's Facebook site after she posted the following choice comments. October 15, 2014.

    Melanie Latzko Bradley: Dear Cancer, I tried to warn you, but you came back....five rounds of chemo, you went to your knees...Two more rounds of new meds, you continue to retreat, and I have the lowest numbers I've had yet...please just go now...I have so much more to do. Sincerely, Me. Oct. 15, 2014.

    POEM: ASK ~ SEEK ~ KNOCK! by David S. Shupe

    Woman pleading for an answer!


    Ask and you shall receive,
    Exercise your faith and believe.

    As your faith, so be it unto you,
    It's better to be faithful than famous, it's true.

    Whatever you ask in my Name, I will do,
    Don't hesitate, as He will see you through.

    Come boldly before the throne of grace and ask,
    Because Jesus, our Lord is fully up to any task.

    At times we ask and don't receive because we ask amiss,
    Feeding our own pleasure, rather than helping others subsist.

    If at first you don't succeed, go to the next level and seek,
    Searching out the will of the Lord will help reach your peek.

    Seek the Lord, and you shall find,
    The answer you need, and peace of mind.

    Seek and you shall find,
    And you will be rewarded in kind.

    As the Word says, early will I seek thee,
    This gives you a leg up, as you can forsee.

    You shall seek me and shall find me,
    When you search with all your heart, you see.

    There is no better thing to do,
    Than search for those spiritual nuggets, it's true.

    If seeking and asking fail to work, try a little knocking,
    God loves those who persist with some knee locking.

    Knock and it shall be opened unto you
    He will be faithful to respond if you do.

    Behold, I stand at the door and knock,
    Trust in Him, gates of heaven He will unlock.

    If you ask you will receive, if you seek you will find,
    Knock, it'll be opened unto you and get you out of a bind.


    David S. Shupe
    November 1, 2012

    POEM: BANK OF PROMISE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Bank of promise.


    The bank of heaven is a Bank of Promise,
    Very far removed from any doubting Thomas.

    The heavenly Bank of Promise is free,
    Jesus paid the price for you and for me.

    Invest in heaven, and your future is secure,
    Christ paid for our passage to get us there.

    All one has to do to make a deposit is BELIEVE,
    Then a free mansion in heaven is yours to receive.

    Believing leads to repentance, then to true commitment,
    Culminating in salvation and total contentment.

    Included in your account is a Book full of promises,
    From the end of Revelation to the beginning of Genesis.

    Withdrawals from your account are allowed any time,
    And interest you receive on your savings will be above prime.

    Ample deposits are made by Christ to offset any extractions,
    So your account is always in balance to your satisfaction.

    There are no fees placed on your savings or checking account,
    Neither are there any restrictions, you can withdraw any amount.

    You can ask, seek and knock, and Christ will answer each request,
    To have someone at our beck and call, we are certainly blessed.

    Who among us has God so nigh unto them as He is to us,
    We are rich in God's blessings which He bestows with no fuss.


    David S. Shupe
    September 10, 2012


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Unique Annick on June 17, 2014 with the following comments: Unique Annick: Forgot to ask you this morning how you were making out with the Atrial Fibrillation problem you were having. Hope it's under control. So I'm enclosing a poem on Heaven's Bank of Promise which we are all entitled to as born again children of God. There are so many promises in the Bible that are available to us in our need. Thank God He is faithful when we have medical or financial needs.

    Annick Hughes: 8/17/14: Wow David! love it! Did I tell you that I had cardioversion a week ago? They zapped me and so far so good….Also I am trying to listen to healing scriptures and prayers as much as possible since often these things revert to the preceding condition. I am using Kynan Bridges book on 90 days to your healing devotional book. I recorded the scripture and prayers on a digital recorder and play it back when i walk and drive and cook, etc. Maybe you might do that for Pam? that would be special from her dad!

    POEM: BE An Example ~ by David S. Shupe


    What's your story plaque.

    Never fear, I am here.
    Be truthful, never rueful.
    Be strong, do no wrong.
    Look to me, you will see.
    Look cheerful, not tearful.
    Give a smile, all the while.
    Stand tall, God is all in all.
    Be meek, turn your cheek.
    Dont' frown, God is around.
    Be forgiving, that's real living.
    Refrain from lying, also vying.
    Be an example, don't trample.
    Seek His will, your cup He'll fill.
    Read the Bible, don't be liable.
    Aways be helpful, never fretful.
    Remember Christ, He'll suffice.
    Seek the Lord, wield the sword.
    Don't conform, be transformed.
    Be courageous, it's contagious.
    In the storm, trust God to inform.
    Refrain from evil, always be civil.
    Take a lesson, He's your blessing.
    Never give up, with God we'll sup.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 13, 2014



    Jamie Nicholson Klink, Pat Oakley Shupe, Jim Nicholson, Cheryl Shupe Baker, John Cathy Payne and Norma Littleton Forbush like this ~ May 1, 2014.

    POEM: BE NOT AFRAID ~ by David S. Shupe


    Do not be afraid poster.
    Resist the devil,
    And you will see.
    The Word is true,
    The devil will flee.

    Draw nigh to God,
    He'll draw nigh to you.
    He'll hold you together,
    If your life is all askew.

    Should we be fearful,
    Should we be scared.
    No, for Jesus is Lord,
    None to be compared.

    He knows our weakness,
    He knows our every thought.
    He proved His love for us,
    For our salvation He bought.

    Said He'd be with us,
    Every step of the way.
    Takes us back,
    When at times we stray.

    He's not like us,
    Not an Indian giver.
    What He promises to do,
    He will always deliver.

    We are unpluckable,
    That's in the Bible.
    No one can snatch us,
    If we're found not liable.

    So, do not fear,
    For He will help you.
    This He has promised,
    And His Word is True.

    Be of good courage,
    For He sees your woe.
    Believe on His Name,
    Your worries will soon go.

    He never forsakes you,
    But is with you always.
    His Word is Truth,
    No need to paraphrase.

    Be of good courage,
    We are not alone.
    He gave up His life,
    Our sins to atone.

    He's there when up,
    He's there when down.
    Even if you don't see Him,
    He's always around.

    He has not given us,
    The Spirit of fear;
    But love, power & sound mind,
    And He's always near.

    The Word was made flesh,
    So we all could see & hear.
    Submitted to the cross,
    To conquer our fear.

    Perfect love casts out fear,
    Victory over fear is achieved.
    Made possible by God's own Son,
    So we all can be relieved.

    The Lord is our confidence,
    Keeps our foot from being taken,
    Knows all we're going through,
    No way He'll ever be mistaken.

    Hairs of our head are numbered,
    Rest assured He's on our side.
    If things aren't going our way,
    He's the One who'll turn the tide.

    Fear not, for I AM with you,
    Open your eyes & you will see.
    You Will never walk alone,
    With you always I will be.


    Do not be afraid poster.
    David S. Shupe
    May 3, 2014


    Shirley Hayes Carroll: I love it!! Now I'm going to receive it and share it. May 31 at 3:28am.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared your photo. May 31 at 3:29am. Written by a childhood friend. It will bless you.

    Elizabeth Latham likes this.

    Sally Ramey Preston shared your photo and poem.

    David S Shupe: Thank you Shirley and Sally for sharing our poem.

    Mailed this poem to Melanie Bradley on June 5, 2014 to encourage her in the Lord in dealing with her re-occurrence of breast cancer while she's undergoing a 2nd bout of chemotherapy.

    Emailed this poem to Scot and Pam on March 25, 2015 when their faith was being tried concerning their job situations and Pam's health concerns.

    David S Shupe: 3/25/15: Scot/Pam: Know you guys are going through a lot with apprehension over jobs, health and what the future holds. But we know a God who holds the future, so whatever happens He knows all about it and it is in His hands for sure. So hope the following poem will calm your spirits just a bit. Love you!

    Scot Finley 3/25/15: To: Shupe, David: Thanks so very much for the kind poem and the wisdom and spiritual understanding it reflects. Let's all talk this weekend. Pam's off Saturday; would like to hear both of your voices again. Miss seeing you; so very much wish we were closer. How are you both doing? Love you, Scot.

    Mailed this poem to Carolyn and Harvey Morris on Aug. 24, 2015 after learning they both were being treated for heart conditions.

    POEM: BE OF GOOD COMFORT ~ by David S. Shupe

    A mother bird feeding her baby chicks.


    Be of good comfort,
    For God will strengthen your heart.
    He will give you grace to endure,
    His presence will never depart.

    Be of good comfort,
    He'll be with you to the end.
    We know His Word is true,
    On It, we can always depend.

    Be of good comfort,
    For He does always encourage.
    His mercy is forever and always,
    He will never beguile, nor disparage.

    Be of good comfort,
    For you have nothing to fear.
    When you feel you're all alone,
    You'll find Him always near.

    Be of good comfort,
    When troubles seem to mount.
    He is the problem solver,
    On His help, you can count.

    Be of good comfort,
    When things continue to deteriorate.
    We feel we've done all we can do,
    And the situation fails to ameliorate.

    Be of good comfort,
    When everything is going wrong.
    For the Lord is there to guide you,
    Take you back to where you belong.

    Be of good comfort,
    For He has promised in His Word;
    "I'll never, ever leave you,"
    Of this I'm sure you've heard.

    Be of good comfort,
    For God surely has your back.
    He will never, never desert you,
    He'll keep you on the right track.

    Be of good comfort,
    Whether we live or whether we die.
    For we belong to the Lord,
    And He'll always be nearby.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 1, 2015

    POEM: BE OF GOOD COURAGE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Poster on courage.

    (Isaiah 41:6)

    "Be of good courage,
    And I will strengthen your heart."
    This is found in Isaiah 41, verse 6,
    For the Word does this impart.

    Be of good courage,
    For the Lord will not let you down.
    When you think He is furtherest off,
    You'll find He's still around.

    Be of good courage,
    For when you feel less like praying,
    The Lord reaches down and picks you up.
    He knows what you're feeling and saying.

    Be of good courage,
    For He will always be on your side.
    He will be there when all else fails,
    Though all forsake you, He will abide.

    Be of good courage,
    He has His way in the whirlwind and storm,
    There is no way He will leave you alone,
    He's there your circumstances to reform.

    Be of good courage,
    For God is always in full control.
    Though He relies on us to carry out His plans,
    He doesn't leave us out in the cold.

    Be of good courage,
    For God is on duty 24 hours a day.
    He's there overseeing His creation,
    Ensuring everything turns out okay.

    Be of good courage,
    All who hope, and He shall strengthen your heart
    He'll be with you until the end of time,
    For all who believe, He will never depart.

    Be of good courage,
    He will be with you, never fail or forsake you,
    He is the One that remains forever faithful
    For His promises in His Holy Word are true.

    Be of good courage,
    When everyone else expects you to fall apart,
    God is there to help you hold everything together.
    He is always there for you, so take heart.

    Be of good courage,
    For He realizes when you've been hurt.
    He is there to guide and direct your paths,
    And to keep you strong and mentally alert.

    Be of good courage,
    He won't let you endure that operation alone.
    If you place your full trust in His leading,
    Ill treatment of His child, He cannot condone.

    Be of good courage,
    For Jesus is the One, that for us, has prevailed.
    Just place those burdens at the foot of the cross,
    And that bad news can be countervailed.

    Be of good courage,
    Through perseverance, we shall be victorious.
    I know for I saw it in the Holy Book,
    We will be in a place where all is glorious.


    David S. Shupe
    October 14, 2013


    David Shupe: Sent this poem to Pam on July 3, 2014 after talking with her and learning of a re-occurrence of breast cancer, and a need to have a double masectomy/reconstruction surgery.

    POEM: BE OF GOOD COURAGE #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Be of good courage banner.


    Be of good courage,
    God is on the throne.
    He loved us so much,
    Our sins, He did atone.

    Be of good courage,
    He knows our every ache.
    Keep your eyes fixed on Him,
    For us, He'll never forsake.

    Be of good courage,
    He'll strengthen your heart.
    His Love is forever,
    From us, He'll never depart.

    Be of good courage,
    His mercy is everlasting.
    Our hands will never slip,
    Long as He's the One grasping.

    Be of good courage,
    He supplies every need.
    Just be willing to go,
    Wherever He does lead.

    Be of good courage,
    For He loves the good,
    And hates the evil,
    As we ourselves should.

    Be of good courage,
    For in God we do trust.
    If God is on our side,
    Who can stand against us?

    Be of good courage,
    For God is in control.
    He is a mighty bulwark,
    To the young & the old.

    Be of good courage,
    For the end is in sight.
    The battle has been won,
    As Jesus carried the fight.

    Be of good courage,
    No need to falter.
    Place all of your cares,
    At the heavenly altar.

    Be of good courage,
    As the sea billows roll.
    The victory is ours,
    As Jesus foretold.

    Be of good courage,
    No need to be fainthearted.
    He showers on us His love,
    Our fears have departed.

    Be of good courage,
    Our situation is temporary.
    He knows our every need,
    His staying power is exemplary.

    Be of good courage,
    The answer is foretold.
    He came and forgave us,
    Putting our sentence on hold.

    Be of good courage,
    For I've read the Book.
    Our salvation is assured,
    To confirm it, take a look.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 12, 2014

    POEM: BE OF GOOD COURAGE #3 ~ by David S. Shupe


    Be of good courage,
    For He has paid the sin-cursed price.
    And we're freed from sin's shackles,
    For His love will surely suffice.

    Be of good courage,
    For you do not walk alone.
    The Lord is right there beside you,
    And for your sins, He did atone.

    Be of good courage,
    For He's aware of your many trials.
    He's with you every step of the way,
    Turning your heartaches into smiles.

    Be of good courage,
    When you're facing an uphill battle.
    Though the road may be bumpy,
    He'll keep you in the saddle.

    Be of good courage,
    When you encounter a medical crisis.
    Keep your faith in the Man upstairs,
    And He'll lead you to an oasis.

    Be of good courage,
    Because from Him, there's nothing hid.
    He knows all about your troubles,
    And on them, He's able to put a lid.

    Be of good courage,
    When the good you do turns sour.
    He doesn't put on us more'n we can bear,
    Said He'd be with us every day, every hour.

    Be of good courage,
    For He gives power to the faint.
    To the weak, He increases strength,
    And turns a sinner into a saint.

    Be of good courage,
    For He erases all doubt and fear.
    When you need Him the most,
    You'll find He's always near.

    Be of good courage,
    For He stands at the door and knocks.
    To hear His voice and open the door,
    You'll find His divine presence rocks.

    Be of good courage,
    For He forgives iniquities & heals diseases.
    He is good, ready to forgive,
    Extending mercy to all He pleases.

    Be of good courage,
    For you're on the winning side.
    Nothing coming against you shall prosper,
    As long as under His wings you abide.

    Be of good courage,
    There's nothing but victory ahead.
    When you place your trust in Him,
    You will have nothing to dread.

    Be of good courage,
    And He will strengthen your heart.
    When you make a decision for Him,
    He'll certainly do His part.

    Be of good courage,
    For us, He won the victory.
    Because of His infinite mercy and love,
    We'll live and reign with Him eternally.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 24, 2014


    Sent this poem to Pam, Scot and Dave on Pam's release from the hospital with a diagnosis of "herniated disc" and Pam feeling depressed because of yet another medical problem she and Scot are facing and having to deal with. Feb. 23, 2015.

    Emailed this poem to Larry & Olio Peacock, former GAO friend on June 17, 2015.

    Larry Peacock 7:44 PM June 17, 2015: To: David Shupe: Dave, Thanks for the poem. It is encouraging as you have always been. So sorry to hear about Pam’s husband’s stepmom. Sometimes it does pour when it rains. God Bless them and we will keep them in our prayers. Take care and please keep us posted. Warm regards to Elaine, Larry and Olia.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins, along with canoli dessert on March 17, 2017. Hunter called later and thanks us for both.

    Mailed to Gerald Willey on March 18, 2017 in honor of his 74th birthday.

    POEM: BE SOMEONE ~ by David S. Shupe


    Be someone who cares.

    Be someone who listens, and you will be heard.
    Always be attentive and listen to every word.

    Be someone who cares, and you will be loved.
    Real actions show others you're not being shoved.

    Be someone who gives, and you will be blessed.
    By helping the truly needy, you alleviate the depressed.

    Be someone who comforts, and you will know peace.
    You will be a vessel to help all doldrums to cease.

    Be someone who seeks to understand, and you will be wise.
    As you can help with the solution, and intelligently advise.

    Be someone kind and considerate, and you will be admired.
    A good word will help the recipient to be inspired.

    Be someone who values truth, and you will be respected.
    Be true to God and others, and you will not be neglected.

    Be someone who takes action, you will move life forward.
    Just make sure as you take action, you're looking upward.

    Be someone who lifts others higher, your life will be rewarding.
    It's a feather in your cap, when it's others you will be supporting.

    Be someone filled with gratitude, and be thankful for God's mercy,
    Staying under His wings, will shelter you from things adversely.

    Be someone who lives with purpose, as your own light shines brightly,
    For the Lord loves those who do things unto others ever so rightly.

    Be, in every moment, the special someone you are truly meant to be.
    Doing those things for the Lord that turn out so responsibly.


    David S. Shupe
    February 19, 2013

    *The first lines adapted from "Pocket Full of Sunshine,"
    and the 2nd lines added by me for rhyming purposes.



    Hand carried this poem to the Morris': Carolyn, Harvey, Debbie, Thelma on June 28, 2015 when we provided caregiver services to Thelma.

    POEM: BE SOMEONE SPECIAL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Be someone special banner.


    Be joyful ~ not fretful.
    Be kind ~ never blind.
    Be cheery ~ not dreary.
    Be trustful ~ not lustful.
    Be truthful ~ not rueful.
    Be merry ~ not contrary.
    Be willing ~ not unfilling.
    Be grateful ~ not hateful.
    Be helpful ~ not harmful.
    Be wise ~ always apprise.
    Be a friend ~ don't offend.
    Be diligent ~ not militant.
    Be vigilant ~ not negligent.
    Be strong ~ don't do wrong.
    Be meek ~ don't misspeak.
    Be tasteful ~, not wasteful.
    Be faithful ~ not wraithful.
    Be generous ~ not onerous.
    Be merciful ~ not vengeful.
    Be a saint ~ not a restraint.
    Be humble ~ don't crumble.
    Be a vessel ~ always special.
    Be gentle ~ not detrimental.
    Be discrete ~ don't mistreat.
    Be thankful ~ not ungrateful.
    Be a blessing ~ keep pressing.
    Be a believer ~ not a deceiver.
    Be a conduit ~ get around to it.
    Be content ~ not a malcontent.
    Be forgiving ~ man, that's living.
    Be considerate ~ help the illiterate.
    Be dependable ~ never expendable.
    Be understanding ~ not demanding.
    Be an example ~ never, never trample.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 9, 2014


    Hand carried this poem to Dave Shupe & Heather Finley on March 30, 2016 for their shared birthdays on April 4, 2016.

    Heather Hope texted me on April 4, 2016 and thanked me.

    Dave Shupe's text on April 4, 2016: Thanks, I really like the calendar you made in remembrance of Pam! Also, thanks for the inspirational poem & shell gift card. That should save me a couple of fill-ups at the gas station.

    POEM: BEAUTY OF SPRING ~ by David S. Shupe

    Beauty of springtime.


    Spring is that lovely time of year,
    When everything comes to life, so dear.

    The flowers, the plants, the trees,
    The butterflies, birds, even the bees.

    Come alive, and look quite spectacular,
    Defying description, or even the vernacular.

    It's God's handiwork that we see and enjoy,
    Scenes an artist cannot quite capture or employ.

    Beautiful flowering plants and trees are quite stunning,
    With the sun's rays shinning as they sit there sunning.

    Mountains and valleys all ablaze as only God can decorate,
    Brilliantly displayed to defy man's attempts to replicate.

    Like the plants, the birds and animals also come alive,
    God supplies the sustenance, so they can all survive.

    Chirping of the birds with sounds of spring in the air,
    Our eyes and ears filled with emerging spring everywhere.

    The rays of the sun warm our spirit, body and soul,
    Showering down on us to heal and make us whole.

    He hath made everything beautiful in its time,
    Making creation blend together like a marvelous rhyme.

    Spring is a time when a young man's fancy turns to love,
    Merging with a lovely young women's like a hand in glove.

    Spring is the time when most weddings blossom and bloom,
    When a young woman and young man become bride and groom.

    How can anyone deny the beauty of all God's creation,
    The essence of all things good, is my summation.


    David S. Shupe
    April 24, 2013


    Hand carried this poem to John & Barbara Spears, Neighbors on Marcy 28, 2015.

    Gave this poem to Elaine for her birthday on April 5, 2015, along with her birthday card and presents.

    Mailed this poem to Arelia Holmes when I sent her monthly spending money on April 14, 2015.
    Mailed this poem to Efrain Lopez, St. Croix when I sent Vicente Martinez's lawn care payment on April 15, 2015.

    Hand carried to Dorothy Hudson on June 11, 2016.

    Emailed to Marjorie Latzko on June 11, 2016. Her response: Marjorie Latzko 6/11/16 To: David Shupe: pring is my favorite time of the year. I loved seeing my two magnolia trees and flowering crabapple tree bloom in my front yard every year. I miss that. Thank you for the poem. As for Joan's poems, I found her free verse interesting. She is a very thoughtful deep-thinking person. Her poem, The Sleepwalker, is about her father who had Alzheimer's. Both she and her husband taught English. She played the piano. They adopted a Chinese girl. A lovely couple. On another note, I am happy to tell you that Jason has a job, and will start the 21st, and his health insurance will kick in August 1st..thank goodness.

    Hand carried to Faith Renae and Gracie Mae on June 11, 2016 when attending a Case Knife event at Willey's Knives. Faith read the poem over with my assistance.

    Hand carried to Nina Southworth on March 28, 2017. Nina thanked me for the poem.

    POEM: BEAUTY OF SUMMER ~ by David S. Shupe

    Beauty of summertime.


    Summer is the time of year,
    When people vacation everywhere.

    Here and there they hasten to go,
    Just like the tide that does ebb and flo

    Time to shed clothes, enjoy the warm weather.
    A time to make plans, travel and go wherever.

    Vacationeers go by land, sea and air,
    Shelling out for gas, a boat or plane fare.

    Summer gives a break from work monotony,
    A time to entertain and enjoy company.

    A time to be outside and enjoy God's nature,
    As God created it all, according to Scripture.

    Plants and flowers planted in the spring,
    Bloom to fruition, making one's heart sing.

    A chance to go to the beach, relax in the sand,
    Go out for a good meal, enjoy the music and band.

    An opportunity to enjoy more family togetherness,
    Doing things that become quite adventurous.

    Whatever you do, be sure to include God in your plans,
    Then whatever happens, you'll be in good hands.


    David S. Shupe
    May 8, 2013

    POEM RESPONSE Hand carried this poem to Gracie and Faith on July11, 2015 when attending a Case knife event.

    Sonja Dickerson-Faust: Emailed to Sonja on August 18, 2016 for her birthday while she was visiting her sister Heidi in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her response: Sonja Dickerson-Faust: Thank you so much for my bday wishes. What a beautiful poem thank you. I will be printing it out and putting it with my other poems from you. I keep them on my desk at school so i see them 6 days a week. My birthday was wonderful spent in Kruger Park and then Mikes parents and aunt had me over fro a bbq. We stayed with mike and Debs Heidi's friends in Kruger. We just got back to Joburg today and I fly to PR on Sunday for 3 days and then to STX on the 25th. How is Elaine doing after all that time in emergency? Horrible. Was it the bladder and sciatic? When is your hernia operation? Good grief you 2 have had a very challenging year. Things must get better. Anyway need to keep going here. Thanks again. Sending love to you 3.

    POEM: BIBLE WAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Key for unlocking the Bible!


    Father, forgive us for we
    know not what we do.
    We're exhibiting selfish motives,
    Rather than helping, we sue.

    The Bible way is to turn the other cheek,
    You do this when the Lord you do seek.
    The Bible way is to share with one another,
    Not to find ways to defraud each other.

    The Bible way is for people
    to work if they want to eat.
    Did you hear what I said,
    or must I repeat?

    The Bible way is not to rely
    on Government for support,.
    But work if you are able,
    So your message, you don't distort.

    No such thing as a free ride,
    someone has to pay.
    If not you, someone has to do it,
    come what may.

    The Bible way is for people
    to refrain from illicit situations.
    Instead, waiting until marriage
    to engage in intimate relations.

    Not the Bible way for taxpayers
    to fund illicit child support,
    Or to be responsible for couples
    having babies which they abort.

    Not the Bible way for people of the
    same sex having sexual relation.
    It is the Bible way for marriage to consist
    of one man and woman in combination.

    The love of money is the root of all evil,
    For greed, many are subject to downfall.
    The Bible way is to give liberally,
    To help the truly needy, one and all.

    Over 16 trillion dollars in debt,
    We borrow 42% of every dollar spent,
    Another day older, morgaged to the hilt,
    Creating uncertainty and discontent.

    The Bible way is to pay one's bills on time,
    Not to obligate future generations, anti-sublime.
    Not the Bible way to shirk one's responsibility,
    Which lapses into selfishness and insensibility.

    It's the Bible way to exercise faith in God Almighty,
    Not to trust in rulers or mortal man so flighty.
    Man is unstable, fickle, but God is always faithful,
    God is the essence of love, but man can be hateful.

    The Bible way is to be truthful in every endeavor,
    Man's way is to lie, cheat and steal whenever.
    We see it in politics, business and personal relations,
    It's not the Bible way to condone such situations.

    The Bible way is that lying is an abomination,
    Liars will end up in the lake of fire, no discrimination.
    Today, lying is viewed as an accepted human behavior,
    Everybody does it, ignoring words of the Savior.

    To be on the safe side, do it the Bible way,
    Doing this, you'll run the race well day by day.
    On that judgment day you will hear the Savior say,
    You did it the Bible way, you're here to stay.


    David S. Shupe
    November 20, 2012

    POEM: BLESSED TRINITY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Blessed Trinity.


    Makes us a new creature,
    Discards the old.
    Walking in the Spirit,
    As the prophets foretold.

    We all become one,
    In Jesus the Christ.
    If we have Him,
    His love will suffice.

    Three in One,
    And One in Three.
    That's the God we serve,
    The blessed Trinity.

    Father, Son & Holy Spirit,
    Essence of our devotion.
    No reason to entertain
    Any other notion.

    The Three agree in One,
    It becomes their decision.
    When God wills it done,
    There is no division.

    The Creator of our universe,
    And everything therein.
    Created for His pleasure,
    Of His love, there's no end.

    I and my Father are One,
    The words of our Savior.
    No danger of anything done,
    To cause any disfavor.

    If we know God's Word,
    We'd also know His Son.
    For the Word became flesh,
    The victory for us, He won.

    We walk in His Holy Name,
    As other saints have trod.
    And His Name shall be called,
    The Holy Word of God.

    So thank you Blessed Trinity,
    For manifold blesses to us.
    Living for You is a pleasure,
    And also an absolute must.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 20, 2014

    POEM: BRING IT ON ~ by David S. Shupe

    Bring It On banner.


    Bring It On. . .
    That's the Christian battle cry,
    For we have a Savior on whom we can rely.
    He is there through thick and thin,
    He's given us assurance that we will win.

    Bring It On. . .
    We don't fear what man can do,
    We fear God who'll see us through.
    He's the One Who gave us birth,
    He's the God of all the earth.

    Bring It On. . .
    He puts Satan in his place,
    He's the One Who saved us by His Grace.
    He never leaves us in the dust,
    He's the One that we'll always trust.

    Bring It On. . .
    There's no way that we can lose,
    If God's Son, we do faithfully choose.
    Only one Way we can make it in,
    Through Jesus Christ Who saved us from sin.

    Bring It On. . .
    Resist the devil and He will flee,
    Draw nigh to God; He'll draw nigh to thee.
    Seek His face, and you'll be rewarded,
    Your adversary, the devil, will be bombarded.

    Bring It On. . .
    He is there when we're at our peak,
    He is there when our steps grow weak.
    He is there when we're at our prime,
    He is there all of the time.

    Bring It On. . .
    Heaven and earth will all pass away,
    But God's Holy Word is here to stay.
    There's no other god, beside our God,
    Whether we're living, or planted beneath the sod.

    Bring It On. . .
    He's our comfort in every affliction,
    For He delivers us from every addiction.
    No matter the dangers our path may cross,
    He seals and protects us from eternal loss.

    Bring It On. . .
    He's there to console when hearts are broken,
    He's there to encourage, as His Word has spoken.
    He gives us solace when we are mistaken.
    He lifts us up when we feel forsaken.

    Bring It On. . .
    He's there to heal the broken hearted,
    He gives us hope after loved ones have departed.
    He feels our hurt, He knows our pain,
    In the long run, He turns it into gain.

    Bring It On. . .
    No matter the turbulence that enters our life,
    He's the Master of all turmoil and strife.
    The Eternal God is our everlasting Refuge,
    His protective Arms shield us from every deluge.

    Bring It On. . .
    He that overcometh will inherit all things,
    Because He died for me, to Him my heart clings.
    In heaven we shall be joint heirs with Christ,
    Living and reigning with Him will eternally suffice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 9, 2017


    Emailed to Scot Finley on Feb. 12, 2017 in remembering what would have been his and Pam's 24th wedding anniversary. Scot's response: Thanks so much. Taking a framed picture of our wedding day today to church. Will take with us to lunch after church as well. I rejoice that my beloved is with Our Redeemer this day. My last words to her as her breathing slowed were, "We're right behind you! We'll see soon." I pray for you daily. I know it is the pain that never goes away. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone.

    Mailed to LPC friend, Bill Baughman on April 17, 2017, along with a recipe for Crocker Pot Easter candy that he requested after sampling the candy last week. Bill came up to me Sunday, April 23, 2017 and thanked me for the poem and the recipe. He made the candy this week and said he is taking the candy and the poem up to see his family later on in the week.

    Emailed to Annick Maubrey Hughes on April 16, 2017 who was battling pneumonia. Annick's response: Thanks David! Love the poem and your prayers. God bless you both! Annick!


    Photo of bumper cars.


    Are you the type of person
    That practices bumper car forgiveness?
    When someone bumps you a little hard,
    You ram them even harder~such assertiveness!

    Life is a lot like the exciting “bumper cars”
    We all rode at an amusement park.
    You know that you will get hit and bumped,
    Which tends to create a waxing angry spark.

    When you've been bumped unmercifully,
    It's only natural you'd want to bump back.
    But the good Book says, "Turn the other cheek."
    Not easy to do, but it'll keep you on a spiritual track.

    If we're compelled by someone to go one mile,
    We should not only be willing, but go two.
    Because it goes against our grain to be coerced,
    But it's not do unto others as they do unto you.

    Did you know what the Lord Jesus said,
    "If you don't forgive others their trespasses,
    Neither will the Heavenly Father forgive you."
    Putting you on the side of the unforgiving masses.

    We forgive, not because our offenders deserve it,
    We forgive because we ourselves have been forgiven.
    And when we forgive others their trespasses,
    Jesus himself lets us know this is right living.

    We are among those who've been forgiven much,
    So we should share this blessing with our offenders.
    We have been changed from death unto life,
    Not for throwing our lot in with the great pretenders.

    Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me,
    And I forgive him ~ up to seven times?
    Not only seven times, but seventy times seven,
    As forgiveness should be endless, no matter the crimes.

    We are supposed to emanate His Son thru our actions,
    And forgiveness is God's grace in action through us.
    Forgive and it shall be forgiven you, Jesus clearly added,
    So if you want to keep a clean slate, forgiveness is a must.

    Lord, remind us of how deeply we have offended You,
    How often You have extended to us Your forgiving Grace.
    Dear Lord, teach us to forgive others and to trust You
    To deal with those who offend us within this human race.

    Thank you for the thousands of times You've forgiven us,
    For disobeying your Holy Word, and Your voice.
    Although we're undeserving, You showered us with mercy;
    We thank you for giving us a desire to follow You as our choice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 8, 2014

    Posted this poem to Facebook Timeline on December 29, 2015. Ruth Owens, Geri Elliott, David N Vickie Byrd and 4 others like this. Angela Littleton Miller: Thank you for your inspiration! I just recently mended fences with a special someone and the load is less heavier. "God is good and His faithfulness endures forever" December 29, 2015 at 12:30pm.

    Shari Allen: Amazing David. Thank you. I will share this. Shari Allen shared your post.

    John Cathy Payne shared your post December 29, 2015. Great advice from a dear friend. Thanks David S Shupe. You and 3 others like this.

    Jeffery Lee Williams shared your post on December 29, 2015. You and Peggy Kuhn Wolfe like this.

    POEM: BUT GOD!! ~ by David S. Shupe

    INTRODUCTION ~ Whenever you see "BUT GOD" in the scriptures, you know that somehow or another, God is going to make some righteous intervention in human affairs. For example, "You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to . . . save many people alive” (Gen. 50:20). There are a number of scriptures that contain these two words, but rather than the scriptures, we're going to concentrate on the the contrast between the attributes of man and some of God's qualities in the following poem.

    God's universe.

    BUT GOD!

    We are weak ~ BUT GOD is strong,
    GOD is right ~ and we are wrong.

    We know little ~ BUT GOD knows a lot,
    GOD is omnipresent ~ we are just a dot.

    We must decrease ~ BUT GOD is unrestrained,
    GOD IS omniscient ~ and we are like, chained.

    We are bad ~ BUT GOD is good,
    GOD is love ~ we don't measure up like we should.

    We are the least ~ BUT GOD is the most,
    GOD created all things ~ we do nothing to boast.

    We are nothing ~ BUT GOD is our sufficiency,
    GOD is our Source ~ we are under His dependency.

    So we are dependent ~ BUT GOD needs no one,
    GOD is all powerful ~ and so is His Son.

    We are poor ~ BUT GOD owns all things,
    GOD OWNS all minerals ~ we settle for little rings.

    We were all sinners ~ BUT GOD gave us His grace,
    GOD provided a way out ~ as JESUS took our place.

    We are forgiven ~ BUT GOD is the reason why,
    GOD's Son paid our debt ~ we didn't die,

    Our sins are all washed away ~ BUT GOD made it possible,
    JESUS did it all through love ~ making heaven accessible.


    Creator of the universe
    Who reigns in awesome majesty:
    How can it be that You’re involved
    With such a one as me? —Sper!



    David S. Shupe
    August 4, 2012


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    POEM: BY FAITH ~ by David S. Shupe

    Sign about Faith!


    By Faith, we enter into a relationship
    with God, that no man is able to annul.
    It's a binding contract with God,
    reaching from our heart to our skull.

    By Faith, we understand that in the beginning
    the worlds were framed by God's Word,
    He spoke the world and all living creatures
    into existence in case you haven't heard.

    By Faith, Abraham looked for a city
    whose builder and maker was God.
    A city bringing together in one, Jew and
    Christian believers into one pod.

    By Faith, Sara conceived a child while
    she was well past the child-bearing age.
    As she judged Him faithful who promised,
    and His promise she did engage.

    By Faith, Enoch pleased God, and
    was translated that he should not see death.
    Only he and Elijah were provided the honor
    of not dying, thus were never absent of breath.

    By Faith, Noah prepared an ark for the saving
    of his household, per God's instructions.
    Following God's plan when a calamity strikes,
    delivers us from all earthly obstructions.

    By Faith, over a million Israelites marched
    through the mighty Red sea on dry land.
    Having assurance that placing trust in God,
    they would always have the upper hand.

    By Faith, Jephthah used 300 men to put
    a massive army of thousands to flight.
    With God as our helper, victory is assured
    no matter that the odds are ever so slight.

    By Faith, the walls of Jericho fell down,
    After being compassed about for seven days.
    Marching with God is the only way to asssure
    Success, and for that we owe Him our praise.

    By Faith, the harlot Rahab hid the Israeli spies
    So they would not be discovered.
    The spies were eternally grateful for Rahab's help,
    As she had their back and had them covered.

    By Faith, Samson used his extraordinary
    strength to subdue his Palistinian enemy.
    Having reached what we might call in
    Charles Atlas circles of strength, his epitomy.

    By Faith, Daniel survived the hungry lions
    when he was thrown into the lion's den.
    Which shows how God cares for His people
    who refuse to go along with the trend.

    By Faith, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
    refused to bow, bend or burn.
    Knowing that eternity is of greater value
    than prestige, or any wages they could earn.

    By Faith, the stripling David overcame
    an experienced warrior, a giant of a man.
    Relying on God, faith turned the tide for David
    and gave him the upper hand.

    By Faith, Paul endured countless
    hardships for Christ's sake.
    He had renounced his practice of
    persecuting Christians as a big mistake.

    By Faith, Paul took the message
    of Christ to the Gentile nation.
    Realizing this truth must be shared
    with all of God's creation.

    Without Faith, it's impossible to please God,
    Faith is essential to enter the pearly gates.
    So increase our measure of faith, O Lord,
    To ensure that our salvation, He never negates.


    David S. Shupe
    December 18, 2012

    POEM: BY YOUR WORDS ~ by David S. Shupe

    People talking.

    (Matthew 12:37)

    Have you ever stopped to consider,
    That life and death resides in the tongue.
    The things we say to others and talk about,
    Are enough to crucify and get us hung.

    "By your words you shall be justified,
    And by your words you shall be condemned."
    It pays to weigh the words we speak and say,
    So in the end we will not be damned.

    Do your lips offer compliments,
    Or do they spout insincere flattery?
    Is your goal to offer encouragement,
    Or to manipulate others through fakery.

    Are you offering genuine appreciation,
    Or do you have an underlying motive?
    Do you have something good to say,
    Or are you talking just to be talkative?

    Do we carelessly throw out words,
    Or do we think before we talk?
    Do we blindly take a step into the dark,
    Or do we look before we walk?

    If we can control our lips, our mouth,
    We're way ahead of the game, no doubt.
    Having no control over our own spirit,
    Is like a city without walls, and no clout.

    The tongue is an unruly member of our body,
    Every time we speak, our heart is on parade.
    To prevent an uncontrollable outburst,
    Think before speaking to prevent a charade.

    "Let the words of my mouth,
    And the meditation of my heart
    Be acceptable in your sight, O Lord..." ~
    And let me from your Word never depart.

    Our words can accomplish many things,
    They can wound or they can heal.
    They can affect people you see daily,
    And make a difference in how they feel.

    Just one little word of encouragement,
    Can help to change some person's life,
    Like apples of gold in pitchers of silver,
    They can reduce undue pain and strife.

    We should guard our words like family jewels,
    A word carelessly spoken may kindle strife,
    As words penetrate the innermost part of the belly,
    A venomous word may mortally wound a life.

    We should use our words to help rather than hinder,
    An encouraging word may lessen stress,
    Words prompted by the Lord will not return void,
    A word spoken in love may heal and bless.


    Tone of voice can be effective
    If our spirit’s calm and meek;
    Let us watch our words and actions,
    Always careful how we speak. —Hess.



    David S. Shupe
    March 17, 2013

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Thanks Uncle David, your poems as always are a true blessing of wisdom!! My prayer is that I will be a blessing to others! And let others know they are to me and others!! 7 hours ago via mobile Jan. 1, 2014.

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    POEM: CHEER UP ~ by David S. Shupe

    Cheer up, things will get better.


    A friend tried to help me one day,
    This is what he had to say.
    Cheer up, things could be worse,
    I cheered up and things did get worse.

    This is probably the exception to the rule,
    Otherwise, we need to go to a cheer up school.
    So don't let the worst get the best of our good,
    Let us hold to the positive side, like we should.

    I would prefer "cheer up, things will get better."
    I know because I've read the end of the "Letter."
    It's simply a matter of attitude, not what occurs,
    We look to the Master, ignoring all the slurs.

    How can we be cheery when the world is topsy-turvy,
    Telling me to ignore my problems is a bit nervy.
    Do I look like a person with his head not on straight,
    Or a habitual tardy employee always arriving late.

    I thought I knew how to travel this roadway of life,
    Yet I find my path strewn with rubble and strife.
    Easier to turn to Christ and eliminate all dissension,
    Accepting Christ takes on a whole new dimension.

    Don't depend on "things" to improve your outlook,
    Instead, concentrate on Christ with a positive uplook.
    You'll find that things go better with Jesus involved,
    Especially when our unsightly sins are absolved.

    Doesn't matter what happens or comes your way,
    What matters is how you view and approach each day.
    Many things happen that can literally rip you apart,
    Jesus is there for you, so don't lose heart.

    Those with a merry heart have a continual feast,
    We have an Advocate who helps us slay the beast.
    An old ad, "Things go better with the taste of coke."
    Much better, when we, God's will, do invoke.

    So cheer up, and your outlook will be merry,
    No matter what happens, it'll be rosy and cheery.
    Seek ye the Lord while He may be found,
    Whatever the circumstance, He can turn it around.

    Fess up ~ cheer up, that's the real key,
    No need to be locked in your doldrums, you see.
    Acknowledge the problems, put them all behind,
    No way they'll get you down, nothing of the kind.


    David S. Shupe
    March 14, 2013

    POEM: CHOOSE LIFE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Choose life, choose Jesus poster.


    Choose life, and you will find,
    Eternal security and peace of mind.

    Choose life, the Holy Word implores,
    Then God, your sin-free life restores.

    Choose life, and you will soon see,
    God will make you what you ought to be.

    Choose life, and you'll never regret it,
    Your life will change & you won't fret it.

    Choose life, and heed His Word,
    Most important Truth you've ever heard.

    Choose life, as there's only one other choice,
    Death from which you'll have no other voice.

    Choose life, and your life will forever change,
    Your priorities, God will totally rearrange.

    Choose life, and never fear death or hell,
    For God is there to make everything jell.

    Choose life, and commit your life to Christ,
    No matter what happens, He will always suffice.

    Choose life, and Christ will make you whole,
    For what can we give in exchange for our soul.

    Choose life, as it's for our eternal benefit,
    In heaven, no one will be a misfit.

    Choose life, and from sin & death make a switch,
    For the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich.

    Choose life, for this is the choice of the ages,
    As a result of this decision, eternal life engages.

    Choose life to benefit from God's endless blessings,
    Including both natural and spiritual refreshings.

    Thank you God, for the privilege of choosing life,
    Which makes us victorious over all turmoil & strife.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    April 9, 2014


    David S. Shupe: Gave this poem to Ellie Ziegler October 13, 2014.

    POEM: CHOOSE OR LOSE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Choose or lose.


    Choose you this day,
    Whom you will serve.
    It's quiet an easy choice
    Doesn't take a lot of nerve.

    We will still lose,
    If we fail to decide.
    For in the Lord's presence,
    We will never abide.

    Shun the wrong,
    Choose the right.
    Watch for His appearing,
    Keep Jesus in your sight.

    The choice we make;
    Heaven above, or hell beneath.
    Charters our destiny,
    Of our soul's bequeath.

    In this earthly life,
    We make many choices;
    Are offered many opportunities,
    And listen to a myriad of voices.

    We choose how we live,
    We choose how to survive.
    What we don't usually do,
    Is choose how we die.

    We have free reign,
    To make our choice.
    Though it's to our benefit,
    To heed the Lord's voice.

    It's up to us to decide,
    We can accept or reject.
    No one is going to force us,
    But we want to save our neck.

    Often it's tough to distinguish,
    The real truth from the phony.
    The Bible as a guide will separate
    The fillet mignon from the baloney.

    The decision we reach,
    Determines our final destination.
    So be sure to decide wisely,
    And halt your procrastination.

    Wisdom is the principal thing,
    And wise men still seek Christ.
    If you want to be on the winning side,
    Only a choice for Christ will suffice.

    Refuse Christ & eternal life is doomed,
    For Christ determines our final admission.
    Choose Christ and live eternally,
    For that is the Biblical admonition.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 18, 2017

    POEM: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus healing damsel!


    Christ is the answer when our spirits are low,
    He will take us to a higher plateau.
    Christ is the answer in sickness or in health,
    He can place these maladies on the back shelf.

    Christ is the answer through pain and disease,
    He can eliminate both with the greatest of ease.
    Christ is the answer to anxiety and stress,
    No better way to reduce such mental duress.

    Christ is the answer to problems in marriage,
    Providing a solution so there'll be no miscarriage.
    Christ is the answer when all hope is lost,
    As He loved us so much, He paid the cost.

    Christ is the answer when all else fails,
    When friends forsake us, He always prevails.
    Christ is the answer when we feel lonely,
    A friend closer than a brother, Him only.

    Christ is the answer when we're stuck in park,
    He is just the one to ignite the right spark.
    Christ is the answer when we feel burned out,
    He recharges our battery and turns us about.

    Christ is the answer when we don't have an answer,
    No matter what our petition, He doesn't censure.
    Christ is the answer, providing peace to our soul,
    He heals the broken hearted and makes them whole.

    Christ is the answer no matter what the question,
    So listen to that still small voice is my suggestion.
    Christ is the answer when things go wrong,
    As He knows how to right wrongs all day long.

    Christ is the answer to every woe,
    The help we need, He can bestow.
    Christ is the answer to all our needs,
    We just need to follow where he leads.


    David S. Shupe
    November 20, 2012



    Joy Nicholson ~ Feb. 3, 2013: Good morning, dear brother David. I received your text when I turned on my cell this morning, so came to the computer to check email. I think I have broken records this weekend on checking my email!!! LOL!!! Thank you for the update on Gayle as I have been praying for her and meant to ask how it went. I remembered you had said she was having surgery the last of January, but was thinking it was Monday. I think Sam’s pastor was having surgery on Monday, so I was praying for both of them. I will definitely continue to pray for her. I’m sure she appreciated the poems. It sounded like they were timely!

    Thank you for the poem. I remember reading it. By the Holy Spirit’s direction, it may work right into the message. If I don’t have time for all, I could use a few. Sounds good!!! Thanks for sharing it with me! Milton called me last night and we chatted for quite a while. I had sent him the email also. I told him about your poem and all the poems you have written and gave him the website address so he could go on. We stayed on the phone and found the website on our family website and he went on there and made it one of his favorites, so he wouldn’t have to search again. :-). Love you so much!!! Joy

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Melanie Bradley.

    Sent this poem to Pam and Scot on April 13, 2015 when they were both going through a crises.

    EmmaJean Wilson: Mailed to EmmaJean on August 16, 2016 with a short letter thanking her for the beautiful birthday and anniversary cards.

    POEM: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ is the Answer photo.


    Christ is the answer,
    when things go wrong.
    Just call on Jesus,
    and He'll come along.

    Christ is the answer,
    when you feel despondent.
    He is always faithful,
    and is the One constant.

    Christ is the answer,
    when your spirit is sagging.
    He'll give you strength,
    to keep you from lagging.

    Christ is the answer,
    when there's no way.
    He'll never let you down,
    and He has the last say.

    Christ is the answer,
    to all your problems.
    He will surely life you up,
    out of all your doldrums.

    Christ is the answer,
    when you feel lowdown.
    He is willing to help,
    to turn things around.

    Christ is the answer,
    if doubts cloud your mind.
    He will never turn you away,
    He's there to help you unwind.

    Christ is the answer,
    He'll turn failure into success.
    No need to worry needlessly,
    For He knows what's best.

    Christ is the answer,
    when you feel dejected.
    He'll elevate your feelings,
    by doing the unexpected.

    Christ is the answer,
    for He is your best friend.
    He'll never leave you alone,
    but sticks with you to the end.

    Christ is the answer,
    He is our sovereign Lord.
    Gives us strength for each day,
    long as we climb aboard.

    Christ is the answer,
    no doubt about it.
    He blesses us every day,
    and I'm gonna shout it.

    Christ is the answer,
    why are you undecided?
    He is truth incarnate,
    in His love we have abided.

    Christ is the answer,
    need we say more.
    He is our blessed Savior,
    and heaven's open door.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    April 29, 2014


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Pam and Scot on Aug. 14, 2014, the eve of her 1st round of chemo in her 2nd series of chem treatments. The oncologist had told her that this time she wouldn't lose any or not much of her hair for the series. That's good. Pam later sent a text message thanking us for the poem.

    POEM: CHRIST MEETS MY NEED ~ by David S. Shupe

    He's all I need.


    I know I’m a sinner, but Christ meets my need;
    His death is my ransom, His grace I plead.
    His work is sufficient, on Him I believe;
    I have life eternal, when Him I receive.

    He left it up to us to make the right choice,
    Accepting our repentance by uttering our voice.
    We accept Christ as God's only begotten Son,
    For through Him, the sin battle has been won.

    He's with me always, closer than a brother.
    A loving God who cares, unlike any other.
    He went to the cross, my sins to atone;
    A friend who paid it all, never leaving me alone.

    He looked down from above, full of compassion,
    Saw my anguish, relieved my oppression.
    Provided salvation, gave me peace of mind,
    What a wonderful Savior, with love divine.

    For by His infinite grace, we have been saved,
    Delivered us from sin, that had us enslaved.
    It was solely a gift of God, not of man's doing,
    Gave us a choice to be saved from eternal ruin.

    There is no one more worthy of our devotion,
    So, no need to entertain any other notion.
    He did for us what no one else on earth could,
    Satan vied for our soul, but He withstood.

    Supplies my needs, keeps me from being destitute,
    He went to the cross, became my substitute.
    There's no earthly way He would abandon me now,
    For every sin I have committed, He did disallow.

    Cast them from me, far as the east from the west,
    All because He could, and He knew what was best.
    Oh, what a wonder and a foretaste of glory divine,
    I am His, and wonder of wonders, He is mine.

    In the Book, said He'd be with us to the very end,
    Oh what a blessed Savior, oh what a friend.
    He knows my every weakness, that's a fact,
    Long as I look to Him, He keeps me on track.

    You've been my Savior when I needed one most,
    When the road's been rough, You helped me coast.
    You forgave my faults when I've failed you so much,
    You were there to help me out when I was in dutch.

    It is no secret that to You I'll always be grateful,
    Every blessing You've provided to me is so tasteful.
    So thank you, dear Lord, for meeting my need,
    Guiding me through life, allowing me to proceed.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 27, 2015


    Hazel Brittingham: Mailed to Hazel on August 16, 2016. Her response: Hazel called on August 22, 2016, thanked me profusively for the poem, and said she keeps all the poems we have sent her in a binder. Also, that a double benefit is received from them, one by her and the 2nd by the person who reads the poem to her as she is legally blind and can't read it herself. Hazel is 88 years old.

    Eleanor (Ellie) Ziegler: Posted to Ellie's Facebook Messenger page on her birthday, October 24, 2016. Ellie's response: Eleanor Ziegler: Thank you, Dave and Elaine, for the lovely poem. Just back from three days in New Hampshire visiting niece. Leaves were exquisite colors in the rain. Having a quiet birthday as need to catch up on sleep but am resting in God's love, with my friend Mister P. (my cat) and love from my many wonderful friends.

    Gary&Trisha Fearer: Posted to Trisha's Facebook Messenger page on her/his birthday, October 24, 2016. Trisha's response: Thank you David and Elaine, that is beautiful. May God Richly bless you both. Love you both, Trisha.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Posted to Norma's Facebook Messenger on October 28, 2016. Norma's response on November 3, 2016: Thank you for the lovely poem. You have to be one of the greatest. I love reading them. I got the ones out that you have sent me a few days ago and also read them to John. He loves them always. Now, how are you feeling. I didn't quite understand what Joy was saying about you not needing the surgery when I had already heard you had it on a certain day..Did I miss something? At any rate I pray you are doing well. Well, I'm expecting Shirley and Gloria the 22nd. We look forward to them coming. We do our Christmas decorations early so that they can enjoy also.

    Louise Kinsler: Mailed November 7, 2016 along with a birthday card, in honor or her 73rd birthday. Louise called and thanked us for the card and poem on November 9, 2016.

    Alice & Don Sturtz: Mailed November 7, 2016 while thinking of a great LPC couple.

    Melanie Bradley: Mailed November 7, 2016 in honor of Melanie's 51st birthday. Her response: Melanie Latzko Bradley: Thank you so much!

    Adrienne Scott: Emailed to Adrienne on December 2, 2016 for her birthday. Her response: Thank you both so much for the birthday wishes and beautiful poem! My heart is warmed. God bless you, Adrienne. Sent from my iPhone on Dec 2, 2016, at 7:29 AM.


    Football pass!


    Jesus is our quarterback, offense, and defense all rolled into one,
    Made possible only because He is God's only Son.

    He calmly goes into the huddle, clearly calling all the plays,
    As the play unfolds, it leaves the opposing players all in a daze.

    He leads the team steadily down the field toward the opponent's goal,
    A battle between Christians and the Devils, if the truth were told.

    Another play is called, and on the play there is a tumble,
    Old man sin entered the game and caused the Christians to fumble.

    The Devils have the ball and marched down the field to score,
    They now have the lead, and will do their best to add more.

    As the game progresses, it becomes hard fought and more heated,
    The Christians are trying hard to have the Devils unseated.

    But the defenses of both teams are standing up to the test,
    So the score remains Devils 7, Christians 0 as we take a time-out rest.

    The Devils are winning and we're down to the 2-minute warning,
    They could just visualize the super bowl emblems adorning.

    The Christians have the ball on their own 20 yard line,
    Eighty yards to go, would there be enough time?

    Three downs used up and Christians only gained 7 yards,
    At this rate, they certainly won't break any records.

    Fourth down and three, with 5 seconds showing on the clock,
    If this last play bombs, boy will the Devils rock.

    Jesus calls the play and pass receivers head down a straight track,
    A defensive player barrels in ready to crucify the quarterback..

    He is able to get the pass off, and what a beauty it is,
    Straight and fast as an arrow, it sails to waiting arms, so 'tis.

    The receiver securely nabs it and he is off like the wind for the goal,
    The defensive players are unable to catch him to save their soul.

    The Christians convert the point, winning the game eight to seven,
    Moral of this story is how Christians won the game making it to heaven.

    Jesus threw the pass nullifying sin, scoring the winning touchdown,
    When the Christians beat the Devils in their final showdown.

    It was all because of Jesus, and what He did for us,
    How he outplayed the Devils, and in Him we did trust.


    David S. Shupe
    December 1, 2012

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    Michelle Shupe Wheatley: Now that kind of football I like! 13 hours ago via mobile ~ Dec. 16, 2012.

    Lynn Johnson: Amen, David! about an hour ago ~ Dec. 17, 2012.

    A posting of the poem by Pat Oakley Shupe on her facebook on Dec. 17, 2012: Pat Oakley Shupe: With so many football friends, I thought you might find this interesting... a poem "Christians vs Devils" written by my brother-in-law, David Shupe.


    Heaven is my home.


    I'm closer to home now,
    Than I was yesterday.
    Just one step closer to heaven,
    Because Jesus paved the way.

    On Earth, there are so many things,
    That we often live to regret.
    IN HEAVEN are so many joys
    We haven't experienced yet.

    On Earth, we do see God's handiwork,
    But only view the tip of the crust.
    IN HEAVEN, eye hath not yet seen,
    What God has prepared for us.

    On Earth, we have a temporary abode,
    Where we live, meet earthly demands.
    IN HEAVEN, we have an eternal home
    Which is made with heavenly hands.

    On Earth, we often encounter,
    Much heartache and suffering.
    IN HEAVEN, no pain or death will occur,
    For Christ will be our buffering.

    On Earth, there's so much sorrow,
    In losing a friend or close loved one.
    IN HEAVEN, our anguish and tears,
    Are vanquished by God's own Son.

    On Earth, pain and heartache,
    Are constantly a way of life.
    IN HEAVEN, there's none of this,
    Neither turmoil nor strife.

    On Earth, we have some pleasures,
    Although temporary and fleeting.
    IN HEAVEN, the pleasures are eternal,
    As loved ones we will be greeting.

    On Earth, we have to part,
    From loved ones after so many years.
    IN HEAVEN, we'll be re-united,
    With joy unspeakable, happy tears.

    On Earth we toil and work,
    By the sweat of our brow.
    IN HEAVEN, living will be a pleasure,
    Heartache & suffering, He will disallow.

    On Earth, childbearing and raising,
    Can turn out to be quite a chore.
    IN HEAVEN, all will be glorious,
    Rebellion and squabbles will be no more.

    On Earth, loved ones too soon pass on,
    And them, we all surely do miss.
    IN HEAVEN, everything will be different,
    Resulting in unlimited happiness & bliss.

    On Earth, we are often ridiculed,
    Hearing words of admonition all the while.
    UP THERE, the comforting words of Jesus,


    Oh, what indescribably joy that will be,
    When our Lord Jesus, we shall see.
    When we look upon His glorious face,
    Knowing He saved us by unmerited grace.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 26, 2014


    Emailed this poem to Dave, Pam, Jim & Joy & Norma in remembrance of what would have been Jean's 80th birthday today ~ Jan. 27, 2015.

    Dave Gene 8:34 PM Jan 27, 2015: Another great poem, Dad! I sent you a text this morning remembering Mom’s birthday. I also asked how much snow you had on the ground up there. We had about an inch overnight last night.

    Dr. Pam Finley 12:52 PM Jan 28, 2015: To: Shupe, David: Thanks for the reassuring poem. Scot's mom would have been 75 on Monday, and Mom would have been 80 yesterday.

    Mailed this poem, along with a sympathy card to Ellie Ziegler November 30, 2015 on the death of her husband, Ralph.

    Mailed to Bette Mayer and Hazel Brittingham on November 12, 2016. Bette Mayer's response via thank you card: Dear Elaine and David, A bright, beautiful "Thank You". . .for the special tehings you do! Thank you so much for always thinking of me. I have a collection of your thoughts. My blessing to you both also!! In Christ, Bette.

    POEM: COME UNTO ME #1~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus beckoning us to come.


    Come unto me to find rest for your soul,
    For I'm the one who heals, makes you whole.
    Come unto me to receive eternal salvation,
    For I died to compensate for sin's saturation.

    Come unto me you who are destitute,
    And your loss, I can re-institute.
    Come unto me you who are fearful,
    Listen to my Word to receive an earful.

    Come unto me you who lack confidence,
    I will do everything to diminish your diffidence.
    Come unto me if you're lost and undone,
    You'll go from lost to found by God's only Son.

    Come unto me when the going gets tough,
    For I'm in the business of eradicating rough.
    Come unto me and seek my face,
    For I died to save the human race.

    Come unto me when life becomes a drag,
    I can be there to help remove every snag.
    Come unto me if illness pulls you down,
    I'll be there for you to turn things around.

    Come unto me and seek my will,
    I'll be with you always, and my love instil.
    Come unto me if going through turbulence,
    I calm mighty storms, providing endurance.

    Come unto me is my humble plea,
    Away from Grace, there's no need to be.
    Come unto me and you will readily see,
    There'll be joy unspeakable ~ what glee!

    Come unto me, for there is no downside,
    I'll be with you always and forever abide.
    Come unto me you that fear my name,
    Yesterday, today, forever I'm always the same.

    Come unto me if your life is unbearable,
    I can rid you of all that is deplorable.
    Come unto me all you who are hurting,
    For it's the harmful things I can be diverting.

    Come unto me and you'll become a new person,
    The Spirit will negate the need for rehearsing.
    Come unto me if your marriage is falling apart,
    I will be with you in trouble, so take heart.

    Come unto me if your kids are uncontrollable,
    Rely on Me for help and you will be consolable.
    Come unto me if valleys turn into mountains,
    I will give you to drink of My spiritual fountains.

    Come unto me if your life is a hassle,
    I'll build you a mansion, some call a castle.
    Come unto me when there seems to be no way,
    I'll lead you down the path to a brighter day.

    Come unto me, even as a last resort,
    There are no restrictions in my report.
    Come unto me and experience heavenly peace,
    I'll always be there to help your strife to cease.


    David S. Shupe
    December 28, 2012

    POEM: COME UNTO ME #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus in the clouds.


    Come unto Me all you that labor,
    And feel so heavy laden,
    I will give you blissful rest.
    Helping all, both lad and maiden.

    Come unto Me all you that sorrow,
    I will restore unto you gladness.
    Seek my face while I may be found,
    I will relieve your drabness.

    Come unto Me you that have doubts,
    I will restore unto you confidence.
    There's no need to feel downtrodden,
    I will relieve you of all diffidence.

    Come unto Me you who are fearful,
    And I will strengthen your heart.
    There's no need to be hesitant,
    As from all evil, you can depart.

    Come unto Me you who are lonely,
    I will be your very closest friend.
    Even closer than a sister or brother,
    And on Me you can always depend.

    Come unto Me You who are suffering,
    I will help you bear the unbearable.
    If you arise and seek me early,
    I can rid you of all that's deplorable.

    Come unto Me you who are addicted,
    I can change addiction to a better cause,
    Just rely on my transforming power,
    You'll be sure to give bad habits a pause.

    Come unto Me you who are confused,
    I can restore unto you clarity of mind.
    Calmness and peace I give unto you,
    Check my Word, the answer you will find.

    Come unto Me you who are facing surgery,
    And receive peace passing understanding.
    I can put your tortured mind at ease,
    The crisis you face, notwithstanding.

    Come unto Me you who are enduring chemo,
    Or undergoing treatment with radiation.
    I'll be there with you by your side,
    To help relieve your fear and trepidation.

    Come unto Me you who lost a friend,
    I'm a friend that's closer than a brother.
    I'll never leave nor forsake you,
    Whatever happens, I'll be your cover.

    Come unto Me you who are forlorn,
    And you who feel forsaken.
    I will never leave nor abandon you,
    Trust me, you'll never be mistaken.

    Come unto me you who are at wit's end,
    I can help with your frustration.
    I can keep you on the road to sanity,
    And relieve you of your exasperation.

    Come unto me you that fear my Name,
    For I am your Savior and Protector.
    When the enemy shoots his arrows,
    I will be there acting as your deflector.

    Come unto me even if you're uncertain,
    You can come either as a first or last resort.
    There's no set time, but don't come too late,
    And I will include your name on my final report.


    David S. Shupe
    January 24, 2013


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Gayle Harris and Heidi Wright in memory of the anniversary of their husband's death.

    On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 4:53 PM, David Shupe wrote:


    Believe this month is the anniversary of Terry's passing, so I know it weights heavily on your mind. Thinking about you so thought some parts of this poem composed in January may apply to your special loss and, by the help of the good Lord, give you strength to face each day in the future.

    Love, David & Elaine

    Heidi-san Wright ( ~ 5/07/13

    To: David Shupe

    Thanks David, that was so sweet of you. You both look very well. Each year gets easier for me with the heartache of my dear Terry . I think being this crazy busy also helps. It is getting quite cold now here. I dread the winters. Sending Love back to you. Fond and sincere best wishes. Heidi xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Pam and Scot August 21, 2014 the day before her 2nd round of chemo making up her 2nd series of chemotherapy. Pam sent us a text message thanking us for the poem.

    POEM: COME UNTO ME #3 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Come unto me banner.

    COME UNTO ME* #3!

    Come unto me. . .
    And I will give you rest.
    Come unto me. . .
    For I know what's best.

    Come unto me. . .
    Take my yoke upon you.
    Come unto me. . .
    I'll always see you thru.

    Come unto me. . .
    For my burden is light.
    Come unto me. . .
    For I feel your plight.

    Come unto me. . .
    Your woe is my concern.
    Come unto me. . .
    If you're willing to learn.

    Come unto me. . .
    And seek my face.
    Come unto me. . .
    You'll employ my grace.

    Come unto me. . .
    I will give you strength.
    Come unto me. . .
    For I can go to any length.

    Come unto me. . .
    For I maintain your lot.
    Come unto me. . .
    Your sins I will blot.

    Come unto me. . .
    I am your salvation.
    Come unto me. . .
    Enjoy a new sensation.

    Come unto me. . .
    For needed healing.
    Come unto me. . .
    For you, I'm appealing.

    Come unto me. . .
    When you're so ill.
    Come unto me. . .
    You need a spiritual pill.

    Come unto me. . .
    If problems weigh you down.
    Come unto me. . .
    I'll help you stand your ground.

    Come unto me. . .
    When the storm rages.
    Come unto me. . .
    For I am your Rock of Ages.

    Come unto me. . .
    And trust in My Name.
    Come unto me. . .
    You'll never be the same.


    David S. Shupe
    October 12, 2013
    *Composed at the Marriott Town House Motel
    in Norfolk, VA.

    Note: Sent this poem to Pam, date not listed.

    POEM: COMFORT IN AFFLICTION! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus comfoting a needy person.

    (Isaiah 51:12)

    Are you weak and heavy laden,
    Be ye a fellow or a maiden?
    This is our comfort in affliction.
    For Your Word is our addiction.

    When I don't know where to turn,
    I look to His Word, His will to discern.
    Then the Spirit speaks to my heart,
    From His Word, I will never depart.

    His Word is true and fills our need,
    It's there for us all to seriously heed.
    We can ignore It to our abject detriment,
    When coming of the Lord, is so imminent.

    His Words are life to all who hear & believe,
    Abundant health to all who faithfully receive.
    No matter the year, day, month or the hour,
    The Word is there for us to fastidiously devour.

    In life, God's Word is our principal thing,
    Benefits us to give it more than a casual fling.
    Oftimes, it gathers dust just lying on the shelf,
    Laying open on your lap is more rewarding to self.

    If you read it, you will quite eventually believe,
    The enemy will no longer be able to deceive.
    You will have found the Truth, and that's a fact,
    The devil is a known liar, and he has no tact.

    Jesus said, I am the Way, Truth & the Life,
    He is the Living Word, and dispels all strife.
    Pilot himself faced Truth & didn't recognize Him,
    Accepting God's Word, our hopes will never dim.

    When we're unduly burdened by death or disease,
    Walking in the Word, causes these burdens to ease.
    His Word is the shining beacon light unto our feet,
    Believeing on the Word, we'll never go down to defeat.

    When the untimely death of a loved one hits you hard;
    The reality of life's uncertainty leaves you scarred.
    Then, you'll find eternal hope in God's Holy Word,
    It contains the most comforting Words ever heard.

    For example, whosoever calls on the Name of the Lord,
    Will be saved from damnation & enter a spiritual ward.
    Repent and believe are the basics of our soul's salvation,
    Anyone can make a choice for eternal preservation.

    God, in whose hand our breath is, and all our ways,
    The Word confirms that He'll be with us all our days.
    What comfort there is in words that Jesus, Himself, spoke;
    "No man is able to pluck you out of my hands," He invoked.

    As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you;
    I will extend peace to you like a river, that's true.
    When you are troubled, and burdened down with care,
    Just look up to Me, for you'll find I'll always be there.

    There's no other book in the world or entire universe,
    That does more to enable God and man to converse.
    So thank you God, for comfort found in the Holy Scripture,
    It will be solace to our soul until the final rapture.


    As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I
    comfort you. And ye shall be comforted...Isaiah 66:13).



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 16, 2015


    Mailed this poem to Hazel Brittingham and Bette Mayer on December 21, 2015.

    Scot Finley: Emailed this to Scot on May 25, 2016 as he closed out Pam's business bank account on this date.

    Emailed to Marjorie Latzko, Melanie Bradley's mother on October 23, 2016 when she was ill with bronchitis. Marjorie's response: You are truly a very special person with deep faith and writing talent. Thank you for your concern. Trying to loosen up the congestion which I know will put me on the path to recovery. I missed being in church today. I do expect to be there next Sunday and will wave to you.

    Emailed to Joy Shupe Nicholson on Jan. 18, 2017. Joy's response: Dearest Brother David, Just read the comforting poem and it was a blessing and comfort indeed!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I cried as I read it!! The Word is such a comfort in our affliction, as stated, and in all we go through!! What would we do without the Word – Living and Written – and the comfort of the Holy Ghost!!! Thy Rod and They Staff, they comfort me!!! Please pray for Shirley’s 5 children and their families and also her 2 brothers and families. Her youngest daughter, Carrie, texted me last night and said, ‘Please pray for me. I am dreading tomorrow.’ All of Shirley’s children are Christians except her oldest son. Before she passed away last week, she made every one of her children, spouses, and grandchildren promise to meet her in Heaven. She was asking for me last Tuesday (before she passed on Friday), so we went up there and she said, “You made my day.” And smiled at me. That was about the last thing she said to me as she went to sleep and did not awake after that. She is certainly awake now enjoying the glories of Heaven!!! I love you, David, and appreciate all you do to be a comfort and blessing to others no matter what they are going through!!! You are fulfilling God’s purpose in this generation as the Bible said that David did in (Acts 13:36a). May we all do that!!! Praying for you and Elaine and your family for God’s daily healing touch, comfort, peace, strength, and every need supplied!!! Love and miss you both!!! Joy.

    POEM: COMPLAINERS BEWARE! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Stop sign denoting we should 'stop complaining'!


    Could you be a chronic complainer and it's
    a malady for which you may be unaware.
    It's just a routine matter for you to view everything
    with a jaundiced eye, so take care.

    Are you a complainer, or are you a person
    who thinks complaining is the pitts?
    Have you thought about the consequences
    of incessant complaints your larynx emits?

    The Bible instructs us to be content
    with such things as we have, and to be thankful.
    If we do it the Bible way, we'll feel better
    and be victorious in the long run, and that's no bull.

    The Israelites were habitual complainers
    on their wilderness journey and they had it down pat.
    With all the good things God did for them,
    They murmured and complained at the drop of a hat.

    God had sentenced them to 40 years of wilderness
    wandering until the complainers all died away.
    Children they felt would die in the wilderness,
    entered the promised land to begin a new day.

    We will list just some of the things for which
    they relentlessly murmured and complained.
    They include some major gripes the people offered
    up to Moses and God, who they disdained.

    ---Miriam complained about Moses' leadership,
    and suddenly she was smitten with leprosy,
    Just for uttering an ill advised statement,
    her punishment was not so cozy.

    ---Korah complained about Moses, the
    earth opened and swallowed him and family.
    They would have been much better off
    to have heeded Moses' little homily.

    ---The Israelis complained they had no water
    to drink and were dying of thirst.
    Little did they realize because of all
    their complaining, they would be accursed.

    ---They complained they had no meat, that Moses
    took them from Egypt to die in the wilderness.
    The Lord sent meat until it was coming out
    of their nostrils, then plagued them no less.

    ---10 times they complained bitterly to Moses
    and the Lord, seemingly no end to their groaning.
    The Lord finally decreed they would wander
    aimlessly in the wilderness due to their moaning.

    So when you're down in the dumps and feel
    coming on, the urge to murmur or complain,
    Stop and think about the consequences,
    whether it's something you want to entertain.

    The Bible instructs us to be content with our lot
    in life and give thanks unto the Lord,
    It is certainly to our detriment to be unholy,
    unthankful and with our life, be bored.

    Paul gave us helpful advice to follow by stating
    that in whatever state he was in, he was content.
    Creating dissension through murmuring, complaining
    are not ways, our Christ, we want to represent.

    He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city,
    broken down, without walls ~ so indefensible.
    Lost and undone, without God or His Son,
    traveling down this losing path ~ how insensible.

    Instead we are told to give thanks for everything
    that comes our way, and in every situation.
    If we're trending downward toward negative thoughts,
    we need to make an internal examination.

    So get back on track, put the bad out of whack
    and get in tune with the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    This way we will win the battle and the war as we turn
    it all over to the Lord, and to Him, recommit.

    So repent, acknowledge Christ, turn your heart over
    to Him, and you'll be well ahead of the game.
    When this life is over, and your time to go has come,
    you'll arrive in glory and will be awarded a new name.


    David S. Shupe
    July 8, 2012

    POEM: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Count your blessings poster.

    Count your blessings, your cup will overflow,
    Being grateful for His provisioning, enables you to grow.
    Count your blessings, for God loves your gratitude,
    Being thankful for His blessings is the proper attitude.

    Count your blessings, and before you ever realize,
    The things of God, will quite soon crystallize.
    Count your blessings, and you will soon see,
    That closer to God, you will want to be.

    Count your blessings, for life is too short to complain,
    He's always there for you, your fears not to sustain.
    Count your blessings, and seek His face,
    He gave His Son to save the human race.

    Count your blessings, if God has blessed your soul,
    Thank Him for all the times He has made you whole.
    Count your blessings, for His works to us are manifold,
    The good He's done in our life should not go untold.

    Count your blessings, and you'll find there's a long list,
    Give God the glory, for it's by Him that we do exist.
    Count your blessings, for His blessings make us rich,
    Look up to God, and your troubles He will unhitch.

    Count your blessings, for He's the God of all comfort,
    He comforts us so that we can help others to be stalwart.
    Count your blessings, according to the riches of His grace,
    He provided for our redemption, and us He did embrace.

    Count your blessings, for by Him all things were created,
    Because of what He's done for us, we are highly elated.
    Count your many blessings, for by Him all things exist,
    He gives us strength day by day, allowing us to subsist.

    Count your blessings, for He will be glorified in His saints,
    He'll come to take us home, heaven bound with no restraints.
    Count your many blessings, for He has filled us with His peace,
    In the midst of life's storms, He causes the turmoil to cease.

    Count your many blessings, for He forgives our every sin,
    He paid the debt we owed, turning our grimace into a grin.
    Count your blessings, for they are numerous as the stars,
    Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, for He knows just how you are.

    Count your blessings, for every good gift and every perfect gift
    is from above, and comes down from the Father above without rift.
    Count your blessings, for the peace of God passing understanding
    keeps your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, never ending.

    Count your blessings, for He supplies all your needs
    according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus, He accedes.
    Count your blessings, for His fullness have we all received,
    For our comfort, He provides an oasis to be perceived.

    Count your blessings, for he that waits upon the Lord,
    shall mount up and renew their strength by the Sword.
    Count your blessings, for to redeem us from hell,
    He paid it all, going to great length to make it all jell.

    Count your blessings, for our sufficiency is from God's source,
    Strengthened with might, according to his glorious power force.
    Count your blessings, for He is faithful & just to forgive our sin,
    And to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, allowing us in.

    Count your blessings, for if ye be willing and obey,
    you shall prosper and eat the good of the land every day.
    Count your blessings, for He has gone to prepare you a mansion,
    Coming back to receive you to Himself as He paid your ransom.


    Count your blessings—name them one by one;
    Count your blessings—see what God hath done;
    Count your blessings—name them one by one;
    Count your many blessings—see what God hath done.



    David S. Shupe
    August 30, 2013


    David S. Shupe: Gave this poem to Ellie Ziegler on October 13, 2014.

    POEM: CREATION IN A NUTSHELL! ~ by David S. Shupe


    Jesus and His creation.

    GOD SPOKE, and the earth without form and void, took shape.
    GOD SPOKE, darkness was dispelled by light, all this without duct tape.

    GOD SPOKE, and the heavens appeared like magic,
    GOD SPOKE, and the earth and seas appeared, including the pelagic.

    GOD SPOKE, and the grass, plants and trees appeared and yielded fruit,
    GOD SPOKE, and the sun, moon and stars materialized without dispute.

    GOD SPOKE, and fish of the sea and fowls of the air came into existence,
    GOD SPOKE, and all land animals were created without assistance.

    GOD SPOKE, and created man, male and female created He them,
    GOD SAW everything He created, and behold, it was very good ~ SHAZAM!

    GOD SPOKE, and in six days He created the world and everything in it,
    GOD quit speaking, on the seventh day He rested from all His labor~how fit.


    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2012

    POEM: DANIEL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Daniel surviving in the den of lions: King "Darius" appointed Daniel as one of three chief ministers of the new kingdom of the Medes. Some jealous ministers and satraps conspired to kill Daniel. They persuaded the king to write an edict stating that anyone who petitions any god or human being other than the king during the following 30 days would be thrown into the lions' den. The conspirators caught Daniel praying to God, and presented him to the king for execution. The king tried to think of a way to avoid executing Daniel, but was unsuccessful. (He probably didn't think too hard, because there was a simple solution to the problem. If the lions were over-fed, they would have lost interest in munching on Daniel). Daniel was thrown in to the pit, but survived. He credited an angel with shutting the lions' mouths.

    Daniel in the lion's den!

    (Victory over the Lions)
    (Daniel 6:1-28)

    Daniel was a God-fearing man,
    A real man of faith was he.
    When his life was jeopardized,
    He met the challenge~you'll see.

    Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
    He was a Jewish captive then.
    Even so, the king singled him out
    To be chief over all his wise men.

    He conducted himself in such a manner,
    That he was asked to help rule.
    Using a great deal of wisdom & discretion,
    He played it quite cool.

    In fact, he was so impressive
    That the king set him over Babylon city.
    The king did this on his own,
    Without going through a committee.

    Now, other officers of the king's court,
    Because of Daniel were quite jealous.
    Seeing Daniel advanced above them,
    Thinking that he was too zealous.

    So they sought for a way to discredit him
    In the eyes of the Babylonian king.
    But Daniel was so honest and discreet,
    They uncovered not a thing.

    They finally decided that the only way to trap Daniel was through his worship,
    They tricked King Darius into signing a document that might cause him to slip.
    It prohibited one from asking petitions of anyone other than the king for 30 days,
    The conspirators were quite proud that their devious plan was now underway.

    They knew that Daniel prayed to his God three times each day without fail,
    So after the edict was issued, they spied to see if he could be derailed.
    As Daniel did always, he went to his room and prayed to his God in heaven above,
    Knowing the penalty for disobeying was to be thrown in the lion's den thereof.

    The devious officers then approached the king and informed him of Daniel's infraction,
    Reminding him that the law of the Medes and Persians in no way allowed a retraction.
    Even though the king finally saw through the wicked and unsavory deed they had done,
    All day, he fasted and spent a sleepless night defending Daniel, who was like a son.

    The kings efforts were to no avail, as their anger would in no way be disarmed,
    For they had gone to great lengths to cook up this plan and it worked like a charm.
    So there was nothing left for the king to do, but to honor the new law he had signed,
    He gave the ok for the sentence to be carried out; to this end he was so resigned.

    Gleefully and expeditiously Daniel was grabbed and thrown in the den for the lions' feasts,
    They thinking that no man was able to deliver Daniel from the ferocious, hungary beasts.
    They were probably right, but they had not reckoned on Daniel's God, the Deliverer,
    The Bible says, "I will be with you in trouble, and I will deliver you,"~what a giverer!

    Unable to sleep, a troubled King Darius, hurriedly approached the lions' den with trepidation,
    Exclaiming, "Daniel, was the God you serve able to deliver you in this horrible situation?"
    "O king, live forever; my God sent an angel to close the mouths; they were not able to devour,
    Or wreck havoc on an innocent servant of yours and God's as the adversaries plan turned sour.

    The king was pleased and quite ecstatic that his friend, Daniel, was still alive,
    Because under the shrewd and firm hand of Daniel, his kingdom did prosper and thrive.
    His first task, after reaching down and pulling Daniel from his overnight lions' pit,
    Was to round up all the people responsible for causing him and Daniel such a fit.

    To right the terrible wrongs done to one who had done no wrong, the king quickly took action,
    He commanded the perpetrators, including wives and children, be arrested for their infraction.
    And thrown to the vicious lions that tore them asunder before their bodies hit the ground,
    So you see it really doesn't pay to go against God's people, or oppose Him, as you will go down.

    Folowing this miraculous episode, King Darius promoted Daniel to a higher position less stressful,
    In both the king's and his successor's reign, Daniel prospered and was quite successful.
    As the Holy Scriptures declare, "As long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper,"
    This is so true in Daniel's case, as God richly blessed him, and that's the true gospel.


    Deuteronomy 4:7:...Who hath God so nigh unto them
    as the Lord our God is in all things
    that we call upon Him for?


    David S. Shupe
    September 30, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Samson Shupe - Nov 8, 2011: Another winner! Awesome.

    David Shupe - Nov 8, 2011: To God be the glory!

    Joy Nicholson - Nov 10, 2011: So inspirational...such a blessing! Amazing! You held the pen and God wrote! You and God make a wonderful team!!! :-).

    David Shupe - Nov 11, 2011: Without God, there would be no team; actually, without God, there would be no poems or anything else for that matter. He supplies the strength, the ideas and the words to make it all happen. Thanks for your kind words, Joy.

    Joy Nicholson - Nov 16, 2011: So welcome! Sincerely meant! Love you much! :-).

    DEAR GOD. . . ~ by David S. Shupe

    Dear God message

    I have a burden,
    That lies heavy on my heart.
    What can I do,
    To make this burden depart?

    My daughter is diligently fighting,
    A dreaded obnoxious disease.
    I know it's in your hands,
    To heal her with great ease.

    Like the Roman jailor of old saying:
    "What can I do to be saved."
    The answer was quickly given,
    "Believe on Jesus' Name" to be un-enslaved.

    So my question unequivocally is,
    "What must I do for her to be healed?"
    Same answer, "Believe on Jesus' Name,"
    And her disease will be healed!

    Jairus, ruler of the Jewish synagogue:
    "Come & heal my daughter I pray."
    Jesus immediately accompanied him home,
    Healed and made her whole the same day.

    Peter:"His Name and faith in His Name,
    Hath made this man whole."
    Jesus is not only our healer,
    But He saves and preserves our soul.

    Just like the Roman Centurion,
    Who petitioned Jesus to heal his servant.
    Jesus granted his heart rendering request,
    Because his faith was so fervent.

    Remember the desperate woman,
    With a long standing issue of blood.
    When she touched the hem of His garment,
    She had done all that she could.

    By reaching out and touching Him,
    She exercised a faith so effective.
    No way would she be denied,
    Her belief in Christ was not elective.

    Jesus felt virtue leave His body,
    Someone had accessed His healing power.
    The woman's blood disease was healed,
    Immediately, that very same hour.

    Jesus went about doing good,
    Healing all that were sick and afflicted.
    Not refusing anyone that called on Him,
    As Savior and Healer, always depicted.

    "God, in whose hands our breath is,
    And whose are all our ways."
    Regardless of the final outcome,
    We'll serve you all our livelong days.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 14, 2014

    DEAR LORD. . . ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of David Shupe.

    DEAR LORD. . .

    Let my hands perform Your bidding,
    As I take You seriously, no kidding.

    Let my feet walk in Your pathways,
    My desire is to serve You all my days.

    Let my eyes see You Lord Jesus only,
    Long as I'm serving You, I'll never be lonely.

    Let my ears hear Your spiritual instruction,
    That I may follow Your will without interruption.

    Let my nose smell Your heavenly fragrance,
    So that I can resist any earthly hindrance.

    Let my thoughts dwell on things of beauty,
    So my mind will accept your divine duty.

    Let my talk always be of things constructive,
    And let me always benefit from the instructive.

    Let my lips speak forth Your praise,
    Glorifying You, I'll never succumb to malaise.

    Let my heart always think on things beneficial,
    Doing this, there's no room for the superficial.

    Let my actions & deeds glorify Your Holy Name,
    For my life will never ever be the same.

    Let my friends open their eyes, not to see me,
    But my Savior who's making me what I ought to be.

    Let my resolve not grow lax and weary from well-doing,
    For not following Your Word, would be my undoing.

    Let my tongue speak of Your marvelous works,
    In heaven, we'll enjoy Your endless perks.

    Let my daily walk glorify the Lord Jesus Christ,
    No matter what comes my way, He will always suffice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    March 21, 2014


    Posted to Facebook on July 1, 2015.

    Seven people like this: Joy Shupe Nicholson, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Norm Fontana, Geri Elliott, Shari Allen, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Pat Oakley Shupe.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Beautiful...I just love reading your poems....They just lift my spirts....I just feel so good as I read .."Oh LORD let that be me.... John feels that same way. He shares them with his family and friends...I find him reading to them on the phone......He wants to share his Blessings......God is good and we love HIM....July 2, 2015.

    David S. Shupe: Thanks much Norma for your generous comments. Your encouraging words provide the impetus for me to continue writing the poems, and help to make it all worth while Tell John I appreciate his interest too. July 8, 2015.

    Ann Rice shared your poem on July 1, 2015.

    David S Shupe Thanks Ann for sharing! July 2, 2015.

    Ann Rice: This beautiful poem should be shared.

    Pat Oakley Shupe shared your post on July 1, 2015.

    David S Shupe Thanks Pat for sharing! July 2, 2015.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: David, as children of God, this should be our heart's cry. And how much more so now as we are in the end of days. I believe it will be of utmost importance to keep ourselves in a place to hear personal instruction from Him and to obey at any cost. No matter how difficult our days may be, God is faithful. And His love never fails! July 2, 2015.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Pat for your very pertinent comments, and naturally I agree 100 percent. Now is the time we have to be waiting and watching diligently for the Lord's return! July 8, 2015.


    Elderly couple sitting on bench!


    Walk with me as I slowly age,
    Walk with me as I disengage.
    Walk with me as my hair turns gray,
    Walk with me throughout each day.

    Walk with me as my hairline recedes,
    Walk with me and meet my needs.
    Walk with me and maintain my lot,
    Walk with me as you're all I've got.

    Walk with me as my strength sifts away,
    Walk with me as my steps begin to sway.
    Walk with me as my eyesight grows dim,
    Walk with me as I'm no longer slim.

    Walk with me as wrinkles appear,
    Walk with me, always staying near.
    Walk with me as my steps falter,
    Walk with me as my Rock of Gibralter.

    Walk with me when I'm all alone,
    Walk with me and my sins atone.
    Walk with me when my back goes out,
    Walk with me, to help me up and about.

    Walk with me when I'm handed bad news,
    Walk with me when I become confused.
    Walk with me when disease invades family,
    Walk with me when life bears so heavily.

    Walk with me even though I don't understand,
    Walk with me, give me strength to withstand.
    Walk with me until I see the light of day,
    Walk with me and increase my faith I pray.

    Walk with me if I fall, break a bone,
    Walk with me when I'm all alone.
    Walk with me when I hurt,
    Walk with me as thoughts divert.

    Walk with me as speech may slow,
    Walk with me as I walk solo.
    Walk with me in a time of crisis,
    Walk with me and be my oasis.

    Walk with me as health declines,
    Walk with me as my body reclines.
    Walk with me as body parts fail,
    Walk with me and help me prevail.

    Walk with me in my sunset years,
    Walk with me as I cry heartfelt tears.
    Walk with me as my foot stumbles,
    Walk with me as my speech fumbles.

    Walk with me as I tend to be forgetful,
    Walk with me when I sound a bit fretful.
    Walk with me as things go downhill,
    Walk with me and be with me still.

    Walk with me when I can no longer walk,
    Walk with me when I can no longer talk.
    Walk with me as I near those pearly gates,
    Walk with me as my body dissipates.

    Walk with me as I age and become feeble,
    Walk with me as my life is in upheaval.
    Walk with me when tomorrow is uncertain,
    Walk with me as they pull down my curtain.

    Thank you, Lord, for walking with me,
    As for my Savior, You will always be.
    You never let me down, not one single bit,
    You were always there for my benefit.


    David S. Shupe
    December 10, 2012

    Crossing sign for elderly people!


    From: Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 07:17:50 -0800. Thanks David, this poem blessed my soul. Sent from my iPad.

    From: Jim Windschitl. Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 10:14:29 -0500. Thanks Dave. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

    From: Lynn Johnson ( Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 16:39:33. Dave, I had no idea you were/are a poet. Well done and such a great message. Thanks. Lynn


    Beverly Hurd in church on Sept. 1, 2013: That was a beautiful poem. I've been showing it to everyone. Thanks so much. (mailed to Beverly Aug. 27, 2013).

    Don Sturtz in church on Sept. 1, 2013: Alice loved your poem on Walking with God, and I did too. Thank you for remembering her. (mailed to Alice Aug. 27, 2013).

    Hunter Goins: Saturday, August 31, 2013 via mail: Dear David, Thank you for your thoughts and your nice poem. I had no idea that you were a poet. How wonderful for you! I enjoy poetry but find few people are interested. I had thought life would be enjoyable for awhile after Jack and I retired, but it has turned out to be like your poem says -- downhill! Hopefully we're not alone. Jack & I hope you & Elaine are doing better & that the doctors got it right for you. Let us know if we can do anything. Your friends and neighbors, Jack & Hunter.

    Dorothy Hudson per phone call on Sept. 7, 2013: Thank you for the poem. I have re-read it several times, and enjoyed it. You have quite a talent. I have made copies of it and given it to several friends. They wanted to know who David Shupe was.

    Bette Mayer on Sept. 5, 2013 per phone call: Went to mail box and was so surprised to get your poem. Just what I needed for the day. It really picked me up. Had a chair in the garage and I just went and sat down on it and read the poem. It's been so different since I gave my life to the Lord. Thank you so much for the poem. You have such talent.

    Bette Mayer on Nov. 24, 2013 at church in the vestibule: Bette again thanked us profusely for the poem, that she really appreciated it.

    David S Shupe: Mailed this poem to John & Barbara Spears in April 2014 when John had lung infection.

    David S Shupe: Hand carried this poem to Lorrie Button on Dec. 29, 2014.

    Mailed this poem to Marjorie Latzko on Jan. 28, 2015 after she mailed me several poems composed by her mother-in-law.

    Marjorie Latzko: In church this morning (Feb. 1, 2015), before it started, Marjorie, who uses a walker to walk, came all the way back from the right front of the church where she sits every Sunday, to the left rear of the church where we sit with the use of her walker, and thanked me for the 2 poems on senior citizens, especially the one entitled, "Dear Lord, Walk With Me." She said she really liked that poem and was going to use it each evening for her nightly prayer. I thanked her for coming over and commenting and for her mother-in-law's poems she sent.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain Lopez and his wife in St. Croix on March 16, 2015.

    Mailed this poem to Hazel Brittingham on March 17, 2015.

    Sylvia Shupe Willey: Sylvia called on the eve of her birthday (May 4, 2015) and thank us for the poem and the card, both so beautiful she said. She had not seen that poem before (Dear Lord, Walk With Me While I Age), and she would add it to her collection. Thanks so much.

    Mailed this poem to Jehu for his 78th birthday, along with a birthday card and $50 for a steak dinner on Elaine and me.

    Jehu Shupe: Thanks so much for the steak and poetry. I am sure the taste of the poetry will last longer. Thanks for both. You and Elaine are so blessed to have each other. Can't figure which of you is the lucky one. I deeply admire you both. Thanks David.

    Mailed this poem to Ruth Ann and Husband Charlies Goarcke for their 36th wedding anniversary. She thanked me at church as we were leaving on a Sunday morning.

    Hand carried this poem to John Forbush on May 9, 2015 while attending a Lane family get-together for Shirley and Gloria, Norma's sisters from California. It was for John's birthday in 4 days.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Well, I forgot to tell you how much we enjoyed having you both. John enjoyed very much talking to you both. He, like me, thinks so much of you both. He told so many people about you and the poem you wrote. He read it to some on the phone. I got a Tex from Pam a couple of days ago . She told me the news of Sam......May 18, 2015.

    POEM: DESIGNED TO WIN ~ by David S. Shupe

    With Jesus, we are winners.


    God has a plan,
    For every man.*
    It takes away our sin,
    Designed for us to win.

    It's for whosoever will,
    He's with us still.
    Always and forever,
    Will leave us never.

    Jesus paid the price,
    A supreme sacrifice.
    All we have to do,
    Is accept Him too.

    Jesus, both God & Man,
    We couldn't, He can.
    Also, He did,
    Put on sin, a lid.

    He paved the way,
    For us a better day.
    Gave us a 2nd chance,
    Without another glance.

    Let us know,
    He loves us so.
    Did our dirty work,
    Never did He shirk.

    He was ridiculed,
    By those unschooled.
    They were ignorant,
    And even beligerant.

    He suffered shame,
    Though we're to blame.
    He was buried,
    Our favor He curried.

    He was so glorious,
    Made us victorious.
    Became our intercessor,
    We became a confessor.

    Now we live for Him,
    Things no longer grim.
    He lifted our load,
    So we wouldn't implode.

    We owe Him much,
    For dying and such.
    He went to the cross,
    To save us from loss.

    How can we lose,
    Due to the good news.
    No way we can fail,
    As Jesus did prevail.


    David S. Shupe
    October 24, 2013



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    Debbie Clinebell Witt on December 7, 2016: Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. David S Shupe: Thank you Debbie; and you're welcome for sure!

    Gayle HarrisL Remembering. And believing with you. Beautiful. Yes we are destined to win. David S Shupe: So hard to forget the horrors of war. Thank you Gayle for sharing your comments.

    Willie Radford Sr: David, 4/17/42 I was born at Fries, Va. We were at Salem, Va. Dad was pastor and I was 5 yrs old when Bro Dewy Beauchamp came down from Salisbury. Md. and moved us to Salisbury, Md..I have retired at East Tennessee now, but have many memories of Md & all the good folks and that wonderful seafood... Jeffery Lee Williams: Hi Willie don't know if I ever met you but have heard so much about your parents thru the years I'm Crawford and Edith Williams youngest son from Patterson Ave now Tilghman road Church of God of Prophecy in Salisbury MD. You have a great heritage and your parents contributions go down in history at the Salisbury Church. I'm a bit of a church historian. Your parents were one of the most loved pastoral teams in the local churches 85 yr history.

    David S Shupe: Willie ~ I can vouch for what Jeff said above. Your Dad & Mom were such great people and had such a big part in the advancement of the church in Salisbury. I'll never forget them. By the way, I never knew you were born in Fries, VA. That's where Dad was born too. In fact, he was the only member of our family that was born in Fries.

    Willie Radford Sr: Jeffery, don't think I had the pleasure of knowing you, but I sure do remember that wonderful Mom & Dad of yours..Your Mom was the very nice and sweet one and your Dad was always carrying on with me..growing up they were a part of my life. Love them..Maybe I will meet you one day when I come to visit some old friends. Thanks for the recognition of Mom & Dad who are waiting on me & my Sister Shirley..

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Mom is still here living with us. She'll be 86 in January. Dad passed in 1999. Would love to meet you! God bless. Willie Radford Sr: I had heard about your Dad, and wondered about your Mom. Well I can see Crawford in heaven now picking with Dad, your Dad was a lot of fun...Jeffery Lee Williams: Willie, yes thankfully he gave his heart back to God before he died. Miss him and happy I will see him again.

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Mom is still here living with us. She'll be 86 in January. Dad passed in 1999. Would love to meet you! God bless. Willie Radford Sr: I had heard about your Dad, and wondered about your Mom. Well I can see Crawford in heaven now picking with Dad; your Dad was a lot of fun...

    Willie Radford Sr: David, I am feeling more special since you said your Dad, a Great man of God was born at Fries. Wow ... Fries was a small RR town, it had a rather large factory built on the river, and rows of those government houses..Took some friends to see the town of Fries and one friend keep asking why is it called Freeze when it is spelled when we arrived he ask a Lady, why this was, she said all she knew, it was Freeze in the winter and Fries in the summer, and he said "good enough"...Yes our Parents were the real deal and we were very lucky to have been raised in the church, I left the Church after grown but after several years I came back. God is Good..

    Joy Shupe Nicholson I loved the story of "freeze" and "fries"!! LOL!!! I had never heard that!! Thanks for sharing it!

    Willie Radford Sr: Joy, I remember you as Jr's sister and I always look forward when some of us would get together from time to time..I guess I got more paddling then all of the Shupe's kids put to gather..I guess I was pretty mischief according to some of the older members when I would come back to visit. Most of them are all with Jesus now and I am ready when He calls..Thanks for the memories of Mom & Dad..

    David S Shupe: Enjoyed your responses and reminiscings Willie. Brought back some memories of old times not forgotten, to hear about friends, acquaintances and family members. How time has flown, hasn't it. Lots of good memories back then though.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Willie, Like David, I really enjoyed your responses and reminiscings!!! It does bring back some precious memories!! We have a wonderful heritage! Our parents were strict in a lot of ways but they sure loved us and lived the life before us. :-) So thankful for our hope of Heaven and that one day we can certainly enjoy a wonderful reunion that will never end!!! What a glorious time!! Nothing on this earth can compare!!! God bless you!!!

    Elizabeth Price: Friends with Clint Ayers and 3 others. Enjoyed so much.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson and Pat Oakley Shupe shared this post on December 7, 2016. Four people liked it: Samson Shupe, Judy Brinkley, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Shirly Poyntner.

    Jeffery Lee Williams shared this on December 7, 2016: My uncle David S Shupe's post today. Deserves a read!

    Tezrah Williams: This is a mouthful Rev. December 7 at 1:08pm. Jeffery Lee Williams: My uncle the Wise Historian/Deep thought provoking Poet always.

    Sharyn L Hall: I have always respected this day and pray for those who went through this attack. I respect the men who keep us safe. I an proud that this day is also my birthday! Jeffery Lee Williams: Happy birthday 🎈

    Laurie Holmes: It's also the anniversary of my husband and my meeting, in 1977! Jeffery Lee Williams: Happy anniversary! Laurie Holmes: Thank you!

    David S Shupe: There was good as well as bad on that very day!

    Lisa Wilson shared this on December 7, 2016.


    Question mark decisions!


    Throughout our life, we make one decision after another,
    Most are good ones, but then we have the other.
    Some we can be extremely proud of, and some we can't,
    At times we call it right, and other times we recant.

    Have you ever felt like you've reached the end of your rope,
    Or you're traveling non-stop downhill like on a slippery slope.
    Then consider yourself normal, for we've all been in the same boat,
    As none of us are exempt from day to day problems that become rote.

    Are you at a crossroads, and your once lovely world has turned topsy-turvy,
    You are experiencing unsolvable situations in life that are becoming unnervy.
    It can help each of us in times of trouble and trial when fearful and all alone,
    To know that all doubts and fears we feel, the greatest saints have known.

    Have you worried about giving your children a comfortable living,
    And to them a meager amount of possessions you might be giving.
    Are you concerned about the ever increasing cost of education,
    And how your children will fare even after their graduation?

    We make decisions about jobs, marriage, kids and 1,000 other matters,
    And worry that the long time American dream will end up in tatters.
    Too, the wife just called and said Daisy is having another litter of pups,
    So, can we afford to keep and feed them all, or give them to UPS.

    So these and other life changing choices must be made day by day,
    How we deal with these matters determines our journey along the way.
    So, just keep a stiff upper lip, and view life from the positive side,
    It's time to stop and smell the roses, and get ready for a victory ride.

    We have alluded to life's secular problems and some related decisions,
    And their impact on our attitudes that effect our physical provisions.
    Now its time to regroup and elevate our sights to a higher objective,
    To restore peace of mind and put life's challenges in proper perspective.

    The questions we ask will result in additional decisions or choices,
    With right answers resulting in the expression of many happy voices.
    We want to emphasize life hereafter, not what we're here after in this life,
    As the above problems and decisions only engender heartache and strife.

    Are you seriously preparing for a comfortable life here, or an eternity there,
    What profit is it if you should gain the whole world and lose your soul~beware!
    Are you concerned for your children's temporal life here, or eternity in heaven,
    God gave His Son to all believers as the everlasting Bread of Life~what leaven.

    Shouldn't we be giving our children as much spiritual attention as we do the carnal,
    God loans them to us for safekeeping; we soon leave them or they leave us~so banal.
    We spend our life trying to make life comfortable and easy for us and for others,
    So, are our priorities askew and should we spend less time on personal druthers.

    Have you given any thought to heaven or hell, and where you'd rather spend eternity,
    All have sinned and fall short of God's glory; without Him there's no indemnity.
    It's not of works lest any man should boast, it's by the Grace of God we're saved,
    Without Him we're nothing; in Christ we are Sons of God delivered from being depraved.

    Why halt between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him~on Jesus you must believe,
    "I am the Way, Truth and Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me"~His Words receive.
    He that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed to and fro by the wind,
    A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways, precluding one from making it in.

    Jesus, the same yesterday, today, forever; "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,"
    There's no other way to make it in; we must be one with Him, trusting in His Holy Sword.
    He welcomes us all into His fold, as "Whosoever will," and that includes you too.
    So why not make the most important decision of your life and accept Him who is True.

    Build your life on the solid foundation ~ Jesus Christ.
    As salvation is free, it can never be overpriced.

    David S. Shupe
    November 19, 2011

    POEM: DESTINED TO FAIL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Chinese fortune cookie says, you fail.


    The best way to fail,
    Is for good men to do nothing.
    Some talk a good game,
    But end up only bluffing.

    Many like to take the middle road.
    If we don't stand for something,
    Then we're on dangerous ground,
    As we'll surely fall for anything.

    Some people like to wait and see,
    Declining to make the right choice.
    It's much easier to procrastinate,
    Refusing to exercise their voice.

    Leaving God out of your planning,
    And you're destined to fail.
    We need His blessings on all we do,
    That is, if we really want to prevail.

    A prayerless life won't help you either,
    As we all need a spiritual connection.
    If this is missing from our daily life,
    We're subject to a Godly rejection.

    Not what you say, but what you do,
    Whatever you sow, that you will reap.
    If you sow seeds of corruption,
    Then corruption in your life, will seep.

    The wages of sin is spiritual death,
    But Christ delivers us from this sentence.
    If we ignore, or reject this offer,
    When He comes, we'll not be in attendance.

    The LORD watches over the way of the righteous,
    But the way of the wicked will perish.
    Nothing unholy will inhabit the land beyond,
    The future is not something the wicked can cherish.

    An evil man has no hope for the future,
    And the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.
    The Bible is quite explicit about such actions.
    This is what "reaping what you sow" is all about.

    The Lord laughs at those who do wickedly,
    For He sees that their time is coming.
    It would pay those in this category,
    To install some spiritual plumbing.

    God will bring every evil deed into judgment,
    For with the unrighteous, there is no favor.
    God cannot and will not tolerate wicked deeds,
    In His nostrils, this becomes an unpleasant savor .

    The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus
    But the wages of sin is eternal death.
    If one continues on this road of sin,
    They'll be forever absent of spiritual breath.

    If you desire to abandon the road you're traveling,
    Which is a surefire road to endless failure.
    Then, you can turn your priceless life around,
    Commit it to Christ; the world will lose its allure.


    David S. Shupe
    October 24, 2013

    POEM: DO GOOD ANYWAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Doing good makes other people good.


    The good you do today,
    will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Do good anyway,
    and you'll feel no sorrow.

    Depart from evil,
    and do good.
    The Lord will bless you,
    for doing like you should.

    The Lord is good,
    and ready to forgive.
    So must we be
    if we want to really live.

    If you do good,
    receive no recognition.
    The Lord will reward you,
    for your imposition.

    If you receive no thanks,
    for the good you've done.
    Don't lose heart or give up,
    keep the enemy on the run.

    Don't be overcome by evil,
    But overcome evil with good.
    If we follow this admonition,
    Better we will be for having stood.

    Learn to do good,
    prophet Isaiah did instruct,
    This is to our benefit,
    and enchances our conduct.

    Goodness is a fruit of the Spirit,
    Quite an impeccable quality.
    As well as an asset to employ,
    Using it should be a priority.

    The Lord indeed is good,
    His mercy endures forever.
    He'll be with us always,
    And never leave us ever.

    Turn from evil and do good;
    seek peace and pursue it.
    God will honor your efforts,
    do not misconstrue it.

    It is commendable to do good,
    while you have breath to breathe,
    There's no work in the grave,
    when you pack up and leave.

    Others praise God in heaven,
    when they see your good deeds.
    Especially aiding the downcast,
    with you meeting their needs.

    There is no set timeframe,
    It is lawful to do good every day.
    No excuse is appropriate,
    Not to help someone along the way.

    You know what's really tough,
    Doing good to someone you hate.
    A sign of a genuine Christian,
    Not up for serious debate.

    The Lord, Himself, is kind
    to the wicked and ungrateful.
    So likewise should we be,
    although it sounds distasteful.

    Love your enemies,
    who are you kidding.
    Do good anyway,
    and do the Lord's bidding.

    When I want to do good,
    Evil seems to be present.
    My intentions are honorable,
    But my will to do is absent.

    We were created in Christ,
    to do good deeds and works.
    We fall down on the job,
    when our duty we shirk.

    Continue to do good,
    regardless of the cost.
    It will be worth it all,
    to help save the lost.


    Do all the good you can,
    in all the ways you can,
    for all the people you can,
    while you can ~ Unknown!



    David S. Shupe
    January 28, 2013

    POEM: DO YOU FEEL FORSAKEN ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of abandoned ship.


    Why do I feel forsaken,
    When storms around me churn.
    My problems keep on mounting,
    And cause me great concern.

    My God, My God,
    Why do I feel forsaken.
    My tears run down my face,
    I feel I've been overtaken.

    I pray, I pray, I pray,
    Morning, noon and night.
    But I don't sense the Spirit,
    Leading me in the fight.

    The more time I spend in prayer,
    The more frustrated I become.
    The answer seems to be so elusive,
    And my body soon becomes numb.

    Bible says pray without ceasing,
    So I pray until I'm blue in the face.
    I see no change in my circumstances,
    And feel like a total disgrace.

    No matter how hard I pray,
    I just cannot pierce the barrier.
    My prayers just bounce back to me,
    And I feel even more harrier.

    Way things are going these days,
    I find it hard to proclaim praise.
    The more I do, the more askew,
    And enter the realm of the malaise.

    Then I sense the Holy Spirit,
    Speaking to my doubtful heart;
    Wait patiently for the Lord to work,
    And your doubts will soon depart.

    You pray and you pray some more,
    Then the loved one dies anyways.
    So discouraging, then you realize,
    My Daughter will have no more bad days.

    He doesn't always come when we ask,
    But He won't come too late.
    For He will send His Holy Spirit,
    If we have too much on our plate.

    So you don't have to feel forsaken,
    For the Lord heeds every prayer.
    If you ask anything in His Name,
    You'll find He does always care.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 1, 2015


    Jesus standing at the door knocking.


    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    At the door of your beating heart?
    He stands there for your benefit,
    Giving you a chance for a new start.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,.
    If any man hears my voice,
    Lets me come in, he shall be saved,
    And he shall eternally rejoice.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    He doesn't go against your will.
    He always gives you free choice,
    To denounce this life's swill.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    And desire to open the door.
    He'll come in and sup with you,
    You'll be secure for evermore.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    Open up to become a joint heir.
    And you'll rule with Him,
    In that celestial land over there.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    As life swiftly passes you by?
    Accept Him as your Savior,
    Your life will go from low to high.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    Warning you of things to come?
    If you choose to ignore His invitation,
    The result could be worse than dumb.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    When the world declines to hear?
    If you decide for Jesus,
    Your cloudy future will become clear.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    When disease invades your universe?
    Just open the door of your heart,
    And find Him there ready to converse.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    Though friends never give Him a thought?
    Just surrender your life to Jesus,
    For your ticket to heaven, He has bought.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    As your life's journey is now uncertain?
    Due to His loving persistence,
    You have a chance to raise the curtain.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    And your life is stuck in neutral?
    Stop and take an inventory,
    For your decision will be crucial.

    Do you hear Jesus knocking,
    And you accept Christ into your heart.
    You can rest assured on one thing,
    Eternal life for you, He will impart.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    February 3, 2014

    POEM: DO YOU KNOW HIM ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus Christ.


    Do you know my Jesus,
    Do you know my Lord.
    Are you acquainted with my Savior,
    Have you wielded the Trusty Sword?

    If you don't know Him,
    Let me tell you now.
    There's no one better to know,
    And I'll show you how.

    Just surrender your life to Him,
    Repent of the sins you've committed.
    Follow the Lord the rest of your days,
    Your penalty for sin will be forfeited.

    When you know my Jesus,
    Your life will take on new meaning.
    No matter what comes your way,
    Best of the crop, you'll be gleaning.

    Problems will still come your way,
    But you won't deal with them alone.
    For Christ will be there by your side,
    Because your sins, He did atone.

    He'll be with you in all kinds of weather.
    The storms of life may come your way.
    But have no fear what life may bring,
    He said He'd be with us always, every day.

    If you're in the hospital undergoing tests,
    Waiting for, or recovering from, an operation,
    Don't despair, for Jesus knows all about it,
    He can relieve your mind from consternation.

    Jesus dealt with problems of all kinds,
    He shared the gospel and healed the sick.
    He was tempted the same way we are tempted,
    He knows what we're experiencing, and can interdict.

    We can always depend on His helping hand,
    Since He's been there too, and it's not brand new.
    He's a God that's merciful, and full of truth,
    He'll never let us down, but will see us through.

    So place your life in His capable hands,
    You'll never regret it, not one little bit.
    The most important decision you'll ever make,
    Once addicted to Christ, you'll never split.


    David S. Shupe
    March 17, 2013

    POEM: DO YOU KNOW THE LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Do you know the Lord banner.


    Do you really and truly know the Lord,
    Are you acquainted with the Trusty Sword?
    We're told that heaven and earth will pass away,
    But the Holy Word of God will be here to stay.

    You can be wealthy, wise and mighty,
    But all these things will soon take flighty.
    We're not to glory in wisdom, might & riches,
    Nor ever get to big for our britches.

    We're to glory in understanding & knowing God,
    This is the way Saints of old have trod.
    The good Lord's not interested in what we accumulate,
    But in the spiritual things that we assimilate.

    So take a clue from the Man who stilled the water,
    Worship God in the Spirit as we oughter.
    Store up for yourselves spiritual treasure,
    For these are the things that God will measure.

    Do you think God cares whether you're rich & powerful,
    Never knowing God, you'll end up being sorrowful.
    Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
    And you'll find this to be the true leaven.

    Every good gift comes down from the Father above,
    For He's the one who has showered us with His love.
    God deserves all of our praise and our glory,
    For He's the beginning and the end of the story.

    God provided for us the true bread to eat,
    Digesting this, we'll never go down to defeat.
    Jesus provided us the true water to drink,
    Chug-a-lugging this will cause us never to sink.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    And knowledge of the Holy is understanding.
    So these spiritual attributes are the keys,
    And these we should be seriously comprehending.

    Soon we'll rise to meet Jesus and the Saints in the skies,
    Heading up to heaven where the soul never dies.
    We'll reign with Him forever, for the Bible spells it out,
    When we hear the trumpet sound, we can all give a shout.


    Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exalted;
    Not I, but Christ, be seen, be known, be heard;
    Not I, but Christ, in every look and action;
    Not I, but Christ, in every thought and word. —Whiddington.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 20, 2014

    POEM: DOES ANYONE CARE** ~ by David S. Shupe

    A lady who is hurting.


    When I'm feeling sad and lonely,
    and no one is there for me only,
    Does anyone care?

    If my job is becoming a chore,
    and my life becomes a real bore,
    Does anyone care?

    If my marriage is on the rocks,
    and I feel like I'm in a box,
    Does anyone care?

    If my spouse leaves me high and dry,
    and I feel like I could die,
    Does anyone care?

    If my daily routine overwhelms me,
    and my bills are higher than I can see,
    Does anyone care?

    If my life is upside down,
    and I'm unable to turn it around,
    Does anyone care?

    If my whole world seems at odds,
    and everyone is serving their little gods,
    Does anyone care?

    If I'm diagnosed with a serious disease,
    and can't see the forest for the trees,
    Does anyone care?

    When I'm facing a pending operation,
    and not sure of my eternal destination,
    Does anyone care?

    I get news my child has a serious illness,
    I become overly concerned for their wellness,
    Does anyone care?

    When things happen beyond my control,
    and there's no one around to console,
    Does anyone care?

    When I'm undergoing chemo or radiation,
    and my future is uncertain for remediation,
    Does anyone care?

    If my children are consistently unruly,
    refuse to obey and do those things that are unduly,
    Does anyone care?

    If I'm involved in a very serious accident,
    And my life hangs in the balance for the incident.
    Does anyone care?

    Life in general becomes too much to take,
    and it's impossible to cope, for goodness sake,
    Does anyone really care?


    O yes, God cares; I know He cares,
    His heart is touched with my grief;
    When days are weary, long nights dreary,
    I know my Savior cares! —Graeff


    God’s love stands when all else fails.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 8, 2013

    **See the follow on, or detailed answer to this question by
    clicking on the poem "Yes, God Does."

    Note: Sent this poem to Pamela Shupe Finley, date not listed.

    Posted this poem to Kathy LaGrange's Facebook page on November 29, 2015 after she posted about "caring.": Her response: Kathy LaGrange Thanks, David. This is beautiful! David S Shupe: Happy to post the sequel above then! Elaine and I have you in our thoughts and prayers Kathy.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain & Nilsa Lopez, St. Croix friends on May 15, 2016 as he is in Puerto Rico undergoing medical treatment.

    Hand carried to widow neighbor, Dorothy Hudson, on April 4, 2017 along with Elaine's pastry. Dorothy thanked us and gave us some of her gifts.
    Hand carried to widow neighbor, Hunter Goins, on April 12, 2017. She called and thanked us later.

    POEM: DON'T LOOK BACK~ by David S. Shupe

    Don't look back.


    Remember what happened to Lot's wife,
    She looked back and lost her life.

    Actually, she was turned into a pillar of salt,
    Should've kept moving, but she came to a halt.

    An angel warned them to go full speed ahead,
    But she stopped, looked back and ended up dead.

    The moral of the story is quite crystal clear,
    Better heed the Words of God that you hear.

    Don't look back, just forge steadily ahead,
    If you do this, you'll have nothing to dread.

    He who puts his hand to the plow, and looks back,
    Is attempting to enter the Kingdom on the wrong track.

    The Bible tells us that such a person is not fit,
    The Kingdom is not for those who look back and quit.

    Paul said, "Ye did run well, but what did hinder you,"
    Keep your eyes ahead on Christ; He will see you through.

    Look up, don't look back for your redemption draweth nigh,
    And you'll surely sit with Christ in heavenly places on high.

    God will give you strength to refrain from backward looking,
    If you remain true to Him, your heavenly passage, He will be booking.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 1, 2013

    *Composed while driving to Virginia Beach, VA and
    finalized at VB Krispy Kreme over a cup of coffee and
    a donut.


    Typhany Batson MovingForward, Cheryl Shupe Baker and Samson Shupe like this ~ June 4, 2014.


    Ascending through the clouds!


    My body may be in the casket,
    But my spirit is at home with the Lord.
    This is according to the Bible,
    Which is God's Trusty Sword.

    We dwell in the presence of the Lord,
    When we're absent from the body.
    We accept this truth from The Book,
    And not from a person so shoddy.

    Don't think that I'm still here,
    For I've risen to the skies.
    For I've gone straight to heaven,
    Traveling just as the crow flies.

    While we can't visualize the joys of heaven,
    Don't sorrow for me as I'm on the other side.
    However it is, it'll be much better than nice
    Enjoying God's presence, for with Him I will abide.

    With loved ones and friends, glorious that will be,
    As this old world was not my final home,
    All the glories of heaven will I partake.
    Now I'll be with Jesus, never more to roam.

    While I enjoyed life on earth while there,
    It was just a stepping stone to heaven above.
    But nothing will ever be able to compare,
    With the beauty of heaven and the Savior's love.

    I'm so thankful for making a decision for Christ,
    When I had the opportunity on earth to do so.
    Heaven is everything and more we've read about,
    No comparison to the other place down below.

    It's always tearful to lose someone you'll miss,
    But don't be sad for me for leaving this earth's shore,
    I would be a winner if I stayed with loved ones and friends,
    But I have attained the prize, and am a winner even more.

    When He calls for you, make sure you're ready to go,
    So seek ye the Lord while He may be found.
    There's no other Name whereby we must be saved,
    Commit your life to Him, you'll be on solid ground.


    So when my last breath
    Shall rend the veil in twain
    By death I shall escape from death
    And life eternal gain. —Montgomery.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 1, 2013


    Mailed this poem to Bill Baughman, LPC friend, on Mar. 5, 2015 o/a the first anniversary of his wife, Fran's transition from earth to heaven.

    POEM: DON'T QUIT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Win the race.


    Dont' give up ~ just finish the race,
    God will help us keep up the pace.

    Life can be hectic, that's a given,
    But the goal is. . . celestial heaven.

    There are many road blocks here below,
    But we serve the ONE in the know.

    He knows the end from the beginning,
    He delivers us from all sinning.

    He knows for us, the joys that lie ahead,
    He delivers us from uncertainty and dread.

    We pick ourselves up & fall down again,
    We are discouraged, but will eventually win.

    God gives us strength from day to day,
    He will never, never leave us ~ no way.

    When we want to do good, but fail anyway,
    God forgives weakness; He's our mainstay.

    Way to win is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ,
    No matter what, His grace will suffice.

    Because He said, My grace is sufficient for you,
    And it's His grace that will take us through.

    He is the pioneer and perfector of our faith,
    We can always count on Him to keep us safe.

    Keep your eye glued to the finish line,
    With the Lord's help, we'll do just fine.

    When the problems of life cloud our vision,
    Look to Christ for the proper decision.

    When we are discouraged and feel like quitting,
    Look up, for it's a home run we will be hitting.

    Let us run this race with faith and perseverance,
    No matter the obstacles, God runs our interference.

    We will finish strong when we focus on Christ Jesus,
    And in the end, nothing about it will be grievous.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 11, 2016

    POEM: DON'T RUN AWAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of gal running away.


    Don't run away,
    Just hang in there.
    The Word lets us know,
    He'll diffuse every snare.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Don't run away,
    When the going gets tough.
    All the problems we have,
    The good Lord will snuff.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    In the Biblical sense,
    Many saints refused to sit.
    They stayed in the running,
    And would not quit.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Don't run away,
    Adopt patriarch Abraham's faith.
    Accounted to him as righteousness,
    And the Lord kept him safe.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Remember the prophet Jonah,
    Who ran, but later recanted.
    Saw the error of his ways,
    And then he repented.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    He accomplished great things,
    In warning the Nineveh City.
    They repented of their sins,
    And on them, God had pity.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    There was the stripling David,
    Who had a chance to flee.
    But he believed in His God,
    Who turned terror into glee.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    There was the prophet Daniel;
    To God, he was faithful.
    He defeated all opposition,
    Even lions were not wrathful.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
    Wouldn't bow, bend or burn.
    The 4th Man in the fiery furnace,
    Insured it wasn't their turn.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Remember the Apostle Paul,
    So dedicated to his Lord.
    First hauling Saints to jail,
    But soon became in one accord.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Jesus Christ could have balked,
    But said, "Thy Will Be Done."
    He was obedient to the Father,
    He was God's dutiful Son.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!

    Be prepared to look up,
    Your redemption draweth nigh.
    Christ is soon coming back,
    To receive the faithful on high.
    . . .So ~ Don't Run Away!


    God gives us strength to face our
    problems, not to flee from them - ODB!



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    April 7, 2016

    POEM: EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is coming soon.


    Jesus Christ, our Savior
    Is coming back soon.
    It could be morning,
    Night, or even noon.

    An important question is,
    Are you ready?
    If not, chances of going up
    May be worse than petty.

    If you are prepared,
    You'll surely be raptured.
    You're in a favored class,
    No need to be nurtured.

    Over 2000 years ago,
    These words were penned;
    "I am coming back
    To earth once again."

    If you don't know Him,
    You have time to prepare.
    If you do, you'll meet Christian
    Loved ones in the air.

    There's going to be
    A meeting in the air.
    In the sweet, sweet by
    And by ~ so debonair.

    As lightning comes from the east,
    And shines unto the west;
    So also shall be the coming of the
    Son of man, for He knows best.

    We which are alive and remain
    Unto the coming of the Lord,
    Shall not prevent them which are
    Asleep, so get on board.

    For the Lord himself shall descend
    From heaven with a shout.
    And the dead in Christ shall rise first,
    As they were quite devout.

    Then we which are alive and remain
    Shall be caught up together
    In the clouds, to meet the Lord
    In the air, to leave Him never.

    And so shall we ever be with the Lord
    Up in the celestial heavens above.
    Made possible through His infinite mercy,
    As well as His endless love.

    The world seems to be waxing worse
    And worse these perilous days.
    Even so, come, Lord Jesus ~ for then
    We shall be together always!


    David S. Shupe
    October 22, 2013


    Nine people like this: Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Stephen Wheatley, Norm Fontana, Annick Maubrey Hughes, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Joanna Gunnells Shupe, Jim Nicholson and Pat Oakley Shupe ~ Jan. 21, 2015.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Yes indeed. We need more people like your Dad to stand tall and strong for Christ and make as much of a difference as we can for Him as we are Heaven bound ~ Jan. 20, 2015.

    POEM: EVEN SO. . .COME, LORD JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Christ coming back.

    EVEN SO. . .

    Know that it's not your will,
    That any soul should perish.
    For you created all mankind,
    And all souls You do cherish.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    So you wait and you do tarry,
    To give souls a chance to repent.
    It's imperative that they accept
    The Son, whom God has sent.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    If they don't repent and accept,
    Then they'll be forever lost.
    Being condemned to lake of fire,
    Certainly is not worth the cost.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    You said You would come again,
    In like manner as you went away.
    Appearing in the clouds above,
    T'will be start of a brand new day.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    There's so much evil present,
    In the whole wide world today.
    We are to hate evil, love the good,
    Fall down on our knees and pray.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    Because of all the unrest and evil
    Running rampant in the world today.
    Plus the fact we are a nation divided,
    Heaven grows sweeter every day.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    The Lord is certainly not slack,
    Concerning His promise of return.
    Though it seems He is lingering,
    For His coming, we do yearn.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    Even though things on this earth,
    May discourage & dampen our belief.
    His coming back in clouds of glory,
    Will bring quick & blessed relief.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    We have many blessed loved ones,
    That have sadly gone on before.
    We know someday we'll be re-united,
    So this is what we seriously implore.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    Lord, prepare everyone's hearts,
    To receive Your Word of Truth.
    For you are kind and merciful,
    To both the good and the uncouth.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    Though the way here seems long,
    And the journey so very tedious.
    As the lightning lights the sky,
    His return will be expeditious.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.

    So thank You Precious Lord,
    For giving us a heavenly desire.
    Though You tarry, help us to be ready,
    And to Your Word, fervently aspire.
    Even So. . .Come, Lord Jesus.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 8, 2016

    POEM: FALLEN MAN ~ by David S. Shupe

    Man falling from grace.


    Jesus came to earth to save fallen man,
    To reconcile us to God was the supernal plan.

    Sin separated us from the perfect state,
    So redemption was necessary for us to relate.

    Jesus willingly gave His life for us on the cross,
    Satan thought he'd won, Jesus showed him who was boss.

    In three days, up from the grave He arose,
    No earthly grave could lengthen His lifeless repose.

    Repent and be baptised, is the Lord's direct command,
    Following this directive is the key to being born again.

    His death, burial, resurrection completed the salvation plan,
    Now all the rest is up to us, the sinful fallen man.

    We're free to accept or reject what Christ did for us,
    Accepting Him changes us from lost to the Just.

    Then, we're grafted in and are joint heirs with Christ,
    For freely accepting God's plan, and thus were born twice.

    Rejecting Him makes His suffering and death all in vain,
    For the non-repentant that is, for the saved, all is gain.

    You're now a child of the King, and no longer fallen,
    As we listened, believed and accepted the Lord's calling.

    So thank you God, and Jesus, your only begotten Son,
    For all that you are, and for us, all you've done.


    David S. Shupe
    September 1, 2012

    POEM: FEAR NO EVIL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Good vs. evil!

    (Psalms 9:17: The wicked shall be turned into hell,
    and all the nations that forget God.)


    Do not fret because of evildoers,
    Neither be envious against workers of iniquity.
    For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,
    And wither away as the green herb into antiquity.

    Resist the devil and he'll flee from you,
    Draw nigh to God, He'll draw nigh to you, too.
    Seek the Lord while He may be found,
    Up in the sky, or down on the ground.

    There is no power except from the Lord above,
    He controls the mighty universe with His love.
    While the wicked may seem to have the upper hand,
    Their downfall is imminent, you should understand.

    Through deceit and dishonesty, the wicked digs a pit,
    His mischief returns on his own head as he falls into it.
    His violent dealings backfire upon his own pate,
    And all his well laid plans does the Lord negate.

    The wicked devise plots against the righteous,
    And gnashes upon him with his teeth, so salacious.
    The Lord shall laugh at him for all his evil actions,
    Seeing his day is coming for his many infractions.

    Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good,
    The Lord is our help, if we do what we should.
    The dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought.
    Because he is failing to do the things he ought.

    The hearts of men is fully set in them to do evil,
    Yet their days shall be cut short, as they are uncivil.
    The Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you,
    Protect you from the evil one, and see you through.

    God is just, paying back those who give you trouble,
    Vengeance is mine, He says, and I will afflict double.
    Woe to those who mess with the sheep of his pasture,
    They're in over their heads, and are courting disaster.

    Fear of the Lord prolongs days, we are not threatened,
    But the years of the wicked shall be shortened.
    As the whirlwind passes, so is the wicked no more,
    But the righteous is an everlasting foundation galore.

    They'll be punished with everlasting destruction all right,
    Shut out from His presence, and the glory of his might.
    They perish because they refused the truth to be saved,
    So God sent a powerful delusion so they remain enslaved.

    God's grace gives us eternal strength & hope not deferred,
    Encourage and establish our hearts in every good deed and word.
    Pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people,
    For not everyone has faith, or respects meaning of the steeple.

    He has not given us the spirit of doubt and of fear,
    But of power, love and a sound mind, so clear.
    The unrighteous will see a day of reckoning, no doubt,
    Nothing is done in secret the Lord does not know about.

    The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you,
    Evil has no power over those shielded by God's grace, it's true.
    . Be not afraid of evil when it comes, for it has no control
    Over the child of God who is safe under His wings so bold.

    For the Lord shall always and forever be your confidence,
    He will keep your foot from being taken by His providence.
    Fear the Lord, depart from evil and do good,
    If this is your modis operanda, you're doing what you should.


    O give me a spirit of peace, dear Lord,
    Midst the storms and tempests that roll.
    That I may find rest and quiet within,
    A calm buried deep in my soul. —Dawe!



    David S. Shupe
    December 8, 2012

    POEM: FEAR NOT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of man walking with Christ.


    Fear not, for I have redeemed you,
    And I'll be there to see you through.

    Fear not, for He is our mighty shield,
    For to His Word, we will always yield.

    Fear not, for we take refuge in you,
    You're always there to help save us, so true.

    Fear not, when you're going through "hell,"
    He's there with you to make everything jell.

    Fear not those who would trample you down,
    For the Lord and His angels are all around.

    Fear not, for God has not given us the spirit of fear,
    But of power, and love and a sound mind, so dear.

    Fear not those who unjustly mar your reputation,
    The Lord will maintain your lot for their depredation.

    Fear not, for perfect love casts out all fear,
    For God is love, and He will wipe away every tear.

    Fear not, for He controls even the mighty universe,
    And His favor to us, He will freely disburse.

    Fear not, for the Lord reigns forever and ever,
    One thing we can count on, He will leave us never.

    Fear not, for He is a refuge for the oppressed,
    He's there for you when you're feeling so distressed.

    Fear not, for He knows just what you're going through,
    He said, "I'm here, and I'll always be there for you."

    Fear not, you His child, who knows His Holy Name,
    For He changes not, and is always the same.

    Fear not rulers who trample on our inalienable right,
    We know the One who has yet begun to fight.

    Fear not, when you feel you are unjustly abused,
    It's the perpetrator who will end up being confused.

    Fear not as you're safe and secure under His wings,
    He is your protector and Saviour through all things.

    Fear not, when you're facing a real life trauma,
    It's not the end of the sentence, but just a comma.

    Fear not, when your life on earth comes to an end,
    Jesus is there in all His glory to welcome you in.


    Photo fear not rock.

    David S. Shupe
    July 13, 2013

    POEM: FEAR NOT #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Poster on whom shall I fear.

    FEAR NOT #2

    Fear not, for I am with thee.
    With you always, I will be.

    Fear not, for my Name is Truth.
    I love the just, but hate the uncouth.

    Fear not, for He is always with you,
    He will strengthen and see you through.

    Fear not, your welfare is my potion.
    Don't doubt or entertain any other notion.

    Fear not, for I have called you by name.
    Trust me and stay in the game.

    Fear not, as perfect love casts out fear.
    Follow Christ as He'll always be near.

    Fear not, for He knows your every care.
    And He will help, your burdens to bear.

    Fear not, and don't fail to seek His face.
    He's there to help you win this earthly race.

    Fear not, neither should you be discouraged,
    God's Word is The Reason to be encouraged.

    Fear not, neither should you be dismayed,
    God comes on time and will not be delayed.

    Fear not, for He is the good tidings of great joy,
    The promises in His Holy Word, He will deploy.

    Fear not, the hairs of your head are all numbered,
    He'll be there to keep you from being encumbered.

    Fear not, you are of more value than many sparrows,
    Follow Christ, your quiver will stay full of arrows.

    Fear not, believe and you can be made whole,
    Christ came to earth to heal and save your soul.

    Fear not, for by His stripes we are healed,
    And in no way can this promise be repealed.


    David S. Shupe
    October 3, 2013

    Michaela Schmitt: Thank you very much I appreciate it. I know I will be healed ~ 4:25 pm Apr. 24, 2014.

    David S. Shupe: Love your positive attitude ~ Apr. 24, 2014.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: John really loves your poems also and loves the fact that you send them to encourage people... ( That's the GOD in you) You are special.... Just an update on Gary. Yesterday he was up and doing great.. All machines off !!!! Talking on his own..laughing..eating He couldn't remember anything from time he called ambulance until yesterday when he came out of it,,,,except his pace maker at shocked him while he was waiting for them to come and get him.. Some hard shocks...I think he said three. That's what probably saved his life.......As far as Michaela Dr called yesterday and said they were still trying to see which of the hospital was the better one and was still looking into another one.. Just pray they get the right one. He doesn't want to just send her to one that can and would do the same thing he could do He said we are dealing with a serious problem here and I will do the same for her that I would do for one of my girls (he has 6 )..He's calling them again Monday and will have the news where she is to go, he fills quite certain,,,,Frankie is almost a basket case......they all need prayer. Michaela is doing better than anyone....... Just continue to pray please and I'll keep you posted......8:59am on April 26, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma, for the update on Gary and Michaela. Glad to hear Gary was doing better yesterday. Also, I just love Michaela's positive attitude. She just knows she's going to be healed, and we'll just believe along with her. Both of them have been in our prayers since we've heard the news about them. Thank John for me for his support. We pray that the poems will indeed encourage those for whom they are intended. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in the poems we choose to send to those in need. We have been fortunate enough to send them to family, friends, church people and neighbors. Yesterday, the mail man delivered our neighbor's mail to us in error. I took their mail over and the wife, who is a yoga instructor informed me that her husband has a bad case of pneumonia and has trouble breathing. He is under doctor's care and on antibiotics. She said I know you and Elaine believe in prayer, so say a prayer for him. I said we will indeed keep him in our prayers and he's going to be alright. I had sent them a couple of poems in the past, so they knew we were believers. I called her last night, and she said he was ok and the doctors thought the antibiotics would kick in this morning too. So, haven't checked this morning yet, but I'm sure he will be doing better. 9:04am Apr. 26, 2014.

    P.S. That was just the way God works, for us to get their mail in error. We will certainly be praying that the Holy Spirit will lead the doctor in selecting the right hospital for Michaela, for she needs and deserves the very best. God will do the work that they are unable to do.

    David S Shupe: Sent: Thursday, September 4, 2014 9:36:51 PM, Subject: A Poem for tomorrow! Pam/Scot: Guess you go in for your 3rd round of chemo tomorrow morning. Trust all will go well and you make out fine. Heather had a good week, didn't she, in soccer ball anyway. Sam seems to be doing great in AIT, so a lot to be thankful for. Sending you another poem as food for thought as the week progresses and as you fulfill your medical obligations. Don't think I've sent this one before. Have a good weekend coming up.

    Dr. Pam Finley: 9/04/14 To: Shupe, David from Thanks for the poem. I go in tomorrow at 11:15 so I get to sleep in. Have been feeling fine all week, and work has been good, so I dread feeling blah on Sunday...was nice to attend church last week (and hearing the new pastor preach). Several people have made us dinners this week....we have a full fridge! So many have been so kind. You wouldn't believe how many cards I receive each week, and gifts, and gift cards to restaurants...I'm always writing thank-you notes. I feel guilty because I usually feel fine. But we are very appreciative, of course. Hope you and Elaine are well. Love you!! Pam.

    Emailed this poem to Unique Annick on Oct. 4, 2015 when Buz announced she was going to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital on Thursday (Oct. 8) to have a heart procedure done, actually involving her Atrial Fibbrillation medical problem she has had for awhile. Her response: Annick Hughes 10/04/15: To: David Shupe. Thank you David! Your prayers and poems are so special! Prayers for your daughter as well! Love, Annick.

    Mailed this poem to Mickey Vessels on Oct. 5, 2015 recovering from a knee operation.

    POEM: FOLLOW ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus walking


    An epitaph reads, "Follow me."
    To follow you, I cannot consent.
    For I really don't know,
    which way you went.

    Paul said, "Follow me,"
    as I follow Christ.
    This is okay to do,
    His repentence sufficed.

    Jesus said, "Follow me,
    I'll make you fishers of men.
    You'll help deliver multitudes
    from the penalty of sin.

    If you want to please God,
    Follow me as we do the Lord's will.
    If you want to stay abreast,
    Rely on the Lord to instill.

    Jesus had a message for us all,
    "Follow me as I spread good news,"
    Message endorsed by Christians today,
    listening faithfully from the pews.

    The harvest is great, the laborers few,
    Follow me as we share the gospel.
    A task Christ directed us to perform,
    Thus, a mission that is so practical.

    There are many ways to travel, but
    Follow me as we go the Bible way.
    You'll find there's no better way to go,
    It will lead you on to a victorious day.

    The Christian way is a daily challenge,
    Follow me as we set the pace
    Though we may weaken as days grow long,
    He'll give us strength to finish the race.

    Many will start but never finish the race.
    Those who persevere, endure to the end,
    Looking to God for instruction and strength,
    Will be saved, as on God they depend.

    So FOLLOW ME is Christ's heartfelt plea,
    If you do this, then my face you will see.
    Beauty and joys of heaven will be your reward,
    You'll be my people, I will be your Lord.


    David S. Shupe
    January 22, 2013

    POEM: FOR IN THEE, O LORD, DO I HOPE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Hope in God banner.


    My hope is in YOU, when the day begins,
    My hope is in YOU, when the day ends.

    My hope is in YOU, when obstacles block my path,
    My hope is in YOU, when I inadvertently commit a gaff.

    My hope is in YOU, when things don't go my way,
    My hope is in YOU, that things will turn out okay.

    My hope is in YOU, to supply needed strength,
    My hope is in YOU, to take us to any length.

    My hope is in YOU, for I'm a true believer,
    My hope is in YOU, and not in the great deceiver.

    My hope is in YOU, when darkness covers the night,
    My hope is in YOU, to make everything turn out alright.

    My hope is in YOU, for Your Word is always True,
    My hope is in YOU, to always see me through.

    My hope is in YOU, for You are the Bread of Life,
    My hope is in YOU, to be void of all sin and strife.

    My hope is in YOU, when the doctor gives me bad news,
    My hope is in YOU, and it's Your divine will I will choose.

    My hope is in YOU, when surgical recovery seems so slow,
    My hope is in YOU, to allow my faith to increase and grow.

    My hope is in YOU, through chemo and radiation,
    My hope is in YOU, to provide needed fortification.

    My hope is in YOU, when I see no other way out,
    My hope is in YOU, as this is what FAITH is all about.

    My hope is in YOU, when all hope appears to be lost,
    My hope is in YOU, for you paid my ultimate cost.

    My hope is in YOU; You will never forsake me all my days,
    My hope is in YOU; You promised to be with me always.

    My hope is in YOU; I know that You hear my humble plea,
    My hope is in YOU, for with me You will forever be.

    My hope is in YOU, for you daily load us with benefits,
    My hope is in YOU. . . . . as only Your love permits.

    My hope is in YOU, for Your great Truth set me free,
    My hope is in YOU, for Your sacrifice on that cruel tree.

    My hope is in YOU, for we are saved by hope unseen,
    Hoping for hope unseen, we wait for God to intervene.

    My hope is in YOU; Your Word says we are saved by hope,
    My hope is in YOU; You give us strength each day to cope.

    My hope is in YOU, for in truth there is no other way,
    Other roads exist, but ONLY ONE has God's divine okay.


    David S. Shupe
    October 7, 2013

    David S Shupe: Dropped this poem off to Hunter & Jack Goins, neighbors on June 12 and sent this poem to Lorrie Button via her daughter, Karie Button on June 14, 2014.

    Hunter Goins: June 13, 2014 Thursday: Dear David & Elaine: First, I would like to thank David for the poem. It was timely & appropriate. I wish I had taken the advice to heart. I'm forever learning, but never enough, it seems. Your friend & Neighbor, Hunter.

    Gave this poem to neighbor, Dorothy Hudson on April 6, 2015 when she dropped off Elaine's birthday card and present.

    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot Sept. 10, 2015. Her response: Pam Shupe Finley via text message Sept. 10, 2015: Thanks for the emails and poems. They really mean a lot!

    POEM: FORGIVE US, LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Not perfect, just forgiven poster.


    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For the thing we need the most,
    That's the thing we do the least.
    But Mary has chosen that good part,
    At the feet of Jesus, enjoying a feast.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For failing to stand in the gap,
    and make up the hedge.
    for those who are weary and needy
    to keep them from going over the edge.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For failing to rise up and do
    what you've called us to be.
    Your eyes roam to and fro
    Searching for an intercessor you see.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For not spending enough time in prayer,
    to determine and accomplish your will.
    You're there to help if we'll just devote the time,
    Our cup will overflow as you give us our fill.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For slaughtering our innocent unborn babies,
    and calling such atrocities the right to choose.
    Horribly sacrificing them to the goddess of pleasure,
    Thinking they've won the battle, in the end they'll lose.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For the divisions in this once great land of ours.
    A nation divided against itself cannot stand.
    And a house divided will surely collapse.
    If we'd heed the Word, we'd clearly understand.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For our unconcern and lethargic prayerlessness,
    caused by disobedience, unbelief and sin.
    These things will keep us out of heaven,
    Only true sorrow and repentance will get us in.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For our apathy and complacency in our daily walk,
    As we sit idly by and fail to take a stand.
    When prayer is removed from schools & public places,
    our Christian rights being eroded fast as they can.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For being hearers of the Word only, and not doers,
    While the Bible should be our solid foundation.
    It should be our meditation all the day long,
    and since it isn't, this could be our ruination.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For our unbridled ignorance and lack of faith,
    reinforced by the airways and communication media.
    Today, we live in a "do it quick" microwave mentality,
    and everything has to be done with all expedia.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For accepting the mediocrity of the general populace,
    and going with the proverbial status quo.
    Instead of standing up for truth and what is right,
    yelling at the top of our lungs. . .NO! ~ NO! ~ NO!

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For the millions of illegitimate babies throughout the land,
    Born outside the traditional sanctity of marriage.
    This is not the way that society is supposed to operate,
    But it has become a serious moral miscarriage.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For enabling and sanctioning the gay lifestyle,
    Which the Bible clearly labels an abomination.
    Those who think they're on the winning side of this debate,
    Will find that they will ultimately face damnation.

    Forgive Us, Lord:

    For allowing sin and immorality to run rampant in the land,
    Which is destroying the moral fabric of our nation.
    It doesn't matter what the majority think is right,
    The Word of Truth will be the final determination.


    David S. Shupe
    October 6, 2013

    POEM: FREE AT LAST. . .FREE AT LAST! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Young lady enjoying freedom.

    (Thank God, I'm Free At Last!)

    (Famous words that Dr. Martin Luther King
    uttered during his lifetime, which is brought
    to fruition in Jesus Christ Himself)

    Free at last, free at last,
    Thank God, we're free at last.
    The shackles have been removed,
    Our many sins are in the past.

    We have been redeemed,
    Not with silver or gold;
    But with the precious blood of Christ;
    Now the story has been told.

    He went to the cruel cross,
    With our redemption on His mind.
    He prayed, "Father, forgive them,"
    For He was uniquely One of a Kind.

    He willingly shed His life's blood,
    So you and I could be spared.
    He saved us from an eternity of hell,
    By the great love for us He shared.

    The price God paid for our redemption,
    Was not with things that perish.
    But with the Life of His only begotton Son,
    Confirming that our lives, He did cherish.

    Jesus willingly gave up His reign with God,
    Coming to earth to save fallen man.
    Leaving His own life of luxury & royalty,
    To show His great mercy, you understand.

    God considered us of such great worth,
    By the high price He paid to rescue us.
    Letting His own Son die a horrible death,
    For the shedding of His blood was a must.

    We all owe God the Father, and God the Son,
    Our very lives, which to them were so precious.
    They cared enough to give their very life's blood,
    Because their hearts were so capacious.

    Thank you Father, for your great mercy,
    And the price You paid for our redemption.
    Willingly sacrificing Your only begotton Son,
    So that from our sins, we'd have exemption.

    Thank you Jesus, for giving up Your Life,
    So that we could live our life eternally.
    In a place untouched by human hands,
    You've prepared for us supernaturally.

    Out of the grave, He triumphantly arose,
    As no grave could hold His body down.
    Free at Last, Thank God. . .Free at Last,
    This is the message we willingly spread around.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    November 30, 2016



    Emailed this poem to my former GAO associate, Carleen Cogdell Bennett on Feb. 8, 2017 to congratulate her on her retirement. Carleen's response the following day: Dave, Thanks for sharing your poem with me. I thank the Lord for being by my side for the past 33 years. I am sorry you could not attend my retirement luncheon. I thank you for giving me a great start at Gao and believing in me. Today I look forward to volunteering at my church and helping my son transition to an adult. Take Care and God Bless. Carleen Cogdell Bennett.

    POEM: FROM SUCH TURN AWAY ~ by David S. Shupe


    II Timothy 3:1-5: This know also: that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, without selfcontrol, fierce, despisers of those who are good, 4traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, 5having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. From such turn away.

    When I read these five verses of II Timothy, chapter 3 early one morning I thought, this could be the basis of a good poem. When people exhibit these undesirable traits or characteristics, we are told not to have any truck with them, have no fellowship with them, in other words, "FROM SUCH TURN AWAY." So with the Lord's help, I started composing the poem below.


    Caution, turn back poster.

    (II Timothy 3:1-5)

    In the last days perilous times shall come,
    Be on the lookout for suspect actions by some.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Men shall be lovers of their own selves,
    Attitudes that should be put on the shelves.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    There will be an increase of those who are covetous,
    Which can result in a lifestyle more tumultuous.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Pride is a characteristic that leads to destruction,
    Accomplishing nothing good, but is an obstruction.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    There are those that blaspheme the Word of God,
    Deviating from the path, Saints of old have trod.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    We live in an age when kids are disobedient to parents,
    This is not only unacceptable, but results in intolerance.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    If ever we've birthed an unthankful generation, it's today,
    If you're serious about training a child, this is not the way.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Living an unholy life seems to be the American norm,
    It's contrary to God's rule, and should sound an alarm.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Many pride themselves on exhibiting unnatural affection,
    Which is contrary to God's Word, in making this selection.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    For trucebreakers, a covenant or vow means nothing,
    When a man's word of honor used to mean something.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Today we have an abundance of false accusers in the land,
    Liars shall have their place in the lake of fire at the end.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Many people today fail to exhibit proper self control,
    Trying to deal civily with such people soon gets very old.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Some are prone to give vent to anger, showing a fierce nature,
    It's hard to impress anyone with that type of nomenclature.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Media and politicians ridicule and dispise those that are good,
    While the wicked are praised, the righteous misunderstood.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    There are those in power that years ago would be labeled traitors,
    Forcing policies and programs in place like third world dictators.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    So egotistical and headstrong they only want it done their way,
    Not giving anyone the decency and courtesy of having their own say.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    There are those who live high and mighty, and who are quite haughty,
    With little or no hope for them as their actions are worse than naughty.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    This is a time when people love pleasures more than they love God,
    This they will one day rue, when they're planted beneath the sod.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Many profess to knowing God, but they are quick to deny His power,
    They're the first to complain when the church service passes one hour.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    Millions support programs and policies directly conflicting the Bible.
    One day, for the erroneous stand they've taken, they'll be held liable.
    . . . . .from such turn away!

    We have one true standard, and that standard is God's Holy Word,
    We must never deviate, adhering to its truths we have read and heard.


    David S. Shupe
    October 5, 2013


    Jesus helping woman in need.

    (Based on Psalms 121)

    I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,
    From whence comes my needed help.
    When we place our trust in Him,
    The problems we encounter, He has felt.

    My help comes from the Almighty Lord,
    Who made the heaven and the earth.
    He's the one who created all things,
    And He considers us of great worth.

    He will not suffer your foot to be moved:
    He that keeps you safe does not slumber.
    He died for you, He is so concerned,
    Even hairs of your head, He does number.

    Behold, He that keeps the people Israel,
    shall neither slumber nor sleep.
    No man is able to pluck us out of His hand,
    We are His people, and His sheep.

    The Lord is our protector and keeper:
    The Lord is the shade upon our right hand.
    He is the reservoir of strength that we need,
    To run well the race set before us and to stand.

    The sun will not smite you by day,
    nor will the moon smite you at night.
    When you have the Lord as your help,
    The natural elements will treat you right.

    The Lord shall preserve you from all evil:
    He shall keep and preserve your soul.
    You don't need to doubt or fear,
    He shields and He keeps you whole.

    The Lord preserves your going and coming,
    From this time forth, even for evermore.
    Your times are forever in His hands,
    Your deepest needs, He will never ignore.


    David S. Shupe
    January 14, 2013



    Sent this poem to Pam while she was undergoing her bout with breast cancer.

    POEM: GIVE THANKS! ~ by David S. Shupe


    Giving thanks.


    For loving us so,
    That you didn't say no.

    For Your great mercy,
    In making us worthy.

    For sending Your Son,
    To get Your work done.

    For sending the Best,
    And Jesus did the rest.

    For sending Him to atone,
    And not leaving us alone.

    For sending Him to die,
    So on Him we could rely.

    For giving us a way out,
    What Jesus is all about.

    For reconciling us again,
    Jesus delivered us from sin.


    For doing God's will,
    And loving us still.

    For coming to free us,
    Leaving Glory to be us.

    For submitting to shame,
    Though you had no blame.

    For enduring the pain,
    Which was for our gain.

    For standing against crowd,
    Making us mighty proud.

    For going to the cross,
    Keeping us from eternal loss.

    For dying for our sin,
    So we could make it in.

    For rising from the dead,
    So we could get ahead.


    For willingly coming to our aid,
    By doing so, we have it made.

    For being our Comforter,
    And our main consorter.

    For being our helper too,
    Always available it's true.

    For picking us up when we fall,
    Coming to help when we call.

    For being with us in trouble,
    Delivering us from the rubble.

    For helping us to remember,
    By fanning a tiny ember.

    Happy Thanksgiving poster.


    David S. Shupe
    October 10, 2013


    Norma Littleton Forbush on 11/28/13: Thank you for sharing that. It's beautiful.....

    Judy Kidd shared your photo.

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    POEM: GIVE THANKS TO GOD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    In everything give thanks.


    Give thanks to the Holy One
    Give thanks to our Maker.
    He's the freehearted Giver,
    And we're the lowly taker.

    In everything give Him thanks,
    This is the least we can do.
    He's always there for out benefit,
    And He'll never bid us adieu.

    Said He'd be with us always,
    Doesn't go back on His Word.
    His Word never fails or changes,
    He even watches over the little bird.

    O give thanks unto the Lord,
    For His mercy endures forever.
    He is faithful to all His creation,
    His goodness will leave us never.

    When the rubber meets the road,
    He's the One who maintains our lot.
    When all others forsake us,
    Then He's all that we've got.

    We thank Him for what He's done,
    We thank Him for what He's doing.
    We thank Him for what He's going to do,
    For everything to Him, we are owing.

    Thanks be unto God of the universe,
    For His unspeakable Gift.
    He sent His only begotten Son,
    To repair & heal the man induced rift.

    Thank you Jesus for giving your life,
    For our sinful life, so undeserving.
    So that we could live eternally,
    And spend our life willfully serving.

    So very much to be thankful for;
    Thanks for Your daily blessings.
    Also for all of Your wonderful works,
    As it's to You I'll always be confessing.

    Thanks for the strength and wisdom,
    That You supply to us each day.
    The times You pick us up & carry us,
    As we travel along life's pathway.

    Most of all, thanks for always being there,
    Never letting us carry our burdens alone.
    When we enter the portals of heaven,
    What joy to see you seated on the throne.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2015

    POEM: GIVING HONOR TO GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    A child and his dog giving honor to God!


    We thank you, God,
    For giving to us all.
    Your great salvation,
    To both big and small.

    We thank you, Jesus,
    For giving your life for our life.
    And saving us from all the ridicule,
    Pain and strife.

    We thank you, Holy Spirit,
    For being a comfort and guide.
    And for being there to help us,
    Always at our side.

    We thank you, God,
    That you so loved the world.
    You gave your only begotton son,
    So our sins could be unfurled.

    That whosoever believeth on Him,
    Should not perish,
    But have everlasting life,
    To always treasure and to cherish.

    So, our sins which are many,
    Are all washed away,
    You loved us so deeply before
    We loved you at all~in any way.

    Thank you, Jesus, for the agony
    And suffering you indured on the cross.
    Defeating Satan when he thought
    He had won ~ but he lost.

    Thank you, Jesus, for being a Friend
    That sticketh closer than a brother.
    While we have friends on earth,
    No one can take your place~no other.

    Thank you, Jesus, for removing our sins
    As far as the East is from the West.
    So we could place ourselves in your hands
    As you always know what's best.

    We thank you, Holy Spirit, for bringing
    Those things to our mind.
    That we need from day to day to live, work
    And enjoy life with mankind.

    Thanks for giving us a sense of direction
    And providing real solace indeed.
    In times of duress and calamity,
    You empower us with the help we need.

    As your Holy Word tells us,
    "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
    This truth is demonstrated by the unspeakable gift
    You gave to all who believe,

    Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    Knowledge of the holy is understanding.
    Thanks for wisdom and knowledge you bestowed
    On us to accept Christ at your commanding.

    Which is the most important decision any of us
    Will ever make in this life on earth.
    With your blood applied to sinful hearts,
    We are new creatures experiencing re-birth.

    Old things are passed away, behold all things
    Become new, and this is straight from You.
    What more can we ask, what more can we do,
    But always trust in Jesus to see us through.

    We looked for a city whose builder and maker was God,
    Because this world is not our home.
    We're just passing through, so when this life is over,
    There'll be no more need to roam.

    I am the way, the truth and the light, and no man
    Cometh unto the Father but by me.
    If you heed My Words and obey My Commands,
    You shall be with me throughout eternity.

    There is no other name under heaven whereby
    We must be saved, and that is the true gospel.
    As beloved Sons of God, we sing, shout and proclaim
    Wondrous works of one so versatile.

    So, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we lift you up
    In unencumbered praise and adoration.
    Raising voices, proclaiming thanks to the mighty
    Three in One, and One in Three with veneration.

    Recognizing your sovereignty, who hath God so nigh
    Unto them in all things we call upon Him for?
    Such as healing broken hearts, calming turbulent storms,
    Or just loving us when we are a real bore.

    So, thank you Holy Father, thank you Jesus Christ,
    Thank you Holy Spirit for all you have done.
    Looking unto the Author and Finisher of our faith,
    And patiently awaiting your return...
    As in this spiritual race, we continue to run! Selah.


    We’re thankful for the blessings, Lord,
    You give us day by day;
    Now help us show our gratitude,
    By walking in Your way. —Sper!


    David S. Shupe
    September 23, 2011

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Samson Shupe - Sep 24, 2011. Brother David ... I thank God for how you are letting Him use you mightily in these last and evil days. I have always been a firm believer that as satan turns up the heat in these end times (and we can see it everywhere) that God's Spirit and Power would be made manifest all the more! Each of your poems have been inspirational, anointed, and heart-felt on your part. Please continue to share these blessings with us as the Lord moves on you. You are a tremendous blessing to the family.

    The younger, the elder ... Sam

    David Shupe - Sep 24, 2011. Thanks so much, Sam, for your kind words. Up to recent times I was unable to hardly put two words together that rhymed, so if anything good comes out of the poems, it certainly isn't just me, but the good Lord has helped me tremendously. In fact, I would say it's 90% Lord and 10% me. My underlying desire is to use God's Holy Word, which is TRUTH, as the basic ingredient of the poems. Thanks again,

    Love, David

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 24, 2011. So very inspirational and such a blessing! So many things to be thankful to God for! I can only say "ditto" to Sam! Please continue to share with us what God through His Spirit is whispering to your spirit!
    Love you. Sis Joy :-).


    (Nicholson Family Website)

    Judy Pike - Sep 24, 2011. AMEN!!!!!

    Jeanie Sanders - Sep 24, 2011. amen!

    Shirley Poynter - Oct 1, 2011. Amen and amen. so rightfully spoken, You are so blessed David; thanks again for sharing. God bless.


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    Elisa Levy Harris: Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! 🦃🙏🏻😀.

    Gayle Harris: So good to hear from you. Loved the poem. Blessings to you and Elaine. Much love to you both. David S Shupe: Thank you Gayle. Love you!

    Bill Morgan shared the poem on November 24, 2016.

    POEM: GIVING THANKS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Giving thanks.


    How can one give thanks,
    If their body is wracked with pain?
    Just saying three little words,
    "Thank You Jesus" ~ will be your gain.

    Jesus ~ something about that Name,
    Just makes me want to praise Him.
    While relying on His divine care,
    Vowing my love will never grow dim.

    Oh, give thanks unto the Lord,
    For He is the essence of good.
    And His mercy endures forever,
    He enables us to do what we should.

    How can one give thanks,
    If their heart is broken.
    Well ~ He is there to help,
    He's more than just a token.

    Have you never read,
    He heals the broken in heart.
    And even binds up their wounds,
    His love for us He does impart.

    Remember the woman with an issue of blood,
    Becoming penniless after 12 long years.
    Paying doctors and steadily became worse,
    Sure she endured pain, shed many tears.

    Though not specifically detailed in the record,
    I'd surmise she became a follower of Christ.
    As many did when they came in contact with Him,
    Realizing life with Him would more than suffice.

    Remember the story of the ten lepers,
    Who came to Jesus for cleansing.
    He healed them everyone with no exception,
    As their isolation, He was sensing.

    Leprosy is a horrible, contagious disease,
    Requiring that you be quarantined.
    A leper is shunned until healed,
    Their condition is not easy to be seen.

    Only one returned to offer thanks,
    The other nine went their merry way.
    Neglecting to thank Jesus for their healing,
    Such a bad example, they did convey.

    Are you thankful for what others do for you,
    Or do you take for granted their benevolent action?
    Do you realize that saying a simple "thank you,"
    Will rub off on others and take traction?

    So let us give thanks unto the Almighty God
    For giving us His unspeakable gift.
    He sent His one and only begotten Son,
    To compensate for and heal our sinful rift.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    February 13, 2014

    POEM: GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY~ by David S. Shupe

    Sign: Go ahead, make my day.


    Make my day when the day has begun,
    Make my day when the day is done.
    Make my day as I go to work,
    Make my day, helping me not to shirk.

    Make my day when I'm home alone,
    Make my day and my sins atone.
    Make my day when to you I pray,
    Make my day, let me not go astray.

    Make my day when my life seems dreary,
    Make my day when I'm sad and weary.
    Make my day when there is no way,
    Make my day while I have my say.

    Make my day when things go awry,
    Make my day when I don't feel so spry.
    Make my day when my strength fails,
    Make my day when opposition assails.

    Make my day, let my faith be strong,
    Make my day as You can do no wrong.
    Make my day while awaiting Scan results,
    Make my day as my mind exults.

    Make my day when the going gets rough,
    Make my day when life becomes tough.
    Make my day if living becomes unbearable,
    Make my day so I'll become durable.

    Make my day when my romance turns sour,
    Make my day so wrong doesn't devour.
    Make my day when divorce seems imminent,
    Make my day, helping me in this predicament.

    Make my day in sickness and in health,
    Make my day in abundance or without wealth.
    Make my day whether at home or away,
    Make my day so I don't ricochet.

    Make my day as you're the purveyor of good news,
    Make my day and relieve me of melancholy blues.
    Make my day when the sun rises and sets,
    Make my day on a special day someone forgets.

    Make my day when friends cut me to the quick,
    Make my day when loved ones become sick.
    Make my day when common sense takes a powder,
    Make my day as opposition rants become louder.

    Make my day when I'm facing an operation,
    Make my day, relieving stressful saturation.
    Make my day as I journey through recovery,
    Make my day as I make a spiritual discovery.

    Make my day when the day is complete,
    Make my day so I don't retreat.
    Make my day as nighttime nears,
    Make my day, relieve all my fears.

    Make my day as trouble does assail,
    Make my day and help me prevail.
    Make my day to finish my course with joy,
    Make my day and your Word I'll employ.

    Make my day when things go wrong,
    Make my day all the day long.
    Make my day, and give me peace,
    Make my day, let my doubts quickly cease.

    Thank you Lord, for making my day,
    For smoothing things over, paving the way.
    Thank you Lord, for your great love,
    For looking out for me, from heaven above.


    David S. Shupe
    January 20, 2013



    David S Shupe: Gave this poem to Carl & Jean Swanson pending a couple of operations he was scheduled to have ~ July 4, 2014. Bladder stones and prostrate.

    Carl Swanson: Called Carl after his laser surgery for 4 large bladder stones. He was doing okay, just sore. He thanked us again for the poem and said he went back and read it a couple more times before his surgery. He appreciated it.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Melanie Bradley.

    POEM: GOD CAN. . . ~ by David S. Shupe

    God can do the impossible.

    GOD CAN. . .

    GOD AROSE...we doze.
    GOD CAN...we can't,
    GOD DIVERTS...we hurt.
    GOD DOES...we don't.
    GOD HEALS...we feel.
    GOD IS...we isn't.
    GOD KNOWS...we suppose.
    GOD PREVAILS...we fail.
    GOD SAVES...we enslave.
    GOD SEEKS...we peek.
    GOD TALKS...we balk.
    GOD WILL...we won't.

    God can do the impossible,
    We can only do the permissible.
    We are weak, He is strong,
    We go short, He goes long.

    No matter our situation,
    There's no capitulation.
    God has it under control,
    Our fears He'll put on hold.

    Be brave and take a stand,
    God won't let it get out of hand.
    So there's no reason to fret,
    God hasn't failed us yet.

    There's no limit to God's power,
    He's with us every day, every hour.
    All we need do is whisper a prayer,
    Rest assured, He'll meet us there.

    While we're helpless in many situations,
    God gives us every consideration.
    He reaches down and picks us up,
    Plants our feet and fills our cup.

    GOD CAN, in spite of the opposition,
    He's for real, and not an apparition.
    He deals a winning hand, come what may,
    We're victorious when He has His way.

    God is faithful to one and all,
    When on Him, we fervently call.
    As His child, He won't desert us,
    No way would He ever hurt us.

    When you're sad and feeling blue,
    God has the means of seeing us through.
    There's no way that we can lose,
    When the Savior we do chose.

    GOD CAN, when we're ready to give up,
    He has the solution, when we would fail.
    The answer is simple, when He is in charge,
    He gives us the victory & so we prevail.

    Our earthly problems are many, without doubt,
    We can't always do it ourselves, but GOD CAN.
    With Him, all things are always possible,
    Fully trusting assures us of a better land.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    March 11, 2017


    Posted to Geri Willey Elliott's Facebook Messenger page on April 4, 2017 preceding Bryan's job interview. Geri's response: Thank you so much! Those words are so true. Thank you for sharing that with us. God has blessed you with such a special way to encourage others. Wed April 4, 2017 9:49pm. Just wanted you to know, Bryan got hired today and starts on Friday! Praise the Lord! David S. Shupe: 5:00am on April 5, 2017: Oh, what great news Geri! Thank you dear God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    POEM: GOD CAN USE ANYBODY ~ by David S. Shupe

    God uses ordinary people.


    Jacob was a cheater,
    In this, he was a repeater.

    Peter was impetuous,
    His temper was tempestuous.

    David had an illicit affair,
    Also severed a married pair.

    Noah drank himself insensible,
    He was not indefensible.

    Jonah ran away from God,
    Way many of us have trod.

    Paul hauled Saints to jail,
    And the gospel he did assail.

    Miriam was a gossip,
    Allowing her tongue to slip.

    Thomas was a doubter,
    But didn't take a powder.

    Sara was unbelieving,
    Her laughter was deceiving.

    Elijah was often moody,
    In doing his assigned duty.

    Moses had a speech impediment,
    Affecting his temperament.

    Zacchaeus was a short squirt.
    But to see Jesus, he did assert.

    Abraham was of advanced age,
    But ended up on the center stage.

    Lazarus ended up quite dead,
    But Jesus gave him new life instead.

    Peter denied the very Christ,
    That prayed for him, and did suffice.

    Regardless of their individual fault,
    Our God, they all did faithfully exalt.

    The point is, God uses anyone willing,
    Look up, for He's the one that's dealing.

    So, no matter what you've done,
    Be sure to honor God & His Son.

    He'll then be able to use you,
    To fulfill His salvation plan so true.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 24, 2014



    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on June 23, 2016.

    Thirteen people like this: Elisa Levy Harris, Geri Elliott, Beverly Hurd, Nancy Davis, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Pat Oakley Shupe, Debbie Clinebell Witt, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Jim Nicholson, Stephen Wheatley, David Little and Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell.

    Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell on June 23, 2016: So true. Just shows God can use anyone. I am going to copy this in my prayer journal. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim Nicholson shared the poem on June 23, 2016. Pat Oakley Shupe and Rebecca Craycraft like it.

    Emailed to Joy Shupe Nicholson on Jan. 5, 2017. Joy's response: David (& Elaine), We think you are worthy but understand your feelings. We prefer others to receive honor rather than ourselves, but felt like that you both deserved it and enjoyed doing it! I enjoyed your commentary and the poem following to illustrate! It does make us feel better when we read that they were just ordinary people who were not perfect but still were used of God and also loved by God. That is definitely an encouragement!! Thanks for always loving and sharing and caring!!! J

    POEM: GOD CARES ~ by David S. Shupe

    Banner saying 'God Cares.


    I'll walk with God,
    I'll take His hand.
    I'll talk with God,
    He'll understand.

    I'll call on Him,
    I'll speak His Name.
    He's there to help,
    He's always the same.

    I'll proclaim His praise,
    I'll kneel and pray.
    He knows my need,
    Heeds what I say.

    I'll do His will,
    I'll seek His face.
    I'll thank Him for,
    His saving grace.

    I'm aware He cares,
    When I speak.
    Because of this,
    His mercy, I'll seek.

    I'll always have faith,
    In His great love.
    I know He looks down,
    From heaven above.

    I'll call on Him,
    When I ache.
    For I know,
    He'll not forsake.

    I'll sit and listen,
    For His still small voice.
    Then follow His leading,
    As the right choice.

    I'll walk by faith,
    And not by sight.
    My doubts and all,
    He puts to flight.

    I'll not be discouraged,
    By problems here & now.
    For nothing will happen,
    That He doesn't allow.

    I'll stand on the Word,
    For I know it's true.
    I'll follow It's precepts,
    To make it through.

    I'll thank my God,
    For His great mercy.
    For showing me the Truth,
    That overshadows all heresy.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 4, 2016


    Posted this poem to CeCe Offidani's Facebook Timeline on March 7, 2016 o/a the 2nd anniversary of her serious accident on Kendale Road, Lewes, DE: David S Shupe‎ to CeCe Edmonds Offidani. CeCe: Good Morning! I'm reminded that this is the time of year two years ago (around the 5th of March I believe), that you had your very serious accident on Kendale Road while your daughter and granddaughter were in the car with you. Fortunately they were not seriously hurt, but you went through quite a lot that year with serious injuries and in recovering. Thank God, He was there watching over you, and you're so much better now. That's because HE CARES. Wrote this poem a few days ago, and thought of you this morning, and wanted to post it for you.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidania: Awe David, you must have heard my thoughts yesterday, i was thinking of you and Elaine and wondering how you are must be mental yes it was about 2 yrs ago , cant remember the exact date but im sure i could find it...God and his guardian angels were definitely there for daughter i hope has learned not to take her eyes off the road for even a wonderful second, because thats all it takes is a second... Thank you so very much for, once again ,the most beautiful poem. They are all the most beautiful poems. What a gift from God, David. You truly have a very special gift God has given you. I'm still looking for mine. Having trouble figuring out my purpose....I have had the flu for the past couple of days, but feeling better today...I truly hope that all is well with you and that life is treating you good...I know , David that you have been through a lot and should write a poem about it for YOU....thinking of you always Cece.

    Presented this poem to the following people:

    The Morris': Carolyn, Harvey, Debbie and Thelma on March 6, 2016 (Hand carried).
    Joy Shupe Nicholson on March 6, 2016 (emailed).
    Dorothy Hudson on March 8, 2016 (Hand carried).
    Hunter and Jack Goins on March 8, 2016 (Hand carried).
    Mary LeCates and daughter Nicole, Scooby's groomers on March 16, 2016 (Hand carried).
    Arelia Kay Holmes on March 16, 2016 (mailed along with her monthly stipend).
    Efrain Lopez and wife Nilsa on March 16, 2016 (mailed along with Vicente's yard maintenance fee).

    Lorrie Button on March 21, 2016 (Facebook message page). Her response on April 2, 2016: Hi David. Thank you so much for sending me the prayer God Cares. Yes he does. I talked with John Button yesterday and I was asking after you, Elaine, and Scoobie. He said he hadn't seen you out walking on awhile I am fine, God blesses me every day with the gift of life. Fond regards to the 3 of you. Hope to see you this Summer.

    Gerald Willey on March 23, 2016 on his 73rd birthday (posted to Geri Willey's FB message page & asked Geri to copy it for her dad. Her response: Sure will. You are so thoughtful.

    Alice & Don Sturtz on March 24, 2016 (mailed). Alice called on April 6, 2016 and thanked us for the poem, that she enjoyed reading it.

    Ellie Ziegler on March 24, 2016 (mailed).

    Norma & John Forbush on March 24, 2016 (Posted on FB message page: Norma's response: Norma Littleton Forbush: God does care....Thank you for the poem....If they could, they just get better and better....Hope you both are doing well.. Love you .......

    Mailed this poem to Hazel Brittingham and Bette Maher on March 25, 2016. Hazel's response on April 8, 2016: Elaine talked to Hazel via phone and she thanked us for the poem, said it was very inspirational. On top of that, she said the person who read it to her (for Hazel is legally blind), loved it too.

    Posted this poem to Elisa Harris' FB Timeline on April 1, 2016. Her response: Elisa Levy Harris: Thank you so very much David. You are so kind and I enjoy reading your poems so much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. God bless YOU! Elisa Levy Harris and 6 others like this ~ April 2, 2016 at 10:03am.

    Posted this poem to Ellie Ziegler's Facebook message page on April 8, 2016: Her response: Thank you, Dave, for this meaningful poem. You are so right that after the first few months, it is at times harder than the early months. God is good and I lean on Him each day for support. My LPC friends have been wonderful, you and Elaine especially. God bless you both.

    Mailed this poem to Scooby's good friend, Dee Duncan, on April 21, 2016 after she gave him 11th birthday gifts, fixed special treats and a birthday balloon.

    Mailed this poem to Neil and Nancy Hansen on May 9, 2016. Their response via mail dated May 13, 2016: Dear David and Elaine, What a nice surprise greeted us when we opened our mail a couple of days ago! Thank you so much for our very own special poem. God has given you a special gift, David, which you are so willing to share with others. May God bless you both. With Christian love, Neil and Nancy Hansen.

    Posted this poem to Melanie Latzko Bradley's Facebook Messenger page at 2:43 pm on Sunday, May 22, 2016 after learning that Melanie must go back to the hospital starting again next week for her 3rd complete series of chemo treatments in 4 years. How devastasting! Her response 2 minutes later at 2:45pm: Melanie Latzko Bradley: You and Elaine are such blessings to me, David. Your words and poems touch me and encourage me and comfort me. Thank you so much.

    Mailed to Kitty Phillips Lane on June 21, 2016 in honor of her birthday.

    Hand carried to Pat Short, Co-director of Conoly's Thrift Shop on July 29, 2016.

    Emailed to Carole Pizzillo, LPC friend on August 22, 2016.

    Judy & Howard Pruitt: Mailed on August 25, 2016.

    Amber & Chris Payne: Mailed poem along with $100 money order to help with gas & essentials going back & forth to hospital to visit and be with twin girl babies. Her response: Amber Easton-Payne: David we are so grateful for your kind words and gift! What a blessing at the exact needed time. We thank you and Elaine for showing our family such great love! Blessings- Amber.

    Shari Allen: Posted to Facebook Messenger page on September 1, 2016 in rememberance of her wedding day. Shari's response: Your words speak right to my heart David. Thank you for your blessings. It means so much.

    Posted to Jason Nicholson's Facebook Messenger page on September 26, 2016 for his 44th birthday. His response: Thank you Uncle David for the birthday wishes...and, for the poem. It was very encouraging to me. I love you!

    Mailed to Eleanor Kidd, former pastor's wife on October 12, 2016 for her birthday.

    Emailed to GAO friend, Larry Peacock on October 15, 2016. Larry's response on October 17, 2016: Hi Dave, Hope this finds you and Elaine doing well. Thanks for the was great. Interestingly, I just received the attached email from one of my high school classmates when I received your email. I don’t recall exactly, but it is in an interesting way similar to the one I sent you earlier and also has some interesting similarities between Trump and Churchill. Thanks again and hope you have a great week, Larry and Olia.

    Sylvia Gilmore: Emailed on November 10, 2016 in honor of her birthday.

    Nita & Larry Weeks: Mailed along with a letter on November 19, 2016 for Thanksgivng. Nita's response: David & Elaine, "May the wonders of His love fill your home with Joy and Grace. Merry Christmas!! David, thank you for your Thanksgiving poem & greeting. You are a talented writer, & it's clear you enjoy it. It's always good to hear from you. We have fond memories of you & your sweet family when we were at Norview. We will always hold you in high regard. We hope you have a real nice Christmas and a happy, safe, & healthy New Year. Sending our love, Nita & Larry Weeks.

    Lorraine Smith: Mailed on November 22, 2016 in honor of her birthday, along with a card. Lorraine's response: She came up to me when we delivered Elaine's pastries to the Soup Kitchen on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 and said she got her birthday card and poem in the mail yesterday on her birthday. She thanked us for the good wishes.

    Fred & Lois Beaufait: Mailed on November 22, 2016 in honor of their wedding anniversary, along with a card. Fred thanked us in church this morning (Nov. 27, 2016) for the card and the poem. Said he appreciated us thinking about him.

    Heidi Wright: Emailed to friend Heidi in Johannesburg, South Africa on Jan. 31, 2017. Heidi's response on Feb. 3, 2017: Hi again. What a lovely email from you and glad to know you are thinking of me. I do indeed wonder at times if anyone in the States remembers me, so thank you. Xxxx. You two look great in you photos. I think Arelia and her family began to have troubles after the death of the boy. Was a horrible accident. All fine by me. Kiss Elaine for me and then she can kiss you back. Haaaaaa. Heidi.

    Emailed to LPC friend Jack Lesher on April 2, 2017. Jack's response on April 3, 2017: Thanks so much for sharing your poetry and for our Christian friendship. Jack aka Tumbleweed.

    Emailed to LPC friend Bill Baughman on April 2, 2017. Bills response on April 3, 2017: Good morning David, am sorry I missed you Sunday; I will be back at the 8 am this coming week. Last few weeks have been a little busy, but all’s okay. Thank you so much for the poem, I / we (I send to my family) love them! You have a great week. See you Sunday! God Bless, Bill.


    Sign: God is still in control!


    Do you feel like the world is disintegrating,
    Right before your very eyes?
    And your friends tend to be ingratiating
    ...God has everything under control.

    Your once stable marriage begins to unravel,
    And your longtime job suddenly terminates,
    You feel like leaving and are ready to travel.
    ...God has everything under control.

    You see the wicked increase and prosper.
    They seem to be without a care in the world,
    And their names appear first on the roster.
    ...God has everything under control!

    Political leaders lie to cover shortcomings,
    Rather than being open and transparent,
    They are evasive and anything but forthcoming.
    ...God has everything under control!

    God knows every evil thought and deed,
    He knows when we are unjustly treated,
    And He is there to fulfill your every need.
    ...God has everything under control!

    The storms of life may take its toll,
    With calamities coming your way,
    He is the one Who cares for your soul.
    ...God has everything under control!

    He created all things for His pleasure.
    And we are the sheep of His pasture,
    His select people and His earthly treasure.
    ...God has everything under control!

    You never have to fear or suffer defeat.
    As God is always there for you,
    And will your adversaries soundly beat.
    ...God has everything under control!

    God knows what we need before we ask.
    So we can put our full trust in Him,
    As He is more than equal to every task.
    ...God has everything under control!

    Illness or disease may affect your life,
    Or an accident may come your way.
    It may happen to husband, children or wife.
    ...God has everything under control!

    It shouldn't matter what comes our way,
    Or whether our lives are turned upside down,
    What matters is how we react to come what may.
    ...God has everything under control!

    Whatever happens is according to God's plan,
    It won't happen if it is not His will,
    So, never lose faith that it's out of His hand.
    ...God has everything under control!


    David S. Shupe
    October 7, 2012



    Six people like this: Rick Hensley, James Lewis, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland, Jim Nicholson, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Geri Elliott, Mike Shupe and Cheryl Shupe Baker. March 29, 2015.

    Geri Elliott: I love that poem Uncle David! Something I have to remind myself of on a daily basis ~ March 29, 2015.

    Jim Nicholson Another good one! Thanks for sharing it! Norma Littleton Forbush likes this. March 29, 2015.

    Jim Nicholson shared this poem. Shirley Poynter and Rita Lopp like this. March 30, 2015.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Geri & Jim; and thank you too, Jim, for sharing it!

    David S Shupe: Posted this poem to her Facebook page on July 30, 2015.

    Adrienne Scott: Thanks David. Well said!

    POEM: GOD HAS MADE A WAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is the Way.


    If you feel weak and heavy laden,
    Be ye lad, or be ye maiden.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    When you think no one really cares,
    There's a God up above who hears.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    When you feel lost and totally undone,
    He cared enough to send His only Son.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Before you were even formed in the womb,
    The good Lord was laid out in a tomb.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    He sacrificed His life so you could live,
    He died on the cross, your sins to forgive.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    When you feel bad, and are ready to cave,
    He came to earth to heal and to save.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    When you look around and begin to lose hope,
    There's a Savior who came to help you cope.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    He cared enough to leave His heavenly domain,
    To come to earth to relieve your pain.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Not in splendor, but in a lowly stable,
    Going to any length, His people to enable.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Out of nothing, He made something good,
    Not because He had to, just because He could.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    There are days when you're quite upset,
    But there's not a problem He hasn't met.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Said He'd be with us through thick & thin,
    He'll be there to show you the way in.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Said He'd be with us always and forever,
    His Word is True, & He'll leave us never.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Where there seems to be no earthly way,
    And hopes have dimmed for many a day.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Christ will always be your faithful guide,
    Staying closely by your needy side.
    . . .God Has Made A Way For You!

    Wise people diligently seek Christ,
    Following Him is the only way that'll suffice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    December 16, 2016


    Posted to Shirley Hayes Carroll's Facebook Messenger page on Jan. 8, 2017 as she is in hospital for vertigo.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on Jan. 31, 2017 as she is going through a lot with her husband who is in the hospital with a life threatening illness.

    POEM: GOD HAS OUR BACK ~ by David S. Shupe

    God has your back poster.


    The glory of the Lord
    Shall be your rear guard,
    Says Isaiah 58:8 which
    We cannot disregard.

    If you find yourself in a jam,
    You're busy doing God's work.
    You don't know which way to turn,
    Don't fret, worry or go berserk!

    Just as He helped the Israelites,
    To escape Egyptian bondage.
    He's up front smoothing the way,
    And will quell every umbrage.

    God had His angels and a fire
    go before and light up their way.
    And a cloud protected their back
    throughout each and every day.

    A fire at night and a cloud by day,
    Guiding our path, protecting our back.
    If He is the reason for our journey,
    He'll make sure we'll arrive intact.

    Facing or recovering from serious surgery,
    Our times are in His Holy Hands.
    In Thee O Lord, do we put our trust,
    And on Thee, O Lord, we place our demands.

    Enduring extended chemical treatment,
    Then God has your back.
    He knows your fears and trepidations,
    As a healer, He's not a quack.

    Through hatred, Esau vowed to kill Jacob,
    But God had Jacob's back too.
    Jacob was an essential link for God's people,
    So Esau's plan for revenge went askew.

    Jealousy caused brothers to conspire to kill Joseph,
    But God had different ideas and plans.
    Joseph was God's chosen vessel to save Israel,
    God's ways are higher and nobler than mans.

    Several times, David had to flee from King Saul,
    To prevent himself from being killed.
    But God was there protecting his back,
    What Saul was doing, was not what God willed.

    Israel's army cowed fearfully on the hillside,
    While the stripling David went out to slay the giant.
    His weapons, a sling and five smooth stones, plus God.
    He bravely faced the Philistine who was so defiant.

    The giant Goliath sneered his disdain at the lad David,
    Thinking he would make short work of this wet-nose kid.
    But he didn't count on the fact that God had David's back,
    So he just put Goliath in a box and sealed the lid.

    Jealousy caused a serious conspiracy against Daniel,
    His faith caused him to be thrown into the lions den.
    God had his back and honored that faith,
    God closed the lion's mouths as Daniel refused to bend.

    Another example involved the three Hebrew children,
    Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego who did learn,
    That God had their back as they shunned idol worship.
    They didn't bow, didn't bend, didn't burn.

    So we take a lesson from these great men of faith,
    Be true to God, and He'll certainly be true to you.
    No matter what dilemma you find yourself in,
    God has your back, and will see you through.


    David S. Shupe
    December 28, 2013


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Pam and Scot on September 25, 2014.

    POEM: GOD HAS OUR NUMBER ~ by David S. Shupe

    You can run, but you can't hide t-shirt.


    God has our number.
    But loves us anyway.
    In spite of our frailties,
    His love does not sway.

    Even hairs of our head,
    Are all numbered.
    He keeps us safe,
    From being encumbered.

    No where can we go,
    To escape his detection.
    So give in to Him,
    He is our perfection.

    If I traverse
    The widest ocean.
    He knows where I am,
    So give up the notion.

    If make my bed in hell,
    He is there.
    No way I can escape Him,
    For He is everywhere.

    He seeks us out,
    No matter where we are.
    He goes where we go,
    Whether near or far.

    He's omnipresent,
    That's His story.
    He blankets the universe,
    From earth to glory.

    Adam and Eve thought,
    From God they could hide.
    How foolish they were,
    And nothing but snide.

    Jonah tried to run,
    From doing God's will.
    Found his efforts,
    Were all uphill.

    Elijah attempted to run
    From notorious Jezebel.
    But he relied on his God,
    For he was no dumbbell.

    Anytime you feel lost & undone,
    Remember, God is on your side.
    Don't ever give in to discouragement,
    For under His wings you will abide.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 30, 2015

    POEM: GOD HEARS OUR CRIES ~ by David S. Shupe

    God hears our cries.


    God hears our cries,
    And our needs He supplies.
    He is not very far away,
    He is with us every day.

    God sees our heartfelt tears,
    Our pleas are reaching His ears.
    On our own, we are helpless,
    And all of our efforts hopeless.

    He doesn't turn a deaf ear,
    You'll find He's always near.
    When we get Him on the line,
    Everything tends to work out fine.

    He doesn't hang up when we ask,
    He is equal to any task.
    He is working behind the scene,
    He will surely intervene.

    He may not come today,
    But the answer is on the way.
    When you voice a desperate plea,
    He is there for you and me.

    Though the answer may not be,
    What you and I would like to see.
    He's the One with the Master Plan,
    He's looking out for every man.

    He's the creator of the universe,
    Set it up so we could converse.
    Listens to all our needs each day,
    Honors us when we faithfully pray.

    His Spirit is here to lead us aright,
    He puts our doubts & fears to flight.
    With God, our problems dissipate,
    The burdens we carry evaporate.

    Weight of the world begins to recede,
    For He is there to meet our need.
    He sends the answer, if we'll believe,
    All it takes is for us to receive.

    Before you send up your prayer,
    God is with you every day and hour.
    While you are yet praying & speaking,
    The Lord honors those who are seeking.

    So be diligent and you'll persevere,
    For your prayer, He does always hear.
    For He knows just what you need;
    Your prayer, He will not fail to heed.

    We come to Him with thanksgiving & praise,
    Knowing He's with us all our days.
    So thank you, God, for hearing our prayer,
    For seeing our need, & meeting us there.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 16, 2016


    Posted this poem to Norma Littleton Forbush's Facebook message page on April 18, 2016 upon learning that husband John had been in the hospital for gall stones and gall bladder surgery.

    Posted this poem to Cheryl Shupe Baker's FB Messenger on May 18, 2016 after her doggie, Stella was put to sleep. This day was also her's and Rick's 37th anniversary. Her response: Thank you David.

    Mailed to Efrain Lopez, our St. Croix friend on June 15, 2016 when sending Domingo's yard maintenance money.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on July 24, 2016.

    Mailed to Neil and Nancy Hansen on July 26, 2016 for their anniversary.

    Emailed to Pat Oakley Shupe for hubby and brother, Junior Shupe on December 14, 2016 preceding his visit this morning to the doctor for cataract surgery. Pat's response: Good morning David. Thank you for your prayers and the poem is beautiful as usual. I will show it all to Junior when he gets up. We have to be at the hospital by 8:30, but it takes awhile for them to prep him etc. The actual surgery takes only about 20 minutes. It will probably be lunchtime or so before he's finished and headed back home. Blessings...Pat.

    Mailed to Judy Williams Pruitt on December 14, 2016. Judy's response: Dear Uncle David & Elaine, Thanks for all your prayers, notes, encouragement & beautiful poems and readings. I'm trusting God. . .still on 10 months IV~~chemo now. Positive and looking forward to God's healing (smiling face emblem). We have new baby girl born on 10-20-16 to Christopher and Carissa in Omaha, Nebraska, and 7 year Peyten in 2nd grade. May the wonder of Christmas live in your heart always. With love, Judy, Howard & Stephanie.

    POEM: GOD IS ABLE ~ by David S. Shupe

    God is able.


    God is able
    To make us whole.
    Forgive our sins
    Save our soul.

    God is able
    His truth to reveal.
    His mercy is everlasting,
    His LOVE, so very real.

    God is able
    Our woes to diminish.
    When we feel weak,
    Our strength He'll replenish.

    God is able
    To keep us from danger.
    He's our constant companion,
    To us no stranger.

    God is able
    To help us make a right choice.
    If we are willing
    To listen to the right voice.

    God is able
    That's a giv'n.
    Just look to Him,
    For sins forgiv'n.

    God is able
    To give power to the faint.
    He's able to transform
    A sinner into a saint.

    God is able
    To give us peace.
    He will make
    All turmoil to cease.

    God is able
    To calm every storm.
    He is our refuge
    The Bible does inform.

    God is able
    Never doubt it.
    He can do the impossible,
    And we should shout it.

    God is able
    To do any thing.
    He is all powerful,
    So to Him I will cling.

    God is able
    That's a give'n.
    He blesses our home,
    And that's real liv'n.

    God is able
    To heal the sick.
    What He promises,
    He'll make it stick.

    God is able
    To heal the broken hearted.
    What has pulled asunder,
    He'll re-join what's parted.

    God is able
    His wonders to perform.
    His highest priority,
    Our lives He does transform.

    God is able
    To eradicate disease.
    He can do it,
    With the greatest of ease.

    God is able
    So never you fear.
    He'll never leave you,
    He's always near.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    September 23, 2014

    POEM: GOD IS FAITHFUL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.


    When we were lost and undone,
    God sent us His only Son.

    Even while hanging on that tree,
    His thoughts were of you and me.

    When we're sick and feel weak,
    He returns us to our peak.

    If we're head over hills in debt,
    He is still our very best bet.

    Can't see Him anywhere around,
    Yet, His love for us does truly abound.

    Going through a bad time in life,
    He delivers us from harm and strife.

    Ready to give up, throw in the towel,
    He gives us victory, in spite of our scowl.

    If He treated us like we treat Him,
    Our chances of atonement would be slim.

    When we walk through the fire,
    The flame doesn't even singe our attire.

    Though we fail to acknowledge His blessing,
    His love for us is so refreshing.

    An operation staring us in the face,
    He'll pull us through by His grace.

    Chemo and radiation are on the table,
    He gives us strength to enable.

    When we feel we've been deserted,
    Look to Him for problems to be averted.

    One door and yet its sides are two,
    Inside, outside, on which side are you.

    One God, yet making up the mighty Three,
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the key.

    A God who loves us in perpetuity,
    No break in the action, just continuity.

    As long as we live and survive,
    We'll praise & thank him for being alive.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 15, 2014


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    Norma Littleton Forbush: shared David S Shupe's photo Jan. 20, 2015. This is so true. We can always count on GOD though......He said he would never leave us. I believe it.....I know it's true....I've read the Book and I believe every word.

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    David S Shupe : Thanks Norma for sharing!

    POEM: GOD IS. . .MORE THAN ENOUGH ~ by David S. Shupe

    If God is all you have, you have all you need.

    GOD IS. . .

    He's more than enough,
    to see me through,
    He's more than enough
    to help me make do.

    He's more than enough,
    to heal sickness & disease.
    He's more than enough,
    to make me feel at ease.

    He's more than enough,
    to give me real peace.
    He's more than enough,
    to make life's storms cease.

    He's more than enough,
    to take away my pain.
    He's more than enough,
    to turn everything to gain.

    He's more than enough,
    to give me peace of mind.
    He's more than enough,
    as He is super kind.

    He's more than enough,
    to take away my sin.
    He's more than enough,
    to let me enter in.

    He's more than enough,
    to calm the turbulent waves.
    He's more than enough,
    for He's the One who saves.

    He's more than enough,
    to still the violent storm.
    He's more than enough,
    my earthly life to transform.

    He's more than enough,
    when I suffer a loss.
    He's more than enough,
    to give my sorrow a toss.

    He's more than enough,
    to solve any problem.
    He's more than enough,
    to dispel any doldrum.

    He's more than enough,
    to slow my racing heart.
    He's more than enough,
    to give me a fresh start.

    He's more than enough,
    To help me feel worthy.
    He's more than enough,
    Displaying great mercy.

    He's more than enough,
    to make me victorious.
    He's more than enough,
    to make me feel glorious.

    He's more than enough,
    to make me feel uplifted.
    He's more than enough,
    to make me feel gifted.

    He's more than enough,
    helping me to save face.
    He's more than enough,
    to save me by His grace.

    He's more than enough.
    To eradicate a bad phase.
    He's more than enough,
    to keep me safe always.


    David S. Shupe
    December 8, 2013


    Shirley Poynter: Thank you David, that is so beautiful and is so true. I am sure Doris will love it. Is it ok if I print this for me to keep? And when Doris is feeling better she can read it her self. Thank you so much for all your prayers ~ Dec. 28, 2013.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Shirley, & absolutely you can print it. Hope it helps a little, and the prayers are the least we can offer ~ Dec. 28, 2013.

    Shirley Poynter: I am sure it will, I know it did me . Thanks David ~ December 28, 2013.

    Shirley Poynter shared your photo and poem.

    Joy & Jim Nicholson: We are on our way home. Read the poem to Doris this morning. She really liked it and the verse!! We like how the title was repeated often as a reminder. Kept it in our minds. What a blessing!! Thank you so much!! She seemed to really appreciate that you would write her a poem. Love you and appreciate you @ 3:45 Dec. 28, 2013.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Reading your poems makes me feel good. You can just feel the LOVE of the LORD....through them...keep them coming...... . Dec. 29, 2013.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: The load is so much lighter when JESUS lifts the load.....Dec. 29, 2013.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma. Glad the poems have a positive impact on you and others. As long as the good Lord gives me the inspiration and supplies the strength, I'll keep writing them. it's mostly the Lord and a little bit of me ~ Dec. 29, 2013.

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    Kitty Phillips Lane: via snail mail Jan. 7, 2014: Dear David & Elaine, Thank you for the letter of encouragement. God has blessed me in so many ways. I never dreamed I would live to be 82 1/2. The doctor had told my mother I wouldn't live thru the first year. Joy called me, it was so good to hear from her. She & Sylvia are such good prayer warriors. God bless you both and I pray you will be blessed with good health this coming year. Sincerely, Kitty.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared David S Shupe's status. 57 minutes ago on February 16, 2014, "A WORLD GONE AWRY."

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    Shirley Hayes Carroll posted to‎ David S Shupe 2 hours ago near Havre de Grace, MD:Thanks for the beautiful poem. So helpful! February 16, 2014.

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    Ida Forest Pierce: Thank you for the wonderful poem. I really need it today. GOD bless you, David. Feb. 16, 2014

    David S Shupe: Thank you for your blessing ~ so glad it helped a little Ida. That's my whole purpose for doing the poems, to encourage others through the use of poetry using scripture as a foundational backdrop. Of course, God is my inspiration.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Melanie Bradley, Alice Sturtz and Bette Mayer on June 12, 2014. Have a copy ready to send to Dorothy Hudson and Lorrie Button either tomorrow or Saturday. Will probably give Lorries to her daughter Karie at the summer party on Saturday, along with two other poems since she has a re-occurrence of breast cancer. Hope the poems will encourage her and increase her faith in the Almighty God.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Melanie on June 11, 2014 to encourage her along in her 2nd round of chem treatments.

    Melanie Bradley: Carried Melanie's hard copy of her anniversary poem to church as promised when I posted it via her Facebook this week. She said when she received the above poem she thought it was the hard copy of her anniversary poem, but it was a different poem. She said she and her Mother really appreciated me taking an interest in her health and sending the special poems. She stopped playing the piano, stood and gave me a warm hug, saying she felt good about her recovery.

    Alice Sturtz: Alice send a card along with her comments on May 29, 2015: Dear Elaine & Dave, A note of thanks to tell you we appreciate your many notes and especially your poems. It's so loving of you ~~ special gifts from God. I continue to improve with weight & strength. We have been able to travel to two special reunions for which we are thankful. We usually attend 11:00 o'clock church. If we (don't) see you soon, have a good summer. Blessings! Alice.

    Hazel Brittingham: Hazel called May 22, 2015 and thanked Elaine for our poems. Said we did such a good job with the format, rhyming and everything; so poetic and it was just what she needed at this time. Thanked us again for sending them to her, as she does keep a file of them.

    Sent the poem to the following people the week of May 22, 2015: Bill Baughman on death of his Mother; Bette Mayer a widow of the church; Fred & Lois Beaufait; and Hunter & Jack Goins, neighbors.

    Emailed this poem to Pam & Scot on May 23, 2015 after learning more bad information about cancer on the brain.

    Hand carried this poem to Sylvia & Gerald on April 17, 2016 when we met them for an early dinner at the PilotTown Restaurant in Milton when they treated Elaine for a belated birthday.

    POEM: GOD KNOWS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    The good Lord knows.


    God knows our thoughts
    before we speak.
    God knows our desires
    before we seek.

    God knows our pain
    before we confess it.
    God knows our plea
    before we express it.

    God knows our fear
    before it shows.
    God knows our doubt
    before it grows.

    God knows our frustrations
    before they materialize.
    God knows our anger
    before it's realized.

    God knows our temptations
    before we succumb.
    God knows our conscience
    before it becomes numb.

    God knows our words
    before they are uttered.
    God knows our speech
    spoken aloud or muttered.

    God knows our wrong doing
    before we commit it.
    God knows our repentance
    before we admit it.

    God knows our intent
    before we carry it out.
    God knows our motive
    without a doubt.

    God knows our plan
    before we try to enact.
    God knows the results
    just to be exact.

    God knows our sincerity,
    that we cannot hide.
    God knows our faithfulness,
    for in Him we will abide.

    If God knows all about us,
    What kind of life should we live.
    A life lived fully for Christ,
    So true devotion we should give.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 26, 2015


    Posted to Norma Littleton Forbush's Facebook Messenger page on Feb. 24, 2017.


    You are in my thoughts and prayers.


    God laid you on my heart today,
    I felt a need, and began to pray.
    Your name appeared before my eyes,
    The Holy Spirit was there to apprise.

    I asked the good Lord to lead me to,
    Someone whose life may be all askew.
    Someone needing a touch from on high,
    For our faithful God, He will not deny.

    When He did, your name came to mind,
    For He is there, your troubles to bind.
    He's the same, yesterday, today & forever,
    Any negative thoughts, He will sever.

    I took your name to Him in prayer,
    He's with you every day, every hour.
    He's there to soothe your troubled soul,
    He's a Master at making you whole.

    He's our shield & exceeding great reward,
    He is the One that we have adored.
    He knows the end from the beginning,
    He's there to stop your world from spinning.

    He is the One that saves and heals us,
    He is the One that protects and seals us.
    The burdens you have, He will remove,
    The rough road you travel, He will smooth.

    With these benefits, God shows His love,
    Watching over us from heaven above.
    The Lord is gracious & full of compassion,
    And His thoughts of us, He does not ration.

    I don't know your heartfelt need,
    The good Lord planted the seed.
    For sure, He knows your desire,
    What you need, you can acquire.

    We may not know which way to turn,
    Just trust that His will, you do discern.
    Maybe there's a problem & you can't fix it,
    Just turn it over to God, and He'll nix it.

    A marital problem you can't overcome,
    You've tried your level best, & then some.
    All of your best efforts are to no avail,
    You hope and pray, but can't prevail.

    You feel like laying down and giving up,
    The whole world seems to be corrupt.
    You love God, and you hate evil,
    You despise anything that is uncivil.

    Everything getting on your nerves,
    Seems everyone's throwing you curves.
    No matter how hard you try, or do,
    You wind up in the proverbial stew.

    There's nothing God cannot bring you through,
    His Word says it, and His Word is true.
    So be encouraged, for God is there to deliver,
    Through faith, He provides that peace like a river.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe,
    April 15, 2016



    Hand carried to Gerald & Sylvia Willey on June 13, 2016 when we met them in Smyrna at the grand opening of Brick Works Brewing & Eats.

    Posted to Geri Willey Elliott's Facebook Messenger page on December 17, 2016 at 5:58 am when she was going through serious family problems: Geri's response: Geri Elliott at 6:10 am: Thank you so much Uncle David! I am sitting here in the dark, in a chair with a blanket over me trying to trust God that some how He is going to get us through even though it seems impossible. I think about the men and women of Faith that are talked about in Hebrews 11. They didn't know what the outcome was going to be, but they trusted God. I am trying to just keep my focus on Him. Thanking and praising Him through it all. Sometimes it is a sacrifice of praise. Thank you again for the poem, and being obedient to the Lord. I needed it right now. Love you!

    POEM: GOD WILL MAKE A WAY. . .SOMEHOW~ by David S. Shupe

    There is always a way.

    . . .SOMEHOW!

    Are you on the outside looking in,
    Not sure where you're going, only where you've been.
    You feel incomplete, not accomplishing anything.
    Songs you used to love, no longer do you sing.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    You heart is heavy, don't know which way to turn,
    Your motor is idling, and your mind refuses to churn.
    Your boss just chewed you out for a matter so trifling,
    You go back to your desk, and the files you begin rifling.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    Maybe you suddenly feel insecure in your life,
    As you see around you much trumoil and strife.
    The confidence you once had gives way to dread,
    Things are going down hill, you wish you were dead.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    Your once stable marriage is in danger of breaking up,
    You can't take it any longer, you're about to erupt.
    Your children no longer mind you when you speak,
    No matter where you look, everything looks so bleak.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    Maybe a long term illness is sapping your strength,
    A once healthy person, you could go to any length.
    Now, you're practically an invalid, depending on others,
    Not the life you'd prescribe, if you had your druthers.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    Maybe you're retired, looking forward to the golden years,
    Instead, finding that aging brings on lots of fears.
    Your spouse has medical problems trying to survive,
    Dear Lord, what must we do to stay alive.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    You lost a SPECIAL person and your world has shattered,
    They were everything to you, and all that mattered.
    You can't sleep, eat, work or function normally,
    You walk about as a zombie, not acting as formally.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    You've faced disease, operations & don't know what's ahead,
    Tomorrow is uncertain, and you hope fear doesn't spread.
    Friends you've had in the past, no longer come around,
    You feel so lost, with no hope of ever being found.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    You're facing huge financial problems never faced before,
    The debt you are experiencing just seems to soar.
    The good Lord says to burden Him with what burdens us;
    Just cast that debt burden on Him in whom you can trust.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!

    If you've faced any of the above situations, just know this,
    God knows all about it, and He cares how you exist.
    Said He'd be with you always, even to the very end,
    For He's a God of His Word, on whom you can depend.
    . . .God Will Make A Way--Somehow!


    Praise, my soul, the King of heaven;
    To His feet your tribute bring.
    Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,
    Evermore His praises sing. —Lyte.


    David S. Shupe
    December 14, 2014


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    Handcarried this poem to Dorothy Hudson, Hunter & Jack Goins on June 1, 2015. Dorothy phoned me a couple of hours later and thanked me for the poem and words of comfort.

    Mailed this poem to Lorrie Button on June 1, 2015 for her 69th birthday on June 6, 2015, as she was born in 1946: She responded on Facebook Message June 6: I wanted to thank you and Elaine for the kind birthday wishes and the lovely, thoughtful poem. I will be coming to Delaware to visit my daughters at John's place from July 12-15. Hope to see you and Scooby out walking on the road! All the best, Lorrie

    POEM: GOD'S BLESSINGS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    God's blessings.


    Woke up this morning,
    Feeling good all day.
    Enjoying God's blessings,
    What more can I say.

    Blessings of the Lord,
    They make us rich.
    We owe Him so much,
    That's my pitch.

    Food in the refrigerator,
    Clothes on our back.
    Roof over our head,
    God gives us no lack.

    Cash in our wallet,
    Money in the bank.
    Money enough to pay my bills,
    Only have God to thank.

    Never suffered for lack of want,
    Nor endured pangs of starvation.
    Never even been incarcerated,
    Nor suffered any type of privation.

    Faithfully attend church weekly,
    Without fear of improper arrest.
    Better than 3 billion other people,
    Incapable of achieving their best.

    Had two loving parents,
    Going through teenage years.
    They were always there for me,
    Helping relieve growing up fears.

    We acknowledge these jewels,
    From the heavenly dimension.
    Jesus is our spiritual lifeline,
    To our heavenly ascension.

    If you hold your head up,
    Continue to show a smile.
    You rise above the norm,
    And will go ahead by a mile.

    Once God's blessings,
    To each of us flow.
    Do we thank Him,
    And let Him know.

    Unlike the ten lepers
    With a horrible disease.
    They faced each day,
    With a great deal of unease.

    They came to Jesus,
    He healed all ten.
    Only one came back,
    To thank Him again.

    So thank you Lord,
    For your blessings galore.
    We receive so very much,
    From your treasure store.

    We offer our thanks and praise,
    For your blessings devine.
    You are our Savior and Healer,
    And we are wholly thine!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 30, 2015


    Mailed this poem to grandniece Gracie Elliott for her 9th birthday.

    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on November 24, 2016.

    Five (5) people like the poem: Laurie Holmes, Beverly Hurd, Pat Oakley Shupe, David Little and Debbie Clinebell Witt.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Elaine! Have a blessed day! David S Shupe: Thanks Pat. Happy Thanksgiving to you and brother Junior!

    Laurie Holmes: Thank you, David! I hope you had a blessed day! David S Shupe: Yes we did Laurie, thanks! Son Dave came up from Virginia Beach to share a Harris Teeter turkey dinner with us and celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope yours was swell too!

    Emailed to Melanie Latzko Bradley on Jan. 17, 2017.

    POEM: GOD'S CREATION! ~ by David S. Shupe

    God's beautiful creation.


    In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth,
    The earth was without form and void, everywhere was dearth.

    Darkness was upon the very face of the deep,
    God spoke light into existence ~ quite a feat.

    God called the light day, the darkness He called night,
    The evening and the morning were the first day alright.

    We'll pause here briefly to address a so-called "scientific" query,
    As there are those who promote the "big bang" theory.

    That the world materialized out of nothing from one big bang,
    No supporting evidence exists no matter how much they harangue.

    Others believe that microbes from Mars found their way to earth,
    And from this, the world and its inhabitants had their birth.

    You tell me which of these scenarios seem to be the most plausible,
    A vivid imagination is needed to believe such theories possible.

    God made a firmament dividing the waters above from those below,
    Calling the firmament heaven; this was the 2nd day, and it was so.

    God spoke the earth into existence, including dry land and the seas,
    God allowed the grass to grow, trees to yield fruit and nectar for the bees.

    And the evening and the morning were the third day,
    At this juncture, God was half way through the creation process, hurray.

    God spoke, creating the lights in the heavens dividing the night from the day,
    The greater light to rule the day, lesser light to rule the night~that was His way.

    This included the sun and the moon, while He also created the little star,
    Thus ended the fourth day, and God saw that it was good, exceeding par.

    Then, God created the creatures of the sea, and all the fowl of the air,
    Blessing them saying, "Be fruitful and multiply," this was the 5th day, we declare.

    Then God created cattle, beasts of the field after their kind, and creeping things,
    Last, God created man, male and female created He them, with no attached strings.

    And God placed man in the garden of Eden to care for and nurture his creation,
    God saw everything He did was very good, this was the 6th day, time for cessation.

    God rested on the 7th day from all the work that He had done,
    Creating the heavens, the earth and all things therein, He hit a homerun!

    This is the true story of how God created heaven, earth and all things therein,
    Born out by the Bible, God's Holy Word, the only reliable source of life and sin.

    We can believe and hold fast to the Word of Truth, or believe fallible man,
    Put not your trust in princes, educators or people who don't understand.

    But trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding,
    This plants your house on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, others not withstanding.


    David S. Shupe
    July 29, 2012

    POEM: GOD'S HOLY WORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Holy Bible.


    His Holy Word means more to me,
    Than anything in this old world.
    It has stood the test of times past,
    And still, as the countless ages unfurl.

    There is nothing so precious,
    As the timeless Word of the Lord.
    It's something that will never grow old,
    Living it's message, you'll never be bored.

    The Word is life unto those who obey it,
    And health to all their flesh.
    It's quick and sharper than a two-edged sword,
    It's the Living Word, and always fresh.

    Heaven and earth will ultimately pass away,
    The Word of the Lord will be here forever.
    While the wicked are cut off from the righteous,
    His Word is the tool that does sever.

    As the world's most important spiritual tool,
    God's Word determines life or death.
    And how we deal with His Word,
    Determines whether we draw a spiritual breath.

    His Word shines a light on our pathway,
    And is a lamp for our feet to follow.
    It is filled with enduring substance,
    Not like many books, so very shallow.

    Oh, how I love your eternal Word,
    It is my meditation all the day long.
    As long as I follow it to the letter,
    I will be guilty of doing no wrong.

    He that adamantly despises the Word,
    Shall be ultimately destroyed.
    He that loves and obeys the Word,
    Shall definitely be heavenly deployed.

    Your Word have I laid up in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.
    As long as I honor your Holy Word,
    You will never fail to see me through.

    Every word of God is pure, and He is a
    shield unto them that put their trust in Him.
    He covers us with His protective wings,
    and His love for us will never dim.

    Heaven and earth will pass away,
    but His words will never fade.
    You can count on the Book of Books,
    You need not fear nor be afraid.

    I delight to do Your will, O my God;
    Yes, your Word is within my heart.
    As long as I keep and obey your Word,
    From your mercy I will not depart.

    The grass withers, the flower fades,
    But God's Word is eternal.
    Heeding His Word is the only way,
    That anyone will escape the infernal.

    God's Word is always the same,
    Yesterday, today and forever.
    You can rely on His Word of Truth,
    And It will fail you never.


    David S. Shupe
    August 30, 2013

    POEM: GOD'S PLAN ~ by David S. Shupe

    God's plan for salvation and happiness.


    Man stopped being prim and dapple,
    When Adam and Eve ate the apple.

    This was totally contrary to God's overall plan,
    What part of "don't eat" didn't they understand?

    Because they failed to obey God's explicit order,
    A curse was pronounced on man, resulting in some disorder.

    In childbirth, the woman was made subject to much pain,
    The man was to laborously toil the soil in order to get gain.

    The snake was to forever crawl on his belly and eat dust,
    Avoiding conniving snakes like this is an absolute must.

    The apple episode conveyed sin to all ensuing generations,
    Leaving no one out, but directly affecting all nations.

    God put forth His plan to redeem and save fallen man,
    It's up to us to accept, profess Christ and take a stand.

    Jesus went to the cross and paid for this plan with His life,
    Releasing man from sin's death penalty and reducing strife.

    One big advantage to this plan is that it's totally voluntary,
    You must confess your belief in Christ, you can't be sedentary.

    By one man, Adam, sin did enter and contaminated all mankind,
    By one man, Christ, a way was made to avoid being left behind.

    If you 're serious about heaven and securing a place in the rapture,
    Repent and turn to Christ, and the fulness of God's plan you will capture.

    A failure to make that profession will guarantee you a place beneath,
    Where the worm will never die; there'll be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Thank God and His Son, for their all encompassing salvation plan,
    Making it possible for converted souls, to spend eternity with our Savior then.

    In heaven, you'll have no regrets, but thank God for His saving grace,
    Also Jesus Christ, who 2000 years ago, went back to prepare for you a place.


    David S. Shupe
    September 10, 2012

    POEM: GOD's RECALL NOTICE ~ by David S. Shupe


    Just about every year, thousands of cars are recalled because of mechanical or safety defects. Even though these defects may be life threatening if not corrected, one out of every three people fail to bring their cars in for the free repairs provided by the automobile manufactuer. What an indictment when family and children, plus other innocent drivers on the road, are put at risk due to the failure of so many to take the proper corrective actions.

    When you think about it, though, isn't this the same way millions of people act to God's "Recall Notice" as a result of SIN's defect on every man, woman and child on earth. He has put out His recall notice to keep us from being eternally confined to the junkyard below with no possibility of being salvaged. Good people, no matter how well intentioned, refuse to accept the free offer of salvation to correct sin's blanket defect. They continue to plod along, seemly mindless of the severe consequences of failing to take corrective action that would assure them of a heavenly place in eternity. How very sad!!!

    Typical recalled auto.


    Automobiles are recalled annually due to some defect.
    This is life threatening if not corrected and rechecked.
    One-third of the people fail to bring cars in for free repair
    Putting others at risk, which they may be totally unaware.

    What an indictment for those failing to take corrective action.
    Choosing anguish or death to living and driver satisfaction.
    Manufacturers send out "RECALL NOTICES" to drivers,
    It"s up to them to respond if they want to be survivors.

    God created man, perfect and without any defect,
    He gave man free choice to see if he would elect
    To follow His one order not to eat of a certain tree,
    The man disobeyed, so without sin he would not be.

    From that day forward, man carried sin's stain each day,
    Unable to atone for his disobedience ~ no way.
    No matter what he did, he was no longer a free man,
    He was in deep in bondage to sin, a slave to the land.

    Because of one man's disobedience, we were all contaminated,
    Passing down through the ages, in us this sin culminated.
    Six thousand years later, God provided a simple way out,
    Sending His Son to pay for Adam's sin, reason for all to shout.

    In short, God put out a "RECALL NOTICE" to atone for our "Sin."
    Believe on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you'll make it in.
    By doing this, repenting and following Christ, the defect is eradicated,
    Your sin is remembered no more, it has been spiritually medicated.

    So far as the east is from the west, so far has God removed sin from us,
    But we must ask Him into our life, and He comes without bother or fuss.
    For it's whosoever will, but the onus is on us to honor His request,
    And to allow ourselves to become a new creature through His behest.

    The Holy Spirit is beckoning each of us to come in for a free overhaul,
    Paid in full by the Master Mechanic, who went to the cross and gave His all.
    There is no greater love in all the world, than what He did on our behalf,
    Laying down His life to atone for our sins, when we deserved the shaft.

    Man does not realize the dire consequences of his failure correct the defect,
    So that our system is free from impurities when the Master comes to inspect.
    Be ye holy for I am holy, the Good Book plainly and truthly pronounced,
    Living this way makes the devil a loser, as by God, he is firmly trounced.

    God recalls us from a life of sin and deprivation that drives us over the cliff,
    If we fail to heed His RECALL NOTICE, our penalty will be more than stiff.
    "Come unto me all weak and heavy laden, and I will give you rest" He extols.
    "Take my yoke upon you for I am meek and lowly; you shall find rest for your souls."

    Hard to believe that a brand new car would come off the line with any defectors,
    Evidently it does happen in spite of all the levels of quality control inspectors.
    God made everything beautiful in its time, but man sought out many inventions,
    Made in the image of God and given free choice,what he did caused suspension.

    Man was no longer the purfect, sinless creation that God meant for him to be,
    He disobeyed and thus alienated himself from the Creator, including you and me.
    As a result, God gave, Christ came and made a way for us to be reinstated,
    By repenting, acknowledging and following Christ, our fatal sin flaw is deflated.

    Once you come to Christ for a complete overhaul of that sinful nature,
    We become new creatures in Christ, and we're equipped for a better future.
    What before was a life threatening malady, has been totally forgotten,
    We are now joint heirs with Christ, and off to heaven we shall be trotten.


    David S. Shupe
    August 7, 2012

    POEM: GOD's RECALL NOTICE #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Reason for recall.


    Buy a new car ~ drive it around,
    Get a recall notice ~ a defect was found.

    Take it in ~ get it fixed,
    Rest assured ~ no longer jinxed.

    Some did ~ some didn't heed,
    Dangerous driving ~ at any speed.

    Not so smart ~ to risk your life,
    Your kids, others ~ also your wife.

    Same is true ~ in the spiritual realm,
    Traveling alone ~ without God at the helm.

    Sin is the defect ~ God sends out a recall,
    To remove the blight ~ through a total overhaul.

    It's up to you ~ it's your choice,
    No pressure ~ just heed the still small voice.

    Allow Christ to come in ~ you become a new creature,
    Listen to the Holy Spirit ~ obey words of the preacher.

    No regrets in following Christ ~ it's your decision,
    The old rejected for the new ~ a painless transition.

    Christ is now your Savior ~ Sin defect has been removed,
    You can travel safe now ~ Your spiritual journey is approved.


    David S. Shupe
    August 5, 2012




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    Melody Lane Popo: Love it!


    Joy Nicholson - Sep 9, 2012: Good illustration! :-).

    POEM: GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Poster: The Lord Our Righteousness.


    God, through Christ, is our righteousness,
    And this through the exercising of our faith.
    Abraham believed God, accounted for righteousness,
    And we are children of Abraham, our failsafe.

    Doesn't matter how moral or good we are,
    How much money we raise or give.
    It all depends on the righteousness of God.
    And not so much on how we profess to live.

    Riches profit not, righteousness delivers our soul,
    Thank God for His marvelous compassion,
    And for considering our hopeless plight.
    Delivering us from unwanted oppression.

    If we think we're righteous within ourselves, we're mistaken.
    The Word says, "we are none righteous, no not one."
    But a provision has been made for our righteousness,
    As we've been made righteous through God's only Son.

    So we can boast of our righteousness, only in the Lord,
    As He is the One that has cleaned us up, made us whole.
    He loved us while we were yet sinners, that we know,
    And He purged us of every sinful stain, and saved our soul.

    We are all as an unclean thing, our righteousnesses as filthy rags;
    And we fade as a leaf; our iniquities, like the wind, take us away.
    We are unable to cleanse away sin stains, or save ourselves,
    Relying on God through Christ, we'll live to fight another day.

    He that believeth on the Son, Jesus Christ, hath everlasting life:
    And he that believeth not the Son shall not see life eternal;
    But the wrath of God abideth on him, and there is no hope.
    The righteousness of Christ ensures our escape from the infernal.

    The Bible is clear that our righteousness is only through Jesus Christ.
    Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
    To believe, you must receive by repenting and accepting Jesus into your life,
    Which means that He's righteousness to every one that receiveth.

    He saved us according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration,
    And not by works of righteousness which we ourselves had done,
    But through the renewing of the Holy Spirit, and the exercise of our faith.
    All these things shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ, God's Son.

    God's righteousness delivers from death, and is the key to salvation,
    We pattern our life after Christ, for He is our Holy Righteousness.
    He took upon Himself our sins, and they were nailed to the cross.
    He died for you and me, so living for Him invades our consciousness.


    David S. Shupe
    November 2, 2013

    POEM: GOOD vs. BAD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Good versus evil plague.

    GOOD vs. BAD

    Darker the night,
    Brighter the light.

    Evil abounding,
    Good astounding.

    Hatred is bad,
    Love makes glad.

    Wrong is wrong,
    If everyone goes along.

    Right is right,
    If no one sees the light.

    Ugly is unelectable
    Pretty is acceptable.

    Stealing is atrocious,
    Law-abiding precocious.

    Unrest is revealing,
    Contentment appealing.

    A chatterbox is loquacious,
    Silence is more precious.

    Hypocrisy is atrocious,
    The meek far from ferocious.

    Non-transparency is deceitful,
    Opposite is more needful.

    Lying an abomination,
    Honesty a good foundation.

    Pride makes one stumble,
    God helps us to be humble.

    Anger is outrageous,
    A smile is contagious.

    A fool is unteachable,
    But the wise are reachable.

    Jealousy causes severance,
    Prayer brings deliverance.

    Haste makes waste,
    Patience is in good taste.

    A wink is suspicious,
    A firm handshake auspicious.

    The devil came and enslaved us,
    Christ came and saved us.

    The devil lost the fight,
    Jesus made everything right.

    Evil is destined to fail,
    Good is designed to prevail.

    Fools make a mock of sin,
    Only Christians make it in.


    David S. Shupe
    November 23, 2013

    POEM: GOODBYE HERE ~ HELLO THERE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Welcome to heaven by Christ.


    Hardest thing you'll experience,
    Is saying goodbye to a loved one.
    It could be a Mother or a Father,
    A DAUGHTER or a Son.

    An only Sister or a beloved Spouse,
    Or a very Dear Best Friend.
    Regardless of the relationship,
    You hated for it to end.

    Heartfelt tears are shed,
    When you have to say goodbye.
    Words don't always soothe the ache;
    Why did our loved one have to die.

    Everything seems like a bad dream;
    A sense of impending loss you feel.
    You walk around like a zombie,
    And the pain and hurt is real.

    You'll miss that special person,
    With all of your heart.
    The void will always be there,
    So sad they had to depart.

    So many things that you will miss,
    Their warm smile, & their voice.
    A cheery hello over the phone,
    But now we don't have that choice.

    Traveling and sightseeing together,
    Going to a movie or a ball game.
    Attending church together, & dining out,
    Living will never ever be the same.

    Times of meeting & getting together,
    To chat, laugh and to share.
    That's all in the memorable past,
    No more time to tell them you care.

    But the Good Book says,
    Sorrow not as those with no hope,
    You'll find that God will be there,
    When you no longer can cope.

    Notice the good part here,
    We were here waving goodbye.
    While heavenly friends and family,
    Welcomes them from on high.

    Saying goodbye is unquestionably hard,
    No matter where or what the affair.
    It's a teary and sad GOODBYE here,
    But it's a HAPPY WELCOME over there.

    The dead in Christ will rise first,
    At that meeting in the air.
    Then we, that are alive and remain,
    Will rise & be with them forever there.


    Remembering you is easy;
    I do it every day.
    Missing you is the heartache
    that never goes away ~



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 15, 2016



    Emailed this poem on January 18, 2016 to Scot, Sam & Heather Finley and Dave Shupe.

    Posted this poem to Scot Finley's Facebook timeline on February 9, 2016, his 53rd birthday.

    Norma Littleton Forbush shared your photo February 17, 2016: This is my Uncle David talking to his son in -law who lost his wife (which was his daughter) to cancer on October.....18 age 46 ...So sad ....sad...sad.. Her birthday would be the 25th of this month ..... She was my cousin......

    David S Shupe's photo of daughter Pam in her wedding dress.

    ‎David S Shupe‎ to Scot Finley February 9, 2016 at 6:33am: Happy Birthday Scot. Elaine and I certainly have you on our minds today, as well as 3 days from now; then again on the 25th. A tough month for you for sure, but then we have a God who is an expert at taking the edge off the tough times. He always supplies the needed strength and peace for us in the midst of missing a SPECIAL person from our lives to help share our special events. Of course it won't be the same without Pam's adoring presence and cheery voice, but He is a God who heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. We surely miss her here, but she's rejoicing over there:

    Carolyn, Harvey & Debbie Morris: Hand carried to the Morris' on June 20, 2016 in remembrance of Harvey's mother, Thelma, passing away.

    Hand carried to Pat Short, Co-director of Conoly's Thrift Shop on July 29, 2016. Pat thanked me for the 3 poems I presented to her as she had requested them to read at her ladies functions for church.

    POEM: HALLOWED BE THY NAME ~ by David S. Shupe

    Moses with the 10 commandments.


    God's Name is to be honored, blessed,
    cherished and held sacred in every way.
    And not tossed around mindlessly as some
    slang expression so many are using today.

    Theologians have different interpretations
    of what it means to take God's Name in vain.
    Whether it means using His Name casually in talk,
    or just using it to take an oath we should obstain.

    There are other interpretations, but just to be
    on the safe side, wouldn't it be better to say,
    Only those things that would require either
    a yea, yea or a nay, nay as Christ did portray.

    Do people really think about what they're saying
    when they take God's name in vain?
    Are they doing it senselessly, because if they
    did care at all about God, they would refrain.

    Sacred things that people did hold dear,
    well, they seem to have no meaning any more.
    Today, people say anything that others want to hear
    to keep them from sounding like a bore.

    Doesn't it just grate on nerves or stir your righteous
    indignation to hear g-- d-- this and g-- d-- that.
    Such a nasty habit to many, these and other profane
    words pouring from their mouth at the drop of a hat.

    Have to tell you that I've been around the block
    a few times in my life, I'm not just an old prude.
    Met many individuals in the military, merchant marines
    and civil service who were nothing but crude.

    So everyone should count the cost and weigh
    very carefully, the words that they speak and utter,
    "By your words you shall be justified, and by your words
    you shall be condemned,"~so stay out of the gutter.

    Another useless or frivolous expression that people
    use inordinately and grates on one's ears,
    Is "oh my god," which I've heard used over and over
    again by both adults and kids in recent years.

    Do they not know that they are breaking one
    of God's sacred 10 Commandment rules?
    Do they not realize using God's Holy name in vain,
    that in His sight, is anything but cool?

    Just what does it mean to take
    the Name of the Lord our God in vain,
    Strictly using His name to further our selfish
    purposes and embellish our personal scene.

    His Name is holy, powerful, and is to be honored,
    respected, praised, blessed and revered.
    And those who blatanly and carelessly toss this Name
    around have everything to be feared.

    Does punishment await those who rant and rave
    and take God's Name in vain so uncaringly.
    Same as for breaking any commandment as God
    holds us responsible for following Him unerringly.

    Jesus Himself, gave the model for us
    to follow in promulgating the Lord's prayer.
    "Hallowed Be Thy Name," are words we should heed
    to show our Lord we really care.

    But a truly humble and penitent heart
    will be absolved of all blame,
    As the Lord is a forgiving God,
    and He is always the same.


    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord
    thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless
    that taketh his name in vain ~ Exodus 20:7 .


    David S. Shupe
    March 20, 2012

    POEM RESPONSE: Hallowed Be Thy Name
    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: A very timely message in that poem that we all should heed, indeed!!! I say, "AMEN!!!"

    David Shupe - Mar 31, 2012: Thanks! All we can do is sow the seed.

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: And may that seed take root in all of our hearts and bring forth fruit unto life eternal!!!

    David Shupe - Mar 31, 2012: That would be worth it all!

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 31, 2012: AMEN brother!!! :-) The poems are so encouraging and inspirational. It takes us back to our roots and reminds us of our priorities and our eternal destiny.

    POEM: HAMAN'S PLAN BACKFIRES ~ by David S. Shupe

    Queen Esther, Haman & the King.

    (See O.T. Book of Esther)

    Remember the story of Queen Esther,
    And her cousin, Mordecai.
    How they worked in conjunction,
    So the Jewish people would not die.

    The good Lord used them,
    To accomplish His divine plan.
    He doesn't do things behind our back,
    To fulfill His will, He uses common man.

    The king appointed the man, Haman,
    And his success went to his head.
    As second in command.
    He wanted all Jews to wind up dead.

    He got the king to issue an edict,
    Method he used was quite devious.
    In fact, everything he did,
    Turned out worse than mischievous.

    Because Mordecai would not bow,
    When his entourage passed by.
    He became irate, even furious,
    And vowed that all Jews would die.

    The point is that the wicked Haman,
    Planned to eradicate the Jewish nation.
    But he didn't reckon with the God,
    Who was the architect of all creation.

    The Jews were God's chosen people,
    Who would be too numerous to count.
    Anyone trying to reduce that number,
    Would be left with no horse to mount.

    Haman concocted a devious plan,
    To exterminate all Jews.
    He just wasn't hip, or up-to-date,
    Evidently hadn't heard the good news.

    That God looks out for His people,
    And no man plucks them out of His hand.
    It just doesn't pay to go against Him,
    For He instituted the Salvation Plan.

    Queen Esther invited him to dinner,
    And he developed a swelled head.
    Little did he know or realize,
    That he would soon wind up dead.

    The gallows he had built for Mordecai,
    Would be his means of execution.
    What he sowed, he did reap,
    He paid the price for his persecution.

    So you see, it doesn't pay,
    To go against God's plan.
    If you insist on being disobedient,
    Things will rapidly get out of hand.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 10, 2014

    POEM: HANG IN THERE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Cat hanging on limb.


    Hang in there,
    When the world is going crazy.
    Hang in there,
    Your vision will clear from hazy.

    Hang in there,
    When things don't go your way.
    Hang in there,
    And don't forget to pray.

    Hang in there,
    When things get tough.
    Hang in there,
    When you've had enough.

    Hang in there,
    When the going seems uphill.
    Hang in there,
    With a determined will.

    Hang in there,
    Means to persevere.
    Hang in there,
    Show God you're sincere.

    Hang in there,
    When all seems to be lost.
    Hang in there,
    Regardless of the cost.

    Hang in there,
    When sickness, disease prevail.
    Hang in there,
    As the Lord can countervail.

    Hang in there,
    Though pain may persist.
    Hang in there,
    For the Lord is our assist.

    Hang in there,
    When recovery seems slow.
    Hang in there,
    Let your faith expand and grow.

    Hang in there,
    When life becomes so odious.
    Hang in there,
    Things will become less tedious.

    Hang in there,
    When problems weigh you down.
    Hang in there,
    God can soon turn things around.

    Hang in there,
    When help seems unattainable.
    Hang in there,
    The Lord helps you be sustainable.

    Hang in there,
    When you don't feel like praying.
    Hang in there,
    Listen to what God is saying.

    Hang in there,
    When you run out of rope.
    Hang in there,
    For God will help you cope.

    Hang in there,
    The Lord hung in there for you.
    Hang in there,
    It's the least for Him, you can do.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    October 1, 2013


    David Shupe: Oct. 10, 2013: Sent this poem to our neighbors, Hunter and Jack Goins, as they have been going through some pretty serious medical problems ever since they both retired.

    Elizabeth (Hunter) Goins via snail mail on Oct. 16, 2013: Sunday ~ Dear David, Thank you for your beautiful and uplifting poem. Jack and I were very touched by your poem and your caring. Thank you for reaching out to us at a time when we really need it. I know you & Elaine have been having some rough times, too. I pray better times are ahead for all of us that that we may feel our spirits soar again. Love, Hunter & Jack.

    From: "David Shupe" To: "Norma Forbush" Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 11:03:09 PM Subject: RE: Frank

    Thanks, Norma, for the information on Frank and Michele. So sorry for both. So hard on Michele trying to do the right thing, and not quite knowing what the right thing is. We certainly will be praying for both Michele and Frank. Sometimes things seem so hopeless that nothing can help. But we that know the Lord also know that with God all things are possible, and that our times are in His hands. "God, in whose hand our breath is, and whose are all our ways." Composed a poem a few days ago which may help a little, for you too in your situation with your leg and radiation treatments. I'll post it here and maybe you can send it to Michele. If you would like a hard copy, let me know and I'll send you one. Love and prayers to you daily. David

    Norma Forbush 2:37 AM Oct. 22, 2013 To: David Shupe: That is beautiful as is all your work......Yes, that would be nice for Michele at this time if you don't mind. Thanks.......You can send it to me please and I will give it to her.....Thank you so much.

    David S Shupe: Dropped this poem off to friends Johnny and Dawn Gibson; also to Dawn Matthews their neighbor who is suffering with cancer.

    Posted this poem on Pam Shupe's Facebook message on August 12, 2015.

    Posted this poem on Shirley Hayes Carrol's Facebook page on Aug. 23, 2015 when she posted she had severe pain in her back and legs.

    Posted to Cheryl Baker's FB Messenger page on July 14, 2016 for her birthday. Her response: Thank you so much. Uncle David! I love you so much!

    POEM: HAVE FAITH IN GOD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Faith in God

    One God, and only One,
    yet His parts are three.
    Three in One, and One in Three,
    and They always agree.

    Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
    they constitute One Spiritual Being.
    If you see the Son, you know
    them all, and seeing is believing.

    My faith is in God,
    and not in people so fickle.
    Relying on man or rulers,
    will land you in a pickle.

    We're not to fear man who can
    only kill the body, not so swell.
    We are to fear the one who can
    destroy both body & soul in hell.

    We are not to put our trust
    in princes or in mortal man.
    But place our undying trust in God,
    who has the eternal plan.

    What we acquire on earth
    is just temporal in nature.
    What we store up for eternity,
    is forever and very sure.

    Oh Lord my God, it's in thee
    that I put all my trust.
    Relying on You is not an option,
    but it's a bona fide must.

    For the just shall live by faith,
    and that's no lame excuse.
    Such words are not to be taken lightly,
    or be subject to disabuse.

    Abraham believed God, it was accounted
    unto him for righteousness sake.
    The Words of God represent total truth,
    and are not subject to give and take.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    lean not unto your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    He will direct your paths on every landing.

    Seek the Lord and follow in His footsteps,
    and you will certainly find,
    your life filled with joy and happiness,
    and experience great peace of mind.

    Our help is in the Name of the Lord,
    who made the heaven and the earth.
    Our lives change, we become new creatures
    once we experience a rebirth.

    The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
    the righteous runneth into it and is safe.
    This includes us all, the elderly, middle aged
    and even the smallest waif.

    God, who answered me in my distress,
    and was with me in the way which I went.
    He is with us in trouble, delivers us,
    and keeps us from becoming a malcontent.

    God, in whose hand our breath is,
    and whose are all our actions and ways.
    There is no one but God who is in control
    of the world and our lives all our days.

    We ought to obey God, rather
    than man, this is so very true.
    Doing this will keep us on the right track,
    and keep our lives from going askew.

    The Lord is good and ready to forgive; preserve me,
    O God: for in thee do I put my trust.
    There is no other Name under heaven whereby
    we must be saved, believing on Him is a must.

    The eternal God is thy refuge,
    and underneath are the everlasting arms.
    There is no need to fear man or the devil,
    as the name of Jesus will sound alarms.

    So place all your faith in God,
    and be assured of a heavenly excursion.
    You'll never regret your decision for Christ,
    resulting in your conversion.


    David S. Shupe
    July 15, 2012

    POEM: HAVE NO FEAR ~ GOD IS NEAR ~ by David S. Shupe

    Draw near to God.


    Fear is truly a universal feeling,
    A trait that will surely send us reeling.

    We fear failure, and we fear rejection,
    Sometimes we fear we've lost all direction.

    We fear something bad will happen to our offspring,
    Afraid to cut them loose from our apron string.

    We fear that we're never going to get out of debt,
    That we'll have less freedom, and more regret.

    We fear the loss of loved ones, family and friends
    The good life we anticipated, suddenly ends.

    We fear our marriage may be on the rocks,
    We fear life is becoming a series of hard knocks.

    We fear surgery, and we fear some horrible disease,
    We no longer look forward to a life of ease.

    We fear retirement may be riddled with illness,
    That our golden years will not be filled with wellness.

    We fear sickness, and we fear pain,
    We become distraught, wishing ourselves well again.

    We fear death, and we fear dying,
    We become discouraged, and give up trying.

    Yes, life in this old world can sometimes be scary,
    Things don't always jell, and we become weary.

    Now comes the good news we'd like to relate,
    God is in control, and He's not one to vacillate.

    It's a faith walk all Christians are engaged in,
    For we've been pardoned from the penalty of sin.

    "God has not given us the spirit of fear,"
    For He has promised to always be near.

    "He has given us love, power and a sound mind,"
    And He is a God so merciful, gracious and kind.

    He said "Fear not, for I am with you,
    There is nothing impossible for me to do."

    "Fear not, for I have called you by your name,"
    "You are mine," & you'll never be the same.

    "Fear not, for it is you that I did redeem,"
    "Perfect love casts out fear," which is the extreme.

    His Word is true, and the rewards are eternal,
    Our prize is heaven, escaping the infernal.

    So turn all of your fears over to the good Lord,
    You'll enjoy smooth sailing if you're in one accord.

    You will still experience some problems in life,
    But God will be with you through all turmoil & strife.

    He's there to lighten burdens that come your way,
    You won't have to face them alone any day.

    He said, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light,
    For we walk by faith and not by sight."


    Faith looks beyond this transient life
    With hope for all eternity—
    Not with some vague and wistful hope,
    But with firm trust and certainty. —D. De Haan



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 11, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Pam & Scot Jan. 28, 2015, and to Gayle Harris, Joy & Jim, Sylvia & Gerald, Junior & Pat, Sam & Donna, Norma & John, John & Bebe on Jan. 29, 2015, asking them to say a special prayer for Pam based on the side effects of the new chemo drug she's taking.

    Handcarried this poem to the Goins Family, and Dorothy Hudson on Feb. 13, 2015.

    Sent this poem to Melanie Bradley, LPC's music director, pianist and organist on Mar. 5, 2015.

    Posted to Trisha Fearer's Facebook Messenger page on December 18, 2016 when she posted about having anxiety in her life. Trisha's response: GaryandTrisha Fearer: That is wonderful. I have had some of those fears. God is really helping me learn to trust him no matter what things look like. It is so true, "THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH". Sometimes situations stay the same, but, God gives me that peace that passeth all understanding. Then, I am ok until he works things out. May God richly bless you. Thank you so much!! Trisha.


    Jesus calms the might storm.


    The disciples and Jesus were out in a boat one day,
    A very violent storm came up out of nowhere.
    The men struggled hard to keep the small boat afloat,
    All to no avail as the strong winds were so severe.

    They awakened Jesus, fast asleep in the back of the boat,
    "Master, don't you care that we are perishing?"
    Jesus replied, "O, ye of little faith!
    Peace, be still" ~ words so nourishing.

    What manner of man is this
    That even the winds and seas obey Him?
    When He fills your cup, it overflows the brim.

    Are you going through some storms of life lately?
    Do you feel that your ship is about to sink?
    Then turn the wheel over to the Master Helmsman,
    And you'll soon find you're back in the pink.

    He has His way in the boisterous whirlwind,
    In the violent and raging storm.
    The clouds are the dust of His feet.
    When He's near, there's no cause for alarm.

    Are you sorely troubled and deep in doubt?
    "My peace I give unto you,
    Not as the world giveth, do I give.
    Let not your heart be troubled," or all askew.

    Jesus is our Bridge over troubled waters,
    When He is in control, we rise above the rigors of life.
    He reaches down and speaks peace to our soul.
    Suddenly, there's an absence of turmoil and strife.

    Be not afraid of sudden fear when it comes,
    For the Lord shall be your confidence.
    And He will keep your foot from being taken.
    With clouds of witnesses in the Bible as evidence.

    Do you feel like God is far away and out of touch?
    It's God who answers you in the day of your distress,
    And is with you in the way which you go
    Said He'd be with us always ~ words we can't dismiss.


    O give me a spirit of peace, dear Lord,
    Midst the storms and tempests that roll.
    That I may find rest and quiet within,
    A calm buried deep in my soul. —Dawe!



    David S. Shupe
    July 29, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)
    Joy Nicholson - Oct 30, 2012: LOL! I think my comments after the previous poem, "Words can hurt or heal" belonged after this poem! I noticed that yesterday morning when I went to the new posts after that poem then came to this one. :-) I love the story where Jesus calmed the storm. He has calmed so many storms in my life and gave me His peace in the midst!!! Oh, What A Savior!!! :-).

    David Shupe - Oct 30, 2012: No sooner said than done. I agree. Your comments also belonged after this poem, so I moved them for you. That way, we can read them after both poems. Your brother, David!


    When life feels like a storm-tossed sea
    With crashing waves of pain and grief,
    Turn to the Lord and trust in Him,
    He’ll give you peace and bring relief. —Sper!


    Joy Nicholson - Oct 29, 2012: AMEN to that, Brother David, and thank you, Melody!

    In view of Hurricane Sandy fast approaching, the song came to me as I was praying for you all this morning:

    He holds the world in the palm of His Hand,
    The sea obeyed (the winds also obey) at the Master's command;
    It's a mystery, great mystery, but oh, so true!

    There is nothing, no nothing, that our God can't do!!!
    < br> Nothing, no, nothing, there is nothing our God can't do!
    Miracles and wonders! There is nothing, no, nothing, that our God can't do!!!

    Also, yesterday, the Lord brought to my mind the chorus:
    I know the Master of the wind, I know the Maker of the waves,
    He can calm the storm, make the sun shine again!
    I know the Master of the wind!!

    Verse: He has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm!
    Praying Psalms 91 for our family and friends on the East Coast!!!

    We love you all!

    At Church ~ LPC:

    Melanie Bradley ~ Dec. 23, 2012 8:00 Service:

    Thank you for your encouragement. Your poems are all so beautiful. (Then, Melanie gave
    Elaine and me a big hug).

    Note: 7:00 Christmas Eve night, Melanie led the choral singers in the special Christmas service,
    also played the piano and organ with a special duet by her and Katie Hughes Ward. She
    does so good with her musical talent. God bless her with your healing, I pray!

    Note: Sent this poem to Pamela Lane Shupe Finley, date not listed.

    POEM: HE DID IT ALL~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus died for me.


    I'd like you to see
    what He did for me.

    Gave me satisfaction,
    Of my sin's retraction.

    Lifts me up when down,
    Then turns my life around.

    Forgave my sin,
    took me in.

    By His grace,
    took my place.

    Saved my soul,
    made me whole.

    Healed my body,
    when I felt shoddy.

    Gave me assurance,
    of His deliverance.

    Walks with me daily,
    Makes me feel gaily.

    Holds on to my hand,
    Helps me to stand.

    Allays my fears,
    When I'm near tears.

    Sees me through,
    When I feel blue.

    Takes my part,
    When I lose heart.

    Lets me know,
    He loves me so.

    He's my friend,
    On whom I depend.

    He's my Saviour,
    Changed my sinful behavior.


    David S. Shupe
    May 13, 2013


    Hand carried to neighbor Dorothy Hudson on March 21, 2017, along with some of Elaine's good pastries. Dorothy thanked us and gave us a bag of presents in return. She always gives us something in return.

    POEM: HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS ~ by David S. Shupe

    God hears our prayers.


    This morning I spoke to the Lord,
    He let me know that He was on board.
    Not that He is ever very far away,
    At least He acknowledged my say.

    I was seeking the Lord for Pam and others,
    Asking, seeking, knocking to fulfill our druthers.
    I asked the Lord if He heard me knocking,
    His response to me sent my heart a rocking.

    I told Him my knuckles were just about raw,
    And I didn't know if He heard me at all.
    The Spirit replied He heard me from the beginning,
    His acknowledgement sent my head a spinning.

    He directed my attention to the FAITH attribute,
    Saying, "The Just shall live by FAITH," no dispute.
    Further, "We walk by FAITH and not by sight,"
    Such a walk puts our worries and problems to flight.

    FAITH is the substance of things for which we hope,
    The evidence of things unseen, the Bible does denote.
    So it appears that FAITH is the key to real health,
    Not only for friends and loved ones, but also for oneself.

    Abraham believed God, attributed to him for righteousness,
    His walk with God was one of faith and fastidiousness.
    He looked for a city whose builder and maker was God,
    Not knowing where he was going, but after God he trod.

    So it's not the tangible things we see that make a difference,
    But things visualized with spiritual eyes that moves Providence.
    We see things that are not, as though they really do exist,
    Then they actually do materialize and persist.

    Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard my supplication,
    Wherever you reside, He's there to bless your habitation.
    Before they call, I will answer; while they are yet speaking
    I will hear; I'm there for you if it's Me you are seeking.

    Out on the boat in the water with Jesus one glorious day,
    A storm came up out of nowhere, the boat began to sway.
    A ferocious wind whipped up and waves came over the boat,
    So bad, the disciples doubted they would stay afloat.

    The Master was weary and was resting in the back of the craft,
    The disciples wondered if He was concerned in their behalf.
    So they awakened Him, and asked if He cared if they perished,
    It was evident to Him they were spiritually undernourished.

    So He simply said to the boisterous winds, "Peace, be still,"
    Immediately the winds and sea became calm, how surreal.
    Jesus looked at their fearful expressions, gently prodding,
    "Where is your FAITH," as they were agreeing and nodding.

    What manner of man is this that even the winds/sea obey Him,
    In Him, chances of being adversely impacted are next to slim.
    When you're on board with the architect of the universe,
    You should have no fear when natural elements become worse.

    No matter how hard the wind blows, or how the boat rocks,
    He is in control of your journey, he'll help you thru road blocks.
    The Lord has His way in the whirlwind, and the raging storm,
    The clouds are the dust of His feet, there's no cause for alarm.

    So, be in peace, rest in Him and enjoy the ride,
    You're safe and secure, if under His wings you abide.
    He's always there for you, if you put Him first in your travels,
    When affairs of life enmesh you, He's the One who unravels.


    David S. Shupe
    January 11, 2013

    POEM: HE IS ABLE! ~ by David S. Shupe

    My God is able.


    My God is able,
    He will never fail.
    He is always there,
    To help you prevail.

    When you don't know,
    Which way to turn.
    Just turn to Jesus,
    And you'll soon learn.
    . . .He Is Able.

    If you're in doubt,
    Don't know for sure.
    Look to the One,
    Who's sinless and pure.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Many things
    Enter our life.
    But He's there to end,
    All turmoil and strife.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Sick in body,
    Experiencing pain.
    Unleash your faith,
    He'll keep you sane.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Facing an operation,
    Out of your wits.
    Just try Jesus,
    See if He fits.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Problems at home,
    Driving you nuts.
    Rely on the good Lord,
    He'll smooth out the ruts.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Even at work,
    Job becoming a drain.
    Call on Jesus,
    It'll be your gain.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Too much month left,
    As finances are depleted.
    You can't pay your bills,
    You feel defeated.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Nothing seems to work,
    You question your belief.
    You've tried everything,
    But found no relief.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Your personal life,
    Becoming a bore.
    The things you loved,
    You love no more.
    . . .He Is Able.

    Your spiritual life,
    Becoming a drudge.
    You would welcome,
    A friendly nudge.
    . . .He Is Able.

    When you reach,
    The end of your rope.
    Reach out to Jesus,
    He'll help you cope.
    . . .He Is Able.

    When you have fear,
    And are afraid to act.
    Just turn to God,
    He has your back.
    . . For He Is Able.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 11, 2016



    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on May 29, 2016.

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    Joy Shupe Nicholson: What an encouragment!!! Thank you so much dear brother David!!! Thank you for letting God use you to bless others!!! We love you!!! smile emoticon. Norma Littleton Forbush likes this.

    Grace P. Ogle: David, I like this!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post May 29 at 7:54am. Joy Shupe Nicholson, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Marie Poyntner like this.

    POEM: HE IS GOD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.


    He is God. . .
    No matter the opposition.
    He is God. . .
    With a spiritual disposition.

    He is God. . .
    Who walks before me.
    He is God. . .
    Who adores me.

    He is God. . .
    Who forgives my iniquity.
    He is God. . .
    Who restores my dignity.

    He is God. . .
    Who answers my prayer.
    He is God. . .
    Who's everywhere.

    He is God. . .
    There's no denying it.
    He is God. . .
    And I'm relying on it.

    He is God. . .
    Through thick and thin.
    He is God. . .
    Who delivers from sin.

    He is God. . .
    When we're in pain.
    He is God. . .
    Who keeps us sane.

    He is God. . .
    Who knows what's best.
    He is God. . .
    When put to the test.

    He is God. . .
    Master of the universe.
    He is God. . .
    With whom we converse.

    He is God. . .
    Whom we adore.
    He is God. . .
    Who makes spirits soar.

    He is God. . .
    When we feel ill.
    He is God. . .
    Who's with us still.

    He is God. . .
    Who cannot be denied.
    He is God. . .
    On whom we've all relied.

    He is God. . .
    Who never fails.
    He is God. . .
    Who always prevails.

    He is God. . .
    Without a doubt.
    He is God. . .
    There to help us out.

    He is God. . .
    Let us not forget it.
    He is God. . .
    And you won't regret it.

    He is God. . .
    No doubt about it.
    He is God. . .
    And I'm gonna shout it.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 2, 2015

    POEM: HE MAINTAINS MY LOT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus with hand on man's shoulder?


    For much of my adult life, I utilized two phrases,
    Which served me well over many difficult phases.

    The first, "God has everything under control,"
    As He is the One that creates every soul.

    Throughout my 78 years of life, He was always there,
    Guiding, helping, advising me no matter where.

    In school, army, marriage and my business career,
    He was always there for me from year to year.

    There were many failures and obstacles we had to overcome,
    He was there to provide what help we needed, and then some.

    He directs affairs of men whether we consent or not,
    We may think we're in control, but that's tommy-rot.

    He sets rulers in place, and he tears rulers down,
    Thinking they're entrenched, they end up no longer around.

    King Nebuchadnezzar bragged of his great accomplishment,
    He ended up being put out to pasture due to God's banishment.

    The second, "By your help, Lord, we'll make it".
    Only through divine intervention can we undertake it.

    The Lord is my strength and salvation, whom shall I fear,
    If anyone stands against God, they'll be tossed on their ear.

    In the day when I cried He answered, providing strength to my soul,
    He saves and He heals, and He makes me every bit whole.

    God answered me in my distress, was with me in the way which I went,
    All these favors because we believed God, and did our sins repent.

    They both can best be summed up in one scripture verse,
    "HE MAINTAINS MY LOT", taking us for better or worse.

    Our times are in His hands, and He's there for us all our days,
    God, in whose hands our breath is, and whose are all our ways.

    In whose hands is the soul of every living thing, the breath of all mankind,
    Thankful we're in His hands, and to maintain our lot, He is not disclined.

    He's a God who forgives all our transgressions, and heals all our diseases,
    He does all this out of love for us, and He does what He pleases.

    So we owe Him our life for maintaining our lot day in and day out,
    As He purchased our life with His life; this is what salvation is all about.


    David S. Shupe
    December 29, 2012


    Jesus: He must increase, I must decrease.

    (More of Jesus, Less of Me)

    My biggest problem in life is someone I live with and see every day,
    Every time I look in the mirror, he stares back and wants to have his own way.

    Our desire for pleasure and pleasing oneself seems to be a constant craving we face,
    This should not take precedence over God, others or running well this human race.

    We need to let Christ our Savior occupy an ever increasing part of our daily routine,
    Seriously attempting to follow this path, will cause our life to be much more serene.

    There are many desires and personal whims that lurk in a person's heart,
    But subjecting them to the will of Christ will certainly cause them to depart.

    Old self is undoubtedly the hardest thing we have to deal with during our life,
    Certainly one reason that we all experience such heartache and strife.

    If we deny self and "humble ourselves in the sight of God," then, "He will lift us up."
    "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, open the door & I will come in & with you sup."

    The more of Christ we have in our life, the less of self there will be to deal with,
    And if we always shun the wrong and do the right, we won't have to plead the fifth.

    Society wants us to think that we are uno, number one, and we are the very best
    Not realizing that noone is really good but God, and through Him we are all blessed.

    John the Baptist acknowledged one Man was prominent and that one Man was Christ,
    That we can be drawn away from Him by our own selfish lusts and blatanly enticed.

    So what's the solution; the two commandments that Jesus said encompassed them all,
    Love the Lord your God with heart, might and soul and your neighbor as yourself, withal.

    More of Jesus, less of me, this should be our motto for all the world to heed and see,
    If we consistently do this 'til Jesus comes, then a more successful Christian we will be.

    "If I, if I be lifted up, Jesus said, I will draw all men unto me,"
    It is our duty, no, it is our privilege to lift up Christ to the lost, you see!


    I once was full of self and pride,
    Just like a Pharisee,
    Until one day, quite by surprise,
    I caught a glimpse of me. —Hawthorne!


    David S. Shupe
    March 24, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 8, 2012: A very good reminder from Dad & Mom's # 2 son, as to who should always be #1 - Less of me, more of You, Lord, is my plea!!! Thanks David! :-).

    David Shupe - Apr 8, 20: Indeed! So true. We just need reminding now and then so we can get off the "ME" merry-go-round, and resume our journey on the straight and narrow.

    POEM: HE TOOK OUR PLACE~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo depicting Jesus on the cross.


    Took our place,
    Saved by grace.

    Crown of thorns,
    His head adorns.

    Suffered stripes,
    Endured the gripes.

    To the cross,
    Sins He did toss.

    Died a death,
    His Spirit bereft.

    He was buried,
    Don't be worried.

    He soon arose,
    Death He did depose.

    He became victorious
    Over the notorious.

    He arose again,
    To eradicate sin.

    He walked the earth,
    to disspel dearth.

    God became man,
    Salvation His brand.

    Oh, how divine,
    We are thine.

    Paid our debt,
    We'll never forget.

    You gave your all,
    For our fall.

    Thank you Lord
    For your reward.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    February 8, 2015



    Six people like this poem: Pat Oakley Shupe, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Rick Hensley, Jim Nicholson, Sally Bulkley and Norma Littleton Forbush on April 2-3, 2015.

    Jim Nicholson shared David S Shupe's photo April 2, 2015 at 10:42pm: Ten people like this: Linda Pitts Lane, Ashlee Brown, Bill Knight, Bonnie Mcfall, Rebecca Craycraft, Patti Scattergood Campbell, Les Newsome, Patty Edlin Lewis, Rita Lopp and Peggy Davis Knight.

    Bonnie Mcfall: Thanks for Sharing Jim. I know some times I need reminding and Thank my Dear Jesus!!! David's poem was Awesome!!! April 3, 2015 at 10:36pm.

    David S Shupe: Thank you Jim for sharing the poem, and thank you Bonnie always for your generous comments.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Poem usual......Pam told me she had another tragedy.....Wanted prayer for....It isn't health related is it? April 3, 2015.

    David S Shupe: No . . . more like church and job related! May provide more details in the future. Thanks for liking the poem! April 3, 2015.

    Ruth & Gary Becker: We loved hearing from you. Please wish Elaine a Happy Birthday from us. We are so glad that Scooby is doing so well. I wish Pam could do as well. Thank you for the poem. You are an inspiration to us. Love, Ruth & Gary. April 3, 2015.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Ruth/Gary for you kind words. And Elaine reminded me to thank you too for your very nice gift card. We will certainly take advantage of it, maybe even tonight and not wait for her birthday. Have a good Easter weekend. Thanks too for all your prayers for Pam. They are appreciated. April 3, 2015.

    POEM: HE TOUCHED ME~ by David S. Shupe

    He touched me.


    When my spirit had sunken low,
    He set my feet on higher ground,
    Enabling me to get up and go.
    He touched me!

    When bad news came my way,
    His peace spread over my soul,
    Giving me assurance of a better day.
    He touched me!

    When facing a serious situation,
    Assuring me He's with me always,
    And will answer my every supplication.
    He touched me!

    During the post-op recovery process,
    Giving me strength and healing needed,
    To experience total rehabilitation success.
    He touched me!

    When I was suffering and in pain.
    He said, "simply believe."
    I did and it was to my gain.
    He touched me!

    When I felt lonely and dejected,
    He became a friend closer than a brother,
    For with Jesus, we'll never be rejected.
    He touched me!

    When my spouse and family deserted me,
    He said, "I'll be with you always,"
    "Even to the end of the world, I will be."
    He touched me!

    When everything I tried to do,
    Seemed to turn out topsy turvy,
    But He promised to see me through.
    He touched me!

    As I see "christians" supporting the anti-biblical.
    Seeming to blindly follow misguided leaders,
    For which they should be super critical.
    He touched me!

    When world morality is rapidly declining,
    Becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah each day,
    Following such ways are certainly not divining.
    He touched me!

    Jesus alone saved my soul,
    He pulled me from the depths of sin,
    And He made me spiritually whole.
    He touched me!

    When I needed a heavenly touch,
    He reached way down for me,
    As for me, He's done so much.
    He touched me!


    David S. Shupe
    June 27, 2013
    *Mostly composed waiting in Dr. Raj's office,
    and at Casapula's Deli. Rehoboth.



    Pat Oakley Shupe, Judy Kidd, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Ida Forest Pierce, Ruth Owens, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Jim Nicholson, Jeffery Lee Williams, Judy Kidd and Shirley Poynter like this.

    David Shupe: Mar. 5, 2014: Posted this poem to Norma's FB timeline after she reported that the doctor discovered an apparent cancer on her leg, but she was prayed for and when the results of the test came back, it turned out to be only a wart. Thank God for his healing power.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Mar. 5, 2014: All that is so true.........Beautiful....Thanks for posting it.....I'm just so happy today.....I feel like flying.........

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Still thanking GOD !!! Mar. 6, 2014.

    David S Shupe: So glad we have a God who sees, knows, understands and shares our burdens ~ Mar. 7, 2014.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Mar. 7, 2014: Yes, HE DID TOUCH ME!!!!!Nothing is impossible with GOD...

    David S Shupe: Mar. 8, 2014: You are so right, Norma. With God all things are possible!

    Hand carried this poem to Hunter & Jack Goins, and Dorothy Hudson Oct. 2014.

    POEM: HEAVEN BOUND! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Steps leading to heaven.


    Heaven Bound. . .
    That's my goal.
    For the Lord Jesus,
    Pardoned my soul.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    All strife will cease.
    In that fair land,
    We'll know only peace.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    A worthy objective.
    No turning back,
    Not an elective.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    No death or parting there.
    Health and happiness,
    Will prevail every where.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    No sickness or pain.
    We'll have a new body,
    Heaven will be our gain.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Be ye also ready.
    Get your house in order,
    Be firm & steady.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Jesus paid the fare.
    There's coming a day,
    When we're out of here.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Aren't you thrilled.
    The price of that journey,
    Will never be billed.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Jesus, the reason why.
    Voluntarily gave His life,
    So we wouldn't need to die.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Oh what unending joy.
    Great to be in that number,
    That Christ will employ.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    This is no fairy tale.
    We're headed for paradise,
    Instead of hell.

    Heaven Bound. . .
    Straight for glory.
    Jesus made it possible,
    That's my story.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 26, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Jean & Mike Fallon, Pam's former patients, on November 4, 2016 in replying to a "Thinking of You" card with heartfelt comments. Jean's response via beautiful Christmas card: Christmas Greetings! Wishing you beautiful winter moments and a new year of peace. "Thinking of iyou and your family in this season & did find Fr. Wang just a few days before you wrote about him, so I will try him in the spring. I hop you will have a bright 2017 ~ Jean & Mike Fallon & family.

    POEM: HEAVEN IS AWAITING~ by David S. Shupe

    Heaven is awaiting.


    Heaven is awaiting,
    Awaiting over yonder.
    Heaven is awaiting,
    So wonderful to ponder.

    When our work
    on earth is done.
    Then our joy in heaven
    will have just begun.

    When we're ready
    from earth to depart.
    Then we're ready for heaven
    . . .so take heart.

    We're not to have hope
    in this life only.
    Our hope is in heaven,
    where we'll never get lonely.

    We're not to store treasuries
    here on this earth.
    Upon reaching heaven,
    they'll be of no worth.

    There is a way that seems right,
    But the end thereof is destruction.
    Put your trust in Jesus Christ,
    He'll remove every obstruction.

    When my time is no more,
    Then time will be no more.
    When I'm carried away,
    Then I'll be carried away, to soar.

    The eye has not seen,
    Nor has the ear heard.
    What awaits every Christian,
    Who trust in His Holy Word.

    It will be joy unspeakable,
    And full of glory.
    No more pain or heartache,
    No more troubles or worry.

    The joy that we will experience,
    What glory there will be.
    To be with loved ones once again,
    And our Jesus we shall see.

    Oh the glories of reaching heaven.
    I want to see Jesus first of all,
    Then parents and loved ones;
    Then Peter, and also Paul.

    What will heaven really be like,
    Walking those streets of gold?
    Oh, what glory that will be,
    A land where we'll never grow old.

    Heaven will be a much better place,
    Than anywhere on this great earth.
    It's surroundings will be unmatched,
    Its beauty will be of great worth.

    Family, friends with heavenly addresses,
    Are much happier there than here,
    Even though we miss their presence,
    And we'll always feel them near.

    In heaven, we will enjoy God's presence,
    Forever, throughout all eternity.
    For heaven is God's royal throne,
    Where He will exercise His divinity.

    In heaven, we will never be sick or upset,
    Neither will we hunger or thirst.
    Heaven is comfortable in every way,
    And, with loved ones, we will converse.

    A beautiful river as "clear as crystal,"
    Will flow from God's throne.
    God Himself will give heaven its light,
    And there, no evil will God condone.

    Only saved of the earth will enter there,
    Nothing evil will ever get close to heaven.
    Only those that Christ has made righteous,
    And all whose sins have been forgiven.

    Oh won't it be wonderful there,
    Having no burdens or sorrows to bear.
    When the cares of this life are left behind,
    Truly, nothing else will ever compare.


    David S. Shupe
    July 4, 2013

    < br>

    Dropped this poem off on April 5, 2015 to Hunter Goins, neighbor, as she was dealing with a serious back and family problems and was scheduled to go back to see her doctor.

    Emailed this poem to Norma and John Forbush on April 23, 2015.

    Emailed to Joy Shupe Nicholson on January 24, 2017 to forward to Carrie, the daughter of a good friend, Shirley, who was buried last Friday. Joy's response: Thank you David! I will email that to Carrie and ask her to share it with her sister Patty (Jamie’s friend from teenage years). I know that it will bless them!!! I love the title, “Heaven is Awaiting”!!! Thank you for sharing it, and again being a blessing!!! How is Elaine doing and, also, how are YOU doing??!! Love and miss you both!!! Joyful in Him.

    POEM: HEAVENLY ACCESS~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ at the pearly gates.


    Seek the Lord and you shall find,
    Forgiveness and peace of mind.
    Ask and you shall receive,
    Immunity from being deceived.

    Take your burdens to the Lord,
    His fee for services you can afford.
    As they are provided free,
    All it takes is a bended knee.

    Knock and He'll always let you in,
    Ease your heartache with no spin.
    He knows your need before you ask,
    He can perform the hardest task.

    He'll see you with no appointment,
    As He provided for your atonement.
    He loved you while yet a sinner,
    Living for Him makes you a winner.

    If you're curious about the hereafter,
    Read the Book and avoid disaster.
    What does one do to make the rapture,
    Believe in Christ with no conjecture.

    What is the prerequisite for making it in?
    To access heaven, you must be born again,
    Trying to access any other way is a no brainer,
    It won't work, even with a paid trainer.

    People are not well versed in making the trip,
    To be legitimate, you must know the script.
    Many try to sneak in without paying the price,
    This is not acceptable, and will not suffice.

    There is advance preparation you must make.
    Commit to follow Christ, and your sins, forsake.
    Your one way ticket is stamped, "PAID IN FULL."
    As you know the Conductor, the One with PULL.

    You don't have to stand in a long ticket line,
    The Lord purchased your ticket ahead of time.
    He stretched out His arms saying, "Enter in."
    Joys of heaven await you, free from all sin.


    When we all get to heaven,
    What a day of rejoicing that will be!
    When we all see Jesus,
    We’ll sing and shout the victory. —Hewitt.



    David S. Shupe
    January 22, 2013

    POEM: HEAVENLY TREASURE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Heavenly treasure.

    Where your treasure is,
    There your heart will be.
    You can amass great wealth
    For everyone to see.

    We put a lot of stock,
    In wealth and fame.
    But oft times neglect,
    Building a good name.

    When we finally reach
    The end of our time.
    Nothing will accompany us,
    Not even a dime.

    The fortune that we amass,
    Will go to beneficiaries.
    Depicted in a will,
    Authenticated by judiciaries.

    You can't take it with you,
    That's a give'n.
    Your wealth will stay here,
    When you're in heav'n.

    If our idol is money,
    And what it can buy.
    Don't forget it's useless,
    When we up and die.

    We work and slave
    For financial security.
    But in the end
    It's all an absurdity.

    What we should do is
    Establish spiritual security.
    That's the real test
    For lasting maturity.

    Hope for the best,
    Plan for the worse.
    No matter the wealth,
    When you're in the hearse.

    It may be good foresight,
    To plan ahead.
    Houses & cars won't help,
    When you're dead.

    Lay up treasure in heaven,
    That's the real key.
    Open your spiritual eyes
    And you will truly see.

    By storing up treasure,
    In heaven above.
    We'll certainly benefit,
    From the Savior's great love.

    No wealth left behind,
    Will denote our worth,
    Spiritual treasure sent ahead,
    Will accrue based on our re-birth!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 27, 2015


    Christ give a woman a healing touch.

    (God didn't promise to keep us
    FROM trouble, but did promise
    to be with us IN trouble)

    "I will be with you in trouble,"
    I will deliver you many times double.

    There's nowhere we can go, or be,
    That He does not understand, or see.

    God's Holy Word confirms He's with us here,
    To help bear our burdens, as He does care.

    Whether in the hospital or sick at home in bed,
    He's there, and He goes where we are led.

    Facing a serious operation, that you so dread,
    Feeling like everything's coming to a head.

    Maybe you lost a close family member or friend,
    The anguish you feel doesn't seem to end.

    Going through turmoil, need a helping hand,
    Just turn to God, for He will understand.

    Are you going through a difficult time in life,
    When there seems to be less joy, more strife?

    Then, look up to Jesus, for He feels your pain,
    No way that our faith can be anything but gain.

    Think of all the times He's been there for you,
    Giving you a helping hand, to see you through.

    No, He doesn't leave us to fight our own battle,
    He gives us strength to silence the enemy's rattle.

    Do your days seem bleak, and skies so dreary,
    Do you feel downtrodden, and your walk so weary?

    Having a day that everything turns out wrong,
    Thoughts turn negative, your heart has lost its song.

    Then turn to God, for He has the solution,
    What problems you have, He'll mark for dissolution.

    God is there to help, you who are seriously hurting,
    All that pain and heartache, He will be diverting.

    Fear, doubt or uncertainty may be your addiction,
    No matter what, Christ has the proper prescription.


    Christ is the answer to heartache,
    Christ is the answer to pain;
    Though by all others forsaken,
    He at your side will remain. —Elwell.



    David S. Shupe
    December 4, 2013


    Michele Schmidt White: Thank you Uncle David S Shupe for the beautiful poem you sent me. That was so thoughtful of you:) - Michele. Dec. 7, 2013,

    David Shupe: Mailed this poem to Pat and Jack Lesher on Oct. 4, 2014 after learning that Pat was terminally ill and enrolled in Delaware Hospice.

    Mailed this poem on December 30, 2015 to Pastor Gloria Ortiz (Sam's & Donna's pastor), upon the death of her husband.

    Posted this poem to former childhood friend in Elkton, MD on January 2, 2016 to encourage her after another operation and in rehab.

    2 people like this, plus 1 share.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: David. Did you write this? No matter, because it is a miracle of God! It fitted perfectly with my current situation!!! The Holy Spirit is leading you to bless, uplift and encourage! Thank you. Thank you. I feel better already. God be with you both forever. January 2, 2016.

    David S Shupe: So thrilled that it has helped you Shirley. Our prayer is that you'll continue to improve each day as you gain more strength, and God continues the healing process. I did compose the poem in December, 2 years ago, and I believe only one other person, a grand niece, has seen it besides you. However, God, through the Holy Spirit gave me the words, and I merely typed them up. So He deserves the credit. To encourage others in need is the principal reason why I write the poems, and why God gives me the appropriate wording. Thank you, Shirley for your generous comments.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared your photo on January 2, 2016: Maybe someone needs this tonight like I did! A childhood friend just sent it when I was in need of encouragement.

    Emailed to David G. Shupe on January 7, 2016 in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of his mother's death.

    Posted to Shari Allen's FB message page on January 8, 2016 on learning of the death of her husband.

    Mailed this poem to Judy Williams and Howard Pruitt on February 24, 2016 to encourage them in Judy's battle with stage 4 breast cancer.

    Mailed to Bette Ditlow August 6, 2016, neighbor in rest home, on death of her sister.

    Posted to Kathie Miller Kinguery Maxwell's Facebook Messenger page on Feb. 6, 2017. Kathie's response: Thank you David....I know you have felt the hurt. Thank you for the poem. You are such a blessing to so many people. I need to get in touch with Scot to see how he is doing. Since being a care taker for my Mother I just don't get much done outside the home. Hope you are doing well.

    Mailed to Laurie Holmes on Mar. 4, 2017 along with a sympathy card on the death of her sister, Shelley.

    Mailed to Chuck Mohacey April 3, 2017 on the death of his dear wife, MaryAnn.

    POEM: HELP IS ON THE WAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus in the clouds.


    Jesus is the ONE,
    On whom we can depend.
    No matter how rough the road,
    His help, He will send.

    The hill may be steep,
    The road may be long.
    Hang on ~ help is on the way,
    For to Him, you do belong.

    He's the one who created you,
    He gave you breath and life.
    It's not at all His intention,
    To overcome you with strife.

    He clearly said, "my peace
    I give unto you."

    Not as the world giveth,
    For I will see you through.

    Just to give you a heads up,
    The world is not your friend.
    Only Jesus will be your advocate,
    No other will help you make it in.

    Don't be doubtful or discouraged,
    And surely don't ever give up.
    Just open those spiritual doors,
    And Jesus will come in and sup.

    Help is on the way,
    That you should never doubt.
    He is there around the clock,
    To intercede and to help you out.

    No matter how hopeless it looks,
    Even dismal through your eyes.
    Just look up to the Lord Jesus,
    For you're in for a big surprise.

    Help is certainly on the way,
    It's not just a euphemism.
    Put your trust in Him,
    And cast aside all pessimism.

    This we would let you know,
    Our help is in His Name.
    Just place your trust in Him,
    You'll never ever be the same.

    Don't give in to needless worry,
    Don't let others get you down.
    For the Lord is always there for you,
    He's there to help turn things around.

    You never have to doubt or fear,
    Just let God have His say.
    Don't give up and never quit.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 20, 2014

    David Shupe: Emailed copies to Pam, Scot, Dave, Norma and John Forbush on Nov. 13, 2014 just one day before Pam goes in for her PET Scan.

    Mailed to Lutie and Al Davis, LPC church friends on June 27, 2016 as Al is going through a lot of medical problems.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on October 18, 2016.

    POEM: HERE vs. THERE! ~ by David S. Shupe

    What heaven will be like.

    HERE vs. THERE!

    In this life,
    A cross we bear.
    In the next life,
    A crown we'll wear.

    In this life,
    There's suffering & pain.
    In the next life,
    We'll know only gain.

    In this life,
    Worry is common place.
    In the next life,
    Peace prevails by His grace.

    In this life,
    Evil seems to prevail.
    In the next life,
    Evil is remanded to hell.

    In this life,
    Pride goes before destruction.
    In the next life,
    Pride is no such obstruction.

    In this life,
    We are subject to fear.
    In the next life,
    Jesus Christ is always near.

    In this life,
    We are attuned to many voices.
    In the next life,
    We will make the right choices.

    In this life,
    There is no guarantee.
    In the next life,
    We have a Godly warranty.

    In this life,
    Things aren't always so nice.
    In the next life,
    We'll live & reign with Christ.

    In this life,
    Evil overcomes good.
    In the next life,
    Good rules like it should.

    In this life,
    Marriages end in divorce.
    In the next life,
    There are no marriages, of course.

    In this life,
    Marriages end in death.
    In the next life,
    We'll never be bereft.

    In this life,
    Lying seems to be the norm.
    In the next life,
    No lying will do us harm.

    In this life,
    We have problems galore.
    In the next life,
    Problems will be no more.

    In this life,
    All things are temporary.
    In the next life,
    All things will be exemplary.

    In this life,
    There's no lasting peace.
    In the next life,
    All turmoil & strife will cease.

    In this life,
    We live from day to day.
    In the next life,
    We're there to never stray.

    In this life,
    It is appointed once to die.
    In the next life,
    We'll live forever on high.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 7, 2016

    Hand carried this poem to Junior and Pat Shupe on March 30, 2016 when picking up Scooby they kept for 3 days.

    Posted this poem to my Facebook Timeline April 19, 2016.

    Nineteen people like this: Amy Fermil Spruill, Laurie Holmes, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Elisa Levy Harris, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Shirley Poynter, Jim Nicholson, Trisha Nicole Polidore, Pat Oakley Shupe, Janet Joyce Cassell Vleveland, Angela Littleton Miller, Michelle Shupe Wheatley, Debbie Clinebell Witt, Daisy Daquilanea Kinard, Samson Shupe, Andria Padgett McClellan, Laurie Holmes, Stephen Wheatley and Jared Shupe.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: AMEN Brother David!!! All so true!!! Thanks for sharing your inspiration from the Lord!!! David S Shupe My pleasure Sister Joy!

    Frank Marsh: Amen brother. David Shupe: Thanks for the shout out, Frank!

    Andria Padgett McClellan: Indeed! A great reminder. David S Shupe: Thanks Andria. Also, I wish you all the best in running for Norfolk City Council. You'd sure have my vote if I still lived in Norfolk. The people of Norfolk would indeed be fortunate to have you represent them. Pam would have been so proud of you.

    Laurie Holmes: The song "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood says it all, and "See you Again" says we will see them again! That is my hope and my encouragement in Christ Jesus! David S Shupe: Indeed Laurie! And one day, it will be more than a hope; it will be a reality. Laurie Holmes Yes, it will!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared this on April 20, 2016. Joy Shupe Nicholson, Marie Poynter and Tina Michelle Kidwell like this.

    POEM: HE'S GOD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Let go and let God poster.

    HE'S GOD!

    He's God when the lightning flashes,
    He's God when the thunder rolls.
    He's God in midst of raging seas,
    He's God whose anchor holds.

    He's God when accidents happen,
    He's God when we become ill.
    He's God in the hospital room,
    He's God when we take a spill.

    He's God as we're driving along,
    He's God when we stay home.
    He's God when we're in an airplane,
    He's God wherever we roam.

    He's God in the midst of poverty,
    He's God in the midst of wealth.
    He's God when we're in our prime,
    He's God when we're in poor health.

    He's God when the days are cloudy,
    He's God when we feel bleary.
    He's God when job is overwhelming,
    He's God when we feel weary.

    He's God when storm clouds gather,
    He's God in the bright sunny skies.
    He's God all the while we're living,
    He's God when one of His Saints dies.

    He's God when the music is playing,
    He's God when the music ends.
    He's God when everything's chaotic,
    He's God when everything blends.

    He's God when the game starts,
    He's God when the game ends.
    He's God if our team loses,
    He's God if our team wins.

    He's God in the midst of trouble,
    He's God when we're trouble free.
    He's God throughout the land,
    He's God in the midst of the sea.

    He's God when the seas are calm,
    He's God when the going is rough.
    He's God when things come easy,
    He's God when things are tough.

    He's God when we're still single,
    He's God when we get married.
    He's God when things are peachy,
    He's God when we feel harried.

    He's God while walking this earth,
    He's God while onward we plod.
    I know God is God,
    And He always will be God.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 14, 2014



    Dropped this poem off to Dorothy Hudson, and the Goins family (Hunter, Jack & Clint) on Sept. 22, 2014 after they returned from visiting Hunters doctor brother in Virginia Beach who has terminal cancer.

    Hand carried this poem to Pam and Scot on April 16, 2015 when I paid them a 4 day visit.


    Jesus raised Lazarus.


    His compassions fail not,
    They are new every morning.
    Thus says the Word of God,
    Conveying words so heart warming.

    His mercy is everlasting,
    This too is according to the Bible.
    If the good Lord forgives our sins,
    Then we certainly are not liable.

    No one is more compassionate,
    No one is more merciful.
    Our Savior is the epitome,
    Of why we are so worshipful.

    He's the Father of all mercies,
    And the God of all comfort.
    When we are in any trouble,
    He's there for us, so stalwart.

    He is long-suffering toward us,
    Not willing that any should perish.
    He died for us that we might live,
    So our lives, He does cherish.

    Jesus saw the hungry multitude,
    And was filled with compassion.
    He sees and knows our need today,
    Able to satisfy our every suppression.

    You fullfill the law of Christ,
    When you bear one another's burden.
    It takes empathy and compassion you see,
    You must be willing and not act inadvertent.

    If we confess our sins to Him,
    He is faithful and just to forgive.
    When we take this course of action,
    We have just begun to live.

    We must forgive, as God forgave us,
    Because His compassions fail not.
    If we fail to forgive anyone,
    Our good intentions will go to pot.

    For unto all that call upon Him,
    The Lord is good and plenteous in mercy.
    He doesn't ignore the cry of His people,
    But He does that which is trustworthy.

    We must emulate the mercy of Christ,
    If we wish to be like our Savior.
    For He is the perfect example to follow,
    For us to be on our best behavior.


    David S. Shupe
    September 20, 2013

    POEM: HIS COMPASSIONS FAIL NOT #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    His compassions fail not.

    (Lamentations 3:21-26)

    It's not circumstances,
    That do me in.
    It's just me caving,
    To old man sin.

    It's not the big things,
    That slow me down.
    It's all the little things,
    From which I can't rebound.

    It's not other's fault,
    That I'm in dutch.
    It's my responsibility,
    For bad decisions & such.

    When things go amiss,
    And things look bad.
    It's easy to shoulder blame,
    Onto someone else's pad.

    When things go wrong,
    As they sometimes will.
    Just look to Jesus,
    He'll help fill the bill.

    When the way is dark,
    And all seems lost.
    Just look to Jesus,
    For He paid our cost.

    Great is His faithfulness,
    Therefore, we have hope.
    No matter our dilemma,
    He's there to help us cope.

    The very hairs of our head,
    Are all numbered.
    He's there for us,
    Keeping us unencumbered.

    If we rightly suffer,
    From our own wrong doing;
    He pardons a penitent heart,
    Keeping us from eternal ruin.

    The Lord is my portion,
    Says my soul.
    Therefore, I hope in Him,
    For He makes me whole.

    Through the Lord's mercies,
    We are not consumed.
    He leads us to do the right,
    In Him, we have communed.

    His compassions fail not,
    They are new every morning.
    He looks out for all believers,
    So all others, take warning.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 14, 2015


    Posted this poem on John Cathy's Facebook page on November 14, 2015 in honor of his birthday. His response: John Cathy Payne: Wow David. Thanks so much. What a way to begin my birthday.

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    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your photo November 14, 2015.

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    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Enjoyed your poem, brother David! Lamentations 3:21-26 is one of my favorite selections from the Bible!!! As is the song that goes along with it - Great Is Thy Faithfulness!!! Now I will add your beautiful poem to my collection!!! Love you!!! smile emoticon.

    David S Shupe: Thanks for sharing it Joy. Glad I said I hadn't refined it yet, because your posting showed up my error. Knew Jeremiah had written it, but I should have used Lamentations instead of Jeremiah, however it won't let me change it here, but I can change my original version. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Lamentations 3:20-22 - Jeremiah had almost given up hope (v 20). Then he remembered something that restored his hope again (v 21) This was the mercies of God (v 22) (His covenant and steadfast love. They are new every morning. GREAT IS (present tense) HIS FAITHFULNESS!!! (v 23) (NKJV).

    John Cathy Payne shared your photo November 14, 2015: From a special friend.

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    David S Shupe: Thanks for sharing, John, and I should have referenced Lamentations instead of Jeremiah. That's one of my refinements that I need to make. Hope your birthday soars!

    Aurora Quintana: Beautiful poem David Shupe! Thank you for sharing! Brother John I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Blessings!

    Hand carried this poem to Dawn Gibson on February 21, 2016 along with a present for her birthday. She thanked us of course.

    POEM: HIS ENDURING WORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of the Holy Bible.

    (ODB 4/23/16)

    Heaven and earth shall pass away,
    But God's Enduring Word is here to stay.

    This Word tells us of a new day to come,
    A millennial day to benefit all who do not succumb.

    A day so glorious, none other will compare,
    We'll reign with Christ, His kingdom to share.

    Your Word, Lord God is eternal,
    Shielding us from everything infernal.

    This is my comfort in my affliction,
    Your Word protects from every addiction.

    Your Word have I hid in my heart,
    So from You Lord, I will never depart.

    Oh, how I love Your Holy & Enduring Word
    It's the most comforting news I've ever heard.

    It tells me how to live & it tells me how to die,
    It tells me Jesus is returning to receive us on high.

    His Word is settled and can not be changed,
    The same yesterday, today & forever, so arranged.

    We treasure His Holy Word; there is no equal,
    Millions of books are written; there is no sequel.

    It was conceived & breathed on by God's Holy Spirit,
    Intentionally contrived so everyone could hear it.

    Thus, the Word of God is alive and cannot be bound,
    Every word contained therein is quite profound.

    If you try to stamp it out, it spreads like wildfire,
    Instead of erasing, you create a more fervent desire.

    It is our God-ordained way to eternal salvation,
    This Holy Word provides for our soul preservation.

    His Enduring Word is our catalyst from earth to glory,
    Following It determines our destiny ~ end of story.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    April 23, 2016


    His grace is sufficient banner.

    (II Corinthians 12:9-10)

    When I am immersed in pain and suffering,
    And the devil continues his buffering,

    When my strength begins to wane,
    And my prayers seem all in vain.

    When I feel berated on every side,
    And I think I can no longer abide,

    When my job no long offers a challenge,
    And I feel my life has taken a plunge,

    When I feel I'm being unduly persecuted,
    And I sense that I'm being prostituted,

    When my life borders on total distress,
    And I feel I'm in an unavoidable mess,

    When I'm ridiculed for Jesus' sake,
    And I think I've made a big mistake,

    When my family life takes a nose dive,
    And I feel I can no longer survive,

    When my efforts result in disaster,
    And I feel I'm no longer the master,

    When everything I do turns out wrong,
    And I'm living Mondays all week long,

    When I feel like throwing in the towel,
    And I have a strong urge to howl,

    When I feel I've done my very best,
    And yet I've failed the bloody test.

    When my day starts out wrong,
    And the hours seem twice as long,

    When my spouse makes me mad,
    And it's tough to restore glad,

    When health begins to deteriorate,
    And wealth begins to obligerate,

    When someone steps on my toes,
    And they contribute to my woes,

    When I feel I'm coming unhinged,
    And I want to be revenged,

    When my pride wants to rule the day,
    And I'm intent to have my own way,

    When my prayer stops at the ceiling,
    And my head just keeps reeling,

    When all avenues are exhausted,
    And I feel I've been accosted,


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 13, 2014


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Dorothy Hudson, Bette Mayer and Beverly Hurd on July 3, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Shirley Poynter July 26, 2014 on death of her sister, Doris.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink like this poem shared on Shirley Poynter's timeline July 26, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Pam and Scot via email on August 4, 2014.

    Jim Nicholson shard this poem on July 29, 2014. Six people liked it: Shirley Poynter, Paul Segawa, Judy Lowe Williamson, Linda Mason-Spalding, Rita Lopp and Carol Lay.

    Jim Nicholson re-shared this poem on July 26, 2015 the first anniversary of his sister, Doris' passing: Nine people like this: Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson, Sue Craig, Geri Elliott, Jackqueline K. Vetter, Shirley Poynter, Bonnie Mcfall, Bill Knight and Betty Davis Lankford.

    Betty Davis Lankford: Beautiful! July 26, 2015.

    Bonnie Mcfall: Amen!

    POEM: HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Beautiful Swan.


    Christ's unmerited grace is sufficient,
    He removes all things deficient.

    There is nothing He cannot do,
    And His Word is forever true.

    In Christ, we'll live and never die,
    Transitioned to our eternal home on high.

    This world is not our permanent home, true.
    We're on a journey, just passing through.

    So don't put stock in possessions or money,
    We're headed for a land of milk & honey.

    A land where there is no longer any night,
    Where there is no wrong, only right.

    A land where our Ruler is righteous & just,
    To enter, repentance & justification is a must.

    Brought about through His unmerited Grace,
    Which Christ offers to the entire human race.

    It's a choice that all of us must freely make,
    Failure to choose Christ will be a big mistake.

    There is no coercion in making your decision,
    Though so-called "friends" may utter derision.

    The most important life's decision anyone will make,
    Is where they'll spend eternity for Jesus' sake.

    In this life, we're either free, or we are enslaved,
    And it's only by His Grace that we are saved.

    We're either born once, or we're born twice,
    His Grace is sufficient, for He paid our price.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    April 13, 2016


    Posted this to Margie Latzko's Facebook Messenger April 28, 2016.

    Marjorie Latzko: Thank you, David. It means a great deal to me. We've just learned Jason lost his job, and we're struggling with the difficulties. We need prayers for Jason that he remains positive and pro-active. I'm so grateful to be a member of LPC.

    David S Shupe: Marjorie ~ Thanks for telling me that. Hadn't heard about Jason losing his job, so we'll keep him, Melanie and the family in our daily prayers for sure. I had just emailed Melanie & Jason a poem earlier this morning entitled, "Storms Never Last." Believe the Holy Spirit was prompting me to do it. Hope it fits in and helps in their present situation, and that things will work out for the better for Jason. We will believe with them that this will be short lived, and he'll be back to work quickly. God is in control for sure, and He has all the answers. Prayers.

    Marjorie Latzko: 12:03pm April 28, 2016. God at work, for sure. Thanks.

    POEM: HIS WAY IS PERFECT ~ by David S. Shupe

    God's way is perfect.


    His way is perfect,
    His Word is flawless.
    He fights for the upright,
    He's against the lawless.

    As believers we stand strong,
    When we don't stand alone.
    By the unmerited grace of God,
    Our sins He did atone.

    His right hand sustains us,
    Provides a broad path for our feet.
    Encourages us to be a witness,
    To everyone we meet.

    God arms us with strength,
    Keeps our way secure.
    He directs our pathway,
    Keeps our thoughts pure.

    He keeps our lamp burning,
    Turning our darkness into light.
    He provides a hiding place,
    A safe covering at night.

    He shoots His arrows,
    Scatters the enemy.
    With great bolts of lightning,
    He is the absolute epitome.

    He thundered from heaven,
    His voice resounded.
    I immediately took heart,
    My spirits rebounded.

    I cried to God for help,
    My cry entered His ears.
    He reached way down for me,
    Saved me from my fears.

    I called to the Lord,
    Who is worthy of praise.
    I'll live for Him,
    All of my livelong days.

    The Lord is my Rock,
    My fortress and deliverer.
    In whom I take refuge,
    My eternal forgiverer.

    Be strong in the Lord,
    In the power of His might.
    Standing on His Word,
    All your worries take flight.

    Draw near to God,
    And He'll draw near to you.
    Listen to His divine voice,
    For it's a voice so true.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    September 2, 2014

    POEM: HOLD ON ~ by David S. Shupe

    HOLD ON.

    When you've done
    All you can do,
    ...HOLD ON!
    God will see you thru.

    When you've gone
    As far as you can go,
    ...HOLD ON!
    Solutions, He does know.

    When you think
    The world's coming to an end,
    ...HOLD ON!
    On God, you can depend.

    When you think
    The world owes you a living,
    ...HOLD ON!
    It's more blessed to be giving.

    When you pray
    And do not receive,
    ...HOLD ON!
    Wait patiently and believe.

    When you're frustrated
    And feel uptight,
    ...HOLD ON!
    He'll make it right.

    When you realize
    You've been done wrong,
    ...HOLD ON!
    For He'll help you along.

    When you think
    Your options are nil,
    ...HOLD ON!
    For He loves you still.

    When you feel
    Your world has crashed,
    ...HOLD ON!
    Your problems can be smashed.

    When you feel
    Sad and dejected,
    ...HOLD ON!
    Prayers will be respected.

    When you think
    You're coming unglued,
    ...HOLD ON!
    Your anxiety can be subdued.

    When you reach
    The end of your rope,
    ...HOLD ON!
    God will not abandon you. . .


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 20, 2014


    David Shupe: Handcarried this poem to Dorothy Hudson on Christmas Eve 2014, along with her Christmas present.

    People who like this: Pamela Shupe Finley, Ruth Owens, Norma Littleton Forbush, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Geri Elliott, Stephen Wheatley, Shirley Poynter and Jim Nicholson

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: One of my favs of yours uncle. love you. 8:59am May 6, 2015.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: I did hold on. Things got better. Thank God !!!! 3:00pm May 6, 2015.

    POEM: HOLD ON TO JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ clasping a hand.


    When the storms of life,
    come crashing down.
    And wherever you look,
    confusion does abound. . .

    When the road you travel,
    seems dark and bleak.
    And the direction you need,
    you strive to seek. . .

    When everything you do,
    turns to instant putty.
    And events around you,
    seem to be so nutty. . .

    If you often feel like,
    life is passing you by.
    You're no longer in control,
    and heave a heavy sigh. . .

    When you have a serious
    family medical situation.
    You're at the end of your rope,
    & need strength for continuation. . .

    When you feel all uptight,
    things aren't going your way.
    The sun has stopped shinning,
    you can't see the light of day. . .

    When transactions turn sour,
    everyone's giving you the shaft.
    You don't have money to pay bills,
    You feel like you're going daft. . .

    When you feel like striking back,
    and it's difficult to be nice.
    Your carnal nature says retaliate,
    take my unsolicited advice. . .

    When all is said and done,
    much more is said than done.
    When it comes to final outcome,
    it's just God and His Son. . .

    Hold on to Jesus,
    and He'll hold on to you.
    No man is able to pluck us,
    out of His hand ~ so true!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 19, 2014


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Melanie on May 28, 2014.

    Melanie Bradley: Melanie whispered a BIG "THANK YOU FOR THE POEM," as she walked by after playing the piano in church Sunday morning, June 1, 2014, and gave us a grateful smile. Melanie is battling a re-occurrence of breast cancer and is currently undergoing her 2nd round of chemo. Our prayers are continously with Melanie for her healing and well-being).

    POEM: HOLY BIBLE ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Holy Bible is by far the most read, the most important and the greatest Book that has ever been published. Without question, it has changed more lives for the better than any other book. This is a small attempt on my part, to capture just a little bit of the truths about this marvelous Book in poem.

    O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD ~ Jer. 22:29

    The Holy Bible

    HOLY B-I-B-L-E

    The Holy Bible is the Book of all Books,
    The most read Book if you only take time to look.
    There has never been another book in all history,
    That has unveiled such truths, formerly a mystery.

    The Bible is really much more than just another book,
    It is the Way, the Truth, and the Life~that's no gobbledygook.
    You can read it, believe it and inherit eternal salvation,
    Or you can ignore it and continue your life of deprivation.

    The Bible is God's solution for relating His marvelous story,
    About how His Son, Jesus, came down from all of His glory.
    In order to give all mankind an opportunity to atone for their sinful past,
    And accept His plan for salvation that would forever last.

    There will be no if, and, or buts; the record will be clear,
    Our defenses all will crumble, as Christ Himself will be near.
    This is reinforced by God's Holy Word to each one of us,
    There will be no appeals or trickery, nor will there be any fuss.

    Either we accept, or we reject Christ, there is no in between,
    We must take a stand for the right, and shun the wrong and the obscene.
    The right decision is ours to make, and it is our choice,
    Forsaking all wrongs, and confessing Christ will enable us to eternally rejoice.

    But one thing is certain, when we stand on that eventful day,
    We will be righteously judged according to the Bible way.
    Any rewards will be based on what we've said and done,
    But our salvation is determined solely by grace through God's only son.

    My son, attend unto my words, incline your heart unto my saying,
    Keep them in the midst of your heart, 'cause it is a giant you will be slaying,
    Let them not leave your eyes, for they are life unto those that find them,
    And health to all their flesh~so read and believe the Holy Word~It is truly a gem.


    "The Bible stands.....though the hills may tumble,
    It will firmly stand.....when the earth shall crumble;
    I will plant my feet.....on its firm foundation,
    For the Bible will stand.....throughout creation!" — by Lillenas.


    David S. Shupe
    September 24, 2011


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 25, 2011. So very true and they are, indeed, life unto us and health to all our flesh as it says in Proverbs, I believe. Very inspirational! Have you considered doing a book of poems or have a website for your poems?

    David Shupe - Sep 25, 2011. Thanks; I do have a website set up with all the poems included, but not on the internet. It's just on my hard drive. I could upload it if I wanted to, but we'll see! I think I have about 14 so far, and I'm thinking about doing more Biblically based poems. Working on one now about Adam and Eve (just finished) then perhaps others like: Joseph (coat of many colors), Daniel in the lion's den, Three Hebrew children, Ruth, David and Goliath, etc; that is, if the good Lord provides the inspiration! In other words, presenting favorite Bible stories in poem form.

    Joy Nicholson - Sep 26, 2011. Sounds like the Lord is definitely inspiring you to do it, so it's good that you share them with others. They are encouraging. When the time comes, I'm sure the Lord will let you know what else to do with them to be a further blessing! :-)


    (Nicholson Family Website)

    Shirley Poynter - Oct 1, 2011. David this is so great and beautiful. I hope you are putting them in a book for the family. That would be such a treasure. Thanks for sharing, God bless you.

    David Shupe - Oct 2, 2011. Thanks again, Shirley. Actually I did create a special web site to include the poems and other information. But, at the moment it's only on my hard drive as I haven't uploaded it to the internet. I may in the future.

    Really had to do something, as the good Lord as helped me with a number of poems and they were kind of getting out of hand. In fact, sitting in church this morning listening to our pastor preach, and I thought maybe we should write a poem about him, so came home and did just that. It went smoother than we thought. He deserves more than a mere poem though.

    POEM: HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS~ by David S. Shupe

    Hope for the hopeless.


    When things go wrong,
    As they sometimes will.
    And all HOPE is gone,
    Is how you feel.

    Where there's life, there's HOPE,
    The Bible does declare.
    Jesus promised His help,
    So don't be unaware.

    Said He'd be with us always,
    That's His promise.
    So take Him at His Word,
    Don't be a doubting Thomas.

    When burdens are heavy,
    And too much to shoulder.
    Just cast your cares on Him,
    He'll make them smoulder.

    HOPE thou in God,
    That's a Biblical phrase.
    When hope brings results,
    We'll offer Him our praise.

    HOPE springs eternal,
    That's forever verbiage.
    Just three little words,
    Such a profound adage.

    Never should we be guilty,
    Of giving up on HOPE.
    But if we do surrender it,
    We may be called a dope.

    Life always appears dismal,
    At the end of our rope.
    But the good Lord promised,
    He'd be there to help us cope.

    HOPE for the hopeless,
    That's the condition we're in.
    He came down from heaven,
    And took away our sin.

    There's HOPE for the hopeless,
    The good Lord said it best.
    Lay your burdens on Me,
    And I will do the rest.

    His Word is true,
    You can take it to the bank.
    He honors our faith in Him,
    We only have Him to thank.

    Hopelessness is not a word,
    In the good Lord's vocabulary.
    With Him all things are possible,
    Don't need to rely on a constabulary.

    He gives HOPE to the hopeless,
    That's why Jesus came.
    Just need to repent and confess,
    And believe on His Holy Name.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 8, 2015


    Hand carried this poem to Hunter & Jack Goins, neighbors on December 29, 2015 after learning Hunter spent the night in the hospital on Christmas day.

    Mailed this poem to John & Sylvia Gilmore on December 30, 2015 after John used my poem, "If God Is Dead," in his LPC message when he took over from Pastor Buz.

    Emailed this poem to Scot, Sam, Heather, Dave, and Elaine on January 1, 2016.

    Emailed to the Klink family on January 9, 2016.

    Posted to Trisha Polidore's Facebook message page on February 22, 2016 after she posted a number of problems in her life.

    Trisha Nicole Polidore: That might be one of my favorites. I was almost singing it in my head as a I read it. Thank you for these uplifting words. I sit here studying for an exam tonight....wondering where I will find the energy to work 9 hours and then take a 3 hours exam. But there is still life in this used dishrag of a body. And I know ill get it done. Already blessed by the chaos of these past couple days. Although that seems almost a hypocritical at statement. Cory is battling still waters. Being a paramedic he is fighting w what he sees daily. He lost sight of everything about 4 years ago. And I'm sorry to say I didn't see it coming....or happening. But I woke up one day and realized it had already happened. I've spent the last few years battling how to get him back. And the church we were in wasn't supportive. They wouldn't accept me because Cory and I lived together before becoming married. And I couldn't get Cory to even come to church. Basically I was "failing" in their eyes and no one really seemed to care. Thankfully I have found a new amazing church and reconnected w old friends who have been more than I could even ask for. I know it's changing me and I can see that it's also affecting him. With everything that has happened....I only know to pray. Cory sees I need him right now, and has joined me. If anything comes of this...I hope a few of my husbands walls are broken down. I hope this makes him see, and remember what he used to be....what he is still capable of being. With so much going on....I actually feel more grounded than I have in so long. I can't wait to see you at the reunion!!!

    POEM: HOPE THOU IN GOD~ by David S. Shupe

    My hope is in God.

    (Psalms 41:11 & 71:5)

    When you've reached the end of the line,
    You feel you're being left behind. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When you don't know which way to turn,
    The direction to take, you cannot discern. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When everything you say and do,
    Tends to get you further into a stew. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When the way becomes hard & dreary,
    The load you carry makes you weary. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When finances continue to be elusive,
    And everything tends to be so obtrusive. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When everything you do turns to putty,
    Every solution you think of sounds nutty. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When you face the reality of aging,
    And your thoughts send you raging. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When days are endless & nights are long,
    And you feel you no longer belong. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When you go to bed and can't sleep,
    And the road you travel seems so steep. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When things aren't going your way,
    You dread to see the light of another day. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When you feel no longer in control,
    And your once good life is now on hold. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When your heart is heavy and cast down,
    And there's no help anywhere around. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When life and health are deterriorating,
    And visits to the doctor are so frustrating. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When the news from the doctor is catastrophic,
    And your hope for the future is microscopic. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When life suddenly has lost it's thrill,
    And you seem to be headed downhill. . .
    . . .Hope Thou In God!

    When you've reached the end of your rope,
    You realize that God is your only hope. . .
    . . .t-h-e-n ~ HOPE THOU IN GOD!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 11, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot on June 26, 2015.

    Mailed this poem to Efrain Lopez and wife, Nilsa on July 15, 2015 when we mailed Vicente's yard maintenance money order.

    Emailed this poem to Lorrie Button on July 15, 2015.

    Posted to Shari Allen's Facebook Messenger page on November 23, 2016. Her response: Thank you. I truly appreciate all your inspiration, then Shari gave me a "thumbs up."

    POEM: HOW COULD THIS BE~ by David S. Shupe

    With God all things are possible.


    Mary was pregnant with child, though
    untouched by any human hand.
    How could this be?
    God invoked His plan, you understand.

    Sarah had a baby, although
    well past the child-bearing age.
    How could this be?
    In this situation, God set the stage.

    The walls of Jericho fell,
    and they came atumbling down.
    How could this be?
    God inploded the walls to solid ground.

    Daniel was delivered from mouths of lions,
    He was not a tasty morsel on that night.
    How could this be?
    God sent His angel to close their mouths alright.

    Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego escaped fiery furnace,
    Not a hair of their head was burned or destroyed.
    How could this be?
    Son of God was with them, keeping them from being devoid.

    Jephthah with 300 men routed an enemy of thousands,
    Insurmountable odds when using any normal method.
    How could this be?
    God arranged for multitudes to be planted beneath the sod.

    The Israelites walked through the Red Sea on dry land,
    While the Egyptians drowned in water over their eyeball.
    How could this be?
    It's simple, they were dealing with a God playing hardball.

    One man, Samson, pulled down the temple killing 3,000 men,
    Re-paying the Philistines for putting out his eyes.
    How could this be?
    God restored Samson's strength who took them by surprise.

    David, with one little stone, downed a giant twice his size,
    Then, ran forward, with the giant's own sword, cut off his head.
    How coud this be?
    David relied on the strength of God, in lieu of his own instead.

    A big fish swallowed Jonah, who survived in his stomach for 3 days,
    Jonah was running from God, but no way could he escape.
    How could this be?
    He repented, God relented and freed him from that scrape.

    Jesus survived a crucifixation and 3 days of burial,
    Then, arose from the dead to save fallen man.
    How could this be?
    God promised He could re-take His life at His command.

    We're nothing short of lost sinners,
    Saved by God's grace.
    How could this be?
    Because, Jesus, God's Son took our place!


    David S. Shupe
    January 3, 2013

    POEM: HOW DO I KNOW JESUS LIVES ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus Lives poster.


    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    Because He resides within my heart!
    I can feel His mighty presence,
    With assurance He'll never depart.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    Because His Holy Word lets me know.
    Heaven and earth shall pass away,
    But His divine Word is always apropos.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    I am His and He is mine.
    His ways are higher than man's ways,
    And believing in Him is so divine.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    We walk by faith and not by sight.
    Faith disolves the mountain of doubt,
    And we fully trust in Jesus' might.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    The carnal mind cannot grasp this truth.
    It must be spiritually discerned,
    Any opposing doctrine is totally uncouth.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    Because of His unspeakable peace.
    A peace that passes all understanding,
    Causing all doubt and foreboding to cease.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    Because my faith is unshakeable.
    I am rooted and grounded in Him,
    There's no one else more selectable.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    I know what I know is so.
    Nothing can pluck me out of His hand,
    My commitment to Him will always grow.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    I can feel Him from my head to my toes.
    For He is my strength and my salvation,
    He is there to forestall all my woes.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    Saints of old were rewarded for their faith.
    By faith they accomplished feats of grandeur,
    All saints of record, not images of wraith.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    A fool says in his heart that He is dead.
    I may not be the brightest light burning,
    But I'm not a fool to believe what the fool said.

    How do I know Jesus lives. . .
    I've had a personal encounter with my Savior.
    He took me out of the deep miry depths,
    And saved me from my sinful disfavor.

    Holy Jesus, I humbly confess
    That You are the living Son of God.
    Help us to walk the walk
    That millions of saints have trod.


    I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today;
    I know that He is living, whatever men may say.
    I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer,
    And just the time I need Him He’s always near.
    (Alfred Ackley © Renewal 1961. The Rodeheaver Co.)



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    March 30, 2014


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    POEM: HOW SWEET IT IS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jackie Gleason entrance.


    How many remember
    the words of Jackie Gleason.
    When he first came on stage
    throughout the season.

    are the words that he uttered.
    Usually carrying a golf club
    showing us how he puttered.

    How sweet it is when
    the Lord is on your side.
    How sweet it is when
    in Him we do abide.

    How sweet it is when
    you feel His heavenly touch.
    How sweet it is when you
    realize He loves you so much.

    How sweet it is when God's
    peace sweeps over our soul.
    How sweet it is when wrong
    fails to win and take a toll.

    How sweet it is when in Christ
    we become victorious
    Being on the winning side
    with Christ is so glorious.

    How sweet it is when we know
    the answer is on the way to us.
    Exercising our faith in God
    to receive that answer is a must.

    How sweet it is to really know,
    Our sinful slate is wiped clean.
    Jesus took all our sins away,
    Making us feel so serene.

    How sweet it is to experience
    the Love of God and His peace.
    Made possible through His mercy
    Causing anxiety & turmoil to cease.

    How sweet it is to see God's
    Miraculous power at work.
    Sickness and disease are defeated,
    and His Word, He does not shirk.

    How sweet it is to see souls
    committing their lives to God.
    Knowing that they are going
    where saints of old have trod.

    How sweet it is to know & rely
    on the truth of God's Word.
    True before the world began,
    Sweetest sounds we've ever heard.


    David S. Shupe
    February 3, 2013



    Mailed this poem to Joy and Jim Nicholson, along with a card for their 47th anniversary.

    Joy Nicholson: Joy called and thanked us for the beautiful card and the poem of course.

    POEM: HURRY UP & WAIT!~ by David S. Shupe

    People waiting for appointment.

    (Composed waiting in doctor's office)

    How much time do we spend JUST WAITING?
    Traveling from one place to another~results in tailgating.

    We spend hours WAITING for that special fish to bite,
    The one that got away was the biggest ever ~ am I right?

    Though the old adage may still hold true,
    A bad day fishing's better'n a good day working ~ to you.

    WAITING in long lines at the local grocery store,
    Is tedious and has to be the world's biggest bore.

    WAITING in long lines of traffic, as here we impatiently sit,
    Leaving us fuming and chafing at the proverbial bit.

    Neither is going to the doctor any special picnic,
    As doctors aren't usually noted for moving too quick.

    You WAIT for the nurse, the doctor, all in the exam room,
    You wait even more, feel like flying away on a broom.

    Go to about any restaurant, and brother, do you WAIT:

    .....WAIT to get seated,
    .....WAIT to get drinks,
    .....WAIT to order food,
    .....WAIT for food to arrive,
    .....WAIT for the check.

    You arrive early extending your WAITING time so you won't be late.

    Would you believe half of our life is spent in WAITING, if not more,
    Wasting this much of our valuable time surely cuts to the core.

    Are there some activities that can compensate for this WAITING time?
    Surely there are, like composing interesting poems that rhyme.

    Or you can breathe a prayer for someone you know who has a need.
    There are many constructive things available we could do indeed.

    Could we indulge in something that we cold call "beneficial WAITING?"
    There could be and is, and we'll call it "pearly gating."

    Just memorize or think upon favorite scriptures that you love,
    If there be any merit, think on these things brought on wings of a dove.

    We are instructed to "Rest in the Lord, and WAIT patiently for Him.
    This includes everyone, rich or poor, black or white, fat or slim.

    Again, "...they that WAIT upon the Lord shall renew their strength,"
    With the Lord undergirding us, we capably can go to any length.

    "WAIT on the Lord, and He shall strengthen your heart.
    So you see some of the benefits of "WAITING" ~ the Lord does impart.

    There are hundreds of verses that can make "WAITING" more pleasant,
    The more you can remember and quote, the more you'll enjoy the present.

    So wherever you are and find yourself "WAITING," never give in to despair,
    Look up to Jesus, who knows all we're going through as He's already been there.

    Sinner by birth, saved by grace.


    David S. Shupe
    August 9, 2012

    POEM: I AM A CHRISTIAN ~ by David S. Shupe

    Saved by grace banner.


    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I'm not shouting "I'm clean living."
    I'm whispering, "I was lost,"
    Now I'm found and forgiven.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I don't speak of this with pride.
    I'm confessing that I stumble,
    And need Christ to be my guide.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I'm not trying to be strong.
    I'm professing that I'm weak,
    And need His strength to carry on.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I'm not bragging of success.
    I'm admitting I have failed,
    Needing God to clean up the mess.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I'm not claiming to be perfect.
    My flaws are far too visible,
    But God believes I am worth it.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I still feel the sting of pain.
    I have my share of heartaches,
    So I call upon His name.

    When I say, "I Am A Christian,"
    I'm not holier than thou.
    I'm just a simple sinner,
    Receiving God's grace, somehow.


    Written by Maya Angelou, shared by
    daughter Pam Shupe Finley on Facebook
    June 16, 2014, converted to poem format
    and re-posted by me.



    David S. Shupe,
    June 16, 2014



    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on December 16, 2016.

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    Beverly Hurd commented: Beautiful David!

    POEM: I AM REDEEMED ~ by David S. Shupe

    Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.


    I am redeemed
    By the blood of the Lamb.
    I am redeemed
    By the great I AM!

    I am redeemed,
    My life is changed.
    Saved by His grace,
    And totally rearranged.

    I am redeemed,
    It's in the Book.
    No more living
    By hook or crook.

    I am redeemed,
    I'm a new creature.
    I believed the Words
    Of the itinerant preacher.

    I am redeemed,
    Jesus paid the price.
    He died and gave His all,
    What a sacrifice!

    Beaten & tormented,
    By those who took His life.
    So we would be spared,
    All the torture and strife.

    I am redeemed
    By the power of God.
    I've walked the walk
    Other Saints have trod.

    I am redeemed,
    There's no going back.
    Jesus saved my soul,
    I'm on the right track.

    I am redeemed,
    There's no ending.
    I'll live with Him forever,
    The message I'm sending.

    I am redeemed,
    There is no doubt.
    With my Savior,
    I'll never be without.

    I am redeemed,
    By His shed blood.
    A new life was planted,
    And will forever bud.

    I am redeemed,
    I'm headed for glory.
    My slates wiped clean,
    That's my story.


    Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!
    Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
    Redeemed through His infinite mercy—
    His child, and forever I am. —Crosby



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 3, 2015
    First thing this morning, took less than
    30 minutes to compose this poem.



    David S Shupe: Pat ~ Composed this poem first thing this morning, so saw that it was your birthday and thought that you'd be the first to get it, so here it is. Congratulations on another birthday and on being a part of the elite "REDEEMED!"

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Thank you David. I am honored and that is indeed my story! Jan. 3, 2015.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem via Facebook to Shirley Hayes Carroll Jan. 8, 2015 in honor of her birthday which is today.

    David S Shupe to ‎Shirley Hayes Carroll 6 hrs ago on Jan. 8, 2015: Shirley: Just noted this morning that it was your birthday. Another year has rolled by. Don't have a customized poem for you this year, but am offering you one that I just composed 5 days ago, and I feel it's appropriate because you're one of God's elite "Redeemed," that the poem is about. Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy it. Love, David & Elaine!

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: Oooh. Thanks for your beautiful poem. 10 mins. Jan. 8, 2015.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: Thank you and blessings to your family for the influence you made in my life and ultimate salvation. 12 mins. on Jan. 8, 2015.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared David S Shupe's photo. 15 mins on Jan. 8, 2015: A former neighbor as a youngster composed a beautiful poem for me which I treasure so much.

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    POEM: I AM REDEEMED #2~ by David S. Shupe

    I am redeemed.


    I am redeemed,
    By BLOOD of the Lamb.
    I am redeemed,
    By the GREAT I AM.

    I am redeemed,
    By His infinite GRACE.
    I am redeemed,
    For He took my place.

    I am redeemed,
    Due to His Great LOVE.
    I am redeemed,
    By God's SON from above.

    I am redeemed,
    What a BLESSING.
    I am redeemed,
    Is what I'm confessing.

    I am redeemed,
    By His great MERCY.
    I am redeemed,
    By ONE so worthy.

    I am redeemed,
    There's no turning back.
    I am redeemed,
    I'm on the right track.

    I am redeemed,
    By His death on the CROSS.
    I am redeemed,
    For HE paid my cost.

    I am redeemed,
    From all my transgressions.
    I am redeemed,
    For I've made my confessions.

    I am redeemed,
    What a MIRACLE.
    I am redeemed,
    For I've come full circle.

    I am redeemed,
    GOD planned it this way.
    I am redeemed,
    And REDEEMED, I will stay.

    I am redeemed,
    Throughout infinity.
    I am redeemed,
    For all ETERNITY.

    I am redeemed,
    No doubt about it.
    I am redeemed
    And I'm gonna shout it.

    I am redeemed,
    I am redeemed,
    By JESUS becoming MAN

    I am redeemed,
    So I give God the glory.
    I am redeemed,
    And that's my story.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 3, 2016


    Posted this poem to my Facebook Timeline on January 3, 2016. Twelve (12) people like this: Kirk L Clary, Laurie Holmes, Rick Hensley, Marjorie Latzko, Stephen Wheatley, Norm Fontana, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Bonnie Christine Holcombe-Fontana, Erica Boyett Rowe, Janet Joyce Cassell Cleveland and Daisy Daquilanea Kinard.

    Laurie Holmes:Yes! I am redeemed!! Thank you, David!

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    Mailed this poem to Norma & John Forbush on January 4, 2016 per her request since she doesn't have a copier.

    Mailed this poem to Hazel Brittingham and Bette Mayer on January 8, 2016.

    Posted to Norm Fontana's FB Messenger page on June 18, 2016 in honor of his birthday. His response:

    POEM: I AM THAT I AM ~ by David S. Shupe

    I Am poster.


    What is your name, Moses to God did chide?
    I AM that I AM, God to Moses replied.

    I AM the First, and I AM the Last,
    Besides Me there is no God, present or past.

    I AM He that created the entire universe,
    The One that removed the stain of sin's curse.

    I AM the Lord who created earth, man and all things,
    Sending My Son to earth to touch your heartstrings.

    I AM the One who forgives your transgressions,
    Before you call, I know your unvoiced expressions.

    I AM the One who succeeds when all else fails,
    The One who hears every prayer that prevails.

    I AM He that sets my captive people free,
    The One who opens blinded eyes to see.

    I AM the One who heals the sick and lame
    Makes them whole again, honoring their name.

    I AM the One who knows your every care,
    No matter where you are, I AM there.

    I AM the first, last, beginning and the end,
    I saw your need, and My Son I did send.

    I AM God, and there is no other god beside me,
    If you serve me, I will honor and glorify thee.

    I AM He who forgives your iniquities that displease us,
    Feels your pain, and heals all your diseases.

    I AM God, the same yesterday, today, and forever,
    Believe in Me and my love for you, I will never sever.

    I AM He that made you and formed you in the womb,
    I promise to be with you, from the cradle to the tomb.

    I, even I, AM He that comforts you, hereto.
    The Lord of Hosts is His name, so very true.

    I, even I, AM He that blots out your transgressions,
    And will not remember your sins or indiscretions.

    I, even I, AM the Lord, and besides Me there is no savior.
    I came into the world to transform and change your behavior.


    David S. Shupe
    October 14, 2013

    POEM: I AM THE LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Christ in the heavens.


    God wants everyone to know that HE IS LORD!
    Not willing that anyone should be ignorant of His Word.

    Over and over again, His Word emphasizes this very fact,
    That HE IS LORD in heaven above and earth beneath to be exact.

    He wants us to acknowledge that HE IS LORD of our life,
    That He is the one that delivers us from all sin and strife.

    Most importantly, He is the Author of our Salvation Plan,
    Allowing everyone the choice to become part of His Spiritual Clan.

    It is to our benefit to confess that He is our Lord and Savior,
    To obey and follow Him, we strive to be on our best behavior.

    It would be to our detriment not to heed the Spirit's leading,
    As that still small voice speaks to our heart we should be heeding.

    Not mandatory, but we willingly choose to serve the Master,
    Refusing to accept Him as our Lord will result in certain disaster.

    When we accept the Lord, we profess allegiance to His gospel,
    And His commission to take it to every creature, that is, go global.

    We willingly acknowledge that God is the Lord of our life,
    With the Bible, the inspired Word of God making us quite blythe.

    Thank you God, for the privilege of having You as our Lord,
    So wonderful to be part of a family where we're all in one accord.

    There will be no division, dissension or animosity in our heavenly home
    All will be bliss, harmony and tranquility ~ never more to roam.

    All of this made possible because He is our Lord and Savior,
    Knowing Him so completely changed our sinful behavior.

    Oh, won't it be wonderful there, having no burdens to bear,
    With family, loved ones, friends and endless glories to share.


    David S. Shupe
    September 10, 2012

    POEM: I AM THINE, OH LORD~ by David S. Shupe

    I am thine, oh Lord.


    I am thine, Oh Lord,
    For you called me by name.
    We can't be plucked from your hand,
    And I'll never, ever be the same.

    I am thine, oh Lord,
    I dedicate to you, my soul.
    You're my Savior and maintainer.
    You heal and make me whole.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    It's you I seek to please.
    You forgive our iniquities
    And heal our disease.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    When my world is in turmoil.
    You're still there by my side,
    To calm & help me uncoil.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    Even when going through affliction.
    With You all things are possible,
    You're there to provide interdiction.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    When my strength fails.
    In thee, Oh Lord do I put my trust,
    And my faith in thee prevails.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    As slowly I begin to age.
    All medical aches and pains,
    You are there to assuage.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    No matter what may befall.
    When things become out of control,
    You're still my all in all.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    When things don't go my way.
    You will forever be my intercessor,
    As you always have the last say.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    Through sickness and in health.
    I will forever serve you,
    In poverty or in wealth.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    In every good or bad situation.
    You are my Savior and King,
    This I confess without equivocation.

    I am thine, oh Lord,
    Who else is worthy of our trust.
    Believing You is the only logical way,
    Serving You is an absolute must.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    Thank God, for this assurance.
    He gives power to the faint,
    Those without might, endurance.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    For whether we live or die.
    We are the Lords,
    And You are the reason why.

    I am thine, oh Lord,
    Where else could we turn.
    You have words of eternal life,
    And our trust You did earn.

    I am thine, 0h Lord,
    Even if my life comes to an end.
    For You have been our victory,
    So death, I shall transcend.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 2, 2014

    POEM: I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ~ by David S. Shupe



    I believe in Miracles,
    Because I believe in Jesus Christ.
    With Him, miracles are routine,
    What He does will always suffice.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because we all are Miracles of birth.
    Before we were formed in the womb,
    God considered us of great worth.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because when one sinner repents,
    There is great joy in heaven,
    As all of his dark sins God recants.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Why else would God send His Son to die.
    Because He valued our lives ,
    And on His Word, we can rely.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because I know the God of creation.
    The greatest miracle of all times,
    Which exceeds all earthly expectations.

    I believe in Miracles,
    For Jesus spoke the world into existence.
    If we truly believe His Word,
    Then what pays off for us is persistence.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because I believe in the Lamb.
    Forty-six years & seven months ago,
    He gave me a Miracle, we named Pam.

    I believe in Miracles,
    For our lives were changed forever.
    That little 6 pound, 5 ounce bundle of joy,
    Later had her own angel, named Heather.

    I believe in Miracles,
    I've seen them with my own eyes.
    So when miracles do happen,
    There should be no surprise.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because God is a God of mercy.
    His mercy is everlasting,
    And His Word is trustworthy.

    I believe in Miracles,
    Because He is a God of compassion.
    They are new every morning,
    And that surely is His true passion.

    I believe in Miracles,
    As greater works than these shall you do.
    Jesus Himself made this statement,
    And we know His Word is True.

    I believe in Miracles,
    For my life was transformed.
    I gave my heart to Christ,
    And to His ways I have conformed.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 6, 2015


    Mailed this poem, along with a birthday card to Norma Littleton Forbush on Oct. 13, 2015.

    POEM: I DO NOT LIKE IT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Turkey with 'Back Off' sign!


    I do not like this dreaded disease,
    I do not like to be ill at ease.

    I do not like it when a bad report is received,
    I do not like it when we are not relieved.

    I do not like it when we hear bad news,
    I do not like it when the devil spews.

    I do not like it when the devil wins,
    I do not like it when he goes on a binge.

    I do not like it when we feel so helpless,
    I do not like it when he is so relentless.

    I do not like it when he gets the upper hand,
    I do not like it when we don't take a stand.

    I do not like it when he has us on the go,
    I do not like it ~ NO ~ NO ~ NO!

    I do not like being in a jam,
    I do not like what's happening to Pam.

    I do not like to rant and rave,
    I do not like it when we cave.

    I do not like it when a loved one is forsaken,
    I do not like it when we feel mistaken.

    I do not like it when we fail to pray,
    I do not like it when we don't have a say.

    I do not like being ignored,
    I do not like to be deplored.

    I do not like it when we throw in the towel,
    I do not like it, when before the devil, we cowl.

    I do not like it when our faith seems weak,
    I do not like it when our God we fail to seek.

    I do not like it when we fail to heed,
    The Word of God to meet our need.

    So if you want to turn your life around,
    Stand on the Word and be on solid ground.


    David S. Shupe
    September 17, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Oct 13, 2012: Definitely some things NOT to like! In agreement there, brother! Awww, it's certainly biblical, because there are many things God does not like either! I'm sure He must be nodding in agreement with you!!! :-).

    David Shupe - Oct 13, 2012: Yah! In addition to many things that God does not like, there are many things that are an abomination in God's sight. Maybe sometime we'll compose an appropriate poem about them.


    Signs of uncertainty.

    I DON'T KNOW. . .

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    I just live from day to day.
    But I know Who holds the future,
    So everything will end okay.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But I know who holds my hand.
    He's the ONE who leads & guides me,
    Gives me strength to withstand.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But I feel His presence near.
    Even though I cannot see Him,
    His reality to me is so clear.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But He gives me strength for today.
    I'll rest in the Lord & patiently wait,
    Believing in the Son as the only way.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Or even what the future does hold.
    But I know the ONE who saved me,
    And He's the ONE who's in control.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Whether I'll be sick or in pain.
    But I know the ONE who made me,
    And He will always be my gain.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    If the operation will be a success.
    But I know the eternal Master,
    And His Kingship I will profess.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Nor what lies beyond another day.
    But I know who holds the future,
    He's the ONE who paved the way.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    As He doesn't lay it out before us.
    He's the ONE who gave us His all,
    Showing that He does adore us.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Whether my job will be secure.
    But my faith is in the hands of ONE,
    Who is there to help me endure.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Why He took my loved one away.
    But I realize He knows what's best,
    So my trust in Him will never sway.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But I'll place my trust in Him.
    Long as my eyes are on the Master,
    My hope will never grow dim.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    Whether God will call me home.
    But I resolve never to waiver,
    No matter where I go or roam.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But I'm safe in His care.
    When my days here are over,
    I'll live eternally there.

    I don't know about tomorrow,
    But I've read the end of the Story.
    When our lives on earth have ended,
    We'll live & reign with Christ in glory.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 24, 2014


    David S Shupe: Mailed this poem to Joy & Jim on Dec. 5, 2014, along with the Christmas & New Year's poem.

    Hand carried this poem to Lorrie Button on Dec. 29, 2014.

    Scooby and I met Karie Button and her Mum, Lorrie, as we were walking up and down Camp Arrowhead Road on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2014. Lorrie and Karie loved Scooby, petting and spoiling him. I told them Scooby loved women, and he tolerated men, which is true. Lorrie Button thanked me profusively for the poems we gave her and said she loved them, including the New Year's poem, I Don't Know About Tomorrow, and Dear Lord, Walk With Me. Lorrie made sure she let me know she was a born again Christian too. That was wonderful. Lorrie is also a breast cancer survivor. She was in remission for several years then it re-occurred and she is now on a every 3 week maintenance plan. Told her we had been praying for her and she appreciated that.

    Emailed this poem to Carl & Jean Swanson on Dec. 29, 2014.

    Mailed this poem to Hazel Brittingham on Dec. 29, 2014.

    Mailed this poem to Gayle King Harris on January 3, 2015 with her 79th birthday card. Her birthday is Jan. 7th.

    Lorrie Button: via snail mail on Jan. 2, 2015: Dear David & Elaine: Thank you so much for the poems you sent to me in the past, and this week as well while I visited my Family here on Lenape Road. I love the Happy New Year poem. I'm wishing you both and Scooby too a happy and healthy 2015. A time for us to start afresh -- make the "resolution list." "I don't know about tomorrow," but we place our trust in our savior, Jesus Christ -- and we will meet Him some day in heaven.

    I hope Scooby gets through his last chemo soon and will be on the road to complete recovery. My last chemo is Feb. 18th (only 3 more), then I'm home free! God has been good to me and I put my Faith in Him. Enjoy your winter and spring and I will hope to see you this summer. I'm glad John Button has such genuine, caring neighbors like yourselves. Lorrie Button.

    Dropped this poem off to Hunter and Jack Goins, date not specified.

    Emailed this poem to: Pam, Scot, Sam & Heather on Sept. 29, 2015.

    Mailed to Delores (Dee) Duncan on Feb. 28, 2017 in response to a valentine's gift package she prepared for Scooby.

    Emailed to Norma & John Forbush on Mar. 2, 2017.

    Mailed to Carl Swanson on Mar. 4, 2017 as he was recuperating from an accidental fall injuring his shoulder and hip. Carl called me on Mar. 8, 2017 and thanked me profusively. He really liked the poem and card, and thought I should publish my poems. It seemed to touch him very much.

    POEM: I HAVE CONNECTIONS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ in the heavens.


    I have someone up above,
    Watching over me with love.

    He is the One I look to,
    He's there to see me through.

    He has never let me down,
    Plants my feet on solid ground.

    No matter what my needs,
    I'll follow where He leads.

    He forgives me when I fall
    He listens when I call.

    He's there through thick and thin,
    Always ready to take me in.

    He picks me up when I stumble,
    Forgives me if I'm humble.

    He helps me on my spiritual journey,
    Acts as my heavenly attorney.

    He's my intercessor, that I know,
    Stands in for me as onward I go.

    I may fail, but He's always faithful,
    He forgives, I am eternally grateful.

    My connections are open and never busy,
    Neither do they get me all in a tizzy.

    There's a clear line between me & my Savior,
    That's why I try to be on my best behavior.

    If I'm wrong, I make proper corrections,
    In Christ, I have true connections.

    When I call He knows and hears my voice,
    It's up to me to set the time ~ my choice.

    How great to know the person who's in charge,
    Seek the Lord, and your tent, He will enlarge.

    I have connections ~ that's my line,
    And it's open 24/7 ~ all the time.


    David S. Shupe
    September 16, 2013


    Fourteen (14) people posted like: Judy Link Salvatore, Marjorie Latzko, Jerry Miller, Millie Outten, Geri Elliott, Carol Cunningham Brown, Samson Shupe, Pamela Shupe Finley, Ruth Owens, John Shupe, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson and Pat Oakley Shupe.

    Mailed this poem to Gerald Willey before his 72nd birthday in March 2015.

    Gave this poem to Dawn & Johnny Gibson on March 31, 2015 when they dropped off Elaine's birthday card and presents.

    Mailed this poem to Dave and Heather, along with their birthday cards (plus $50 for Heather), for their 56th and 15nd birthdays, respectively on March 31, 2015.

    Posted to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's FB Messenger page on July 2, 2016. Her response on July 3, 2016:: CeCe Edmonds Offidani: Thank you once again David, what a lovely poem!!! I miss you both and Scooby. I need to plan a visit ...😃.

    Posted to Daniel Richardson's Facebook Messenger page for his wife, Debbie Richardson on Jan. 17, 2017.

    Re-posted poem to my Facebook Timeline on March 10, 2017. Willie Radford and Trisha Fearer liked the poem.

    Response by Norma Littleton Forbush on March 14, 2017: Oh, I love it. If I might say, one of your better ones. Now, they all are good. David S Shupe: Thanks Norma, and you always encourage me to be more than I can be.

    Pat Short: Takes my breath away...such beauty in your words... March 17, 2017 at 10:58pm. David S Shupe: Wow Pat ~ I can always count on you! March 18, 2017 at 6:34am.

    Jerry Miller: Awesome cuz. March 18, 2017 at 1:18am. David S Shupe: Thanks Jerry! March 18, 2017 at 6:33am.

    POEM: I HAVE DECIDED ~ by David S. Shupe

    It's your decision!


    I have decided to follow Jesus,
    We need Him, not that He needs us.

    I have decided to follow where He leads,
    For He is the One Who meets my needs.

    I have decided to serve Him regardless of the cost,
    Because He gave everything to save the lost.

    I have decided to place my trust in Him,
    Doing anything else is nothing but grim.

    I have decided there is no other way,
    Than to trust in Jesus each and every day.

    I have decided money and wealth are not the answer,
    God owns it all, and He is the dispenser.

    I have decided He is the One who cares for my soul,
    He's the One Who saves, heals and makes me whole.

    I have decided He is the Way, Truth and the Life,
    He is with me in trouble, & delivers me from strife.

    I have decided He's there for me in every circumstance,
    And every facet of our life, He will improve and enhance.

    I have decided that there is no other way to be unenslaved,
    There's no other Name under heaven whereby I can be saved.

    I have decided that this world holds no attraction any more,
    Things of God attract my attention which I cannot ignore.

    I have decided that this world is not my home,
    I'm searching for a heavenly city, ever more to roam.

    I have decided that Christ is the one for me,
    The type individual we should all emulate to be.

    I have decided I owe Him my life for sure,
    And a place in heaven, He did for me secure.


    David S. Shupe
    December 3, 2012

    POEM: I KNOW GOD IS GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    A God Is poster

    (And He Always Will Be God)

    He's God in the lion's den.
    He's God on whom we depend.

    He's God in the fiery furnace.
    He's God saving those in earnest.

    He's God in the prison pen.
    He's God who is a true friend

    He's God when the storm rages.
    He's God who liberates all ages.

    He's God who saved our soul.
    He's God who made us whole.

    He's God when we feel ill.
    He's God who remains with us still.

    He's God in the operating room.
    He's God who lifts the gloom.

    He's God when our life we juggle.
    He's God fully aware of our struggle.

    He's God in sickness and health.
    He's God to poor and wealth.

    He's God when clouds arise.
    He's God in sunny skies.

    He's God when life takes a dive.
    He's God who helps us come alive.

    He's God when family fails us.
    He's God who never derails us.

    He's God whatever the circumstance.
    He's God in every instance.

    He's God when we're discouraged.
    He's God in whom we're anchoraged.

    He's God even if we're on dope.
    He's God at end of our rope.

    He's God when things look bleak.
    He's God available to all who seek.

    He's God when we feel bound.
    He's God who never lets us down.

    He's God when we feel frustrated.
    He's God who helps us be liberated.

    He's God who is so glorious.
    He's God who makes us victorious.

    He's God in our daily grind.


    David S. Shupe
    December 20, 2012

    Re: Poem: I Know God is God!‏

    Norma Forbush @ 10:22 PM on June 21, 2013 To: David Shupe ~ Uncle David: Thank you so much for your poems of encouragement. I love this one......Well, I did see the surgeon today. He just shaved the area today. I will know what he is going to do in a couple of weeks. He told me recovery was about 4 weeks. He said John will have to carry you around. He will be doing Mohs if he has to do anything. It's in a bad place then of course he has to do around the area.. It makes the area a lot bigger. He said this one may have come from the radiation that I had about a year ago. It's very close to that area. I also had a body scan today. He didn't find anything else. Thank God...!! We just came home from visiting Sandra. She had a knee replacement Monday. She was doing pretty good. She had to stay one extra day then the Dr had thought she would.. She will have therapy in her home two times a week for two weeks then she will go out to finish it. Well, I'll close for now as it's been a long day and I'm tired. Love, Norma.


    I believe God.

    (I Timothy 1:12)

    I know whom I have believed,
    And He calls me by my name.
    He turned my sinful life around,
    No way I'll ever be the same.

    When I walk through the waters,
    He keeps them from overflowing me.
    When I find myself in the fire,
    He keeps me from burning, you see.

    All things were created by Him,
    And by Him all things consist.
    He is always there for me,
    And by Him I'll always subsist.

    No man knows the Father but the Son,
    And He to whomsoever He reveals.
    A Truth only made known by the Spirit,
    This wisdom, the Holy Spirit distils.

    Our kingdom is a spiritual kingdom,
    For we walk by faith, not by sight
    Not something we see, but what we feel,
    The carnal can't discern what's right.

    Jesus said, "My kingdom's not of this world."
    These are the words from the Master.
    Refusing to accept His Words of Truth,
    Is a ticket for unmitigated disaster.

    He said, "I go to prepare a place for you,
    and will come back for you once again."
    This is something we'll one day truly see,
    because He died and took away our sin.

    Let us run the race well that's set before us,
    And enter boldly into that pearly gate.
    Realizing we're there because of God's grace,
    And appreciate that our sins He did negate.

    With all the various voices in the world today,
    I assuredly know whom I have believed.
    My faith is firmly established in Christ,
    And there's no way that I will be deceived.

    My God is more than able to keep that which
    I have committed unto Him against that day.
    For there is laid up for me in heaven,
    A crown of righteousness that fadeth not away.

    And not for me only is this Biblical promise,
    But to all that call upon His Majestic Name.
    His promises are inclusive to all of His Saints,
    We are precious in His sight all the same.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2015

    POEM: I PRAYED FOR YOU TODAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    I prayed for you today.


    The Lord laid you upon my heart,
    A message to you, He wanted to impart.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He saw you wrestling with pain & despair,
    And He knew you were in need of prayer.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    There are times you feel you're sinking fast,
    And at this rate, you feel you cannot last.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He sees your trepidation in the coming days,
    Wanting to deliver you from all malaise.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    The storms of doubt may attack your soul,
    Any progress you make is put on hold.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He knows when your mind is troubled,
    And His efforts to you will be re-doubled.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He's our Savior, and He knows what's best,
    He is able to put your mind at rest.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    You may feel the problems will never cease.
    But He is there, your burdens to release.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He is able to erase all doubt and fear,
    As He wants you to know He does care.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    When you look around & begin to lose hope,
    Just turn to Jesus, and He'll help you cope.
    . . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    In prayer, God fills our hearts with peace,
    And causes all turmoil & strife to cease.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    Jesus taught, always pray & don't give up,
    If we persist, He will fill our cup.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    He showers His peace on those who wait,
    His love for you is not subject to debate.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    Jesus is there when we need Him most,
    On His laurels, we can truly coast.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!

    Jesus said "Believe, and you will receive,"
    He died to grant us a royal reprieve.
    . . .So, I Prayed For You Today!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    February 1, 2016


    Emailed this poem to Elaine Dewey-Shupe on February 1. 2016.

    Posted this poem to Elkton, MD friend, Shirley Hayes Carroll's Facebook message page on January 7, 2016 as she was recovering from an operation. Her response: Thank you. Just re-installed messenger.

    Mailed this poem to a Lane relative, Judy Williams Pruitt on February 11, 2016 after learning from niece Norma that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

    Posted this poem to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's Facebook message page on February 12, 2016.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani replied on February 13, 2016 at 11:38 am: Oh my dear David, you have such a gift from our dear must feel when people are feeling like the world is crumbling down...i have been very depressed lately...not to where i cant function but just not motivated. I DO have many things in my life that sadden me . And i have no control. My husband who is slowly killing himself. My daughter who has an addiction problem also, and has my two beautiful grand daughters to take care doggie, my friend left me, even with still having five other dogs i still feel lonely, he truly was my best friend. I try my best not to burden anyone with my problems, because i really don't like being negative in any way. But i just want to say that your poem is truly amazing. It is like you looked into my soul and wrote down every feeling i was feeling...what a gift! Your poem brought tears to my eyes because it was so true in every, which way...what an amazing poem David. Beautiful...I pray to take care of others but i have to learn to pray for myself sometimes...i know He will hear me. Thank you so very much for reminding me to pray for myself and that He will hear. He does fill my heart with peace ...and He rewards me in many different ways, because i believe only in helping others, And whatever or whoever comes my way thats needs help , i am there...animals , people, plants, even an earthworm who has lost his way .lol. I truly, truly want to Thank you David for touching my heart are a very special man.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: March 9, 2016: Dearest David, I read over the conversation and , again, was so very amazed over your gift from God...and also how we will have our front porches to our mansions, as it says, and that Champ will be wagging his tail when i come up those steps...and my beautiful black horse, Diamond, with his beautiful wings, and all my other wonderful pets i have saved , that i cherished. I was thinking a lot what you wrote about your beautiful daughter Pam, and what pain you had gone through, and feeling like you could have done more....but David , you did everything you could have done. The love that you had showed her , was all that she needed. I felt that way about my Mum , that i should have done more, that i could have done more, but again all she needed in the end was knowing that i loved her David, you and I did what we needed to do , was to love them with all of our hearts , and when we walk up the stairs of our mansions, Pam will be there with open arms for you and my Mum for me with all of our you see , you DID all that you could do , for your lovely daughter , Pam. God bless you David....

    Hand carried this poem to neighbors, Dorothy Hudson, Hunter and Jack Goins on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2016, along with pastries that Elaine had made.

    Dorothy Hudson: Dorothy called on February 16, 2016 and thanked us for the poem, said it was beautiful. Also, she said she has read it over several times.

    Posted this poem on February 17, 2016 to Beverly Hurd's Facebook message page for her birthday, and for prayer for her severe back problem. Her response: Beverly Hurd: Thanks so much, David. My back is better, your poems are so inspiring. Thanks to you and Elaine. Prayers! David S Shupe: hanks Beverly ~ so glad your back is better!

    Posted this poem to Trisha Polidore's Facebook message page on February 21, 2016 after she posted the following message: Today has been so awful. Looking up because I have no idea what else to do. I'm lost.....asking for direction God. Take me. Her response to the poem: Trisha Nicole Polidore: Ty uncle David. I'm not in a good place right now. I know I'm being tested. I've recently joined a new amazing church....with my old youth group (from when I was a youth lol). My grandfather (my daddy's dad) had a tree fall on him yesterday. He was airlifted to Hopkins. That was simply what took me over the edge. This week has been challenging. My father in law was informed his heart is failing again and needs asap valve replacement. Then Blaires daycare mom was rushed to the hospital a pneumonia and it doesn't look good.

    And if that wasn't enough mom and Cory got into an argument. The relationship between them had been rocky since the beginning....but this argument was one for the books. I'm a "fix it" type of person. And I can't fix this stuff. So I am aware...I'm being tested. I've given it up. Which is so hard for me to do. I'm going to go now. Got to get ready for the trip to Hopkins. Thank you for your are always so uplifting. I love you uncle David!!!

    Sent this poem to Jim and Joy Nicholson via email on February 27, 2016 after Joy texted that Jim had fallen and broken/sprained his ribs and was in a lot of pain. Jim Nicholson: Thank you brother David.

    Joy Nicholson: Thank you for the poem, dear brother David. It ministered to me and I am sure that it ministered to Jim also. It is one of those times when we say, “Thanks!!! I needed that!!! I have been so overwhelmed lately with so much to do and not enough time or energy to do it – at home, work, and church. I must admit that I cried when I read the poem, but sometimes we do need a good cry! I have so much to be thankful for and we are so blessed!!! God is faithful!!! Thank you for your “words” that came at the opportune time – God’s timing is always perfect!!! We love and appreciate you both – and all your family – so very much!!! Thanking God for you…loving you…praying for you also!!! Joyful .

    Sent this poem a 2nd time to Joy Nicholson on March 1, 2016 based on her request for she had inadvertently distroyed it, and she wanted to send it to a friend in need. Her response: Got it!!! Thank you so much! I found it on my Word document and emailed it to the person! She said she cried when she read it (just like me!) It really blessed her!!! THANK YOU for your ministry in encouraging and blessing and comforting people with your God-given talent!!! You are a yielded, willing, caring vessel of our LORD!!! I love you very much!!! Joy.

    Mailed this poem to Neil and Nancy Hansen on March 16, 2016. She called me 3 days later, upon receipt, and thanked me for the poem. Said she would keep it in her meditations folder to use during her meditations.

    Mailed this poem to Melody Lane Popo on March 17, 2016. She called me on Sunday, March 20th to thank me for the poem and for the prayers. Said they were really needed and she appreciated us doing that for her.

    Mailed this poem to Jehu Shupe on March 17, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to Sharon Harris Moher on March 18, 2016.

    Posted this poem to Kathie Maxwell's Facebook message page on April 8, 2016, upon learning she was ill. Her response: Kathie Miller Kingery Maxwell on April 21, 2016: Thank you David....I apologize for not getting back to you. I was sick with a sinus infection but better now. I have been swamped with mother's needs and grandchildren. God is good and He is more than able to take care of all my situations. Take care and have a great day.

    Mailed this poem to Gerald/Sylvia on April 18, 2016 per his request as he needed it to send to a good friend who was having financial and health problems.

    Posted this poem to Cheryl Shupe Baker's FB Messenger 6:35 am May 4, 2016. She replied 7:01am ~ Cheryl Shupe Baker:Thank you so much, Uncle David!! That was beautiful!! I have struggled with depression most of my life. I take medication for it and that is usually enough, but I've been struggling through a very low period the last few months. Thank you so much for the prayer and the poem!! I love you!! David S Shupe: Thank you Cheryl for your beautiful response; and remember, if no one else is there for you just when you need someone, the good Lord is there around the clock 24/7, and our prayers are with you daily. Love you too.

    Mailed this poem to Melanie Bradley and her husband, Jason on May 3, 2016 after learning from her Facebook site that she was having a "flair-up" of breast cancer, and from her mother, Marjorie that Jason had lost his job as General Manger of the Rehoboth Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Her response on May 8, 2016: Melanie Latzko Bradley: Thank you so much for this, the email, and the poem you sent me. You and Elaine are so dear to me.

    Mailed this poem to Marjorie Latzko (Melanie's Mother) on May 3, 2016. Her response on May 5, 2016: Marjorie RE: Melanie 12:14 PM To: David Shupe from I received the copy of your beautiful poem today. Shed a few tears. Thank you.

    Mailed this poem to friend Hazel Brittingham on May 9, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to LPC friend Bette Mayer on May 9, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to LPC friend Alice Sturtz on May 9, 2016.

    Mailed this poem to LPC friend Mickey Vessels on May 10, 2016 at home recovering from knee surgery. Today in church, May 15, 2016, Jack her husband was there, and he thanked me for the poem and said that Mickey really liked the poem.

    Marjorie Latzko on May 28, 2016: Today has been a little rough with Melanie trying to recover from her chemo and Jason still looking for work. I re-read your poem, "I Will Always Pray for You" three times today. I really needed it. Thank you so much for sending your beautiful poems to us. You are very gifted. Love, Margie.

    Jim & Marion Ford: Mailed poem to the Fords, on December 2, 2016, along with a sympathy card on the death of their 39 year old daughter.

    Posted to Rita Hudson's Facebook Messenger page 5:10 am Jan. 4, 2017. Rita's response 5:43 am: Thank you so much David and Elaine for the beautiful thoughts and words. You will have to keep the faith for me. I love you both. I will hold your words in my heart today and always.
    Posted to Norma Littleton Forbush's Facebook Messenger page on Jan. 17, 2017 on hearing of her gallbladder operation this morning. Norma's response on Jan. 20, 2017: Thank you for my beautiful poem. U r so gifted. I'm doing pretty good I did have a problem with gas. The type they use to open you. It was in my chest and shoulder area. I actually thought I was having a heart attack. I called John and Michele around 1:00 am. They both got there around 1 30. The stayed the rest of the night. It let up some. They had not gotten me up to walk. I've been doing a lot of walking since I've been home. Thanks again for poem. How is Elaine doing?

    Mailed to David & Vickie Byrd, Missionaries to Guadamala on Jan. 20, 2017 with $100 check toward Melissa's hospital bill.

    POEM: I REALLY LIKE IT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Outline poster on the Christian Way!


    I really like this Christian way,
    I really like the benefits it will pay.
    I really like the promises we receive,
    I really like what we believe.

    I really like what Jesus did for us,
    Taking our place to make us just.
    I really like what God did too,
    Giving up His only Son for me & you.

    I really like His promise of redemption,
    Available to all without exemption.
    I really like His offer to "Whosoever will."
    Accept His offer, His salvation He will instill.

    I really like the promise of eternal life,
    Where we'll have no heartache or strife.
    I really like when He gave to me,
    His great salvation so full and free.

    I really like His promise of forgiving,
    When we can realize guilt-free living.
    I really like His compassionate love,
    Loving lowly sinners from heaven above.

    I really like the touch of His healing hand,
    Knowing our infirmities, He does understand.
    I really like the idea of His Salvation Plan,
    The only way to get to heaven known to man.

    I really like it that the just shall live by faith,
    Substance of things hoped for, not a mere wraith.
    I really like it that faith in Christ makes us clean,
    The evidence of things not yet seen.

    I really like He has not given us the spirit of fear,
    But power, love and a sound mind to revere.
    I really like that He takes away the sin of the world,
    A powerful message He has given us to herald.

    I really like that He knows those that trust in Him,
    Without that trust, a person's chances are next to slim.
    I really like that if we seek His face, we shall prosper,
    This is done through listening to and obeying the gospel.

    I really like that with God nothing shall be impossible,
    Trust and obey, for any other way will be implausible.
    I really like being willing & obedient, to eat good of the land,
    We have such a solid foundation, on which to take a stand.

    I really like His Words are Life and Health to all our flesh,
    We become wholly new creatures and start life afresh.
    I really like that He has His way in the whirlwind and storm,
    Spreading wings over us to keep us safe, secure and warm.

    I really like the peace of God passing all understanding,
    He calms the tempests and storms of life, how astounding.
    I really like it when we take our burdens to Him in prayer,
    Knowing he'll never leave, forsake us, as He is always there.

    So you can tell I really like what God does for us,
    His word pierces to the very marrow without bother or fuss.
    So seek ye the Lord while He is near and may be found,
    There is no other Name under heaven enabling us to rebound.


    David S. Shupe
    October 1, 2012

    POEM: I SEE A BRIDGE~ by David S. Shupe

    A bridge to heaven.


    I see a bridge
    straight and wide.
    Leading us to
    the other side.

    On this bridge
    there is no toll.
    The fee's been paid
    For young & old.

    What a structure,
    built to last.
    Those who travel it
    have a forgiven past.

    Jesus paid our price
    & arranged our passage.
    We'll be traveling light,
    needing no baggage.

    A matter of faith
    in the Son of God.
    Going the way
    other Saints have trod.

    Spirits of loved ones
    preceded our journey.
    Made possible by
    our Heavenly Attorney.

    It's our connection
    from earth to glory.
    Leave here, arrive there
    that's our story.

    Not by any works
    that we have done.
    It's all made possible
    by God's only Son.

    We've made the transition
    to heaven above.
    Because of Christ's mercy
    and God's infinite love.

    We will have a mansion
    prepared by Jesus Christ.
    Over 2000 years in preparation,
    No brainer to say it'll suffice.

    Christians will receive
    an eternal pass
    Into the portals of glory.
    Home at last...


    Faith builds a bridge across the gulf of death.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    February 19, 2014

    *This poem was inspired by our long-time friend,
    Gayle King Harris of Norfolk, VA who sang a song
    by the same title at Norview and Kempsville, VA.


    May 27, 2014: Jim Nicholson, Cheryl Shupe Baker and Judy Kidd like this.

    Jim Nicholson and Judy Kidd shared this.

    Bonnie Mcfall: May 27, 2014: Another Wonderful Poem. I love that bridge to take us home one day! David has a way with thoughts and words! Thanks for Sharing.

    Jim Nicholson: May 27, 2014: Yes Bonnie, God has truly blessed David with a wonderful talent. His poems are always a blessing. I know David appreciates your remarks.

    David S Shupe May 28, 2014: You're welcome and thanks so much Bonnie for your kind comments. The thoughts and words come pretty easy when the Man upstairs supplies them and all you have to do is type them on the computer. And thank you once again Jim for sharing! And thank you too, Judy, for sharing the poem.

    David S Shupe: June 15, 2014. Emailed this poem to Gayle with the following comment: Composed this poem a few months ago. Your glorious rendition of the song, "I See A Bridge" was my inspiration since we heard it so many times over the years at Norview an later at Kempsville. Hope you enjoy it!


    Sent this poem to Jack Lesher on Nov. 17, 2014 on the death of his wife, Pat, on Nov. 12th.

    Sent this poem to Geri Lyn to make a copy for Sylvia, who requested it, in December 2014.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker likes this.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink shared this poem on Facebook.

    Cheryl Shupe Baker: Love this!! //December 15 at 1:38pm.

    Geri Elliott: Thanks Uncle David! I will make a copy for Mom tomorrow. December 15 at 10:20pm.

    David S Shupe : Thanks Cheryl. Thanks Geri.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Dave & Pam Jan. 7, 2015 commemorating the 24th anniversary of their mother's death.

    David S Shupe: From: "David Shupe"
    To: "Dave Gene" , "Dr. Pam Finley"
    Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 8:22:44 AM
    Subject: I See A Bridge!

    Dave & Pam:

    Well, 24 years ago today, your Mom went home to be with the Lord as you both well know. She went quietly in her sleep approximately 8 o'clock on a Monday morning with Dave and myself at her bedside. Ruth, Norma and George had left the room about 10 minutes earlier to go down to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast, the time Jean picked to die with just the two of us there, Dave. A sad ending after battling cancer for 3 1/2 years, but a new beginning for her as she entered Heaven's domain.

    As we reminisce, our thoughts go back to the many Christmases we all enjoyed together over the years, and the excitement prevalent around the house and in the air over the Christmas holidays, and the many presents we were privileged to open and enjoy. Also thought about our friends in the community, at Norview and Kempsville. Then I remembered the a couple of songs that Gayle used to sing, both at Norview and Kempsville, "I'm a Child of the King," and "I See a Bridge." She sang these, and others, many, many times, also singing them both at Jean's funeral service. So many months ago, using the title only, I composed the following poem which I thought would be appropriate to share with you at this particular time, as Jean crossed over that bridge 24 years ago:

    Dave Gene: 7:46 PM Jan. 7, 2015: To: David Shupe, Dr. Pam Finley: Beautifully said, Dad! I echo your sentiments as a son and will remember her the rest of my life as a loving and giving mother.

    Dr. Pam Finley to Shupe, David 1/7/2015: Good's comforting. Sad day though we will see her again one day and that is what always kept me going during the first months and years after she died. Now I'm at peace with whatever He has in store for me though it makes me sad for my family to have to go through all of this. As I have learned it is all for His glory.

    Mailed this poem to former neighbor and a widow, Hazel Brittingham on Sept. 30, 2015 since she is having serious eye problems. Her response via neighbor Dorothy Hudson when they had dinner together: Tell David many thanks for the lovely poem; I enjoyed it.

    David S Shupe added 2 new photos Oct. 22, 2015 — with Pamela Shupe Finley. David S Shupe Oct. 22, 2015: Thank God that Pam now has a heavenly address. We don't know what it is yet, but one day we will. We often refer to heaven as on the other side, that is, when we get to the other side. Well, to get to the other side, we have to cross a bridge (normally). I composed a poem less than years ago about that bridge to the other side. The title of the poem was inspired by our good friend, Gayle King Harris, who we were privileged to hear her sing a song by the same title many times in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. (See above.)

    Brian K. Minnix, Amy Fermil Spruill, Joanna Gunnells Shupe and 64 others like this.

    Judy Kidd: David ~ your words are beautiful, makes one want to see the other side. I am sure Jean and Pam are rejoicing night and day. October 22 at 9:10am. David S Shupe: Yes Judy, I'm sure they are too. We're grieving, while they are rejoicing and receiving! Knowing that makes it easier to accept. October 22 at 9:26am.

    Eleanor Kidd: I am so sorry, David. She was a beautiful person and I see how much she looked like Jean; you have a lovely family. I would love to see LITTLE DAVID; been years ;love you all. October 22 at 9:37am. David S Shupe: Thanks Sis. Kidd. You very well know the separation anxiety caused by the loss of a special person in your life. Dave's still fine, except he's taking loss of his sister worse than he did the loss of his mother. Love to see you too.

    Janie Christopher Chapman: She is truly HOME now. We will miss her but we will join her one day. Prayers for you and all of her family. heart emoticon. David S Shupe Thanks Janie, for your support & prayers.

    Noreta S. Morgan: David, what a beautiful poem....such a good explanation of that "other side". David S Shupe Thank you Noreta. Glad you liked it.

    Wanda Reed: Loved this poem and beautiful Pam!

    Catherine J Keiser: Thank you for another beautiful poem, David. My prayers continue for you and all the Shupes and Finleys. David S Shupe Thank you Catherine for your comments and most of all for your prayers.

    Dewey Stevens: Well stated David. Beautiful poem. David S Shupe Thanks Dewey!

    Charlotte Boyd · Friends with Scot Finley: Such a beautiful poem. We will miss Pam so much. She was such a beautiful person, inside and out. David S Shupe Thank you Charlotte for your touching comments. Pam was a unique daughter. Naturally, we will so miss her smile, her laughter, her love, but thank God, we have such good memories.

    Norma Littleton Forbush shared your post October 22 at 1:32pm: My goal is to someday have a Heavenly address. Six people like this. To all who don't know...Pam is my cousin......Our mothers were sister's ..................... Her father wrote this poem......Oct. 31, 2015.

    Elsa Gloria Olivos Carrasco shared your post October 22, 2015 at 11:43am.

    John Cathy Payne shared your post on Oct. 22, 2015: Pam was one of our young people in our early ministry at Norview. What a beautiful poem written by a great Father and man of God. God bless the family in your loss. - John. You and 25 others like this. David S Shupe: Thanks John and Cathy, for your comforting words as well as words of others. The support from such friends as you two has been tremendous and eases the burden of the loss of Pam. John Cathy Payne: We continue to pray with and for you. She was extraordinary. Cathy

    Pamella Williams: Oh Sister John Cathy Payne, I read it and am blessed by his words. Beautiful words, touching and down right inspirational. May her soul rest in peace . John Cathy Payne Thank you so much.

    Linda Lawson Aiken: What a beautiful and inspirational writing. God bless this precious soul's family.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared your post Oct. 22, 2015. Beautiful David!!! What a comfort to know!!!Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Joy Shupe Nicholson and 4 others like this.

    Linda Wells Jackson: Beautiful!

    Sue Graham shared your post on Oct. 22, 2015: Very good & worth sharing.

    Emailed this poem to neighbor Carl Swanson for his 86th birthday on June 9, 2016. He called me that same night, thanked me for the poem 2 or 3 times and said it meant a lot to him. He couldn't get over it. Thanked me again before we hung up. (Had also told him we would take him out for a birthday meal when he came back to Lewes.

    Mailed this poem to Harvey, Carolyn & Debbie Morris upon the death of our Delaware Hospice patient, Thelma Morris, Harvey's mother on June 12, 2016.

    Emailed to LPC friend, Bill Baughman on Mar. 4, 2017.

    POEM: I SHALL NOT BE MOVED~ by David S. Shupe

    Our anchor holds banner.


    When my world comes tumbling down,
    And it seems I'm steadily losing ground.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When I feel I'm becoming overwhelmed,
    And no one is on duty at the helm.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When it seems I've been forsaken,
    And I think I'm badly mistaken.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When I pray and seek the Lord's way,
    And things are still in total disarray.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When nagging doubts cloud my mind,
    And the future doesn't appear sublime.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When the way seems dark and drear,
    And the Lord seems no where near.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When a family member is "going through hell",
    And nothing I try seems to work or jell.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When the doctor gives us bad news,
    And we're experiencing subterfuge.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When the storms pound on the roof,
    And everything turns out to be uncouth.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When my faith suddenly becomes weak,
    And God's strength I fail to seek.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When I feel I'm being ignored,
    And my spirits have not soared.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    When the Lord doesn't answer today,
    And the answer doesn't come right away.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    For the Word of God is forever true,
    And He will always see me through.
    . . .I Shall Not Be Moved!

    My faith is anchored in Jesus Christ,
    No matter what happens, His grace will suffice.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 20, 2014


    Adrienne Scott, Michaela Schmitt, Pam Shupe Finley, Jim Nicholson, Shirley Poynter, Jeffery Lee Williams, Geri Elliott, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Typhany Batson and Shirley Hayes Carroll like this ~ July 21, 2014.

    Shirley Poynter: Beautiful! July 21, 2014.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Beautiful David.July 21, 2014

    Norma Littleton Forbush: If we trust in our Lord completely we can not be moved...So true and Uncle David this poem is beautiful and so true.....July 21, 2014.

    Jim Nicholson: Thank you David! Beautiful!

    Shirley Poynter and Shirley Hayes Carroll shared this. July 21, 2014.

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    David S Shupe: Thanks Shirley (Poynter, Hayes Carroll), Pat, Norma and Jim for sharing your thoughts/or sharing the poem.

    Annick Maubrey Hughes: Wow ! beautiful! July 21, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Unique Annick ~ July 21, 2014.

    Adrienne Scott: Thank you David. It was just what I needed! July 22, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Adrienne, that makes it worthwhile! July 22, 2014.

    Sent this poem to Hunter, Jack & Clint Goins on March 15, 2015 when Hunter was having all her back problems and considering back surgery.

    Sent this poem to Jean Mike Davis for their anniversary, along with an anniversary card.

    Hand carried this poem to Pam and Scot on April 16, 2015 when I paid them a 4 day visit.

    POEM: I SURRENDER LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    I Surrender All poster.


    I raise the white flag,
    And surrender to your will.
    Help me to be willing,
    Yielded and still.

    Dissolve my resistance,
    Let me not be defiant.
    Change my heart Lord,
    Help me be compliant.

    Help me to faithfully
    Trust and obey.
    Follow the Spirit's leading,
    To start off each day.

    Cast aside preconceptions,
    That have held me back.
    I surrender them to You,
    To be on the right track.

    I lay aside all envy,
    That has entered my mind.
    I will firmly resolve,
    To treat others in kind.

    I'll surrender any bitterness,
    That has plagued my life.
    That will insure I'll experience
    Less heartache and strife.

    I surrender anger and wrath,
    That would control my disposition.
    The Lord repays evil for what it is,
    And negates unlawful opposition.

    I surrender any wrong thoughts,
    That tend to surface.
    I will withhold any comments
    That make others nervous.

    I surrender my pride,
    So please help me to be humble.
    Give me wisdom to relate,
    So I don't ignorantly bumble.

    I surrender any hatred,
    For those that do me wrong.
    Help me to be forgiving,
    For that will make me strong

    I surrender malice,
    For those who do offend.
    For many are the corrupt,
    Whose actions I cannot defend.

    I surrender to Your Name,
    For it's the only One I can trust.
    It's a Name far above every name,
    Allegiance to that Name is a must.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 23, 2014

    POEM: I WAS WRONG~ by David S. Shupe

    Oops poster.


    I was wrong. . .

    When I thought American voters,
    Were smarter than the news media.
    That they wouldn't turn their backs
    On honesty/integrity for sake of expedia.

    I was wrong. . .

    When I thought the large majority,
    Would see through all the deception.
    Spouted by the media and politicians.
    Failing to realize depravity of perceptions.

    I was wrong. . .

    That our beloved country
    Wouldn't commit economic suicide.
    That they cared about children's future,
    While we continue to commit infanticide.

    I was wrong. . .

    That women thought of themselves
    As more than just "body parts."
    With all the abortions performed,
    Shows they're functioning with no hearts.

    I was wrong. . .

    About the wisdom of the electorate,
    Having an inkling of what's taking place.
    Electing the leader of the free world,
    Who is destined to fall flat on his face.

    I was wrong. . .

    That better judgment would win out,
    And that common sense would prevail.
    When the voters actually pulled that lever,
    My good thoughts were of no avail.

    I was wrong. . .

    When I thought lying and deception
    Was something we all thought was wrong.
    But morality clearly took a back seat,
    As the voters voted all the day long.

    I was wrong. . .

    About everything I thought would never be,
    An ungodly Administration in the White House.
    Supporting everything in their power, anti-Biblical.
    The best word describing them is ~ LOUSE!

    But I am not wrong. . .

    The current administration is the biggest fraud
    Ever perpetrated on the American public.
    To see those things forced on us each day,
    Is enough to make one deathly sick.

    I am not wrong. . .

    That this once great nation,
    Is in dire need of sustained prayer.
    That every Bible-believing Christian
    Should be on their knees, hour by hour.

    I am not wrong. . .

    That the Lord is far from the wicked,
    But He hears the prayer of the righteous.
    The Lord shall laugh at the wicked,
    Seeing the end for those so mendacious.

    I am not wrong. . .

    That lying is an abomination with God,
    And liars will have their place in the lake of fire.
    The majority can ignore it all they want,
    But one day, all this will truly transpire.

    I am not wrong. . .

    That the wicked shall be turned into hell,
    And all nations that forget God.
    This is not the way of our founding fathers,
    Nor the way Saints of old have trod.

    I am not wrong. . .

    God's curse is on the house of the wicked,
    But He blesses the habitation of the just.
    To enter that one-way street to heaven,
    Turning to Christ as Savior is a must.

    I am not wrong. . .

    They which plow iniquity and sow wickedness,
    Shall be consumed and totally perish.
    Their end will be something to be feared,
    Nothing that the righteous would care to cherish.

    I am not wrong. . .

    The Lord will abhor bloody and deceitful men,
    And shall destroy all those that speak lies.
    If anyone thinks they're getting away with such,
    Then they're going to be in for a big surprise.

    I am not wrong. . .

    That the Lord is against them who do evil,
    And they will answer for their evil deeds.
    Contrary to all those who strive to do good,
    The Lord is always there to meet their needs.


    David S. Shupe
    November 9, 2013

    POEM: I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE~ by David S. Shupe

    I Believe in God poster.


    Though the Lord appears to be far away,
    And we still can't see the light of day.
    . . . I will still believe!

    Though we sometimes feel we've been abandoned,
    And our positive outlook has not expanded.
    . . . I will still believe!

    News is bad while disaster appears to loom,
    Looking ahead we see darkness and gloom.
    . . . I will still believe!

    Situations happen that tear at our heartstrings,
    It's as if our prayers go up, but just fail to cling.
    . . . I will still believe!

    Thinking about all the prayers that have been sent,
    Although those prayers don't seem to make a dent.
    . . . I will still believe!

    Though we pray and seek, still nothing happens,
    It's as if we're devoid of all spiritual weapons.
    . . . I will still believe!

    Our intellect may not help us win this race,
    And we may fall down flat on our face.
    . . . I will still believe!

    We pray and seek, a loved one dies anyway,
    So the question arises, why even pray?
    . . . I will still believe!

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    And from your side, He will never depart.

    Thank you Lord for the Word of Truth,
    It will always stand against wrong & the uncouth.

    The race is not to the fastest person on the track,
    But to the one who overcomes & doesn't look back.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 27, 2014


    Pamela Shupe Finley and Cheryl Shupe Baker like this ~ July 27, 2014.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Amen.....I will still believe too.....July 27, 2014.

    POEM: I WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus, our navigator!


    When you pass through the waters,
    They won't overflow or cause you to drown.
    When you pass through the rivers,
    I'll make sure you reach higher ground.

    When you walk through the fire,
    I'll see that you are not burned.
    Neither shall the hot flame kindle on you,
    For you are mine, and I am concerned.

    If you're unsure where you stand with Christ,
    Visualize His hand upon your shoulder.
    Knowing He's never far from any one of us, and
    Our vision of Him is in the eyes of the beholder.

    When you are diagnosed with a disease,
    He will be there to ease the mental stress
    When the dreaded surgery takes place,
    He'll be there to minimize your duress.

    I will never leave you or forsake you He states.
    That is His solemn promise from above.
    He proved just how much He cared for us,
    While yet sinners, He died for us out of love.

    He will be with you and keep you wherever you go
    No one is able to pluck you out of his grasp.
    This is His promise, and He cannot lie,
    You can be assured, your hand He'll always clasp.

    You can look for Him, but you can't see Him,
    In the midst of turmoil and storms, He is there,
    He's a Spirit, and the natural eye cannot perceive,
    But since He's omnipresent, He is everywhere.

    You may think that He's nowhere to be found,
    He is by your side when you're in trouble,
    You can't see Him, but can sense His presence,
    He's there for you, to deliver you from the rubble.

    The salvation story is there for the world to heed,
    Hark, listen for the words, Jesus Himself did herald
    A message that is of comfort to all mankind, "



    David S. Shupe
    December 20, 2012


    David Shupe: Sent this poem to Ellie Ziegler after we learned Sunday, April 28, that Ellie had just came through hip surgery. Below is her response.

    Ellie Ziegler: 2:45 p.m. May 3, 2013 via phone message. Thank you. Received your beautiful poem yesterday. Thank you so much. What a true inspiration that is, and it means so much to me. I just have nice memories when we were all in Steven Ministry together. I'm doing well ~ being pushed a bit, but thanks again and have a great day. God bless. Bye!

    Sent this poem to Pam, date not listed.

    POEM: I WILL FOLLOW ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus teaching!


    Jesus said, "Follow me to become fishers of men."
    I will follow Him, and for the kingdom take a stand.

    I will follow Jesus in sickness and in health,
    I will follow Him through poverty or wealth.

    I will follow Jesus though the path may be dreary,
    I will follow Him though I grow tired and weary.

    I will follow Jesus over hill and valley,
    I will follow Him taking no time to dally.

    I will follow Jesus over the mountain top,
    I will follow Him with no intention to stop.

    I will follow Jesus for the rest of my life,
    I will follow Him to expose sin and strife.

    I will follow Jesus to spread His infallible Word,
    I will follow Him to alert those who haven't heard.

    I will follow Jesus to help my fellow man,
    I will follow Him and help them to understand.

    I will follow Jesus as best as I possibly can,
    I will follow Him to tell others of His salvation plan.

    I will follow Jesus though my shoe soles are wearing thin,
    I will follow Him and face hardships with a grin.

    I will follow Jesus over rough terrain and smooth,
    I will follow and stick with Him like a tongue-in-groove.

    I will follow Jesus for our spiritual reward is eternity,
    I will follow Him for heaven is a promised certainity.

    Thank you Lord for giving me a desire to follow You,
    Standing on your promises that You'll see us through.


    David S. Shupe
    March 29, 2013

    POEM: I WILL FOLLOW JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Follow Jesus to the end banner.


    I will follow Jesus,
    Where ever He leads.
    I will follow Jesus,
    As He meets my needs.

    I will follow Jesus,
    To the very end.
    Then in heaven,
    A new life will begin.

    I will follow Jesus,
    If the world disapproves.
    I will follow Jesus,
    If all others stay confused.

    I will follow Jesus,
    Though it may not be cool.
    I will follow Jesus,
    At home, work or at school.

    I will follow Jesus,
    If all others forsake me.
    I will follow Jesus,
    For He alone set me free.

    I will follow Jesus,
    For time is getting short.
    I will follow Jesus,
    And Him I will exhort.

    I will follow Jesus,
    To the end of the world.
    I will follow Jesus,
    His banner I will unfurl.

    I will follow Jesus,
    Thru sickness and in health.
    I will follow Jesus,
    In poverty and wealth.

    I will follow Jesus,
    For the end is in sight.
    I will follow Jesus,
    Running with all my might.

    I will follow Jesus,
    Come what may.
    I will follow Jesus,
    To realize a better day.

    I will follow Jesus,
    For the Spirit tells me to.
    I will follow Jesus,
    For His Word is true.

    I will follow Jesus,
    As He said, "FOLLOW ME."
    I will follow Jesus,
    From here to eternity.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 10, 2014


    God is hope banner.


    I will hope and never quit,
    For God gives me stamina & grit.

    I will hope and seek His face,
    He gives us strength to up the pace.

    I will hope and trust His Name,
    For He keeps us in the game.

    I will hope and seek His will,
    For my anguish He does feel.

    I will hope if hoping seems hopeless,
    For what God can do is incredulous.

    I will hope when illness/disease persist,
    For God's help I do urgently enlist.

    I will hope when my body feels so weak,
    For God's strength I do urgently seek.

    I will hope when the pain is excruciating,
    For my God is in the business of eliminating.

    I will hope when discouragement appears,
    For God has never left me in arrears.

    I will hope though the future looks cloudy
    For He keeps events from becoming so rowdy.

    I will hope if evil seems to be winning,
    The Bible says there's an end to all the sinning.

    I will hope for there's a better day ahead,
    For the Lord will destroy all fear and dread.

    I will hope for there is no other viable way,
    Basking in heaven's Sonshine makes it all A~OK.


    If we focus on life's obstacles,
    Then faith will give way to dread.
    But eyes of faith fixed on Christ,
    Give hope for what's ahead. ~ D. De Haan!



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 13, 2014


    David S Shupe: Mailed this poem to Melanie Bradley on Thursday, June 19, 2014, since she is dealing with a 2nd reoccurence of breast cancer.

    David S Shupe: Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot on Sunday, July 13, 2014.

    Hand carried this poem to Carolyn and Harvey Morris when going to sit with his 94 year old mother who is terminally ill in April 2015.

    POEM: I WON'T GIVE UP ~ by David S. Shupe

    Come this far so I won't give up.


    I won't give up. . .
    I'm in this spiritual race to win.
    Christ did all the hard work,
    Sacrificing His Life for our sin.

    I won't give up. . .
    When a loved one dies.
    For one day we'll see them again,
    At that meeting in the skies.

    I won't give up. . .
    If my marriage is on the brink.
    For we vowed for better or worse,
    And together we are linked.

    I won't give up. . .
    When I receive devastating news.
    For I serve a risen Savior,
    Who is able to diffuse.

    I won't give up. . .
    For I see victory ahead.
    My life is hid in Christ,
    So there's nothing to dread.

    I won't give up. . .
    Even if I fall down once more.
    For the Lord gives me inner strength,
    And my failures, He does ignore.

    I won't give up. . .
    Although the day seems dark & dreary.
    For the good Lord comes on the scene,
    Keeping me from becoming so weary.

    I won't give up. . .
    Even if the whole world caves.
    For Jesus paid the ultimate price;
    All who accept are no longer slaves.

    I won't give up. . .
    When my world is all a jumble.
    For this is one of the ways,
    That the good Lord keeps me humble.

    I won't give up. . .
    When there seems to be no hope.
    For God's Spirit deep within me,
    Gives me faith and strength to cope.

    I won't give up. . .
    For Christ is my solid foundation.
    No matter the rocks that block my path,
    He intercedes for every confrontation.

    I won't give up. . .
    For with Christ, we'll be joint heirs.
    So we're living for that glorious day,
    And we'll not be taken unawares.

    I won't give up. . .
    Even if I feel abused and smitten.
    For the Good Book promises me,
    In Glory, I'll have a New Name Written.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 15, 2017


    Posted to Gerilyn Willey Elliott's Facebook Messenger page on February 15, 2017. Geri's response: Thank you so much for sharing! I will print off a copy for Bryan as well! God gives you the words to say to encourage others in a beautiful way. Love you!

    POEM: IF GOD IS DEAD ~ by David S. Shupe

    If God is dead banner.


    If God is dead,
    Who's that living within my soul,
    Washed me clean and made me whole?

    If God is dead,
    Why do I still hear that still small voice,
    Prompting me to make a right spiritual choice?

    If God is dead,
    Who am I talking to right now.
    All such frivolous claims He will disallow.

    If God is dead,
    Why do I feel He still loves me so,
    Wherever I travel, He's there to help me go?

    If God is dead,
    Why this strong urge to worship Him,
    When my spiritual cup is filled to the brim?

    If God is dead,
    Why am I convicted of wrongdoing,
    And a right path I'm persuaded to be pursuing?

    If God is dead,
    Why does He keep confirming His Word,
    His Way is Truth, as I've always heard?

    If God is dead,
    Why do I feel such a burning desire,
    To share His love, to which I fervently aspire?

    If God is dead,
    Who gives me strength to face each day,
    Sheds His light on my path, along the way?

    If God is dead,
    Why do I still feel convicted of sin,
    And desire all evil to desist and end?

    If God is dead,
    Why do I feel my burden has been lifted,
    And my sins have far away drifted?

    If God is dead,
    Why do I still have a hope for the hereafter,
    For this old world is headed for disaster?

    If God is dead,
    The world would not be reeling on its axis,
    As it's His power that controls the earth's taxis.

    If God is dead,
    Why are we still among the living,
    He's the Source of Life, doing the giving?

    If God is dead,
    There's no way that life on earth could persist,
    If the Creator & Sustainer of all life did not exist.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 21, 2014


    Posted this poem to Facebook on March 19, 2015.

    Trisha Nicole Polidore, Jeffery Lee Williams, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Judy Kidd like this ~ March 19, 2015.

    Judy Kidd How can God be dead ? Spirit can never die ! God is a Spirit they that worship Him. Must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

    David S Shupe Absolutely right Judy! You nailed it. March 19, 2015.

    Jeffery Lee Williams shared David S Shupe's photo March 19, 2015.

    Two people like this: Susan Kuhn Robinson and Faith Hastings Daye.

    Lisa Wilson shared David S Shupe's photo March 19, 2015. Beautiful poem, Jeffery Lee Williams.

    Jeffery Lee Williams: My uncle David! Lisa Wilson Thought it was him...!!! Beautiful ....March 19, 2015.

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    Buz Hughes, Pastor, LPC: Hi David, Great poem! Thanks for sharing it! Blessings, Buz. March 21, 2015.

    LPC included this poem in the monthly LPC Newsletter for July 2015: Beverly Hurd and Richard Rohrbach commented on Sunday, July 20th that they had seen the poem and liked it. Additionally, John Gilmore, Director of Habitat for Humanity in Georgetown called on July 23 and said he appreciated the poem, that it was well done, just great, and he had to call and thank me for writing it.
    Hand carried this poem to Sylvia & Gerald on April 17, 2016 when we met them for an early dinner at PilotTown Restaurant in Milton for their treat for Elaine's belated birthday,

    POEM: I'LL NEVER WALK ALONE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus walking beside a child.


    I'll never walk alone,
    For Jesus walks beside me.
    He is there to provide comfort,
    And He's there to guide me.

    I'll never walk alone,
    For this is His promise.
    Said He'll never leave me,
    Never be a doubting Thomas.

    I'll never walk alone,
    For He is a faithful friend.
    He sticks closer than a brother,
    Will be with me to the end.

    I'll never walk alone,
    For He calls me by name.
    He never vacillates or changes,
    He is always the same.

    I'll never walk alone,
    So erase all doubt and fear.
    Even though you may not see Him,
    You'll find He's always near.

    I'll never walk alone,
    For we have His assurance.
    Said He'd be with us always,
    He's there to provide endurance.

    I'll never walk alone,
    Even in the darkest night.
    He's there to direct my pathway,
    And leads me to the light.

    I'll never walk alone,
    This is His decision.
    I've committed my life to Him,
    Between us, there's no division.

    I'll never walk alone,
    So precious is His Word to me.
    He is my faithful companion,
    Truthful and mighty is He.

    I'll never walk alone,
    No matter where I wonder.
    He may rule from up above,
    But He's with us down under.

    I'll never walk alone,
    As long as I walk with God.
    He'll always walk with me,
    As along His pathway I trod.

    I'll never walk alone,
    So never will I fear.
    No matter what befalls me,
    Jesus is always near.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 13, 2015


    Hand carried this poem to Hunter and Jack Goins on August 25, 2015 as she invited us over for snacks and drinks.

    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot Finley on Sept. 11, 2015.

    David S Shupe to ‎CeCe Edmonds Offidani Nov. 3, 2015: CeCe: ~ In your response to our poem, "The Good Lord Knows," you happened to mention that you sometimes feel all alone, as we all do at times I'm sure. About 2 1/2 months ago I did compose a poem about that very subject, so I'll post it here just for you.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani likes this ~ Nov. 4, 2015: CeCe: David, you truly have a gift from God...He has given you the tools,wisdom, and the compassion to pass His words along, especially when are an inspiration to all who meet you, and again, an angel here on earth chosen by God to help people in times of need, even when you are going through difficult times...thank you very much for sharing that uplifting...thank you David.

    David S Shupe: Awww gee, CeCe. You're too much. I'm just a little pen in the hands of a great and a mighty GOD, as a great lady once said. If there is any good in what I write, He deserves the credit for it all. He instigates and prompts the words and I merely commit them to typing. Without Him, we can do nothing worthwhile. He is the essence of my being, and the Bible is my road map. I'm just thankful that the little I do may offer some encouragement to those who may need a good word now and then to help them along on this journey to heaven. Thanks for your lovely expressions from your heart.

    David S Shupe: Shared this on Joanna Gunnels Shupe's Facebook page after she posted about being stabbed in the back and being alone. December 7, 2015. Joy Shupe Nicholson, Christy May and Gary D McFarlan like this.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson shared the poem on December 7, 2015. Joanna Gunnells Shupe likes this.

    Mailed this to Bette Mayer, 90 year old LPC widow friend on November 30, 2015: We bumped into her in the church vestibule on Sunday, December 6, 2015 and she thanked us profusively for the poem, and for us keeping her on our poem list and not forgetting about her. She gave us a big hug.

    Posted this poem to Lorrie Button's Facebook page on December 2, 2015. Lorrie is a breast cancer survivor and the mother of a friend, Dr. Karie Button, a peditrician working in the Children's Hospital in Boston, MA.

    Hand carried this poem to Hunter and Jack Goins on December 4, 2015. Hunter called later that evening and thanked us for the poem with a letter.

    Hand carried this poem to Dorothy Hudson on December 4, 2015 with a letter.

    Mailed this poem to a former widow neighbor, Hazel Brittingham on December 5, 2015 with a letter.

    Mailed this poem to an LPC friend for his 1st Christmas since his wife died during the year, December 7, 2015. He sat with us at church Sunday during the annual cantata and he thanked us for the poem.

    Posted this poem to an LPC friend, Nancy Davis' Facebook message page on December 25, 2015 for her 82nd birthday, also on this date. She is a widow of several years.

    Mailed this poem to Arelia Holmes on April 16, 2016, along with a note and $100 in spending money.

    Emailed this poem to Johnny and Dawn Gibson on their anniversary July 2, 2016.

    Posted this poem to Jamie & Jethro Klink's FB Messenger page on July 2, 2016, their 18th anniversary. Her response: Thank you uncle David. 😊.

    Emailed to Marjorie Latzko on July 15, 2016 for her 87th birthday. Her response: Re: Happy Birthday Marjorie! To: David Shupe: Lots of tears today. Feeling blessed. Thank you for your beautiful poem.

    Emailed to Melody Lane Popo on July 28, 2016 for her birthday.

    Emailed to Melanie Lastzko Bradley, along with a message on July 30, 2016.

    Mailed to LPC friend Bill Baughman on October 18, 2016, along with a card for his birthday. Bill told me in church October 30, 2016 that he really enjoyed the poem. Thanked me for it and said he shared it with his family, and mailed them a copy of it too.

    Posted to Lutie's Facebook Messenger page on November 22, 2016 in remembering her, husband Al and niece Jacquline who has been diagnosed with cancer. Lutie's response: Lutie Ewers Davis: Oh, David, thanks to both you & Elaine. You are such a gifted poet. Yes, this walk is quite lonely at times, but through God we manage to make each day as it comes. Thanks again. Blessings, Lutie. David S Shupe: Thanks Lutie for your lovely response. Any gift I have, and if it blesses anyone, I attribute it totally to the good Lord. Without Him, we could do nothing, and would be nothing. He is our everything. We thank God for His blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Emailed to Dave Gene Shupe on Jan. 27, 2017 in memory of his mother's 82nd birthday, if she was still living.

    POEM: I'LL TRUST IN GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Trust in God no matter what.


    I'll trust in GOD, for He loves me so,
    I'll trust in GOD, when He tells me no.
    I'll trust in GOD, through thick and thin,
    I'll trust in GOD, to help me make it in.

    I'll trust in GOD, when things go wrong,
    I'll trust in GOD, all the day long.
    I'll trust in GOD, as He knows my heart,
    I'll trust in GOD, for He'll never depart.

    I'll trust in GOD, when we're all forsaken,
    I'll trust in GOD, and be no way mistaken.
    I'll trust in GOD, when the going gets rough,
    I'll trust in GOD, as He's more than enough.

    I'll trust in GOD, for He is all glorious,
    I'll trust in GOD, for he makes me victorious.
    I'll trust in GOD, to keep me on the right path,
    I'll trust in GOD, to be my supporting staff.

    I'll trust in GOD, when doubts cloud my mind,
    I'll trust in GOD, rather than relying on mankind.
    I'll trust in GOD, when my life begins to plummet,
    I'll trust in GOD, to lead me back to the summit.

    I'll trust in GOD, when life is uncertain,
    I'll trust in GOD, for my life He will not shorten.
    I'll trust in GOD, when others try to put us to shame,
    I'll trust in GOD, for there is no other name.

    I'll trust in GOD, at the end of my rope,
    I'll trust in GOD, even when the world says nope.
    I'll trust in GOD, when a loved one contacts a disease,
    I'll trust in GOD, as He puts my mind at ease.

    I'll trust in GOD, when the world ridicules my faith,
    I'll trust in GOD, to always keep me safe.
    I'll trust in GOD, to shelter me under His care,
    I'll trust in GOD, for to me He's always there.

    I'll trust in GOD, amidst all the unbearable pain,
    I'll trust in GOD, for the end will be my gain.
    I'll trust in GOD, if the pain doesn't go away quickly,
    I'll trust in GOD, when I still feel so very sickly.

    I'll trust in GOD, when facing a serious operation,
    I'll trust in GOD, as He knows my every situation.
    I'll trust in GOD, when facing a prolonged convalescence,
    I'll trust in GOD, as everything I believe, He's the essence.

    I'll trust in GOD, before and after everything fails,
    I'll trust in GOD, because by comparison, all else pales.
    I'll trust in GOD, when facing chemo and radiation,
    I'll trust in GOD, as He provides sustaining remediation.

    I'll trust in God, when a serious accident mars my life,
    I'll trust in GOD, to minimize all pain and strife.
    I'll trust in GOD, when there seems to be no way,
    I'll trust in GOD, to provide and take me to a better day.

    I'll trust in GOD, to take my part,
    I'll trust in GOD, for He lives in my heart.
    I'll trust in GOD, when things fail to go smooth,
    I'll trust in GOD, as He is my tongue-in-groove.


    David S. Shupe
    July 26, 2013


    David Shupe: July 26, 2013 Shirley, so sorry you're still having these severe problems. We'll keep you in prayer each day. Composed this poem yesterday, so thought you'd be the first one to receive it. Hope it helps a little and all the prayers even more so.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: A Poem of Encouragement by my childhood friend David Shupe, July 26, 2013. Enjoy it and be blessed as I was.

    Six people: Michele Hebditch, Jean Keithley, Carl Wynn, Patricia Carroll, Jean Keithley and Ida Forest Pierce like this.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: July 27, 2013: Oh I needed that. Will print and keep close at hand to read and reread.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: July 27, 2013: Keep using your beautiful God-given talent for his glory and for blessing others.

    David S Shupe: July 27, 2013: Shirley, so glad the poem did bless and help you. Just give God all the glory and He will see you through these unsavory ordeals. He's the One that gives me the inspiration for the writings; I'm just typing the words. God be with you.

    Ida Forest Pierce July 27: 2013: Thank you, David. This sure did encourage me, also. GOD bless you!!

    Carol Beavers July 27, 2013: AMEN! Beautiful Poem, Just trust In Him. Thanks Shirley for sharing this with us.

    On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 8:36 PM, David Shupe wrote: Annick ~ Thank you so much for you and Adrienne's visit while I was in the hospital, and especially for your fervent prayers before you left. It worked because I'm home and improving each day. Your visit and prayers mean so much. We try to lift you and Buz, your family and the church up in prayer each day too as prayer changes things. Other than our prayers and support for Buz's ministry, there's not a lot that we feel we do these days, but I will "torture" you with another poem I wrote while I've been recovering. Thanks again.

    Annick Hughes: 8/02/13. Dear David, That is an AWESOME poem. I hope that they will let us publish it at least in the newsletter!!!!! The kids need to hear it. They just finished Bible school tonite. As for prayer, it was Adrienne and my priviledge to pray with you and Elaine. We are sooooo glad that you are better David. About your ease in writing, would it be possible for you to write a short testimonial this time about our photography session? If you could include "unique Annick" that would make it especially special. Testimonials are a must for the business. I am trying to get all my photographs organized, so hopefully yours will be up soon! I do love the one that you put on the back of my birthday poem. Blessings and health to both of you ( i would encourage you to put healing scripture on 24/7 in a CD player---lots of testimonials about the power of that!). Annick. ps. your prayers mean a LOT!

    On Aug 3, 2013, at 11:38 AM, David Shupe wrote: Dear Geri, Sylvia & Gerald (Matt too): Thank you so much for your phone call and your prayers while I was dealing with Acute Pancreatitis at home and in the hospital. The prayers meant so much, and they worked as I'm home feeling a little better each day. Because I can't offer you too much, I'll just bore you with another poem I composed while recuperating at home. Thanks again!

    Geri Willey Elliott: Uncle David, Thank you so much for sharing that poem with us! I need to print it off and hang it in the office. We will continue to pray for you, but I am glad to hear you are feeling some better. Love you! Geri ~ Sent from my iPhone 2:58 p.m. Aug. 3, 2013.

    Adrienne Scott: Aug. 3, 2013: Dear David, I love it!!! You should submit it to Allison for our newsletter....there are many people in our congregation who could benefit! I am so happy you are feeling better....I am working again this weekend so don't know if I'll make it to church or not but my prayers are with you. Hugs, adrienne.

    David Shupe: Sent this to John on Aug. 5, 2013 as encouragement for his lengthy convalescence.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll, Melody Lane Popo, Jim Nicholson and Jamie Nicholson Klink like this ~ August 5, 2013.

    John Shupe: Thank you David. I am lost for words ~ Aug. 5, 2013.

    Allison Culpepper: Thanks for sharing that Dave - it is great! Would you mind if I keep it so I can put it in one of our future Newsletters? Hope you are feeling well. Allison.

    Ida Forest Pierce: Aug. 5, 2013: David, the poem you sent to Shirley is wonderful. I'll Trust In GOD was so stirring to my heart and expresses so exactly my love for JESUS and who HE is to/for me. I trust HIM in ALL SITUATIONS within my life. Thank you for sharing your gift with us on FB. GOD bless you, David. I hope to be able to read more of your gift. Ida Pierce

    Bill Baughman: Aug. 6, 2013: David, What a nice job you did. You missed your calling for sure. Glad to hear you are home and doing well. I have printed the poem and if its okay would like to show some friends. Have a great day. God Bless. Bill

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: David, what a beautiful poem...are you feeling better? I hope Elaine and yourself are not upset with me .I have a lot going on and finding it very difficult to find quiet time to talk but things will be settling down soon. My doctor has not released me for work and said that i may not be able to actually groom again. I cannot move my neck with the flexability I need to scissor cut in detail and that holding a dog and trimming or bathing will be hard on me, not to mention my right hand is very painful to even write. They will have to take more xrays to find the problem...Im sorry to complain but this has been depressing me considerably. I just would like you both to know I think of all of you often, and hope Scooby is being treated gently. I pray that both of you are doing well...and hope to talk with you soon...God bless you!

    Norma Littleton Forbush: You just out do yourself each time you do another poem.....August 6 at 10:59pm.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson via text message on Sept. 10, 2013: We received the memorial card and poem today. Thanks so much. Read the poem to Jim and Sylvia just now on way to National Quartet Convention. It was a blessing to us all!!!. It ministered to us! We love you both so much.

    Emailed this poem to Pam, Scot, Elaine & Dave on Sept. 21, 2015.

    POEM: I'LL WAIT FOR THE LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Teach me Lord to wait poster.


    I'll wait for the Lord to work,
    For His people, He does not shirk.

    He'll be there when all else fails,
    For He's the One who always prevails.

    What to us seems totally implausible,
    To Him, all things are possible.

    He knows our needs before we ask,
    To Him, there is no difficult task.

    He's the mighty God of the universe,
    While we are weak, He is the reverse.

    When we feel He's forgotten our need,
    He mercifully increases our faith seed.

    We cannot get ahead of His divine plan,
    What He does is for the benefit of man.

    Don't try to second guess our Creator,
    For He's our helper, not a dictator.

    He gives us a choice, not a mandate,
    He wants us freely to participate.

    He gives us help when we give in,
    He cared enough to forgive our sin.

    When we're ill and cannot fully function,
    He's the One who increases our unction.

    So wait for the Lord and see the results,
    In the end, the one who waits, exults.

    Thank you Lord, for blessing those who wait,
    For we know that You proceed at Your own gait.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    March 29, 2014


    David Shupe: May 29, 2014: Hi Karie ~ I don't have your address or I would send this through regular mail. You know I write poems, but what you may not know is that I write many poems of encouragement for other people. I saw on your FB where your Mom has medical problems and I also saw on her FB that she is a Christian, so I'm taking the liberty to send this poem for her that I composed recently. She has been in our prayers since we heard about her illness. If you don't mind sending me your address I'll also send a hard copy of the poem for her. But right now, I'll copy it to your FB message for her so you can give it to her.

    Karie Button: June 11, 2014: Hi Dave! Thank you so much for your message and kind, thoughtful poem for my mum...I'm sorry for the delayed reply, work & moving have kept me busy! I will be on Herring Creek just as often when I move north, that's a promise I've made to myself! And I'm hoping I will see you and Elaine on june 14th for the summer party. All the best & warmest wishes your way...Karie.

    David Shupe: Thanks Karie for your response. Yes, Elaine and I are looking forward to seeing you Saturday at the summer party. Hope Rich is coming too.

    Emailed this poem to Pam, Scot, Dave and Norma on Oct. 3, 2014.

    POEM: I'll WALK WITH GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    I'll walk with God banner.


    I'll walk with God,
    Wherever He does lead.
    I'll walk with God,
    For He meets my every need.

    I'll walk with God,
    For that is the heavenly way.
    I'll walk with God,
    As I begin each and every day.

    I'll walk with God,
    Through the deepest valley.
    I'll walk with God,
    For He gives me strength to rally.

    I'll walk with God,
    Up the highest mountain.
    For He refreshes me,
    With His spiritual fountain.

    I'll walk with God,
    For this is His desire.
    I'll walk with God,
    To Him I will aspire.

    I'll walk with God,
    Though the journey is long.
    I'll walk with God,
    For He keeps me strong

    I'll walk with God,
    When the way seems bleak.
    I'll walk with God,
    And His face, faithfully seek.

    I'll walk with God,
    Even if it's politically incorrect.
    I'll walk with God,
    Because with Him, I can connect.

    I'll walk with God,
    In poverty and wealth.
    I'll walk with God,
    Through sickness and health.

    I'll walk with God,
    When I can no longer walk.
    I'll walk with God,
    When I can no longer talk.

    I'll walk with God,
    Until I can no longer roam.
    I'll walk with God,
    Until He calls me home.

    I'll walk with God,
    Through thick and thin.
    I'll walk with God,
    Before & after I make it in.

    I'll walk with God,
    Throughout all eternity.
    I'll walk with God,
    In all His majestic enormity.

    I'll walk with God,
    As He's my soul salvation.
    I'll walk with God,
    For He's my eternal preservation.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 28, 2015


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    Posted this poem on February 21, 2016 to Erika Shupe's Facebook message page in honor of her birthday. Her Response: Erika Shupe: Thank you so much!!!

    Emailed this poem to sister Joy Shupe Nicholson for her 69th birthday on July 5, 2016. Her response: Joy Shupe Nicholson: My Dear Brother David & Sister Elaine, Thank you so much for the personal email and lovely, meaningful poem!!! I know what you mean about the card because I have done that a lot in the past weeks and months! My intentions were good but my memory at the right time was faulty! LOL!!! Anyway, I love the email and poem and will print them out to put in my book that contains readings, poems, inspirational thoughts, etc. I love the poem because you wrote it first of all, which makes it special!!! We are on a journey and our walk with God on this journey is so important!!! Sometimes I refer to it personally as Joy’s Journey with Jesus – our walk with God!!! We are all on that journey and I love taking it with Him knowing He is with us every step of the way – through the good times and bad times!!! How would we make it without Him!!! The poem is meaningful to me and gives a statement of faith of our commitment to Him as He has committed to us in His faithfulness. Yes, the seventies are looming ahead and Jehu will join you in the eighties next year as I join the seventies crowd. God has been faithful through it all and the promise that a BETTER DAY is ahead gives us hope! He is our HOPE in this world!!! So thankful!!! Thank you both for the birthday wishes, the poems you write that bless and encourage all the recipients, and the thoughts and all the prayers you’ve prayed for us and others!!! It’s so wonderful to have such a precious family as we have who cares about one another and prays for one another!!! We are blessed!!! We love and appreciate you both and thank you both for always caring for others and being so thoughtful of others!!! You have both blessed us so many times!!! Jim & Joy.

    POEM: I'll WALK WITH JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Literally walking with Jesaus.


    I'll walk with Jesus,
    To the Glory Land.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    As He holds my hand.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    He knows my name,
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    He's always the same.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    In this world below.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    For He loves me so.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    There's no turning back.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    He keeps me on track.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    For He paved the way.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    To enjoy a better day.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    Thru sickness and health.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    Thru poverty and wealth.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    Thru comfort and pain.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    thru loss and gain.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    Thru illness and disease.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    He dissolves such with ease.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    When my job is in doubt.
    I'll walk with Jesus
    He's there to help me out.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    Thru the pearly gates.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    For my sins, He negates.

    I'll walk with Jesus,
    For He died for me.
    I'll walk with Jesus,
    For my Savior is He.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 16, 2015

    POEM: I'M FAR FROM PERFECT ~ by David S. Shupe

    I may not be perfect.


    I'm not perfect,
    Not by a long shot.
    But I know WHO IS,
    And He maintains my lot.

    I'm not perfect,
    Don't claim to be.
    If in me there's any good,
    It's due to Christ, you see.

    I'm still being molded,
    By a Heavenly Being.
    The person I am now,
    Is not what you'll be seeing.

    He's removing imperfections,
    To make me complete.
    The Holy Spirit is working,
    So that I will be replete.

    My carnal nature,
    Keeps me wallowing.
    He throws out the hook,
    And I keep swallowing.

    We've been made guilty,
    By Adam's ancient sin.
    Repent, confess & believe,
    The only way we can win.

    When He's finished with me,
    You'll see His Perfection.
    All made quite possible,
    By His death & resurrection.

    Not by any good works,
    That I personally have done.
    But solely by our Holy God,
    Sending His Only Begotten Son.

    I was merely a bystander,
    As He did His atoning work.
    He willingly sacrificed His Life,
    His commitment, He did not shirk.

    Never a mortal could have done,
    What He took on Himself to do,
    He suffered and He died,
    Until His reconciliation was through.

    He lived and He died,
    As the perfect God and Man.
    He loved us as the unlovable,
    That we all should understand.

    Christ died for our imperfections,
    They, too, were nailed to the cross.
    What things were previously gain for me,
    In Christ, these I now consider loss.

    My heart is set on things above,
    And not on things here below.
    Reigning with Christ on His Throne,
    Where peace & love will blossom & grow.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    December 13, 2015


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    Marjorie Latzko: Thank you for this encouraging poem.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: So true, brother David - definitely not perfect, but thankfully forgiven - made the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ!!!

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    Norma Littleton Forbush shared your post on December 16 at 12:41 a.m. This poem was written by my Uncle,, the one whose Daughter went home to be with Jesus on my birthday October 18th.. She died from Breast Cancer.... Her mother and my mother were sisters. Her mother also died from cancer quite a few years ago.....Joy Shupe Nicholson and 5 others like this.

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    POEM: I'M FED UP ~ by David S. Shupe

    A man throwing papers up in the air.

    I'M FED UP!

    I'm fed up with politically incorrect jargon,
    Whether it's in the East or out West in Oregon.

    I'm fed up with calling abortion, the right to choose,
    Which is protected by the courts, and the media's news.

    I'm fed up as abortion is the only business in the world,
    That doesn't show you a picture of the product they unfurl.

    I'm fed up with not calling it barbaric slaughter of infants,
    In God's word, everyone involved is totally disobedient.

    I'm fed up with the feeling that what they're doing is justified,
    If they only knew the sentence they'd receive, they'd be horrified.

    They'd be better off with a millstone tied around their neck,
    And they were tossed in the midst of the sea, by heck.

    I'm fed up with opinion that homosexuality should be,
    on a par with marriage for all to see.

    I'm fed up with forced acceptance and society accommodation,
    God considers such activities as evil and an abomination.

    There'll be no practicing abortionists or homosexuals in heaven,
    If they don't change, they just haven't learned their lesson.

    I'm fed up with the the blatant lying in our once great nation,
    The wicked will be turned into hell, forgetting we are God's creation.

    I'm fed up with leaders who support everything that's anti-biblical,
    Deviating from the norm, doing things that are so atypical.

    I'm fed up with our leaders blaming everyone else for their mistakes,
    Then try to spin their abject failures into positive remakes.

    I'm fed up with the racist media accusing us of things that they themselves do,
    And erroneously trying to blame others, a lewd practice that is not new.

    I'm fed up with the main stream media blatantly spouting their venom,
    Any comparison between truth and reporting, you just can't see~um.

    I'm fed up with people who think the country owes them a living,
    And are leeches on American society with no misgiving.

    I'm fed up with nudists parading around naked with nothing hidden,
    While giving thanks to God and praying in public is forbidden.

    I'm fed up with two gay people kissing and fondling in a public place,
    While Christ can't be mentioned or illustrated, not even His face.

    I'm fed up with those accusing Big Oil of making a profit, alas,
    When the government makes 3.5 times more on a gallon of gas.

    I'm fed up with the U.S. giving taxpayer funds to nations who hate us,
    Then having to borrow over 40% of these funds, making us go bust.

    I'm fed up with the news media ignoring things they crucified Bush for,
    The hypocrisy, the double standard, the lying, so much more.

    I'm fed up with politicians and courts supporting anti-traditional principles,
    The laws they pass, and the verdicts they render are so indefensible.

    I'm fed up with mafia-like and dictator style governing,
    Going against the will of the people, and their desires suborning.

    I'm fed up with Washington politicians spending us into bankruptcy,
    Borrowing trillions from other countries, compromising our independency.

    I'm fed up with rulers demanding universal background checks on any gun owner,
    When we can elect a president with no background check ~ what a boner!

    I'm fed up with evil in the land, and all things the good Lord doesn't sanction,
    In the end, Christians will be victorious, because of the Lord's intervention.


    David S. Shupe
    March 6, 2013


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    David Shupe: Shirley ~ Saw that you posted this phrase and I had seen it a few days ago and it prompted a poem. So here it is ~ May 30, 2014.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: I love it!! Now I'm going to receive it and share it.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll shared your photo on May 31, 2014: Written by a childhood friend. It will bless you.

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    POEM: I'M PRAYING FOR YOU ~ by David S. Shupe

    DEAR FRIEND. . .

    Praying for you.


    Just felt you needed a friend,
    So this message to you, I do send.

    Jesus is that faithful and true friend,
    His love for you will never end.

    Falling on our knees in fervent prayer,
    Having FAITH we'll meet God there.

    God impressed on me, your care,
    To take your needs to Him in prayer.

    His Spirit spoke to my heart,
    His love for you will never depart.

    Not a whole lot that we can do,
    But prayer will surely see you through.

    Having a problem that defies solution,
    We'll trust in God for a just resolution.

    There are times when you feel all alone,
    And the fear you have is of the unknown.

    You experience pain that doesn't quit,
    To withstand it takes a lot of grit.

    Maybe you're facing a serious operation,
    We'll look to Jesus for His cooperation.

    You may be facing chemo and radiation,
    Jesus is there to provide remediation.

    Perhaps you're dealing with recovery,
    His healing power is your discovery.

    Perhaps a spouse left you high and dry,
    Left without even saying goodbye.

    Or maybe that special person passed away,
    They're no longer around from day to day.

    There's family problems you can't ignore,
    Then God's mercy we will explore.

    Maybe your child made a bad decision,
    Which is causing some serious division.

    Whether the problem is home or work,
    God is faithful, and will not shirk.

    Have a bad habit that you can't break,
    God is there for you, make no mistake.

    When you're discouraged, don't give up,
    If you trust in Him, He'll fill your cup.

    God is bigger than every mountain,
    For the thirsty, He's the living fountain.

    So look to God, and believe His Word,
    There's no problem He hasn't heard.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 31, 2016


    Norma Littleton Forbush 2:03am, February 8, 2016: To: Shupe, David: Thank you so much Uncle David,,,,,You are a wonderful man of GOD... That's why the words just come to you so easily.... I know without a doubt they have helped so many... with all kinds of problems....God sends people like you to them in the way of a poem... John and Michele both enjoy them and feel the same way I do about them. I know the month of February will be very hard for you Scot, Sam and Heather,,,,as there are some very special days that have been celebrated in the past and I guess somewhat can still be, just in a different way. I knew both their birthday's were in February. As, you know his being the 9th I believe,and hers of course the 25th and their Anniversary the 12th. I did mail him a thinking of you card and mentioned all of that. I think it's best that people still remember by letting you know instead of just ignoring it. I know their Anniversary certainly will be...very hard for him...I hope the children are doing as well as could be expected ...I know it has to be hard on you and them with you living so far apart.... I just wanted to thank you for the poem. . . .Love you, Norma.


    Giving Thanks

    (I Thessalonians 5:18)

    A mother entered the grocery store with a little 4 year old girl in tow,
    Nearing the produce department, the juicy oranges made her eyes all aglow.
    The generous vendor selected one from the pile and offered it to the child,
    What do you say to the nice man said her mother; "peel it" she smiled.

    A little humorous for sure, but not exactly a proper way to show gratitude,
    And being a cute 4 year old little child, we usually show a little lattitude.
    Isn't this the way though that we often treat the Lord as He shows us kindness,
    We take His favors for granted, and continue on our merry way, mindless.

    We know your Word says to be thankful in all circumstances and situations,
    But, isn't there a little wiggle room in there some place for recapitulations.
    In everything give thanks, Lord; do you really mean that to get traction,
    Or is this just a test of our faithfulness to get a follow-on reaction?

    So how can we offer up thanks under such conditions when our hearts are rending,
    From such a serious trauma like an unexpected car accident, or death impending?
    Under such happenings, you still want us to be thankful, Lord, how can that be,
    I mean, after all, we are only human and not divine, don't you see?

    Another thing, what if our marriage is falling apart, and our world is topsy-turvy,
    And you're asking us to just ignore such calamities, isn't that a bit nervy?
    Lord, perhaps you're asking too much as we're nothing but cowardly weaklings,
    Since you said the meek would inherit the earth, would we be called meeklings.

    The litmus test of a person's mettle is not the troubles in their life,
    But how they react to adverse circumstances of turmoil fraught with rife.
    It's not what sneaks up on you unawares, as you travel life's pathway,
    But it's how you deal with the trouble as you begin each new day.

    God didn't promise to keep us from trouble, but He will keep us through it.
    As he is with is in trouble, and delivers us out of trouble to wit.
    He delivers us from the shackles of sin that easily besets us, and lets us be.
    He satisfies us with long life, and His salvation sets us free.

    What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?
    This is a question King David asked wanting to repay the Lord, you see.
    Recognizing such futility, David continued with another word,
    "I will accept the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord."

    His Word contains hundreds of promises we've never taken advantage of in life,
    Including promises of deliverance and salvation in spite of turmoil and strife.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding,
    In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will direct your paths to victory...
    ~ your circumstances notwithstanding.

    O, give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endures forever,
    Our gratitude should flow easily from our hearts whatever our endeavor.
    Seek you the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while he is near,
    There is no truer friend who cares for you and to whom you are so dear.

    My sheep hear my voice, and I know my sheep and call them all by name,
    He took our place on the cruel cross, to absolve us of all sinful blame.
    No man is able to pluck us out of His hands, He is our Shepherd you know,
    We are the sheep of His pasture, and on us, His love He did bestow.

    What He has done for us is so much more than we can ever hope to repay,
    Thank God, he doesn't require tit-for-tat, just to love Him more each day.
    He said, "I love them that love me, and they that seek me early shall find me."
    Since He offered the supreme sacrifice of His only Son, salvation is free.

    So thank you precious Lord, for all that you have done and continue to do,
    We see your glorious handiwork all around us ~ our praise to you is true.
    How marvelous is your creation, and even we have been made in your image,
    Our thanks and praise come from our heart, which only You can gauge.


    How great should be our gratitude
    To God our unseen Friend!
    The volume of His gifts to us
    We cannot comprehend. —Hess


    God’s highest Gift should awaken our deepest gratitude.

    David S. Shupe
    November 23, 2011



    Shannon Nicholson: Posted to Shannon's Facebook Messenger page on November 11, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Shannon's response: Thank you so much! Beautiful!!!! What a gift!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!: David S. Shupe: Thank you Shannon. We love you too. You are a precious niece. Enjoy your day!

    Michelle Shupe Wheatley: Posted to Michelle's Facebook Messenger page on November 11, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Michelle's response: Thank you uncle David, how sweet of you to not only remember me on my birthday but just send me such a beautiful poem! I love you very much.

    POEM: IN GOD WE HOPE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of world and spiritual symbol?


    I will hope always and continually,
    Whether in private or conspiciously.

    And will yet praise You more and more,
    While I lag behind, You always go before.

    In thee O Lord, do I always put my trust,
    You change me from weak to the robust.

    O Lord God, You are my hope, forsooth,
    You are my trust from my youth.

    Faith, HOPE, and charity, these three,
    What better trio with which to serve thee.

    Your Word says, fear not, I will help thee,
    Hope in God will cause our sicknesses to flee.

    If in Christ we have hope in this life only,
    We are of all people most miserable and lonely.

    To make it to heaven, hope in God is a must,
    That's why in God we do place our undying trust.

    We share hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies,
    Promised before time began, for the soul who never dies.

    So that being justified by his grace we might become heirs,
    According to the hope of eternal life, the Apostle declares.

    According to his great mercy, he caused us to be born again
    To a living hope via Christ's resurrection on whom we depend.

    We hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.
    We do this with great anticipation, not with any complaisance.

    Through endurance and encouragement of the Scriptures
    We hope in God, that we will not be just one of the fixtures.

    The God of hope fills us with all joy and peace in believing,
    Power of the Holy Spirit helps us to abound in hope receiving.

    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction
    Of things not seen, which is the Holy Bible's description.

    We rejoice in the hope of being with God throughout eternity,
    Knowing that in heaven there will be only peace and serenity.


    David S. Shupe
    December 30, 2012

    POEM: IN GOD WILL I TRUST ~ by David S. Shupe

    Trust God.


    When my heart is overwhelmed,
    In God will I always put my trust.
    He's the Once Who always cares,
    And the One Who keeps me robust.

    When I can't see the forest
    For the tall standing trees.
    The Lord is my Shepherd,
    And Him, I try to please.

    When all around me,
    The world has gone materialistic.
    My eyes are fixed on God,
    Who is anything but ritualistic.

    In God will I trust,
    Man cannot fill the measure.
    This world cannot satisfy,
    For heaven is my treasure.

    This world is not my home,
    I've learned of a better place.
    My sight is set on heaven,
    Made possible by God's grace.

    No matter what comes my way,
    My faith will stand the test.
    I will do everything I can,
    The Lord will do the rest.

    In God will I trust,
    For there's no better way.
    Things of God are eternal,
    The earthly will not here stay,

    As the Bible clearly states,
    Heaven and earth will pass away.
    But the blessed Word of God,
    Will last forever and a day.

    Our trust is not in man or royalty,
    But in the God of the universe.
    Although unable to talk to the President,
    With God we can and will converse.

    When our time on earth is over,
    We can no longer communicate with man.
    For us, new life has just begun,
    Communication with God we'll understand.

    Our trust is in the Almighty God,
    Creator and ruler of the universe.
    Those who do not place their trust in Him,
    Will find themselves under the curse.

    In God will I put my undying trust,
    Until I from this life do depart.
    Then in the next life, I will still trust,
    For it is God that has captured my heart.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 2, 2016

    POEM: IN GOD'S HANDS ~ by David S. Shupe

    God holding the people in His hands.


    The righteous, the wise,
    their works, are in God's hands.
    If we've done anything wrong,
    it's up to us to make amends.

    God has provided directions
    for us to inherit eternal life.
    It's up to us to follow to avoid
    unnecessary pain and strife.

    God, in whose hand our breath is,
    and whose are all our ways.
    Subjecting ourselves to His control,
    we'll assuredly see better days.

    In whose hand is the soul of all living,
    and the breath of all mankind.
    Since He controls our very breath,
    shouldn't we respect the sublime?

    Everything in existence, He created
    for His glory and His pleasure.
    Is it any wonder, as Christians, we
    consider Jesus our greatest treasure?

    Behold, the heaven and heaven
    of heavens is the LORD'S.
    The earth also, with all that
    therein is ~ per His Words.

    So don't hold to misconception
    that mankind is in control.
    We exist at His discretion,
    so don't be so bold.

    Just suffered a tragic loss
    you feel you can't face.
    Your deepest pain and sorrow,
    God can surely erase.

    In His capable hands,
    you have the upper hand
    He provides heavenly peace
    to help you to understand.

    You are experiencing problems
    in a once solid marriage.
    Although, n His hands,
    you have no need to disparage.

    Take them to God in earnest
    and yes fervent prayer.
    He'll meet you more
    than half way there.

    Facing a high stone wall,
    don't know which way to turn.
    Jesus paid for your salvation,
    There's nothing for you to earn.

    On a journey, not real sure
    of the road you're traveling.
    Trust God, He'll stop your
    life from spinning and unraveling.

    In God's hands, under His control,
    we are the clay, He is the potter.
    We are the letter written by God;
    we are the "T," He is the jotter.

    There's no way we can make it
    without God's help as He's in charge.
    Our future is always in His hands;
    we need Him, our steps to enlarge.

    Nothing is done or said without
    God's knowledge or His awareness.
    He is aware of every deed or word, and
    you'll fine He specializes in fairness.

    Something happened that has you down,
    Big problem at work, can't solve it,
    Stick with it, there's nothing to big for God.
    In His hands, He'll help you resolve it.

    Just came from the doctor, hearing bad news,
    A serious medical problem has you a ground.
    Dear Lord, I'm casting this burden at your feet,
    In His hands, He can turn this thing around.

    Your times, all affairs and events of your life,
    He knows about, and are wholly in His power.
    Never fear, you're safe in His hands,
    and the old enemy just has to cower.

    If you're fearful, can't sleep at night,
    In His hands, you're be safe all right.
    If you're afraid of what tomorrow may bring,
    Don't sweat it, for we know tomorrow's King.


    David S. Shupe
    January 10, 2013

    POEM: IN JESUS' NAME ~ by David S. Shupe

    There is power in Jesus' Name banner.


    Whatever we accomplish or do,
    Do it in Jesus' Holy Name.
    For when committed to Him,
    We'll never ever be the same.

    If you meet someone along the way,
    Are able to help and do a good deed.
    Just thank God you're able to help,
    And satisfy someone else's need.

    Traveling along the roadway of life,
    You see someone having trouble.
    Be sure you lend a helping hand,
    The Lord will repay you double.

    If you're fortunate enough to help
    Someone else out of a tight spot.
    Say you're doing it in Jesus' Name,
    Because your sins He did blot.

    After doing a good deed for others,
    Never ever take any of the credit.
    For we're just a willing vessel,
    And we shouldn't have to get it.

    There's power, wonderful power,
    In the Holy Name of Jesus.
    Sick are healed, dead are raised,
    In that Name we all can trust.

    His Name and faith in His Name,
    Caused the blind man to see.
    His miraculous power is available
    To everyone, including you & me.

    There's no other name on earth,
    Whereby we must be saved.
    Without knowledge of that Name,
    We would all still be enslaved.

    At the Divine Name of Jesus,
    Evil spirits tremble and shake.
    His power is unsurpassed,
    Thinking otherwise is a big mistake.

    At the Holy Name of Jesus,
    Everyone on earth will bow.
    So get in on the ground floor,
    And you, He will never disavow.

    At the Powerful Name of Jesus,
    Every knee shall bend and bow.
    No one can stand against that Name,
    No Christians will He ever disallow.

    There is power, wonder working power,
    In that wonderful, marvelous Name.
    Once you commit yourself to that Name,
    You'll never ever be the same.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 7, 2014

    POEM: IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND ~ by David S. Shupe

    Resting in the palm of God's hand.


    No need too great,
    No need to small.
    The Lord is here,
    To help with them all.

    In the palm,
    Of His divine hand.
    He picks us up,
    Helps us to stand.

    We are unpluckable,
    So to speak.
    He is strong,
    We are weak.

    We come to Him,
    His face we seek.
    Just remember,
    He loves the meek.

    We rely on Him,
    To meet our need.
    Just trust in Him,
    Our doubts will recede.

    It's our faith,
    That keeps us strong.
    In His Kingdom,
    We can do no wrong.

    This world is not
    Our permanent home.
    In that Heavenly City,
    Everlasting shalom.

    We will forever be
    Where we ought to be.
    Sheltered in Him,
    What utter glee.

    There's no place,
    We'd rather be.
    On the land,
    Or on the sea.

    Staying close to Him,
    Guarantees our protection.
    Our minds are made up,
    There'll be no defection.

    We walk by faith,
    And not by sight.
    He honors our prayers,
    And relieves our plight.

    There's no where,
    We'd rather go.
    Than resting in Christ,
    Down here below.

    Dwelling in Christ,
    In the palm of His hand.
    Knowledge of the Holy,
    Is the key to understand.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 27, 2016



    Hand carried to Hunter Goins on September 25, 2016.

    Posted to Frank Marsh's Facebook Messenger page on October 15, 2016 due to his recovery from a swimming accident in Ireland. Frank's response: Thanks Dave, I'm hoping this too shall pass🙏😎🙏.

    Mailed to Judy Gallagher on October 17, 2016 recovering from a back operation, along with a get well card.

    Posted on CeCe Edmonds Offidani's Facebook Messenger page on October 19, 2016 on the death of another doggie pet, Clyde.

    Posted on Linda Pitts Lane's Facebook Messenger page on October 21, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Linda's response: Thank u. Beautiful poem. Love u both.

    Emailed to Neighbor Jean Swanson on October 21, 2016 on the event of her 86th birthday. Jean called us and thanked us for the poem and our birthday well-wishes.

    Posted to Lutie Davis' Facebook Messenger page on October 31, 2016. Lutie's response: Lutie Ewers Davis: Dearest David & Elaine, Thank you so much for sharing your talent via poem & for the prayers. It has been a difficult week but I am still standing & will take Jacqui to Christiana tomorrow to see if we have a chance at some help. She is a dear girl with deep faith. Thanks again, Blessings, Lutie.

    Posted to Daniel Richardson's Facebook Messenger page on November 2, 2016 in honor of his wife, Debbie's birthday. Debbie's response: Thank you, it's beautiful!

    POEM: IN THE SAME BOAT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus in the boat with many.

    (odb 4/28/15)

    No need to worry,
    We're in the same boat.
    As long as Christ is aboard,
    We'll always remain afloat.

    The boat may rock and roll,
    And the winds may be ferocious.
    No matter what the turbulence,
    He'll keep us feeling precocious.

    Whether we're asleep or awake,
    He's always at the helm.
    He calms the troubled waters,
    So nothing will overwhelm.

    O ye of little faith,
    Why did you fear and doubt.
    Winds & waves can batter your boat,
    God is on board to help you out.

    Remember disciples on the boat,
    With Jesus asleep in the stern.
    Not accustomed to His power,
    But a lesson they did learn.

    He stilled the troubled waters,
    And there was peace and calm.
    Just like the Master Physician ordered,
    Winds & sea became a soothing balm.

    If you are worried or discouraged,
    The priceless secret now is this:
    Make sure the Lord is in your boat,
    And your troubles, He will dismiss.

    You may feel He's not listening,
    You see no change in your situation.
    But He's been in the same boat,
    He'll give you every consideration.

    Who is this strange but gentle man,
    That even the winds & sea obey His voice.
    The Creator and Ruler of the universe,
    And to serve Him, He gives you a choice.

    So put your hand in the hands of a Man,
    Who stills the winds and the water.
    He now sits at the right hand of the Father,
    Interceding for us, not giving any quarter.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 3, 2015


    Weathering the storm.


    Into each life,
    Some rain must fall.
    It will happen to one,
    It will happen to all.

    The storms of life,
    Will spare no soul.
    Even the strongest,
    Will eventually fold.

    Things that come our way,
    Are not easy to tolerate.
    And then there are days,
    That problems accelerate.

    Situations at home, or work,
    Seemingly without solution.
    Although diligently striving,
    There is no easy resolution.

    So easy to become overwhelmed,
    When things don't go our way.
    Days we should have stayed in bed,
    And wished for a better day.

    We often look at our circumstances,
    Which can seem dark and dreary.
    Taking the world on our shoulders,
    As our journey becomes so weary.

    Keeping our mind set on Christ,
    Takes our eyes off our circumstances.
    With our heart set on things above,
    Our life, God richly enhances.

    After the wind and rain run its course,
    There appears a beautiful rainbow.
    The boisterous and turbulent storm,
    Suddenly stops and ceases to blow.

    Everything once again turns peaceful,
    And things are back to normal again.
    The doubt and anguish that we felt,
    God did quite quickly suspend.

    So we thank you dear Lord,
    For giving us your sweet peace.
    Remembering us in the storms,
    Causing all turmoil to cease.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 29, 2016


    Mailed to Don and Alice Sturtz on January 3, 2017.

    Hand carried to neighbor Hunter Goins on Jan. 10, 2017, along with an arrangement of flowers from our LPC display since husband Jack is in the hospital. She was very appreciative.

    Hand carried to 83 year old widow neighbor Dorothy Hudson on Feb. 1, 2017. She called and thanked us for the poem.

    Mailed to our LPC 90 year old plus widow friend, Bette Mayer, on Feb. 1, 2017. Bette's response via card in mail Feb. 16, 2017: Dear Elaine and David: Many people will walk in and out of your life, But only true friends will leave Footprints in your heart ~ Eleanor Roosevelt. The Lored make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee ~ Numbers 6:25. Trusting in God's goodness and care as I pray for you. Thank you for always keeping me in your prayers. In Christ, Bette.

    Mailed to a widow friend, Hazel Brittingham, on Feb. 1, 2017. Hazel called us on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 5, 2017 after receiving the poem and thanked us so much. Two people read it too her as she said that Sunday was the worse day she has had with her eyes, slowing going blind. Said she would file this poem with the others we had sent her. She appreciated receiving them.

    Posted on Carol & Gerry Brown's Facebook Messenger page on Mar. 7, 2017 as both were going through stomach flu. Carol's response: Thanks! Gerry is up and moving and I am hoping I have a milder case then he did!


    A lady who is hurting.

    IT HURTS . . .

    When death takes your special person, it hurts.
    The hurt is real, so bad life seems to be evolving in spurts.
    It hurts in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night.
    And in the middle of your stomach, you're so uptight.

    It hurts to lose anyone having a special place in your heart.
    You're in such a daze that your loved one had to depart.
    At first it just seems there is no way this could be real.
    A dream or a nightmare, such a horrible ordeal.

    Morning brings reality, mercifully dulled by shock.
    And a feeling of numbness, like your body is in hock.
    Oh, God, how can I endure this unwelcome crisis right now?
    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," that's how.

    The hurt is real in the terrible long days that follow.
    When enemies of fear and frustration dog your steps, so hollow.
    It will be real in the months ahead when sleep doesn't come.
    And loneliness refuses to leave when away or at home.

    But in the middle of your heartache, confusion and fear,
    You can find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ, so near.
    He promised, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.
    Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid," so true.

    When death takes your special person, does anyone care?
    Does anyone understand; yes, God does, so never fear.
    He heals the broken-hearted, binding up their wound.
    How great He is, His power is absolute, and He comes soon.

    Oh, how He cares and understands when you hurt!
    In His hands, He will your heartache and frustration divert.
    When death takes your special person, it's ok to ask "WHY?"
    Why me, why now, why ever; why, Lord did my loved one die?

    Turn your why into "Lord, help me" and accept His healing balm.
    And the peace He will provide will turn your turmoil into calm.
    When death takes your special person, it's ok to cry.
    It's ok for men, women, boys and girls to relieve their heavy sigh.

    "You have seen me tossing and turning thoughout the night.
    You have collected my tears and preserved them, so it's all right."
    Shedding tears is excellent therapy for both women and men.
    And Jesus is the One who knows and does understand.

    When death takes your special person it hurts a little less with time.
    More from some, less for others as the hurt begins to decline.
    One day you'll wake up, your loss won't be first thing you think about.
    Then you'll know it's just a little better than it was without doubt.

    When death takes your special person, it hurts; especially on special days.
    Days like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, thanksgiving and other ways.
    With His help, He will turn your long blah days into ones a little more nice.
    "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

    Yes, losing a special person hurts, but the road to recovery lies ahead.
    When tears cease, and you no longer ask "Why," you have less to dread.
    When you admit that time does help, you're starting down that road.
    He has delivered your eyes from tears, your feet from falling, as you unload.

    When you can move out of the past, it's time for you to begin living again.
    Walk before the Lord in the land of the living, then your duties you can attend.
    Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to set at liberty those that are bruised.
    Let the Lord Jesus Christ be the healer of your broken heart, no longer confused.

    Someday you will be able to smile and say, "My broken heart is healed."
    Through His Holy Spirit and His Holy Word, His will is revealed.
    So cast all your cares on Him, for He careth for you.
    No matter your heartache and strife, He's there to see you through.


    David S. Shupe
    April 17, 2013
    *Based on Amy Ross Mumford's booklet, "It Hurts
    to Lose . . . a Special Person," and converted to poem form.



    Connie Ballato on Oct. 1, 2013: Thank you so much for the poem due to my parents decease. I keep it right by my desk here at the office to refer to.

    Ruth Becker to Elaine via email Oct. 26, 2013; Thank you for sending David's lovely poems. They really hit "home." He is very talented! We just received them in the mail. I read them and Gary read them. Thank you again. Love, Ruth & Gary

    Nita Weeks via regular mail on 12/22/13: David & Elaine ~ Thank you for your nice note, and your Christmas poem. It is special to receive something you have taken the time & effort to compose. Thank you also for sending the poem you wrote, "Oh, How It Hurts." It was very meaningful, and you were very thoughful to include it in your Christmas greetings.

    Mary was very special, and I do miss her. Every day so many things bring her to mind. Things are just not the same after losing a loved one ~ but iyou know that very well. We never know what is around the corner. We are doing fine, both working part-time & staying busy. We hope you are doing well also. We have always thought very highly of you. With love & best regards - Nita & Larry.

    David S Shupe:For Jim and sisters Shirley & Margie: A poem for your time of sadness on the passing of a beloved sister, Doris. Composed this poem based on a booklet prepared by Amy Ross Mumford entitled "It Hurts to Lose. . .A Special Person:

    Jim Nicholson shared David S Shupe's photo ~ August 11: David S Shupe, Shirley Poynter, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Margie Hiser, Ellen Myers, Brad=Buffy Weekman Thomas, Amanda Hilbert, Linda Thomas, Carol Lay and Rhonda Austin Washburn Amos like this poem.

    Shirley Poynter: Thank you David, this is so beautiful . And I am so thankful that I have my Lord Jesus to lean on. August 11 at 1:52pm.

    Shirley Poynter shared your photo August 11 at 1:57pm. You and Jamie Nicholson Klink like this.

    Jim Nicholson: Thank you David! August 11 at 12:37am.

    David S Shupe: Welcome Jim. It's so traumatic to lose a special person in our life. August 11 at 8:22am.
    Mailed to Jeff & Nancy Williams on October 17, 2016 on the death of Jeff's mother, along with a sympathy card.

    Mailed to Jane & Jim Burkey on November 3, 2016 along with a Enjoy You New Home card.

    Mailed to Pat & George Short on December 26, 2016 in memory of their deceased son on March 23, 2010. Pat's response: We received your beautiful poem and note today and we cannot thank you truer words can ever be nailed it all right from the heart and so beautifully....thank you for thinking of's hard to believe it will be 7 years this coming seems like a few months ago.....God bless you and yours and we are wishing you a very healthy and beautiful 2017 in the Lord!!! Give Scooby a big hug for me!😁.

    POEM: IT IS WELL ~ by David S. Shupe

    It is well with my soul.


    It is well. . .
    With my soul.
    For the Lord Jesus
    Made me whole.

    It is well. . .
    Even if things go wrong.
    For I have an advocate;
    To Christ I belong.

    It is well. . .
    For this I know.
    We will soon reap,
    What we do sow.

    It is well. . .
    For I have read
    The back of the Book,
    And it's clearly said.

    It is well. . .
    So don't doubt it.
    We're soon going up,
    & I'm gonna shout it.

    It is well. . .
    For I firmly believe
    God grants eternal life,
    Which we freely receive.

    It is well. . .
    The race is already won.
    We just simply accept,
    What Jesus has done.

    It is well. . .
    Our debt has been paid.
    On His innocent shoulders,
    Our sins were laid.

    It is well. . .
    For I have a vision.
    I'm devoted to Christ,
    I've made my decision.

    It is well. . .
    For Christ is soon returning.
    To catch away His Saints,
    To escape hell's fiery burning.

    It is well. . .
    So Saints can take heart.
    We'll be forever with Christ,
    Never ever to depart.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    November 29, 2016


    Mailed to Norma & John Forbush on Jan. 17, 2017 in honor of their anniversary. Norma's response on Jan. 20, 2017: I received my poems today. I love them. Thank you. How is Elaine doing now.? Is she being treated for the problem. It's been a week today. I'm coming along but, not as fast as I would like too. I am very weak. I don't have an appetite either. Well, tomorrow is the big day.

    POEM: IT IS WRITTEN ~ by David S. Shupe

    It is written.


    It Is Written:

    "As long as he sought the Lord,
    God made him to prosper."
    So it pays us to follow the Word,
    Always obeying the true gospel.

    It Is Written:

    "The eternal God is thy refuge,
    And underneath are the everlasting arms."
    So seek to draw nigh to God on high,
    He'll draw nigh to you with no false alarms.

    It Is Written:

    "If you be willing and obedient,
    You shall eat the good of the land."
    If you want to enjoy good things of life,
    Heed the Word, so things won't get out of hand.

    It Is Written:

    "By this shall all men know,
    That you are my disciples,
    That you have love one for another,"
    This is one of our primary principles.

    It Is Written:

    "Call upon me in the day of trouble:
    I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me."
    When you fall, I will be there to pick you up,
    The Holy Word is God's guarantee.

    It Is Written:

    "The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
    The righteous runneth into it and is safe."
    How much better off could we be,
    Than running to the Lord, exercising our faith?

    It Is Written:

    "Our help is in the Name of the Lord,
    Who made heaven and earth."
    We must place complete trust in Him,
    As all other distractions are of little worth.

    It Is Written:

    "Every Word of God is pure,
    He is a shield unto them
    That put their trust in Him."
    Otherwise, your works He will condemn.

    It Is Written:

    "He who dwells in the secret place
    of the Most High shall abide
    under the shadow of the Almighty."
    Who will forever be your guide.

    It Is Written:

    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
    whose mind is stayed on thee:
    For if you draw nigh to God,
    the devil from you will flee.

    It Is Written::

    "If ye be willing and obedient,
    ye shall eat the good of the land;"
    If you follow the leading of the Lord,
    Things of life will never get out of hand.

    It Is Written:

    "For unto you that fear my Name,"
    Shall the Sun of Righteousness arise
    With Healing in His wings,"
    Illuminating the spacious heavenly skies.

    It Is Written:

    "He shall cover thee with His feathers,
    and under His wings shalt thou trust;
    His truth shall be thy shield and buckler."
    So to His Word, it pays us to adjust.

    It Is Written:

    "God will wipe away every tear from their eyes;
    There shall be no more death, nor sorrow,
    nor crying; neither shall there be any more pain,
    Former things have passed away" ~ hope for tomorrow!


    Thank You, Lord, for the Bible, Your Word to us.
    Give us wisdom as we read and study it.
    Make us sensitive to Your voice
    and give us hearts to obey. Amen.



    David S. Shupe
    September 20, 2013

    POEM: IT WILL BE WORTH IT ALL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of heaven's pearly gates.


    It will be worth the wait,
    When we enter that pearly gate.

    It will be worth the toil,
    When Saints arise beneath the soil.

    It will be worth it all,
    Walking all over heaven, standing tall.

    It will be worth all the pain,
    As heaven will be our eternal gain.

    It will be worth the labor,
    For every born-again believer.

    It will be worth all the heartache,
    Finding that Christ did not forsake.

    It will be worth all doubt and fear,
    Knowing that Christ will forever be near.

    It will be worth living & reigning with Christ,
    Realizing His shed blood did suffice.

    It will be worth being with God,
    After the rough roads we Saints have trod.

    It will be worth our battles endured,
    Knowing our salvation in Christ is assured.

    It will be worth the agony of family separation,
    When we're again united through reparation.

    It will be worth all the prayers we prayed,
    When our heavenly hope's no longer delayed.

    It will be worth every tear we've shed,
    For faithfully following Christ as He led.

    It will be worth the battles we've endured,
    Finding our salvation in Christ was secured.

    It will be worth all the doubt and fear,
    When our Lord Jesus Christ is near.

    It will be worth the labor and sacrifice,
    Realizing our faith in Christ did suffice.

    It will be worth all the frustration,
    When we experience that Heavenly sensation.

    It will be worth looking on Christ's face,
    Experiencing His welcoming, warm embrace.

    It will be worth putting up with the crowds,
    When we rise to meet Jesus in the clouds.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 29, 2016


    Emailed Bill Baughman on Jan. 22, 2017.

    POEM: IT'S A ROUGH ROAD WE TRAVEL! ~ by David S. Shupe

    It's a rough road we travel.


    It's a rough road that we travel,
    But God is there to help us about.
    Said He would never ever leave us,
    But would be there to bail us out.

    Sometimes God lets us travel,
    Over a road that's quite rough.
    It's bumpy and filled with potholes,
    We feel we've just about had enough.

    Never said we'd be trouble free,
    But He's with us in trouble.
    At the end of our life's journey,
    He'll be there on the double.

    Road's not always straight,
    Neither is it always smooth.
    But we have a divine someone,
    Putting us back in the groove.

    Sometimes roadblocks are ahead,
    Resulting in unforseen obstruction.
    Suddenly the Lord makes a way,
    Keeping us from near destruction.

    When the rubber meets the road,
    God's the ONE who maintains our lot.
    When all others leave and forsake us,
    Then He's all that we've got.

    Our journey is oftimes uphill,
    And the going becomes tedious.
    But putting our burden on the Lord,
    Will make our journey less insidious.

    If God is all that we have,
    Then He's all that we'll ever need.
    Just place your trust in the Almighty,
    And follow wherever He does lead.

    O give thanks unto the Lord God,
    For His mercy endures forever.
    He is faithful to all His creation,
    His goodness will leave us never.

    We thank Him for what He's done,
    We thank Him for what He's doing.
    We thank Him for what He's going to do,
    For everything to Him, we are owing.

    It's a long road as we look further ahead,
    The road that we're destined to travel.
    There are a great many unforseen obstacles,
    That we'll have to overcome and unravel.

    This is a journey that we all have to take,
    And no doubt there'll be many detours.
    We'll also encounter a great many road blocks,
    And find that they, our roadway obscures.

    Surely, it's a bumpy road that we travel,
    So, it's incumbent on us to stay alert & vigilant.
    This way we will avoid the pitfalls & the potholes,
    And in the end, we'll be victorious and jubilent.


    The eyes of faith when fixed on Christ
    Give hope for what’s ahead,
    But focus on life’s obstacles
    And faith gives way to dread. —D. De Haan.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2015


    Mailed this poem to Bill Baughman August 9, 2015 on the death of his brother. He has lost his wife, father and mother, now his brother in the past 16 months. Bill's response: In church on August 16, 2015 Bill profusely thanked us for the card and poem and said he had made a copy for his family members too and read it to some of them. He was very appreciative of what we had done. Bill is a great guy, been through so much in these past few months.

    Posted to Pat Short's Facebook Messenger page on November 23, 2016: Pat's response: Perfect timing for what I am going through and I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and taking the time to think of me and sending this beautiful truth poem to me.....this to shall pass!!!! You are the best of the best...a good Christian man and I love it!! God Bless!!! David S Shupe: 11/23/16, 1:53pm. Yes, it will pass Pat. Thank God, most things are temporary, so we know better days are ahead for sure. Thanks, but you give me too much credit. We do appreciate your kind words however. Thinking of you!

    POEM: IT'S ME AGAIN, LORD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Petitioning the Lord.


    Dear Lord, I have a problem, and that problem is me,
    Son, I have the solution, and that solution is me, you see.
    Carry your burdens to the Lord, and leave them there,
    If you do this, free from this world's cares, you will be.

    Sometimes we mortals run out of ideas,
    But God never runs out of new things to display.
    He's the Master of inventions and innovations,
    And is our motivating force to inspire and obey.

    So if we get stuck or find ourselves in a rut,
    Just say a little prayer, and look to Him for a solution.
    There's no need to worry at all or fret a little,
    For He will provide us with the proper resolution.

    He may not do it your way, but will do it nevertheless,
    In His own way and in His own time, He does perform.
    You may not see the answer today, but you will in due time.
    In your patience possess ye your souls, He does inform.

    This is where I'm at right now in the present sense,
    I'm stuck for something new to write about the Lord.
    So I stopped and uttered a brief prayer up to God,
    Believing in my heart that I would not be ignored.

    As he thinketh in his heart, the Bible says, so is he.
    If we think on some good, positive, motivational thought,
    Then the Holy spirit will give us fresh and innovative ideas,
    He will not refuse us the solution over which we have wrought.

    So, okay Lord, I am waiting for the bolt out of the blue,
    It's me, Lord, here patiently waiting for you to deliver.
    I've said my piece, I have believed, it's time for you to work,
    I'm sitting here at my computer as a true believer.

    So Lord, what would you have me write about, or say?
    There are so many things of great interest universely.
    Countless souls in need of salvation and healing, so worthy,
    Things that could affect us either favorably or adversely.

    "Alright, since you're wondering where I am
    How about the topic, 'WHERE ARE YOU, LORD?'
    Just start writing, and I will give you an appropriate word,
    Make sure you refer to the Holy Bible, my trusty Sword."


    David S. Shupe
    July 26, 2012
    **See the sequel or follow-on to this poem entitled,
    "Where Are You, Lord?"

    POEM: I'VE COME TO FAR TO TURN BACK ~ by David S. Shupe

    I have decided to follow Jesus.

    I'VE COME TO FAR. . .

    I've come too far,
    No turning back.
    Long as I follow Jesus,
    I'm on the right track.

    I've come too far,
    My faith is strong.
    I'll praise my Savior,
    All the day long.

    I've come too far,
    ' Heaven is my goal.
    My attachment to earth,
    Is now on hold.

    I've come too far,
    Leaving the past behind.
    No time for regrets,
    The future is sublime.

    I've come too far,
    Conquered doubts & fear.
    Wherever I journey,
    He's always near.

    I've come too far,
    Made my commitment.
    In God's army,
    Serving my enlistment.

    A lifetime contract,
    That's my choice.
    No reneging on Christ,
    For I've heard His voice.

    I've come too far,
    To back out now.
    To the good Lord,
    I'll take a bow.

    I've come too far,
    Not to believe.
    My mind's made up,
    His free gift I'll receive.

    I've come too far,
    To heed opposing voices.
    For I know the Truth,
    I've made the right choices.

    I've come too far,
    To fall for Satan's snares.
    For I'm in God's hands,
    Not to be taken unawares.

    I've come too far,
    To renounce my faith.
    I'm covered by the Blood,
    So Jesus keeps me safe.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    August 1, 2016



    Mailed to niece Norma Forbush on October 12, 2016 along with a card for her birthday. Norma's card response on October 18, 2016: Thank you so much for my birthday card and the beautiful poems! I love to read your poems over and over.

    Emailed to Pat for forwarding to brother Junior on October 16, 2016 in honor of his 75th birthday, a milestone.

    Posted to John/Cathy Payne's Facebook Messenger page on November 14, 2016 for John's birthday.

    POEM: JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Name of JESUS.

    J ~ E ~ S ~ U ~ S

    Jesus in the morning,
    Jesus at night.
    Jesus all the day long,
    Leading in the fight.

    With Jesus at the forefront,
    No way we can lose.
    The enemy is on the run,
    His power, Jesus does diffuse.

    In Jesus' Name, resist the devil,
    And he will quickly flee.
    He instantly loses his courage,
    When Christ hears our fervent plea.

    Draw nigh to Jesus,
    And He'll draw nigh to you.
    He knows our deepest need,
    And will always see us through.

    The glorious NAME of JESUS,
    Sweetest NAME I know.
    Just the mention of His NAME,
    Gives one an inward glow.

    He's there when we need Him,
    He's there when we don't.
    He's there when we call on Him,
    He's there when we won't.

    Jesus is our divine Creator,
    By Him, all things exist.
    Whatever is done, He did.
    He's the reason we persist.

    We literally owe Him our lives,
    There's no other way around it,
    He's the Pearl of Great Price,
    So fortunate to have found it.

    When we put Jesus first,
    Strange things will occur.
    Our lives will be enriched,
    His blessings we will incur.

    Jesus is the spiritual head,
    We are the functioning body.
    We look to Him for guidance,
    Since He is God Almighty.

    Jesus is before all things,
    He is above and over all.
    In Him, all things hold together,
    He is there to answer our call.

    Jesus willingly showers on us,
    A love so divine and pure.
    We can be unreservedly His,
    For in His arms we are secure.

    Jesus is our Source of Life,
    And He is our Sustainer.
    No matter how much the cost,
    He doesn't require a retainer.

    Jesus has made His peace possible,
    Through shed blood on the cross.
    For excellency of knowledge of Christ,
    Like Paul, I count all things as loss.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    February 10, 2016


    Name of Jesus poster


    JESUS is the NAME for SALVATION,
    There's no other way for PRESERVATION.

    JESUS is the NAME that saves from SIN,
    There's no other way to make it IN.

    JESUS is the NAME for our HEALING,
    It sends sickness and disease REELING.

    JESUS is the NAME for PEACE,
    It makes all turmoil and strife to CEASE.

    JESUS is the NAME for STRENGTH,
    With it, you can go to any LENGTH.

    Using it can eliminate all VINDICTIVENESS.

    JESUS is the NAME to erase all DOUBT,
    Proclaiming it, your faith will surely SPROUT.

    JESUS is the NAME that moves MOUNTAINS,
    And lets you drink of living water FOUNTAINS.

    JESUS is the NAME to calm turbulent STORMS,
    For by IT, HE your hectic life REFORMS.

    JESUS is the NAME that makes devils TREMBLE,
    Calling on that NAME makes the elderly NIMBLE.

    JESUS is the NAME to dispel distrust and HATE
    For HE will your stubbornness and pride DEFLATE.

    JESUS is a NAME that can make evil men GOOD,
    Accepting it makes people do what they SHOULD.

    JESUS is the NAME to eradicate all FEAR,
    For HE promises us, HE will always be NEAR.

    JESUS is a NAME, way above every NAME,
    Believing in it, you'll never ever be the SAME.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2014


    Jesus is our victory.


    Perfect love casts out all fear,
    No need to doubt when Jesus is near.

    I have not given you the spirit of fear,
    But of love, power and a sound mind, so hear.

    It is appointed unto men once to die,
    After this, judgment for all who live a lie.

    But for those who have accepted our Christ,
    His sacrificial death will more than suffice.

    To be absent from the body,
    Is to be present with the Lord almighty.

    Death is really nothing short of a miracle,
    Which most people view as a giant obstacle.

    Precious in the sight of the Lord,
    Is the death of His Saints who have soared.

    Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and life,
    Though he were dead, yet shall he live" ~ so blythe.

    There is no man that has power over the spirit,
    To retain and keep the spirit ~ so be it.

    If in this life only we have placed our hope,
    We are of all men most miserable, trying to cope.

    Death is just an open door into timeless eternity,
    Through proper planning, heaven will be our destiny.

    Jesus was victorious over death, hell and the grave,
    He won the battle for us by the life He gave.

    Because He lives, we shall live too,
    He paved the way for us and will see us through.

    Paul wrote, "I desire to depart and be with Christ,
    But to be with you is more needful ~ how nice.

    He looked forward to leaving this body in a shell,
    With assurance he was heading for heaven instead of hell.

    So, put your trust solidly in the Lord Jesus Christ,
    When your time comes to go, your faith will not be overpriced.

    He that believes in Christ, shall never die,
    But has inherited internal life from Him who does not lie.

    There is laid up for me a crown of life, so endearing,
    Not to me only, but to all who love His appearing.


    David S. Shupe
    March 19, 2013



    Emailed poem to Pam, Scot, Sam, and Heather Finley on October 17, 2015 after learning that Pam had only 2 weeks or less to live. (Pam actually died the very next day on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 11.35 am.

    Emailed poem to Joy Nicholson on Oct. 17, 2015.

    POEM: JESUS FIRST ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus Christ.


    Jesus first in the morning,
    Jesus last at night.
    Jesus is the ONE,
    Leading in the fight.

    Whoever comes to Jesus
    Shall never hunger or thirst.
    We will never be defeated,
    Long as we put Jesus first.

    Whosoever loves father or mother,
    Wife or children more than me.
    Is unfit to enter the kingdom;
    In the kingdom he will not be.

    Lay up treasure in heaven,
    And not upon the earth.
    For this will be eternal benefit,
    Of immeasurable more worth.

    The things of this life,
    Will all dry up and pass away.
    The things we do for God,
    Will for eternity outweigh.

    We should love the Lord
    With heart, might and soul.
    For He's the ONE and only ONE
    That restores us sin free & whole.

    You cannot serve God & mammon,
    You will hate one & love the other.
    God must be first in our life,
    And have no affinity for another.

    No matter what comes our way,
    Jesus is always there leading us.
    We'll never find another helper,
    So merciful, kind and just.

    Bible tells us HE was victorious,
    Over death, hell and the grave.
    Came to earth in human form,
    So our way, He could pave.

    No person can reach the Father,
    Except through Jesus Christ.
    We must follow the Holy Book,
    Rather than following the imprecise.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
    And you'll never go wrong.
    When our life on earth is over,
    We'll be in heaven all eternity long .

    When we put our Lord Jesus first,
    We'll forever be riding high.
    One day we'll thank Him personally,
    When we meet Him in the sky.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 27, 2015.

    POEM: JESUS HOLD MY HAND ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus reaching out to help someone!


    Hold my hand when we walk alone,
    Hold my hand as we enter the unknown.

    Hold my hand when no one seems to care,
    Hold my hand so we don't despair.

    Hold my hand when things seem to go south,
    Hold my hand when I shoot off my big mouth.

    Hold my hand when all seems to be lost,
    Hold my hand regardless of the cost.

    Hold my hand when we're going through the storm,
    Hold my hand when the waves around us swarm.

    Hold my hand when there seems to be no way,
    Hold my hand to see us through another day.

    Hold my hand when we receive dreaded news,
    Hold my hand when we become confused.

    Hold my hand when pain wracks our body,
    Hold my hand when things seem so shoddy.

    Hold my hand though we stray from your presence,
    Hold my hand as your love is our essence.

    Hold my hand as our children face medical crises,
    Hold my hand as we're part of your human species.

    Hold my hand as we hold up our loved ones hand,
    Hold my hand to give us all strength to stand.

    Hold my hand as we face pending surgery,
    Hold my hand and be our accessory.

    Hold my hand throughout the surgery process,
    Hold my hand in order to guarantee success.

    Hold my hand when the surgery is completed,
    Hold my hand as pain and weakness are depleted.

    Hold my hand as we journey through advancing age,
    Hold my hand as life's problems we engage.

    Hold my hand as we strive to win this race,
    Hold my hand for strength to keep up the pace.

    Hold my hand to let us know You're there,
    Hold my hand and your love we will declare.

    Thank you, Lord, for always holding my hand,
    Thank you, that you always care and understand!


    Jesus' hands clasping ours!

    David S. Shupe
    October 9, 2012


    Joy Shupe Nicholson: I really like the poem! Reminds me of the old hymn that we don’t hear too much anymore, “Jesus, Hold My Hand”!
    “Jesus, Hold my hand, I need Thee every hour, Thru this pilgrim land, Protect me by Thy power!
    Hear my feeble plea, Oh, Lord, look down on me! When I kneel in prayer, I hope to meet you there, Blessed Jesus, Hold my Hand!!!”

    You are ALL in our prayers! I know our God really is a PRESENT HELP in time of trouble, and He will be faithful to take care of His children because He loves us so much!!! May God’s peace and healing touch be upon you all today and the days ahead!!!

    Love you all so much!!!

    Pamela Shupe Finley ~ Oct. `13, 2012: Love it...and the pictures that accompany it. Thanks!

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: - Dec 8, 2012: I was re-reading your poem again this morning and wondered why I didn't respond - possibly because I read it quickly before I left for work one morning and didn't have time to reply. The poem is such a blessing and a cry for our Lord to hold our hand throughout our lives for we do need Him every minute of every day! Of course, since reading it again I cannot help myself, but must post the words to the old hymn, "Jesus, Hold My Hand" (page 52 in the blue hymnal if you please!) :-) Like Mother, The Word and Songs mean so much to me and I have always loved good poems like yours!

    David Shupe: Actually you did respond, but by email as I sent you and Jim the poem via that media also. Yes, I remember singing that song in church about every week when I was a pre-teen. It was always comforting to sing those words even that young.

    David Shupe ~ April 11, 2013: I sent this poem to Shirley Hayes Carroll the day before her pending back surgery, and she responded below.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll on Facebook ~ 10:58 p.m. Apr. 10, 2013: How beautiful. And so timely. I truly love you and yours. How very kind of you!

    David Shupe: I sent this poem to CeCe via her Facebook after she posted from one of her helpful websites the following: "I'm a strong person, but every once in a while, I wish someone would hold my hand and tell me everything's going to be all right."

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani on Facebook: David, what a beautiful poem, you are an amazing writer. David, could you send me the website name of your poems , I must have written it wrong, cant find it....This poem definitely lifts my spirits , thank you David, Hope the groomer was good to Scooby, tell Elaine I said hello please...God Bless you !!!!!May 16, 2013.

    CeCe Edmonds Offidani:I hope that others will read this poem...Its absolutely uplifting !!!!May 13, 2013..

    David S Shupe: CeCe ! Thanks so much. You are too kind. The website address is "" Note the ".info" in lieu of ".com." This poem is posted under the "Biblical" page after entering the home page. Your poem "To CeCe from Scooby," is posted on the "Special" page. Have a good day. May the good Lord keep His hand on you while you recover fully and speed up the recovery process - May 16, 2013.

    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Norma after she emailed me that the doctors had found another skin cancer on her leg that would require surgery and possible radiation afterwards, which she was reluctant to have done as she has had so much radiation in the past.

    Norma Forbush: 6/04/13 via email To: David Shupe: Oh, I love the poem. He does and will hold our hand......

    David S Shupe: on Apr. 30,. 2014. Sent this to Michaela just prior to her journeying to Johns Hopkins to check out her lung medical condition, why it's 80 percent filled with mucus.

    Michaela Schmitt 4:30 pm May 1, 2014: Thank you very much!

    Norma Forbush: Michaela has congenital lobar emphysema . She was born with it.. Her lung was like that in the womb. It's not regular emphysema He will be following up with regular visits. She will have another Cat Scan. He did find a piece of tissue in the lung. After the next Cat Scan he will know more about what to do about that...Maybe nothing... I'm just THANKING the GOOD LORD things were not any worst........She still feels good and is anxious to get to work. thank you for your prayers and she loves your poems.....thanks, again ~ May 3, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Dropped this poem off to friends Johnny and Dawn Gibson; also to Dawn Matthews their neighbor who is suffering with cancer.

    Mailed this poem to Lutie & Al Davis, LPC, when learning of all the problems they were going through with their house (mold), and with Al (alzheimer's, broken back, aneurysm) ~ Feb. 12, 2015.

    Mailed this poem to Lorrie Button on June 1, 2015 for her birthday on June 6, 2015: Her response: I wanted to thank you and Elaine for the kind birthday wishes and the lovely, thoughtful poem. I will be coming to Delaware to visit my daughters at John's place from July 12-15. Hope to see you and Scooby out walking on the road! All the best, Lorrie.

    Lorrie Button: Hi David and Elaine. I enjoyed the poem very much. Hold my hand. God has been there for me. He finds a way for me when there seems to be no way. He closed one door and opens up a new one. I hope you enjoyed John BUTTONS party yesterday. I think john and karie are running in a 5 K. Today. See you both mid July. Lorrie Button.

    Mailed this poem to Arelia Holmes on Aug. 24, 2015 along with $100 for the August stipend.

    Mailed this poem to Judy Williams & Howard Pruitt on February 24, 2016 to encourage them in Judy's battle over stage 4 breast cancer.

    Mailed this poem to Karen Craft Walls on September 23, 2016 as she is going through some serious medical problems.

    POEM: JESUS IN A NUTSHELL! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus in a Nutshell.


    He came to earth, and countered our dearth.
    He saw our plight, and arranged for our flight.
    He felt our pain, and turned it into gain.
    He healed our diseases, and resolved our uneases.
    He saved our soul, and made us whole.
    He died for our sin, to allow us to make it in.
    He rose eternal, and saved us from the infernal.
    He ascended to the Creator, and made us a spectator.
    He is coming again, to remove us from this world of sin.


    David S. Shupe
    July 22, 2012



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    Norma Littleton Forbush ~ Oct. 10: Wed at 11:41: I THANK HIM FOR DOING ALL THAT FOR ME.........

    David S Shupe ~ Oct. 11: Thurs. 8:01 a.m: So very glad HE did! He is faithful.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll ~ Oct. 11 Thurs at 9:59 a.m: So love this.

    POEM: JESUS IS CALLING ~ by David S. Shupe

    Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling.


    Do you feel totally lost and completely undone,
    Without God, or Jesus Christ, His only Son?

    Are you suffering from an unknown ailment,
    And you feel like you've suffered derailment?

    As a result, you feel like you're off track,
    Turn it over to Jesus, He'll have your back.

    Does feeling of the unknown leave you uncertain,
    And apprehensive at night after closing the curtain?

    Do you feel like you have no one to turn to,
    And you have nobody to help see you through?

    Do you feel that you really have no place to go,
    Then, my Jesus you should certainly get to know.

    Are you feeling so weak and heavy laden,
    And your burdens make you feel forsaken?

    Do you feel down trodden and all alone,
    With sins so bad, that no one can atone?

    Do you feel totally lost and oh, so forlorn,
    Do you find your path strewn with briars and thorn?

    Would you like to receive a gentle, loving Savior,
    Would you like to experience someone's loving favor?

    Come unto Me, Jesus said, and I will give you rest,
    Come unto Me and I will restore you to your best.



    David S. Shupe
    March 29, 2013

    POEM: JESUS IS COMING BACK ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus and church.


    Jesus is coming back,
    Never you fear.
    He'll split the eastern sky,
    And we're out of here.

    It may be evening,
    Morning or noon.
    Or it could even be,
    By light of the moon.

    No matter the day,
    No matter the hour.
    Keep diligently watching,
    And stay in prayer.

    You will not want,
    To be left behind.
    If you're not a Christian,
    Your ticket is declined.

    There's going to be,
    A meeting in the air.
    In the sweet by and by, so
    Be ready to meet Him there.

    Oh what a meeting,
    That will be.
    Our friends & loved ones
    We shall see.

    He'll be coming,
    For the living.
    That is, the ones
    Whose sins are forgiven.

    Also, the dead in Christ,
    Will rise first.
    This time they'll not ride,
    In a funeral hearse.

    They'll rise supernaturally,
    To meet Jesus in the air.
    Rejoicing to be in that number,
    Never having another care.

    Don't you want to be,
    In that select number.
    Resolve to stay alert,
    Don't be caught in slumber.

    Oh, won't it be wonderful,
    Wonderful up there.
    Never having to worry,
    No more burdens to bear.

    No more pain or heartache,
    No more parting from friends.
    A place of color and beauty,
    Where peace of God never ends.

    Heaven is a satisfying place,
    Where righteousness will reign.
    Best of all, we'll be with Jesus,
    And His name proudly proclaim.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 30, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Ellie Ziegler with photo of Stephen Ministry crew, and Johnny and Dawn Gibson on Sept. 6, 2015.

    Emailed this poem to Carolyn Morris on Sept. 13, 2015 on learning she was going to Philadelphia for tests and procedures.

    Posted this poem to Norma Littleton Forbush's Facebook timeline April 30, 2016 after a number of people had posted about the soon coming of Christ.

    Norma Littleton Forbush, Jim Nicholson, Joy Shupe Nicholson and 3 others like the poem.

    Jim Nicholson and Joy Shupe Nicholson shared the poem.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: I'm closer today than I was yesterday .....

    David S Shupe: Oh what a glad reunion it will be, when our loved ones, friends and Jesus we shall see!

    POEM: JESUS IS COMING SOON ~ by David S. Shupe

    Caught up with the Lord in the air!

    (Composed while sitting
    with a 92 year old Hospice patient)

    Are you ready? Jesus is coming soon.
    It may be evening, morning or at noon.
    No man knows the day nor hour
    But He's coming in all His power.

    There are those who've set a timetable,
    To know the exact time, we are not able.
    The Bible clearly says no one knows but God,
    If He tarries, we'll all be planted beneath the sod.

    For this you can certainly rest assured,
    It will surely happen, and this is not absurd.
    For the Bible confirms this very fact,
    You have to be ready, you won't have time to act.

    It's not so important that we know when,
    It is mighty important we're ready to make it in.
    So, give your heart to Christ, and be prepared,
    And when He does come, your soul will be spared.

    About His coming, Jesus, Himself did give us a hint,
    When He again, by God, would be sent.
    As it was in the ancient days of righteous Noah's flood,
    There would be eating, drinking, marrying all they could,

    Again, as it was in righteous Lot's evil day,
    Planting, building, selling and reveling, sordid sexual play.
    Only righteous Noah, Lot and family were saved,
    And no others, although they may have ranted and raved.

    All of these activities, and more, are in full swing, and on the run,
    From all appearances, nothing more needs to be done.
    The second coming of Jesus Christ could happen at any time,
    Whatever plans made without Christ, could turn on a dime.

    There will be no indication of an advanced warning,
    When Christ will split the eastern sky one morning,
    evening, or it may be in the middle of the day at noon,
    Whenever it is, it could surely happen very, very soon.

    So it pays to be ready, and give your heart to God,
    The same way that all the Saints before us have trod.
    As the lightning flashes across the heavenly sky,
    It will be quick and sure, on this you can rely.

    "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour
    as ye think not the Son of man cometh" in power.
    Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words
    shall not pass away" ~ our will to God defers.

    Look up for your redemption draweth nigh,
    Jesus is coming back again from on high.
    He is coming for all who love His appearing,
    He's coming for blood-washed Saints, enduring.

    So don't be slack, don't put it off and don't delay,
    Profess belief in Christ as God's only Son this very day.
    For if you do this, you will not be sorry nor deceived,
    For your prayer of confession, Jesus will gladly receive.

    When you repent and make that public confession,
    You'll want to spent a little time in prayer in a private session.
    When you do this, you will be positively assured,
    That your precious soul, Jesus, our Savior has secured.

    So we thank you, God, for saving our soul,
    For cleansing us from sin, and making us whole.
    The peace and joy we felt as our sins all washed away,
    Are worth all the gold on earth, never more to stray.

    Be ye also patient; make firm your hearts' sigh,
    for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
    Jesus is surely poised and ready to return,
    So Christians, prepare for your heavenly journ!

    He which testifieth these things saith,
    Surely I come quickly ~ Amen.
    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
    This is the beginning, not the end.

    Sign that Jesus is coming soon!


    David S. Shupe
    June 20, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)
    Joy Nicholson - Aug 12, 2012: For those who wait for and love His appearing:

    "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord!!!" (1 Thess 4:17)

    "For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and world lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for the BLESSED HOPE, and the GLORIOUS APPEARING of the great God and our SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST". These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee. (Titus 2:11-15).

    NORMA'S FACEBOOK ~ Nov. 28, 2012:

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Uncle David that is all so true.......that's beautiful........

    Virgie McGinnis Wells: Amen!

    David S Shupe: Thanks much, Norma, for your expression. I thought the poem fit in so well with your posting! If you're interested, I composed another one along these same lines back in January of this year entitled, "Looking For A City."

    INSTANT MESSAGE ON FB ~ Dec. 1, 2012:

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Love the poems uncle David, you are gifted. may I share 1 on my wall, copy and paste, with your credit of course. Dec. 1, 2012.

    David S Shupe: Hi Jeff...glad you enjoy the poems. Sure, feel free to use however you like. If they help anyone in any way, so very good ~ Dec. 1.

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Thank you and keep writing. Love you.

    David S Shupe: Thank you too. By the way, I do have a website where I have posted all my poems. If you go to "," and click on BIBLICAL page, you can see all the ones I've composed since August 2011 ~ Dec. 1.

    Jeffery Lee Williams: thanks, Ill check it out.

    Jeffery Lee Williams: Hope this blesses you as it did me. Written by my Uncle David -Dec. 1, 2012.

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    Norma Littleton Forbush: It is beautiful and so true....December 2 at 6:06pm.

    David S Shupe: July 7, 2014: Shirley: Composed this poem 2 years ago, but it goes along with your scripture you just posted (Revelation 21:7: "Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen.").

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: Likes this and shared it July 8, 2014: David! Thank you. I shared with my friends.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: July 7, 2014: My dear childhood friend, David Shupe, wrote this wonderful timely poem. Be blessed.

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    Nancy Emerson: Awesome poem! July 14, 2014.

    POEM: JESUS IS LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is Lord!


    Jesus is Lord to one and all,
    Jesus is Lord if on Him you call.

    Jesus is Lord throughout the whole earth,
    Jesus is Lord with arms encircling its girth.

    Jesus is Lord to black and white,
    Jesus is Lord if you make it right.

    Jesus is Lord to red and yellow,
    Jesus is Lord to both gal and fellow.

    Jesus is Lord no matter the color or race,
    Jesus is Lord if you diligently seek His face.

    Jesus is Lord to Jew and Gentile alike,
    Jesus is Lord if the sin football you spike.

    Jesus is Lord regardless of political persuasion,
    Jesus is Lord on every occasion.

    Jesus is Lord to all who call on His name,
    Jesus is Lord and reigns in our hearts supreme.

    Jesus is Lord and will stand for no opposition,
    Jesus is Lord and this is not a mere supposition.

    Jesus is Lord if you declare Him with your mouth,
    Jesus is Lord if your sins all go south.

    Jesus is Lord if you invite Him into your heart,
    Jesus is Lord if you let Him do His part.

    Jesus is Lord and He cures sickness and disease,
    Jesus is Lord and causes life's storms to cease.

    Jesus is Lord and brings salvation to our soul,
    Jesus is Lord and He heals and makes us whole.

    Jesus is Lord if you sincerely believe,
    Jesus is Lord to help you spiritually achieve.

    Jesus is Lord if you believe His message,
    Jesus is Lord & approves your heavenly passage.

    Jesus is Lord made possible through grace,
    Jesus is Lord where works had no place

    Jesus is Lord as He died to save fallen man,
    Jesus is Lord, if this you understand?

    Jesus is Lord and He always will be Lord,
    Jesus is Lord and wields a mighty Sword.

    Jesus is Lord and He's looking out for you,
    Jesus is Lord and He will see you through.


    David S. Shupe
    November 23, 2012

    POEM: JESUS IS NOT OPTIONAL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus coming in the clouds.


    Jesus is not an optional choice,
    He's the only way if you heed His voice.
    There's no other way to enter in,
    He's the only one who can forgive our sin.

    In this life, there is no other name,
    That can absolve us of all blame.
    He is the Way, Truth and Life for ALL,
    He's beckoning you, so listen for His call.

    No other Name whereby we must be saved,
    Freeing us from the prison we've been enslaved.
    Seek His forgiveness while He may be found,
    He'll make you anew, turning your life around.

    In many things, you're free to make any selection,
    There's only one Savior, and there's no other election.
    In this life, you can make many more than one pick,
    To be saved, Christ is the only name that will stick.

    To get to heaven, going through Jesus is mandatory,
    Every time a decision is made for Christ, it's laudatory.
    We become His sheep, He becomes our shepherd,
    Came to earth, gave His life, as it was us He favored.

    So Jesus is not optional, if you want to make it in,
    Give your heart to Him, Satan will take it on the chin.
    Jesus won the battle for us a long, long time ago,
    Because He lives, we shall live too, it's so.

    There is no othe way to heaven if you're serious,
    It's not set up this way just to placate the curious.
    It's the only way to go, and Jesus is the key,
    Whether alive or not, He's returning for you and me.

    So give your heart to Jesus, if you want your ticket paid,
    As He returns in the twinkling of an eye, you'll have it made.
    No worries, no fears, you'll be ready to make the trip,
    Read the Bible, the promises are in the Script.

    If you think all religions lead to heaven, you're in error,
    At the end of life, you'll realize this way ends in terror.
    One door and only one, yet its sides are two,
    Inside and outside, on which side are you?


    David S. Shupe
    March 17, 2013

    POEM: JESUS IS OUR CATALYST ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is our catalyst.


    A Catalyst changes & propels us,
    If we do what Jesus tells us.
    Always be packed & ready to go,
    Keep apprised & stay in the know.

    Jesus is our Catalyst,
    Keeping us from being a fatalist.
    He changes us from bad to good,
    Helping us to live like we should.

    There is no way we can lose,
    When our Catalyst we do choose.
    He propels us to higher heights,
    Completely forgives our sinful blights.

    Removing them as far as East is from West,
    Because He always knows what is best.
    When the body slowly grows old and dies,
    The spirit returns to One Who rules the skies.

    To go from earth to heaven's divine roost,
    We need God's supernatural boost.
    That's when Our Lord provides the power,
    Doesn't matter the day or the hour.

    Doesn't have to be an all powerful rocket,
    Or an electrical device plugged into a socket.
    All we'll ever need is our Spiritual Catalyst,
    For all that are on that Heavenly List.

    When the good Lord is ready to take us,
    Then He's fully prepared to re-make us.
    Where we're headed, we'll be transformed,
    So it pays us to stay always informed.

    Look up for your redemption draws nigh,
    He's coming back to receive us on high.
    No man has power to retain the spirit,
    Neither in the day of death can one bear it.

    It is appointed unto man once to die,
    So you can bid this old world goodbye.
    After this, God's judgment will take place,
    For both sinner, and redeemed saved by grace.

    To be absence from our terrestrial bodies here,
    Is to be present in our celestial bodies there.
    We desire to depart and to be with our Christ,
    For life on this old earth will never suffice.

    We'll be justified or condemned by words we speak,
    So it's very important that God's Word we seek.
    Withhold not good from them to whom it is due,
    For the seed you sow, will come back to you.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by: David S. Shupe
    February 20, 2017

    POEM: JESUS IS OUR GATEWAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is our gateway.


    By Me, if any man enter in,
    He shall be saved.
    Try to enter any other way,
    And you will still be enslaved.

    The Bible clearly states
    That Jesus is the only name,
    Whereby we enter heaven's gate;
    So make sure you're in the game.

    Others have tried climbing up
    Some other nefarious way.
    But their efforts are doomed,
    As the Lord has had His say.

    Jesus is The Way, the Truth
    And the Everlasting Life.
    All other ways are counterfeit,
    And lead to turmoil and strife.

    Jesus is our eternal gateway
    To happiness and perpetual peace.
    When we invite Him into our heart,
    Our downward spiral will cease.

    Heaven is a coveted place,
    Where the Saints of God abide.
    However, you must have Jesus
    To enter and remain inside.

    Our help lies safely in
    The Name of the Lord.
    When we abide in that name,
    We'll be with Him in one accord.

    The precious Name of the Lord,
    Is a strong tower.
    The righteous use that Name,
    Every day and every hour.

    His Name is the key,
    To unlock Heaven's celestial door.
    Praying in His glorious Name,
    Gives us power to achieve even more.

    The Bible so stipulates,
    Jesus is the door of the sheep.
    We go in and out to find pasture,
    Our lives, He does safely keep.

    I AM the door, Jesus declares;
    By Me if any man enter in,
    He is free to come and go,
    No longer impacted by deadly sin.


    There is only one door,
    And yet its sides are two.
    Inside and outside,
    On which side are you.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    November 12, 2016

    br> Mailed to Michael & Judy Salvatore on Jan. 9, 2017.

    POEM: JESUS IS STILL LORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    I must confess, Jesus is Lord.


    It doesn't matter,
    If we feel forsaken.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    So don't be mistaken.

    It doesn't matter,
    Family doesn't understand.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    He'll help me comprehend.

    It doesn't matter,
    I'm almost at wit's end.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    On Him, I will depend.

    It doesn't matter,
    If others do us wrong.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    To Him I belong.

    It doesn't matter,
    If we err in doing right.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    Turning darkness into light.

    It doesn't matter,
    If the road gets rough.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    And I'm gonna hang tough.

    It doesn't matter,
    If the way grows steep.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    He directs our feet.

    It doesn't matter,
    If we're on overload.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    We rely on His mode.

    It doesn't matter,
    What the world does.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    And He always was.

    It doesn't matter,
    How the storms rage.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    He protects our cage.

    It doesn't matter,
    That life is uncertain.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    He raises our curtain.

    It doesn't matter,
    Our life feels on hold.
    Jesus is still Lord,
    And He's in control.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    November 20, 2014

    POEM: JESUS IS THE ANSWER ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus is the Answer.


    Jesus is the Answer
    When our mind is a blank.
    Jesus is the answer,
    And we have Him to thank.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    To every enticing addiction.
    His Holy Word becomes our comfort,
    As He removes every affliction.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When you are plagued with anxiety.
    Not to just you and me only,
    But to every member of society.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When you experience distress.
    He has clearly stated,
    Come unto me & I will give you rest.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When money is your worry.
    It's with patience we are victorious,
    So refrain from being in a hurry.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When we're tired and worried.
    Fully believe & trust in Him;
    You will no longer feel so harried.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When divorce rears its ugly head.
    It may not be because of things uttered,
    But because of things left unsaid.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When disease attacks a loved one.
    No matter the medical diagnosis,
    It's no match for God & His Son.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When your job is in jeopardy.
    This may have been the only thing,
    Keeping you from falling into poverty.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When grieving is your part.
    God's Word plainly stipulates,
    He heals the broken in heart.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When depression hits you hard.
    No matter how much you struggle,
    You come away scarred.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When you feel so very lonely.
    The way to turn this around,
    Is to call on the Master only.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When death deals a terrible blow.
    He's there to help cushion the shock;
    His mercy on you, He will bestow.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    When everything goes wrong.
    Just enlist in His kingdom,
    And to Him, you will belong.

    Jesus is the Answer,
    Regardless of the question.
    If you desire total satisfaction,
    Believing on Him is a winning suggestion.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    September 2, 2016


    Emailed to Joy and Jim NIcholson on November 7, 2016. Joy's response: Thought I had replied to this but apparently did not. I was rereading it again tonight & thought I had better check. Really enjoyed the poem and the words are indeed meaningful and by repeating the “Jesus Is The Answer” twice in a verse, it makes it stick in your head and declare, “YES!!! HE IS INDEED THE ANSWER!!!” Makes you want to shout, “HALLELUJAH”!!! THANKS again for sharing your “inspired by the Holy Ghost” poems that encourage, uplift and bless and causes us to stop and think and “ponder in our hearts” as Mary did!!! Thank YOU David, for all you do to minister to others!!! AND it is VERY MUCH deserved!!! Love and appreciate you both so very much!!! Joyfully yours!!!

    Posted to Donna Shupe's Facebook Messenger page on November 21, 2016 in honor of her birthday. Her response: Thank you David.

    Posted to Shari Allen's Facebook Messenger page on November 21, 2016 when she was going through a bit of trauma. Shari's reponse: Thank you David and Elaine. That was the most generous, powerful and loving gift I received today. I was in tears all day. I found myself in such sorrow. Reading this gave me hope again. Thank you. God bless you David. Love Shari.

    Posted to Amy Fermil Spruill's Facebook Messenger page on Feb. 2, 2017 after she posted about stress in her life. Amy's response: Thank you so much Mr David! Truer words have not been spoken. I appreciate the encouragement and prayers.

    POEM: JESUS IS THE LIGHT ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus, the Light of the World.


    No need to fear the dark,
    For Jesus is the light.
    Long as we serve Him,
    Everything will turn out right.

    When clouds are threatening,
    And the storm becomes intense.
    Just look to the Lord Jesus,
    For He makes perfect sense.

    No matter how far we travel,
    He lights up our pathway.
    No need to trip and stumble,
    If we walk with Him each day.

    His light penetrates the dark,
    While we can't see far ahead.
    Just relying on God's Sonshine,
    Will eliminate fear and dread.

    When all around us is darkness
    And earthly joys have flown.
    My Savior whispers His promise,
    Never to leave us alone.

    When daily problems overwhelm us,
    And it seems we can stand no more.
    Just turn them over to the Master,
    And our prayers He will not ignore.

    If we walk each day with Jesus,
    We'll never need to walk alone.
    For He is the eternal light,
    And our dark sins He does disown.

    Christ has made it all possible,
    As we are reflections of God's light.
    We accept, but cannot yet see redemption.
    For we walk by faith & not by sight.

    There's a story that we must tell,
    Jesus is the true light of the world.
    There's no greater message than this,
    A message everyone should herald.


    He’s with us in the valley,
    Amid the darkest night
    He tells us in our sorrow;
    Faith will give way to sight. —D. DeHaan.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 30, 2015.

    POEM: JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Jesus.


    The fool loudly proclaims in his heart.
    He is both corrupt and abominable,
    From his evil ways, he does not depart.

    Sinners will be consumed from the earth,
    And the wicked will be no more.
    God separates His sheep from the goats,
    For by His people, He sets great store.

    Man that is born of a woman,
    Is of few days & full of trouble.
    It is sin that has caused the problem,
    Filling men's lives with sinful rubble.

    Thank God, the Lord is longsuffering,
    And He is full of mercy & compassion.
    For He forgives all of our iniquity,
    And casts away our sinful transgression.

    O LORD, how manifold are Thy works,
    In wisdom hast Thou made them all.
    The earth is full of Thy riches,
    Leaving us filled and standing tall.

    A wise man fears and honors God,
    And he willingly departs from all evil.
    The fool rages and is foolishly confident,
    Berating all things that are civil.

    Fear of the Lord is strong confidence,
    His children shall have a place of refuge.
    Fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,
    And we'll be saved from every deluge.

    The Spirit truly is ready and willing,
    But the carnal flesh is so weak.
    Lest you enter into the devil's temptation,
    Watch and pray, and the good Lord seek.

    Whosoever exalts himself shall be abased;
    He that humbles himself shall be exalted.
    Because of Christ's sacrificial death,
    Over the devil's obstacles, He has vaulted.

    In God's house are many mansions,
    So Jesus departed to prepare a place for us.
    But our hearts must be joined to His heart,
    And our eternal lives to Him, we must trust.

    Let not your heart be weary or troubled,
    You believe in God, believe also in ME.
    When you come to the end of the journey,
    It will be worth it all, you'll soon see.

    Jesus said, I am the Way, Truth & the Life,
    No man comes to the Father except by ME.
    These are the Words from the Master,
    And that's the way it has to be.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    November 14, 2016

    POEM: JESUS IS THE REASON ~ by David S. Shupe

    A merry christmas scene!


    As we reflect on who we are and should be,
    Just look to the Master and you will see.

    Jesus, the reason for the hope that in us ~ guaranteeing,
    In Him we live and move and have our being.

    For He is "the Way, the Truth, the Life,
    And He is why we win out over sin and strife.

    He will be with us in trouble, and deliver us too,
    As He cares for the little sparrow, He will care for you.

    He loved us while we were yet sinners, it's very true,
    Before our spiritual rebirth, our lives were all askew.

    When we gave our heart to Jesus, He eradicated our sin,
    Doing it all to make a way to heaven for us to enter in.

    While many are busy working to remove Christ from public view,
    Such as nativity scenes, prayer in public places~a lot of hullabaloo.

    "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God," foolish indeed,
    The more they do, the less they are as we continue to sow the seed.

    God is in control, wanting everyone to enjoy the true spirit of the season,
    Looking to author and finisher of our faith, victorious over evil's treason.

    Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season, no doubt about it at all,
    Shout it from the rooftops, "Enjoy Christmas for in Christ, we stand tall."

    Wishing all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a hearty Good-night!
    We'll keep proclaiming His message long as we breathe, doing what is right.

    David S. Shupe
    December 24, 2011

    Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift
    of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!

    A merry christmas hanging ball!


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Dec 25, 2011: Beautiful, Brother David! Perfect for the Christmas season - reminding us why He came as a baby! It was for us because He loves us and cares about us!!!

    You and Elaine have a blessed day basking in the love of our good Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!! We are definitely greatly blessed and highly favored to be children of the King of kings and Lord of lords!!! To think - he extends the invitation to ALL who will receive Him! "...unto YOU is born...a Savior who is Christ the Lord!!!

    We love you! Jim & Joy

    David Shupe - Dec 26, 2011: Thanks, Joy. Elaine and I had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas day, attending Christmas service at mid-morning, then a few rounds of "Sequence" while listening to Christmas music on the holiday FIOS channel. Elaine fixed a nice Christmas dinner, then we settled in to watch the holiday movies.

    While we Christians celebrate Jesus every day of the year, it is nice to have a special day for everyone to come together and remember what Christ did for us and means to us, to you and to me; that He went to the cross that was hewed out of a tree~~experiencing the agony and the pain to absolve us of our sins and reconcile us to God the Father. Amen!

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 3, 2012: Was that another poem in that last paragraph! I think it must flow out without you even realizing it!!! Love it! So true! Glad you both had a good Christmas and New Year's. Enjoyed talking to you both on the phone! Love and miss you! :-).

    (Blue Mountain Cards)

    Jim Nicholson - January 5, 2012: Thanks for the lovely card with another original poem. We have enjoyed all of your poems and thanks for allowing me to share them with my family. May you and Elaine have a very blessed 2012.




    (John 14:6)

    Jesus is the WAY,
    We know His voice.
    We faithfully follow Him,
    We've made our choice.

    Like a good Shepherd
    He leads the WAY.
    Don't fear the unknown,
    Just kneel and pray.

    He never lets us down,
    When danger looms near.
    He protects His own,
    So have no fear.

    He is the DOOR WAY,
    That we have to enter.
    He is the Litchpin,
    And He is the Center.

    He calls us by name,
    Knows all of our need.
    We trust in His Name,
    And to Him we plead.

    He is the only WAY,
    To a merciful God.
    So we must follow,
    As other Saints have trod.

    Jesus is the TRUTH,
    As stated in the Word.
    He is all powerful,
    No need to be perturbed.

    Pilot stood next to Jesus,
    His eyes were blinded.
    Many don't recognize TRUTH;
    And need to be reminded.

    TRUTH will win out,
    When all else fails.
    Jesus is there for you,
    When everyone else bails.

    TRUTH is the cornerstone,
    Of righteous living.
    And Jesus is the One,
    Who is forever giving.

    The Word is also TRUTH,
    And Jesus is the Living Word.
    He's coming back for His own,
    When His message is heard.

    Jesus gave us a new lease on LIFE,
    He died so we could live.
    We carried a sentence of death,
    But our sins, He did forgive.

    Shedding His Divine Blood,
    Assured us of Eternal LIFE.
    By going to the cruel cross,
    He saved us from all pain & strife.

    In him was LIFE; and LIFE
    Was the light of men.
    We shine that light inwardly,
    To see where we've been.

    We use that same light,
    To point us in the right direction.
    If we happen to veer off course,
    We make the proper correction.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 13, 2016

    POEM: JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lovely photo of Jesus Christ!


    Are you weak and heavy laden,
    burdened down with a load of care?
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He does know,
    and will your heavy burdens share.

    Do you sometimes feel all despondent,
    and want to throw in the towel,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He will put a smile
    on your face taking away that scowl.

    Maybe you're having marital or family problems,
    and seemingly there is no rational solution,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Relying on Him
    for help can result in problem dissolution.

    Perhaps you've even gone through a messy divorce,
    and your world has been turned upside down,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Look to Him for comfort
    and again He'll plant your feet on solid ground.

    Do you have a good friend that's sadly disappointed you,
    and you don't know how to respond,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He knows how you feel
    before you ask, you just have to correspond.

    Things are so bad at home, at work, even at church,
    and your world now seems topsy-turvy,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Acknowledging Him every day
    will calm the storm and make you less nervy.

    Have you lost a job that you've held for many years,
    Something so unexpected, though you had some fears.
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He is with you in trouble,
    And will help you repair your busted bubble.

    Are you often sick, suffering so much or in constant pain
    that you really don't know which end is up,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; by His stripes you are healed,
    go to Him in faith and with Him you can sup.

    Have you received a bombshell like you have an incurable
    disease, and you don't know which way to turn,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He is the Way, the Truth,
    the Life, and He will help you His will to discern.

    Have you lost a family member, relative or a close friend,
    and you can't seem to fully recover from your loss,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He knows just how you feel,
    shoulders your grief, another reason He went to the cross.

    Have you ever reached the end of your rope,
    and believe suicide is the only way out,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; He heals the broken-in-heart
    and binds up their wounds, without doubt.

    Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, profanity
    or porn and wish you were in control of your life,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Become addicted to HIM,
    unwanted addictions will fade away and so will your strife.

    Are you confused about all the religions in the world,
    and wonder just which is the true and right one,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Forget about religion
    and just concentrate on JESUS, God's only Son.

    Why? Because JESUS gave his life for your life, and God
    gave His only begotton Son for your eternal salvation,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; "As everyone that believes on Him
    will not perish," so stated by the Master of Creation.

    Do you have a life that's totally messed up, you can't find the
    way out, and like Job, you rue the day you were born,
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Simply invite Him into your life,
    and you'll quickly find you'll no longer be forlorn.

    Jesus went to the cross for your salvation, dying for your sins,
    When He comes again, it's to all Christians He will be revealing.
    JESUS IS THERE FOR YOU; Thank you Jesus for dying for our
    transgressions, and for the stripes you endured for our healing.

    Sign labeled Thank you Jesus!


    David S. Shupe
    June 5, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Jul 15, 2012: AMEN!!!

    Melody Popo - Jul 16, 2012: I enjoy all your poems, but I really liked this one. What a wonderful message to share with others.

    David Shupe - Jul 19, 2012: Thanks, Melody. I pray it is a help to anyone who is going through some problem when they need encouragement, and that includes all of us at one time or another. There is no greater comfort than God's Holy Word to help us solve and bring us through life's challenges.

    Sent this poem to Pamela Shupe Finley, date not listed.

    POEM: JESUS IS WORTHY ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus paid it all photo.


    He is worthy of our love,
    Coming down from heaven above.

    He is worthy of our honor,
    For He became our substitute donor.

    He is worthy of our devotion,
    On land, in the air or on the ocean.

    He is worthy of our adulation,
    For He helps us practice moderation.

    He is worthy of our praise,
    For He is with us all our days.

    He is worthy of our suffering,
    He's the One who provides us buffering.

    He is worthy of our daily time,
    When we have Him, we have the prime.

    He is worthy of our consideration,
    In heaven we'll enjoy a joyous celebration.

    He is worthy of our wealth,
    For He always provides for our self.

    He is worthy of our pain,
    For He's the One who allows our gain.

    He is worthy of our glory,
    The beginning and end of the story.

    He is worthy of our attention,
    His Name we will always mention.

    He is worthy of our allegiance,
    As He forgives us for our negligence.

    He is worthy of our trust,
    Reaching heaven thru Him is a must.

    He is worthy of our faith,
    For He's the One who keeps us safe.

    He is worthy of our giving,
    For He's the One who sustains our living.

    He is worthy of our commitment
    For saving us from eternal punishment.

    He is worthy of our labor,
    For He is our spiritual innovator.

    He is worthy of our patience,
    Keeping us from undue complaisance.

    He is worthy of our adoration,
    And to Him we make acclamation.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 8, 2014

    POEM: JESUS KNOWS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Did you know?


    Jesus knows when the going gets rough,
    Jesus knows when we've had enough.

    Jesus knows when we find ourselves in dutch,
    Jesus knows when we need heaven's touch.

    Jesus knows the thoughts and contents of our heart,
    Jesus knows and promises to take our part.

    Jesus knows when our wheels cannot get traction,
    Jesus knows doors to open for positive action.

    Jesus knows all the turmoil we're going through,
    Jesus knows because He's been through it too.

    Jesus knows when our bodies are wracked with pain,
    Jesus knows and restores us to normal again.

    Jesus knows after the storm, there's a rainbow,
    Jesus knows and will raise us to a higher plateau.

    Jesus knows the proverbial ending from the beginning,
    Jesus knows and forgives us of all our sinning.

    Jesus knows our thoughts and every step we take,
    Jesus knows and still promises not to forsake.

    Jesus knows if we are wrongfully accused & persecuted,
    Jesus knows & His love and mercy for us is executed.

    Jesus knows our discouragement, doubt and fear,
    Jesus knows when we need His presence so near.

    Jesus knows when we're facing a severe crisis point,
    Jesus knows when we feel down and out of joint.

    Jesus knows when we've had about all that we can take,
    Jesus knows and He's there to help for goodness sake.

    Jesus knows when our world is turned upside down,
    Jesus knows and plants our feet on the solid ground.

    Jesus knows & nothing from Him can be covered up or hid,
    Jesus knows, yet on all our transgressions, He has put a lid.

    Jesus knows when the road we're traveling is all uphill,
    Jesus knows and He whispers, "Peace, be still."


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 21, 2017


    Emailed to Joy Shupe Nicholson on April 4, 2017. Joy's response: Thank you, David & Elaine!!! That was so encouraging and just what I needed!!! I must admit there are times when I do feel overwhelmed but the Lord keeps reminding me that HE is the One who will answer and He is never overwhelmed, but can handle each request!!! I was feeling a little down today and perhaps a trifle discouraged, but your email and poem were just what I needed!!! Isn’t that just like the Lord!!!?? He did touch me today and lifted my spirits by this afternoon but your thoughts and poem did encourage me and also brought tears of thankfulness to my eyes!!! I appreciate you both so very much!! I know that I say that each time, but I really do!!! Wish we could see you both more often!!! Can’t wait until Heaven when there will be no parting but can be together through the endless ages!!! Longing for that!!! By the way, a very Happy Birthday to our special girl, Elaine, tomorrow!!! Wish we could celebrate with you!!! We did send a card, but I am afraid it will be late. Sorry! Love and appreciate you both so very, very, very much!!! Joy.

    By the way, I will share your poem with Sharon, who used to work in Jim’s office (Jennifer’s Mother). Of course, Jennifer has that position now. She has been going through depression very bad but has been going to church with us the last two Sundays and the Lord is bringing her through!! The people there have received her and love her and pray for her. She loves it!! We are so thankful. I think that I will print out your poem and share it with her. She lives with her Mother who is a very negative person and never gives her a kind word but puts her down in everything she does and says, but Sharon tries to stay positive. Appreciate your prayers for her and also for her Mother to be saved and to appreciate and show Sharon love.

    Posted to long time friend and daughter of a former pastor, Judy Kidd's Facebook Messenger page on April 12, 2017, when the good Lord impressed on me she needed some encouragement. Judy's response 4:33 am, April 13, 2017: Thank you so much. I've been in dispair and feeling hopelessness. Still praying, thank you for reminding me. Yes, God hears you.

    Posted to my Facebook Timeline on April 11, 2017. Nine people like it: Geri Willey Elliott, Norma Littleton Forbush, Debbie Clinebell Witt, Joy Shupe Nicholson, Larry Peacock, Jim Nicholson, Willie Radford, Sr, Jamie Nicholson Klink and Andria Padgett McClellan.


    Willie Radford Sr: Jesus gave you a great gift, I enjoy reading and a blessing receives. Thank you David S Shupe...April 11 at 10:04pm. David S Shupe: You are certainly welcome Willie, and thanks for reading, enjoying and expressing your comments. Makes writing the poems worth it, and of course, we couldn't do it without the good Lord giving us the inspiration and thoughts. April 12 at 8:58pm.

    Gayle Harris: Your words express what many need. We are overwhelmed at times, but God is there to speak peace. Thank you! April 13 at 10:13pm. David S Shupe: Thank you Gayle for your spiritual insight and comments. We appreciate you. April 14 at 7:12am.

    Four (4) people shared the poem: Joy Shupe Nicholson, Norma Littleton Forbush, Carol Cunningham Brown and Jim Nicholson.

    Mailed to Dortha & Connie Shupe on April 17, 2017 in thanks for the beautiful Easter Card and glowing comments she sent us.

    Posted to Rita Hudson's Facebook Messenger page on April 16, 2017. Rita's response on April 17, 2017: Thank you, David!

    Mailed to Delores (Dee) Duncan on April 17, 2017 in response to her birthday gifts for Scooby and chocolate marshmellows for us.

    Handcarried to Carolyn, Harvey and Debbie Morris on April 18, 2017. Stayed and talked with Carolyn for a few minutes and she thanked me a couple of times for the poem and visit.

    Emailed to Norma and John Forbush on April 20, 2017.

    POEM: JESUS LOVES ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus loves me.


    "Jesus loves me this I know.
    For the Bible tells me so.
    Little ones to Him belong,
    We are weak but He is strong.
    Yes, Jesus loves me. . . . .
    The Bible tells me so!"

    A children's song,
    Yet so appropriate to all.
    Especially when old and gray,
    And on Him we need to call.

    We need Him for strength,
    We need His agape love.
    We need His heavenly touch,
    From the throne of God above.

    Even the young men
    Shall faint and grow weary.
    But they that wait upon the Lord,
    He will pick up and carry.

    Though my hair is like snow,
    And my sight is growing dim.
    My strength does ebb and flow,
    I'll always put my trust in Him.

    He doesn't give up on me,
    Even though at times I fail.
    He gives me another chance,
    As His mercy does prevail.

    While I am often impatient,
    He is long suffering.
    He bears long with me,
    And over me He is hovering.

    No man is able to pluck me,
    Out of His capable hands.
    I'm safe in His care,
    And all evil He withstands.

    Cast all your care on Him,
    For He careth for you.
    Seek peace and pursue it,
    For He will see you through.

    They that seek me early will find me,
    A Biblical promise to me and you.
    God is not a man that He should lie,
    His Words will always ring true.

    I love them that love Me,
    This is in the Book.
    If you don't trust my word,
    Go yourself, take a look.

    Oh, how He loves me,
    This I truly know.
    For the Bible tells me this,
    And I know it's truly so.


    David S. Shupe
    May 8, 2013

    POEM: JESUS ON MY MIND ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus poster


    I woke up this morning,
    With Jesus on my mind.
    I began to thank Him,
    For treating me super kind.

    I keep Him with me,
    Through the livelong day.
    He's right by my side,
    Assuring all turns out okay.

    I go to bed at night,
    He is my final thought.
    I owe so much to Him,
    For my salvation He bought.

    He's the ONE I believe in,
    No one can take His place.
    He sacrificed His life,
    For the entire human race.

    I am a true believer,
    For what He's done for me.
    I will never doubt Him,
    For the victory I do foresee.

    He paved the way for us all,
    Leaving nothing for us to do.
    Only believe in His Holy Name,
    As He'll surely carry us through.

    Keep your mind on Jesus,
    For He keeps His mind on you.
    Said He'd never leave us,
    When our life is all askew.

    No way we can ever repay Him,
    For His torture and sacrifice.
    What He did was invaluable,
    For us, it will more than suffice.

    Jesus is there for each one of us,
    When all else has failed.
    He'll never turn us away,
    Though everyone else has bailed.

    To repay Him, what must we do,
    To work the works of God?
    Simply believe and follow,
    As other Saints have trod.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 6, 2014

    POEM: JESUS, OUR PINCH HITTER ~ by David S. Shupe

    Baseball with Christian symbol.


    Adam's sin caused all mankind to be lost and undone,
    God, Himself, initiated a remedy by sending us His Son.

    No doubt about it, we were lost & steeped in disgrace,
    Jesus stepped up to the plate & willingly took our place.

    He swung for the bleachers and hit it over the wall,
    He was victorious, keeping His eyes on the ball.

    He knocked old man sin clean out of the park.
    Knew exactly what He was doing as He hit the mark.

    Jesus, Himself, became our pinch hitter,
    He was an active participant, not a bench sitter.

    He was in there swinging, giving His life for us,
    Putting His celestial life on hold without bother or fuss.

    He came voluntarily to do God's will on earth,
    Giving mortal man a chance to experience a rebirth.

    He didn't need any warmup or practice swings,
    For He is our Savior and the King of kings.

    He knew what He was doing in that batter's box,
    He did the unusual, and not the orthodox.

    No one else could have accomplished His feat,
    He was there to conquer sin, the devil He did unseat.

    He knocked that ball far as the east is from the west,
    He knew what He was doing & He knew what was best.

    He helped us to win when we had already struck out,
    He came though like a champ, that's what it's all about.

    Thank you Jesus for stepping up, helping us win the game,
    It's only because of you that we won, and overcame.


    David S. Shupe
    October 20, 2012



    Five (5) people liked this post when first posted: Norma Littleton Forbush, Marjorie Latzko, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Heather Finley and Jim Nicholson.
    Hand carried this poem to Pat Short, Co-Manager of Connolly's Chappel Thrift Store Oct. 2014.

    Emailed to Granddaughter Heather Finley on July 25, 2016.

    Four people liked this on December 2, 2016 as Facebook re-posted it: Beverly Hurd, David Little, Debbie Clinebell Witt and Carol Cunningham Brown.

    Carol Cunningham Brown: I love your writings and this one is so true! December 1, 2016 at 7:30am.

    Debbie Clinebell Witt: I love it... As always!! December 1, 2016 at 8:09am.

    Gayle Harris: This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. So true. Thank the Lord.

    POEM: JESUS PAID IT ALL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus paid it all sign.


    I owed a debt I could not pay,
    He paid a debt He did not owe.
    He did for me what I could not do,
    He reaped for me what I did sow.

    He saved our life by what He did,
    He gave His life we could not give,
    He did it all for you and me,
    Going to the grave so we could live.

    He promised eternal life to all who believe
    No man is able to pluck us out of His hand
    He is the same today, yesterday and forever
    What a Savior on whom we can depend,

    He voluntarily went to that cross,
    While us guilty ones remained free.
    Nails pierced His hands and feet,
    Holding Him fast to that cruel tree.

    While we remained separated from pain,
    He alone suffered excruciating agony,
    Holding back nothing, He gave His all,
    With pain in every part of His anatomy.

    Many stripes were laid upon His back,
    Unmercifully treated, giving Him no slack.
    A crown of thorns adorned His bleeding head,
    Not as a King, but a criminal instead.

    Oh, the indescribable pain He endured,
    To obliterate the consequences of sin.
    A task that no one but Jesus could perform,
    Providing us the opportunity to make it in.

    While we were yet lost in sin,
    He cared enough to provide a remedy.
    Giving His life for our life,
    And saving us from sin's penalty.

    The stripes that He received,
    Were for our healing you know.
    For with His stripes we are healed,
    And His love He did willingly bestow.

    Devoting ourselves to the kingdom of God,
    Is the only way to show our full appreciation.
    So repent and commit your life to Him,
    Showing your gratitude for His propitiation.


    David S. Shupe
    October 12, 2012

    POEM: JESUS UNDERSTANDS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus understands us.


    Jesus understands when others don't,
    He's there to help when others won't.

    Jesus understands when we hurt,
    He is there our pain to divert.

    Jesus understands when we fail,
    He is there to help us prevail.

    Jesus understands frustration & doubt,
    He is there to turn that about.

    Jesus understands our situation well,
    And our fears He will dispel.

    Jesus understands our anxiety,
    He strengthens our human frailty.

    Jesus understands our inbred guilt,
    He removes the stain of sinful silt.

    Jesus understands our weakness,
    He is there to help us win the "Preakness."

    Jesus understands our sinful state,
    He came so our sin He could eradicate.

    Jesus understands when we feel blue,
    In human flesh, He's been there too.

    Jesus understands our pain & suffering,
    Died on the cross to provide a buffering.

    Jesus understands our lot in life,
    Helps us be victorious over pain & strife.

    Jesus understands what we're going thru,
    He's there to help, so very true.

    Jesus understands when the end is nigh,
    He'll be there to lead us to our home on high.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    July 28, 2015



    Posted this poem to niece Geri Willey's Facebook message page after learning she had gone to have a breast biopsy on the same day, September 1, 2015.

    Geri Elliott: Thank you Uncle David! I really have a peace about it. Love you! 9/1, 9:14pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Geri. Having the peace of God about anything is half the battle. Pam had an MRI yesterday to determine her status. Keep her in prayer too for a good report. The siblings will be remembering you both (& your Dad) in prayer tonight in our 10 pm prayer vigil. Love you too. You're precious. 9/1, 9:25pm.

    Geri Elliott: We are continually praying for Pam and believing! 9/1, 10:49pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks to both you and Bryan!

    POEM: JOB'S FAITHFULNESS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Job comiserating with his 3 friends!


    Job was a righteous man who had great faith in God and he hated evil,
    Yet, God permitted him to be severely tested and tried by our adversary, the devil.

    Job was a very wealthy man with much livestock, along with 3 daughters & 7 sons,
    As he was a God-fearing man, God had blessed him tremendously for the job he had done.

    God: "Have you considered my servant, Job, that there is none like him in all the lands,"
    Adversary: "The reason he is so faithful, is because he is always protected by your hands."

    So God placed Job's life in the adversary's hands to do with as he pleased, but not to take his life,
    So the adversary took away everything he had, all his possessions except he did spare his wife.

    Job had several thousand head of livestock, plus his offspring and all these constituted his wealth,
    In fact, the adversary affected Job with boils from his head to his feet, thus taking away his health.

    Job was in such misery from the boils that he sat in ashes and scraped himself with a potsherd for relief,
    Three of his friends showed up and sat with him for 7 days without speaking, due to his pain and grief.

    After Job spoke commiserating over his misfortune, the three "friends" sought to provide him comfort,
    However they tended to blame Job for his troubles, rather than lifting him up and offering him support.

    His wife whom he only had eyes for as he had made a covenant with his eyes not to look upon a maid,
    Told him outright to "curse God and die," a rash statement and one that Job totally disobeyed!

    "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the Name of the Lord," he decried.
    In all this, Job did not sin with his mouth, nor blame God for anything, as on God he relied.

    "Although skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.
    For I know my Redeemer liveth, & He shall stand at the latter day upon this earth I trod."

    With unwavering faith, Job said, "I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than necessary food.
    Shall we not receive evil from the hand of the Lord, as we are also blessed with receiving good."

    After Job's pain and anguish were ended, and his tests and trials had been completed,
    He came through it all with flying colors, and the adversary's plans were soundly defeated.

    He had wisely built his house upon the Solid Rock, and his faith in God remained unshakeable,
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so his will and determination remained unbreakable.

    Since Job successfully passed all tests, God blessed Job with twice as much as he had before,
    By roundly defeating the adversary and holding onto his faith, thus with God he did score.

    God was not pleased with Job's three friends who were supposed to be helping his oppressions,
    But He did ask Job to pray for and bless them, to atone for their mindless indiscretions.

    One moral of this story is, God is in heaven and you are on earth, therefore let your words be few,
    By your words you'll be justified and by your words you'll be condemned ~ so do not misconstrue!


    David S. Shupe
    April 30, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Jun 8, 2012: The older we get and the more of life we experience, the more we can appreciate the faithfulness of Job. We can understand more Job's steadfastness through his adversity. What a wonderful example Job gave us. Another excellent poem, David.

    Joy Nicholson - Jun 9, 2012: I say, "AMEN" to Melody's comments! Great!

    David Shupe - Jun 10, 2012: Thanks again, Melody and Joy. Job is an excellent role model for us all, no doubt about that.

    POEM: JONAH & THE WHALE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jonah being thrown overboard


    God directed Jonah to go to the City of Nineveh and warn its people of their wicked action,
    Instead of obeying God and doing what he was asked to do, he fled in the opposite direction.

    Jonah, like Adam and Eve, thought he could disobey God's directive, then run and hide,
    Not realizing the futility of that act, and that from God's wrath he could not abide.

    Once God sets His sights on us and calls us for a specific purpose, we may as well submit,
    Because there is nothing in this world to save us, and our freedom we are certain to forfeit.

    We have to acknowledge that God is omnipresent, meaning that He is everywhere,
    No matter where we go, even if we make our bed in hell, He is there.

    And He is the same, yesterday, today and forever, that surely is no secret to us,
    We've heard this from the time we were born, so disbelievers need to adjust.

    To get back to our story, Jonah was able to hitch a ride on a ship leaving port for the deep,
    Safe aboard that ship, safe from God's prying eyes he thought, he fell fast asleep.

    While sleeping, the Lord caused a mighty wind and tempest seemingly resulting in ship disaster,
    Jonah was aroused and directed to pray and call upon God, by none other than the ship's master.

    The captain and crew were quite upset knowing that death by drowning was just as lethal as a sword,
    Jonah admitted to them the error of his ways, that he was fleeing from the presence of the Lord.

    To quiet the boisterous waves, raging seas and mighty tempest, Jonah instructed them to toss him overboard,
    Nevertheless, they tried hard to bring the ship to land, without success, so over the railing he soared.

    Immediately the sea ceased raging, the men feared the Lord, offered sacrifice and made vows,
    Which just goes to show you that we can only go as far in our disobedience as God Himself allows.

    The Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah and he lived in its belly 3 nights and days,
    "Out of the belly of hell," Jonah prayed unto God promising to pay his vows without further delays.

    We've heard the phrase, "hell on earth," but Jonah experienced hell in the belly of a whale,
    Never having been there, it's very difficult for me or anyone to relate to this incident, pray tell.

    Extremely hot, pitch black, lack of oxygen, overwhelming stench are just a few adjectives that come to mind,
    And why Jonah felt like he was in "hell," as he actually experienced such atrocities of every kind.

    The Lord accepted Jonah's repentance, and for the second time, directed him to go to Ninevah and warn them,
    That if they did not repent of their sins, the city and the entire population would he condemn.

    The message from God that he carried for 3 days into the city was, "in 40 days, Nineveh shall be overthrown."
    The king and people repented of evil they had done; so God saved Nineveh; their destruction He did postpone.

    David S. Shupe
    January 26, 2012

    POEM: JONAH IN A NUTSHELL ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jonah being thrown overboard

    (in lieu of a whale)

    When Jonah is passive, God is massive
    When Jonah slips, God flips
    When Jonah runs, God shuns
    When Jonah flees, God perceives
    When Jonah sailed, the tempest prevailed
    When Jonah fell, God prepared a whale
    When Jonah is repentless, God is relentless
    When Jonah hides, God abides
    When Jonah vows, God wows
    When Jonah prays, God stays
    When Jonah exclaimed, God proclaimed
    When Jonah consented, God repented
    When Nineveh repented, God relented
    When Jonah failed, God prevailed


    David S. Shupe
    Composed January 26, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - Jan 28, 2012: When Joy read, she said: WOW!!! :-).



    In the Bible, the story of Joseph begins when he was a budding youth of seventeen years. He was the first son of Rachel, who competed with her sister, Leah and two handmaidens for his father, Jacob's affections. However, he was the eleventh son of Jacob, who fathered the twelve tribes of Israel. The only negative remarks the Bible records about Joseph happened when he was still just a young person, and they slowly involved into petty jealousy and intense hatred of Joseph by his ten brothers. These attitudes stemmed from the fact that he was a favorite of his father's who made him a coat of many colors, and secondly, he related two dreams to his siblings that depicted his lordship over both them and the parents, with them bowing down to Joseph in his dream, although he was the younger brother. Both of these actions deeply offended the brothers and subsequently resulted in their desire to kill Joseph, but this was ultimately revised to selling him into slavery instead, where he ended up in Egypt.

    To me, Joseph's minuses occurred because his young age and inexperience contributed to his insensitivity or lack of knowledge about his own (half-brothers) feelings when he paraded before them in his coat of many colors, and "bragged" about the fact that his parents and brothers would bow down before him, which of course, really did come to pass in later years.

    Although Joseph's actions later resulted in his being sold into slavery by his brothers, this was all part of God's big plan to save Israel during the ensuing seven years of famine. While his brothers were used by God to set up this whole scenario, and make their salvation possible, they didn't understand the big picture, while Joseph later on did realize the plan. So, in spite of Joseph's youthful indiscretions, we believe he is undoubtably the best example of who we should pattern our life after in all of the Bible, with the exception of Christ, Himself.

    In 2 Peter 1:5-7, the apostle Peter had his own list of Christian qualities that he encouraged believers to add to their life of faith. These included: Virtue, knowledge, self-control, perservance, brotherly kindness, and love. We believe that Joseph epitomized all of these qualities over the course of his life He was a man with integrity, honesty, fortitude, great optimism and upstanding moral convictions, all demonstrated by his impeccable character. These commendable character traits will be highlighted in the poem below. As the story unravels, you will begin to see a bit of God's master plan unfolding for saving the people of Israel from massive starvation.

    Joseph's coat of many colors



    Joseph was first mentioned in the Bible when he was still a teen,
    He had yet to reach full manhood as he was only seventeen.
    One day he was out with his brothers tending his father's flock,
    There were twelve brothers in the family, and that's no crock.

    Being the product of his old age, Joseph's father loved him best,
    To show his love, the father did something we might think was in jest.
    He gave him a gift that was quite ostentatious ~ a very colorful coat,
    Which may have caused the brothers to think things we can not quote.

    This act of Jacob's in singling Joseph out to give him a special gift,
    Did nothing to endure him to the brothers; in fact it caused a rift.
    To make matters worse, Joseph brought back a bad report of their work,
    This he reported to his father, so his brothers thought him a jerk.

    Also, Joseph had two dreams that he related to his parents and brothers,
    Indicating that youth don't always use good judgment in dealing with others,
    As his dreams portrayed his family all bowing down to him as one in authority.
    Adding insult to injury, they felt demeaned by his act of superiority.

    Thus, they no longer spoke civily to Joseph, becoming unfriendly and jealous,
    Attitudes changed toward Joseph, and to their father they became rebellious.
    As evidenced by later actions, they harbored ill thoughts in their heart,
    When they followed a course consistent with actions against this young upstart.

    One day his siblings were out tending their father's flocks some distance removed,
    Jacob later sent Joseph out to check on them, though they would have disapproved.
    They saw him coming in his cloak of many colors that was certainly hard to miss,
    A chance to do him mischief; if ever an opportunity existed for pay back~~it was this!


    Some wanted to kill him; cooler heads prevailed so they just sold him into slavery,
    To Midianite merchantmen who came by; a deed that was a very far cry from bravery.
    They received a few pieces of silver from the tradesmen for this unsavory transaction,
    That stemmed from the brothers' jealousy and hatred, causing such a violent reaction.

    Cowardly brothers dipped the coat in a goat's blood, and the dastardly deed was done,
    They showed the bloody garment to their father, asking "is this the coat of your son?"
    Jacob agreed the coat was that of Joseph and surmised that a wild animal had done him in
    Refusing consolation, he grieved for many days, the brothers never admitting their sin.

    Joseph was taken to Egypt and promptly resold to Potipher, an officer of the king,
    Joseph gradually curried favor with him, who put him over his household and everything.
    God was with Joseph and also blessed the household of Potipher in all of his responsibilities,
    God prospered Joseph in his new environment and even increased Potipher's profitabilities.

    One day when everyone was away, Joseph was busily engaged in performing his household chores,
    Then Potipher's brazen wife came in and began a romantic seduction he studiously ignores.
    She kept this up for many days on end with the same result, because Joseph was an upstanding man,
    She really had no comprehension who she was dealing with, as he was no one night stand.

    However, she was a persistent female, and she finally begged Joseph to "come lie with me."
    Joseph continued to resist her advances, however, she didn't take no for an answer, you see.
    Potiphar's wife thought she was so beautiful and that all men imagined she was so irresistible,
    She had never in her life encountered a man like Joseph, whose character was so impeccable.

    Even though she may have had lots of romance to offer that most men would consider delectable,
    She didn't consider that men like Joseph have godly scruples~married women are not selectable.
    So Joseph stuck to his ingrained principles that married women are always off-limits,
    And when his bosses' wife flung herself at him, he was more than ready to call it quits.

    When he tried to dodge and twist and then even run to elude her amorous advances
    He managed to escape her clutches leaving his coat behind ignoring her petulant glances.
    His blatant refusal and departure upset Potipher's wife as it was such a blow to her pride,
    She quite obviously was a much sought after lady, not one whose affections could be denied.


    When Potipher came home, his wife accused Joseph of trying to seduce her, leaving his coat behind,
    Accusing him of what she, herself, had tried to perpetrate, but was unsuccessful in her design.
    Potipher was so mad at Joseph for what he had tried to do to his wife, that his anger was unabated,
    He immediately had Joseph rounded up and threw him into jail for an alleged action he so hated.

    The Lord was with Joseph in jail, and gave him mercy showing him favor with the prison keeper,
    Who committed all prisoners to his hand, when you would think in jail he couldn't sink any deeper.
    The keeper placed complete trust in all Joseph did as the Lord was with him and made it to prosper.
    Whatever he did in jail, he did it with all his heart, might and soul and that's the real gospel.

    On one occasion, Pharaoh committed his servants, the butler and baker, to prison for some offense,
    In jail, both dreamed but didn't understand so it mystified and caused them a bit of suspense.
    Joseph, noticing their sad countenances, asked about their demeanor, and they related their dreams,
    And said unto Joseph, "We have dreamed a dream and there is no interpreter of it" ~ it seems.

    Joseph replied, "Do not interpretations belong to God," and "this is the interpretation of it,"
    In three days the chief butler will be restored to duty and the chief baker hanged, to wit.
    As Joseph did the butler a favor, he asked to be remembered to Pharaoh and be freed from prison,
    As he had been stolen out of the land of the Hebrews, creating unnecessary family schism.

    The chief butler forgot about Joseph's request, until later, Pharaoh, had a couple of dreams,
    He told the dreams to his magicians and wise men, who were unable to satisfy the ruler supreme,
    Then the butler told Pharaoh what had happened to him and the chief baker while they were in jail,
    A young Hebrew interpreted their dreams and it happened exactly as stated~and this was no tall tale.


    When Pharaoh heard the chief butler's story, he sent for Joseph to come and do his own explanation,
    Not fully realizing that Joseph was just a vessel, and not the source of the interpretation.
    Pharaoh said, I have dreamed a dream; no one can interpret it, but I hear you have an understanding,
    Joseph said, "It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace," my part notwithstanding.

    So Pharaoh proceeded to relate his two dreams that his wise men were unable to properly address,
    He waited for Joseph's response to images troubling his mind and causing him so much stress.
    Joseph said, the dreams are really one; God is showing you what He is about to do; it is very grevious,
    The dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is established by God and nothing about it is devious.

    He didn't stop at the interpretation, but proceeded to offer advice and save time for him to examine,
    The serious situation; seek out a man discreet and wise, to see Egypt through seven years of famine.
    A good plan consists of storing food in the seven plenteous years for use during seven years of scarcity.
    This should preclude the people from dying from starvation, as well as serve to maintain normality.

    The thing is, Pharaoh didn't have to look far, as the plan sounded quite good to him and his servants,
    He said, "Can we find such a man as this, in whom the spirit of God is?"~a man who is so observant.
    So because God had showed Joseph all that was coming to pass, he made him ruler over all of Egypt's land,
    As there was none so wise or discreet as he, and no man could lift up hand or foot without his command.

    Joseph was 30 years old at this time, and Pharaoh named him Zaph-nath-pa-a-ne-ah, meaning prince.
    He had him ride his second chariot; they cried before him, "Bow the knee,"~he hasn't been the same since.
    God's intervention enabled him to rise from a slave and prisoner, to a prince and ruler in a foreign land,
    Far away from a home he was forcefully taken from by vengeful siblings taking matters in their own hand.

    Being a dedicated man, Joseph toured Egypt to determine what needed to be done to prepare for the drought
    He wanted to cover all bases, getting the lay of the land, assessing growing potential, leaving nothing out.
    He issued orders to gather up and store crops during the 7 good years and keep it for the ensuing 7 bad years,
    This would save a lot heartache and starvation during lean years, and prevent many unnecessary tears.

    Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number,
    The seven years of plenty in the land of Egypt were ended as foretold in the dream ~ without encumber.
    Then 7 years of drought began, and the dearth covered all lands, except in Egypt there was bread,
    Where no shortage existed due to food storage and even surrounding countries came to Joseph to be fed.


    Hearing about Egypt, Jacob ordered his sons to go buy corn "that we might live and not die,"
    So his sons went to Egypt to buy corn, but the younger brother, Benjamin, stayed home, nearby.
    Along with others, the sons came to buy corn, for the famine in the land was quite severe,
    As Joseph's youthful dream predicted, they bowed before him, their faces to the earth~~hear, hear!

    Joseph knew his brothers, but they didn't recognize him; he remembered the dreams he had years ago,
    How upset they were after relating the dreams, and their treatment that was far from appropos.
    Joseph may have figured these dreams were the principal reasons why they had sold him into slavery,
    He later acknowledged their actions as God's plan to save Israel from a fate that was unsavory.

    Though his brothers failed to recognize Joseph, he didn't let them know of his recognition of them,
    He wanted to test them and determine if his father and Benjamin were alive in good condition.
    He treated them as spies to hold one of them in jail until they brought Benjamin back next trip,
    When Jacob heard this, he was agitated refusing to accede to the demands or follow Joseph's scrip.

    When their food was depleted, he had little choice, but to relent and accept the ruler's demands,
    So he allowed Benjamin to go with them to Egypt, adhering to the ruler's distasteful commands.
    As they stood before Joseph, he asked about his father, "Is he still alive and in health"~he did inject.
    They assured him he was still alive and in good health; they bowed low before Joseph in respect.

    He became emotional seeing Benjamin alive, so he hurriedly excused himself and left the room,
    So he could weep privately; he didn't want them to know he was Joseph, having other plans to assume.
    He had his servants prepare a great banquet and seated his brothers from the eldest to the least,
    They came in, sat down in designated seats surprised of the order as they settled down to feast.

    Following dinner, Joseph commanded his servants to put his silver cup in Benjamin's grain sack,
    When the brothers departed for home, they were accosted by the Egyptians and brought back.
    Actually, this was part of a plan by Joseph that some would say turned out to be a trap,
    When Joseph's servants searched all their sacks, Benjamin was the one who took the wrap.

    Joseph informed them that for his thievery, Benjamin would remain behind and be his slave,
    The brothers, thinking fast said, we will all stay here and be your slave ~ and not misbehave.
    Again, they bowed down before Joseph and implored him not to keep Benjamin from going home,
    Because this would kill their father, an old man, by depriving him of happiness and shalom.

    During sibling interactions, he used an interpreter so they didn't know he knew their speech,
    They murmurmed, we're being punished for what we did to our brother ~ so said they each.
    Judah, the eldest, said to Joseph, "I know that you are as powerful as the king of Egypt himself."
    If we go home without my father's youngest, he will surely die; can't we put this on the shelf?

    Joseph unable to control himself in front of his servants any longer, ordered them to step outside,
    Leaving him only with his eleven brothers, as he explained to them who he was, and loudly cried.
    He said, "Is my father still alive?" But they could not answer him as they were sore afraid,
    Joseph tried to reassure them not to be angry or upset, though it was him they had betrayed.

    "Now don't be worried or angry with yourselves because you sold me here,"
    "God sent me here ahead of you to save people's lives," so don't despair.
    God sent me here to keep you and your descendants alive in a special way,
    God made me the highest officer in the land so that Israel could see the light of day.

    Joseph and his brothers hugged and talked and it seemed that old wounds were healed,
    He sent them home loaded down with corn and other provisions in sacks that were sealed.
    Both he and Pharaoh told them to go home and bring his father and the rest of his offspring,
    To come live out the remaining five years of famine in Egypt and prepare for an upswing.

    At first, Jacob refused to believe that Joseph was still alive, but was finally satisfied,
    That his son, whom he thought dead, was indeed alive and well and he was so gratified.
    So all the family packed up everything they owned and headed down into Egypt's course,
    Where they actually spent 400 years and eventually became a great and mighty force.

    The total number of Jewish women, children and men settling in Egypt was quite small,
    Amounting to only 70 souls, but God richly prospered and blessed them one and all.
    They actually ended up spending 400 years there, and became a great and a mighty band,
    Exceeding a million strong by the time Moses led them out of Egypt to the promised land.

    In the beginning, one man, Joseph was sold into Egypt as a slave and was also jailed,
    Over time, God used him and caused Israel to mushroom into a mighty nation that prevailed.
    When there is a willing vessel like Joseph, who seeks to please God with all his heart,
    God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform, and His everlasting truth to impart.

    David S. Shupe
    November 7, 2011


    Joshua fit the battle of Jericho!


    Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and circled the city round and round.
    Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, Jericho and the walls came a-tumbling down,

    The first day and the succeeding five days, the Israelis marched around Jericho,
    On the seventh day, they marched, shouted, blew ram's horns, and the walls did go.

    They marched on the city, proceeding to annihilate the inhabitants as per God's orders,
    When God plans to rid the land of enemy combatants, there are no secure borders.

    Joshua took great pains to spare Rahab and her family for her kindness to his men,
    Although Rahab was a former harlot, she repented and God forgave her sin.

    He even honored Rahab putting her in line as a grandmother to Boaz, husband of Ruth,
    Confirming God uses who He pleases through His Amazing Grace He exercises in Truth.

    Joshua burned the city, and pronounced a curse on anyone who attempted to rebuild,
    They would endanger their own life, and be in danger of having their blood spilled.

    The walls fell, the city was destroyed because Joshua followed God's orders to the letter,
    Which confirms believing and obeying God is the only sure way to do things & do them better.

    In other words, faith and obedience are the keys to victory in every battle we may face,
    If we believe God, are obedient to His divine plan we'll be victorious in this ole human race.

    It's to our advantage to trust in the Lord with all our heart, lean not unto our own understanding,
    In all of our ways acknowledge Him, and He will see us through, our own doubts notwithstanding.


    David S. Shupe
    March 10, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Apr 11, 2012: A wonderful poem about an exciting story ... singing, "and the walls came a-tumbling down."

    David Shupe - Apr 13, 2012: Thanks, Melody. An all time favorite story of the Bible.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 15, 2012: Another good one! You included one of my favorite verses at the end. :-).

    David Shupe - Apr 15, 2012: Mine too, along with many others too numerous to even list them all.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 15, 2012: AMEN to that! God gives different verses to speak to us on different occasions which indeed makes them a favorite!!! John 3:16 began it all! :-).


    A lovely young lady, yes, but still just a sinner saved by grace.


    Who am I ~ just a sinner saved by grace,
    Lost and undone, without God or His Son.

    If it had not been for God's great love for this world,
    We'd be spinning straight for hades with our head all in a whirl.

    God demonstrated this love, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,
    No greater love can anyone have than to lay down his life for a friend~a real plus.

    But God so loved all of us, that He gave His only Son,
    That whosoever believeth on Him would not perish~no not one.

    James admonishes us to "draw near to God, and He will draw near to us,"
    If we pursue this admonition, we'll benefit greatly with little bother or fuss.

    No man is able to pluck us out of His hand, that is His promise,
    And you can take this to the bank, no need to be a doubting Thomas.

    There's nothing about salvation that should give us a swelled head,
    As Jesus took our rightful place on the cross, and put our guilt to bed.

    He willingly suffered and died in our place while we only have to say "I BELIEVE."
    The only incumbent thing for us to do is to open our hearts and "RECEIVE."

    What a priceless gift from God of His only begotten Son,
    While Jesus gave His all for us, and for us He hit a home run.

    David S. Shupe
    March 22, 2012


    Joy Nicholson - Apr 22, 2012: AMEN to that!!! One of my favorite verses: "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8) (NKJV). Another favorite to go along with the poem is found in Ephesians 2:1-10: "But God, Who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ...For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God..." (NKJV).

    David Shupe - Apr 22, 2012: Great verses to complement the poem. In fact, I'm adding the Romans 5:8 verse to the poem:

    God demonstrated His love toward us, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,
    And no greater love can a person have, than to lay down his life for a friend~a real plus.

    Joy Nicholson - Apr 28, 2012: Like that! Very good! Which member of the family do you think the girl looks like?

    David Shupe - Apr 28, 2012: Crystal, I believe!

    POEM: JUST ENOUGH ~ by David S. Shupe

    Victory is Jesus banner.


    Got up this morning,
    On wrong side of the bed.
    Jesus is just enough,
    To keep me from seeing red.

    Everything coming apart,
    He's our Mr. Fix it.
    Jesus is just enough,
    He's there to nix it.

    Everything I touch,
    Seems to come apart.
    Jesus is just enough,
    So I'll look up & take heart.

    Made a big mistake,
    I'm truly sorry for.
    Jesus is just enough,
    To open up a new door.

    Having serious reservations,
    About a decision I made.
    Jesus is just enough,
    To prevent any charade.

    Feeling weight of the world,
    Everything in a bunch.
    Jesus is just enough,
    All my burdens to crunch.

    It's not how strong I am,
    It's how strong He is.
    Jesus is just enough,
    And that's the way it 'tis.

    It's not that we loved Him,
    It's that He loved us.
    Jesus is just enough.
    The One we can always trust.

    It's not my circumstances,
    It's my fortitude.
    Jesus is just enough,
    I'll show Him my gratitude.

    No two ways about it,
    No more, no less.
    Jesus is just enough,
    To relieve all my stress.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 15, 2014


    Jim Nicholson, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Shirley Poynter, Mike Shupe, Sally Bulkley, Jamie Nicholson Klink, and Pat Oakley Shupe like this.

    Jamie Nicholson Klink: Very nice reading to start my day. Thanks uncle. Love you ~ Jan. 15, 2014.

    Pat Oakley Shupe: Thank you for the poem David. He is always more than enough ... He is just plain enough and then some. Now that brings me to a praise! Norma Littleton Forbush likes this ~ Jan. 15, 2014.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Jamie & Pat and you're welcome! Love you guys too ~ Jan. 16, 2014.

    Mailed to Bryan Elliott on Jan. 17, 2017.

    POEM: JUST TRUST ~ GOD DELIVERS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Just trust in God.


    When we're down and out,
    And don't know what it's all about.

    When we're in a fetal position,
    And everything seems an imposition.

    When our world comes to an end,
    And no one is there to befriend.

    When our mind refuses to grasp,
    And we don't feel the Lord's clasp.

    When problems keep on mounting,
    So many that I've stopped counting.

    When mentally I begin to deteriorate,
    And trials seem to accelerate.

    When things I do seem to run amuck,
    And everything begins to suck.

    When the path I take runs uphill,
    And I seem to have lost my will.

    When I can't see the forest for the trees,
    And things I do are no longer a breeze.

    When I've lost my will to live,
    My life runs thru my fingers like a sieve.

    When I don't know which way to turn,
    I feel I've forgotten everything I did learn.

    When there seems to be no deliverance,
    And my mind spouts total indifference.

    If you feel you've been abandoned,
    And forgot what the Lord commanded.

    Always trust and your time will come,
    Your weighty problems will soon succumb.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 24, 2015


    Hand carried this poem to neighbors Hunter and Jack Goins on Sept. 5, 2015, along with a Thank You card for her flower arrangement and Shoo Fly Pie.

    POEM: JUST WAIT!~ by David S. Shupe

    They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.


    Rest in the divine Lord,
    WAIT patiently for Him.
    The answer is on the way,
    Our hope will never dim.

    Just pray and WAIT,
    That's the ticket.
    If a problem won't leave,
    He'll help you kick it.

    They that WAIT upon the Lord,
    Shall renew their strength.
    They shall mount up like eagles,
    And soar to greater length.

    WAIT on the Lord I say,
    He will strengthen your heart.
    Dont' be afraid to persevere,
    Blessings to you He will impart.

    WAIT on the Lord today,
    That is the vital key.
    And while waiting, do believe,
    He will answer you and me.

    Just slow down and WAIT,
    Let us not go in haste.
    For we've heard the old adage,
    Haste makes waste.

    In your patience,
    Posess ye your soul.
    Patience requires WAITING,
    Christ will make you whole.

    Most of our entire life,
    Is spent JUST WAITING.
    The value of depending on God,
    Is not subject to debating.

    We don't WAIT for nothing,
    The result is worth the WAIT.
    The Lord always comes on time,
    And He'll never come too late.

    Just WAIT we're prone to say,
    If you've ever heard the phrase.
    How long, the question may be asked,
    It could be hours, or even days.

    WAIT & watch is the Lord's admonition,
    For you know neither the day nor hour.
    Jesus will soon break through the clouds,
    To gather His elect with strength & power.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 17, 2015


    Thank you Lord, for your blessings to me.


    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For all you've done for me.
    You've filled my life with goodness,
    And Your Word is my guarantee.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For delivering me from depths of despair.
    I had just about given up on hope,
    My burden was more than I could bear.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For caring & coming on the scene.
    When I thought all avenues were closed,
    You stopped my free fall in mid-stream.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For forgiving me seventy times seven.
    In reality, it's been ten thousand times seven,
    As you prepared my wayward soul for heaven.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For not treating me the way I deserve.
    You overlooked my failures & shortcomings,
    Your love for me was not held in reserve.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For all the times you bestowed blessings.
    Your innate goodness is there for all to see,
    As we benefit from showers of refreshings.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    And offer up to you my undying gratitude.
    You were my solid anchor when I was adrift,
    Almost gave up, but You changed my attitude.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For showing me the way I should travel,
    Your Holy Word plainly plots my route,
    And the detours, You help me unravel.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For touching & healing my broken heart.
    So hard to lose that very special person,
    Hated it so much they had to depart.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For walking with me through the storm.
    There's no need to worry or fret,
    For faithfulness is your norm.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For loving me as an unlovable sinner.
    You pulled me out of the deepest gutter,
    Changed me from a loser to a winner.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For being there 24/7 around the clock.
    You know how to put my mind at ease,
    And guide my ship safely to the dock.

    Just wanted to thank you Lord,
    For Your great mercy & loving grace.
    Your kindness & love are from everlasting,
    So comforting to feel Your warm embrace.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    February 8, 2016


    Mailed this poem to Arelia Holmes and Efrain Lopez on Feb. 13 & 16, 2016, respectively.

    Presented this poem to Elaine Shupe on her birthday, April 5, 2016, along with a card, note and a calendar gift with Scooby photos for each month of the year.

    Posted this poem to Ruth Shupe Owen's Facebook Messenger page on May 17, 2016 in honor of her 75th birthday. Her response: Ruth Owens: Thanks so much for the beautiful poem. Made my day.

    Mailed to Kylene Shupe on May 23, 2016 for her graduation, along with $100 gift.

    Posted this poem on Gary and Trisha Fearer's Facebook Messenger page on June 10, 2016 after Trisha posted about Gary's bout with a blood clot on his brain that God dissolved. Her response: GaryandTrisha Fearer: Thank you David, that is beautiful! What is amazing, the song God has layed on my heart the last few months, is "Thank you Lord for your blessing on me". You are such a blessing. Love, Gary and Trisha. David S Shupe: Thanks Gary & Trisha for your lovely response. The poem and the song that the good Lord laid on your heart indicate to me that God is certainly working in our lives for our good. Thanks God that He knows our needs before we voice them.

    Hand carried to neighbor Dorothy Hudson on July 12, 2016. Dorothy always gives us some small gifts in return.

    Emailed to Sister-in-law, Pat Oakley Shupe, on July 28, 2016 upon learning she had to go to emergency room in Salisbury for tests. Her response Re: Thank you Lord, for touching Pat! Patricia Ann Oakley 7/29/16. To: David Shupe: David and Elaine, Thank you so much. I'm just getting around to checking my email. He certainly did touch me.The numbness in my face/scalp came back somewhat today so I need to find out what's going on with that because that left at the hospital when my BP went down. Go back to dentist Monday. He said it's possible the infection in my jaw a few weeks ago was not tooth related at all. Said depending on what he finds he could refer me to a doc who would check nerve issues! So I still need your prayers. Right now I'm taking BP meds trying to see if what I'm on is right for me. Might need some adjusting to meds and/or dosage. Not a fun thing, but God is in control! Love you guys, Shupie and Pat. Sent from my iPad.

    POEM: KEEP LOOKING UP ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of young woman starring up in the sky.


    Keep looking up. . .
    When you feel so blue.
    His Words are life,
    His promises true.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When evil is notorious.
    There's coming a reckoning,
    And we'll be victorious.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When you feel down.
    Trusting in Christ,
    Puts us on solid ground.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When skies turn gray.
    The enemy will be routed,
    And we'll have our say.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When storms assail.
    With Christ in control,
    We shall prevail.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When things go wrong.
    We rush to His side,
    That's where we belong.

    Keep looking up. . .
    For victory is near.
    The Lord is merciful,
    And holds you dear.

    Keep looking up. . .
    There's no turning back.
    Upward and onward,
    He'll keep you on track.

    Keep looking up. . .
    There's no downside.
    He's our designated driver,
    We're along for the ride.

    Keep looking up. . .
    When all seems lost.
    Christ is our benefactor,
    And He paid our cost.

    Keep looking up. . .
    Our redemption draws nigh.
    The Lord is soon coming back,
    To receive us in the sky.

    Keep looking up. . .
    And trust in His guidance.
    He's looking out for you,
    With all of His providence.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 21, 2016


    Posted this poem to my Facebook Timeline on March 21, 2016.

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    CeCe Edmonds Offidani: Keep looking up...He is always in your heart....and He was there from the very start... thank you David for another beautiful poem...and I'm sorry, i haven't thanked you for such a heart warming poem that you mailed to me...thank you so very much! March 21 at 10:21am. David S Shupe: Nice rhyme, thank you CeCe for your kind words; and yes He was always there from the very start, and always will be there for each of us. I can always count on you for encouraging comments; and you're welcome. David Shupe replied.

    Geri Elliott: Needed to hear that today! Thank you for sharing! David Shupe replied.

    Shirley Hayes Carroll: Needed that, thank you. David Shupe replied.

    Joy Shupe Nicholson: Inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing brother David!!! David Shupe replied.

    Eleanor Ziegler: David, what talent God has blessed you with! Your poem came at a good time for me.....thank you! March 22 at 9:17am. David Shupe replied.

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    Norma Littleton Forbush shared your post March 21 at 10:59pm: All of your poems just touch us so much....we can just feel it as we read them.......John has shared with so many different people. he is so touched by then....

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    Posted to Melanie Bradley's FB messagenger page on July 8, 2016.

    Re-shared this on my Facebook Timeline March 21, 2017:

    Pat Short: Yet again an amazing reminder that God is in control... thank you! March 21, 2017.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Another reminder that the Good Lord is there all the time. FOR ME!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

    Marjorie Latzko: Thank you for sharing your God-given talent of putting inspirational words down for all of us to see and absorb. David S Shupe: You're welcome Marjorie, and thank you for your kind remarks.

    POEM: KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON ~ by David S. Shupe

    Making mistakes shows you're trying.


    I once was young,
    But now I'm old.
    I'll press on,
    Toward that goal.

    There's nothing here,
    That'll hold me back.
    For the Lord has put me,
    On the right track.

    My goal is heaven,
    A celestial vision.
    Thank God I made
    My spiritual decision.

    This world is not,
    My spiritual dimension.
    Now I'm prepared for,
    My heavenly ascension.

    It's up, up and away,
    To a heavenly abode.
    The Lord has lifted,
    My heavy load.

    Lighter than air,
    We'll fly away.
    Leaving world behind,
    For a brand new day.

    Not in a human body,
    But in the spirit.
    No longer a house of clay,
    Or attached to it.

    We're in a race,
    For that bright city.
    If you're left behind,
    What a great pity.

    It's a city four square,
    Streets paved with gold.
    All saved are included,
    Both young and old.

    A race worth winning,
    Eternity as the prize.
    Peace will always prevail,
    No desire to polarize.

    We're all one fold,
    No ethnic division.
    Only one requirement;
    To honor Christ decision.

    In that bright land,
    There's peace & security.
    No longer a life of uncertainty,
    For this we have God's assurity.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    March 11, 2017

    POEM: KEEP THE DOOR OF MY LIPS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of lady putting finger to lips.

    (Psalms 141:3)

    Father, keep the door of my wayward lips,
    Let not hurtful words pass through my mouth.
    To prevent the danger of an eclipse,
    Keep my thoughts from going south.

    Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue,
    Keepeth his soul from troubles.
    This practice keeps us from getting stung,
    Keeps our mind from being filled with rubbles.

    Have you ever heard the like of profanity,
    spouting from lips of people today.
    This is nothing short of total insanity,
    It hurts to even see children going that way.

    You close your ears so none of the words will keep,
    With a bleep bleep here, and a bleep bleep there,
    Here a bleep, there a bleep, everywhere a bleep bleep.
    It seems to be a fad, simply catching on everywhere.

    Words of folly bring punishment to fools,
    While the wise in heart are called discerning.
    Their lips promote and follow gracious rules,
    While prudence dictates the wise are ever learning.

    Gracious words are a honeycomb,
    Sweet to the soul and healing to the bone.
    While kind words are the flower syndrome,
    And kind deeds are the fruits to atone.

    Do not repay evil with evil, or insult with insult,
    On the contrary, repay evil with blessing.
    Whoever would love life, and see good days result,
    Must keep their lips from deceit when digressing.

    Always be prepared to answer critics with respect,
    As it is better to suffer for good than doing evil.
    This way, your conscience will be clear to inspect,
    The right way, wrong way and able to stay civil.

    Those who speak against good behavior maliciously,
    May be ashamed of their unwarranted slander.
    Others may delight in coming against you facetiously,
    But we don't want to give in to them, or surrender.

    The tongue is a little member hiding behind our lips,
    It can be full of deadly poison, living with us each day.
    Sometimes it sings praises, sometimes it flips.
    Oblivious of harm and danger it poses along the way.

    If used properly, it's much better than prescribed medicine.
    It accomplishes many things not always done in good taste.
    If not tightly controlled, it is like a rocket ready to jettison.
    While it does good, it can leave a path of debris and waste.


    Instead of hurling angry words
    That wound and stir up strife,
    Use words of kindness, filled with love,
    That heal and nourish life. —Sper.



    David S. Shupe
    December 31, 2012

    POEM: KINGDOM OF GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Kingdom of God chart!


    Just how does one become
    a member of God's Kingdom?
    Are there specific directions,
    or can I just enter it at random?

    Basically, you can't see nor enter the Kingdom
    of God unless you are born again.
    You have to acknowledge and commit your life
    to Christ, making you free from sin.

    The Bible states, "Except a man be born again,
    he cannot see the Kingdom of God,
    This is clearly the way that countless Saints
    before us have trod.

    The natural man cannot see the Kingdom
    as it is spiritually discerned.
    Only believers are enabled to view it,
    and not the unsaved and unconcerned.

    The Kingdom of God is here now among us,
    and yet it is also in the future.
    We become part of it here on earth,
    and will be a part of it in heaven for sure.

    Once saved and twice born, the Kingdom of God
    should unequivacably be your first priority.
    We are to seek first the Kingdom and all things
    will be added to us, per God's authority.

    Honour the LORD with thy substance,
    and with the firstfruits of all thine increase.
    When you do this, you will find that from all
    worldly enticements, you will find release.

    This will require Bible reading, prayer
    and making the Kingdom available to others.
    As this is what the gospel is all about,
    telling everyone, including sisters and brothers.

    We are so busy today with living that,
    rather than FIRST, the Kingdom comes up LAST.
    Most time, we don't give God the time of day,
    lo and behold, the opportunity is past.

    To prioritize the Kingdom of God in our lives,
    we need to be totally in submission.
    Acknowledging God's omnipotence,
    and His guidance to solidify our position.

    So God, our hats are off to you for allowing us
    to be a member of your Heavenly Kingdom.
    Giving You heartfelt thanks for making it possible,
    according to Your plan, which wasn't done at random.

    Thankful to be a part of the Kingdom of God You established,
    We give you honor and glory for what You've accomplished.
    You gave Your Son, He gave His Life for our salvation,
    For what you've done for us, we give to you our adoration.


    David S. Shupe
    October 2, 2012

    POEM: KNOWING JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Christ in the heavens.


    Do you know Him,
    Do you know my Jesus?
    If not, let me tell you,
    He's there to please us.

    Do you know my Jesus,
    Let me show you the way.
    It's as simple as A-B-C,
    If you'll only trust and obey.

    Nothing complicated about it,
    Simply repent and believe.
    Your sins will be forgiven,
    And eternal life you will receive.

    As long as we look to Him,
    And determine to follow His lead.
    He won't let us down,
    He will help meet every need.

    If you really do know Him,
    You know what I'm talking about.
    He never leaves us forsaken,
    He's always there to help us out.

    So I encourage you to trust Jesus,
    He's the One that's stable.
    No matter what comes your way,
    He can handle it, for He's always able.

    How can we ever lose,
    Giving up temporary alurements,
    Which will all soon pass away,
    Exchanging them for things permanent.

    He said, "I love them that love me,
    And they that seek me early shall find me."
    This is confirmed in God's Holy Word,
    Just open your eyes and you will see.

    When you know my Jesus,
    Your path to victory is assured.
    For Christ Himself paid the price,
    And your voyage to heaven is assured.

    Once you join the Christian ranks,
    You're in for quite a ride.
    Your life will change from the mundane,
    To one in which Christ will abide.

    Do you know my Jesus,
    Do you know my Lord?
    If you haven't given your life to Him,
    Just repent and climb aboard.


    David S. Shupe
    September 20, 2013
    *Composed awaiting Elaine at doctor's office
    Georgetown, DE.

    POEM: LEAD ME, GUIDE ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lead me, guide me, walk beside me.


    Lead me, guide me
    Oh Lord, I pray.
    Lead me, guide me
    Through another day.

    Lead me, guide me
    Your words I cherish.
    Lead me, guide me
    My spirit, You nourish.

    Lead me, guide me
    For You know the way.
    Lead me, guide me
    So I do not stray.

    Lead me, guide me
    When my morale is low.
    Lead me, guide me
    To spiritually grow.

    Lead me, guide me
    To greater heights.
    Lead me, guide me
    To beneficial insights.

    Lead me, guide me
    When my strength wanes.
    Lead me, guide me
    To appreciate my gains.

    Lead me, guide me
    Don't let me down.
    Lead me, guide me
    Let Your love surround.

    Lead me, guide me
    Take away my resistance.
    Lead me, guide me
    Increase my persistence.

    Lead me, guide me
    Always stay near.
    Lead me, guide me
    Scrape away the veneer.

    Lead me, guide me
    Peace be still.
    Lead me, guide me
    For I seek your will.

    Lead me, guide me
    To a better place.
    Lead me, guide me
    As I seek your face.

    Lead me, guide me
    Through this maize.
    Lead me, guide me
    To much better days.

    Lead me, guide me
    As my steps grow weak.
    Lead me, guide me
    To a higher peak.

    Lead me, guide me
    To heaven above.
    Lead me, guide me
    By your great love.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    September 16, 2014

    POEM: LEAD ME LORD~ by David S. Shupe

    Lord, Lead Me song.


    Lead me Lord. . .
    When I've lost my way.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    To a better day.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    In a quiet time with You.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    I know you'll see me thru.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    To seek your divine will.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    And my troubled heart still.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When I am overwrought.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    Let me not be distraught.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When life gets me down.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    And turn things around.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When home life is unruly.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    And touch my heart truly.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When the future's uncertain.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    And tear down that curtain.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    Turn my thoughts to thee.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    To be what I ought to be.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When things go awry.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    To enjoy a sunnier sky.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When the job is a distraction.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    For you are my attraction.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When I feel so weak.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    To that mountain peak.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    To some needy soul today.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    To be Your hands I pray.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    So others see only You.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    I'll serve You impromptu.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    When the way seems hard.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    Help me my faults to discard.

    Lead me Lord. . .
    To that home in the sky.
    Lead me Lord. . .
    Where the soul will never die.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    April 4, 2014

    POEM: LET'S ROLL~ by David S. Shupe

    Let's roll image.

    "Let's roll," the now famous words of Todd Morgan Beamer,
    A passenger on the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93.
    Who sacrificed his life as well as others on the plane,
    Preventing potential mass murderers from going free.

    "Let's roll," that's what Todd Beamer told his companions
    aboard hijacked United Flight 93 in 2001 on that fatal day.
    A day that will live in infamy for all patriotic citizens,
    when nearly 3,000 innocent people's lives were taken away.

    "Let's roll," is a battle term urging us into immediate action,
    It's not intended for the weak or the very faint hearted.
    But it's for use by the strong and the spiritually equipped,
    who have from their carnal worldly ways since departed.

    Todd Beamer was a hero, who sacrificed his life for others,
    In fact, for people he hadn't met, or didn't even know.
    Yet, he instantly sacrificed his life for other Americans,
    He readily marched into battle, administering blow by blow.

    The Bible tells us that, "greater love hath no man than this,
    that a man lay down his life for a friend."
    How much greater love when even a friend was not involved,
    Yet, he took action knowing his own life would end.

    Now, Jesus comes to mind, who willingly sacrificed his life
    so we might live with our name inscribed in heaven's scroll.
    In essence, when He said to Judas who betrayed him,
    What you do, do quickly, He was saying, "Let's roll!"

    Jesus Christ willingly went to the cross,
    The old enemy, the devil, thought he had won.
    But our Lord and Savior came out victorious,
    And His reconciliation work on earth for us was done.

    Moses in leading God's people out of Egypt said, "Let's roll,"
    No Pharaoh was going to keep God's plan from working out.
    Moses was God's chosen vessel to accomplish His purpose,
    Delivering His people from bondage is what this was all about.

    Joshua, in attacking the city of Jericho said, "Let's roll."
    God had given him specific instructions for conquering the city.
    Only Rahab and her family were to be saved from destruction,
    All others were to be slain, as they were to show no pity.

    Shadrach, Meshech, Abednego refusing to bow, said, "Let's roll."
    They wouldn't bow, they wouldn't bend, they wouldn't burn.
    They respected the king, but not his unrighteous edict.
    For it was God's Holy plan they followed, and did discern.

    David, in attacking the giant, Goliath, said, "Let's roll."
    No armour, and with only 5 small stones and a sling,
    He slew that mighty giant seemingly with little effort.
    Saul slew thousands and David ten thousands they did sing.

    The disciples, carrying out the evangelistic commision said, "Let's roll."
    As a result, the gospel of Jesus Christ has spread around the world.
    Which is the whole purpose of Christ's commandment to all of us.
    For it is His message of salvation, we're supposed to herald.

    Paul, after a transforming vision on road to Damascus said, "Let's roll."
    His life drastically changed from persecutor to spreading the gospel.
    Thus, his work has reached the Gentile peoples throughout the world,
    Including catholics, mainline churches, Jews and the pentecostals.

    Christians, let's take up Todd's and the Saints battle cry, "LET'S ROLL."
    For this is how we keep in God's will and get spiritual things done.
    Put on the whole armor of God, for we're in the army of the Lord,
    For God has ordained us for the battle, and our head is His only Son.


    David S. Shupe
    September 28, 2013


    Sent this poem to Carl and Jean Swanson on Feb. 16, 2015.



    Listening to Buz's sermon this morning, I felt inspired to compose a little poem about LPC and some of its effects on me as a member, and I'm sure others as well. It would be impossible to relate all the good that LPC does and is involved in as it would take volumes and books to compile. But I hope the poem captures some of the essence of what LPC is accomplishing for the Kingdom of God's sake.

    Just a few of the ways that the Lewes Presbyterian Church reaches out to the community and the world include:

    . . . After school program
    . . . Soup kitchen
    . . . Prayer groups
    . . . Caring ministry
    . . . Bible studies
    . . . Teaching classes
    . . . Church bazaar
    . . . Donations to numerous local and church charities
    . . . Foreign mission support to Africa/others
    . . . Individual Missionary support to several missionaries.

    There are many others which could be listed, but for the sake of brevity we must conclude.


    Photo of LPC Church.

    (A Church For Hurting People)

    LPC is an active church
    and many things to many people.
    Pointing to heaven, like
    the proverbial church steeple.

    When the church bell rings
    on a Sunday morn.
    Giving everyone opportunity
    to come in and be re-born.

    LPC exists primarily
    to spread the Good News.
    That souls may be blessed
    while sitting in the pews.

    It also supports outreach programs
    locally and to the world.
    And the Good News of the Gospel,
    it does herald.

    We're so blessed to have a well-
    versed Bible believing pastor.
    Who directs every congregational
    member to the Master.

    His sermons richly bless our souls
    for our spiritual well-being.
    Opening our eyes so the Truth
    of the Gospel, we will be seeing.

    If you're sick, in the hospital
    or undergoing an operation.
    Be prepared for phone calls, cards
    or visits in loving consideraton.

    Additionally, prayer groups
    and members lift you up in prayer.
    Knowing that where two or three are
    gathered together, we meet Jesus there.

    A more loving and caring church,
    would be hard to find anywhere.
    A concerned people who show by deeds
    and actions that they really care.

    If you're hurting in any way,
    physically, mentally or spiritually.
    You'll find that the pastor and
    congregation can help you effectually.

    Members and friends will stand behind
    you when you're going through a trial.
    Through verbal encouragement and
    prayer, making it all worthwhile.

    No need to worry or fret when
    LPC congregants are in action.
    Taking your needs to the Lord in prayer
    can result in your satisfaction.

    So, if you don't want visits, phone calls
    or cards, don't get sick.
    If you relish being pampered when
    you're distressed, take your pick.

    Our heartfelt thanks go out to Buz
    and the LPC congregation.
    For your faithful service to hurting
    people in providing consolation.


    David & Elaine Shupe,
    LPC Members
    April 7, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    POEM: LOOK TO JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    A young man staring at Jesus' image in the mirror!


    Look to Jesus when the going gets rough,
    If you feel spaced out and have had enough.

    Look to Jesus if you're sad and lonely,
    He'll make you feel that you matter only.

    Look to Jesus even if you're surrounded by friends,
    As one day you'll be alone, and then comes the end.

    Look to Jesus in the good times and the bad,
    In the end, you'll be nothing but glad.

    Look to Jesus when you have no other,
    He's a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

    Look to Jesus who knows your every care,
    Since He's omnipresent, He's everywhere.

    Look to Jesus when you feel your chances are slim,
    He said in His Word to cast all your burdens on Him.

    Look to Jesus who is with us forever and always,
    He is there for us at home or on the byways.

    Look to Jesus who knows our whereabouts here below,
    No matter where we are, or where we go.

    Look to Jesus when the answer seems elusive,
    He's there to help when the world becomes abusive.

    Look to Jesus when the pain refuses to quit,
    There's healing power in His Name to remit.

    Look to Jesus when dealing with a life trauma,
    You walk around in a dream, living out a drama.

    Look to Jesus for He is our lifesaver,
    He is there for us, no matter the flavor.

    Look to Jesus when things go wrong at home or work,
    While others fail to show, His duty, He will not shirk.

    Look to Jesus as He is always true to His promise,
    He's willing to show proof, even to a doubting Thomas.

    Look to Jesus, there's no way He'll let you down,
    He knows where you live, country or uptown.

    Look to Jesus, you'll never rue the day,
    You'll be thankful you let Jesus have the final say.

    As we look to Jesus, we thank Him for being available,
    Looking to Him to help make our problems reconcilable.


    David S. Shupe
    November 28, 2012

    Jesus instructing a young woman in the scriptures!

    POEM: LOOKING FOR A CITY ~ by David S. Shupe

    The City that John saw coming down.


    I'm looking for a city,
    That John saw coming down.
    A city prepared as a bride, adorned
    for her husband, so renown.

    Abraham looked for a city,
    Whose builder and maker was God.
    A city built foursquare where
    only the saints of God will trod.

    A city where there'll be no sorrow,
    sickness nor pain.
    Where there'll be no losers,
    only winners and gain.

    I'm looking for a city whose
    streets are paved with gold.
    A heavenly city that our parents
    and forefathers all foretold.

    A city having twelve gates,
    with each one so meticulously pearled.
    Conspicuously inscribed with the twelve
    Jewish patriarch names, unfurled.

    A city whose 12 foundations are named
    after the 12 apostles of the Lamb.
    A city bringing Jew and Gentile believers
    together as one, from Abraham.

    For here we have no continuing city,
    we're looking for one above.
    Made possible by the Lord's supreme
    sacrifice, purely out of love.

    Wall foundations are made out of
    beautiful and colorful mineral stones.
    Such as emeralds, sardonyx, chalcedony,
    amethyst and jasper tones.

    In the midst of the city will be planted
    the everlasting Tree of Life.
    Whose leaves are for healing of nations
    that have escaped all strife.

    This is a city where only the saved
    of the earth will enter.
    A city where we'll reign with Christ
    and He'll be the Center.

    There'll be no darkness there, neither
    a need for the moon or sun so bright.
    For God and His Son will be there; and
    they will be the only Source of Light.

    This world is not our home,
    we're just a passing through.
    Two thousand years ago, Jesus went
    ahead to prepare a place for me and you.

    The world and its desires pass away,
    but whoever does God's will lives forever.
    While the intellect may make fun of our belief,
    we will end up being the clever.

    Oh won't it be wonderful there,
    having no cares or burdens to bear.
    No death to part us from loved ones & friends,
    never having to shed another tear.

    No jealousy, anxiety or one upmanship,
    just pure peace, harmony and bliss.
    I mean, we'll finally find utopia,
    it just doesn't get any better than this.

    And we'll owe it all to Jesus, who gave
    His life for our life on that Tree.
    He paid the supreme sacrifice out
    of his endless love for you and for me.

    We owe Him such a debt of gratitude,
    beyond our meager capability to ever repay.
    So, let's "love mercy, do justly and walk
    humbly with our God" ~ night and day.


    The face of our Savior, the touch of His hand,
    No tears and no crying, no sighs or despair,
    For Jesus is waiting to welcome us there ~ Kerr!


    God Bless!
    David S. Shupe
    January 6, 2012


    (Shupe Family Website)

    Melody Popo - Mar 5, 2012: AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD !!! ... \o/ \o/ \o/.

    Joy Nicholson - Mar 18, 2012: Oh, YES, I'm looking for that city, too! There is an old song that says, "Sometimes it seems I just can't hardly wait" (to step inside the gate!)! What glories await us! Thanks for another inspirational poem, dear brother David!!! :-).

    Willie Radford Sr: Posey, has surely rubbed off on you .. Awes0me ..December 2 at 1:47pm.

    Jacquelyn Hill Duffield: amen! December 2 at 2:05pm.

    POEM: LORD, CHANGE ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    With God, all things are possible!


    Lord, it's not other people that need changing,
    It's my own life that needs re-arranging.

    Lord, don't change that fellow behind the tree,
    I'm the one who needs changing, so please change me.

    It's not my spouse that needs to change her ways,
    It's me that needs to follow and bask in the Son's rays.

    It's not my pastor that needs to change his message,
    It's me, myself that should walk the narrow passage.

    It's not my boss that needs to change his style,
    It's me needing to change my frown into a smile.

    The ways of the world will never change for the better,
    It's up to me to obey the gospel to the letter.

    I deserved to die, but You Lord, graciously took my place,
    Now, I'm just a sinner, but I'm gloriously saved by Your Grace.

    For by your death, I now have brand new life in You,
    You changed me into a new creature, and will see me through.

    I'm not asking that You intervene and change that hypocrite,
    I'm asking that You change me, from lower case to super script.

    Lord, we know that fervent prayer changes things,
    So changing the carnal to spiritual, makes our heart sing.

    Lord, it's not others that I should be worried about,
    It's my own shortcomings that I should cast out.

    Don't be envious of others, just be a winner,
    Lord, be merciful to me, a forgiven sinner.

    Lord, change me is my most earnest plea,
    For it's more like You, that I want to be.


    Oh, to be like Him, tender and kind,
    Gentle in spirit, lowly in mind;
    More like Jesus, day after day,
    Filled with His Spirit now and alway. —Ellsworth.



    David S. Shupe
    June 20, 2013
    *Composed at the June 11, 2013 library concert, Lewes, DE
    and finalized June 20, 2013.



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    Pat Oakley Shupe: This is awesome David. Thanks for sharing it. Monday at 4:22pm via mobile · July 1, 2013.

    David S Shupe: Thanks, Pat, and you're welcome. I was glad to do it by the help of the good Lord. He supplies the thoughts and I merely put them in writing. Glad you liked it! Yesterday at 6:58am · July 2, 2013.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Uncle David, I just read this....I agree with Pat. Tuesday at 10:10pm.

    David S Shupe: Thanks Norma -- Glad you enjoyed it. God keeps supplying so I keep writing -- July 25, 2013.

    Posted to Matt Willey's sister's Facebook Messenger page to forward to him for his birthday on October 14, 2016.

    POEM: LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER~ by David S. Shupe

    Hear my prayer, Lord.

    Hear my plea,
    Listen to me.

    I seek Your face,
    To plead my case.

    I extol your virtues,
    All under Your purviews.

    I lift You up,
    So others may sup.

    Hear my prayer,
    Don't let me despair.

    There's no other way,
    For me to pray.

    I seek Your divine will,
    So be with me still.

    I come to thee,
    That others may see.

    Don't forsake me now,
    My petition, please allow.

    I know You hear,
    So fill me with cheer.

    I sincerely ask & implore,
    So please don't ignore.

    You said ask,
    You're up to any task.

    You said seek,
    Help me to be meek.

    You said knock,
    You're the solid Rock.

    Let me see,
    You set me free.

    Don't let me stumble,
    Keep me humble.

    Lend me Your ear,
    Remove all fear.

    Give me Your peace,
    So all turmoil will cease.

    Hold my hand,
    Help me to withstand.

    Thank You for hearing,
    Your Word is so endearing.

    I'll always look to You,
    To faithfully see me through.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    September 1, 2014



    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot Finley on Sept. 9, 2015.

    POEM: LORD, I BELIEVE ~ by David S. Shupe

    With God, all things are possible!

    (John 9:35-41)

    Who is this Son of Man,
    That in Him I might believe.
    The Holy One Who restores our sight,
    So that from Him, we will receive.

    He's the Man that stills the waters,
    He's the Man that calms the sea.
    He's the Man of all creation,
    He's the Man for you and me.

    He opened eyes of the blind man,
    No one knew from whence He came.
    They questioned His authority,
    They were not familiar with His name.

    Their problem was not physical,
    They had severe Spiritual handicaps.
    They trusted merely in themselves,
    And resorted to hurling brickbats.

    Professing to believe in Moses,
    They denigrated the Son of Man.
    With minds closed to Spiritual matters,
    Doing those things that were out of hand.

    They didn't know they were talking
    To the Physician of the Universe,
    So intent on demeaning the Healer, that
    Satan's talking points, they did disburse.

    Their eyes were wide open,
    But they failed to recognize and see.
    That the Son of Man was the answer
    To every heartfelt cry and plea.

    Jesus asked the former blind man,
    Do you believe in the Son of Man?
    Who is He that I might believe?
    I AM He; Lord, I believe in your plan.

    Lord, I believe you're the One,
    Who came to save sinful, fallen man.
    No one else was capable of doing it,
    But You, Lord, did and still can.

    Lord, I believe in the Son of Man,
    That you paid the penalty for our sin.
    There's no other way we can be saved,
    Or to heaven's portals, make it in.

    Lord, I believe that by your stripes
    You paved the way for our healing.
    Thank God, you opened our eyes
    To Spiritual mysteries, so revealing.


    David S. Shupe
    May 26, 2013

    POEM: LORD, I BELIEVE #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lord, I believe poster.


    Lord, I believe in Your saving grace,
    For You went to the cross taking my place.

    Lord, I believe in Your power to heal,
    It's a faith walk, not how we feel.

    Lord, I believe in You to see me through,
    No way we will fail, if we always rely on You.

    Lord, I believe in Your inerrant Holy Word,
    The best spiritual advice we've ever heard.

    Lord, I believe the Just shall live by faith,
    Exercising this belief will always keep us safe.

    Lord, I believe it's faith and not by sight,
    Connecting the two together makes it right.

    Lord, I believe You'll be with me to the end,
    Helping me to be straight, and never bend.

    Lord, I believe in Your Word, every jot and tittle,
    There's nothing contained therein to belittle.

    Lord, I believe You do care for my soul,
    That's why You gave Your life to make me whole.

    Lord, I believe in the Holy Spirit, as He's our helper,
    You sent Him to provide us needed spiritual shelter.

    Lord, I believe You saved me from a hellish grave,
    Choosing You, I was freed from being a sinful slave.

    Lord, I believe in Your far reaching salvation plan,
    Providing the only way to heaven known to man.

    Lord, I believe that You want the best for all men,
    Providing a way out when we were steeped in sin.

    Lord, I believe no man can pluck us out of Your hand,
    As we are Your people, and members of Your band.

    Lord, I believe that there is no God beside You,
    You came to earth in human form to save us, so true.

    Lord, I believe there's no other Name for us to be saved,
    You sacrificed Your life, freeing us from being enslaved.

    Lord, I believe we owe You our undying gratitude,
    So we offer to You our heartfelt platitude.



    David S. Shupe
    October 28, 2013

    POEM: LORD, I BELIEVE #3 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Lord, I Believe poster

    LORD, I BELIEVE ~ Part 3!

    Lord, I truly believe
    In the power of your might.
    You can make everything
    Come out alright.

    I believe in the truth
    Of your almighty Word.
    That it's the best news
    We've ever heard.

    I believe there's only one
    Name under heaven,
    Whereby all our sins
    Are purged and forgiven.

    I believe that your Name
    Is high above every name.
    Once we believe, we'll never
    Ever be the same.

    I believe that Adam's sin
    Transferred to all mankind.
    Which put every human
    Creature in quite a bind.

    I believe one man, Jesus,
    Came to save us all.
    If we'll accept his invitation,
    On Him we can surely call.

    I believe that we all have
    Sinned and fallen short.
    But if we believe in Him,
    Our sins He will abort.

    I believe that there are no
    Other gods besides thee.
    All prevailing false doctrines
    Must pick up and flee.

    I believe in your healing,
    Saving grace for all men.
    If we will repent and accept,
    According to your plan.

    I believe there's only one Door
    Whereby we must be saved.
    That Door is Jesus, who frees us
    From being enslaved.

    I believe in heaven above,
    And also in hell beneath.
    Accepting Jesus as God's Son,
    Eternal life, He will bequeath.

    I believe in the Father, Son
    And the Holy Spirit.
    What Your Word says about
    The Trinity is implicit.

    I believe that our sins have
    Been nailed to the cross.
    Christ willingly suffered death
    To prevent our eternal loss.

    I believe that we'll live and reign
    With Christ in His divinity.
    We'll serve as joint heirs with Him
    Throughout all eternity.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    June 17, 2014

    POEM: LORD, I BELIEVE #4~ by David S. Shupe

    God answers prayer.


    Lord, I believe,
    In prayer and healing.
    For those in need,
    With faith revealing.

    Lord, I believe,
    You are soon coming again.
    To catch away those
    Whom you've freed from sin.

    Lord, I believe,
    In Your saving grace.
    That you died on that cross,
    And took my deserving place.

    Lord, I believe,
    In Your infallible Word.
    By far the best news,
    The world has ever heard.

    Lord, I believe,
    In Your mercy and grace.
    That You sacrificed Your life,
    And took our place.

    Lord, I believe,
    In your divine plan.
    That you put in place,
    For salvation of mortal man.

    Lord, I believe,
    In Your Spirit's direction.
    If we'll follow His leading,
    Our problems will see correction.

    Lord, I believe,
    In your Holy Name.
    Accepting your salvation offer,
    We'll never be the same.

    Lord, I believe,
    In a personal walk with You.
    You'll always be there
    To help and see us through.

    Lord, I believe,
    While the world believes or not.
    When push comes to shove,
    You're all we need and got.

    Lord, I believe,
    Help Thou my unbelief.
    If we exercise our mustard seed faith,
    You're right there to bring relief.

    Lord, I believe,
    That when we come to the end.
    You'll always be there for us,
    The Anchor on whom we can depend.

    Lord, I believe,
    In an eternal existence.
    While in this temporal life,
    You're there to provide ample sustenance.

    Lord, I believe,
    That someday we'll see Your face.
    And thank You personally
    For Your unmerited favor and grace.

    Lord, I believe,
    You'll be there to welcome us home.
    Where we'll live & reign with You eternally,
    Forever more in heaven to roam.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 4, 2015


    David S Shupe: Pam/Scot: In advance of your 2nd chemo treatment with the new drug tomorrow, I'm sending you this poem I composed 4 days ago to encourage you both, as well as Sam & Heather. Trust all will go well as I'm confident it will since the good Lord has His hand on you. Our thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family each day. Nothing can separate us from God's love, that's for sure. Love, Dad/David. P.S. The photo of your Mom, Pam/Dave was taken before we were married, around the 1956-1957 time frame. P.P.S. Copy to Dave & Norma. (Emailed this poem on Jan. 8, 2015 to: Pam/Scot preceding her 2nd chemo treatment with a new drug to her; Son Dave & Niece Norma/husband John.)

    Scot Finley: Re: Lord, I Believe! 1/08/15. To: Shupe, David: Thanks David. We'll keep you up with how chemo goes tomorrow. Pam LOVED the pic; doesn't remember seeing it before. Thanks much! Scot.

    POEM: LORD, I BELIEVE #5~ by David S. Shupe

    Believe on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


    Lord, I Believe. . .
    In Your saving grace.
    That You came to die,
    And took my rightful place.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    In Your healing power.
    That You're always with me,
    Every day, every hour.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    You are my only salvation.
    There is no other way,
    For eternal preservation.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    That you forgave my sin.
    It won't be held against me,
    When it's time to enter in.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    There is no other name.
    We're fully trusting in You,
    To keep us in the game.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    Your Word is absolute truth.
    It applies to everyone,
    The righteous & the uncouth.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    There's a heaven to gain.
    We've set our sights high,
    So on earth, we will not remain.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    There's a hell to shun.
    Keep us on the straight & narrow,
    Until our work on earth is done.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    There is no God but You.
    Your Word spells it out clearly,
    And Your Word is true.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    No one can take Your place.
    You came to die,
    For the entire human race.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    And for my sins I repent.
    My sins remembered no more,
    The reason You were sent.

    Lord, I believe. . .
    There is no other way.
    You are the only door,
    Once in, we're there to stay.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 31, 2015

    POEM: LORD, I DON'T UNDERSTAND ~ by David S. Shupe

    Gal with lots of questions!



    When I ask and fail to receive,
    Even though I do truly believe.


    When I seek and fail to find,
    Though I'm seeking something kind.


    When I knock, the door doesn't op'n,
    I stand there feeling like a dop'n.


    When loved ones contact a dreadful disease,
    And we go from calm to great unease.


    Why we have any fearful doubt,
    When Jesus is able the sicknesses to rout.


    When evil triumphs over good,
    And things don't happen way they should.


    Why the wicked seem to do so swell,
    And the righteous fail to do well.


    When the wicked lie through their teeth,
    Prospering through an underhanded motif.


    Adverse criticism for doing a good deed,
    And the accuser ignores a bonifide need.


    That they who endure to the end shall be saved,
    And will forever thank God they never caved.


    That the Just shall make it to heaven by faith,
    And under His wings they will forever be safe.


    That God doesn't always answer the way we would,
    He knows what is best, and does what He should.


    That the wicked shall be turned into hell,
    And all nations that forget God, do tell.


    That those who bear false witness for hire,
    And all liars shall have their place in the lake of fire,


    The Lord laughs at a wicked's accomplishment,
    Seeing his day is coming as he heads for torment.


    That knowing Christ is absolutely indispensable,
    And failing to accept Him is totally indefensable.


    David S. Shupe,
    October 24, 2012

    POEM: LORD, I GIVE UP ~ by David S. Shupe

    Give up hatred banner.


    Lord, I give up hatred,
    and return good for evil.
    Then my conscience will be clear.
    Not only right to do, but it's civil .

    Lord, I give up resentment,
    and will become more forgiving.
    Not because it's always deserved,
    but because that's Christlike living.

    Lord, I give up complaining,
    and will be more grateful.
    I will concentrate on thankfulness,
    and work against being hateful.

    Lord, I will give up pessimism,
    and become less doeful.
    I will show a more positive attitude,
    and become less woeful.

    Lord, I will give up worry,
    and become more trusting.
    I will be more considerate of others,
    and will be less disgusting.

    Lord, I will give up anger,
    and will be more patient.
    I will take things in stride,
    and try to be more complacent.

    Lord, I will give up pettiness,
    and become more noble.
    I will deal with utmost honesty,
    doing things that are honorable.

    Lord, I will give up gloom,
    and become more joyful.
    I will turn my frown into a smile,
    and will be less mournful.

    Lord, I will give up doubt,
    and will follow after God.
    For this is the true way,
    that other Saints have trod.

    Lord, I will give up distrust,
    and place my faith in You.
    Because You're the only One
    that's always there to see me thru.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    March 6, 2014
    *First two lines of each stanza taken from Right
    Wing Rants & Raves on Facebook, and the last
    2 lines we added for rhyming purposes.

    POEM: LORD, SAVE ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Lord saving me from the turbulent waters.


    This was Peter's cry when he began to sink,
    Lord, save me for he didn't want to be extinct.

    He saw the wind boisterous, the sea tempestuous,
    Crying out to the Lord in panic, he became impetuous.

    This is what occurs when we take our mind off the Lord,
    When we should be trusting, believing in one accord.

    We observe our surroundings, instead of looking to Jesus,
    When we should be aware that He loves and sees us.

    Everyone that takes their mind off Christ, will go down,
    But everyone that looks up to Him, will turn this around.

    Just as Jesus stretched forth His hand to save Peter's hide,
    He stretches out His hand to keep us safe by His side.

    Lord, save me when I feel like I'm caught in sinking sand,
    I'm trusting that you'll reach out and take me by my hand.

    Lord, save me when I feel the waters closing over my head,
    I'll trust in your saving grace to keep me from sinking instead.

    Lord, save me when I feel the world is on my shoulders,
    You are my hope and salvation, removing all those boulders.

    Lord, save me when I'm facing an uncertain situation,
    You're there to help, and won't leave us in isolation.

    Lord, save me as my prayers don't seem to go past the ceiling,
    We walk by faith, not by sight and I know that you are willing.

    Lord, save me from myself when I've taken about all I can,
    In your patience, possess ye your souls, this will be my stand.

    Lord, save me when I'm weak, heavy laden unable to save myself,
    You told us to cast our burdens on you, so put them on the back shelf.

    Lord, save me for Your Word says, "with You all things are possible."
    So we know if we're true to your Word, nothing to us is implausible.


    David S. Shupe
    December 28, 2013

    POEM: LORD, STAND BY ME ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Lord consoling a man!


    Stand by me when the going gets rough.
    Stand by me if things really get tough.

    Stand by me if my if my eyes seem dazzled,
    Stand by me if my mind appears frazzled.

    Stand by me when I don't know where to turn,
    Stand by me if my heart is all a churn.

    Stand by me when I'm old and gray,
    Stand by me while I go my way.

    Stand by me in sickness and in health,
    Stand by me though I'm absent of wealth.

    Stand by me in the good times and bad,
    Stand by me when I feel like I've been had.

    Stand by me when I fail to do what I could,
    Stand by me and help me do what I should.

    Stand by me when America is going to rot,
    Stand by me as a Christian nation, she is not.

    Stand by me when evil is praised and glorified,
    Stand by me as such actions leave me horrified.

    Stand by me when the righteous are denigrated,
    Stand by me until I see the righteous exonerated.

    Stand by me as I see sexual perversion promoted,
    Stand by me as I see traditional marriage demoted.

    Stand by me when I fear God and hate evil,
    Stand by me when I rebuke the devil.

    Stand by me as I see unconcern for human life,
    Stand by me as I weep over such mayhem and strife.

    Stand by me as I witness the decline of morality,
    Stand by me since one plus God is a plurality.

    Stand by me as I witness rise of a greedy generation,
    Stand by me as I see selfish acts without veneration.

    Stand by me as I see unconcern for truth and honesty,
    Stand by me as I witness novices seal their dynasty.

    Stand by me when I am old and weak,
    Stand by me as your face I'll surely seek.

    Stand by me and I'll worship at your feet,
    Stand by me and my life will be replete.

    Stand by me and I'll glorify your Holy Name,
    Stand by me and I'll honor you all the same.

    Stand by me and I'll serve you with all my heart,
    Stand by me and from your Word, I'll not depart.

    Stand by me and my life will then be glorious.
    Stand by me and I know I'll be victorious.


    David S. Shupe
    November 30, 2012

    POEM: LORD, STAND BY ME #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Lord standing by a man.


    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When the going gets tough.
    Lord, Stand by me. . .
    When I've had enough.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I'm seriously ill.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    And strengthen my will.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I grow discouraged.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Let me not be disparaged.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When my life unravels.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    And direct my travels.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When life becomes intolerable.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Make my life more bearable.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    As pain becomes excruciating.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    As on Your Word, I'm meditating.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When bad news creates fear.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    I know You're always near.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When life becomes a bore.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Rejuvenate my core.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I lose my cool.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Don't let me act a fool.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I fail to do right.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Help me improve my sight.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I fail to stand.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Help me to understand.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I become impatient.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    So I won't be complacent.

    Lord, stand by me. . .
    As I constantly fall behind.
    Lord, stand by me. . .
    Give me peace of mind.


    David S. Shupe
    November 1, 2013


    Left this poem on the table for Cynthia Mascari after we sat with her husband, Jay, for a couple of hours ~ Feb. 18, 2014.

    Also took this poem by and gave it to Hunter, Jack and their sonl, Clint on the above date. Scooby and I stayed, chatted and socialized for awhile. They all got to pat Scooby which he always adores.

    POEM: LORD, STAND BY ME #3 ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus holding hand of a small girl.


    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    Is my urgent plea.
    Stand by me. . .
    For you set me free.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When the weather turns cold.
    Stand by me. . .
    And bless my soul.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When the weather is good.
    Stand by me. . .
    To help me do things I should.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I'm not sitting in my pew.
    Stand by me. . .
    When I find myself in a stew.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When others don't understand.
    Stand by me. . .
    Help me to withstand.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When sorrow comes my way.
    Stand by me. . .
    And brighten my day.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    After a special loved one has died.
    Stand by me. . .
    And always stay close by my side.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I'm going thru trauma.
    Stand by me. . .
    Keep me from life's bad drama.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When pain racks my body.
    Stand by me. . .
    When I feel downright shoddy.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I lie in a hospital bed.
    Stand by me. . .
    Take away all fear and dread.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I'm in the operating room.
    Stand by me. . .
    Relieve me of all my gloom.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .,
    When I can't walk.
    Stand by me. . .
    When I can't talk.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I face a prolonged recovery.
    Stand by me. . .
    While I make a divine discovery.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I falter.
    Stand by me. . .
    And my situation, please alter.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When everything goes wrong.
    Stand by me. . .
    All the day long.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    And answer my urgent call.
    Stand by me. . .
    And pick me up when I fall.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I stand alone.
    Stand by me. . .
    For my sins, You did atone.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When the tide turns against me.
    Stand by me. . .
    Make things how they ought to be.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    As the world passes by.
    Stand by me. . .
    Lead me to the Rock on High.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I can no longer stand.
    Stand by me. . .
    Because I know you understand.

    Oh Lord, stand by me. . .
    When I worry and fret.
    Stand by me. . .
    You've never failed me yet.


    Christ is the answer to heartache,
    Christ is the answer to pain;
    Though by all others forsaken,
    He at your side will remain. —Elwell.



    David S. Shupe
    December 22, 2103


    Hunter Goins on Feb. 18, 2014: Thanks for the poem. I appreciate it as well as it makes me appreciate the reality of life. Thanks again.

    POEM: LOVE OF CHRIST ~ by David S. Shupe

    Christ's Love!


    The Love of Christ is deeper than the deep blue sea,
    His agape love completely surrounds you and me.

    The Love of Christ ranges north, south, east and west,
    It is everywhere and always works out for our best.

    The Love of Christ is higher than the highest mountain,
    Flowing over us like a refreshing and cleansing fountain.

    The Love of Christ is wider than the wide expanse of ocean,
    Washing over us in a peaceful and perpetual motion.

    The Love of Christ is beyond our meager comprehension,
    He spread His arms and died for us prior to His ascension.

    The Love of Christ is limitless and knows no bounds,
    He can even penetrate the deaf world that knows no sounds.

    The Love of Christ can go where no man can think or reach,
    The greatest trait on earth that every person should teach.

    The Love of Christ had compassion on fallen man,
    Our salvation and eternal life are due to His mighty hand.

    The Love of Christ is there when no one else understands,
    He is there so that the devil for us, He withstands.

    The Love of Christ is there when we're altogether unlovely,
    In spite of our weaknessess and failures, He is so forgivingly.

    The Love of Christ is there when nothing seems to matter,
    He is closer than a brother when our hearts seem to shatter.

    The Love of Christ is there when all we do turns to disaster,
    We can turn everything over to Him, the Fix-it-up Master.

    The Love of Christ keeps one from plucking us from His hand,
    We are His eternally and He will enable us to always stand.

    The Love of Christ saves us from eternal damnation,
    Reconciling us to God by absolving us of sin's contamination.

    The Love of Christ prompts us to show Him our undying gratitude,
    For providing us with winning strength and fortitude.

    The Love of Christ did for us what no one else could,
    It turned us into new creatures when we did what we should.

    The Love of Christ will enable us to be victorious in the end,
    So that eternal life, and the heavenly prize we will surely win.


    David S. Shupe
    November 24, 2012

    POEM: LOVE OF GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    God's love is everlasting!


    You are of more value than many sparrows,
    Over which the Love of God overshadows.
    Just as He cares for the little sparrows role,
    Even more, He cares for your priceless soul.

    The very hairs of your head are all numbered,
    How right it is for us to feel unencumbered.
    The perfect Love of God casts out all fear,
    No matter where you are, He is always near.

    He loved us unconditionally before we loved Him,
    Chances we will be abandoned aren't even slim.
    It's up to us to accept Christ so as not to perish,
    We are the people He loves and does cherish.

    While we were yet sinners, He freely died for us,
    His sacrificial giving merits our complete trust.
    Unquestionably, greater love hath no man than this,
    Than to lay down His life, saving us from the abyss.

    He gave up His glory, coming to save fallen man,
    All this for our salvation, as He does understand.
    Peace and Love of God are beyond comprehension,
    It binds us to Him, relieving any misapprehension.

    The Love of God reaches to the highest mountain,
    As unending love flows from His spiritual fountain.
    The Love of God reaches down to the lowest valley,
    Penetrating and permeating every maize and alley.

    The Love of God reaches across the widest ocean,
    Spreading the word perpetuating the Christian motion.
    The Love of God reaches up to the highest heaven,
    As He, all our sins and transgressions, has forgiven.

    The Love of God reaches down into the deepest sea,
    There's nowhere in God's creation, His love cannot be.
    We can't escape the Love of God, who would want to,
    God is always there for us, to help and see us through.

    The Love of God endures while earthly love wanes,
    While human love fades, His love remains.
    The Love of God is truly a rich and everlasting love,
    Sent down from Father, Son and Holy Spirit above.


    David S. Shupe
    December 6, 2012



    Mailed this poem to Pam Finley, date not specified.

    POEM: LPC's EASTER CANTATA ~ by David S. Shupe!

    Easter cantata.


    Today, Elaine and I attended
    LPC's Easter Cantata.
    Sitting back in our pews,
    We enjoyed ourselves a whole latta.

    Under the directorship of our beloved
    Music Director, Melanie,
    With Stephanie conducting the choir,
    A dynamic duo we loved to see.

    Stephanie did such a marvelous
    job, conducting the choir
    That the music emanating
    from their voices did inspire.

    A sacred cantata based on early
    American songs by Joseph Martin.
    A presentation which the Lord
    Impressed on Melanie for certain.

    The melodious voices of the choir
    members were quite divine.
    Which blended so well with
    Melanie's piano music by design.

    Both the music and the singing
    lifted our spirits so heavenly.
    Presentation of music, singing and
    narration was done so reverently.

    The narration of the Biblical scriptures
    was done by Michael Salvatore.
    Delivered in such a manner as to
    leave us wanting to hear more.

    The rendition of the songs by the soloists,
    embellished the spiritual mood.
    Diminishing any thoughts of worldly
    attachments making us brood.

    The choir did such a superb job
    adding to Melanie's inspired playing.
    Such a wonderful performance to carry
    us through Easter, I'm saying.

    No better way to keep Christ up close
    and in the forefront of our mind.
    With music, scripture and message
    in song satisfying needs of all mankind.

    Performed in such a manner that all
    voices mell together and harmonize.
    Resulting in an effective way of presenting
    the gospel in music to sermonize.

    Thank you, Melanie, for your hard work
    and tiresome efforts in blessing our heart.
    Which keeps us encouraged and enthused,
    so from Christ's love we will not depart.

    May God bless you richly, keep you,
    strengthen you both outwardly and inwardly.
    May every song you play, take root downwardly
    and bear fruit upwardly.

    David & Elaine Shupe
    March 24, 2013

    Photo of Elaine, David and Scooby.

    POEM: LYING CREATES HAVOC ~ by David S. Shupe

    Road to confusion.

    (Proverbs 6:16-19)

    Lying, to God, is an abomination,
    Lying causes great consternation.

    Lying causes much undue pain,
    Lying goes against God's grain.

    Lying creates uncertainty & distrust,
    Lying results in a great deal of disgust.

    Lying can relegate one to the lowest hell,
    Lying is a falsehood the devil does sell.

    Lying is the epitome of evil,
    Lying is everything uncivil.

    Lying can cause great harm forsooth,
    Lying is the antithesis of truth.

    Lying rules when truth is not present,
    Lying is used when wisdom is absent.

    Lying reveals a poor character trait,
    Lying cannot set anything straight.

    Lying is what one tends to do,
    Lying gets one in a proverbial stew.

    Lying is something not to be caught in,
    Lying is one of seven deadly sins.

    Lying destroys trust and credibility,
    Lying demeans your integrity & ability.

    Lying will follow you to the grave,
    Lying causes you to be a distrustful knave.

    Lying can cause one's health to deteriorate,
    Lying is something God will not tolerate.

    Lying is a death knell to the uncouth,
    Lying can be obliterated by telling the truth.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    January 14, 2017

    POEM: MAKE A DIFFERENCE ~ by David S. Shupe

    One person can make a difference.


    Make a difference to those around you,
    Make a difference to friends that surround you.

    Make a difference in the way you live,
    Make a difference in the things you give.

    Make a difference when others treat you bad,
    Make a difference if someone makes you mad.

    Make a difference when tempers flare,
    Make a difference to show others you care.

    Make a difference even if you stand alone,
    Make a difference for your sin He did atone.

    Make a difference when honesty is at stake,
    Make a difference for goodness sake.

    Make a difference when things go wrong,
    Make a difference as to Him you belong.

    Make a difference when there seems to be no way,
    Make a difference and brighten some one's day.

    Make a difference in the corner where you are,
    Make a difference and the benefits will go far.

    Make a difference in the environment where you work,
    Make a difference and find the results to be no quirk.

    Make a difference in the words that you convey,
    Make a difference to those you contact each day.

    Make a difference with Christ in your life,
    Make a difference to help others reduce their strife.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    St. Croix, USVI
    March 29, 2014


    Pat Oakley Shupe: I'm sharing this David ~ April 5, 2014: One person can make a difference. We must make sure the differences we bring about in/for others are positive and God-honoring, edifying, building them up.... never tearing them down ... Good word David. Thank you.

    POEM: MAN FAILS ~ GOD PREVAILS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    God is faithful.


    You may look on man as a failure,
    But God developed the creation plan.
    He created the world and all animals,
    Last He topped it off by creating man.

    He surveyed everything He had created,
    In His own eyes, He saw it was very good.
    He placed man in the garden of Eden,
    To oversee His creation like He would.

    Although man failed in his responsibility,
    God still cared enough, for He understands.
    This shows how much God loved us,
    To place the whole world in our hands.

    Down through time, God dealt with man,
    Never does He forsake and give up on us.
    Because His mercy is forever & everlasting,
    And in His NAME you can always trust.

    Oh Lord my God, in Thee do we put our trust,
    Your love for us does all creatures transcend.
    You knew when all our members were formed,
    On You, we will forever and always depend.

    There is no other Name under heaven,
    Whereby we must acknowledge to be saved.
    In His Name, the Gentiles trust and proclaim,
    For He freed us from being enslaved.

    Man failed miserably in the Garden of Eden ,
    Because he lacked infusion of God's Spirit.
    When Christ's shed blood is applied to our heart,
    His Spirit enters in, and salvation we do merit.

    Man's earthly ways are not God's divine ways,
    As we are spiritually weak, but He is strong.
    His ways are always higher than man's ways,
    So we defer to His judgments all the day long.

    Seek ye the Lord while He may be found,
    Call ye upon Him while He is near.
    There is no one more attentive to your need,
    And no one who holds you more dear.

    When man refuses to do things God's way,
    He cannot possibly win, but always fails.
    When he is faithful to follow God's plan,
    He will never lose, as God always prevails.


    Faith looks beyond this transient life
    With hope for all eternity—
    Not with some vague and wistful hope,
    But with firm trust and certainty. —D. De Haan


    Photo of David Shupe.


    David S. Shupe
    July 26, 2015

    POEM: MAN vs. GOD! ~ by David S. Shupe

    God versus man.

    .............MAN vs. GOD.............

    Man loves recognition, GOD loves retribution
    Man loves silliness, GOD loves willingness
    Man is temperamental, GOD is sentimental
    Man is sorrowful, GOD is powerful
    Man is hopeless, GOD is endless
    Man is hateful, GOD is grateful
    Man is weak, it's GOD we seek
    Man is sinful, GOD is faithful
    Man is wrong, GOD is strong
    Man accuses, GOD diffuses
    Man denies, GOD complies
    Man grooves, GOD soothes
    Man refuses, GOD chooses
    Man loses, GOD excuses
    Man defies, GOD is wise
    Man relies, GOD applies
    Man sleeps, GOD keeps
    Man shoves, GOD loves
    Man fails, GOD prevails
    Man uses, GOD infuses
    Man raves, GOD saves
    Man cries, GOD replies
    Man lies, GOD defies
    Man kills, GOD heals
    Man sins, GOD wins


    David S. Shupe
    July 29, 2012



    Photo of Mary Anne Barcellona


    Mary Anne: Just wanted to let you know how much Elaine and I enjoyed your heartfelt performance last evening at the Epworth Methodist Church. It was truly an unforgettable experience for us and one we will remember and treasure always. It is such a delight to see a person like yourself who lets God use them and their talent for his praise and glory. Though we did not know you before then, we feel a Christian connection and bond that emanated from you because of the love of Christ that He showers upon each of us daily. Thank you so much for what you gave to us and everyone who viewed it, knowing that we will relive the performance well into the future. May God bless you as you labor for the Master. Your performance was so inspiring that we felt inspired to favor you with a little poem. Hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks So Much
    David Shupe

    (A Talented and Gifted Lady)

    Sunday afternoon my wife and I sat and listened enthralled as a gifted lady did sing,
    As she sang song after song giving praise, honor and glory to Jesus our King.

    She connected with the audience as the love of Jesus radiated in her face, singing the good news,
    During the congregational singing, she left the stage and mingled with the people in the pews.

    She exhibited such poise, grace and artistry with a beautiful operatic voice, such persona,
    What a tremendous joy to see for the first time a magnificent lady named Mary Anne Barcellona.

    Never in my 77 years have I experienced such an inspiring, exhilarating, and refreshing Christmas cantata,
    Even better than any secular or spiritual performance, or even a moonlight sonata.

    Her melodious voice, even when she didn't use the microphone, filled every inch of the sanctuary,
    Her ability to hit and hold those high notes were indeed heavenly music to our waiting ears~so merry.

    Complementing her God-given talented voice were the choirs of two churches with members willing,
    Their singing was so inspired and their voices rang out joyously from the floor to the ceiling.

    Also, of special note was the choir director who led the choir and music with such artistic poise,
    That they all performed flawlessly and one would say it was a delight to hear such sacred noise.

    Every movement she made was so precise and articulate that even to novices like us, it was so appreciated,
    Not to detract from the sacredness of the performance, but it was entertaining as she officiated.

    The piano player's performance was so flawless and impeccable, resulting in such heavenly harmony,
    His fingers just flew over the ivories with lightning speed, causing us to rejoice with great glee.

    The narrators, Sue and Michael, did such an outstanding job telling the stories with such depth and feeling,
    It placed us right at the scene of action, and we thank God for all of the performers that were so willing.

    The trumpet player really put his heart and his all in his playing, adding so much to the musical interlude.
    So the choir, piano, trumpet, narrations, director and of course, the soprano were superb, we do conclude.

    The cares of life and problems we had upon entering the church, sort of wafted away into thin air,
    As Mary Anne's animated and expressive performance kept our rapt attention, causing them to disappear.

    So thank you so much, Mary Anne, for giving us truly the best Christmas concert we've ever had,
    And being willing to let the Lord use you to convey the Christmas message in song, making us ever so glad.

    May God bless you and hubby, Michael, as you continue to work in His vineyard in all of your endeavors,
    May He give you good health and also shield your priceless voice from harm now and forever.

    Your glorious soprano voice, and your interactions with the performers and audience captured our heart,
    And when the outstanding performance was concluded, we were ready to hear it again rather than depart.

    While we know that all good things must come to an end, and you must prepare for a new day of work,
    Elaine and I just want you to know how much we appreciate the fact that, God's calling, you did not shirk.

    Thank you once again, for the blessing you were to us,
    And for letting God use your talent ~ a great big plus.

    Christian Love to you,
    David & Elaine Shupe
    December 18, 2011

    Elaine and David in front of house on Herring Creek.!


    Subject: Re: Mary Anne's Poem!
    Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 20:25:42 -0500

    What an incredible gift of love and kindness. I am speechless! No one has ever shared such kindness and generosity with me because of a concert. I will treasure all of it and share it with others. You both are too kind, I hope I will get to meet you next visit. Thank you for the prayer. I do hope the Lord will indeed allow us to serve Him with music, that brought us together. There are no words adequate to express my appreciation for the amazing poem. I will cherish it always. I have truly been blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    In His grip, with love,
    Mary Anne and Michael

    P.S. This year we still do not have anything done for decking the halls and we decided not go into further debt to buy Christmas gifts, but strangely we both have peace about it because of people like you expressing what you did. We are blessed if there was that kind of fruit from all the work and sacrifice, nothing could have more significance than fruit for the Kingdom of God! Amen?

    Sent from my iPhone

    POEM: MORE THAN I CAN BE ~ by David S. Shupe

    God makes me more than I can be.


    I may not accomplish much on my own,
    And everything I have may be on loan.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    Without God, I can be nothing worthwhile,
    There's no real happiness, not even a smile.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    With God, all things are possible,
    Without God, nothing is probable.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    We may be weak and heaven laden,
    And all our strength has been taken.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    There may be things beyond my control,
    And one of them is aging and getting old.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    I may be getting old and gray headed,
    But the uncertain future will not be dreaded.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    There are things that make me fret,
    And there are other things I tend to forget.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    We've been told that we didn't make it,
    Without the Lord, we may as well forsake it.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    There's a way that seems right unto a man,
    But if God doesn't do it, nobody can.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    If we try hard and still fail a life's test,
    Feel bad, but know we've done our best.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    On my own, I may not achieve any fame,
    In heaven above, I'll receive a new name.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.

    Without God or His only Son,
    The battle, I could not have won.
    . . .God makes me more than I can be.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 12, 2015



    Posted this to Sam's Facebook Messenger page on his 67th birthday, June 2, 2016 6:23am: David S Shupe: Sam ~ A big Happy Birthday to you! Hope #67 is a special one. One good thing about it, you're still in your 60's, and you'll be the last one hanging in there too. Wrote the poem below last year, and have never posted it anywhere except on my website, so no one has really seen it, so I'll dedicate it to you. Indeed, without Christ, we could do nothing worthwhile, for He makes us more than what we can be within ourselves. Enjoy your birthday. Love you, David & Elaine.

    Samson Shupe 6:29am June 2, 2016: Thank you David and Elaine. Another awesome poem by the resident patriarch of the Shupe clan. Pray for me. Barely getting around with my back.

    David S Shupe 6:32am: Will do, starting now. So sorry to hear. Hope it doesn't interfere with your birthday celebration. Love you.

    Samson Shupe 6:33am: Love you guys too. More than you'll ever know!

    David S Shupe 6:34am: Thanks much. Appreciate it.

    Bob Mandigo, GAO Associate: Posted to Bob's FB Messenger page on June 20, 2016 in honor of his birthday. Bob's response: Thanks Dave. My life has been all of those, but mostly the better ones. I learned a long time ago that I could change when I recognized I was heading the wrong way, and with the Lord's help, I have. My faith is strong. God Bless you, too.

    Posted to Geri's Facebook Messenger on July 21, 2016 for Bryan Elliott's birthday. Response by Geri Elliott: Thank you so much Uncle David! I passed the entire message to him. Please keep Bryan in your prayers. He is going thru some hard financial battles in his business right now, and we are trusting God for the walls of Jericho to come down and a part in the Red Sea. It just seems like we have been under an incredible attack, but I just feel like something good is about to happen! Trusting God that it is coming soon! Thank you so much for your prayers! Love you!

    Mailed to Grandson Sam Finley on March 30, 2017, along with a monetary gift upon his return from deployment to Qatar.


    Mountain moving faith?


    Have faith in God, that's just what the Holy Book relates,
    For with God, all things are possible it also stipulates.
    Without faith, it is impossible to please God, we denote,
    So faith is absolutely essential to ensure we stay afloat.

    For the Just shall live by faith is also in the Word,
    If you walk by faith and not by sight, then you've heard.
    A faith walk is the key that will indeed move mountains,
    Exercising your faith will unleash spiritual fountains.

    Lord, there is a mountain staring us in the face,
    We'd really appreciate it if You'd move it to another place.
    We can't go around it, under it, through it or over it.
    So enormous it would take forever to move it bit by bit.

    We have compassed this mountain long enough,
    Looking up so our journey will go to smooth from rough.
    According to the Word, Your mercy is everlasting,
    We have spent many hours in prayer and fasting.

    This mountain breeds ill-health, namely a dreaded disease,
    The doctors do their best, You could handle it with ease.
    If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
    Then God will do the impossible to satisfy your need.

    This mountain of disease will be cast into the midst of the sea,
    Never again to trouble us, and will have to let us be.
    Lord, our faith is much larger than a mustard see now,
    Even so, increase our faith as You can show us how.

    We're tired of giving in, to the devil and all his sin,
    You paid the price to let us the victory win.
    So get thee up and away behind me Satan,
    We're drawing nigh to God, and will not be forsaken.

    If you're facing a mountain of troubles, don't know where to turn,
    Have faith in God, and He'll allow you His will to discern.
    Taking your troubles to Him in fervent prayer,
    You can be certain He cares, and will provide an answer there.


    David S. Shupe
    December 28, 2012

    POEM: MY GOD IS ABLE ~ by David S. Shupe

    God is able locket.


    My God is able,
    He can do anything.
    He is forever,
    Not an overnight fling.

    He can right,
    Every wrong.
    Turn your sadness,
    Into a song.

    He is omnipresent,
    Yes, everywhere.
    He sees our need,
    And He does care.

    My God is able,
    To carry us through.
    Yes, He is able,
    To bless us too.

    His compassions
    Fail not.
    He may delay,
    But hasn't forgot.

    He knows our need,
    He sees our plight.
    He's with us,
    Both day and night.

    He's omniscient,
    Knows everything.
    His knowledge is endless,
    Makes our heart sing.

    My God is able,
    He relieves all my stress.
    He sees my anxiety,
    To Him I confess.

    No matter my situation,
    He is my ultimate forgiver.
    No one is more capable,
    Than He is to deliver.

    He knows the ending,
    From the beginning.
    He's coming back for us,
    At the end of the inning.

    Game will soon be over,
    Our side will have won.
    All made possible,
    By God and His Son.

    Thank you Lord Jesus,
    For always being able.
    You are constantly ready,
    Our victory to enable.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    May 21, 2016

    POEM: MY GOD IS REAL ~ by David S. Shupe

    God is real banner.


    My God is real. . .
    For I can feel
    Him in my soul.
    He made me whole.

    My God is real. . .
    No doubt about it.
    I've felt His presence,
    And I'm gonna shout it.

    My God is real. . .
    Not an imaginary thing.
    Listen to that still small voice,
    It will make your bells ring.

    My God is real. . .
    We worship Him in spirit.
    Open your spiritual ears,
    And you will hear it.

    My God is real. . .
    How do I know He's real?
    We walk by faith, not by sight,
    It's God's spirit that we feel.

    My God is real. . .
    The Bible confirms this fact.
    It's God's own divine Word,
    Just believe & accordingly act.

    My God is real. . .
    No ifs, ands and buts.
    If you believe otherwise,
    You could be labeled nuts.

    My God is real. . .
    For God is love.
    Such love originated
    From heaven above.

    My God is real. . .
    Yet some will not believe.
    They're open to Satan's lies
    And his ability to deceive.

    My God is real. . .
    Not willing that any should perish.
    Thank God He's long suffering
    For our souls, He does cherish.

    My God is real. . .
    For He created all things good.
    Man has sought out many inventions,
    God's plan has been misunderstood.

    My God is real. . .
    He is God, there is no other.
    It doesn't take a genius,
    The Truth, to discover.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 31, 2014



    Emailed to Sam Finley, along with a message on July 27, 2016.

    POEM: MY GOD IS REAL #2 ~ by David S. Shupe

    My God is Real.


    God is real,
    For I can feel,
    Him in my soul; &
    He makes me whole.

    I can tell,
    When all is well.
    There's a feeling sublime,
    All the time.

    There's no way,
    The devil can sway,
    My thoughts away,
    From Him today.

    God's my shield,
    He's so real.
    There's no doubt,
    The devil struck out.

    God is near,
    Have no fear.
    He anchors my soul,
    A feeling so bold.

    No turning back,
    I'm on the right track.
    I've seen the light,
    Know what is right.

    My mind's made up,
    With Christ I'll sup.
    He enters my door,
    For mercy I'll implore.

    My cup runneth over,
    Feel I'm in clover.
    It's a personal thing,
    For to Jesus I cling.

    He hears my prayer,
    He's always there.
    He'll never forsake us,
    To Him, Christ will take us.

    Truth is Jesus Christ;
    No other truth can suffice.
    He is the Word made flesh;
    Enabling us to start afresh.

    No one can take His place,
    He's It for the human race.
    He is both God and man,
    For Him I'll take a stand.

    I owed a debt I could not pay,
    He paid my debt, what can I say.
    He died for me so I live,
    So my life to Him I freely give.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 22, 2017

    POEM: MY GOD ~ MY GOD. . .HOW GREAT THOU ART ~ by David S. Shupe

    How great thou art banner.

    MY GOD ~ MY GOD. . .

    My God ~ How Great Thou Art!
    You visited me, and touched my heart.

    You set my feet on higher ground,
    Changed my course, turned me around.

    You loved me while I was steeped in sin,
    Forgave my transgressions, and took me in.

    You were there, when I was lost and forlorn,
    You made a way for me to be re-born.

    You took my case, when I had a death sentence,
    Changed the verdict, when I made repentance.

    You answered when You heard my urgent plea,
    You were moved when my dire strait You did see.

    You reached way down and healed my soul,
    Changed me to a new creature, made me whole.

    When I was lost and undone, you came through,
    Always abiding by Your Word, which is true.

    How marvelous are your works, Lord & Savior,
    Beyond man's understanding, if you por favor.

    You are the creator and sustainer of the universe,
    With innumerable plant and animal life, so diverse.

    Stars & heavenly bodies beyond comprehension,
    Hanging out there in space with divine suspension.

    You have made man a little lower than angels,
    Giving us authority to oversee the earth as evangels.

    Glory, honor and praise are due your precious Name,
    You entered our life, and we'll never be the same.

    My Lord and my God ~ How Great Thou Art!
    On a scale of 1 to 10, YOU'RE OFF THE CHART!


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    January 31, 2014



    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot on June 28, 2015.

    POEM: MY HOPE IS FIXED IN GOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    My hope is in God.


    My path may be dark and dreary,
    And my journey may grow weary.
    . . . My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    As long as I keep my eyes on Him,
    My troubles began to grow dim.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    I may not always achieve or win,
    But I have renounced my sin.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    Our road may encounter detours,
    As long as we venture outdoors.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
    Don't be one of the mundaned.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    Go ye into all the world,
    His gospel we're told to herald.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    No matter what's on my plate,
    I know my Lord will undertake.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    He can do what no one else can,
    He fulfills needs of woman & man.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    When the task seems hopeless,
    And the path appears fruitless.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    Life may seem to be uncertain,
    Things happen behind the curtain.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    For me to live is Christ,
    For His love will always suffice.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    For me to die is gain,
    His Word I will not disdain.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!

    When I look upon His face,
    See He's helping me win this race.
    . . .My Hope Is Fixed In God!


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    October 6, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Pam and Scot Finley on Oct. 13, 2015: Scot's response: Thanks for the words of encouragement; we had a great time "walking" along one of our favorite tracks - Colonial Elementary - where Heather was a little thing.

    Pam Finley 12:05 PM 10/15/2015: To: Shupe, David.'s true that we're relying on God in all things. I'm in good Hands, both with Him and here with my family and health care providers. I'll be alright in the long run.

    Emailed this poem to Scot, Sam, Heather and Dave on November 7, 2015 in remembering it's been 3 weeks tomorrow since the good Lord called Pam home.

    Emailed to Norma Littleton Forbush on August 11, 2016 pending surgery to remove a tumor on her left arm. Her response August 15, 2016: Thanks again for that beautiful poem. All is so true. OUR HOPE IS IN THE LORD !!!! That is so true. My surgery is August 18. I have to be there at 7:00 for surgery at 7:30. One good thing about it is he has already told me I won't need treatment afterwards. That is good. I will be in touch with you after it's over. Thanks again for praying. Let me know what your Dr says about your hernia. With God on our side we can go through anything.

    Emailed to Cheryl and Rick Baker on August 11, 2016 pending Rick's surgery for prostrate cancer and Cheryl's battle with arthritis & depression. Cheryl's response: Thank you, Uncle David! That was beautiful. We feel the prayers and appreciate them so much! Love, Cheryl and Rick.

    Posted to CeCe Edmonds Offidani's Facebook Messenger page on August 11, 2016. Her response: CeCe Edmonds Offidani: Thank you David for the extraordinary truly are extraordinary yourself...but what I really want to do is wish you the happiest birthday ever. You truly deserve a beautiful day....We need to treat everyday like a birthday because God makes each day beautiful for us...people come and go in our lives and some leave footprints in our hearts when others only want something then dispose of you...David you have definitely left a footprint on my heart and it will be there forever...Thank you David. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!🎂🎂🎁 CeCe. David S Shupe: WOW CeCe ~ you're the icing on the cake. If I was feeling down and discouraged, which I'm not, your words would surely pick me up and set me back on top once again. Your birthday greetings sure made my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Had a good day today. Elaine and I drove up to Dover and had our birthday meal at Red Lobster. Had to leave Scooby home though because of the heat. Wouldn't dare leave him in the car. Glad you liked the poem. Thanks again. Love in Christ, David.

    Emailed to Melanie Latzko Bradley on August 12, 2016.

    POEM: MY LORD IS ALWAYS NEAR ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Lord is near banner.


    When you need someone to listen,
    Or someone to lend an ear.
    Just put your trust in Jesus,
    For He is always near.

    When your spirits are feeling low,
    And your light has turned to dark.
    Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.
    He'll keep you heading for the mark.

    If you're feeling sad and lonely,
    And you're in need of a friend.
    Just look up to the Lord Jesus,
    As on Him, you can always depend.

    Before you call, He will surely answer,
    While you're yet speaking, He will hear.
    And the answer is soon on the way,
    He'll hold you up, and dissolve your fear.

    Who has God so nigh unto them,
    As He is in all things we call upon Him for?
    He's there if we need Him, or when we don't,
    He's there after the fact, He's there before.

    He said He would be with us always,
    Thus, my Lord, He is always near.
    He is faithful to His most Holy Word,
    He will never leave, forsake you, never fear.

    For the Lord will be your confidence,
    And will keep your foot from being taken.
    One thing in this life, you can rely on,
    Trusting in Jesus, you'll never be forsaken.

    A friend who sticks closer than a brother,
    That's what the Good Book stipulates.
    He is only a fervent prayer away,
    He's there to do whatever necessitates.

    He promised never to leave or forsake us,
    To be with us until the end of the world.
    We don't have to feel abandoned or dejected,
    He's there for us as His Word does unfurl.

    And behold, I am with you, and will keep you,
    In all places that you are prone to go.
    You are of more value than many sparrows,
    Number of hairs on your head I surely know.

    If you're wondering just where the Lord is,
    He's there in the midst of the raging storm.
    Whether or not you can see Him with natural eyes,
    He's there when life doesn't fit our norm.

    The Lord is near unto all that call upon Him,
    Unto all that call upon Him in truth.
    He is nearby to heal the broken hearted,
    Endless stories cited in His Holy Word are proof.

    You can always rely on One who stills the waters,
    He'll never abandon or leave you alone.
    He'll always be faithful to His Divine Word,
    Thus we'll rule with Him on His heavenly throne.


    Photo of David.

    David S. Shupe
    February 10, 2014


    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Alice Sturtz, Bette Mayer and Beverly Hurd on May 28, 2014.

    Bette Mayer: Dear Elaine & David. Thanks so much for your poetry. A few more and I'll have enough to publish!! (Wish I could). I appreciate so much you always thinking of me. In Christ, Bette. July 2, 2014.

    Sent this poem to Pam and Scot, along with their 22nd anniversary card and a $100 bill to attend a dinner theater, eat a good meal and see a play to celebrate ~ Feb. 7, 2015.

    Posted this poem to Lorrie Button's FB Timeline on June 5, 2016 in honor of her birthday.

    POEM: NAME OF JESUS ~ by David S. Shupe

    Ensign depicting the Name of Jesus!


    Oh, the wonderful, magnificient and miraculous NAME OF JESUS,
    Believing in HIS HOLY NAME,there's no way satan can overcome & seize us.

    The NAME OF THE LORD is a strong tower, the righteous runneth into IT and is safe,
    Those that refuse to acknowledge this NAME will lose all and become as a little waif.

    JESUS has so clearly stated that no man is able to pluck us out of HIS HAND,
    We will be safe in HIS care as long as we heed and diligently follow HIS Command.

    We should add that our help is in the NAME OF THE LORD who made heaven and earth,
    CHRIST made it possible for us to spend eternity with HIM by us experiencing a rebirth.

    GOD'S HOLY WORD tells us quite explicitly, that "in HIS NAME shall the Gentiles trust,"
    There is no other NAME under heaven whereby we are saved, which is certainly a must.

    They that know your NAME will trust in You, for You will not forsake them that seek Thee,
    Some trust in leaders and in material wealth, to the NAME of the LORD OUR GOD we will flee.

    Remember the story of the man blind from birth who Peter upheld in prayer to be healed,
    When the man's eyes opened, people were surprised and agitated though it was not concealed.

    Peter proclaimed JESUS' power, "HIS NAME and faith in HIS NAME made this man whole,"
    The man went about rejoicing and faithfully announcing his miracle healing as it blessed his soul.

    For unto you that fear MY NAME shall the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS arise with healing in HIS WINGS,
    It's to our benefit to uphold and proclaim the NAME OF JESUS in daily living & in the songs we sing.

    Some trust in horses, and some in chariots, but we will remember the NAME of the LORD OUR GOD,
    We will be victorious if we always believe and hold on to THAT NAME as on this life's journey we trod.

    When satan tried to trick and attack JESUS in the wilderness, JESUS used the WORD that did him in,
    Satan was a fool to think that he had power to defeat the only begotten SON OF GOD who knew no sin,

    Actually the Bible tells us that JESUS is the WORD, and the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us,
    If we are attacked by the enemy, since JESUS is the WORD, we only have to invoke HIS NAME and trust.

    And say to the evil one, "get thee behind me satan," as the BIBLE tells us we are safe in JESUS' NAME!
    Resist the devil in JESUS' NAME and he will flee from us; we're not willing to play the devil's game.

    So the moral of this story is, "JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE,
    No one comes unto the FATHER but by HIM, and that peacefully without strife.


    David S. Shupe
    April 15, 2012

    (Shupe Family Website)

    Joy Nicholson - May 13, 2012: Indeed, there is no name like the Name of JESUS - that Wonderful, Glorious Name!!! How can we not praise Him with all of our heart, mind, and strength!

    David Shupe - May 13, 2012: And a double AMEN, AMEN to that!

    POEM: NAME OF THE LORD~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus healing blind man from birth!


    The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
    The righteous runneth into it and is safe,
    So, what more could we want or ask for,
    He's there for us all, even the little waif.

    Our help is in the Name of the Lord,
    Who made the heaven and the earth,
    He's there for us in the tumultuous storm,
    By His Holy Word, He does transform.

    Thank you Lord for maintaining our lot,
    You're there for us, now and forever.
    We seek your favor each and every day,
    You walk by our side, and leave us never.

    For unto you that fear my Name,
    Shall the Sun of Righteousness arise.
    With healing in His wings,
    Trusting in You, there'll be no surprise.

    There's only one Name under heaven,
    Whereby we must be saved.
    When we invoke this wonderful name,
    We'll realize that the enemy has caved.

    And they that know thy Name,
    Will put their trust in thee.
    Oh, how it pays to believe in that Name,
    By doing so, it's free from sin we will be.

    His Name and faith in His Name,
    Hath made this man whole.
    But one must take the initiative,
    To step out in faith and be made whole.

    One Name and only one,
    And yet the choices are few.
    Believe in that Name, or reject it,
    On which side of the choices are you?

    Jesus, the sweetest Name I know,
    Putting our trust in Him,
    Will instil within us joy and peace,
    Our vision of heaven will never grow dim.


    Refrain of an Old Hymn:

    Blessed Jesus, hold my hand,
    I need thee every hour.
    Through this pilgrim land
    Protect me by Thy power.

    Hear my feeble plea,
    Lord, dear Lord, look down on me.
    When I kneel in prayer,
    I hope to meet You there,
    Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.



    David S. Shupe
    June 21, 2012



    Joy Nicholson - Aug 26, 2012: This is one of my favorites! I loved all the scriptures interspersed through there! What a powerful name is the Name of Jesus! I like the pic also - the ONLY super hero really! No other like Him! It all brought to mind the worship chorus we learned years ago:

    Jesus, Name above all names,
    Beautiful Savior, Glorious Lord!
    Emmanuel, God is with us!
    Blessed Redeemer! Living Word!!!

    So many names for Him, and they all mean something to us!!!
    The LORD is the "I AM" of the Old Testament, the "I AM" of the New Testament,
    and "I AM" for all eternity!!! Makes you want to shout, "HALLELUJAH!!!"

    David Shupe - Aug 26, 2012: Thanks, Joy. There is certainly no Name like the Name of Jesus, and all the ones that go along with it. I shall publish your comments at the end of the poem. "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that Name."

    POEM: NEVER ALONE! ~ by David S. Shupe

    I will be with you always.


    Never alone,
    When I'm lonely.
    Never alone,
    It's Him & me only.

    Never alone,
    Wherever I go.
    Never alone,
    For He told me so.

    Never alone,
    In marriage or divorce.
    Never alone,
    'Til I finish my course.

    Never alone,
    When I lie in bed.
    Never alone,
    Enough said.

    Never alone,
    Even when ill.
    Never alone,
    He's beside me still.

    Never alone,
    When pain strikes.
    Never alone,
    It's me He likes.

    Never alone,
    He's there too.
    Never alone,
    He sees me through.

    Never alone,
    On the operating table.
    Never alone,
    For me, He does enable.

    Never alone,
    Thru chemo & radiation.
    Never alone,
    He provides remediation.

    Never alone,
    In recovery mode.
    Never alone,
    In my abode.

    Never alone,
    When I'm in college.
    Never alone,
    As I acquire knowledge.

    Never alone,
    After a loved one dies.
    Never alone,
    Said our goodbyes.

    Never alone,
    If all others forsake.
    Never alone,
    Make no mistake.

    Never alone,
    Had my say.
    Never alone,
    By night or day.

    Never alone,
    Give God glory.
    Never alone,
    That's my story.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    August 31, 2015


    Emailed this poem to Kathy LaGrange on Sept. 6, 2015.

    Kathy LaGrange 9:48am Sept. 8, 2015: Thanks so very much for this. Very touching and very true. Hard to feel that I'm not alone a lot of the time, but I truly know I am. Just part of the journey I find myself on these days....Love to all of you, Kathy, Safiro and Boomer.

    Mailed this poem to Arelia Holmes on Sept. 15, 2015 along with her monthly $100 for spending money.

    Emailed this poem to Jennifer, Jim Nicholson's Office Manager, on Sept. 28, 2015 when she went into the hospital for an appendectomy operation. Her response: Thank you so much for this lovely poem and thank you for the prayers. I am recovering well and already feel so much better. Smiling face with smiling eyes. Sent from my iPhone.

    Posted this poem to CeCe Offidani's FB message page on January 7, 2016. Her response on January 26, 2016: CeCe Edmonds Offidani: Hello David, just read this wonderful poem...don't know why i didn't see it before now. I know you sensed I was lonely since my Champ has left me. The poem WAS VERY COMFORTING...thank you very much David. Again you are very, very talented. Thank you for your thoughtfulness...hope to talk again soon..,,

    David S Shupe: Hi CeCe ~ So glad the poem was a bit of comfort to you. That was our intention, for no matter how alone we really are, God is right there with us, and that makes up for everything that happens in our lives. Know we don't get to talk much in person, but just reading your comments on the Facebook message page is a blessing to me. Thinking of you with prayers, David.

    Post to Joanna & Milton's Facebook Messenger page on October 17, 2016 in honor of their 14th anniversary. Joanna's response: Thank you so much! Beautiful poem! 🙂.

    POEM: NEVER GIVE UP! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Never give up by Winston Churchhill.


    When you dread the start of a new day,
    And you hate to get out of bed,
    But look up, and you'll no longer dread.

    When life's problems continue to mount,
    And your burdens are weighing you down,
    Turn to Jesus, He's always around.

    Comes a time when we stop and smell the roses,
    Not permitting the briars overtake our path.
    Cling to God, because he allows no gaff.

    When your father, mother, others forsake you,
    And you're feeling fearful and all alone.
    For you will know as you are known.

    When friends and loved ones don't understand,
    And with others you can no longer cope.
    Christ is there waiting at the end of your rope.

    Sometimes you feel even God forgets you exist,
    As your prayer hits an impenetrable stone wall.
    As Joshua caused walls of Jericho to fall.

    Sometimes our daily problems overwhelm us,
    And we can't see the forest for the trees.
    The good Lord is there to calm the stormy seas.

    At times the daily grind seems insurmountable,
    And as they say, "when it rains, it pours."
    Just select from heaven's treasure house stores.

    This includes the promises in God's Holy Word,
    They are there for our eternal benefit.
    For His Word could not be more explicit.

    In spite of all the turmoil in our everyday life,
    God is the one that provides everlasting peace.
    As He will cause the storms and strife to cease.

    When you've been through surgery, chemo and radiation,
    And you learn the cancer has surfaced once again.
    The Lord is still the One on whom you can depend.

    He's there for you when all else fails,
    Even when you reach the end of your rope.
    He'll hold you up when on a slippery slope.

    So continue to look heavenward to God the Father,
    For your redemption is in His capable hands.
    For God cares, and He always understands.

    Why do bad things happen to good people,
    Only God knows why such things take place.
    For we are saved and healed by His Grace.

    Where there's life, there is hope,
    This is our message from God.
    This is a road many saints have trod.


    David S. Shupe
    October 20, 2012



    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to daughter Pam after another spot showed up on one of her lungs and she was scheduled for further testing. Pam: I wrote this poem almost 2 years ago, but it's for you today. I love you! July 18, 2014.

    Pamela Shupe Finley, Shelley Shupe Webb, Jeffery Lee Williams, Cheryl Shupe Baker, Jamie Nicholson Klink, Jim Nicholson and Judy Kidd like this. July 18, 2014.

    Judy Kidd: You have a great dad , Pamela. Pamela Shupe Finley likes this. July 18 at 11:18pm.

    Norma Littleton Forbush: Oh, Uncle David that is beautiful and so true...I can relate to it...thanks for sharing it again.....July 18, 2014.

    Jeffrey Lee Williams shared this poem. Pam Shupe Finley likes this.

    Mailed this poem to a friend in St. Croix, Efrain Lopez on April 16, 2016, who is undergoing radiation treatment in Puerto Rico.

    POEM: NEVER LOSE HOPE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Never lose hope.


    Where there's life,
    There's hope.
    No matter what,
    God helps us cope.

    Things can go wrong,
    That's a sure bet.
    But God's always there,
    We shouldn't forget.

    What's important,
    Is not the calamity.
    But how to react,
    With some magnanimity.

    Easy to say,
    But hard to do.
    But God is always there,
    To see you through.

    We are unpluckable,
    That's a given.
    We're in God's hands,
    So keep on living.

    Whether we live,
    Or whether we die.
    We'll meet the Lord,
    In the sky.

    Our hope is in God,
    So why do we doubt.
    For He is One Being,
    We can't live without.

    All who hope in the Lord,
    Be of good courage.
    For He is the one authorized,
    To deliver us from bondage.

    Hope thou in God,
    For He is our peace.
    Our faith works miracles,
    Causing our doubts to cease.

    Hope thou in God,
    For He is our strength.
    With Him as our arbiter,
    We can go to any length.

    We will hope continually,
    And praise Him more & more.
    We draw upon His wisdom,
    To benefit from heaven's store.

    We hold fast the confidence,
    Of a firm hope to the end.
    For we have a loving Savior,
    On whom we can depend.

    We have a sure hope in God,
    For resurrection of the dead.
    Our belief in this is unshakeable,
    For we have nothing to dread.

    We're looking for that blessed hope, &
    Glorious appearance of Christ.
    No matter the storms that assail us,
    Our hope of glory will suffice.

    The hope that we have imbedded,
    Is an anchor of our soul.
    It is both sure and steadfast; &
    One day our Savior we'll behold.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    February 22, 2017


    Posted to Rita Hudson's Facebook Messenger page on March 28, 2017 after seeing on Facebook that Rita had received bad news about cancer.

    POEM: NO HIDING PLACE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Adam and Eve hiding from God.

    (Genesis 3:9)

    Are you trying to hide,
    Just like Adam and Eve.
    Do you feel guilty as sin,
    When you need a reprieve.

    Or are you like deceitful Cain,
    Who killed his brother Abel.
    Saying, "Am I my brother's keeper,"
    Hiding a dastardly deed he enabled.

    Guilt drives us to strange paths,
    Which we'd normally not follow.
    God knows our human frailties,
    How our lives can be so shallow.

    Are you trying to run away,
    Just like Jonah in the Bible.
    God gave him a responsible job to do,
    Jonah didn't feel he was liable.

    Or like the prophet Elijah,
    Are you fleeing from a past action.
    Knowing you will incur someone's wrath,
    Running away will get you no traction.

    Or David, running away like the wind,
    Fleeing from a powerful adversary.
    To smart to stay and face the music,
    As he was doing what was necessary.

    Or like Peter, hiding in the crowd,
    But a damsel remembered his face.
    Then denying his Lord three times,
    Yet the Lord showed Peter His Grace.

    Do you not yet fully realize,
    You can't hide from an all knowing God.
    He always knows your station in life,
    From your birth to the proverbial sod.

    He searches & faithfully seeks you out,
    Because He sees your underlying need.
    He cares much about your eternal soul,
    After you've done a dastardly deed.

    So put your undying trust in Christ,
    The One Who gave His Life for you.
    He'll never deny or leave your side,
    He's always there to see you through.


    Photo of David Shupe.

    Composed by:
    David S. Shupe
    January 27, 2017

    POEM: NO MANSION DOWN HERE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us.


    I'm not looking for a mansion down here,
    I'm looking for a mansion over there.

    I'm not looking down here for wealth or fame,
    I'm looking up there for a heavenly name.

    I'm not looking for riches in this life,
    I'm looking for a land without heartache or strife.

    I'm not looking to set up permanent residence on earth,
    I'm looking for a city with a heavenly girth.

    Jesus didn't promise us a shack in a corner,
    Something more expansive, possibly with a heavenly dormer.

    In my Father's house are many mansions,
    Where there is peace, tranquility, room for expansions.

    Eye has not seen, neither has ear heard,
    The things God has promised in His Holy Word.

    Not that we are deserving of God's blessings,
    But His love provides to us, rich refreshings.

    The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich,
    Transitioning from earth to heaven is a glorious switch.

    I'm not saying that wealth and riches are bad,
    Only that they can interfere with making us glad.

    Anything standing between us and God is a detraction,
    So we need to keep the lines clear to avoid any infraction.

    In heaven, we will never encounter any darkness or night,
    For God and His Son will be the source of all light.

    Our mansion will be permanently lighted by the Son,
    No more electrical failures and bills when life here is done.

    Eye hath not seen, neither has the mortal ear heard,
    Things God has prepared for them that love Him--says the Word.

    We'll be with loved ones, and Saints who we've only heard about,
    Best of all, we'll be with our Jesus, enough to invoke a joyous shout.

    Only the saved of the earth will be allowed to enter therein,
    Only those whom Christ has redeemed and cleansed from all sin.

    Oh, won't it be joy unspeakable and wonderful there,
    Having no heartaches, pain, strife, separation or burdens to bear.

    So, keep looking for that city that John saw coming down,
    In or near that city you'll have a mansion, if you're heaven bound.


    David S. Shupe
    August 1, 2013


    Adrienne Scott: David, Thanks for sharing...I am very impressed and uplifted myself just by reading it. Have you always written poetry? Hope you are doing well, Adrienne.

    POEM: NO OTHER NAME~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus written in the sands of time.

    (Acts 4:12)

    There is no other name under heaven,
    Given among men whereby we must be saved.
    Neither is there salvation in any other,
    Christ, Himself, frees us from being enslaved.

    So put your allegiance and undying trust,
    In the Son of Man who stills the water.
    The invitation is to "whosoever" will,
    Doesn't matter whether son or daughter.

    There's a lot of false teaching going around,
    That there are multiple ways to heaven.
    But if you're a serious student of the Bible,
    Jesus Christ is the only Name that's given.

    The Name of Jesus heals the sick,
    Going even further, it raises the dead.
    Neither is there salvation in any other,
    If you haven't heard, or haven't read.

    What manner of man is this,
    The winds and sea disobey Him never.
    Never man spake like this man,
    His Word is Truth and will live forever.

    For unto you that fear My Name,
    Shall the Sun of Righteousness arise,
    With healing in His wings.
    Just believe, you don't have to sumise.

    The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
    The righteouse runneth into it and is safe.
    You don't need a degree from a university,
    All you need to do is to exercise your faith.

    Our help is in the Name of the Lord,
    Who made both the heaven and the earth.
    If He is able to perform the gigantic tasks,
    He can surely wrap arms around our slight girth.

    And they that know thy wonderful Name,
    Will put their undying trust in thee.
    Whenever they invoke that precious Name,
    The enemy just has to get up and flee.

    There is simply nothing or no one,
    That can withstand His magnamimous Name.
    All power is given unto Him by the Father,
    He's the leading player in heaven's Hall of Fame.


    There is no other name on earth
    By whom salvation’s given
    Save Jesus Christ the Lamb of God,
    God’s precious gift from heaven. —Stairs.



    David S. Shupe
    November 20, 2013

    POEM: NO TURNING BACK~ by David S. Shupe

    No turning back.


    I've made up my mind to follow Jesus,
    Were I a writer, this would be my thesis.

    As in the song, no turning back, no turning back,
    Me and the Lord, we've made an unshakeable pact.

    The world behind me, the cross before me,
    I'd give it all up for Him, you see.

    Though none would accompany me on this journey,
    I still will follow my heavenly attorney.

    No matter how much the world has to offer,
    I'll place my valuables in the Lord's coffer.

    I will endeavor to keep my life priorities straight,
    So when Jesus calls, I won't show up late.

    Worldly possessions can create quite an allure,
    Surrendering them all to Christ will make heaven sure.

    Though one would gain the world & lose their soul,
    They'd miss out on heaven, which should be their goal.

    So what would you give in exchange for your soul,
    Look to the Master who can make you every bit whole.

    No turning back, no turning back,
    With this determination, we'll arrive in glory intact.


    David S. Shupe
    June 30, 2013

    POEM: NOAH & THE FLOOD ~ by David S. Shupe

    Photo of Noah's  ark!


    The Bible records that two men walked with God, Enoch and Noah, to be replete,
    God took Enoch, but gave Noah a mission on earth he had to complete.

    God saw the great wickedness of man, that his thoughts were evil continually,
    And He repented that He had made man and it grieved Him in His heart truthfully.

    So the Lord decided to destroy man He had created from off the very face of the earth,
    Lives of man and beast, creeping things, and fowls of the air were now of little worth.

    But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, as he was just and perfect in his generations,
    While the earth was corrupt before God, and also filled with violent situations.

    God informed Noah that because of all the violence, He was going to destroy all flesh,
    And he and his family of 8 souls had been selected to remain alive and start afresh.

    God selected and commissioned Noah to do a very important and tedious thing,
    He instructed him to build an ark, and this was not just a one night fling.

    Fortunately, no blueprint was required as God gave Noah explicit instructions,
    Never having built an ark, it was difficult for him to prepare for any obstructions.

    Thankfully, God's directions were so detailed and clear the project went well,
    Even though it took Noah 120 years to complete the ark, it turned out quite swell.

    For perspective, the ark was to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 3 stories in height,
    Building a boat in the middle of the desert, I'm sure many viewing it laughed outright.

    The ark, 3 stories high, would be large enough to hold 120,000 large sized beasts,
    Research shows the craft did contain about 72,000 such animals to say the least.

    At first, Noah approaching the ripe old age of 480 years was just a little bit skeptical,
    Lord, I'm not young anymore, you sure I'm the right person for the job, being atypical?

    Of course, God knew what He was doing, so Noah pitched in with a great deal of rapport,
    Pitching it within and without to keep it from leaking, with one window and one door.

    Upon completion, God marched all the animals into the ark, and they came two by two,
    The Lord, Himself, shut the door and then the rains came for 40 days and nights, so true.

    The waters covered the top of the mountains, and every living thing on earth died,
    Noah, his family and animals on the ark survived as the only living creatures worldwide.

    The flood waters subsided, and after many months the ark came to rest on top of Mt. Ararat,
    Noah's family and all animals disembarked from the ark and began to begat.

    By these 8 souls, and the animals that were spared, was the whole earth re-populated,
    So Noah became the ancester of every human born afterwards, so aren't we all related?

    God put a rainbow in the sky as confirmation He will never again destroy the earth by a flood,
    In the end time it will be renovated by fire, but won't effect those cleansed by Jesus' blood.

    Noah and his family were saved because he found grace in the eyes of the Lord,
    Same as today, since "By grace are we saved, a gift of God," borne out by His Holy Sword.

    David S. Shupe
    February 23, 2012


    Hand carried to widow neighbor, Dorothy Hudson on April 18, 2017. Dorothy thanked us and gave us a couple of small presents as she usually does.

    POEM: NOT OF WORKS! ~ by David S. Shupe

    Not of works lest any man should boast.


    What can we do to work the Lords work,
    Nothing that we can add to or shirk.

    Just believe on the Name of the Lord,
    Then you're protected by the Sword.

    What shall we render to God for helping us attain,
    Simply take salvation's cup, call on His Name.

    It's NOT OF WORKS, but Belief,
    That's where you'll find relief.

    Your burdens will be lifted,
    Your priorities will have shifted.

    Your sins will be washed away,
    You're ready to start a brand new day.

    Works is not essential for salvation,
    It's a natural outflowing for preservation.

    What does the Lord require of me, but to do justly,
    Love mercy, walk humbly with God ~so robustly.

    Saved, but not of works lest any man should boast,
    It's soley on Christ's coattails that we can coast.

    The Holy Spirit fills us to overflowing,
    As Jesus the Savior we'll be knowing.

    He is the eternal Bread of Life,
    Saving us from untold anguish and strife.

    Works are good, but not necessary to be saved,
    Jesus paid it all, releasing us from being enslaved.

    We are products of His free eternal gift of saving grace,
    Topping it off with preparing for us in heaven a special place.

    Sinner by birth, saved by grace.


    David S. Shupe
    August 12, 2012



    A couple of years ago, due to a medical complication, I had to make four (4) visits to the hospital via ambulance in fifteen (15) days. While two of the visits were "sort" of normal, the other two were horrendos in my estimation, and these prompted my writing of this poem. These visits were undoubtably the worst experience I have ever had with a hospital in my 78 years. Enjoy!


    Transported to emergency room via ambulance!

    (Water boarding would be preferable)

    Lord, I don't have to tell you,
    Because you already know.
    This hospital dig is getting kinda old,
    After 4 visits, I feel like I'm on a roll.

    Inserting tubes, needles, unending pricks,
    And feeling confined to the bed is for hicks.
    Doctors, nurses, technicians, aides coming by,
    All nice people on whom I'd rather not rely.

    I wanted to get out of there and go home,
    Where I could relax and never more roam.
    No way in the hospital one can really rest,
    With vitals, needle sticks; blood drawn for tests.

    Rousing one from sleep to administer meds,
    May as well be up and around, not in one of the beds.
    Dozed then awakened when an inedible meal arrives,
    It's a miracle any hospital patient actually survives.

    It's enough to drive one batty, or up the wall,
    In Gitmo they're out on the grounds playing ball.
    They have a private room and their own TV,
    Not a roommate who wakes me up to pee.

    Actually, it's even worse than that it's true,
    He calls the nurse, as in the bed, he's done #2.
    Getting restless, he flips the light switch on and off,
    Just not enough to clear your throat and cough.

    My roommate was pampered more than any baby I know,
    Rubbing back, legs, changing his bed, time to let go.
    Seemed every few minutes, they were there for him,
    The most interrupted night of my life ~ how grim.

    Need to tell you that all this started with a bad headache,
    Although this was not the only thing keeping me wide awake.
    Not a single hour passed without one of us being disturbed,
    I'm here to tell you it's enough to get a person a bit perturbed.

    If interruptions & extra strength headaches weren't enough,
    I was tied down to the bed with tubes, IV's and stuff.
    Then too, they made me fast for more than 24 hours,
    For a procedure they failed to do, which really sours.

    On top of this, I did not get to eat until the next morning,
    While you're still salvatating on this, let me give you warning.
    What they brought, you wouldn't want on a breakfast plate,
    A cold salad was all they had, they brazenly did relate.

    Since spending time in the hospital, I now contend,
    No need to keep the Gitmo prisoners in the pen.
    Just send them to the hospital and they'll soon confess,
    They won't tolerate all the torture and the stress.

    I'm not convinced that this is better than water boarding,
    An awful lot of mental and physical torture I'm recording.
    So if you compare physical torture and hospital admission,
    There's not a dime's worth of difference is my submission.

    If anyone had wanted a confession out of me that night,
    I would have told them anything they wanted all right.
    I would have bared my soul, and this I sorely mean,
    Send prisoners to the hospital, they'll surely come clean.

    Lord, what have I done to deserve this punishment,
    I feel more like a lowly prisoner than a patient.
    Being used for multiple tests and as a guinea pig,
    If you don't mind, Lord, I'd just as soon vacate this jig.


    David S. Shupe
    November 30, 2012

    David Shupe: Gave this poem to Barbara and John Speers, Neighbors on May 8, 2014, because he just got out of the hospital from inflamation of the lungs and thought he could relate to it. Today, I ran into Barbara while out riding the bike with Scooby ~ May 9, 2014.

    Barbara Spears: May 9, 2014: WOW! You are quite a poet. Thanks for the poem. John could surely relate to it, and he's doing much better now, thank goodness.

    POEM: NOT WHAT I USED TO BE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Jesus changed my life.


    I once was deep in sin,
    But Jesus lovingly took me in.

    While my soul was black as pitch,
    He pulled me from the sinful ditch.

    Made my black soul white as snow,
    Showed me the proper way to go.

    In the world, I served old man Satan,
    As a new creature, it's evil I'm hate'n.

    Loved me when I was deep in sin,
    Forgave my wrongs, welcomed me in.

    There was nothing I could do,
    Only Jesus could see me through.

    He had pity on my lost state,
    Opened up the pearly gate.

    Let me know He loved me,
    Opened my eyes so I could see.

    Reached down with arms open wide,
    Let me know He was by my side.

    Always there when I'm in need,
    Thank you, God, for sowing the seed.

    He's there when I'm sad and blue,
    Restores my soul, pulls me through.

    Doesn't leave me when I'm at wit's end,
    Does the impossible, on Him I depend.

    Picks me up, when I fall down,
    Lets me know He's always around.

    Confirms to me He's in full control,
    Added my name to His heavenly scroll.

    What a sinful lad I once was,
    Doing things that almost everyone does.

    Doesn't make it right if all do wrong,
    No one's forced to sing the world's song.

    I'm not what I used to be, that's for sure,
    Following Christ, the world has lost its allure.

    Now we're marching to a different tune,
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come soon.


    David S. Shupe
    April 24, 2013


    God holding the world in His hands!


    (Jeremiah 22:20)

    Heaven and earth shall pass away,
    They shall crumble, His Word shall stay.
    "My Words shall not pass away," Jesus said,
    So cling to the Word, and you'll always be ahead.

    Riches and possessions shall likewise pass away,
    They're totally useless our Savior to sway.
    Are you listening, have you never heard.
    There's nothing more precious than hearing the Word.

    Contained in God's Holy Word, there is power,
    He is there for us every minute, every hour.
    Jesus directed us to carry the Word to every creature,
    Thus, Jesus the Living Word, is our primary feature.


    The Word is the difference between life and death,
    You can choose between heaven, or being left.
    There are those who hear, but do not receive,
    There are those who hear, and also fully believe.

    On which side of the decision point are you,
    Following a lie, or believing the Word so true.
    Jesus said, "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
    Put your faith in Him, He'll save you from all strife.

    This phrase is often repeated in the Mighty Sword,
    He wants everyone to find out Who He really is,
    All who enter heaven through Christ will certainly be HIS.

    His Word tells us no one can pluck us out of His hand,
    We're safe no matter who tries to keep us from taking a stand.
    Be not afraid of sudden fear if it comes, even though shaken,
    The Lord is our confidence, he'll keep our foot from being taken.

    Oh, how I love your Word, it is my meditation all the day,
    It gives me peace, strength and understanding in every way.
    When I read and search the Word, it adds wisdom to my soul,
    It provides knowledge, life and health, enabling me to be whole.

    When we dig into the Word, we'll find we're close to the Master,
    Draw nigh to God, and He'll draw nigh to you preventing disaster.
    When we depart from God, He departs from us, to wit,
    As He loves those who love Him, which is to our benefit.

    Many people end up with their Bible on the shelf gathering dust,
    Much worse than letting a Rolls Royce sit around gathering rust.
    The Word is meant to be read, listened to and treasured to be effective.
    It is not a subject to be selected or discarded at will as an elective.

    In order to make it in, you'll need to know how to follow the route,
    Doing this, you'll not only enter heaven, but have a mansion to boot.
    So if you're serious about your Christian walk, please take a lesson,
    Make sure daily you lose yourself in God and the Word in a special session.

    Listen to that still small Voice,
    As He speaks to your heart, by choice.
    He will guide you throughout your lifespan,
    Enabling you to make it in, through His plan.

    The Word of God Speak!


    David S. Shupe
    October 22, 2012

    POEM: OBEY MY VOICE ~ by David S. Shupe

    Poster on obedience.


    Obey my voice,
    And you will be
    One of the chosen
    That I've set free.

    Listen to my call.
    Come unto me.
    Follow my leading,
    Hear my plea.

    You will not regret,
    Seeking my face.
    You will be blessed
    Of the human race.

    Seek me diligently,
    And you will find.
    Help when you need it,
    And peace of mind.

    If you seek me,
    And do My Will.
    You'll surely prosper,
    And get your fill.

    My message is clear,
    Just revere My Name.
    And I'll honor you,
    Keep you in the game.

    Don't be hesitant,
    Come boldly to the throne.
    I'm always available,
    Your sins to atone.

    You have problems,
    Obey my voice.
    You'll have a new outlook,
    Causing you to rejoice.

    To obey is better
    Than any sacrifice.
    Heed my voice,
    For I paid your price.

    Refuse My command,
    Willfully disobey,
    Out of sync with Me.
    Live to rue the day.

    If you love Me,
    Strive to be obedient.
    Then you'll find,
    I can be expedient.

    My abundant blessings,
    Will make you rich.
    Worldly allure will vanish,
    That's my pitch.

    Sweet Holy Spirit,
    Help us hear,
    Your inner promptings,
    Soft and clear.

    Help us to know,
    Your still, small voice.
    So we may make
    God's will, our choice.


    David S. Shupe
    October 26, 2013

    POEM: OBSTACLES IN OUR PATH~ by David S. Shupe

    A boulder in our path.


    Couldn't go over it, under it, around it,
    But God helped me to go through it.

    Remember Balaam, a death angel blocked his way,
    Without his donkey, he wouldn't see light of day.

    God opened Balaam's eyes, and he saw the cause,
    Why donkey refused to budge, a legitimate pause.

    An angel with a drawn sword was blocking his way,
    Balaam was on a mission not sanctioned by God that day.

    God used a donkey to keep Balaam from a worse fate,
    Then Balaam was ashamed for getting so irate.

    In our path may be an invisible obstacle,
    If we could see it, it would be quite a spectacle.

    The Lord may have placed it there for our protection,
    To block our path without our detection.

    Sometimes He helps without us being aware.
    Rather than a solution, He helps us forebear.

    At times the road seems a little bumpy,
    The road is rough, rutty and a bit humpy.

    God's indication that we may be on the wrong road,
    Continue on and we may encounter a heavy load.

    If the road we're on is well paved and smooth,
    God's indication that it's ok, we're in the groove.

    Maybe we just need to put on our spiritual glasses,
    Then we can determine, if God's muster, it passes.

    God protects us—even when we don’t realize we need it.
    We just need to be aware of His concern, and heed it.

    Joseph endured family separation, slavery and prison,
    His brothers showed him nothing but derision.

    Yet he became the 2nd ruler in Egypt behind Pharaoh,
    God had a purpose for his life, and he became a hero.

    So, regardless of what obstacles come your way,
    Seek God for direction, and you'll live to fight another day.


    David S. Shupe
    February 24, 2013



    David S Shupe: Sent this poem to Nancy Williams, church friend after learning yesterday that she had broken both her ankles in a hiking expedition. Aug. 25, 2014.

    POEM: OH, HOW I LOVE YOUR WORD ~ by David S. Shupe

    The Living Word.

    (Psalms 119:97-104)

    Oh, how I love Your Word,
    It is my meditation all the day.
    It is there when I need It,
    It's there when I lose my way.

    It is there when I need comfort,
    It is there when I'm sad.
    It is there when I'm good,
    It's there when I'm bad.

    It is there when I need faith,
    It is there when I need hope.
    It's there when I'm undecided,
    While standing on a slippery slope.

    It gives me divine understanding,
    It gives me instruction from above.
    It opens my spiritual eyes,
    It tells me about God's agape love.

    It tells me when to hold on,
    It tells me when to let go.
    It tells me what real love is like,
    From the cross, His love does flow.

    It tells me what is right
    It tells me what is wrong.
    It tells me how to walk and talk
    Praising my Savior all day long.

    The Word enables us to live by faith,
    And not to rely on sight.
    The Word is the power of God,
    Putting our worst fears to flight.

    The Word cannot be bound
    It penetrates the hardest heart.
    He stands at the door & knocks,
    Let Him in and He'll do His part.

    The Word was made flesh,
    And dwelled with us on earth.
    Afterwards, returning to heaven,
    Sent His Spirit to fill the world's girth.

    His Name shall be called,
    The Living Word of God.
    Always there to give an answer,
    As along this life we plod.

    It tells me how I should live,
    It tells me how to die.
    It tells me all I need to know,
    To meet the Lord in the sky.

    It tells me what to expect,
    If I die before I wake,
    To be absent from the body,
    Is to be present with the Lord
    . . . for goodness sake.


    Thank You, Lord, for the Bible, Your Word to us.
    Give us wisdom and guidance as we
    read its pages. Make us sensitive to Your
    voice and give us hearts to obey.



    Photo of David Shupe.

    David S. Shupe
    January 10, 2015



    Mailed this poem to Bette Mayer, and Neil and Nancy Hansen on Jan. 28, 2015.

    Neil and Nancy Hansen met us in the church cloak room Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 and thanked us for the poems and how much they enjoyed them.

    Bette Mayer: Bette called on Jan. 31, 2015 and thanked us for the poem. Said she was going to write a note, but she wanted to personally thank us. Said that we just didn't know how much it meant to her that we were thinking of her and cared enough to send her the poems like we have been doing for a couple of years now.

    Neil & Nancy Hansen: Bumped into Neil and Nancy coming in the door of the church this morning